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October 19, 2013

Diminishing returns

Shooting the shit with a co-employee while we cooled our heels on the clock, waiting for someone else in the supply chain to get their finger out so we could complete our jobs and GTFO.

Got around to overtime, and why I almost never do it, by the time overtime comes along, you already used your tax free allowance on your basic wage, so for example is the tax rate is 45% and you basic pay is $10 an hour and the company pays overtime at time and a half….

… a lot of guys start thinking 1.5 x 10 = 15 bucks and hour, but since the whole of that 15 bucks an hour is taxed at 45% you actually get 8.25 an hour to take home.

In other words each additional hour you work is a case of diminishing returns, the sweet hours were from when you started the day at 9 until mid morning, still on the tax free bit of your tax allowance (I know, it doesn’t actually work like that, but bear with me) where your hourly rate = your take home rate.

So this is why when I look at my monthly, it usually has around 3 to 8 hours of overtime, and the total extra money I am paid for those hours after tax is sweet fuck all.6a0120a9506f8e970b01347fe72626970c

But you have to remember, I am debt free, so I can do this and look at life this way.

Wimminz be the same, after the first fuck, which may have cost you a couple of drinks, everything else is diminishing returns.

And this is for s debt free guy, for the indebted guy it is much much worse, he can neither quit the job nor refuse the overtime.

Yesterday I got a call at 4:30, would I mind doing some overtime, a hotel site 50 miles away was hard down, now as I suspected the problem wasn’t fixable by me because it wasn’t the router, it was the line, and within 5 minutes of arriving I’m logged in and the IOS command show dsl interface atm0 tells you all about the line, signal which should be a high number is hovering around 6 dB, and attenuation which should be a low number is hovering around 50 dB, the kit is detecting the xdsl carrier and getting a lock, but that’s it, I tell the guy on the other end of the phone it is a line fault.

Of course, they don’t wanna know that, because it means escalating it and making an expensive and time consuming extra step in the escalation process to call a British Telecom line engineer out, so I spend 2 hours chilling and doing occasional other tests like swapping out the router for a new one and swapping out cables and shit…… and 2 hours later with all new cables and an all new router we are sat there with a carrier detect and 6 dB snr and 50 dB attenuation, and now they listen to me and book a line engineer.

Now money wise that is an hour to get there, two hours fucking around onsite, and an our back, half of which goes to the taxman, so, not worth it, but daddy didn’t raise no dumbass.

The job wasn’t too long to ruin my evening, but, it was long enough to qualify for expenses, so I was entitled to claim for supper, which I did, a nice sit down fish supper at a restaurant, and unlike my taxed overtime, every last red cent of that bill was picked up by the company, and since I had to eat anyway, in effect that got me tax free double time, now THAT is worth it.


I have occasional longer dalliances with wimminz, mini relationshits if you will, and I use the same logic, and make a point of acting like a 70’s wimminz pop star, “I know you say you love me, but what have you done for me lately bitch” in the sense I only take on that OPTIONAL overtime if it suits me and is to my direct advantage.

I make it very clear to the wimminz in question that as soon as we hit the point of diminishing returns then rain stops play and I sit at home with my feet up.

My employer, like wimminz, appreciates my attitude and appreciates me, when they ring up with an overtime job they know they have to sell it to me, start by giving me all the job details up front, not just do you want some overtime in 90210 zip…

And if I say yeah I’ll do it they thank me up front, and I say no problem, because if it was the slightest fucking problem, I wouldn’t be doing it, and we both know that.

I want to digress slightly, something related.

My job, I’m a field engineer, I almost never see a fellow employee, my interaction with my bosses and HQ is via electronic means or phone call. Electronic means is usually an electronic diary, with brief job description.

Everything else is self discipline. Nobody is watching, nobody is checking, nobody will physically see.

It is up to me to get up in time, wash, shave, put on a shirt and tie, make sure I have the shit I need to do the job, and get my ass to site for the appointed time.

The only thing keeping me honest is me.

To the extent that the squeaky wheel gets all the oil, I get none, we are supposed to have 12 weekly face to face with line managers and all kinds of shit, I saw mine once back in March or April, which suits me fine…

I say they love me, they clearly don’t, but neither do they go “Oh fuck, what now?” when a message with my name in it pops up.

I’m easy and reliable and trustworthy and predictable.

Micromanage me and my ass is dust.

Sure, it’s not easy finding an employer my attitude and approach will fly with, but I figure neither is it easy to find an employee who can go months without any supervision of any kind and still turn up able to pass a surprise inspection.

It’s not easy finding a wimminz my attitude and approach will fly with, but I figure neither is it easy for them to find a man in a world of niggerz, so if you wanna play, you gotta pay.

My crib, at the moment, is a shit pit, so don’t get the idea that the self discipline I am talking about is some OCD trip, nor do I want to give you the impression I’m gung ho for all the corporate team building shit, I flatly fucking ignore everything that is not 100% related to my actual job, I unapologetically use spam filters for the internal corporate emails, everything automated and designed to make lacklustre employees do their job is sent straight to trash, this is against company policy and the corporate IT bod, who is not a friend of mine as we have locked horns a couple times over the pathetic corporate policy on password complexity and frequency of change, the OCD 30’s IT head telling me he knew all about my objections to the policy and touting his resume as part of the attempted put down, me saying yeah, the only factor you are missing here is people… duh… despite this, and them having full access to and control of my corporate laptop every time it goes on-line, not a fucking word is said, but then again neither is anything said about using my company laptop for personal use, because I don’t, ever, not even once.

Whenever one of the bods in the office has to call me on the company phone about a job, they are always greeted by a cheerful happy voice, because I am cheerful and happy, because I don’t give a flying fuck, I do my job, I enjoy my job, there are no inducements that they can offer or threaten with that will make me change, I’ll walk.

I’m the same with wimminz.

The self discipline doesn’t mean I am Captain Save-a-ho, I am chock fucking full of mother-fucking flaws and shortcomings, but I am here because I enjoy it and because it is fun, and the instant you try to change that bitch, I’m done here.

The law of diminishing returns does not apply to your cunt / ass / mouth, my self discipline ensures that it is either all gravy, or all history.


September 4, 2013

Dating is a job interview.

Bear with me…

Take a look at the picture, imagine it is not a mirror image of the same girl, but two views of the same girl, your view, and my view.

You see a beautiful young wimminz, I see a filthy lying whore.Image10101

What’s the difference?

I have some data about her that you do not.

e.g. your opinion is based upon nothing more than a LACK OF DATA.

This is the basis of AWALT, all wimminz are filthy lying whores, no exceptions.

Now let’s say this wimminz is actually known to you personally, but not known to me personally, so you have some known data about her, specifically, and I have none, specifically.

Make any difference?

No, because YOUR opinion is still based upon a lack of data, whereas mine is based upon the fact that I have only ever found scorpions that have stung, and scorpions that have not yet stung, I have never yet seen a peacenik scorpion that I will let sit on my cock.


So here you go, you are a wimminz and you meet me, your first and major fuck up is that you do not view that process as an interview for a job, a job with one vacancy.

