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April 17, 2012

Killing me softly

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There are two things that have been said, and repeated, many times recently, and I am going to repeat them once more.

If there was a conspiracy (in the financial / banking sector) would the results look any different?

Democracy in Greece is being slain, while politicians and the media here studiously ignore this.

These two things that have been said, and are being said, set the stage.

If you wonder how feminazism and the niggerz brought about a system where fathers are routinely demonised and treated as sub-humans without rights, forced to participate in and pay for and rubber stamp the destruction of their own families and children, or if you are stupid enough to wonder how this “terrible mistake” can be rectified, go back and read those two sentences above.

Greece is not afdiggastan, some place people can’t find with a pin on a map, it is arguably the home of modern western civilisation, education, democracy, theology, art, you name it.

Barring a short stretch of water for the English, for the rest of Europe Greece is but a drive away, and thanks to schengen etc that is no “papers please” at the border.

According to google maps Paris to Athens by road is 2,578 Km going via the ferry at Brindisi, 1 day 5 hours at normal driving speeds.

eg to all intents and purposes, ESPECIALLY in this internet day and age, it is in our back yard.

and what is being said about it? sweet fuck all…. and these are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who HAVE to be on board to see any positive changes in the status of fathers or the future for kids…  you assholes still think there is hope of “fixing” anything?

As it says above, and as I discussed elsewhere (look in the Head Candy section on the right re conspiracy) if the results are the same as if there were a conspiracy, then looking for a conspiracy is not merely a moot point, not merely a waste of time and resources, but often fatal.

As also discussed elsewhere in the Head Candy section, 99% of everything happens in the last 1% of time of that event, a slight exaggeration, but not much, when ships sink, when buildings collapse, when economies fall over, when societies descent into chaos and war, the vast majority of the CHANGE from the previous state to the new state happens VERY FAST right at the end, by which time you barely have time to say “oooooh shiiit” much less have time to do something to maximise your own personal survival strategy.

These *agencies* that will sell not just an entire COUNTRY, but and entire CULTURE down the river are the very same people you have to get on board to make ANY effective changes in the rights of father or men, you really think they care, or they have other fish to fry, and the feminazis and niggerz are just useful fucking idiots, as are all of todays’ politicians and so on….  because there are ALWAYS useful fucking idiots when the gravy train rolls through town.

Anecdotally my mother just sold all her gold, wiped out all her debts and overdrafts and plastic, hunker down for the long view, she didn’t just live through the last war, she served.

I felt sort of sorry for the guys paying her 95 cents on the dollar of the latest spot market prices for her gold…. thinking they are making money and cannot lose, no way are fucking gold sovereigns worth 250 Pounds Sterling each, or krugerands, or ounce ingots.

You can’t eat that shit, or swap it for food or anything else when times get tough… my mum lived through seeing that first hand, gold was just a way to get killed by people taking the longer view, nobody ever traded it for anything worth having.

April 6, 2012

If sexual assault was a wad of cash….

In a week that seems to be more than usually filled with hateful micro-cephalic feminazi skanks biting my ankles, I had one of those “bro in need” phone calls.

This is how I pay back my dues, I am my brother’s keeper when he wakes up and smells the feminazi’s roasting his nuts over an open fire….

So I explain to this particular brother, who just started a walk in shoes familiar to many of us, a separation and child custody battle kicked off by accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse, because since 2010 there has to be one or the other for the wimminz to get the full unlimited Legal Aid…

Imagine there is a wad of twenties done up in a rubber band, just sitting there on the passenger seat of your car, you can equate this wad of twenties to the scantily dressed young woman.

e.g. just because it is there on show does not mean that it is OK for you to smash the window, reach in and grab it.

So far, all the feminazis will be along for the ride…

If you take that wad of notes, and start repeatedly riffling it right under my nose, that is not the same thing at all, while you cannot exclaim total surprise and “who could possibly have predicted that that might happen” if someone throws a brick through your car window and grabs the wad of bills, if you start deliberately riffling the wad literally right under the noses of people, literally in their faces with it, expect someone to take it off you and shove it up your ass, along with your teeth… not if, but when.

The feminazis of course will still wilfully and misleadingly gaslight and equate riffling the wad in some guys nose as being no different to leaving the wad in your car.

But wait, it gets worse….

Seeing the alleged effect that a wad of money / being scantily dressed and young and sexy has, some wimminz decide to emulate this behaviour, except they kinda fall short at being scantily dressed, and look like cheap sluts, often rode hard and hung up wet cheap sluts.

The wad of bills equivalent is turning up with a wad of monopoly money.

and this is where the feminazis get REALLY pissed, because it is all fucking true.

Leave a wad of monopoly money in plain sight on the dash of your car, and you could probably do so in a convertible and still come back an hour later and find that “money” right where you left it.

Which will of course piss off the feminazis, because you found their money unattractive and un-stealable and unworthy of your attention and time… so they will gaslight you and make it about anything at all except the rather obvious fact that you had no fucking interest whatsoever in the bunch of less than toilet paper, which is what the monopoly money was to you, at least you can wipe your ass with toilet paper.

Take that wad of monopoly money and riffle it under the nose of random guys and you will still get it shoved up your ass, along with your teeth, because frankly it was the in your face taunting that provoked the reaction you got, the “twenties” being real or monopoly money made no difference whatsoever, another sore point for the feminazis.

Which brings us to the whole “why would I steal that which I do not want even when you are giving it away” argument, and god forbid you actually tell the truth, which to get back to the case of the brother in question was “why the fuck would I want to rape the bitch, she now weighs 190 lbs, not the 125 lbs she did when we got married, and the total lack of any sexual attraction is where the fucking relationship died….

This is real anathema to the feminazi skank ho’s and their niggerz…

Why the fuck would I steal your monopoly money you stupid lying childish bitch?

Course, there is no sane or rational or logical answer to that, so the feminazis invoke the whole gas-lighting thing, because the one question you must never ever ever be allowed to voice is the one that goes “Is the real problem here that I am NOT interested in your/her fucking monopoly money? much less whether or not I actually stole any of it….

