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02 – people do what they wanna do

People will SAY all kinds of shit to you, yeah I’ll be over at six, yeah I’ll buy your car, yeah I wanna fuck you, hell, yeah it’s a steady job with great prospects, they may even believe that shit themselves, they may even have meant it at the time they said it, but if you ever buy any of it, ever, you are in for a world or hurt.

The world is full of sayings like “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and most of them are very old sayings, and yet they still survive today, because what they say was and still is true.

Never bet or invest or plan or work or prepare or any fucking thing else, on the basis of what some fucker SAID they would do, when the time comes to pass, EVERY FUCKER is going to do what they actually WANNA do, and at that point, when it becomes fact, you can bet on it.

That chick / employer / buyer who was gonna be in touch, no, they aren’t busy, buried under something else, got distracted, etc etc, they didn’t get back to you pronto because they didn’t wanna get back to you pronto… simple as.

Shit, they may even actually have had some crap come down in their lives, it still don’t make a blind bit of difference, if they wanted to do whatever it was they told you they would do, they would have done it, and some other fucker would have been sat there with their thumb up their ass wondering where Jeff was.


As it says, this costs the state UK£49,000,000,000 every fucking year, and these are the governments own conservative numbers, which means it costs as much every year as the NHS, which is the biggest employer in the world, with some 2 million employees.

Some of the comments are priceless;

We live in an anti-male society where men and boys are increasingly marginalised and demonised. But we didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us all to suddenly become firemen…

Of course, people are gonna do what they wanna do, and there are 49 billion reasons every year for them to to carry on this way.

If people do not turn up when they say they would, do not stay in touch when they said they would, do not chase you when they say they are into you, do not chase you up 5 minutes after they won/bought your car on ebay asking where they can bring the cash, do not chase you up and ask you if you want the job, do not pay back the 20 you lent them “just till tomorrow”, do not make an effort on your behalf as they said they would, it is because they are doing what they wanna do.

Your problems in life will always start when you start listening to what people say, you’ll sit there and waste your life agonising why that chick didn’t call you back, because, after all, she said she was into you, right, so she must be in some kind of trouble, yadda yadda yadda.. and building castles in the sky…

When you should have been looking at people doing what they wanna do, that chick didn’t call you back, therefore she did not wanna call you back, she wanted to do whatever else it was that was more important to her, and that’s what she did.

The guy who won your auction on fleabay and gets in touch 10 minutes later asking if he can come around now and collect and pay cash as he is local, and does it.

The guy who cancels the planned Friday night out on the piss so he can come over to you and pay you back the 50 he borrowed instead.

The chick who makes sure that every day you wake up for two weeks you get an early morning text from her telling you that you were the first thing she thought of. (and when the texts stop, you are no longer the first thing she thought of.. get the fucking message?)

The person who made an appointment to meet you at X at 7 p.m. and who is sat there waiting for you at 6:50 p.m.

The chick who offers you booty call, and you ring her up at 11 am and she says she can be there at 3pm, and by 3:30 she has been and left, with your cum in her.

The crop you got in the barn.

The sure thing horse that won and the bookies paid out to you.

The bird you have in your hand, not the two in the bush.

Like it says up there, 49 billion a year because of fatherless households, or the economy, or sabre rattling resource wars and mythical WMD, ignore everything people say, look at what they do, because people do what they wanna do, so if people did not want things this way, they would not be this fucking way. “Lessons will be learned”, except they never are, are they…

Like that priceless comment up above, we didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us to suddenly become firemen.

Guy’s AREN’T marrying, they aren’t giving a fuck about society, or culture, or anything else except themselves, in ever increasing numbers.

Never ever ever ever place any weight or stock in anything anyone says, ever, never invest your time or effort or money or belief, in anything anyone says, ever, never believe anything except what people actually fucking DO.

people do what they wanna do.


  1. Great god damn message. If a person wants to hang with you, they’ll make an effort to do so. A girl is into, she’ll call you back and not flake. I have this attitude. If I text a girl and she is flaky on responding, I get the message. Move on. Determine the trust worthiness of people by what they do, not what they say.

    Comment by Raul Felix — July 7, 2013 @ 12:01 pm

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  3. The same razor must be applied to your own life: It doesn’t matter what you think. It doesn’t matter how you feel. It doesn’t matter what you say. Not one of these things produces material results. It matters what you do.

    Comment by Wednesday — August 29, 2013 @ 11:45 am

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