  • You think you can go trawling around a bunch of other potential employers, and I am going to sit here with the patience of a saint, just in case one day you might want to take the job.
  • When I say take the job, I mean of course turn up 10 minutes before quiting time, do your nails, fuck around on your iphone, and then demand to know where your fucking holiday pay is.
  • As / when / if you get an interview, eg meet me, which will only happen if you treat making an early appointment and turning up on time, eg as someone keen to get the fucking job, hearing that you had 497 other jobs that you quit on the day you got them, you know, because the boss was a fucking asshole, doesn’t really endear me to the idea of taking a chance on you and hiring you.
  • One previous long term employer that you parted with on good terms is the thing to aim for.
  • Like any other job, turning up with your womb turds doesn’t make you a candidate for employee of the month, while there is the danger of maternity leave for the single wimminz, in your case it is guaran-fucking-teed that there are going to be constant days off and early quits because junior has some lego lodged in his ass, plus, there is the danger of future maternity leave too.
  • Turning up with an unknown and un-checkable history doesn’t do you any favours either, I’ve been trying to fill this vacancy for 30 fucking years, and I have heard every variation of every story at least fifty times, you are not a precious snowflake and I don’t buy your bullshit excuses.
  • Expecting to get instant holiday pay, company expense account, directors car parking spot, and company medical and a promotion to CEO within 4 weeks doesn’t fly either, the job being advertised is cock and bottle washer and sammich maker, with the potential for advancement through the ranks, by becoming an invaluable employee.
  • Expecting, at the end of the interview, to be able to sign a cast iron contract guaranteeing you everything, but asking nothing from you, with no possible sacking offences, that I can’t get out of, isn’t going to make me think you are the next Tesla and everything you touch will turn to gold.
  • Having previous jobs as bukkake and felching queen and general 2 dollar whore and miss gangbang 2009 is likely to adversely affect your employability in a role that ultimately reflects upon the company and myself, ditto skank ho tats and piercings.

But, it is not all bad news…

  • You *can* take the cards on the table, ex con looking for a fresh start, willing and eager for an opportunity to shovel shit, approach.
  • The above approach doesn’t mean I see you as less, see the pictures above, you merely confirmed that data that I knew was there anyway, but, the reason you get the look in is you chose to not to try to bullshit me.
  • This approach better not end the instant the interview does and I offer you a period of trial employment, as many wimminz have found, the instant the no bullshit approach ends, so does the fucking job.
  • Being an overweight 5 isn’t a drawback either, I’ll get over firing your fat ass a lot quicker than if you were a sex bomb 10.
  • If you need extra, come to me BEFORE you go moonlighting.
  • If you call in sick to go moonlighting, don’t even bother coming in for your back pay… I already used it for your leaving party.
  • There are plenty of get rich quick con schemes out there, but this is a REAL job, with prospects measured in decades, it’s a steady living.
  • The more work YOU put in and the more loyalty you show the company, the better your long term prospects.
  • You can do a hostile takeover, but 3 seconds after your ass hits the MD’s chair the company ceases trading, the guy you just sacked took the customer base with him, 100% of them, forever.

You get the idea lay-dees….

AT this point in time the company has “progressed” to the point where merely getting an interview entails you blowing the MD (me) on the directors couch.

It may not be NASA, but a skanky ho like you ain’t even getting the URL of the fucking contact page from them, and no fucking way are you going to the moon, but at least this little wrong side of the tracks porn company has good capitalisation and a long term future ahead of it, which will put a roof over your head.

I find THIS singularly appropriate to post again.


February 10, 2013

You don’t know jack shit

You don’t have to know Jack Shit, or any other MSM journo, you only have to trawl some of the *very* popular websites, to know that the MSM journo’s also read those sites, and it is with heartbeat regularity that you find stories that ran on one of these websites running three days later on a MSM channel / newspaper / broadcast.

These websites in question are not visited by mere thousands or mere tens of thousands of people, nor are the people who visit them basement dwelling lusers with small penises, nor do they all deal with world or warcraft shit.normal_ATT148

What I am seeing more and more of, is serious speciality websites with millions of educated adult users, increasing going off the main topic which they were created for, and talking about something else, and the thing is, they are all talking about the same thing.

Look at this and this for two examples…. both from Zerohedge

There are waaay too many people talking about this stuff on a daily basis, and yet these are the very stories that the MSM does not copy and paste from these sites of website… coinkydink? I think not.

I participate in a swingers website, it is a useful tool to get free cunt, but even there shit like this is getting discussed…

One of the other topics getting discussed is the recent UK horse meat as beef scandal.

When I pointed out that Findus advertising 100% horse as 100% beef was no more dishonest that some skanky wimminz on the swinging site advertising 100% land whale as 100% BBW you can imagine the uproar, much of it from wimminz, but most of it from niggerz eager to white knight the wimminz.

Which brings me to a point that I have raised many times on swingers and dating sites, truth in advertising.

Much like using the word “cunt” at every opportunity is a great litmus test for wimminz and niggerz, using the word “advert” at every opportunity instead of “profile” seems to have the same effect on dating and swingers sites.

By any rational empirical test you can care to name, my PoF profile and swingers profile are adverts, nothing more and nothing less.

There is *some* validity to an argument that on Fuckbook and Linkedluser et al these things can equally be described as profiles, but on the other hand even there you can’t actually exclude advertising generally and self promotion specifically from them.

Is an iPhone a “high PROFILE brand” or a highly promoted brand or a highly advertised brand, or are all three just different ways of saying the same thing?

Certainly, it is easier to argue the point that the land whale entitlement pwincess persona projected on a PROFILE is more acceptable than if you called that self same page an ADVERT.

And this touches nicely on the answer that ALWAYS comes up whenever you try to discuss things like “What is a BBW?” on these sites, because you don’t have to wait long for some bitch to come along and provide the definition that “If she says she feels like a BBW then she is one

That’s great, I feel like Ravishing Rick Rude therefore I are one… form an orderly queue bitchez.

Personally I always thought ricky rood looked like an even more faggy cross between Tom Sellick and Burt Reynolds, were such a thing possible, but if I decide that I feel like RR, then I am one, according to the wimminz fruity logic.

(naturally such fruity logic is a one way street, only applies to wimminz when dealing with niggerz)

So, why is there this huge unspoken desire to call an swingers / dating advert a “profile”?

Well, it’s self delusion really, and given such levels of self delusion on an individual level it really is no wonder that the powers that be, as featured in stories such as those two from ZH linked above take the attitude that since we as individuals love bullshit so much, we should be force fed bullshit at every opportunity.

Who needs an actual SMV (sexual market value) when you can haz a “seasonally adjusted” SMV…

If you called the profile an advert, people would find it a LOT harder and more uncomfortable to write their own… for the wimminz the first adverse reaction is in 99% of the cases the same, “I don’t like it because it feels like I am selling myself” is what they say.

They usually stop talking to me altogether when I point out “baby, nobody is charging on PoF, so you’re not selling yourself, you are GIVING it away

Contrary to popular belief, wimminz don’t have a problem selling access to their cunt, what they have a problem with is being faced with the reality that they will be advertising access to their cunt, with a big “FREE!” sign over it, and STILL not get trampled to death by swinging dick.

Nothing worse than advertising a product you can’t even fucking give away for free.

Which is contrarily why a lot of wimminz also do the whole escorting whoring thing, alongside the swinging site advert and the PoF advert, this gives extra avenues of self denial and bullshit;

Slice a cat’s throat and put a $10 sign on it and when no man can be found to fuck it all you have to do is say “They couldn’t afford my pussy”

I’m with Wilde on the whole whoring thing BTW, he asks a woman at a party if she will sleep with him for 1,000 Guineas, she says why of course Mr Wilde, he walks away and comes back to her an hour later and asks her if she will sleep with him for 1 Guinea, she says why Mr Wilde, what do you take me for, a whore? He says madam, we have already settled that, now we are just arguing about the price.

