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December 11, 2013

I could just be unlucky

or maybe I have some sort of genetic deformity that emits a secret pheromone, or maybe god just hates me.

I mean, otherwise, what are the chances, you know what I mean…

It is statistically improbable beyond the point of credibility or belief that mere bad luck on my part can account for me to spend fucking decades drifting through life, imagine a being walking amongst the teeming masses, and yet I have managed, so far, to completely and utterly fail to meet even one single wimminz who didn’t lie through her fucking teeth for a pass-time, and who said one thing yesterday and did something completely opposite today.761Bv

I mean, can you imagine something where you have a guy, and every single dog they have ever met bit them…. you’d start to get suspicious… maybe the guy is giving off “bite me” smells to the dogs…

And then you dig deeper, and find that guy has never met another guy who has had a different experience, sure, he has met a few who claimed different, and when you point out the puncture marks and scabs they claim Fido was just being playful and didn’t mean anything by it.

At what point are you going to stop and say, you know, maybe this guy isn’t the salient factor here, maybe we should be looking at these dogs.


I chose dogs for a reason, the reason is that you can argue both sides of the coin, back in pre-history did early humans adopt early dogs and tame them, or did early dogs adopt early humans and tame them…. it’s a bit of a quandary, but either way we are now in a place where dogs are a man’s best friend overall, and vice versa.

Now, if human beings are just DNA‘s way of making more DNA, you can start to get into some interesting thought experiments.

Here are some;

1/ It is not necessary for DNA (or indeed RNA) that males and females get along all cosy like and everybody wins, in fact you can look at things like the life cycle of the Malaria disease, provided nobody loses so badly it affects the propogation of the Malaria, Malaria doesn’t give a fuck.

2/ Nor is it necessary in sexual reproduction for the two sexes to get along all cosy like as equals, in fact, I will challenge you to name a SINGLE species anywhere on the planet where this is true…. as long as reproduction takes place at a rate sufficient to sustain both evolution and population, all is good.

3/ Alpha males / pack leader was one way for a male to ensure continuation of his DNA, and the competition served evolution too, and then came speech, so it stands to reason that if speech were all Star Trek Vulcan and always 100% truthful / logical / accurate, at least when it came to matters of sexual reproduction, it wouldn’t work, the liar will win every time. Yes, this is your child.

4/ Genetically speaking, the evolution takes place in the male, XY and all that, and genetically speaking, a foetus is somewhere between a symbiote and a parasite on the host organism, so in evolutionary terms, the female needs something extra to make up for this, and that extra was to become a parasite to the male, and live off their effort…. Suddenly communication came in to play… Yes, this is your child.

5/ Genetically speaking, it is only in the last 150 years that the female stood *any* chance of being caught out in such a lie, humanity lived in small isolated groups that didn’t mix much, everyone in the community *was* a relative. It took the advent of the railway to provide enough mobility that a female could produce a child that clearly was *not* related to anyone in the village… Yes this is your child does not work when the child suddenly has brown eyes, or red hair, or dark skin.


I touched on this yesterday, with the what will the wimminz really do thing.. but the point here is this.

Genetically and evolutionary wise, the last 150 years of technology and the ability to breed outside the local gene puddle is such a short time it isn’t even the blink of an eye.

Hell, it was only the invention of the chimney in the 1500’s which changed the way houses were built that permitted people to fuck in privacy, before that it was one big room…

Up until this time…

Far from the patriarchy being a privilege, it was the only possible way that you could sell a guy on the idea that he had to sit still and be a host to a parasite that lived off the fruit of his labours… and such labours were such a significant part of each man’s total output that the mere idea of any of them being stolen by a cuckold was serious, serious, shit.

As the Stones sang, the so called privileged patriarchy alpha male was in effect, from many many many viewpoints, no more than a beast of burden, and any so called male privilege that he got was in fact no more than the minimum you could possibly do to convince any beast of burden to stay harnessed to the yoke… no point being a plough horse if the wild ponies eat better, I want my fucking fresh yummy oats.

I see a wimminz lie to me, one week promising me the earth, next week I do not exist, bitch is doing me a fucking favour, she is showing me her inability to fulfil her end of the bargain and provide me with my fresh yummy oats every day, so I refuse to put on the harness and yoke and be the beast of burden.

Again, as I alluded to in the last piece, from the DNA perspective this sounds like an instant lose / lose proposition, but no, because now the wimminz are parasites on the state, and the state is putting men to the draft as beasts of burden.


You know, I got a *lot* of shit for fucking a wimminz and her daughter, but honestly, get fucking real, you turn up in my presence with another adult female that is younger and more fertile than you, WTF do you think I am going to think? One thing I *do* know for sure is it ain’t *my* fucking daughter, so why should I not want to fuck it?

