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Internet Dating for Dummies

First off, I accept that lots of guys think dating = pursuing women, which is a bad thing. I don’t, for me dating is sex, I like sex and I’m not going to give it up, so I adopt a strategy that gets me the sex I want at minimal hassle.

I have thought long and hard about writing this, should I shouldn’t I, am I giving away the secrets I need and in doing so will I render them useless and subject myself to a sexual desert?

Nope, that was never on the cards, simple supply and demand, this approach does not rely on or require secrecy or hidden knowledge in any way, on the contrary, I am writing this because I think it may be instructive and useful, and being a personal and anecdotal tale, it should sound more real and doable than some Game check-list.

I should also state up front, and freely admit, I am a male slut.

  1. I have designed and built dating websites, I was relating this to a chick I met (and fucked) last night, because she was telling me that she had in the past assumed that dating websites that charge men for membership would act like a filter and provide her with a higher quality source of men, but she had found that this was not the case, in fact if anything it was the opposite.
    I told her that in the design process, you turn around to the owner and ask “How many fake profiles do you want? 10,000? 20,000?” because the software does it all, and then anyone thinking of signing up sees a pic of a hot babe with 38EE who likes to TIUTA (take it up the ass) and who lives 7 miles away… e.g. paid dating sites are about one thing and one thing only, getting people to get the plastic out and sign up.
  2. This chick tells me (we met in a pub car park) that the last guy she met took her to this same pub, but he took her inside for a meal, and then got pissy when she decided she didn’t want to fuck him that night, whereas she met me in the car park, hopped in my car, and 15 minutes later is legs apart being toyed with and begging to be fucked, which later happened, and I did not buy her a damn thing…There is a HUGE (a)moral lesson there for you guys, pay dating site, play nice, buy her a meal, get sweet fuck all, use a free dating site, don’t buy her anything, get called a “cheapskate” and 5 minutes later she offers to spread em for you right there in the car park.
  3. This chick tells me (she has kids, the kids have a father) during light clitoral manipulation (arousal + orgasm denial) that;
    1. She has had a MMF threesome in the past 12 months
    2. She has had a MFF threesome in the past 12 months.
    3. She has had a MMFF foursome in the past.
    4. She is interested in dogging (sex in cars in public places) but has never done it.
    5. She wants to be made to lick/suck my fingers, which are probing both holes.
    6. She will do anything I want.

Now, before you start going off on what a skank she obviously is, and indeed what a skank I obviously am, think on this… we know from the chick herself that NONE of this was on offer to the guy who bought her a meal, but consider this… how much of it do you think was on offer to her ex, the father of her kids?

Think long and hard on that one.

You don’t really believe that she suddenly became a skank after splitting up with her ex, do you?

  1. I tell the chick there are three things I am interested in, honesty, loyalty, and obedience, the last one particularly in the bedroom, SHE PAYS ATTENTION, I said this immediately before she spread her legs, then said I was interested in what was between her legs, and she spread them.In response to my three things the chick is offering me “Friends”, which is soon clarified as “friends with benefits”, e.g. she does not want a relationship, at least not yet, but she will offer kinky casual sex, on demand, is that acceptable?     Contrast this to the guy who bought her a fucking meal….
  2. Naturally, being a post-FRA (False Rape Accused) prior to turning up in the car park I have phone text messages between us of an explicit sexual nature, and my phone text message history is regularly archived and then backed up off the phone with a further copy off my premises into the cloud.. just in case.
  3. Expenditure to date, free membership of PoF (Plenty of Fish), some free bundled with the phone contract SMS messages, 20 miles worth of fuel.Time elapsed to date 4 days… this is one of *many* chicks on the production line.
  4. Naturally enough after the deed is done and we go our separate ways I flatly ignore her, some time later I get a text message “Hope you got home OK?” to which I give a non-committal reply “yep” to which she replies “u r amazin lol x x x x”
    Can’t overstate how crucial it is YOU don’t message HER first, and how crucial it is you are casual and dismissive.
  5. Was she as good looking as Bardot at 16? Hell no, she was a mummy who admitted she was overweight and sought reassurance about it three times, and every time got the same response “You look fine bent over” but she was a hell of a long way from obese, and she was still young enough that the collapse had only just started. But it was free. And basically zero effort.
  6. So, how do you get from sat at home to sitting with your finger in the pie, for free?
  7. I always, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, make a POINT of making these women ASK / BEG me, SPECIFICALLY, to do each any every single sexual act that I do. I explain it as being a vampire; I cannot go anywhere that I am not specifically invited. I have text records of these specific, sexual, requests, I have audio records, I have video records, I have 1080p HD video records, of these women literally begging me to do specific sexual acts with them.