And so it was with my “brother in need” we had this conversation, it’s not about the fucking money, or if it was stolen and if so by whom and how, it’s about whether the fucking “money” was actually greenbacks or sterling or francs, or whether it was monopoly money.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, yeah man, it is as fucking obvious as the noses on our faces to all concerned that it is indeed monopoly money, so the question you need to ask yourself is this bro, why are the police and child services and lawyers and family court all treating this case as though that monopoly money was real…  because it is as obvious to them as it is to you or me that were a real wad of real twenties involved here, whatever did or did not go down would have been radically different in detail to what is being alleged here….

And so it was with my “brother in need”, if everyone concerned knows it wasn’t a real wad of twenties, why is everyone treating you like a cunt? Because that is their JOB, that is what they DO, that IS their 9 to 5…. these fuckers have all “specialised” in the whole feminazi industry.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, monopoly money or not, it serves to earn those concerned real money (obvious parallels here to the whole western debt crisis, but there we go) so any threat to “out” the paper in question as being monopoly money is a threat to cost them all real money… you are effectively waving REAL money under their noses, and threatening to take it away from them… you wonder why they treat you as the fucking enemy bro?

My brother in need now sees the days and weeks and months ahead of him for what they really are, a job club for these parasites, there is no justice, just us.

In his own words “I guess deep down I always knew, but I didn’t want to go there because it means no matter what I do I am fucked and I have lost my kids, and I didn’t want to accept that, I’m a man, and men are supposed to fight to the death for their kids….”

“says who” I replied…………. “says the very people that depend on keeping YOU in the game to maximise their ongoing future earning potential….”

I told him, my own FRA, I got arrested for sure, spent 5 hours in custody and 90 minutes being interrogated, and that was it Jack, I didn’t call the ex bitch, didn’t email her, didn’t do shit, nobody on the criminal side got even one more hour of billable time, and the fucking civil / family court side only got the bare minimum, because I never did a damn thing that allowed them to add a single hour of booked time, while maintaining throughout an air of polite but utter contempt for them all.

THAT was why they all hated me bro, because I was wise to the game and did NOT play by their rules, and start screaming and shouting about the injustices of being railroaded for some fucking monopoly money that never even existed in the first fucking place… and thus allow them all to add wads of billable hours to a case with ongoing increasing complexity.

They all got sweet fuck all from me, but the contempt for all of them written all over my face.

March 29, 2012

Careful what you wish for…

You just might fucking get it….

… albeit quite some time might have passed between the wish and the fact… and your circumstances might have changed.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin about me and wimminz and dating in general, when a penny dropped for him.

I could quite easily be on PoF talking to some you skank ho…. who happens to be one of his four daughters… I wouldn’t recognise the bitches from Adam having hardly ever met them, and it’s not like any of the skanks on PoF use their real names in their profiles, plus there is the fact that many single mummies, like my own psycho skank ho ex slut make a point of changing the kids surnames to spite their father, and I have never known my cousin’s ex wife’s maiden name….

“You could be … <stutters>…  *talking* to one of my daughters!!!”

(Where “talking” is as close as he can get to “fucking” in his head)

I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “Not to worry Jim” I said “PoF is the very definition of ideal consensual sex, where it takes two people who are BOTH seeking the same thing to hook up.  I have precisely zero chance of hooking up with a woman who is not gagging for it.

It was fun watching “Jim” struggle with the concept, that if his daughters were young ladies and not skank ho sluts they would not merely have the perfect defence against “meeting” the likes of me, but they would be that defence itself….. ooh, what a quandary, who to blame.

It will be equally fun watching all the feminazi slut wimminz and mangina niggerz in the various State systems when the economy tanks, and indeed when time passes.

You see, about an hour before I was talking to my cousin “Jim” yesterday, I was talking to an older professional feminazi wimminz, and this wimminz does not know that I know that one of her close friends is the secret family court judge who fucked my son over and awarded sole custody etc to my psycho skank ho ex.

These people, because of their incomes and position in society, are one extra step removed from “grass roots” so a touch of the aloof’s and indifferent’s and “we can always retire to Marbella and drink Margaritas” about them…

Except the Spanish economy is even worse off than the Greek one, and even if everyone knows it, no one is admitting it openly, and suddenly there are less places to escape to as / when / if TSHTF

So I said to this older professional skank ho, “yes, it’s great being the senior management type in local government now with all your latte’s and meetings and shit, you are arguably at the peak of your career and income etc….” pause for her to agree and let that settle in…. “… which leaves me to ask myself, have you never had any thoughts for where you are going to be in another 20 years when you are mid seventies, well in to retirement age, and just a short summer or two away from being utterly reliant on someone else to wipe your ass, or see you are fed, or to do your laundry…. I mean, who is going to be even offered these minimum wage jobs, not your family because your generation all alienated them on the way up, so what is left, scum from broken homes who saw your generation destroy the family life that they could have had…. the old saw about being nice to people on the way up, because they will be changing your catheter in 20 years when you are on your way down again..

By now she is looking appalled and horrified.

So, my question is, when YOU no longer have any personal power, just what IS your plan for all this??? I genuinely do not get it. Who is there for you to appeal to for help?

Me looking all theatrically confused.

So she grabs the bottle of Clicquot, pours herself a heavy slug, and admits to me that THAT far ahead was never actually planned for, but as each year passes it does indeed get closer and closer and harder to ignore, and she has noticed her own feminazi friends facing the same lights in the tunnel, and watched many of them party like it was 1999, lacking any other response to it….

and then it comes down to it, the reaction that most wimminz I have known pull out of their asses in extremis, “if it gets that bad I suppose I can always wash a load of pills down with more of this” as she waves the glass of bubbly at me, probably thinking that the ultimate sulk will be met with a mangina on shining armour coming to the rescue…

It’s not much of a plan, I know” she says…

It’s not any kind of a plan, ” I tell her, “it is based upon the premise that your social and economic standing is going to remain as it is now, when you know damn well it is not, you’re less than a decade from retirement…

Anyway, I am done here, this appliance will now work again as it should, that’ll be x cash money please” (a job that frankly I could have talked her through on the phone in two minutes) and she pays me and I go, to leave her all alone drinking bubbly at 10 am on her day off cos being senior management in local guvvmint she only works 4 fucking days a week and what else is a girl to do?

