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January 13, 2014


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Back in the day, the day being the late seventies, two guys who were most visible behind the magazine Easyriders were JJ and Spider, one of them, I think it was Spider, did a thing where he interviewed a bunch of whores, and the whores classified / categorised the Johns, and there were about ten distinct types.

This is a list of the types of wimminz you find on swingers / fucking sites, and you may well say it is no use to you, as you don’t go to those sites, but everyone on a swingers site also has a PoF account, a cupid account, an escort site account etc etc, and they all have day lives and day jobs, so yes, you do meet them, you just may not be aware of it… AWALT.

BTW, none of these are mutually exclusive, a wimminz may be predominantly one, with a smattering of two or three others for seasoning.

The Black Cock Slut – A fairly self evident description, a white wimminz who prefers black cock, and it isn’t because wogs have bigger cocks, they don’t, it’s because they’re wogs, and it’s taboo, and you’ll hear all the horseshit about black and pink looking so sexual…. These are quite often wimminz in a relationshit, but not exclusively, and quite often hitting the wall looks wise, but not exclusively, etc. Avoid like the plague, not because they have tasted black meat, but because they are the biggest racists going, ps they also hate Chinese and Asian guys… not just whites

The Greedy Girl – Greedy as in wants lots of cock at the same time, no MMF or MMMF is good enough for her, but, she also falls some way short of the gangbang girl, greedy girls are almost always obese, so the greed extends to food intake too. Greedy girls will happily spend all night with their mouth at a gloryhole, swallowing cum like it is chocolates

The Gangbang Girl – I’m talking about the girl who does these regularly, not the girl who pulled a train one time, or had a couple of orgies… the gangbang girl likes at least 25 separate cocks in one session, some more, and will do this any thing from once a month to twice a week, in more extreme cases you are looking at an annual cock count way north of 500

The No Single Men Girl – This one is usually in a relationshit, secret or not, will fuck single men, but only those who really can keep their fucking mouth shut about it… she may do couples or groups, the main reason she isn’t into single men is she doesn’t do 1 to 1, she has enough of that shit with whatever poor bastard she is in a relationshit with, and she has no intention whatsoever of keeping up the same mask of pretence in her leisure time.

The Safe Sex Girl – This is very common, in the adverts profiles, of course, they aren’t talking about safe sex, they are talking about a condom for fucking the cunt, , they’ll suck your cock and swallow a load no problem, of course what they (or their partner) is really concerned about isn’t the disease or the sex, it’s your sperm, which is simply not good enough to be allowed anywhere near the hallowed ovaries etc etc etc.. or sometimes it is because asking him indoors to eat he cunt when he knows other guys have been dumping a load in it is a cuck too far and he’ll walk… This one is a wannabe Cuck Cunt (below) but she hasn’t yet managed to emasculate her man sufficiently, hey, it’s a work in progress….. Oh yeah, when you meet them 1 to 1, just the two of you, condoms are never even fucking mentioned.

The Uniform Girl – Loves uniforms, not soldiers so much, but you need to be that type, eg young and fit, and wearing your uniform / camo’s / boots etc when you turn up to bone the bitch. My you cousin used to pull this one, claimed to be a Falklands vet, shame he would have been about 5 when that went down, never failed to work though… but stay within limits, Waffen SS uniform and a car battery and pair of jump leads ain’t gonna do the trick.

The Complete Slut – Often an older wimminz, will fuck one or two guys regularly every week, and also have another one or two randomly chosen and different guys each week. These are actually fine, just make sure you are one of the semi random guys and not the regulars, they will be expected to leave glowing references to her simply amazing blow job skills and tight sweet juicy cunt (ain’t none of them things after this boy has blown a load in it), as well as buy them drinks and shit.

The New Slut –  New to the site, new to the scene, these always always always turn into one of the others listed here within three months, unless you are first or second to get in there and dump your load, walk away. Despite being a new slut who is new to all this, without exception they all have a mate (female) who is a best mate who is a complete and utter fucking slut and who is currently considering an offer from her boss to spend a weekend with him in exchange for cash… funny how new sluts have friends who are all full time sluts and have been for years.

The Newly Single Slut – Just split up with my yadda yadda yadda, husband / boyfriend / fuckbuddy / hamster, it don’t matter, these are cool because you know, gaaa-ron–fucking–teed, that you too will fail to meet her standards, so you really can relax with these ones and not always have to keep one eye on the exit and exit strategy. Go for it.

The Promo Girl –  Every fucking post or message is about what a great time she had at Throbbing Gristle’s parties, parties that single guys get to pay to attend, you get the picture yet? Bitch is one step short of being an honest hooker. That step is around 4 stories high mind ewe…

The Moby Dick – the land whale, some fat chicks can retain some sexuality or sensuality, these ones are just fucking gross, the 300lb slug you have to fuck from behind while smoking a cigar to hide her face and mask the smell, often fucked for a bet, but, they serve as living proof that there are guys out there who will fuck literally anything warm and wet.