So I’m banging my young cum bucket slut earlier this weekend and her phone goes, her slutty mate, she has been offered £750 quid to fuck this fat old fuck all next weekend in her own home, of course she is going to do it, so I tell my slut to tell her I will fuck her for a pound, it doesn’t go down well, but after all we are just arguing about the price.

Come next year this story will have transformed until she was earning £1,000 a pop as an escort, and that’s just for one night, and the client was ricky rude, and they stayed in the Savoy and drank champagne and ate truffles.

January 14, 2013

It’s a wild world

I make lots of small bets with myself, like “that’s it, that bitch ain’t gonna ask me for another fuck” and so on, and often times I find myself wishing I was a much bigger cunt than I am, so that I could name names, post SMS history, use actual images.

It would be a lot easier to explain what I am trying to say that way.

For want of a better moniker, jane49 falls into this category, we met, we fucked like bunnies for a month or two, she pulled some typical wimminz dissembling bullshit on me, I called her on it, she went away with her feelings hurt, we still talk now and again, but she ain’t gonna ask me for another fuck, that’s my bet.

I’d quite like to fuck her again, massive tits, smells nice, good company, but that is just one aspect of her personality, the other aspect is the career girl…

Just this morning I was talking to another chick, this chick has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, but the ironic thing is, unlike jane49, this chick knows she has separate and conflicting personalities and desires, jane49 doesn’t, so as soon as her sexual life with me started to creep out of the petri dish that her career girl life imposed, everything got closed down.

It’s a fucked up world when those with severe mental issues are more honest with themselves and you than an apparently got it together independent career girl.

But it all serves to remind me of a simple fact of (my) male psychology, and that simple fact is that if a wimminz does not fuck me for two weeks, she is fading fast from my radar, and as soon as you start fading from my radar it is the good things that fade first, sure, I remember the GG cup tits, but with fondness not lust, meanwhile the negatives occupy more of the remaining radar plot, the skin that really should have been better on a 30 year old, the weight that really should have been 40lbs less, the way my bathroom stank of hairspray when you did stay over and got ready in the morning…

And then these fade too…

And then some months later I hook up with a chick who wants me to come over and use and abuse her, so the bitch gives me her address and zip for the GPS, and I think, “Hey, jane33 lived in that village, wonder what she is up to now” because the fact is jane33 fell off the radar, the same way jane49 is now, and so the road to oblivion and old age smelling of cats and piss is paved for all these wimminz.

There are a lot of janes’ out there that I simply pass on, unfuckable and nothing about them would induce me to waste an hour of my life in their company, and without exception if you could wind the clock back ten or twenty years, or cocks, or whatever, go back in time, they would have been different, they would have been a jane33 or a jane49.

I don’t even feel sorry for these janes’ any more, I don’t even sigh at the wasted potential… my life is too short to expend even that much time on their plight, because it is totally self inflicted.

But I am aware that there is a general social cost, a debt stored away for future redemption.

I am also acutely aware that I am living a lifestyle that is tailored to minimise my exposure, while living off the fat while I can, my current lifestyle is no more moral or high born than a crow, hopping across a battlefield and eating the eyes of the dead.

Fuck it, rather pull up some old David Allan Coe and chill.

But, I have to be honest, there is a nasty part of me that hopes he is still in contact with jane49 when the wheels fall off her wagon, ayup, “How’d that work out for ya?” and “Told ya so!” spring to mind.

See, let’s take jane49 as an example, the story and details will change with the jane, but the basic backstory and principle is all the same.

Jane49 has a house on a mortgage, but it is a modern mortgage, (back when I was a lad doing accountancy a mortgage = a debt = a liability, nowadays people call it a fucking asset… go figure) negative equity special before we even get a property crash, but thankfully for her she has some tenants in that are paying enough rent to cover the mortgage payments, so she just isn’t looking at what could go wrong here, or how wrong it could go, so her eye is firmly on the fact she just rolled a bunch of sixes in a row, and the only permit-able reality is she is going to be able to continue to roll sixes… you can try to talk to her about it, and she will accept that other outcomes are possible, dislike where that train of thought is going, and dismiss the whole issue, after all, she is rolling sixes.

She has a job here, some distance from her house, so she has a flat on a lease / rent, and her job is basically sales, and it is a foreign owned company, and 99% of what they sell is basically cheap imported crap from china.

Between this that and the other, despite the company car, she doesn’t save any money, all those salon treatments, nights out and so on.

So of course all it takes is a blip in the UK economy, which is tanking, or a blip in the chinese economy, or a simple thing like a blip in the exchange rate or shipping costs, and the whole business model of the foreign company she works for crumbles.

She isn’t going to get ANOTHER job elsewhere in sales, because the sorts of things discussed above hit the whole economy, it’s not like the kenyan coffee company goes tits up because of a civil war in kenya, so you can go work for the colombian coffee company instead.

The first thing the foreign company will do is drop the 9,500 chinese made things from the product line, and go back to the 500 EU made things, that’s called restructuring, and that means job losses across the board.

A “career” in sales isn’t a great thing when the economy tanks, and you have no savings, no transport when the company car is taken, no home because yours is rented out, and oh yeah, house prices just dropped 30% so you can’t sell as you owe £130k on a place that might sell at £100k, if you are lucky.

You’re now mid thirties, so your best reproductive years are behind you, and all you can do is wail that “Nobody could have predicted this!!!

Me coughs politely… “‘scuse me bitch, I did predict this, exactly… so remind me, bitch, this career of yours that was more important than a relationshit with me, how did that work out for ya?

And then we get to the nitty gritty… even if she threw herself at me, what’s in it for me?

It was all fine and dandy when the bitch had a disposable income and could feed and clothe herself and turn up at mine with a bottle and some eats, or I’d go to hers because she had a nice place and the heating was on and there was coffee in….

But NOW? Now you don’t have shit?

The really interesting thing, for the boy that used to do accountancy within me, is if you do a balance sheet for her life NOW, when everything is find and dandy and her career comes first, she is left with net liabilities, and if you do another one where she has lost her job / career, and her house is in 30% negative equity, she is still left with net liabilities, and to be honest, they aren’t THAT much greater than now.

The difference will be in the cash flow, income and expenditure department, she won’t be able to service those liabilities, or me…

And that little detail is what is going to screw up so many people that you won’t believe….

That little detail is why I can walk through the city centre, and see few people, and see almost nobody with bags of shopping, and all the shops are empty…. it’s not just a question of assets and liabilities, it’s a question of cash flow.

The greater your liabilities, the greater your minimum cash flow needs to be to keep you above economic stall speed, but the effects are the same when you hit it, game over and you fall out of the sky as an independent economic entity.

There is an old saying about being nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you will probably meet most of them again on the way down.

A lesson the janes of this world will learn the hard way.

January 7, 2013

Paris by air

I often find myself quoting the wisdom of St Francis to people, “Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.” because it especially applies to the wimminz, but there are two other bits of wisdom to impart.

  1. Some shit, just eat it and walk away, because life is too fucking short to fight every battle.
  2. Life’s a bitch.

You see the thing is, it probably doesn’t matter who or what you are, a wimminz, an employer, a guy walking down the street, a mugger, what probably does matter is something about me.

I am a lousy bet.

Wimminz, I am a lousy bet because I have eaten so many red pills I now piss and shit them, for employers I am a lousy bet because I have been through all the stunts that employers pull, and the beat goes on.

So all of you can shaft me for little things, see point 1 above, but getting me to commit to the point where I expose myself to the bigger things, well, good luck with that.