Set up a lonely princess profile on PoF with no photo and 9 years chopped off her age?


February 12, 2012

Up, and down, up, and down…

…it’s a song from 1999 that for some reason got stuck in my head last week, so instead of conversation, such as “Oh yes” or “and what did you say” or “so how was that new bar you were going to” I end up wiggling my eyebrows at them and saying “Up, and down….Up, and down….”

mental health, it is an issue… lol, we have met the enemy, and he is us, our enemy is the enemy within, the white knight niggerz mangina that is bred into us all, programmed by the very language we speak, and I do not mean the feminazi MSM dialogue, I mean the language of English itself.

It’s only when you learn OTHER languages that you start to make connections about English as a language, and a language is of necessity a programming language, it is the language we use to communicate and describe the world around us.

Sometimes language is also like an aquarium, the view from outside looking in is different from the view inside looking out, and sometimes you have to venture out of your own aquarium to find a language capable of expressing that which you wish to describe.

There are probably few actual English words left in English, and those that survive have been changed, all the rest is imported from abroad… just as it is flatly impossible to separate out the influences of the Roman conquest 2,000 years ago and the Norman conquest 1,000 years ago (and the Viking raids etc) and arrive at a true English culture.

So only a non Spaniard can go to Spain, and point to three words;

  1. Casa – House
  2. Casado – Married
  3. Casadoras – Handcuffs

….and smirk, to be met by utterly blank looks on the faces of the Spaniards themselves, as though you just pointed out “the” / “there” / “theremins” … because by definition being a native English speaker I will not be able to come up with three English words that do this, or spot them when pointed out to me.

So thought processes end up in a rut, in a closed loop, much like the Vengaboys – Up and down song that started all this off, a mindless little tune and lyric that gets stuck in your head, and you end up talking crap to people, crap that is perfectly in context from your perspective, but from theirs makes them look at you as if you were slightly mad.

What’s that you say? All wimminz are filthy lying whores?

Bzzzzt, does not compute, you end up sounding like a candidate for the nice men in white coats, because just as the Spanish word for foreigner and the Spanish word for stranger are essentially the same thing, estrangero, the English word for someone who has truly swallowed the red pill and gone all the way down the rabbit hole, and the English word for someone who is a menace to society are essentially the same thing.

Every man who has stood in a secret family court and / or been falsely accused of  rape knows EXACTLY what I mean, they are using words that sound exactly like the words you grew up with, except they now have radically different meanings.

Down the rabbit hole where NOT buying your girlfriend a diamond ring for valentine’s day does NOT constitute a pre-meditated act of domestic violence and oppression and control.

So yesterday I am on PoF and this skank ho tells me the reason she split from her ex, was they weren’t getting on, and so one day she slapped him, and he put her in the hospital for three days… so I ask her, what did you learn from this, and get the predicted response, don’t be around violent men, and I point out to her a better lesson might be don’t bite off more than you can chew, after all, she instigated the violence. What did she expect???

It is only when I quite correctly pointed out that (due to other things and inconsistencies said in chat) that she is a liar and a hypocrite that she started to go all cold on me, me siding with the guy who allegedly put her in hospital for three days did not turn her off.

These brain draining parasites in the secret family courts, wimminz movements and so on all inhabit a world where no woman ever gets a throbbing dripping wet cunt at the thought and practice of a man giving her exactly the kind or pre-arranged and discussed and agreed to rough sex that she desires, the whole idea of kinky sex from a bit of slap and tickle all the way up to BDSM simply does not fucking exist, because in a real world where a man does not rape or beat or abuse, there can be no evidence (use the search facility on this blog and look up “locard) of these things.

Evidence of sex is not evidence of rape, accusations of abuse not backed up by any medical notes or photographs of bruises is not evidence of beatings, failing to do or provide certain things for a woman who nonetheless chooses to stick around for several years is not evidence of abuse.

Yet should you have any further doubts upon this matter, should you question whether control of the definitions of the programming language is the one thing they all actually care about, all you have to do is to dare to question any of the definitions of this language, as I did…. consensual slap and tickle and consensual rough sex BDSM is not fucking rape and abuse.

When you point out the that “enormous” sex implements, note the use of the word implement and not toy, which in reality means anything larger than 1″ diameter and 6″ length, were bought by the psycho skank ho in question who is accusing you of being the abusing rapist, reality and the subject will shift to the next item on the agenda, and sooner of later there will be one you cannot answer, because in your world and your language a response is meaningless, and the question itself nonsensical, yet in their world every response you can possibly make can and will, as the caution says, be used in evidence AGAINST you… nothing is ever used FOR you, but then, they never say it will be in caution….

When the psycho skank ho’s lawyers allege that the woman who decided to walk down the road to your house two or three times a week for ten years, to have sex, to have children by you, to be taken shopping by you, to have Christmas lunch with you, to use you as unpaid taxi and 24/7 multiskilled DIY man on call, was in fact nothing more than the woman you have been raping and abusing for ten years, and this is just one of many reasons why you should never be allowed anywhere near your own children ever again…. what do you have to say to that, Mr Afor?

You might as well wiggle your eyebrows, smile, bob your head from side to side bop to the beat and say “Up, and down…. up, and down”

November 27, 2011

What is a man, after all?

Last night‘s post about the disobedient skank ho was only half the story.

In pill-popping terms it was the delivery mechanism, and this post is the payload.

Part 1 of the payload is the after separation SMS, which from me was “so long, thanks for all the fish, don’t think we are suited but good luck” or words to that effect, and the reply from her this morning was “You don’t know anything about wimminz and you are a nothing who will never get a real wimminz but good luck on PoF

Archived to the cloud, fuck the insult, fuck the delusions, fuck everything, that morning after exchange is the icing on the cake in your defence against any and all future accusations, and that is the SOLE point of ALL your archived communications.

Part 2 of the payload is the conversation the skank and I had before I departed.

This part deals with the thorny question of what is a man, after all, and indeed what is a woman.