The Painted Tart – Covered in skanky tatts, piercings, coloured hair, often red, some of these bitches could actually be half decent looking, if you could go back in time and grab them before they started experimenting, they are all fucked up in the head, you just have no idea how long the fuse has to burn, because it is hidden under all the ink and iron, but it is there, and it is burning away.

The Flaker – Sounds like she got it going on, talks like she is keen, but you have to do all the running, and if you are dumb enough to do it, she will cancel / flake at the last minute because her cat has IBS or some such shit.

The Yo-yo –  This bitch leaves the site regularly, and comes back regularly, repeats the same pattern of behaviour as the last time she was on, and will do so again…. and again… and again… basically can’t make her mind up to be the others listed here, so dabbles a bit in all of it. Again, only any use when just returned.

The Anti-geek – This bitch is always complaining that some other bastard has hacked her PC / laptop / tablet / phone / account, just run the fuck away, too terminally stupid and technically illiterate to fuck or to be associated with, even to message.

The Cuck Cunt – This one thinks she really is all that, because she rules the roost in her house, and her husband does what the fuck he is told, hold the camera and take pictures of me fucking some random guys in our marital bed being what he is usually told, and then he often gets told he is on clean up duty, with tongue…  This one and the safe sex girl are mainly looking at the Bitch, below, and thinking thank fuck that ain’t me… Hey, the night is young, we can but live in hope.

The Bitch – Feminazi cunt basically, all of them without exception have hit the wall, and despite all the other protestations the facts are that unless they hand out in the same place as the Moby Dick then they ain’t gonna get any action at all. Do not fuck unless you are making some porno featuring a toilet brush as a dildo… and no need to go to the expense of a new bog brush, just take your old one, and keep the new one for your own bathroom.

The Chick with a dick – Advertised as TV/TS, I have only ever seen one that looked even remotely feminine, even remotely like a chick with a dick, all the rest look like blokes dressed up in stockings, and that’s what they all are, even the ones working their way through the sex change process….. often seen hanging around blokes who ask questions like are they bisexual if a guy gives them a blowjob, cos, you know, I reckon I’m straight really.

The Banjo Player – This one, you know, duelling banjos, you literally only have to look at her to know there are bats loose in the belfry, and some genetic issues too, not just fugly so much as just plain WRONG looking, swapped around chromosomes and mixed up DNA looking, mutants. And not in a good way. They often really are looking for some other cock, as a change from their brothers or step brothers, which is the ones they usually get…. daddy being outta town, and the uncles, well, they had her when she was young and sweet, and have no more interest now…

The Before I Die Girl – These are really looking for a relationshit, and also seeing the scene as a way to fit everything kinky they ever dreamed of in between this new guy, who will know nothing about it, and the ex, who knows nothing about it. Go for it, if only to give thanks you are neither of those two guys.

The Club Meets Only Girl – This chick lives in a pigsty, and she is lazy, she doesn’t clean her own house, she isn’t going to do it just because you wiped your cock on her curtains and took a shit between the cushions in the sofa, because it was more hygienic than using the bathroom. So she goes to a club, and someone else can wipe up the cum and piss.. sorry, gushing…

And of course, there are the genuine swingers, and they are cool, but in the minority.



July 3, 2013

I want to fuck your friend.

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It is a trusim, that I often tell wimminz, that *EVERYTHING* they did sexually in the past better be on offer to me, otherwise they run the risk of appearing to value me less than some previous jerk.

Wimminz, for their part, *intimately* understand this, which is one of the reasons they always try to re-write history, but, there is one bit they don’t get.

I kicked a skank to the kerb tonight, she’ll be back, and it was a needed part of that process, but the *reason* I gave, that she just didn’t get.942581_374018689365577_995616911_n

As I said to her, “It’s not the fact that you had a threesome with that couple that makes a difference, we’re just fuckbuddies, I don’t give a shit who you fuck, it is that you had an evening off and were available to fuck, and did not think to offer me first refusal… that is why I am kicking your skanky ass to the kerb.

She didn’t get it because what I was talking about was relative weighting of one thing vs another, for wimminz, this is a goldfish with a binary yes/no thing, shes doesn’t get *why* she has been kicked to the kerb, all she gets is that she has…

So now she is eager to meet me again, and have me use and abuse her cunt and cause her much pain.

The pain is punishment to her, which she wants, she is not sure *why*, she just knows she likes it and deserves it.

I mention all this, because the AfORisms bit on the right is starting to get some attention, and part 3 about leopards not changing their spots is apposite to this story.

There is another skank, who may or may not, (see AfORism 02..lol) but is planing to come over for a weekend of use and abuse, who claims that every relationshit she has had was with a man who was sexually abusive, which is why she wants to spend a weekend with me being my fucktoy with specific requests that I use and abuse her in exactly the ways that were “abuse” when these ex’s allegedly did it to her.

Clearly, to anyone with a functioning brain, her history is a history of selecting men who were capable of rough sex, and then manipulating these men into giving her said rough sex, but to a wimminz goldfish 1k binary brain this would cause a buffer overflow, so she will just re-regurgitate some shit she read somewhere about wanting to re-visit traumatic experiences in a bid to understand them.