There is an article in the press today that our leaders are warning out that outlaw patch motorcycle gangs are making inroads into society and we the sheeple need to be on the look out for outlaw biker gang wars over turf for things like drugs and prostitution etc.

Being a lousy bet means I can handle these guys, I got nothing they want and they got nothing I want and we say “Hi bro” to each other and go all snake eyes and nod and go our separate ways.

And yes I know all about the criminal enterprises some patch clubs get up to to earn a crust, but I also know that in reality they are small time bit players, if ALL you look at is their ability to distribute drugs as a part of the whole drug scene for example.

The other thing about patch clubs is they aren’t exactly the invisible fucking man, mr incognito, the wraith…

There are all sorts of things the guy stood next to you in the checkout queue could be, off duty policeman, swinger, doctor, wimminz outreach co-ordinator, but if the guy stood next to you is full patch, you will fucking know.

Speaking personally (and I had more than one opportunity to prospect for true outlaw patch clubs) my big problem with it was the patch was a huge fucking target on your back that you wore 24/7, and the remuneration frankly wasn’t that good.

And then I saw other things, and while the temptation for the reader is to say yeah yeah anyone an say this shit, the fact is, club business is club business, so even though through circumstance I have been party to some of this, and could drop names, and could tell stories about outlaw chapters formed from member ejected from mainstream well know outlaw patch clubs  for being too fucking violent and out of control, and some of the shit THEY got up to, I won’t, because you don’t tell tales out of school, especially not to write a book or big yourself up.

Ultimately above the patch club there is the brotherhood, so the things individual chapters have pulled, or the things individuals have pulled, don’t outweigh the principle of being loyal to the brotherhood as a whole, or hanging your dirty washing out in public.

Nevertheless, there are things that can be discussed.

One of the things you can discuss is the fact that veterans returning from overseas conflict is something that periodically happens, and they are a different breed to the guy recruited off the street, so you get demographic and generational changes and swings in any individual club or chapter, and for me personally I always found it was the veterans who I got on with best, you could fuck up and get into a fight and literally two minutes later fuck it bro, cheers, swig a cold one through the blood and swelling bruises, and grin, whereas the ones recruited off the streets were always, to me, little peacocking motherfuckers out to climb another run on the ladder.

That was always the source of negative waves for me, the prospects and new shiny patch members saw me as an outsider, much much much less than them, and yet here are the prez, the sergeant, the enforcer all allowing me to turn up unannounced at their front doors, it was enigmatic and confusing for them, which I get, but it was only enigmatic and confusing because they did not have first hand experience of the real enigmatic and confusing things in life, such as lying in a ditch somewhere trying to fuck yourself into the ground while the lead spanged overhead.

So now we have the latest spat of foreign conflicts producing disillusions and disaffected vets returning home to a home that no longer exists and welcomes them, and some of these guys like the nam vets and so on will end up gravitating to the outlaw patch clubs, so suddenly you have groups of disaffected vets associating with each other… and if you are the big daddy state, that needs to have a bunch of people assigned to it…

So while I personally am not prepared to put that patch on myself, assuming they would have me, after all, as said above, I am a lousy bet, it also has to be said that the brotherhood never fucked me over, but the state did…. so if push comes to shove it ain’t hard to work out where my sympathies lie, and which group I personally identify with the most.

Which brings me to one of the janes, the one I fucked saturday night into the wee hours, it wasn’t constant fucking, there was talk too, and so here is the slim fairly sexy just in her 30’s babymomma and she starts talking about 9/11 and the two towers in “free-fall collapse” and building 7 which wasn’t hit by anything etc.

She knows she is “a lousy bet” as far as the state is concerned, because she knows like J Edgar and “un american activities” and witch-hunts, it only takes a stroke of the pen for her to become one of the undesirables, she doesn’t have to actually DO anything wrong, just fit into a demographic, like the returning vets who gravitate towards patch clubs, that someone decides bears watching and monitoring.

In the paper article that talked about these impeding immigrant biker club turf wars, the comments section was delicious, with comparisons drawn to Abu Hamza al-Masri, asking, tongue in cheek, if these immigrant outlaw patch clubs will be given council houses and state handouts and so on, like the other 850,000 illegal immigrants to the UK currently living here and not being deported.

Credibility given towards the MSM premise that these are all nasty evil criminal gangs involved in drugs and vice was approaching zero, or if it was above zero is was so what, when compared to bankers and politicians.

Contrast the song above with a comment I heard from a man who said to me “…of course, the last time I saw Paris by air, it was to drop bombs

As I have said before, the common misconception is that our leaders are any smarter or more competent at their jobs than the average droid in the geek squad down at the local chain computer store.

What people do not get is the danger inherent within that statement.

When you give incompetent people power, and when the wheels start to fall off the wagon, they always, always, always use that power to try to fix things, and they always, always, always, just fuck things up even more.


We are hearing a lot in the news about gun control in the USA, and the random shooting sprees, and of course the MSM makes a point of NOT covering storied where the random shooter get shot by someone carrying, such as happened December 17th 2012 in San Antonio, before they can kill a mass of people and then get suicide by cop.

It occurs to me that you never, ever, ever hear about one of these shooters getting tooled up with their arsenal, and then going out to the local gun range to see how many people they can kill… it’s always a fucking school or similar.

Anders Breivic did this too, because the MAIN PURPOSE is always the same, to kill as many as possible, so obviously you go where the odds are stacked in your favour, and you do not go somewhere were it turns into a game or personal survival, who is the baddest badass before game over.


Following on with this simple logic.

If you wanted to be a successful big time drug dealer and vice kingpin, the last thing you would ever fucking do is state that all members of your criminal society must wear a uniform which makes them stand out in any crowd anywhere any time of day or night, which is why I said in read at the top of this, sure, there are some patch clubs and chapters and member who deal in drugs and vice, but they are small time compared to the market as a whole.

Ergo, attempting to associate them with impending turf wars for drugs and vice is yet more smoke and mirrors, if you gave a shit about drugs and prostitution you have to start with the police force, they are the ones who have to take the payola to turn the other eye while THE VAST BULK of these industries progresses.

But again, as said above, you have to be both competent at your job and intelligent to see this, and those in control are neither, no more competent than the drones in the geek squad.

Just because I choose to not personally become closely involved with patch clubs does not mean I am unable to tell when they are getting a bum rap.

The now dead Sir Jimmy Savile is being open called, without quotes, a paedophile in the MSM now, despite never having been convicted much less charged with anything, and lo and behold there are teams of lawyers trying to track down his allegedly missing millions, so that the alleged victims can get some compo… again, it is a bum rap…

Gary Glitter / Paul Gadd, another bum rap.

Not saying any of these people or groups are saints (and please do not try and draw any lines between me talking about Jimmy Savile and me talking about patch clubs in the same post) or anything even approaching it.

Am saying that those busy flinging the shit are the same in both cases, big daddy guvvmint and the MSM, and am saying that these people have previous form for getting it horrifically wrong, and making up out of whole cloth reasons and allegations that suit pre-ordained conclusions and end targets.

Even the janes know this shit.

And the incompetent leaders with vast powers that we have know that even the janes know this shit.

And THAT, my friends, is why you should fucking worry, and in the meantime do your best to avoid being included in any category that they deem needs special attentions.

January 2, 2013

Easyriders, and falling in love with whores.

Back in the mid 70’s there was an English bike rag with a comic at the back featuring malcolm, a dipshit wannabe, and ogri, a guy with stubble, antlers on his helmet (helmet laws came in in ’74) and a Norvin.