Plenty of Fish is an interesting site from a psychological point of view.

As has been mentioned previously, most of the women on there are nuts, most of them seriously crazy, avoid at all costs material, but there really are plenty of fish in the sea, enough for everyone.

  1. Don’t bother with a profile pic, not unless you want to make the subsequent job harder.
  2. Do have a couple, literally private pics that can be sent on request, ideally these will be one of you wearing a shirt and tie, and one of you doing something manly and solo like riding your motorcycle.
  3. NEVER, EVER, EVER, use photos were you are looking into the camera, be looking off to the side, ideally waist up, camera looking up at you, never camera level or looking down, the wimminz ALL want to know what you are looking at, etc. etc.
  4. Make sure your profile is direct, write it like you were writing it for a man to read, “Not interested in a princess” and “Not interested in watching Springer” and “Not interested in wimmins issues” (spell it “wimmins”) are all essential elements, build on them.Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that somewhere on your profile it says words to the effect of “I fuck on first dates.”
    The idea is to drive away the freaks, these phrases are like garlic to the vampire for wimmins.
    This is YOUR “shit test” for THEM.
  5. Once you have got your profile sorted, it may take two or three goes to get right, you need to settle down to your strategy.YOUR profile isn’t really a profile, it is something between a filter and an employment ad, which is as it should be, and while it will attract attention on its own, this is not enough.
  6. Since we are going to be talking bulk here, you have zero chance of ever remembering names and getting them straight, so before you even start you need to train yourself to use one generic name for ALL women, “babe”, for example, it doesn’t matter a damn what it is, but you have to use it for ALL women, even get in the habit of using it to talk to the waitress serving your coffee, (If you can’t use it on her, it isn’t a good name) but you must use it on all women. This has three distinct benefits;
    1. It’s efficient, this is about maximum return with minimum effort.
    2. You can’t get anyone’s name wrong.
    3. It shows subconsciously you don’t think enough of them to remember or use their given name.
  7. So now your filter / advert is in place, how to attract fishes?
  8. The most important rule is flatly ignore anything and everything a woman writes on a profile… even IF what she writes is true, what is true for a woman today may not be true tomorrow, or next Tuesday, or with you, and basically you must remember that this is about maximum return for minimum effort, so the best thing you can possibly do is simply ignore everything they write.
    This is important because you need to get in the habit of automatically not believing anything a woman says, if this is true in real life then it is true with bells on, on a dating site… if a woman on a dating site tells you the sky is blue, look up and check, and keep checking.
    They often lie about where they live for example, by as much as 25 miles, so to catch all women in a 25 mile radius you need to search a 50 mile radius. So you can see immediately where believing anything a woman says on a profile is harmful to your mission.
  9. Since women’s profiles are basically a pack of lies, it is obvious that it is a sheer waste of time looking through them, what we need to concentrate on are the pictures.
    Men, being men, will still read the bloody profiles when they are supposed to be looking at the pictures, lesson H above doesn’t really sink in at this stage, you’ll get all the proof you want later on, for now, take it as a fact spoken by a fellow man.
    Since we only care about the pictures, and since we only care about efficiency, we can now move along to the PoF feature known as “Meet Me” which is a bit like “hot or not” ratings, with three choices, Meet, Maybe and No.
  10. Now for some strange reason, I have found that I personally get a better and larger response when doing this on the PoF app on my Android smartphone than I do on the PC, maybe just me, maybe photos on a smaller screen alters my judgement, who knows, but I have observed it, so it is worth a mention.
  11. Things to look for in a photo of a woman; (Meet, Maybe, No)
    1. The hands and neck are the real giveaway, the profile age will claim she is 10 years younger than you, the hands belong to your granny, and she’s been dead and buried for 20 years.
    2. Upper arms are a good guide to over-all body weight and excess fat, lots of pear shaped women know their huge ass will put you off, so you get a head and shoulders shot, but the upper arms will still give away their body weight, don’t forget the poorer the quality of the camera / photo, the less clinically obese, fat and fucking ugly a woman looks.
    3. Bright red lipstick or large ear rings are a personality danger sign, jog on. Definite NO.
    4. Never focus on what you are being shown, if the tits / cleavage are being emphasised, look closely at the other bits you can see.
    5. You’re not a judge in a beauty pageant, this isn’t “hot or not” either, this is “nope, not even with your dick” and “hmmm”, we are trying to drive traffic to your profile, no more, so just exclude the obvious fuglies.
  12. Save the MEET button for the ones that look half decent, everything else is a MAYBE, only use NOT for the serious fuglies.
  13. Do this every day, once a day, only takes a few minutes.
  14. Only ever look at the pictures, and don’t spend ages pondering each one, she isn’t worth it, just click one of the three choices and rinse and repeat.