It is of course mere coincidence that when she finds a man like me, who does not merely think, but knows, she is a filthy tramp good for only one thing, rather than a man she has to manipulate into treating her that way, her cunt starts throbbing with desire. (sms etc recording all this shit backed up to the cloud etc etc)

I have another occasional one, it is quite easy to be callous with her as she is obese, but, she does worship the very ground I walk on, and it appears, quelle surprise, that the more I diss her, the more she worships me, she has a well paying job, decent car, own house, and it is all on offer, even a womb-turd if I wanted one.

What all these have in common is the wimminz 1k input buffer is overflowed, the fucking INSTANT you cause that to not be the case, for example by turning around to the last one and saying ok babe, I’ll move in next week lets get married and get you pregnant, suddenly you are running a program that fits in that buffer, and suddenly all respect / eagerness / interest that they have in you evaporates faster than spit on oxy cut steel…

So when she comes crawling and apologising, instead of saying OK babe I accept your apology, I tell her the truth, it’s a fucking start, just, but a fucking small one.

What do I have to do? she wails.

  1. I wanna fuck your friend (arrange it)
  2. I wanna fuck you and your friend in a threesome (arrange it)

prace bets now, what should I say? lol

This is why (home made) porn is attractive, it is heavily filtered, everything except the holes you want to fuck is excluded, and even then, filtered down to the visual cortex stuff.

This is why wimminz in the flesh are so unattractive, no filters, eek, all that shitty stuff gets through, and that, bitches, is why I treat you with contempt, because apart from your sexual purposes, you are utterly contemptible as human beings.

This, is the danger, when as above, a wimminz you have fucked decides to fuck someone else, unless you are hip to what wimminz really are, you are liable to start viewing things form the ultrafiltered porno perspective, sob, boo hoo, that was MY fuckin’ toy…

The reality is, said skanky ho’s cunt is not worth any less to me now that is was before an additional couple used it, you can’t get less than “worthless except for scenarios where it happens to be right here for my own personal immediate use”

The reality is, I wonder if the female part of this couple is fuckable, because now there is a link between me and it that wasn’t there before.

THIS kind of thinking completely blows the wimminz 1k input buffer.

June 19, 2013

PoF the magic dragon

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As others have commented elsewhere, PoF (Plenty of Fish) is disappearing up it’s own asshole (prace bets now on a wimminz being involved) which started a while ago with the “men cannot message wimminz more than 7 years younger or less than 70 pounds heavier than themselves” (sic) and other nickel and dime changes.

To be fair, PoF is free, so you get what you pay for, and in the last week all three of my main email addresses have been shit-listed, which means I can go through the sign-up process, get a welcome email, be unable to login, ask for a password reminder and be told my email address is unknown to the system.

To be fair, this is no loss, I have had precisely zero gash from PoF in 2013 to date, not even a fucking nibble since October last year, mainly because PoF consists entirely of the same old revolving door wimminz coming back, and the remainder of new faces are all unfuckably ugly / fat / Cluster B, mainly all three.puff sex

I’m pretty damn sure that the only men left on PoF are all red pill mofo’s like me, and the wimminz know it, so Markus’s latest changes are an attempt to address the fact that PoF is no longer working for da wimminz… good luck with that…

Which is why I am seeing an upsurge of wimminz on fucking / swinging sites using said sites to look for a fucking steady relationshit, it is surreal and bizarro… Flo the ho, with a list of interests that include bukkake and gangbangs and a list of verifications that run 1st June, 4th June, 5th June, 5th June, 6th June, etc, is on there looking for a fucking relationshit, cos, you know, fucking sites are also full of men who’se lives are all empty without a village bike / cumbucket in it…

You really could not make this shit up.

I’m also starting to get accused of being a money obsessed tightwad, by these wimminz (well, some fucker has to pump and dump them first on any given site..lol) as soon as the penny drops that “I will do ANYTHING you want in bed” doesn’t get them access to my wallet / declarations of affection and love from me… so, it ain’t me who is obsessed with money.. lol

Traditionally on the fucking sites there were two main classes of wimminz to watch out for.

  1. The fat cunts with no proper jobs who always ended up being moderators of forums and suchlike, feminazi central.
  2. The wimminz who were part of a couple, but she wanted extra cock so he had to smile and go along with it and make like it was what he always wanted.

Group 1 was always unfuckable in the extreme, but Group 2 was also iffy, because they would stalk their extra cock and not want to share their extra cock with other wimminz in group 2, because, you see, it was THEIR extra cock, just like hubby’s cock was THEIRS.

But now there is this new Group 3, the ones who USED to spend 20 hours a week on PoF and 1 hour a week on the fucking sites, who are now spending 20 hours a week on the fucking sites and 1 hour a week on PoF.

Proper cluster B jekyll/hyde types who will rant about the petrol they used those times they drove to you, but not mention the diesel you used every other time when you drove to them… the doubling down continues apace as the economic writing on the wall becomes plain for all to see.

