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September 4, 2011

Getting you to care… ain’t got no skin in that game.

This is the oldest trick in the book, you cannot take a single step, open your eyes or ears for sixty seconds, without being exposed to someone attempting to make you care about something, attempting to make you believe you have a stake in the game.

Last night saw the airing of Simon Cowell‘s latest vehicle, Red or Black, another TV show in which the eyeballs and attention of the audience is the real product, how far have we come from the day of PT BarnumThere is a sucker born every minute” where despite all the hype and smoke and mirrors, he still actually had to get paying bums on seats, the circus audience wasn’t the product, it was the silver lining.

Marketers do it, politicians do it, wimminz rights activists do it, hell even MRA’s do it.

All trying to convince you that you have a stake in product X, because you having skin in the game is the only way to make you give a fuck about the game, because if you don’t give a fuck about the game you can’t be influenced or made to do anything.

World + dog is trying to tell me I have skin in the game of my own flesh and blood children, my answer is I have skin in the game for precisely as long as I am a player in the game with equal standing to the only other player in the game, their mother.

My answer is my children are the business of the state when the state is asked to pay for them by both parents, or when the state is burdened by them if they act in antisocial ways.

My answer is the instant the state and their mother removed me from the game as a player, I got no skin in that game. You think I am some sort of fool who walks around throwing money into the pot in a poker game when I am not sat there holding cards and playing? You think I care who wins in any game I am not a player in?

You see why world + dog is desperate to convince me that I have skin in THAT game, because the instant I stop having skin in it I exclude myself from it, and what are they left with, a psycho bitch well past her best and a handful of kids, all of whom represent a burden until they reach majority, a burden that a player in the game would willingly carry, for the eventual rewards, but a non player, fuck that.

You see, by me saying Fuck it, ain’t got no skin in that game, the state and associated parasites and skank ho mummy are left holding the ball, and suddenly the game gets very boring and very predicatable, and they can scream “ner ner ne ner ner, we won you lost” all they like, but they lost and they know it, because the real game was always to convince me I had skin in the game and thus convince me to keep playing no matter what losses I suffered.

This is in essence also the pure genius of Ghandi, he flatly refused to play “their” game.

So my kids are abandoned by their deadbeat dad, so fucking what, at no time in human history have progeny had it so easy and had such excellent opportunity to survive, even without deadbeat dad playing the game and constantly losing and being awarded fouls and penalties against himself, and fuck it, given the game these cunts insist on playing, the lesson I AM teaching my kids in the strongest way possible, by demonstration, is the best possible lesson I could teach them in this world, the lesson that they ain’t got any skin in the games of their skank ho mummy or the state either…. fuck you all…. that’s my boy.

So no, I have no skin in the game of who holds power in Libya, I have no skin in the game of which puppet holds the office of Prime Minister in the UK, or president in the USA, I have no skin in the game of the bankers / pension funds / housing bubble, I have no skin in the game of sovereign debt and forex rates, I have no skin in the game of society and culture as a whole.

And it was ever thus, in a previous post I talked about “Cuntley translation“, and paid homage to Smiley Culture, who sang a song entitled Cockney Translation.

Smiley’s house was raided by 4 cops with a warrant looking for drugs, while his house is being ransacked (which does NOT mean all four cops are tipping out drawers and none are watching Smiley, real name David Emmanuel) Smiley decides to make a cup of tea, and while making a cup of tea manages to stab himself, once, fatally, through the heart…  Not to worry though, as none of the cops has to give evidence in the enquiry which whitewashed them of all responsibility, kitchens are dangerous places after all. At least the cops handcuffed him after he stabbed himself fatally in the heart…

This is the opposite of the “you have skin in this game” tactic, this is the “we have no skin in this game” tactic, and the two always go together, the £200 an hour court appointed childrens welfare specialist who guarantees herself many years of ongoing involvement with your kids should she side with skank ho mummy, who is all too willing to sign pieces of paper involving them as long as they help her win against daddy right now, will claim she has no skin in the game of family breakup and paternal alienation.

It’s a bit like the magician and his flourishes, never watch the hand he is waving around and trying to draw your attention to, always watch the hand he is trying to get you to ignore.

When the efforts to get you to care fail, they all pretty much fall back on the same tactic, shaming language, you are a loser, a dead beat dad, filth, the very fact that you are taking this stance proves that all the things your ex accused you of are probably true, and so on and so forth.

Then they watch your eyes, and you watch their eyes, they know that you don’t give a fuck about anything they say or do, because you have no skin in the game, and their little shill game isn’t working on you, you’re hip to it, and suddenly the shaming language and rhetoric is dialled down several notches, after all there is no upside to them for suddenly making you feel you have skin in the game, for your own reasons………..

They know, being life long game players themselves, that deterrents only work when you believe in them, and punishment and retribution always come after the act, and all that is standing between the game players and the no skin in that game non participant at game time is a few feet of fresh air, there is no mileage in needlessly pissing you off, both sides need to know when further game playing is futile, and also where further conflict is futile.

I got no skin in your game, let me walk, don’t give me a reason to have skin in your games, and you can continue to play them and I can continue to walk and have no skin in them.

They watch your eyes, I watch their eyes, and we are suddenly all unfailingly polite and formal to each other, and all of this real nonverbal communication is unseen and unrecorded by the recording devices and steno.

It’s 12 noon in the OK corral and the guy in black with his henchmen know damned well they have the lone stranger outgunned, but they guy in black knows even if he draws first, the lone stranger only has one shot and one target in mind, the guy in black, and the guy in black knows the lone stranger won’t draw first, but he won’t back down either, so they guy in black and the lone stranger do snake eyes for a bit and then the guy in black says “We’re all done here bud” and the lone stranger nods, turns and walks away.

Fact is the guy in black has a nice little setup going, and even a 0.1% chance that the lone stranger can take the guy in black down in an elaborate “suicide by cop” scenario is a game with no winning scenario to the guy in black… the guy in black has no skin in that game, and wants no skin in that game.

Fact is the lone stranger has no skin in the guy in black’s game, and wants no skin in that game.

And that is the basis for the snake eyes and walk away.

Strip all the artifice and play acting and game playing away and that is all that is left, yeah you got your pound of flesh, fuck it, and fuck you, I now no longer have any skin in the game.


  1. Yes, I stopped commenting of different sites after the other commenters crap on me for their various beliefs. I don’t want to get invested in a blog again by commen… Damn Fail!

    Joke. Yet some MRA blogs have pissed me off. I won’t read AVfM or Citizen Renegade again. I hardly bother with the Spearhead. Most of the time and I never comment there any more. If it was just crap I probably wouldn’t even hear them, but the contempt or hate they express to other men trying to find their way through this fucked up civilization leaves me pissed off.

    You are not me by a long shot but are fun to read. Between divorce and then throwing out my live-in girl friend in January, I learned a lot about women. I keep learning more with your writings. Yes, number one thing is don’t give a crap about women. My money is for me (& my son who I dropped off at college for freshmen year yesterday).

    Comment by Legion — September 4, 2011 @ 9:14 pm

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