It was good as far as it went, but across the pond there was a bike rag that went by the name of Easyriders, after the film.

Now before you go off one one, Bike in 1975 had fuck all similarity to Bike in 2013, assuming it is still in print, and Easyriders in 1975 had fuck all to do with Easyriders today.WTF-Mom

While the UK rag had a bit of irreverence here and there, mainly in the cartoon at the back, Easyriders back then was chock full of it from front cover to back… the bay area was a bit too far away to get to on my trusty A10, but the magazine was available if you knew where to look.

Looking back the things that stay in the memory are the Dave Mann centrefolds, the assorted crap from JJ Solari, and the assorted vitriol of Spider, now JJ was never a biker, but he could write some funny stuff and some of his observations were good, so anyway there is a skit in I think ’76 or so all about hookers, and how they classified the johns.

What it boiled down to was that according to hookers there were about six sorts of customer, once they got in the bedroom, and two of these were “ooh baby don’t we fit together so well” and “my wife doesn’t understand me but you do” only those weren’t the names given.

Despite all the modern “you don’t pay a whore to fuck, you pay her to leave” shit, what it boiled down to was four of the six types of customer were paying the whore for the illusion of companionship and intimacy, one of the others was the type who couldn’t get a woman without paying, and the last type was the one buying “no comeback” sex because they were married and didn’t want anything threatening that like the mistress turning up at work… I suppose you could have called this one the “pay her to leave” group.

The bit I didn’t get at the time, because I myself was too young and inexperienced, was that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL WHORE would be seen in six different ways, not depending on what she was, but depending in the class of john who happened to be pumping her right then.

You can be a john, and go to a whore, and see her one way, but to be a smart john you have to see the other five types of john, and how they see the same whore.

So you log on to PoF to try and find some pussy, and you read a profile.

Or you can be smarter, and use several websites, including a couple of swinger sites, and you see she also has a profile on a swingers site, with quite a different profile.

Or you can be a smarter and more experienced guy, and cross check and correlate the escort / whores websites too, and see her on there as well, with yet another different profile.

Sucks donkey balls if you only ever looked at the PoF profile, met her, and decided to see her regular like…

As someone who has been aware of this for a while, I have been looking for some rules of thumb.

Is she over weight? Does she like gangbangs? This sort of thing, but, correlation is not causation, how ever close it may follow, and over time I have only come across one reliable indicator of any kind.

The wimminz is question sees sex as an act, trying another cock is no different to trying another dress, and I have literally heard that exact phrase from these wimminz.

For sure, the more dresses you try on, the less each new one signifies, shiny, pretty, until the next one, and the last one means as much, literally, as the boxers I threw in the laundry this morning when I grabbed a fresh pair out of the drawer.

This is a recipe to get hurt, badly, if you are any of the four main classes of johns, e.g. any of the four main classes of MEN, who are seeking some sort of illusion of companionship or intimacy.

So tick follows tock and the clock and calendar rolls over from 2012 to 2013, and many of the other so called MRA websites are all HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHEZ to the readership, but really it is much more welcome to the new boss, just the same as the old boss, because the inherent nature of the battlefield has not changed.. look at the tales of the English and German troops playing football in no man’s land in WW1, it didn’t mean shit because the next day it was back to the killing.

So I can sit here and cry in my beer and wonder why at this romantic time of year Jane49 hasn’t texted me for two days or bounced up and down on my cock for two weeks….

…or I can sit here and realise it is because she hasn’t decided to try a new dress on yet, and when she does she will call me, and the worst thing I can do in the meantime is call her like some lovesick puppy, and the best thing I can do is keep that production line going for jane50, jane51, jane52 etc.

One thing I can guarantee, no john is ever the first or only client of the whore he is visiting, and this is double true of all the wimminz out there, AWALT… without exception every single one of them has a string of johns who did the lovesick puppy thing, another lovesick puppy, NO MATTER HOW GOOD AT IT YOU ARE, is about as interesting to them as a 1995 fashion item…… like, wouldn’t be seen fucking dead with it.

So really all that is left in me is the pining for the fjords, wishing it were another way, but I might as well wish not only for the sandpile and toy cars when I was 7 years old, but also the innocence of the 7 year old, which was required to make those simple games so much fun.

That is really what I mourn, and what hurts inside me and all men, not the fact that AWALT, but the lost innocence within ourselves, back when we believed in loving girlfriends and wives and mothers of our children, not AWALT psycho skank ho’s

And so since the only other option is misery and I am a survivor, I have learned the lessons the skank ho’s have been so eager to teach me, jane49 means as much to me as the boxers I threw in the wash this morning, sure, nice and comfy and I’ll be happy to wear them again, but whenever they rotate back to the top of the pile of clean boxers, or never again, bin em and get a new pair, it really is no big deal.

Which is why I sit here and raise a glass to myself, to the wimminz of 2012 who had never done anal, till they met me, and the day I eventually persuaded them to do anal for me was the last day I fucked them, because then I had had everything that was new that they had to offer, and there are so many more pretty dresses to try on.

It is time for me to misquote Oppenheimer quoting the Hindu text….

Behold, I am become death, destroyer of wimminz assholes

Fuck it, it’s better hours than being a lovesick puppy.

August 16, 2012

Going on the game – please fuck me Sir….

Anecdotal time again.

The PoF “intimate encounter” section in my area has exploded with new users bearing a user-name consisting of “girls name + 3 or 4 digits”, usually in their early twenties, often with a revealing bikini / underwear photo, and yes they are all whores soliciting…. times be getting hard… lol

If you think asia is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living making sneakers, then the internet is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living in the sex industry, sure, you may be an experienced whore who can fuck good and deep throat a salami, but this chick and this chick and this chick will fuck for free… which brings us right back to the thing about a whore is you are paying her to leave after the fuck, but these chicks will do that too, for free.

You see, there is one trick dating sites like PoF have not deployed, and it ain’t because no one thought of it, so you still have to do this filtering manually, and this is the fuck search.

The fuck search is where you select REAL criteria, not horseshit like show me every Saggitarius over 5 foot 8 who is a non smoker within 50 miles of my zip code.

The fuck search is where you select BMI 22 or less, cup size DD or more, 5 foot or less, no kids, not looking for long term, within 50 miles of my zip code.

The wimminz will all be looking for Mr Christian Grey, 6 foot plus, 8 inches plus, less than 25 years old, and getting zero fucking matches….

The bulk of men will be eliminating 85% of the wimminz in any search they do.

Wimminz will leave the site in disgust, and the site will collapse and turn into a joke like Badoo or Wayn.

Thing is, deep down, men already know all about sex.

If you want to be and feel like the rampant 20 year old who can fuck from 6pm until 4am, it’s really not that hard, start with a fuckable wimminz, then exclude all possible distractions, TV, internet, email, mobile, music, just you and the skank ho in bed with nothing to do but fuck and nothing to talk about but sex… if you have pre screened (as per the internet dating articles here) for fuckable wimminz then you have selected a dirty and obedient slut and you have no problems.. just make sure you do everything the first night, cos there ain’t going to be a second.

If you want to have a totally unsatisfying asexual encounter, turn the TV on, turn the music on, check your email, check your phone, end up talking to the bitch and listening to her wittering on, end up EATING FOOD with the bitch, end up drinking alcohol with the bitch… you may get to dump one load into her and then it is time to make a fast exit thanks to Fake Call Me on Android.