It’s getting to the point where they are no longer looking for a man to fund their pwincess lifestyle, they are looking for a man who can afford live yoghurt for their cunt at a dollar a quart, fuck it, it looks like cum anyway……

I’m reminded of a Scottish girl I met many years ago who told me “I cannae een afford tampax“, instead she used to use pub toilets and stuff her panties with folded up bog roll.

Then of course there are the ones who have profile pics showing them holding a lit cigarette, or right behind there there is a bic and a pack of 20 and an ashtray on the table, but they will not meet smokers, same as all the ones who only do safe sex, with profile pics full of bare cocks in their mouths, and yet they are still happy enough to talk and meet and fuck me, with my profile being full of non negotiable you fucking are gonna do this shit if you are with me slut stuff, I’m going to dump my cum in all three of your holes, fist you, video you, etc etc

Clearly of course though I am a man of substance in their eyes, I don’t need the free condoms handed out by the clinic, I could afford to buy my own, but choose to spend that money on cattle prods H^H^H^ sex toys instead.

I should also mention the fourth group that is burgeoning in numbers, those who are also “escorts” on other websites, the offers of cash for sex are on the rise, no longer will the husband face a moral dilemma if some rich fuck offers him a million bucks to fuck his wife, fuck it, if the rich asshole wants to pay 999,950 bucks more than everyone else, that is his choice…

In the last week, I also met, in the flesh, a first for me,  which doesn’t often happen…  married man, who with his wife has a couple’s profile on a swinging site, he doesn’t “play”, he is the cuckold, and she does seriously kinky and filthy stuff, and she and her cocks make electronic recordings of this to humiliate the cuck hubby with, it is all such good fun.

So, this guy tells me, HIS part of this arrangement was only ever made verbally with his wife, whereas HER part is all recorded electronically and backed up, SMS messages, voice calls with her being fucked, video calls, and HD digital video.

I just nod at him… and?

I’m planning on divorcing the bitch, and NOT being taken to the fucking cleaners, he says, and smiles at me with a shit eating grin…

A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys
One gray night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more
And Puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar

His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain
Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane
Without his life-long friend, Puff could not be brave
So Puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave,

September 23, 2012

Messages in messages

In this final bit on addiction, I want to touch on aversion, what happens to make an ex smoker such an anti smoker, what happens to make a red piller so anti blue piller.

It is with some irony that I note that it is 4 am and I am sat here with a coffee typing this, when back in the smoking addiction days it would have been a smoke and a coffee and back to bed, on nights when you just can’t get back to sleep….

…the irony being that I always said smoking was a drug just like cannabis, it kept me calm and tranquil and lazy, and made me put up with shit from other people and wimminz that I would never put up with when not under the influence…. lacking the drug to dull my brain, I must now type as I slurp coffee.

There is a wimminz on PoF using a quote in her profile, it goes like this “If I have to chase and fight for your attention, eventually I won’t want it anymore.”   which is particularly hilarious because at one point when she was “looking for long term” relationshit on PoF I included her in the mailshot, but she decided to play princess, so I ignored her, now here she is 9 or so months later having reduced herself to the “intimate encounter” section, and she messaged me this time, and now it is on offer on the table I don’t fucking want it anymore bitch…. that’s aversion.

Aversion lite, to be sure, not steaming turd on my dinner plate full on aversion, but aversion like addiction usually starts with small steps into territory suitable for building superhighways.

It’s why when wimminz have had your cock once and decided to move on, or talked to you once and decided to move on, or have just decided to move on, they are in aversion mode, and everything and anything you do only strengthens and reinforces that aversion…. best thing you can do is walk away and never look back… bo peep and her sheep

Aversion is in many ways the flipside of addiction…. just as an addiction to smoking will constantly barrage your concious mind with pop up ads and interstitials and links and spam to smoking is good stuff, a full on aversion will do the same thing, the most drop dead gorgeous kinky obedient slutty sex bomb on the planet, and then you see her spark up a smoke and yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.

Aversion is what happens in many men’s heads when they realise / discover / suspect that cupcake just had another man’s cock dump a load in her, you still get all the popups and interstitials and links and spam in your conciousness, but instead of saying “gooooood” at you they are saying “baaaaaad” at you.

Here is a little interesting fact.

Every time I have quit smoking, it has lowered my sex drive… go on…. google it… you’ll get plenty of hits.

Except it doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t true, and something else entirely is happening.

Me on smoke can just ignore all sorts of annoying crap about a wimminz and think pure porn about what we are gonna do.

Me off smoke can’t ignore all that annoying crap, and it starts to get in the way, and it starts to invite “aversion” to the party, and you can LITERALLY go from cock throbbing at the thought of an individual specific wimminz to meh, no, can’t be bothered, about the same wimminz, within 72 hours of quitting smoking cold turkey…. simply because you made space for all that aversion to come in, and didn’t take care to populate that space with extra spicy porno thoughts first.