As I explained to the skank ho, with every human being there are two factors, one is what that person really is, and two is how they see themselves, if you like you can visualise these concepts as two lines drawn along a graph, with the time axis at the bottom, with a man, a real man not a mangina or white knight, his life is an ongoing relationship between the two, where he tries to keep the two lines as close together as possible.

What ALL human beings share in common is the belief that the gap between those two lines is very small, yes, white knights, manginas and wimminz will all think they do a pretty good job at that, like last night’s skank ho who promised total sexual obedience in bed, was totally disobedient, and yet who insisted that she was being totally obedient.

So I said to her, when you tell a child to tidy its room, and the child says I will when I finish watching Craptain Save-a-ho cartoon on the telly, is that child being obedient or disobedient, and of course to her that was obedience, to me it was disobedience.

So we come closer to a useful definition of the difference between Men and wimminz and niggerz, it isn’t the gap between the two lines on the graph, it isn’t the perception of the size of the gap between the two lines, it is however a willingness to swallow bad tasting medicine, and to make efforts to change BOTH lines, both what we actually are, perhaps by avoiding alcohol, and what we see ourselves as, perhaps by accepting that we have alcoholic tendencies.

Logically the problem with this solution / approach is that this skank’s opinion of me is just as valid as my opinion of her, we both believe we are right and neither one of us will give up our own viewpoint… it is like putting a priest and a rabbi in a room and expecting them to come to some agreement, when the reality is there are only two possible intelligent solutions, they both agree to immediately get up and leave the room together, or if prevented from doing so they both agree to meditate in silence, as it is impossible for them to converse on any subject with their differing world views.

Such an agreement was not on the cards last night, so I had the choice of unilateral action, to leave, or to meditate in silence, and you know how long that would be tolerated by a wimminz.

In effect I am stating that to be a Man, I must be passive in my dealings with other human beings, unless we mutually agree to instigate active dealings with each other, and I must also be active in my dealings with myself and my two lines on the graph.

Now, finally, we are approaching some sort of qualitative test that can be applied across the board.

It still carries the danger of subjectivity, that one person can make active changes in themselves, and another person can say yeah, but you should not be making THOSE changes, you should be making THESE changes, but the blue text above gives the clue, the passive person will not give voice to that opinion to the other person, they may think it, but not say it.

Which is a massive Red Pill moment, because we are taught that to be manly is to challenge and change the environment, and that to be passive is weak and worthless and wimpy.

I assert that passivity is manly, because in effect passivity is the refusal to create ties and bonds between yourself and the thing that you are acting passively towards, when addressed from this perspective, passivity is in fact the assertion of self and isolation over the option of we and connectivity.

So now we apply this qualitative test to those we meet, and use it to determine if they are the kind of people we wish to associate with passively, or if they are the kind of people we wish to distance ourselves from passively.

I’ll give you a clue here by pointing out that the reason I am single is I have not found a woman who passes this qualitative text, and I am not a fag so the many men who pass this text become friends and perhaps brothers in arms but no more.

The passivity link above to Wikipedia talks about passivity, and then co-mingles it with subservience and submission, typical trick cyclist bullshit rhetoric.

I like sexually submissive women, this was used by the ex’s lawyers to label me a rapist and child abuser, a domineering and aggressive monster with severe sociopathic issues who must never be allowed anywhere near his own kids.

The truth is that last night’s skank’s total lack of sexual submission very quickly made her totally lacking in all kinds of sex appeal or attraction to me, my passivity to her lack of submission was total, my cock was limp and nothing could make it hard, I no more manifested the tendencies ascribed to me by the skank ho ex’s lawyers than a guy sat behind a market stall exhibits the traits of an armed bank robber and extortionist…, he is sitting there, passively, displaying his wares, with “an invitation to treat“, he is content to deal actively only with himself and his own dealings, he prices his wares and sets them out on display, sits back and reads a book.

This secret family court red/blue pill is not therefore about the contents of the red and blue pills, or their efficacy, or side effects, or c0-morbidity, just that the red pill is a prohibited class A drug, and the blue pill is state mandated daily fare.

Protesting otherwise just gets you labelled as a psycho heroin dealer advocating that kids be given free access to heroin.

Application of the blue text above to everyone else involved in my secret family court appearances neatly categorises them, far better than any other test that I can come up with, and the more power they had over other human lives, the less passive and restrained they were in their dealings with them, and the less active and more restrained they were in dealing with themselves.

October 23, 2011

The unravelling of an attitude.

This post is essentially going to be two things, one of which is the third in the series commenting upon the change in wimminz attitudes as the economy founders, and the other thing is going to be a shotgun or random related stuff.

Clearly, since I am not a wimminz, I do not wake up every morning and believe that I am more beautiful, more sexy, more entitled than I was when I went to sleep the night before.

Being a man (of thankfully good genetic heritage) I wake up every morning, take a piss, light up a cigarette and sup my first coffee of the day, and some days something happens that causes me to remark to myself that I have just learned something new or added one more small piece to a puzzle. I do have people (of both sexes) mistakenly taking me for someone between 10 and 15 years younger than my actual age fairly regularly, but this is still putting me at late thirties as a minimum, an age at which for much of human history you were probably going to be considered “old age“. Of course the other thing that is most unusual about the last century of so of human history, is one of the side effects of science and technology and wealth creation, which is men marrying wimminz of basically the same age.

I have mentioned previously that my PoF production line has been showing a spike in wimminz nearer my own age opening the conversation with a willingness to be my kinky no-holds barred submissive slut, dropping all pretence of ladylike refinement or respectable demeanour, and a spike in the younger wimminz being more interested in a man my age than they were (remember, my PoF profile has no picture, so the first impression the wimminz get is the one they paint in their own head when they see “age 51”) only a season or so ago.

This last week has seen a serious spike in this, sure, it could be no more than a statistical anomaly, but it doesn’t feel like one, it feels much more like negotiating with people who suddenly realise that the balance of power has shifted, ironically towards a more patriarchal society and away from the matriarchal misandric society that all the feminazis are still screechingly claiming is a patriarchy.