Now the reason all the above is important is because according to everything in her profile, all her stated preferences, and her “who can contact me” choices (which Meet Me ignores, anyone with a profile pic goes in Meet Me) last night’s chick was looking for the exact opposite of me, in fact I was damn near everything she said she didn’t want…

Please read that last paragraph again.

Now read it AGAIN, this time imagine you were her ex, or the guy who bought her dinner at that pub…

“Want to smell my fingers?” that’s not MY comment, that was her parting comment to me, about what I was probably going to be saying later that night to some other guy…

Now, if you think I am a skank male ho, using PoF to hook up with skank female ho’s, and we should all be meeting soon at the STD clinic, let me tell you something, in fact, let me tell you three things I have discovered in decades of fucking unknown numbers of women;

  1. 100% of all women I have ever met and fucked were like this.
  2. 100% of all women on dating sites are like this.
  3. 100% of all women are like this.

If they are NOT acting like a skank ho with you, that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of it, or that they don’t like it, it just means they ain’t acting like that with YOU, so you need to address your attitudes to her, or to women in general, because someone out there will scratch that itch for them.

So; your message inbox now has some “Hi, I read your profile and laughed” messages, and some others, again, ignore everything they say, and give some non-commital, very busy, inundated with replies from other women, reply to them, generic will do.

Make sure you mention that all the women seem to be crazy.

Within 10 or 12 of these short messages (which you NEVER delete from the system) suggest you take it to phone text.

If they flake, BLOCK THEM. Don’t waste another second.

You have now effectively thrown 100% of all the women in your radius at your filters, and you are left with the less than 1% that are possible / probable, but don’t worry, new profiles are being added every day, there are plenty of new fish in the sea, a never ending supply.

Expect to take a month, 5 minutes every day in the morning doing the Meet me, and 10/15 minutes every day in the evening doing the messaging, before you hit take off speed.

Allow one minor shit test per woman, and reply with some comment along the lines of “Do any men actually buy that shit?” reply which is a shit test of your own, if they flunk it, BLOCK THEM. Don’t waste another second.

While using the PoF messaging service, don’t go any further than innuendo, women don’t like it.

When you get to phone text, to women this is more personal and intimate, move quickly from innuendo to outright sex talk, women like it.

Do not under any circumstances agree to voice calls at this stage.

Nor should you ever under any circumstances answer any questions about you being a player, just field them right back, and be dismissive, “My profile says I am 100% single and I am.”