Sometimes you do it the right way and then decide to have some fun, in lieu of paying a whore to leave, you fuck with the slut to leave, you’ve already noted all her hard limits in pre-meet chats (all saved to the cloud) so now you start pushing them.

Basically “bastard game” but from someone who has already had that poon, if you have found one of the very very few wimminz who claims never to have had a threesome, there’s a good starting point.. she’ll refuse, you say that’s too bad, ah well, plenty more fish in the sea, she will agree. AWALT… yet to meet a wimminz who hasn’t had a threesome, never mind foursome moresome.

If you don’t want to use and fuck her, then according to wimminz hard-wiring you be beta boy, if you do then you be alpha cock, if you get them to send you SMS messages archived to the cloud in the 3 or 4 or 5 day interval between first message on PoF and meeting-to-fuck, saying “Please fuck me Sir!” then you have made her classify you as alpha cock, just make sure you never relent, her job is to worship your cock, what SHE wants??? what more could she possibly want than to worship your cock and do anything you want sexually? No negotiation.

75% of wimminz already got that, or close enough to keep them happy for now, the fuckbuddy, they are on pof seeking the beta boy to watch TV with, listen to music, the whole domestic thing, you don’t want to be beta and she already has alpha cock, you have slim to none chances of breaking through that with your profile, it does happen, but rarely… play the waiting game.

Sooner or later she will ask her alpha cock fuckbuddy to let her choose something sexually, and he starts the inevitable and fast slide to beta boy status.

She’ll edit her profile subtly when that happens, so strike fast with a meet me.

As heartiste and others note, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you can pimp yourself up, the more they say you are impossible and unbelievable, which is code for I’m getting ready for you to demand I send you SMS messages saying “Please fuck me Sir!

But the real value is Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would accept me as a member.” (4 minutes in)

Do you really want any kind of domestic relationshit with any skank ho who will/has done threesomes / foursomes / moresomes? Which is AWALT of course.

MANY years ago I used to think, “What the fuck is WRONG with me? Because I seem to keep attracting these weird and fucked up wimminz?” Clearly it was a defect in MY makeup, cos, you know, NAWALT.

It’s a coming of age thing when you wake up and smell the coffee and realise that there isn’t actually anything wrong with me, it is just AWALT.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough one to swallow, even an FRA may not do it, but sooner or later the penny will drop, and then where are you?

What do you do in a world where despite everything everyone says about wimminz, despite everything wimminz say they want, the truth on the ground where the rubber hits the road is “treat em mean and keep em keen” and you get “Please fuck me Sir!“, but treat them any other way and you become beta boy, while she keeps all holes open for alpha cock and cum, and YOU get to watch TV with them…

The first company to deploy WWW wide full facial recognition, matching and search is going to have as much fun as a rabbi on a planet of pork….

Take that photo of your wife in the delivery room holding “your” newborn, plug it in to mugshit.com and it does it’s thing, and presents you with 47 pages of links, saying stuff like “click here to watch gangbang julie take on 25 cocks” and you click the link and are presented with further links;

gangbang julie shoot #1
55 photos 29 minutes, 47 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #2
63 photos 43 minutes, 22 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #3
35 photos 22 minutes, 45 seconds of video

Then you notice the date of shoot #3, it’s after you married the slut… and then you remember her going off to stay with Aunt Maude one weekend when Aunt Maude was ill and the dog stole her zimmer frame etc.

If you’re really lucky the date of shoot #3 will be about 9 months ago… guess one of those condoms burst, or some of the not on camera action eg her fucking the cameraman, also known as mr alpha cock fuckbuddy bareback, was responsible.

She’ll throw a fit, her name is Sarah, this girl in the film is apparently called Julie, you can buy it, or become the target of some real abuse, six months later the marriage can fall apart and you can babysit your kid one night while Sarah is spending the night with me, saying “Please fuck me Sir!”… and if you think I am exaggerating the only made up part of that is mugshit.com and facial searches, what actually happened was a co-worker you showed your proud daddy photo to on your smartphone recognised the slut from realsexpass.com.

Course you only got your kid for a sleepover because she wanted to fuck me, her taking 300+ cocks a year in walmart low budget porn gang-bangs is no reason for her not to have default custody.

Hey, at least when you were together for 20 months she allowed you to demonstrate your love for her by letting your eat her cunt for 30 minutes at a time twice a week, and that fishy smell, nothing at all to do with the cock carousel and cum, you cocksucker by proxy you.

Rest assured, no matter what the outcome she will be exonerated, and you, well, you’re the fall guy innit.

You didn’t get the memo…. AWALT.

August 2, 2012

Team cunt in action


Team cunt is when one or more wimminz take indirect action against a man, by coercing another wimminz into or out of some course of action… a different course of action than that wimminz would have taken without outside influence.

It’s Team cunt because when push comes to shove it is always a herd instinct “decision” for the wimminz, sure, the thing the other wimminz are trying to push them into wasn’t what they would have chosen, and sure, the other wimminz aren’t really her friends, but they are my herd and will keep me company.

Most often I get this after fucking some young skank ho slut extremely well, she soon clicks to the idea that hanging out with me is the best hedge to the future she can possibly do, and the the protestations of love start, and it has to be said, they do mean it, when they say it…

Then they announce their intent to give it all up to this much older guy, to their wimminz circle of acquaintances, I won’t say friends, because no wimminz has any wimminz friends, just fellow herd members in team cunt.

Then the rest of the herd gang up on the young skank ho, I have literally seen mothers who neglected and abused young sluts to the point where the young slut truly fucking hates the mother gang up on the young slut with granny and aunt sally and her sister, and give them the whole ultimatum, dump this old loser or be expelled from team cunt.

And it doesn’t matter how awful these other wimminz have been to the young slut, she will side with them and dump you, because nothing scares them as much as being expelled from the herd.

I have seen wimminz pick up other wimminz and with no warning take them to a clinic so they can have a coil removed and get pregnant without the boyfriends knowledge or consent, and the baby totally fucks the relationship / marriage, and the wimminz in question still sides with team cunt.

I have seen wimminz concoct and create out of thin air False Rape Accusations against a man to attempt to totally destroy him, simply because this was the test of loyalty demanded by other wimminz, for ongoing membership of team cunt, even though nobody but the lawyers and police actually profited in any way from the FRA.

I have seen children utterly destroyed by being cut off from and brainwashed against men, for no other reason that this solidarity is demanded by team cunt.

I have seen team cunt grandmothers who themselves become the victim of other team cunt actions, cut off from all contact with their grandkids, turn around and just walk away from it, rather than go up against team cunt and show they are a blackleg.

I have seen team cunt wimminz lawyers and wimminz judges and wimminz social workers and wives and girlfriends, all act with solidarity to team cunt.

Team cunt doesn’t actually exist, it is nothing more than a herd mentality, 50 horses about to charge off a cliff and the 51st will fight you tooth and nail to break free of your safe keeping and join the herd.

Team cunt having exercised their power and control over the young skank ho who loved me and made her choose team cunt over a future in my protection promptly revert to form and neglect and abandon the young skank ho, but you have more hope of rationalising things with an opium dealer than you do of getting the young skank ho to reject team cunt.

This, my brothers, is one of the ultimate lessons in this blog, assuming you have read and absorbed EVERYTHING else here in the sidebars on the right, and much of the rest in the wimminz archives too…

The ultimate lesson is that wimminz are herd creatures of low intellect and high herd conformity and compliance, you can cut one out of that herd and break and ride her, but a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig, and she will still go back and answer the call of the herd, first time, every time, irrespective of how much personal damage this causes her, or you, or anyone else.