It feels like this partly because of subtle shifts in the language used in the dating negotiations, and partly because of the quality and therefore self respect of the wimminz entering the arena lately, and pushing aside all the “rode hard and hung up wet” types that infested PoF as little as 6 months ago.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy this new negotiating language and new proposals and terms as being any more truthful or valuable than the stuff the wimminz were saying six months ago, but I do note the change, and I do note the fact that had these slightly better quality wimminz come to me with this approach and attitude 12 months ago it would have been met with slightly more than mere cynicism by me…. I would have acknowledged that they were at least making an effort to stand out from the herd BEFORE the fucking lions started stalking.

How much of a shift are we talking about?

Well, a 27 year old single mum, with her own home, and no, that doesn’t mean a mortgage she can’t pay, it means her own home, with a classical education and good relations with her traditional nuclear family, in actual fact quite easy on the eye and totally devoid of all the wimminz usual warpaint and accesorising and such, spending the last two weeks ramping up her campaign to convince me, a 51 year old man (albeit a well preserved one) to take her under my wing.

Yeah, she is still a skank ho single mum to bastard kids, she is still by nature of being a wimminz a filthy lying whore, but damn me if she isn’t making a fucking good effort, and I don’t just mean “I’ll be your own personal whore” shit, but the whole 1950’s housewife shebang about honouring and respecting and obeying the older and wiser man in your life.

Yeah, it may have no more meaning or import than an actor reading a script on stage, but fuck me, this is a play that has not been performed since the 80’s, and when the feminazis heckle this bitch (for hanging out with a “viagra daddy”) she certainly plays the part of someone fighting for one of the last seats on one of the last boats off the island before it sinks beneath the waves, with enough aplomb to deserve a very small round of applause.

And then she whips out the world smallest violin and plays a tune on it for these other feminazi skank ho wimminz who are “rode hard and hung up wet” for their self inflicted rapidly vanishing worth on the meat market, and I laugh out loud, because by now the feminazi skank ho wimminz reveal their true demonic nature and pour vile hatred upon the younger, fresher, and more pleasant sounding competition.

What I find fascinating here is that even if this young flesh only 5% believes the script she is reading to me, I have to do nothing, economic events alone will serve to make that script ever more credible to her, which will ensure her sustained and if anything increased effort, it is almost delicious enough to start taking long term bets on.

I mention the bets because the REASON men always tried to make marriages work for their families was the sheer amount of effort that men put into said families, and the REASON the wimminz were so quick to throw the man under the wheels of the nearest Family Court or Police Cell was because they put no effort into it, all they had to do was turn up at the party.

Now if things are, as they seem to be, going the other way, if this young wimminz is the one making all the effort into having a relationship with a man 24 years older than her, while the man does sweet fuck all except turn up to the party, then we have what is known as a role reversal.

Of course what will trump being a 27 year old skank ho single mum with bastard kids and a newly learned 1950’s housewife attitude in say 2013, is being an 18 year old virgin with 1950’s housewife attitudes in 2013….

Were I to take said 27 year old skank mummy on, pump and pump instead of pump and dump, come 2013 she is going to have a full time job, on the one hand convincing me that “a bird in the hand” applies to her versus her competition, and argument that has some merit if she plays the “I saw the writing on the wall first, and I chose you first, to be my lord and protector” argument, and on the other hand against the less competitive skanks, who will offer harem status…. e.g. be lord and master of three of us.

Now, getting back to the older skanks, but the newer to the scene type mentioned above, they no longer have the young flesh or fertile wombs to offer, so they are getting in with an opening bid of submissive kinky sex, and literally stating that their advantage over their peers is that they still get horny and dripping wet at the drop of a hat, or their master’s command.

Meanwhile the “rode hard and put up wet” types seem to be splitting in to two camps, those for whom the anger at whatever finally bursts through, with the realisation that sex is now going to consist of smearing fish paste on their cunts for their cats to lick off, and those for whom the thousand yard stare and stunned oblivion is the response, you can insult the living fuck out of them and tell them to send any fuckable female friends they have your way, and their response is to call you a friend… I shit you not.

Meanwhile back in the real MSM world, expect a massive resurgence of shit like “You gotta have a J O B if you wanna be with me…. ain’t nothing goin on but the rent” (Gwen Guthrie) and such crap… but moreso, because the late 10’s and the early 20’s are going to make the 30’s look like the fucking 80’s.

Now in the seventies I was the bad boy biker with the cash and the flash and the connections, and more cunt than I knew what to do with, and in the eighties I was the rich foreigner with the cash and the flash and the connections, and more cunt than I knew what to do with, the nineties were nowhere near as good cunt wise, I got enough but can’t say I ever had more than I knew what to do with, the noughties frankly I pretty much pissed away and fucked up, I think I fucked a total of 5 wimminz including my FRA psycho skank ho ex, and two of those five were mother and daughter, now the ten’s are here I am back to bad boy, serious bad reputation (rapist wife beater) but being strictly honest about things fuck all money, fuck all flash, and few connections of note, yet I am rapidly getting back to more cunt than I can handle.

What is different is since my FRA I keep detailed electronic records, so I can tell you exactly how many wimminz I have fucked in any given time period, so far in 2011 I have pumped and pumped and pumped and eventually dumped 15, and pumped and dumped (anything from a handjob through a quickie in a parked car to an overnight, but never gone back for more) an astonishing 63… if you’d asked me to guess the number I would have shrugged and said “maybe 20” and not really thought about it.

What is different is the sheer fucking numbers of 35/40+ year old separated skank ho wimminz on the market, it is a fucking epidemic and you can’t attribute my conversion rate to “teh interwebs” and dating sites like PoF coming into existence, at best that probably counters the fact that I am now 51, going bald on top, stony broke and have some shit accusations following me around like a bad smell.

Plus I find myself wondering at the connection, because basically all these skanky ho’s on PoF in their 40’s have been on the pill for 25 years, and smearing themselves with chemicals externally for 25 years (hence the poor skin) and eating processed food for 25 years, and not fucking working physically for 25 years thanks to electronic household labour saving appliances.

Correlation is not causation, but there are a fuck lot of correlations, and now I am starting to wonder if the wheels coming off the wagons of the western economies and 27 year old skanks pursuing 51 year old Men is just another correlation, or maybe there is a connection there somewhere….. because if there is that long term bet I mentioned earlier gets even more interesting.

September 6, 2011

Hitting the targets.

