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February 25, 2012

The Evil Penis lives, and throbs, and other stories

Yes, The Evil Penis is alive and well, despite neglecting his blog… the guy is clearly too busy playing rumpy pumpy with Turkish tarts to get down to the serious business of blogging…

Which brings me to “If all brides are beautiful, where the fuck do ugly wives come from?

Not a million miles from the Evil Penis, but around 2,000 km nor’nor’east, lies a dump called Kazan, it is in the Republic of Tartarstan, in Russia.

I mention it mainly because in going through my electronic files of old digital photos and video, old girlfriends, that sort of thing, I came across these pictures, for the sake of this article we will call her Lyudmila, that isn’t her real name, but as we shall see shortly, its more accurate than her real name, because it is closer to Lyudmila Kazantseva, who is a fairly well known Russian dating scammer

So back to “my” Lyud… has to be said, she was not a bad looking bitch, she was 28 in these pics… and hey, here is her mum, who was 47…

I should state for the record that I never gave this girl a single red cent, and for the purposes of this post you can just assume that during my initial nuclear separation from the psycho skank ho ex when I *did* have protection orders / injunctions prohibiting me from approaching the ex, it made a lot of sense to take a 3 months contract abroad innit….

Thing is, when you come from bum-fuck-nowhere and the summer gets as high as the mid 30’s C and the winter gets as low as the mid MINUS 30’s C, and perhaps most importantly when you come from a country where they are 20 to 30 years AHEAD of us in the west when it comes to the systematic destruction of the family… one of your career options certainly does include all paths that lead down to 419 and similar scams.

Dating scams are a form of 419 as far as I can see, “..yes I vould love to marry you dahlink, I just do not have ze munnay for ze airplane ticket…”

So yeah, as far as “my” Lyud was concerned no local man, of any age, was in the least bit interested in her for anything except pump and dump, or a life of domestic drudgery and child rearing and doorstep polishing, snow clearing, you get the picture.

That of course is because all the local men were also 20 to 30 years ahead of us in time served in feminaziland… there was some THIRD generation shit going down there… and I do ***NOT*** say this out of sympathy, I am **JUST** highlighting the point here… Lyud here was a fine looking girl, and she still could not find a man to do anything but pump and dump.

The point that I AM trying to make is that for third generation feminazi bitches like Lyud here, the opportunities within 1,000 km were piss poor, and I mean ALL opportunities, not just work or love or marriage opportunities.

Fortunately for Lyud here and her friends, with the advent of that male built technology, the internet, and Western Union, it was possible for them to indulge in a little e-commerce, but even back then it was getting a bit thin as all the men were starting to wise up… at that time the last lucrative market left was North America.

As it was a home grown market was set up, wimminz feeding off these wimminz, offering to provide mailbox, translation, gift services etc, then evolving into a sort of white-pages / gateway themselves, a lot like (in business model terms) the sex chat lines here in the west.

I suppose by now things have gotten tougher, and Lyud has gotten a couple of years older and less hot, and the economy in general in Tartarstan has gone the way of economies everywhere, which brings me in to the point where I came in…

Lyud here, back then, she still had some of those looks, her mum was apparently a looker in her day too, and of course the wimminz just LOVE to say that shit, how they were a looker themselves back in the day…

Dimitri, ran the local bar / cafe, and in one of those cases where broken pidgin English carries more meaning and sentiment than fluent native speaking, Dimitri dropped a gold plated turd on to the table.

Dimitri before, very rich man.

Lyud’s mum saying she used to be good looking is like Dimitri saying he used to be rich, that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee.

But Dimitri’s real point wasn’t that he used to be rich, and was now broke, his real point was that back when he had money, back when he was rich, back when he could have used that money wisely, he just used it up like a god given right that would never end…

… and the turd he dropped on the table was that Lyud’s mum might have been hot once, but she just used it up like a god given right instead of using it wisely and investing it in getting a good man and building a marriage strong enough to survive ….

and as for her daughter Lyud, monkey see, monkey do, mommy has taught her little skank ho too well….

I was at a time in my life where little Lyud could have done a damn sight more than empty my balls, she could have gotten her hooks into me, after burning all her bridges and rejecting the feminazi life she had… but she just could not bring herself to do it… the fairytale was more important to her, the possibility of a future jackpot, a future lottery win, no matter how remote and improbable, the lure of that was more than the very fat bird sat right there for the plucking.

You know, the fable about the scorpion and the frog.

So back to the Evil Penis, I’m guessing he isn’t doing anything much in a hurry, and that is good, because that is how you always beat the wimminz, just sit there and relax, like the scorpion, the wimminz will sooner or later always reveal their true nature… they just cannot help it… AWALT.

ya blue bus*** indeed Lyud, sayonara babe… lol

*** more or less phonetic “love ya babe” in russ…


  1. I have also noticed that the broken pidgin English carries much higher information density and the usual politically correct clap trap, of which I am guilty of as well.

    Very nice wimminz in the photo. The likes of her must have been what motivated the Germans to invade twice. To steal all the young wimminz. When all said and done, they had to tuck their tales between their legs and go home and make do with their own aging haus frau. Those that were lucky enough to make it out alive and in one piece.

    Wimminz transition from nymph to babushka is very unfortunate, but it could be put to better use with a more practical social culture. For example, the 28 year old wimminz in the photo would make a very fine wife for a 48 year old. The 47 year old babushka, not so much. But the 47 year old babushka would make a plenty fine wife for a 67 year old, who is entering the viagra years, and probably more interested in his morning bowel movement, hot breakfast, and the latest RSS feeds from zerohedge than anything else. The problem is that wimminz have high expectations, and a 20 year age gap is a recipe for instability and an asset strip mine operation in family court.

    Comment by anonymous — February 26, 2012 @ 9:32 am

    • Amen, wimminz, like scorpions, have a nature…. that you could deal with, but when you put them in an environment that flat out rewards and encourages that behaviour, all bets are off…

      Comment by wimminz — February 26, 2012 @ 10:21 am

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  3. And someday your Lyud will sit on that same bed, in that same shitty little room, with her own hot, young little daughter and someone will take a picture. The skin on her hands will be rough and cracked, age will have dropped her face into a nice set of jowls, and she’ll stare into the camera without the hint of a smile. And if you look into her eyes closely you’ll see the abyss staring back at you – her realization that maybe indeed she did fuck up, but now it’s far, far too late.

    It’s enough to warm my heart.

    Comment by McGinnis — February 27, 2012 @ 8:55 pm

    • Amen brother….. the mommy pic in particular, as you say, a year or two down the line you see things in the eyes I didn’t at the time.

      Comment by wimminz — February 27, 2012 @ 8:57 pm

  4. BTW I read the term “Babuschka Bomb” to aptly describe how somewhere between 25 and 30 all these Russian hotties turn into their mums.

    Comment by hans — February 28, 2012 @ 9:07 pm

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