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Default prejudice

If you ask children what sets human beings apart from other creatures, you will tend to get one of two answers;

Human beings have a soul.

Human beings are intelligent.

Speaking as someone who has been the victim of a False Rape Accusation as part and parcel of a separation / custody battle gone nuclear, I would have to disagree.

I am not thinking of my poorly educated trailer park trash ex when I disagree, I am thinking of the extremely well educated, degree qualified, “white collar” professionals that one encounters when thrown into the deep end of this particular pool.

My trailer park trash ex has an excuse for being an emotional, rather than an intellectual creature, whereas well educated, well qualified, well paid professional people with a legal duty to uphold the Law and Protect Children have no excuse whatsoever for being emotional, rather than intellectual creatures during work time.

Prejudice, defined as a pre-conceived judgement or opinion, or as an irrational attitude of hostility, is in fact a text book definition of an emotional response, and not an intellectual response.

Prejudice is just the brain being lazy, instead of weighing up the evidence and coming to a logical conclusion based upon the data you have available, you just make a decision that seems right, you go with your gut, you go with your experience, you go with the flow.

In essence, you choose to NOT think rationally and logically.

Let me give you an example;

Your ex accuses you of being a danger to your children, child protection services, law enforcement and the court system swings into action and before you can say “habeas corpus” you are banned on pain of prison from having any contact with your children while the legal system grinds through the case at glacial speeds.

No proofs or evidence of any kind have at this point been offered to support the accusation that you pose a danger to your own children, so any threat that you pose to them is purely theoretical in nature.

Whereas being separated without warning from their biological father does, without doubt, represent an actual, not theoretical, but actual daily on-going and irreparable abuse of those children’s rights.

If the child protection personnel, police personnel or legal personnel were acting rationally, intellectually and logically, no theoretical abuse would ever trump actual abuse, and therefore no child would ever be separated from their father on the basis of accusation alone.

But child protection personnel, police personnel, and legal personnel nevertheless separate children from their fathers on a daily basis, based on nothing more than unsupported and unsubstantiated accusations, and their own lazy choice to make a quick emotional decision, in preference to coming to a logical decision based upon the available data.

This decision will always, without exception, be excused as being something other than what it actually is.

This decision will always be described as not actually being a decision, but rather putting off a decision until the full trial, in a feat of intellectual dishonesty, in which an extra decision, to postpone a decision, is marketed as not being a decision.

Shall I give up smoking or not? I know, I will postpone that decision until tomorrow, and have another cigarette in the meantime… I have NOT made the decision to continue smoking, oh no… this thing in my hand? No, it’s not a cigarette, oh no…

The exact same “deciding not to decide, so it’s not a decision” emotional choice is made when a False Rape Accusation is made to the Police.

Just as the non-smoking smoker above isn’t actually smoking (sic), the non-decision making Police aren’t actually making a decision when they arrest you for a rape that never happened, and then brief the press about your arrest for a crime that never happened, against an (self) alleged victim who is actually a perpetrator.

All of this intellectual dishonesty is quite acceptable, because no decisions are being made, therefore there is no prejudice against you or your rights, and therefore you are not the victim of an act of irrational hostility. No Sir…

These people all do this, as a way of life, as a modus operandi, for one reason and one reason only.

They are covering their collective asses. CYA Culture.
(and they are well paid to do this as well, it must be remembered, follow the fucking money)

It is better to be seen as having run roughshod over a hundred men’s rights in pursuit of justice for an alleged crime against a woman, than it is to be seen to run roughshod over one woman’s rights in defence of the rights of ninety-nine innocent men and one guilty one.

And we are not even mentioning the 900lb Gorilla in the room, that all the, by definition, innocent children embroiled in this are just collateral damage, all the while singing that these things are being done to protect those children.

At this point herd mentality takes over and any visible action is better than no visible action (and lots of invisible cerebral action) especially when said visible action is in line with some operations manual or best practice directive somewhere or other.

There are mistakes, and career ending mistakes, and only career ending mistakes count.

Mistakes are just “collateral damage.” You have to break eggs to make an omelette. Too bad, so sad.

CYA Culture is essentially all about denying that you made a decision.

Even if decisions were made, they were not made by you, they were dictated by “policy”, so they don’t count as decisions. Interestingly, this policy was as effective as a chocolate teapot at Nuremberg when used as a defence by Nazi war criminals.

It didn’t work too well for Serbia either, or Nixon, or Three Mile Island, etcetera.

Those were all Courts too, but unlike the Courts that those falsely accused of rape find themselves in, or those falsely accused of child molestation as part of separation and custody proceedings find themselves in, those Courts were very much in the Public view.

Sadly for us all, today the “public view” usually means the press, which means only the salubrious and sensational is news-worthy, Crystal Gale Magnum is a classic example, as far as the media is concerned it ticks all the boxes that sell newspapers and advertising segments in TV, so why bother with trivia such as the actual facts, if any, or indulge in any intellectual consideration of any kind?

Go around the world today and ask people what they know of Bill Clinton with regard to such issues as Somalia, or Bosnia, or Iraq, and they aren’t sure, but everyone knows he did or did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky, depending on whether or not certain acts are sex, in much the same way that deciding not to make a decision is not making a decision, and deciding to postpone a decision on whether or not to give up smoking is deciding to continue smoking, or not.