I’m returning to the Internet Dating theme again, and Plenty of Fish which is my chosen hunting ground.

Today I had a couple of production line skanks flake, one kinda come through but I expect she’ll flake, and one that I only started work on yesterday come through.

The interesting thing about the one that came through and wants twice a week fuckuddies is the bottom of her profile said this, and this only…

Must not be looking for Other Relationship
Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter

Now I know a lot of guys couldn’t get their cock in a cunt even if it had a target painted on it, and I have talked before about using sales type language like “conversion rates” on the wimminz Internet Dating, but the fact is that the dating market is like any other market such as double glazing sales, it varies over time with market conditions.

If it is overcast and pissing down with rain every day you are going to sell fuck all solar photo-voltaic power installations, quite apart from seasonal trends and factors such as subsidies and costs per kWH of mains all affecting the market, and the fact is it is no different with Internet Dating.

Yes, you are selling the same product every day, but you adapt to market conditions and variations by rebranding it every single day and tailoring it subtly to every single customer, eg while the broad strokes of what works on skank ho #1 will work on skank ho #2 for the initial warm up, to make the sale you have the tailor the fine details, and this will vary from skank ho #1 to skank ho #2

What I have seen lately with the spreading economic unrest is a change in what the wimminz are seeking, and a change in what they are offering… make no mistake, this is an instictive response by the wimminz, but it is also a rapid response and very much a smart adaptation to changing conditions.

To give you one concrete example, there is one skank ho on PoF that ain’t bad looking, good body, not a bad face, aged well for mid thirties and quite well presented, way too much of a stuck up bitch for yours truly to waste time on, but physically it is all there, a definite 7+.

This bitch is a property / real estate valuer, and of course the property market is about to tank big time, so whereas a week ago her profile was all about how hip and exciting she was and showed a profile pic of her holding a bottle of champers and partying like it is 1999, she has re-written her profile, suddenly she is looking not for a hooray henry to pay her bar and coke bill, but a nice and dependable man, and oh, the cocktail dress profile pictures have gone, to be replaced with the beach top showing off some very nice natural tits to within a millimetre of the aureolae.

Incidentally if you have an interest in the decline of the UK property market, go to http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/ and have a gander… currently the front page shows properties with asking prices reduced between 50 and 58 percent, just enter your postcode to see the top droppers in your area.

She, like all wimminz, is finely tuned to changes in the market… lol

I can tell you now, and have a very large degree of accuracy, that wimminz with secure homes, eg hubby died well insured, are still looking for casual friends with benefits, but all the other wimminz in less secure accomodations previously looking for friends with benefits or fuckbuddies have all just about vanished in the past two weeks…. now they are looking for long term relationships.

I can tell you that all the ones living in the house they got the ex kicked out of and living off the child support payments, which is all the ones with big hoopy ear-rings and a fucking attitude problem, still have a fucking attitude problem and are completely delusional, but they too sense a storm on the horizon because suddenly none of them want to get into long exchanges of emails and texts, they want to meet quickly and decide…. grab a chair before the music stops.

I can tell you that all the eternally single moms who have some negative trait such as a slight facial birthmark or squinty eye or big nose, are suddenly open to any kind of kinky sex you like and will be professing love within 24 hours and asking you to move in within 72.

I can tell you that suddenly (I have been fucking for 35 years, my fucking style hasn’t changed worth a damn in the past month) all the wimminz are genuinely having a lot more orgasms, being a lot more vocal, and being a lot more complimentary, and I do not mean the tired old “you’re the best” shit but new shit like “it isn’t fair I get to cum so much and you only cum two or three times“… in the seventies you heard that shit but it was a hard recession, and in the eighties you only heard that shit from some skank if she was about to ask you to marry her, and in the nineties you never heard it, nor in the noughties, now suddenly it is back….

I can tell you that suddenly all the bitches are dieting properly and going to the gym to do a proper workout…. no more is the “does my ass look big in this” shit, where you were expected to say no anyway, now they are all “I am dieting and working out and I know I am not there yet but I will get there to please you“….. WTF….

I can tell you that the subject of you perhaps having a roving eye or a roving cock has vanished like a factory job, it just isn’t mentioned at all, even if you are only spending one night a week at her place and she can see you on PoF the other six days a week, not a fucking word is said.

I can tell you that where it used to take about three or four her / you / her responses in a chat to get from strong woman who denies and refuses any possibility of submissive kinky sex and bondage to meek bitch who agrees, it now takes one, sometimes two….

I can tell you that my rather basic and brutal attitude to dating, which on the 0 to 10 scale of hotness used to bring in a mixed bag ranging from 2 to 7, is now producing a mixed bag ranging from 4 to 7, and the average age has dropped a year or two as well.

September 3, 2011

Pay attention Bond.

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For my sins, I have been tutoring a guy in internet dating.

It has been the usual battle with the guy’s innate masculine decency, he wants to listen to what the wimminz tell him, he doesn’t want to play the numbers game because it is cheating and lying about his single status, he is engaging in dialogue…

As you can imagine, this attitude seriously fucked up his conversion rate.

As I knew it would eventually, the penny dropped for this guy, he was basically chatting to three skanks on Plenty of Fish, unfortunately he was engaging them in conversation rather than talking at them and allowing them to agree with his world view, but at least he was playing the numbers, so anyway;

  1. Skank ho #1 says “I have to go now and pick up my daughter
  2. Skank ho #2 says “I am dead tired and have to go to sleep now
  3. Skank ho #3 says “My computer is playing up again, speak tomorrow

Now you need to know a couple of things, number one is all these skanks say the same thing about not wanting players, and why oh why is it impossible to find an honest man, you know the drill, and thing number two is that as part of the mentoring process this guy had shared with me these skanks’ user names on PoF.

Actually thing number three is that this guy only lives a few miles away, and so it was that I toss laptop into chariot and bimble my way over to his pad just after midnight.

01934 These Numbers Are Everywhere

Image by nickhall via Flickr

Open my laptop, and carry on chatting to three skanks, yes, skank 1, 2 & 3 are chatting to me, after they have respectively gone to collect their daughter, gone to bed, and crashed their computer…. nota bene all three skanks hate players and hate men lying to them….