No amount of logical “well actually bitch they are just trying to fuck up what you have, for no reason other than it separates you from the herd, they have never given a fuck about you, and if you put half the effort into us, that you are putting into fucking us up to demonstrate your herd loyalty, you would never need the herd again” falls not on deaf ears, but on ears that see everything except rejoining the herd as the immediate enemy.

This all explains why individual wimminz succumb to the herd, but it doesn’t explain why the herd coalesces around individual wimminz who are thinking about leaving the herd.

The first thing you have to grep is that while wimminz may be a herd animal, man is a pack animal, so there is a limited amount of empathy there.. (ever wondered why men bond with dogs so much better than wimminz?) but one thing we do know about herd creatures is that the herd itself is the survival tactic, break it down into smaller groups of herds and they die off by attrition… safety in numbers.

Every single misandrist whining lie uttered about men by wimminz is no more than the hard wired bleating of herd creatures, unfortunately for men, some asshole gave these cunts the vote, and then jobs as cops and lawyers and judges, and now the herd is the king of the jungle.

When someone like me comes along and catches the eye of a young filly, the herd sees the predatory raping lone stallion/wolf stalking the herd, it isn’t jealousy that the young filly catches my cock and not the old barren mares, it is that the herd has an investment in the perpetuation of the herd, and the young filly is the future of the herd, and monkey see monkey do, so this shit has to get stomped on real quick, before the other young fillies get any ideas.

Because after all, the herd is just one answer for DNA to perpetuate DNA.

The relationship between the herd and individuals is all to one, and one to all, there are no individual bonds within the herd, contrast this to the pack animal, where there is pack loyalty in both directions, but pack loyalty is based upon individual loyalty and individual relationships.

But men and wimminz and not wolves and horses that cannot interbreed, so for most of human history there were strong herd traits in the pack animals, and strong pack animal traits in the herd animals, wife 1.0 was a herd creature with strong pack animal traits, husband 1.0 was a pack animal with strong herd creature traits.

The irony here is calling young Japanese MGTOW “grass eaters”, grass eaters are herd creatures, the young jap MGTOW are carrion eaters (not hunters) not grass eaters, they aren’t wolves, they are hyenas.

Go onto other sites and find “men” like keyster and eric who hate me, that is the hate the pack animal with herd animal traits feels for the lone hunter who is outside both the herd and the pack, neither wanting to be a part of, nor being accepted by, either herd or pack.

Where we have gone wrong in recent years in western society is that we have eliminated the dynamic at the borders between the herd and the pack, and created artificial filters and barriers, the pack is under attack, the herd is good, the pack is bad… four legs good, two legs bad… but what about us, ask the ducks?

The solution cannot come from either the new engorged herd, nor the new diminished pack, they have both been thrown out of equilibrium, and the answers cannot be found in either camp, rather, nature abhors a vacuum, and so nature will create a solution to both the problems of the engorged herd, and the diminished pack.

Nature could get real funky, some new plague vector that works selectively in sync with corn starch digestion in the human gut to reduce wimminz IQ by 50 points and men’s by 10, or nature could get real elegant, subtle alterations in sperm and ova chemistry so only 10% of the population can conceive, or nature could get real primitive, and thin both the herd and the pack with a pandemic with a 75% mortality rate.

Meantime, in shades of the old joke about democracy being two wolves and one sheep deciding what to eat for lunch, real world politics and economics and science and technology has been about ten sheep and one wolf voting to make straight fur and sharp teeth and a carnivorous diet illegal… what could possibly go wrong.

For men, in the meantime, remember that all bets are off, it is now literally and physically impossible to treat any wimminz as an individual, the rest of the herd won’t allow it, and when push comes to shove and you find yourself in a police station or secret family court for the heinous crime of not only not being one of the herd, but trying to separate one from the herd to bring out her pack tendencies, and to bring out your herd tendencies, one of the most dangerous tactics you can employ is the one I did.

To look each herd animal in the eye, one by one, hint at baring a fang, and smile the predatory smile.

Most dangerous, but possibly less fatal than perming your coat, filing your teeth flat and eating grass… because Nature has as much time and compassion for the current versions of both herd and pack as the herd of wimminz have for the filly that caught my eye, and dared to consider a life outside the herd.


June 23, 2012

Where have all the good men gone redux

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It is an age old truism that you have to LIKE the person you are with for it to have any kind of future at all.

It is of course hard / impossible to like a spoiled brat.

The upside of pornography is of course that you ONLY get the visual cues, you are protected from exposure to the sink full of dishes, the world owes me a living because I was born with a cunt attitude, and the harsh reality of the Police turning up after a fake DV accusation.

Which is just as well, because as soon as those aspects of reality intrude, the attractiveness of the wimminz in question disappears out the window.

Where have all the good men gone? Y’all shit on us so extensively and so completely that we have all learned the lesson, to treat wimminz with the contempt they deserve.

Which brings me back to PoF, and I am definitely seeing a change in attitude in the wimminz, both desperation and frustration are leeching into their profiles and attitudes so strongly that they cannot even fake it in an online dating profile.

Stamps feet. WHY hasn’t PoF brought me my niggerz in shining armour yet!!!

Of course, as more and more of the “real wimminz nature” seeps through, they get less and less fuckable, and as they get less and less fuckable, more and more of the real wimminz nature seeps through.

Which brings us right back to the beginning, you have to LIKE the wimminz you are with, to stay with her, which brings us to one of the old standby’s of men’s relations with wimminz, the sheer number of men who think to themselves that there is something wrong with them, because they seem to attract so many fucked up wimminz and so few decent ones.

The fact is, if there are mainly fucked up wimminz, or to be realistic ONLY fucked up wimminz whose fuckups you know about, and fucked up wimminz whose fuckups you do not yet know about, then the problem is not with you.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, and this is not an exhaustive or complete list, here are some examples of the fucked up wimminz I have fucked, and the thing I discovered about them that made them impossible to like;