Seriously, where is the payoff for me for *not* fucking you both?


Sure bitch, *you* don’t like it, but to prevent it all *you* had to do was stay with the father, assuming you even knew who that was…. if you dump him you can’t complain if 20 years later some other random guy is as willing to fuck her as he is you.

But, to get back to the plot.

Instead of being parasites on individual men, or on small groups of related men, now wimminz be parasites on the State, and I fucking DEFY any of you to come up with a better definition for a creature that takes their entire life and gives nothing back but more of their own DNA other than a fucking parasite.

Men went from having a parasite that was at best carrying his own child, and at worst carrying his brothers or cousins child, either way there is a LOT of his DNA there, and he gets to see and influence that child throughout their growing years…. to the situation we now have, where the one person LEAST likely to be anywhere near their own DNA is the father, but, via the State, you still get to pay… and not just for your own personal parasite, in exchange for regular fresh oats, but as a social bill, and no oats in return.

For the parasite, the wimminz, there is no downside to all this, in fact it is win/win, now they can not merely have 5 kids by 5 fathers and maximise the DNA mixing, which is their role as host to the foetus, which, if male, will be the actual engine of evolution, but they can pull a train of 5 guys for each pregnancy, and let the most fertile sperm win.

The only downside to all this is the beast of burden, who is supposed to just carry on pulling that plough, not getting any fresh oats, and shut the fuck up, while also accepting that his *individual* role in that evolutionary DNA mixing lotto machine is minimised to the maximum extent possible.


So the world as a whole is looking at the engine of everything, the ultimate host for all subsequent tiers of parasites, the working man, as a boiler, and they are pouring more and more coal under it and demanding ever greater volumes of steam and ever greater levels of superheat, because, you know, that is all parasites can do (Scorpion and Frog bro) and when rivets start creaking and seams start rumbling what do they do?

They pick up a hammer and start beating on the individual rivets and seams, and, to an extent, yeah, this can actually work, if you are a fucking lunatic with a death wish who is feeling very very fucking lucky.

Back in the day, in the old Board of Trade days when you were sitting your Chief Engineer exams, they used to throw in the odd not so trick question, to see if you were awake and thinking…. one of these questions was, “What steps to you take when the main steam line fractures?

The answer was of course “The engine room steps… and fucking quickly.” Because 60 to 90 seconds later everything in the engine room is bathed in superheated steam, it’s not just dead, it is cooked and tender enough to fall off the bone.

If you suspected a boiler was getting near failure, you opened all the valves, dumped the hearth and aimed hoses at it to cool it down, ideally you did all that in a few seconds, and then took the fucking engine room steps or equivalent, and retired to a safe distance, and you did not return until the temperature inside the boiler was below boiling and the pressure was open to atmospheric.

You didn’t run up with a hammer and start trying to beat on the rivets and seams in question.


Well, let’s look at that, we have a population of parasites, wimminz, and their parasites, kids, that have already vastly exceeded whatever resource consumption they could get directly from males as individuals.

So the situation evolved to the one we have today, where the required resources for the parasites are taken from the males en masse, socially, via the State.

And you think a big war, which of course means MALES going off and getting killed, which even further unbalances the situation, is going to solve anything???

The facts are that there is a direct correlation between the number of years a parasite, wimminz, stays in a monogamous relationshit with a single host, man, and the maximum number of womb turds she can produce, when you look at society as a whole.

Statistically speaking the catholics/jews/muslims/you name it in 40 year monogamous situations out-breed everyone else.

Simply because the individual males, hosts, responsible for that level of parasitic activity stand for it, they get fresh oats daily.

Sans the State, wimminz can *maybe* support 1 or possibly 2 kids, but it is a life of grinding hardship, and nothing is off limits, 2 dollar whoring is good… and this is a big maybe, most will abandon the kid or kill it, as they will already not have enough resources for themselves.

Expect lots of die offs, kids first…. if TSHTF

Nothing that involves silencing those creaking rivets and seams is a solution, it is a part of the fucking problem, at this point the solutions are not going to be pretty.

An engineer is someone who can look at doing nothing until the boiler blows and everyone is fucked, some time in the future, who knows when, keep kicking the can, or turning the spigot back from 110% to 40% for the foreseeable while repairs are made, and people start dying NOW in large numbers, and not see any real choice or difficulty.

October 21, 2013

Flying pigs, part two

In part one I mentioned Calhoun’s mice metropolis experiments, and the point that I kinda thought “everyone knew about this“, until I realised the truth was nearer “nobody under 50 has heard about this“, due to a post on another blog that drew parallels to Calhoun’s “beautiful ones” and the phenomenon which is known in Japan as “grass eaters”

In the mice metropolis experiment, these mice *looked* bloody good physically, but far from preserving themselves in readiness to exploit the die off, they died off too… they couldn’t handle *any* change from the existence they had forged.