Guys we all know this, one of the times I started smoking again (I said before wimminz were behind every time I started) was when my psycho skank ho ex launched her FRA against me, I could go to the shop and buy some tobacco and smoke it to CALM DOWN, or I could go and buy some booze, and we all know where that would lead…

That first smoke to an ex smoker is a doozy, but fact is, that addiction doesn’t come back like a bullet in the head all or nothing…. you could have the odd random smoke… cigar at christmas etc…  it took work to get the addiction back to full strength…. it takes work to fight that addiction back to a distant background hum, and it takes work to bring an aversion into play, or to overcome one.

This is the point, you do have to participate in the process, subconsciously or deliberately, vigorously or apathetically, the tobacco companies are right, nobody got addicted without their own participation, and the anti lobby is right too, it is far too easy to manufacture that participation in so many ways, from subtle products placement to direct in your face marketing.

Aversion therapy works pretty much the same way…. nobody can be made to avoid something without their own participation, but that participation is all too easy to get, what with advertising and direct marketing and the general background radiation of the MSM

The blue piller is the addiction, the red piller is the one who has rejected the addiction and now feels aversion…. just as the blue piller feels aversion for the red piller.

Does British American Tobacco really give a fuck which one of its products you smoke 30 a day of?

Do TPTB really give a fuck which one of the blue pills 95% of the populace takes every day, as long as 95% keep taking the blue pills, all will be well.

That………… now we have come to the message within the message, as I alluded to above about quitting smoking making your dick limp, is that unlike in the film the Matrix where everything is down to a simple binary choice, red pill or blue pill, in reality these addictions are like so many bramble bushes that grow through one another and entwine with one another and grow upon one another…  it’s like saying “I’m gonna give up eating monosodium glutamate“, easy to say, fucking hard to do, it is in everything, labelled or not, so instead of having to give up one food item, you have to give up whole food groups, eateries, supermarkets and lifestyle choices.

So one of the classier tricks of the blue pill is to make you think you have given up the blue pill, when in reality you just have a different chef, different marketing / branding, and wall to wall blue pill on the menu.

Here aversion can be used, use the red pill aversion to strengthen the dislike and dismissal for anyone who attempts to point out you just changed tables in the same blue pill restaurant…

SO time gets tough and world war three breaks out, the boys in the trenches gotta have their smokes, I know I would, I always resort to shock to the system the same way, I reach for the tobacco, BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING DRUG, and because since time immemorial humans have self medicated themselves…. or maybe I wouldn’t… maybe I only do it in peacetime when transgressions are easier to spot….

Sometimes, living in the blue pill world, it can HURT to have an IQ, to have ability, to have honour, to have standards, to have integrity

Take a toke, read the MSM, talk to a wimminz, then look at me, minding my own business, and you will get three different but similar descriptions of what I am, from three different people, one smoking, one reading the MSM and one involved with the wimminz, and none of them know me or anything about me, yet they will describe be, and in doing so circumscribe and enchain me and brand me with acts and deeds that I may never have done or never do.

Addictions and aversions like filters, they do not merely change the way the world is seen, they in effect change the world, at least as far as human decision making… sure, outcomes will be different.

It’s time to quote Vonnegut again

Very few, at any rate. It occurs to me that the man and his religion are one and the same thing. The unknown exists. Each man projects on the blankness the shape of his own particular world-view. He endows his creation with his personal volitions and attitudes. The religious man stating his case is in essence explaining himself. When a fanatic is contradicted he feels a threat to his own existence; he reacts violently.

Blue pillers, wimminz and niggerz, they all be fanatics of the worst kind, so be careful out there…. your own addictions and aversions may put you in someone else’s sights.

September 3, 2012

AWALT motherfucker, AWALT

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Amid some speculation that the reason for the spearhead’s pussification of late is that Bill has himself a new bitch, and he is drinking the feminazi kool aid again, a couple of people have asked me, how do you know AWALT.

Well, I’m not a monk, I fuck wimminz, and that means I REGULARLY get everything from the usual protestations of love and wanting a relationshit with me, to the full on wanna live with you and marry you treatment.

My policy is simple, AWALT, so just wait, continue to be an honest and decent man who does not lie to these sluts, and sooner or later the leopard will reveal its spots, the stage curtain will be pulled back to reveal the hamster wheel spinning at 21,000 RPM, and a missive from the wimminz who didn’t know you existed two weeks ago, was talking about having your babies last week, but now says she can’t deal with your shit, game over dude.

Course, if you are a believer in NAWALT, you will be troubled and upset and be asking yourself “what shit? I was genuinely nice to the bitch!” whereas if you are a believer in AWALT you just grin, fuck it, you have a production line already in place, pump and dump.

Last Friday night when you weren’t with the skank ho because she had some family shit on or the canary was down with bulimia or some crap, you’d be pissed NOW if you’d turned down that offer of a free fuck from the PoF production line slut who offered to come right over and blow you… and turn it down you would have if you are a believer in NAWALT.

But, I’ll let you into a dirty little secret.

You know that stuff I said about wimminz being herd creatures and men being pack animals, well, it’s true, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the herd all love each other.

The last three wimminz I have been with all have girlfriends who find out about me, and who either want a threesome, or who want to try me, or who want to fuck the wimminz in question, and let me tell you there is NO love lost there at all.