  • She had made commercial porn on VHS.
  • She was previously a hooker.
  • She fucked her biological father.
  • She fucked her biological brother.
  • She did not know who the biological father of her children was (If you eat a tin of beans, how do you know which one made you fart?)
  • She referred to the biological father of her children as The Sperm Donor.
  • She was quite happy to fuck in front of her children.
  • She was a lush, eg passing out drunk from a bottle of vodka.
  • She was always broke and poor mouthed, despite being on handouts that totalled more than my takehome.
  • She was seeing a shrink most of her life for her delusional and acting out behaviour.
  • She always had money for lottery tickets but was always short of money to feed the kids.
  • She had a dirty / messy house, always dishes in the sink, clothes on the bedroom floor, smalls on the bathroom floor.
  • She broadly hinted that I could fuck her pre-pubescent daughter (run the fuck away Will Robinson)
  • She would only “cook” fast and easy TV dinner / frozen meal stuff, because she was too busy / lazy.
  • She would immediately distance herself the instant I had a personal or family problem, or temporary shortage of spare cash.
  • She would always be telling me about how nasty her ex’s were to her.
  • She would act like she had the right to hit me, and I was not supposed to punch the bitch out in return.
  • She would cut herself with a knife.
  • She would lie, badly, like a 4 year old with chocolate cake all over his face denying they had eaten the chocolate cake, and get angry when I did not buy her bullshit.
  • She would have a secret stash of money, and then lie when I found it and used it to pay a bill (What’s his is ours (mine) and what is mine is my own, mentality)
  • She would tell you a long and incredibly detailed story about one of her family members or an ex or an employer, and then you would meet the person in question and get an UTTERLY different version of events, a different version that was then supported by several other individuals.
  • She would steal from someone else, a so called friend or employer, and then justify it to you because they had allegedly done her some wrong back in 1745 AD
  • She would seek conflict, and not resolution, in every instance.
  • She would lie both about the number of abortions she had, and her reasons for having them.
  • She would spy and pry, eg picking up your phone when you went for a piss and checking call records, or starting a fight when she tried to put your phone was locked.. nota bene the same level of disclosure was not forthcoming from her.
  • She would claim to be pregnant, or “accidentally” get pregnant.
  • She would make MY friends unwelcome or be rude to them.
  • She would lose her temper but it was always MY shit that accidentally got damaged.
  • She would steal from me, either regular small amounts or a whole “twenty” or I’d give her a twenty having nothing smaller and never get my 17 change.
  • She would claim that X thing that we had or did in common, was provided by HER efforts / work / money.
  • She would always cause trouble in any situation where she did not hold the upper hand, e.g. an apartment with the lease in my name only.
  • She would “accidentally” overuse something that *I* was financially liable for, e.g. phone bill and long distance calls.
  • She would fail to show common courtesy, e.g. “Thank you” when you functioned as dad’s taxi.
  • She would have a stale / unwashed / smelly cunt (often a sign of plenty of recent cock)
  • She would always be late.
  • She would interrogate me about where I had been / what I had been doing.
  • She would accuse me of doing shit I had not been doing, e.g. shagging someone else or talking to a wimminz etc.
  • She has ANY baggage from ANY previous relationshits.

and not forgetting

  • She made an FRA (false rape accusation) against me.
  • She committed perjury in Court against me.
  • She used our kids as weapons against me.

PS, do not assume that this list was one thing per wimminz… some had more than one thing, and I didn’t bug out early enough, e.g. after discovering the first thing.

Also, do not assume that ANY of these things are trivial, or something that “we both could have worked at an overcome”

If *I* have any impediment to a relationship, such as a gambling addiction, then it is down to ME to get that shit cured, it is not my future wife’s responsibility, not even if she drove me to it, because I should have got the fuck out instead.

Which brings me to my current main long term fuckbuddy, I quite like the bitch, I do not respect her, because she has done some crap stuff in the past long before I met her, but provided that shit stays in the past, I can respect that.

I don’t like her enough to get into a relationshit, because the laws of the land are so skewed in her favour I would be making myself a hostage to fortune, and I LIKE my life now and the shit I have.

There are things about her life that I do not like, but the relationshit we have is such that I am not exposed to those things.

She does not even mention, much less ask, what I do when I am not with her, she is all about making the time we do spend together pleasant for me, which may just mean she is smart enough to play the long term game against me, but I am more than ready for that one too… lol

So it isn’t where have all the good men gone, you cannot log in to PoF and see 400,000 people online and really claim that there are NO good men available in 200,000 guys who are online RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

It is where have all the good wimminz gone, and the answer is that the VERY few that there are are still married to their childhood sweetheart… and that allows their men to remain the good men they once were, and bitches, THOSE men ain’t available.

June 20, 2012

Slits, Sluts and Whores.

I have been watching for a few weeks, just to make sure, and there is now no doubt whatsoever.

Local PoF listing for “intimate encounter” are going through the roof. Notably, so has the proportion of these listings with a publicly viewable face pic.

While a proportion of these “intimate encounter” ads are still from wimminz who are looking for fuck-buddies and no more, suddenly there is a whole slew of them “looking for help with the phone bill” and such, and they all also claim to be early twenties, some of them even are.

And so, in the spirit of research, I have been contacting a few.

First off I tried with my usual “clearly a player” profile, and had precisely ZERO responses of any kind from these “phone billsluts.

So I created a new basically empty profile and a throwaway hotmail account, and messaged the exact same set of sluts.

All except one replied, and we took it to IM.

So, cut to the chase, how much “help with the phone bill” would they ACTUALLY settle for (as opposed to their opening offer) and what was on offer.

First off, about 10% were as young and hot as the chick in the pic, and make no mistake, this is whoring, the colour of my money was the only question, not my age or physical shape.

About 40% were as young as the chick in the pic, but not as hot as they had kids.

About 40% were clearly late 20’s / early 30’s, but quite fuckable, and all had kids.

About 10% were fuglies.

All of them, all holes were on offer, most of them more extreme kink including them rimming me (google it) was on offer for extra money. All bareback / no condom.

The basic turn up, pump and spurt and leave fuck had a median price of 15 UK Pounds Sterling, hereafter referred to as a Quid. Though there were a few who offered to do it for 10 quid, or for 20 offer me more than one quick pump and spurt, I could have a second if I could manage it.

At this point in all these conversations I stated that what I was REALLY after was something regular, being a divorced guy with a decent job and no interest in getting a steady wife or girlfriend, I was looking for a regular fuck, say once a week, with a fixed budget, and I had three fixed weekly amounts of money available, 20 quid, 50 quid and 100 quid, what could I get for this…

You know that shit where suddenly multiple wimminz in widely separated areas suddenly edit their PoF profiles with identical phrases and captions, well, the wimminz hive mind works on this level too, it was remarkably similar …

20 quid got me a full hour at a fixed time on a fixed day every week.

50 quid got me all day on a fixed day every week, or “all night” where that meant from 6pm to midnight.

100 quid got me basically 24 hours, a day and a night, on a fixed day/night every week.

For our foreign readers, 100 quid is between 20% and 25% of the average weekly rent for a single person in a shared house or one bed flat.

As soon as hey believed I was looking for a regular weekly thing, all the wimminz without exception turned uber sweet and nice and basically hard sell… and the instant I mentioned “well, I’m sure tempted, but there are other girls offering the same thing for similar money babe” it got real hard sell, as in you have any fantasies I’ll do them for you babe, you want to tie me up, photograph me, piss on me, I’ll do it ALL for YOU babe… they say…

At this point one of them offered me a freebie, try before you buy / rent… lol, oh, and since I was going to be REGULAR and RELIABLE, how about 25% discount, so instead of 400 quid a month, call it 300 quid a month.

Which got me thinking….

So I went back to them all and started asking questions like;

  • Do have you have safe off street parking nearby because there is no way I am leaving my Mercedes / BMW / Audi on the street?
  • Do you by any chance own a SMART evening or cocktail dress?
  • Do you speak any Spanish / French / Italian?
  • Do you have any physical issues with bright sun and / or heat?

… and I can’t say the response was the least bit surprising, until I deflected their return questions with the casual / brush off “No reason, I was just thinking about something so I asked you is all.” and refusal to discuss further as it was “too early” in our “possible future working relationship

At THAT point they all played the ace, they had already, like all sluts on PoF, supplied their mobile numbers and sent cunt and tit pics via MMS, and like many PoF sluts sent their address and zip code for the GPS, but at that point they ALL played the ace card;

  • Baby I will do ANYTHING you want.
  • Baby I will be YOURS AND YOURS ALONE.

Which is amusing, because at the same time, some spamming bastard rang me from a certain vehicle leasing company, and wondered if me / my company wanted to lease any executive saloons, much cheaper than buying Sir, so for fun and shits I played along, and said I liked german saloons, they offered me a Merc E220 for £289 a month, or a Audi A6 3TD for £269 a month, or a BMW 316d for £249 a month.

Wonder if my potential PoF whores come with AAA / Green Flag ….

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