Speaking as a False Rape Accused, simply trying to battle the single topic of False Rape Accusations, while studiously ignoring the greater cultural norms that make False Rape Accusations inevitable, is a path to self-destruction and despair.

I have to accept that False Rape Accusations happen because society as a whole, and humanity as a whole, are basically lazy and intellectually dishonest, creatures who would rather make a quick emotional choice than a prolonged intellectual consideration.

Human psychology dictates that it is easier to live with making a snap emotional decision that is wrong, than it is to give something a great deal of consideration and get it wrong, and the benefits of giving something great consideration and getting it right are also less than making a snap emotional decision and getting it right.

Everyone from the Ford Motor Company through Las Vegas down to scratch cards and online poker know that this is a fact of human nature.

So simply trying to fight the product of one aspect of that nature is counter-productive.

You can only beat False Rape Accusations by indirect attack.

If you go out and express deep sympathy with people that the drunk driver who totalled your parked car last night will never be caught, because the police were all busy attending your house because your ex-wife falsely accused you of committing domestic violence by not doing the dishes, you will make a dent.

If you go out and express deep sympathy with people that got taken for thousands by a joke builder who ended up making their house structurally unsafe, but who they’ve been told it will take years to pursue through the Courts, because the Courts spend most of their time dealing with false domestic violence claims in a bid to improve divorce settlements, you will make a dent.

If you go out and express deep sympathy with local councillors and politicians, yeah, I’d love to vote for you, and all these improvements that you’d like to implement, but you see you spent 200,000 of my taxes last year trying to prosecute me for a crime that never happened, so how do I know you are not the same as the people that have been letting this happen for year after year, you will make a dent.

If you go out and tell every woman that you meet, that you have great sympathy that she is afraid to go out alone, and that she is afraid her children are not safe, but since you have already had your life turned upside down by false accusations the safest thing that you can do if you see a woman or a child being attacked is to cross the street and walk on by, you will make a dent.

If you tell everyone that you meet that you were a good man, you were a good citizen, you were a good neighbour, you were a good husband, but you got punished for that, and you got punished so harshly that you have learned your lesson, and now you are only going to look out for yourself, you will make a dent.

You will make a dent because human beings are lazy, and prefer instant emotional decisions to intellectual, contemplated decisions.

You will make a dent because the people you say these things to will NOT like thinking about these effects on THEM, and so, they will make an instant emotional decision, that THEY are not to blame, which means OTHERS must be, which means others who did the things to you that forced you into these choices. OTHERS who would rather play CYA than make a decision and take responsibility for it.

When you talk to someone and try and blame someone else (your false accuser) who is a specific individual you are not identifying with the person you are talking to.

When you talk to someone and identify with them, and show sympathy for and solidarity with them, and express regret that CYA behaviour from non-specific individuals who EVERYONE will see as “others”, e.g. jobsworths, incompetents, sleazeballs, grafters, has forced you, out of self preservation, to adopt this policy, they will identify with you.

(Shades of NAWALT)

The only effective strategy against the US Army is another vast techno army, going up against the US Army with a rag tag band of untrained and ill equipped militia is just going to piss them off, and will be used by those who control them to justify everything they are ordered to do.

This is where the Mullahs go wrong, they will never do anything but lose, irrespective of rights and wrongs and justices and injustices, their approach itself is fundamentally doomed.
(“Comical Ali” was the only one who gained any respect at all, and look what tools he used to achieve that.)

You either have to use your own equivalent force, or take the Ghandi route and hope for the best.

The Feminist Movement was and is not an educational campaign, it was not an informational campaign, and it was not an intellectual campaign.

It was and is a thoroughly efficient and effective campaign. It was and is a disinformation campaign; it was and is an emotional campaign.

Any counter option that is anything other than an emotional disinformation campaign is as doomed as Saddam’s hopes of defeating the US Army on the battlefield.

I freely admit that I didn’t know a damn thing about False Rape Accusations before I became the victim of one myself, I was living in blissful ignorance.

I have managed to identify with a three figure number of other, blissfully ignorant, people since then, and counting, and slowly, slowly, the word spreads and attitudes change.

Now I have lawyers talk to me about how they became lawyers because they wanted to change the law,  policemen who tell me they joined up to make a difference, politicians who tell me they got in it to educate and liberate people, they are all thoroughly disillusioned and now corrupt by the way, but they are all identifying with someone they know was Falsely Accused of Rape.

I am writing this piece because just today I overheard someone who is the friend of a former neighbour who I told my story to and identified with.

She did not know I was there, but she was telling her friend about how awful it is that people are accused of things like rape and all their details are spread across the papers, and her friend was all “well we need to be protected from rapists” and the first woman said “My friend’s (named) neighbour (e.g. me) was falsely accused, and now he is gone she no longer feels as safe in her own home, just last week there was a fight in the street outside her house, the Police took half an hour to arrive, and she no longer had a man as a neighbour to protect her.

And the second woman identified with the first woman, and started talking about problems in her street, unruly teenagers, drugs, vandalism, and then confessed in a guilty tone that her daughter had accused the father of her child of domestic violence, and she never actually believed it, but didn’t say anything, and now she regretted it, he was a lovely young man who used to do all her DIY, looking after car, helped her fetch and carry.

And another one converted.

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  1. Cogent political essay. Wimminz = sand in the gears of Western Civ., only the delusional can deny that.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 25, 2012 @ 7:35 am

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