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Life’s a bitch, so are wimminz

Let’s face it, no matter what else happens, you aren’t getting out of this alive.

And life really is too short to piss any of it away on anyone or anything that does not do you good.

It is a universal old person’s disease, the older you get the more you realise just how short our spell on this planet is, and frankly even spending one year of it on a worthless skank ho is one year too fucking many, because that year ain’t never coming back.

Proust wrote a whole book about childhood memories triggered by the smell and taste of a piece of cake.

To young people it’s about as interesting as a phone book to read, but as you get older more and more things begin to resonate, so tell me, what the fuck was the point in your life if you get to 70 and you have fuck all to show for it except putting a roof over some skank ho’s head and feeding and clothing the kids that pop out of her cunt? Because make no mistake, even if you are the DNA father, they are not your kids, never have been, never will be, and any programming you can do is outweighed by the negative programming that wimminz society sticks into them.

There is a school of thought that says human beings, and indeed all life, are just DNA’s way of making more DNA.

Certainly my life, though a very full and interesting one so far, doesn’t amount to a small pile of dogshit in the great scheme of things, but the great revelation is this, nor does the life of Einstein, or Ghandi, or Ghenghis…

A Bang & Olufsen stereo and a plate glass wall in your house does not increase the quality of your life one iota, by definition such things only matter if you do not have a life.

What does matter are hobbies and a lifestyle that keeps your brain fizzing with interest and learning and new ideas, and your body fizzing with humour and pleasure and relaxation.

You still get roughly the same allotted span on this planet, but instead of every day being another dull and dreary progression from cradle to grave, every day is pleasant and fun and enjoyable.

There is a very old quote, “Death is not the end of life, character is the end of life.

This means that being of good character, in the wimminz society sense, is to die spiritually before you were really alive, but live disgracefully, fuck everything in sight, fuck the state, fuck the system, fuck the wimminz, and devote your life to your own pleasures, and you live a long time before you die.

Je ne regret rien

My lying cunt skank ho’s ex did me a huge fucking favour by making a False Rape Accusation against me, because I was sleepwalking into early boredom and death and mundane mediocrity. She freed me from a future of 20 years of caring for the skank cunt and the child.

Now I kick back and let DNA and genetics play it’s own hand, and you know what, it is already working, the fruit of my loins is already a burden on her that she can not control.

Now I have had a wake up call, so far this year I am banging on average one new skank ho every two weeks, and not a single one of them do I take shopping, cut the grass, or in fact do anything at all except fuck them hard, just the way they like it.

The rest of the time I spend on myself, doing EXACTLY as I please, with no by-your-leave or approval sought or wanted from anyone else, male or female.

I look forwards to each new day, each new week, each new month, not knowing what it will bring, but looking forwards to it, IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY I DID when I was 20.

Nota Bene; I did NOT say “when I was a young man” because the fact is I am a young man again, not because I have invented a time machine, but because I have utterly discarded the notion of the clock (the Gold watch on retirement was a symbol of giving you back your time) and the notion of responsible behaviour, solid, boring, steady and staid.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I got engaged to a skank when I was in my 20’s. Now remember, my mum and dad were childhood sweethearts, and stayed that way throughout their married life, till death do us part.

My dad sat me down, made me buy him a beer, and said;

Son, I am going to tell you something, and because you are young and stupid, you are going to think I am joking and you are going to laugh at me.

So I said “OK, go on

So he asked me a question, “What’s the difference between a married woman and a single woman?

I told him, “I don’t know dad.”

He said “The married woman has two assholes, and one of them gets up and goes to work in the morning.

and I laughed at him.

So anyway, here’s to you dad, the older I get the smarter you get.

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