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Rip it down

Gather ’round young men, while I answer a question that I have been asked privately time and time again.

The question is always basically the same, sometimes it is a “how” and sometimes it is a “why“, but it always boils down to questioning what it is about human nature and society that we first create a place where life is easy, then those who have an easy life and have known nothing else do their apparent level best to fuck it up for everyone and tear it all down.

Take feminazism for example.

There are essentially just two things that you need to understand.

1/ the weak, the worthless, the ineffectual, will always club together and will always select a soft target.

2/ the most honourable, dignified and civilised sections of society are always the softest and easiest target.

Allow me to give you a simple example;

a/ feminazi skank ho decides to demonstrate her grrrl powah by slapping a street dood.

b/ feminazi skank ho decides to demonstrate her grrrl powah by slapping some mangina niggerz from the good men project.

Option a/ is going to have immediate negative consequences and reinforcement, while option b/ is going to have both immediate and long term positive consequences and reinforcement.

This whole phenomenon is referred to by Niemoller with the “First they came for the Jews” meme…… “they” always always always go first for the easy targets that cannot or will not fight back.

When I first suffered my own False Rape Accusation the False Rape Society (link on the right) was an absolute godsend sanity wise, it did not make one iota of difference in Court, except it kept me, the accused, a lot smarter, I went in knowing it was going to get fucked up the ass.

Without wishing to detract in any way from what the FRS does, it is only one string to the bow, it is the safe and soft target for the feminazis, and frankly it does not need to be made a better target by having my attitudes there, hence this blog.

FRS is the safe a civilised gentleman that the skank ho’s are quite safe to insult and bait and abuse, AfOR is the street thug (hope you like it, you made it, after all) who will rip you a new one and then kick you to the kerb at the first hint of a shit test or attitude.

This is a really, really, really simple principle, and in effect it means that everything that is at least decent and civilised (in not necessarily always 100% good) about a society or group is always the very first things to be attacked and destroyed and ripped down, and it was ever thus, from Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries to the western forces pulling down the iconography of Saddam‘s statues and landmarks.

The low hanging fruit is always targeted first, whether is is low hanging because it is weak, or because it is old, or because it is civilised and turns the other cheek, all makes no odds.

So after a while, we get more and more of the good shit about society stripped away, and more and more of the shit that will bite back exposed, the only fruit left is unreachable, and quite possibly sour, the only foliage left is those leaves that have evolved into thorns dripping poison, and the only way open is an evolutionary cul de sac of ever increasing poison and bile.

Do not, for one instant, think that we have arrived at the point where all the good stuff has gone and there is nothing left but poisoned fruits and thorns.

We are merely at the point where we have eaten all the low hanging fruit, we have in effect eaten all of next seasons seed corn, and so that time at which we could have sat down like intelligent beings and said “This is doomed, we must stop this and make amends, and then try a different approach to making a civilised society.” is also long gone.

We are therefore at the point, and have been for some fifty years, where our fellow diners, and their faeces, are going to have to be added as dietary supplements to our diet, as their is insufficient fruit to go around.

If God could come down and magically create a new kingdom / tree the way things used to be, it would now no longer be any use to us, we have evolved to the point where our fellow diners and their faecal matter are a required part of our diet.

I am no better than you, or the parasitic scum that started this, the only difference is that I admit it openly, and still retain vestiges of vigour, so that when the last of the fruit is gone, and the only thing left to eat is vampire and zombie flesh and faeces, I can still out-compete the cunts who started all this and get the choicest cuts.

So that, young man, is why it was ever thus, and will be ever thus.

It is not merely human nature, but NATURE itself, that always goes after the low hanging fruit first, thus physically altering the environment and pushing evolution along.

On the positive side, nature is pushing evolution be concentrating all the shit genetic material in the feminazis and their niggerz and manginas, who then become the architects of their own culling.

Evolution is a truly wondrous thing, and you may as well tilt at windmills, as try to fight it, young man.


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  2. Case in point: http://youtu.be/HpSmETMZEnQ
    And like in your other article ( https://wimminz.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/dont-judge-a-book/ ) I´m totally indifferent to that morbidly obese black wimminz or even the old white cunt with her retarded kids.

    That she got because she thought it´s a great idea to start popping out kids when her eggs are practically dissolving, then pumping them full of vaccines while their immune system have barely developed. Like big daddy state tells her to.

    Heck if anything I´m slightly concerned for that dog, who´s the only productive member of society in this little play.

    Comment by hans — March 13, 2012 @ 5:32 pm

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