Just to give you an idea, my last three;

  1. Worked in real estate, text messages asking me to promise I would fist her on the first meet.
  2. Worked in the prestige motor trade, text messages about handcuffs and submission on the first meet.
  3. Worked in the medical trade, text messages asking me to cum all over her tits, rub it in, and make her lick my hands and finger clean on the first meet.

All three lived up to the promises, and these were not just a blip… rather they are a representative sample.

Treat women like decent human beings and they will sooner or later abandon you and fuck you over, treat them like skank ho’s and without exception they will do their utmost to live up to the promises they make you… think about that.

#1 was a one night, it will take her some weeks or months to come back for seconds, until that itch needs scratching again. (So don’t be chivalrous, do everything the first night)

#2 is an on-going FwB (Friends with benefits) this is a rich chick who is torn between the life she has, the sex life she has with me, and the possibility of something in the future tying up the two.

#3 is going to be a FwB who is torn between the life she has, the sex life she now has with me, and the possibility of something in the future tying up the two.

Bottom line;

My maximum expenditure is a cup of coffee, call it a buck because I ain’t buying you some Starbucky mocha crap.

My ass is covered thanks to the PoF message history, phone text message history, and phone camera still and video, all of which are always archived etc. etc. It never gets to the point where you start trusting and stop archiving / recording.

After the first month you start getting results, after two you start to get regular sex, after three you have a network of FwB available.

DO NOT get complacent and lazy at this point, keep fishing in the sea, you have to account for attrition… FwB eventually move on, whether it is their choice or yours, either way keep those archives for the rest of your life, just in case.

My true expenditure is an internet connection and a decent android smartphone on contract, and the odd bit of fuel.

In exchange I get all the kinky sex I can handle, around 1/3 of your FwB will feed and water you (to show they can cook and care for you) and you get out of the house a lot.

You get to re-affirm the true nature of women, because it is all too easy for a man to forget and start getting rosy notions.

Closing thoughts.

“This guy is nothing but a skank ho, lead on by his dick!”

Dude, I was the subject of a malicious, evil, calculated and pre-meditated False Rape Accusation, the Police treated me as guilty until proven innocent, no apology, the Family Court solicitors treated me like an ATM, the Family Court judge treated me like Al Bundy’s deviant and inbred cousin, the Child protection services treated me like Vlad the impaler, and 95% of all these highly paid people were women, and the two “males” involved were limp dicks at best.

You think I have any high moral callings left???? Seriously????

And yet, take a good long hard look at what I do.

  • I set out my wares
  • I specifically ensure, in quintuplicate, that these women REQUEST everything that we do.
  • I am brutally honest with all of them
  • I give them exactly what they want, and get exactly what I want in return.

So, what is wrong with this?

Nothing, unless you are still labouring under the white knight illusions that you were raised with, that women are worthy of respect… NAWALT… Really? Funny how I haven’t met one yet that ain’t actually like one, in the privacy of an intimate encounter subsequent to hooking up on a dating site.

Maybe a lot of guys don’t want to look too closely at women, because they don’t want the truth.

Women, for their part, are quite happy to accept the truth, provided the guy is happy to be discreet, fuck them senseless and be a FwB… after all, there is always some other sucker out there who will buy them dinner up front and who they don’t even need to fuck.

Assuming a guy that well mannered, kind, considerate and polite can actually deliver, and fist them in the pub car park 15 minutes after meeting them….


  1. Hey man, thanks for sharing your internet dating strategy. It’s definitely different than what I do, and seems more in line with MRM understanding of what women really are (as opposed to what we’ve been taught to think they are).

    I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me some more specific examples of what kinds of things you would say in an email exchange. You said 10-12 short emails? Saying what? The only thing I know how to do is faggy stuff like talk about common interests and give compliments.

    After using the meet me function, do you message them first or do they message you? Do a lot of women object to you not having viewable profile pics?

    thanks – s

    Comment by shiva — April 11, 2011 @ 1:58 am

    • Good questions, in reverse order/

      1/ After you click “meet me”, you sit back and do nothing, if you click “maybe” then you can msg them.