Surreal is when a wimminz who ain’t that into you, because her unrequited lust is for the skank ho slut who is into you, having just met you off PoF, but the wimminz who ain’t into you sure does pay you a lot of attention and texts and shit, but she will fuck you if you give her a covertly made video of you fucking the object of her unrequited lust in all HER holes, yeah, that’s right, so the wimminz who ain’t that into you has a desire to fuck the wimminz who is into you, and that desire is so strong she will offer to fuck you to encourage you to illegally tape yourself fucking the one she wants in all her holes, so that she can then watch it as porn and play with herself while watching it.

Surreal is when a wimminz tells you she has been telling her best friend about you, and her best friend wants a threesome and also asked to borrow you for a night, and the wimminz you are with realises that sooner or later you are going to meet this best friend, if she stays with you, so she does the only thing she can to stop you meeting her best friend, and dumps your ass.

Yes, folks, this is the past fucking week alone, but you know, NAWALT, because (says people like Bill) this here bitch is fiiiiiiine, and niiiiiice and she is reeeaaaallllly into me dude and this is the real thing… which it is, until the flick of the switch when she changes her fucking mind.

At that point you’re all alone, no point calling up all those guys you used to hang with, because you simply blanked them the moment you started drinking the NAWALT cool aid and buying that line of shit from the latest slut to ride, or worse still not ride, your cock.

Hey man, it’s not that you blew me off for the night out so you could fuck that bitch, that isn’t the problem, the problem is you bought her shit and chose her over us, no good crying to us when it goes wrong, we told you, you wouldn’t fucking listen, you knew better, you knew NAWALT.

And assholes like that, that believe in NAWALT, are DANGEROUS motherfuckers to be around…..

Just this week alone, on the promise of a fuck from a wimminz (#1) who wanted to fuck the wimminz (#2) I was fucking, she (#1) attempted to incite me to;

  1. Hack into the wimminz (#1) I was fucking’s email accounts, including those held on servers based on US soil legally.
  2. Take covert video of myself fucking her (#1) in all her holes.
  3. Get (#1) drunk and encourage her to have a threesome with me and (#2)

Just so you get the picture, #1 and #2 are best friends, and regularly stay over at each others places.

Oh yeah, they go through each others phones and shit as much as they can, hence wanting item 1 above, to get past the places where they get stuck in their prying now.

Now, each one of those three individually is illegal as fuck, and I mean prison time illegal
, put em all together and you better plan on sharing a bed with Julian Assange and praying for political sanctuary status, and that’s the good side of outcomes.

And all these bitches will tell you, when discussing, with anger, their besties searching through THEIR phones and shit, that friends should not do that, they should trust each other and not fucking pry.


And this, my brothers, is why I am so down and bitchin on Bill and others who start preaching NAWALT, because they choose to put themselves into that fucking hamster wheel reality distortion field where cross state line and cross international border computer / email hacking and phone hacking (for this is ALWAYS what these things are referred to when you are charged by the boys in blue) and illegal videotaping without consent, for the express purpose of distribution to others, where the deliberate intoxication of females to induce them to fuck other females, are all serious motherfucking crimes.

You can’t even claim that hacking #1’s email and phone ain’t so bad, because at least you won’t be convicted of a sex crime, you wanna bet, bitch #1 uses that account to talk to bad boys like you about sex, and uses that phone to share family photos of her pre teen daughters with the her aunt, so yeah, it will be a sex crime AS WELL… >>> do not pass go >>>> do not collect 200 >>>> go directly to jail as a sex offender.

The covert videoing ain’t rape, not quite, but the intoxication threesome is.

What’s that? You wouldn’t go all the way? Baby, as soon as you make the SLIGHTEST fucking move to comply, bitch #2 gets the upper hand, and the inducements are no longer a chance to dump some cum into her, but the threat of exposure if you do not continue.

And then you get all the sweeties cuddles and nicey love you babes, loooove your cock bullshit that NAWALTS all suck up like nectar.

and this is why I am so down on Bill and others who buy into the NAWALT bullshit, because they WILL fuck you over to the nth degree, just to keep pwincess amused.

You can be as MGTOW and ghost motherfucker as you like, you ain’t got no defences against a NAWALT motherfucker like Bill or any of the others, so when the bitch says “sweetie, all those comments that asshole posted to your website, that you now own, you know if we edit selected words and phrases he is a really scary man who hurts my feeeewings….

Then you get what happened to a guy I know vaguely this saturday night just gone, he’s getting ready to have the kids the next day, knock on the door, come along with us sir, spends the next 29 hours in a police cell, investigation into alleged harassment and intimidation, not from his ex and mother of his kids, oh no, from an ex since her, because he is a believer in NAWALT, and she moved on and enlisted her next fuck, a GUY WHO WORKS WITH this guy, to go to the boys in blue with her and repeat, out of context of course, some of the things this guy had said while at work about his ex and his kids and the secret family courts and all that shit, one lunchtime, when everyone there was discussing an article in the newspaper about, guess what, an ex wife and new boyfriend who went postal on the kid ( I covered this story earlier ) killed her, put her in the attic, and then went on TV appealing for her to come back, all the while studious lack of any mention of the biological father of the missing girl.