My young Grasshopper student looks at me and you can see the flash of territorial emotional anger pass across his face, before the male intellect rises to the fore…. why did my mentor drive five miles after midnight to show me this if he was only after stealing my pussy.

And then the penny dropped.

All wimminz lie all of the fucking time about absolutely everything.

And this penny dropping moment was so profound I had to go into his kitchen and make my own fucking coffee, because all he could do was wander around waving his hands and saying “How could I have been SO…… FUCKING…… STUPID……” and muttering about how he now “gets” the lessons I have been trying to teach him.

So I shared a few used PoF profile names with him, this one will do x, this one gives good head, this one pisses like a steer when she cums…

So far today he has phoned me three times, the penny dropping last night is penetrating his conciousness, and each time he rang me it was to tell me about some other event in his past with an ex that suddenly, with blinkers removed and 20/20 hindsight, made perfect sense, whereas before it was a source of constant confusion and irritability.

Sadly, this lesson is one that each man, like this guy, has to learn individually, it cannot be taught without also experiencing the relevant real world physical lesson.

But once it is learned it becomes just another little trick in the arsenal of what it is to be a man, like opening a beer bottle with a disposable lighter or a stick or a chip of rock, a trivial little trick than can never be forgotten, yet which is so useful you automatically open the beer bottle with anything within reach, rather than getting up and looking for a bottle opener.

All wimminz lie all of the fucking time about absolutely everything, so just ignore everything wimminz say all of the time about absolutely everything, and if you must interact with wimminz such as on PoF, take the role of the preacher orating his sermon, and select your skanks from those who self select themselves by paying attention to your world view.

Nothing born with a cunt is capable of telling the truth with its mouth and words, nor is it capable of lying if you ignore everything said, and pay attention only to body language and everything done.

It’s a bit like watching commercials with the sound off, try it some time.


August 28, 2011

Doubling down.

As I scan the various mainstream media (MSM) I see that the aftermath of the rioting means more prisoners and more prison crowding, and the prisoners are rioting, but the “vulnerable and damaged” wimminz prisoners are worthy of special mention and protection, yesterday on BBC TV news the skank ho wimminz anchor has two more skank ho wimminz talking heads in for an opinion piece, and they use 30 seconds of prime time news to congratulate each other about how nice it is to have all wimminz, yeah, apart from all the cameramen and technicians that actually make the fucking broadcast possible, all of whom are men.

The fact is that as the economic penalty for decades of pedestalising wimminz and penalising men comes home to roost, we are going to see ever more of this wimminz doubling down on their own special precious snowflake status.

Wimminz have this in common with our political leaders, our economic leaders, our business leaders, they are all one trick ponies, when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, and all any of these assholes can do it keep doubling down on the only trick they know, while blaming everyone else for it not working.

And that’s a fact jack, blaming everyone else when their one trick pony doubling down continues to fail to come out the way they expect. And that should worry you, because these useless cunts all have their hands on the reins.

And that is the subject of this post, because as these cunts keep doubling down, and it doesn’t have the desired effect, but it does have other, utterly predictable effects, you can bet your last minute of freedom that they will be blaming anything and everything, and that especially includes anyone saying “Told you so” and anyone who can be painted as a scapegoat, you know, like, say, a Man Going Their Own Way…..

Illustration of the "Stab-in-the-Back&quo...

Image via Wikipedia

MGTOW may think things are tough NOW, you just wait till the doubling down and blame game progresses, and before you know it you will have the status of a Jew in Berlin in 1938.

Think I am fucking kidding? Think again…. Own a business, even a one man self employed plumber just about makes ends meet business, and do not employ at least one affirmative action skank ho, and you will be just like the Jew, not allowed to own a business or the tools of your trade.

Own/Rent a home, and do not give cheap rooms to affirmative action skank ho mummies, then clearly you do not deserve to have that home, out you go in the shirt you are wearing and in they go, to all your goods and property.

Don’t have a recognised job that pays a wad of taxes every week into the state purse to subsidise all these cunts wimminz and their niggerz, well fuck you, off to the labour camps to support the wimminz and niggerz…. and please, do not be so stupid at to point your finger at the less productive single skank ho mummies around you, being wimminz they are excluded from the definition….

Now you can be like the Jews in Germany in 1938 and live in denial that it can ever get that bad, or you can be like the Jews in Germany who realised that it could get that bad, but decided that they were going to make a stand, or you can be like the Jews in Germany who decided to change their name from Hymie to Heinrich and invented a new life and identity for themselves running Auchwitz as a Nazi, if not one of pure Aryan stock.

What y’all need to remember that the “Achtung Juden” signs were not there to warn the great unwashed public that there were Jews about, and that jews were likely to cheat them, etc etc, oh no, the signs were there to warn the great unwashed public that there were Jews about, so you better watch who you associate with, else you may be classed with them, maybe not as a Jew, but for sure as a Jew Lover.

You know, we sit here now and say how fucking awful it was, signs up saying “Achtung Juden“, but the fact is we are fucking surrounded with messages that say “Achting Herren” and the fucking reality is that to the great unwashed, the “Achtung Herren” of 2011 is just as invisble as the “Achtung Juden” was in 1938…. think on that…. long and hard…. your future liberty depends upon it.

I’m talking camouflage

MGTOW sitting around saying we are superior to the wimminz and niggerz, well, the time is coming when you get the chance to prove the rhetoric, sort the men from the boys, and find out if you are the real deal or just another niggerz.

MGTOW who are men and not niggerz, who have a superior brain to the wimminz and niggerz, will use that superior brain to act like the Stainless Steel Rat, always one move ahead of the cunts, and most of all that means the ability to move freely and seamlessly through that collapsing society, and the first trick you have to learn is the trick of camouflage.

Fly below the radar, behind the skirting boards, inside the walls, below the tops of the grass, this does not mean pretend to be the enemy, this does mean practice effectively being invisible, society is the mob, and the mob is not very smart and does not have very good eyesight, it will grab hold of and kick the shit out of anything that remotely resembles whatever it is looking for to kick the shit out of, and there will in effect be many mobs with many different targets, so no one disguise will work, the chameleon effect is what you seek, be all things to all people, for the 3 seconds quick glance that they give you.

