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February 19, 2012

it’s a funny old world…

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I was reminded this week of the importance of always treating your skank ho’s with the contempt they deserve.

One of the longer running skank’s who was only longer running in the first place because she was amenable to me dropping by, getting a blow-job, and leaving, is now on her way out… I have mentioned this skanky piece of meat before, she has a surprisingly good body and is a surprisingly good suck/fuck, but get too close and her personal life is a fucking disaster area.

The danger here of course is because the slut provided on demand good sex and nothing else, you start to think it is a bit of a good thing…

…which means that when she pulls the inevitable (AWALT) shit test on you, you may do something other than mutter “fuckit” and walk away and cross her off the list.

Fact is with 20/20 hindsight this particular skank slipped a couple of teensy tiny shit tests (sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight) past my defences, which I put down to her genuinely chaotic lifestyle, shrugged, paid it no attention and carried on because after all it ain’t like she was the only cocksucker in town…

So when this poked up on my radar at a concious level the solution is simple, the bitch is history.

But it raises a really good point, and related to that point is the fact that if my dad had told me this shit when I was younger, I would not have listened, you have to learn shit for yourself, BUT, and here is the important bit, when those self learning life events come along, it makes a hell of a difference is the “reference materials” are lying around to hand and kinda familiar… so even when dad is no longer around, I can replay in my head what dad did and did not do, how he acted, how he talked, and come up with a damn good idea what he would say, were he still around, now that I am ready to listen.

___THIS___ by the way is what psycho skank ho mommies steal from their male children when they exclude the father from that child’s life, the kid grows up without a good model of “what would dad do/say?” in his head.

So, anyway, back to the plot, and the advice my dad would have given me, were he still around.

That advice would have been that the very first sorry, not available to suck you cock tonight, even though the cock sucking was free, even though I lost nothing, even though I had other options, was a game over event.

A game over event, because pleasing me was not her top priority, and when pleasing you is not a wimminz top priority, they cease to have any purpose or function in your life…. I got better things to do with my life than come second best in the eyes of some skank ho who can’t even keep her sink clear of dishes….

Thing is, any salesman will tell you, when you lose a regular customer your “sales gaydar” goes into overdrive, and you pick up on an new sales outlet / opportunity, and you do that because you are acting and thinking in ways that you would not be, if you were living off the fat and getting your cock sucked on demand.

And so it goes, not back on PoF because you never left, but back with that extra smidgen of hunter’s relish, and because there are always Plenty of Fish in the sea, you soon replace the not available tonight skank ho with a better one.

And THAT, my friends, is the real point, you are in effect always trading up.

Even if the new skank ho isn’t empirically better than the just shit-canned skank ho, the fact that she is new, that she has not succumbed to the inevitable “familiarity breeds contempt” scene that all wimminz get, means she is a trade up from the one who got to that stage… “New Game” syndrome.

The other point that needs stressing here is no man is an island, it simply isn’t possible to have dealings with wimminz without it having some sort of feedback effect into your life… y’all KNOW this shit, this is the mechanism that traps you in a relationshit for years of misery…

It’s a lot easier to stop that wedge before the fucking thin end ever gets near you, and boy, sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight is the thin end of the wedge, it is the point at which the wimminz familiarity with you has started to breed contempt for you.

The lesson you YOU need to learn here is that being wimminz, this is NOT a fucking lesson they are CAPABLE of fucking learning, AWALT, remember, it is hard-wired into the bitches at DNA level.

As soon as it manifests itself ALL YOUR OTHER OPTIONS VANISH, you have a stark, binary, choice between allowing that thin end of the wedge into your life, and back to mangina niggerz land it is for you, or fucking it off entirely out of your life. Nothing in between.

The lessons my daddy would have taught me is I have to learn these lessons myself, as do you, but you need some shit like this article to be lying around within reach and conciousness when your moment of learning that particular lesson cometh, otherwise you end up feeling pain and hurt and confusion and all that good shit that is often branded as the price of “love” or some such shit.

This shit is a MAP, to help you navigate your way out of the trees that have become a wood while you were not looking or paying attention.

Sites / blogs like this are just a way of paying it forwards, I am legally excluded from directly being able to leave this shit lying around in my male kids consciousness, but paying it forwards is a way around the feminazi culture we live in today.

I have LEARNED enough that I take one look at a pic of a wimminz, click, my brain instantly picks out the clues, dark dark nail varnish, check next to the “submissive slut” check-box, and so on, I don’t even really consciously know I am making these judgement calls half the time, only afterwards do I realise, and I am right so much more often than I am wrong with each little check-box, and the overall picture I am so close it is uncanny, yes, AWALT, but there are variations, and it is within these variations that we must live our lives, ply our trades, and graze.

Just this week I had a PoF wimminz tell me that she was aware of the fact that I was exactly the kind of guy she liked being around, I made her laugh and feel alive, I was exactly the sort of company she wanted, but she really did not want to fuck me, because she knows I am all about the fucking and once I fuck her it is game over, and I had to remind her, I only agree to hang out with her on condition she introduced me to her slutty skank ho friends… I tell them all wimminz only want fried snow, and no man should ever pay any attention to a wimminz say what she wants, because wimminz do not know what is best for them… worst thing a man can ever do is listen to what a wimminz tells him she wants / likes / needs, and they fucking laugh, and another one of the skank ho’s is sacrificed to be impaled on my cock… win/win

See, the thing is, you just cannot ***know*** this shit at the age of 20.

God I wish I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, and all that good stuff, but not possible, not because time travel is impossible, but because it just takes X number of years of living in feminazi land to learn this shit down pat.

But you can get a “map” at 20, a “crib sheet”, a “walkthrough”, a “for dummies”.

Follow it to the letter, come back later and wonder about how and why that shit works.

Wimminz, cos God needed something to make cats looks dependable.


  1. the young may be ignorant, but the old tend to become mentally rigid. This should be recognized and guarded against if possible. In this particular case, the shit test is a non-event for a man with options. Furthermore, its not like you are giving the wimminz any sort of quid pro quo. Just assume she’s not in the mood, move along, and don’t burn the bridge.

    Comment by anonymous — February 19, 2012 @ 5:48 pm

    • You see, that was my issue, not being able to tell if she was “not in the mood, move along, don’t burn the bridge” or “sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight”…

      and so I decided that it was a distinction without a difference, the only way to be safe with wimminz is take off and nuke em from orbit.. >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — February 19, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

  2. And just to be on the safe side to never get THAT call from the crazy X: http://malecontraceptives.org/methods/risug.php
    Suspensories BTW would be a quick and almost as effective alternative.

    Comment by hans — February 21, 2012 @ 10:54 am

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