So this guy says something like “I’d kill the bitch” when this subject is raised in the workplace during a break, to a bunch of other GUYS, no wimminz present, and forgets he said it, and thanks to a co-worker who is a believer in NAWALT a week later he is in the cells and missed his one sunday every two weeks with his kids… and you KNOW he ain’t seeing them again, cos you know, being in that cell on a suspicion / allegation of harassment or intimidation or threats of violence, that is all his skank ho baby momma needs to go back to secret family court and get an ex parte injunction on his ass.

Because he believed in NAWALT, so the ex skank ho slut had been far enough inside his life to know inside details, which can be used against you….

Me, back in my discussion with #2, I laughed real hard, and pointed out that while we had discussed this shit, she had raised the subject, I had never agreed to do it, nor had I lied to #1, but I did have a complete text record of our conversation, so I didn’t have a problem, but she did… and said I was merely pointing that out, none of my business how she treats her mates, nor none of my business to tell me mate, so she got problems, but not with me… just sayin…

AWALT, that’s the only reason I stayed ahead of the game, and kept the upper hand….

You have been warned.

August 17, 2012

Desafio Total (2012)

So, the rework of Total Recall….

It’s closer to the book than the schwarts version, much more blade runner esque, but as usual fucked up beyond all credibility because Hausers’ “wife” is a hot skinny chick who can kick any ten men’s asses, and his girlfriend is also a hot skinny chick who can kick any ten men’s asses.

Both versions of course missed the point of the book, which was what happens when you get to re-write memory at will, which is re-writing history at will, and what you get is chaos.

Re-writing history at will is of course the stock in trade of wimminz and their niggerz in the secret family courts etc, it’s also the stock in trade of every wimminz you meet… threesomes / foursomes / moresomes all get written out.

Hauser’s actions were such that in reality there was not one single person that he did not at some point betray, in some version of his own personal history, but then again Dick’s main characters were always wimminz or niggerz deep down, just like Heinlein’s, they both worshipped the cunt way too much to be objective or realistic.

Very very very fucking rarely you will meet a wimminz who is wise to this, who knows that her personal history is a fucking mess, and who also knows that lying about it is instant death to any future relationshit, nevertheless, they want to have the small house in the country with the white picket fence and kids and loyal loving husband, and I tell them, yeah, but you’re damaged and well used goods, being honest about that is laudable and exceptional, but you’re still damaged and well used goods, and no man is going to want that.

My dad used to say that Roy Rogers never kissed a wimminz on screen, now, old Roy wasn’t the best actor in the world, and the plotlines weren’t that great, hell they were musicals, but at least he never had to cross the uncanny valley and kiss a wimminz on screen and totally screw up the image he was portraying.

Roy was also of course a singer and a horseman, and amongst other things he could handle a horse and often appeared with Trigger and little Trigger, but it was his lyrics that were remembered the most by dad and his friends, long after they had walked out of the cinema, and don’t forget, these were young men who had already lived through WW2

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A woman’s like cactus and cactus can hurt
‘Cause she’s just a tight-waisted winky-eyed flirt
She’ll soon have your land and your pride and your gold
And bury you deep long before you grow old

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A two legged hombre is worthless as sand
He’ll smile like a saint with a gun in his hand
He’ll promise to stick by your side like a pal
But he’ll also promise the same to your gal

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

Who carries your burden, who carries your load
On tumbleweed land or a long dusty road
Who asks you no questions, who tells you no lies
That four legged friend with the two honest eyes

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful four legged friend

That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

Horses or dogs, guess they both qualify, but in Roy’s day niggerz were hombres, but wimminz were indeed like cactus.

Back in 1952 it wasn’t the golden days for men, it was 35 years after the white feather campaigns and all that good stuff, sure, the contraceptive pill wasn’t out yet, but don’t let that fool you, everyone fucked around plenty… don’t forget nobody ever heard of DNA then….

What they didn’t have back then was the State paying single mommies to be single mommies, and putting them at the head of the social housing queue just because they were single mommies, and rewarding them for also making false accusations of DV to get the house/kids/alimony (there were plenty FRA’s though) and the beat goes on.

Nor did they have skinny sexy babes who could kick any ten men’s asses…. in a more realistic cinematic world when you came across a wimminz who could do one manly thing as well as a man, she was invariably non feminine and non sexy as a consequence…

Course, back in ole Roy’s day, lots of other things were more realistic on screen too, one bullet either killed you or took you out of the actions, as did one good fall or accident…. 100% of the male audience over 6 just lived through a fucking war… Bruce Willis would have amounted to a spitoon boy at best.

Fact is, what the SF writers were really writing about is a guvvmint or corporation or bank can’t start a war in a country full of men who came back from a fucking war less than a decade ago, that shit is all too fresh and too raw.

No, to start a war you need a citizenry that is pussified and coddled and divorced from reality, where characters like Bruce Willis are as hard as they come, and bullet hits only slow you down for a few minutes.