      2/ No, they ask why no photo etc (I know how the internet works) and you have a private pic to show them ON REQUEST, make sure the request is polite, if it isn’t, reply “no please??” and no pic until they do.

      3/ NEVER talk about common interests, NEVER give compliments.

      Opening lines should be

      “What’s a naughty girl like you doing in a nice place like this?”
      “How has your luck been?”

      eg simple QUESTIONS that REQUIRE answers, preferably not yes or no.

      Then ask them what they are looking for, ignore the profile, ask what they are *really* looking for, focus on some variant of “cuddles” or “friends” or “fun” because this is the admission they are looking for sex.

      THROUGHOUT, be confident, be arrogant, but be subtle and humorous with it, naturally enough if they have any taste or sense they will shag you, if they do not have taste or sense, shrug, smile, plenty more fish in the sea, it is their loss.

      You will be asked what YOU are really looking for, “Ideally a long term relationship, but you have to start somewhere…” is always your answer

      You will also be asked “have you met many women on here”, to which you reply “the problem is not quantity, it is quality”, be drawn no further, a gentleman never talks about past conquests, just smile confidently. Then point out your profile is truthful, correct and accurate, you are 100% single, because lets face it you are, even if you are banging 5 at a time, you have no intention of getting stuck with any of them.

      By now you should be ready to move things to MSN chat, during that msn chat session act the same, and give them your mobile number, you will get all the same questions about what you are looking for and how many wimminz you have shagged off the site, give the same answers, this never changes… DO NOT LIE, just do not answer questions, be dismissive, “it’s history babe, do you really care?” to which they reply no, if they reply yes, then start asking about their sex life and history… they all lie of course, but there you go.

      Close the deal by stating that YOU can make them come so hard they piss themselves, be confident in your abilities to fuck, it is a self fulfilling prophecy, in reality of course the female orgasm like female happiness is none of your concern or problem.

      HTH etc, any more questions get back to me.

      Comment by wimminz — April 11, 2011 @ 11:02 am

      • Also, read the rest of the “internet dating” articles.

        Comment by wimminz — April 11, 2011 @ 11:03 am

  2. What about when you are dealing with foreign women – say Russians or Ukrainians – on a website there. Same tactics?

    Have to use a translator, so it may be a bit difficult to get the nuances right.

    Comment by wildman — August 8, 2011 @ 7:05 pm

    • Beware of NAWALT

      Skank ho’s are skank ho’s, end of story, country of origin etc is immaterial.

      Comment by wimminz — August 9, 2011 @ 11:52 am

  3. i have set up my profile, but not quite sure my description part is sending the right message. would you mind taking a look at it and giving me some pointers?

    email me at xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com and i’ll cut and paste it in a reply.


    Comment by Bones — August 17, 2011 @ 2:57 pm

  4. “Don’t bother with a profile pic, not unless you want to make the subsequent job harder.”

    Why does it make the job harder? I would imagine not having a pic screens out women who would potentially be interested if the pic is appealing to them.

    Comment by G — March 4, 2012 @ 4:08 am

    • wimminz attraction to a man is based upon many fleeting things, if you add looks into the bargain you only make matters more complicated.

      Comment by Wimminz — March 4, 2012 @ 10:08 am

  5. Great series here. Thanks for sharing the details. One question about giving out your mobile. Do you find it distracting when juggling 5 or 6 hos at a time that have your mobile number? Do you just not reply during the day while you work and ask them not to bother you during work hours or what? Any tips on that would be great, I am going to work it like you described but I would be annoyed if my phone was blowing up all day with text messages. Or do you save most of the back and forth for instant messenger and just use the phone to finalize details for dates?

    Comment by Bunny Carlos — August 21, 2012 @ 8:31 pm

    • Basically just get a decent android smartphone and learn to set up groups and profiles for contacts… easy as

      Comment by wimminz — August 21, 2012 @ 9:58 pm

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