A well known writer once noted that the way to become invisible on the street was to see everyone else 3 seconds before they saw you, so that when they notice you they notice your gaze has just passed over them, making them feel noted, so you are not vulnerable, but also ignored, so they are not threatened.

I knew a guy who ran a fancy dress shop, not a joke shop but proper costume hire, every day he would go out wearing a different outfit, one day we has a soldier, next he was an undertaker, next he was a mechanic, and every single day he himself was invisible and all anyone saw was a uniform.

I myself have travelled through much of the world, there were very few places where I could not become local and invisible simply because I happened to be wearing some greasy overalls and had some oil stains on my hands and around my forehead where I had wiped sweat away.

Be alert, the world needs more lerts.


With all this in mind, feel free to use / modify / distribute the following logo, done crudely in electronic aerosol, based on the Female sex icon, which means easy to deface / disinfo / rebrand a Female sex icon anywhere you see it.

Achtung Herren

August 20, 2011

Internet dating update

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The wheels on the bus go round and round… till they fall off.

You can tell that we really are heading into tough times economically when the profiles of wimminz on internet dating sites like PoF (Plenty of Fish) start changing.

Whereas a few months ago all the wimminz were looking for a “sole mate(sic) or a man with a “sence of humour(sic) to complement their jobs as “secritary(sic) etc etc, nowadays an increasing proportion of profiles are looking for a “solvent” or “generous” man, and there are quite a few profiles from 20 year old students looking for older, generous, men.

Basically, these wimminz have seen which way the wind is blowing economically, and their inner whore has popped to the surface, up front and centre, main billing, in the spotlight.

The rest of the wimminz are also much more open about their skank nature, whereas a few months ago they would have been quite upset at me playing the field, nowadays conversations go like this;

Skank ho “So I suppose you were fucking someone else when you were too busy to come over here on Monday?

Me “Why do you ask the question when you think you know the answer and you are all right with it anyway, or you would not be sat there now with a wet cunt?

Skank ho “You’re such a bastard.

Me “That would be ‘You are such a bastard Sir!

Skank ho “mumumumumum” as she gobbles my cock.

If you think the above conversation is fictitious, think again… these wimminz, like the “must be solvent” skanks, realise that the name of the game is out competing and out-fucking the other wimminz I am, or may be, fucking, and as long as I neither confirm nor deny their fears, but play on them, they have no information to judge how far they have to double down on being a filthy obedient slut in order to win the prize and keep me.

This second group of skanks are smarter and more in tune with their animal natures than the ones in the first group suddenly seeking men with money / jobs / spare income to pad their own financial demise… the second group of skanks are channeling the cave-skank culture, ug, need man to own and protect me, ug.

They are right.

Own and protect does not mean looking for some guy who is a cross between the Incredible Hulk and Bruce Lee, able to take on all comers and kick ass, own and protect just means some guy who is smarter than them, and able to make daily decisions on the spot that are better than the ones they would have made, eg anyone but a wimminz or a niggerz, eg an old fashioned unreconstructed Man.

I have been watching this emerging trend for a few months now, and have been taking extreme care to make sure it is not just a seasonal variation, or my improving skillz, or any other variable, but that it is instead a real and genuine trend, and I have refrained from saying anything about it until I was sure one way or another, but the fact is I can no longer deny it.

It has been at least four weeks since the last PoF skank blanked me for refusing to confirm or deny that I was and would continue to fuck other wimminz while fucking her. Prior to that the proportion who did was trailing off.

I have also noticed something else subtly changing, the number of women willing to entertain, or even opening the subject, of threesomes, and not the traditional man + skank ho slut + skank ho slut, or MMF threesome, but the triangle, me, skank ho slut ideal for taking to swinging parties, and skank who probably had 5 men or less in her life, probably with 1 kid, reasonably nice and respectable, no tattoos or piercings, as in both these different types of wimminz appreciate that neither of them alone has enough to offer a man, but between them they do, and perhaps they both win by making that accommodation to their previous wish list…

When you compare wimminz and men, you can make an analogy to an instrument that measures wind direction and speed… the male version is damped and adjusted, and always shows the average over the past minute or so, and is relatively immune to transient gusts and eddies from different directions, whereas the wimminz version measures instantaneous gusts and eddies only, so the readings are accurate and all over the place, and instantly out of date…. you’re better off watching the smoke rise from a fire.

This is the true nature of wimminz much vaunted “sensitivity“, it can be useful as an early warning or early detection system, provided a man interprets the data, wimminz sensitivity can be useful in times where the food or drinking water is no longer as good, for example, and they do this very much like a herd of antelope sensing approaching danger, and I believe that what I am observing here, the wimminz herd mentality at work, and some of the outliers at the periphery of the herd, in the more vulnerable positions, in the Internet Dating game, are smelling some smoke on the wind, and starting to adjust their priorities.

I think some of these wimminz are indeed sensing the changing economic and indeed technological, social and cultural times ahead, and adjusting their attitudes to ensure best chance of survival in the new emerging conditions, and the result of that is as described above.

I myself as an ex-FRA (False Rape Accused) am a poster boy for the MRA Red Pill dude, so like these skank ho wimminz that I am hooking up with on PoF, I am also an outlier at the edge of the male herd.

When sailing the ocean it is traditional to have a proper (male) wind speed and direction instrument, dampened and moderated, but it is also traditional to fly a (wimminz) long thin streamer from the masthead that shows every eddy and gust in the wind. Between the two you get a good picture of the weather around you…. not just if a storm is coming, but how it will arrive and how rough it is likely to be.

I’m kind of reminded of the smarter, older men around here, who ignore all long range weather forecasting, and who instead pay attention to things like fruiting berries in spring to predict the subsequent three seasons.

I believe that watching what the outliers wimminz are doing at any given time is as important as watching bank Libor rates and spot gold and Brent crude prices and so on and so forth, as many separate but connected and related indicators of the developing socio-economic climate that we find ourselves in.

It’s starting to be a good time to be a Man on the outliers of male society again, better than being in the safety and conformity of the male herd, who are going to become someone’s lunch.

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