No realistic movies like Ice Cold in Alex, where getting food water and shelter sufficient to survive is half the battle, because the pussified and coddled and divorced from reality generations find that more improbable than Bruce Willis superhuman stamina and regenerative abilities.

So the Titanic is no longer about arctic ocean survivability, or lack thereof, and how quickly modern technology is anulled, totally… oh no, now it is a fucking rom-com.

My grandfather ran away to sea as a boy in WW1 and served in the Battle of Jutland, then in WW2 he served on the Murmansk convoys and got three separate ships torpedoed out from under him…. all in arctic waters.

You think he would have paid any attention to some skank ho in a family court demanding everything because she claimed she was in fear or her life from her violent nasty husband, who doesn’t actually have any record of violence…. he would have leant forwards, said “In fear of your life huh…” and laughed real hard.

When I was a boy I grew up in a world that still had destroyed buildings and empty lots from german bombs, and every man you met from the shopkeeper to your teacher, and ESPECIALLY all the cops, were veterans, all of whom would also have laughed at the notion of the wimminz being in fear of her life…. and gone very quiet and grim at the notion of what our so called leaders are doing today with econo-geo-politics…..  “Playing with fucking fire

Today, we don’t even have any new stories, all we have are sad remakes of stories that were told, without exception, originally, by people who lived through the last big one, and these stories are without exception so far devoid from reality that they make north korean propaganda films look like incisive scientific documentaries.

We live in a world where we don’t need aliens in spaceships or foreigners in tanks who hate us to invade, we live in a world where >50% of the population is already filled to overflowing with self loathing and hate, in an orgy of self consummation it is directed at ourselves, our men, our fathers, our sons, and indeed all the works of men, all the technological goals.

What could possibly go wrong?

March 25, 2012

Sometimes, wimminz can be so sweet…

…and I mean that in the way that when you hear wimminz at the school gate talking about their little tearaways affectionately… eg not that fucking much… lol

…so anyways, one of my skanks calls me last night, basically she has been on PoF and found a guy and met him (and wimminz are sooooooooo different from men huh… lol) and rocks up back to his pad and blows him but doesn’t feel like fucking him, so she thinks “Hey, I am in the same town/city as AfOR, I’ll just give him a bell and see if he is in and feels like fucking me!

So that is what she does, and as I have been playing Mass Effect 3 (talk about a mangina niggerz game) and am just about ready for bed, but frankly a quick fuck would not go amiss, I accept her offer… she knocks on the door, walks in, I bend her over the sofa and raise her dress and fuck her doggy style… within 5 minutes she has gone, she got what she wanted, I got what I wanted, and brother, there is nooooo illusions here about the nature of wimminz, or what wimminz want, or indeed any pretence from these wimminz who make the grade with me and get past the first fuck.

And so sometimes we “see” each other on-line, or we text, and there is no bullshit, no snide “are you busy” crap, any more than meeting someone else in aisle 8 at the local supermarket, you are both out there shopping, browsing, looking for something to tempt you… big deal.

And this really is the thing, like the mums at the school gates with their shared bullshit “aww he is so cute” attitude to little Terence calling Miss Moorcroft the head teacher a skank ho, once the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back.

Once you get THAT level of honesty with a few wimminz, there is no putting it back, it is not just that you know you could never go back to being “in a relationshit” with these wimminz, the point is THEY know it, so there are whole encyclopaedias of shit tests they will not even bother pulling on you.

They may however call you from time to time and offer you a quick fuck.

Of course, this is 100% opposite of everything you have ever been told about the wimminz, and what they really want from men, and how to get a wimminz, and how to keep one and make on happy etc etc etc.

Thing is, there are a quite a few wimminz on PoF that I meet that I quite like to talk to, and even quite like, one is a whore, OK she isn’t plying that trade right now, but she did for many years and would do again if there was a way to prevent her kids finding out about it… it’s all image you see, not what you actually do, but what other people think you do…

So anyway, this whore, she says to me one day “I love you AfOR and love to hang out with you, but we can never ever fuck, because you know what women are really like, and I know what men are really like

And we grin at each other and I say “Yeah, but if we did the sex would be really good” and we both laugh, because it would be, or it would be really awful.

But we have that thing that I have heard tell many couples get AFTER the divorce is settled, when they are finally at least partially honest with each other for the first time in years, and both admit fucking someone else.

That “thing” is that you don’t actually like that person as a person, the illusions and rose tinted glasses and romantic bullshit are all stripped away from your eyes, sure they may be great to hang out with, but to live with as a couple, ugh….

… and that is what my whore friend was referring to, because she spent years fucking men for money, she figured she already had the best of them, and didn’t want the rest, and as for me, she knew that I knew all wimminz were exactly like her.

We had our first “shit test” when I said she was a whore, present tense, and she said used to be a whore, my attitude prevailed, and I said “baby, you will know better than me, ALL wimminz are whores” and she said “yeah, but at least I am honest about it“, and I said “yeah, and you probably gave good value for money too.” and that is where we became mates…. not good mates, but like my skank ho’s, no bullshit mates.

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