The, to me, most important points of Calhoun’s experiment will likely be missed by those it is new to.. so, let me summarise…

  1. Mice heaven was divided into 16 equal segments, and each segment could provide for all the needs of up to 200 mice… for a theoretical maximum of 3,200.
  2. The experiment started with 4 or 6 mice, I forget which now.
  3. Each segment was identical, even down to provision of water and food.
  4. Nevertheless, the peak population never got beyond 2,200
  5. There were ***NO*** survivors of the die off phase.
  6. The population clustered, it didn’t spread out equally across the 16 zones.

point #5 is the one, this wasn’t some theoretical computer based life simulation based on foxes and rabbits etc, and *nobody* in the experiment expected it to end in extinction.

Sadly in 2013 if google hasn’t indexed it, it doesn’t exist, so it is only in my memory, not a link you guys can follow,  that Calhoun said in an interview much later that it was almost like god / dna / darwin was watching, growth expanded to fill most of the space, eventually realised that this was a closed system with no way to breach the boundaries, and so the same grow and expand triggers that made the population squabble, ended up just turning off the lights and going to sleep and never waking again.

In effect, there were not enough possible moves or options left for the mice to evolve, it was a monoculture, and at some point some inbuilt trigger in dna flipped over to extinction.

Not all species that become extinct do so solely because they cannot eat and breed fast enough to overcome predation and environmental changes, many species that should have been able to carry on just quit.

Not enough moves left in the game.

Which makes an interesting thought experiment

If these grass eaters, or “men going ghost” / MGTOW, are a direct analogy to the beautiful mice, then they are not a sign that marxism / feminism has had its day, but that homo sapiens has had its day.

Time for the next evolutionary step.

Homo makemeasammichbitch

The bit everyone forgets from Idiocracy is the obvious fact that if Not Sure hadn’t stopped them from irrigating the crops with Brawndo, everyone would have been dead, pronto, even before the remaining functioning stuff fell into dust and killed them that way.

OK, Earth isn’t a closed system / monoculture, so species extinction, maybe not, species speciation, maybe so, maybe so with bells on.

Maybe we are in the middle of such a speciation right now.

Certainly, as far as I can tell, wimminz and niggerz aren’t actually human, it is far more useful to think of them as some sort of alien body snatcher copies, they just imitate rational thinking beings, rather than having any ability to indulge in individual rational thought themselves.

It is interesting that in sci-fi whenever there is a call for a creature that copies the host organism, said creature always takes on the appearance of a human female… the *only* exception I can think of is an early English sci-fi film in which the creatures took on the appearance of young pre pubescent boys… it ended with a famous scene of the guy imagining a brick wall to avoid thinking about the bomb in the suitcase that would wipe them out.

As we now know, there is at best a vague and passing *positive* link between brain size and complexity, and intellect.

In my travels and in my life I have met some very very important and wealthy and influential people, and with truly rare exceptions I have come away with a profound impression of disturbing levels of stupidity, just a sense of “them and us” that makes any imagined psychopathy in what I wrote above look like a candle next to a bonfire.

To sum up.

I have never taken up the mantle of myself as being a PUA or having mastered game, it just does not sit right with me.

Nor does the whole grass-eater / MGTOW thing

I would caution men who are dissatisfied with the legal and social systems in place today, that MGTOW may not be something to aspire to, it may be nothing more than dropping out and spending your remaining time ensuring that you make a handsome corpse, for about 3 hours until morbidity sets in.

Perhaps, instead, aspire to evolving yourself into a different creature altogether, a shape-shifter that can pretend it is human, but unlike the wimminz and niggerz, the camouflage is not to conceal the lack of a functioning brain, but the presence of a keenly analytical brain.

December 28, 2012


There are noises that the wimminz make when being fucked, and I am a fucking god at this shit, so I do NOT mean the ooh ahh oh god baby stuff that they ALL do… I’m talking about the noises that I can make maybe one in twenty wimminz make.

The little involuntary and entirely non-verbal squeals.

The little squeals that do not coincide exactly with your thrusting in or out or anything else, when you get these invariable it is some of the best sex you get, because she is into you in a big way, and then you have a positive feedback loop.

I’ve got a mate, he is back in the UK again now, broke, but about ten years ago he started to get into porn, then kinky porn, then extreme porn, but all in a very fringe / amateur sort of way, and while there was money involved he was in it for the kicks, not the money, so think private email lists and DVD distribution, not the commercial houses.

I can remember at the time we had a lot of discussions about the fact that the way he was working was, in methodology of distribution and revenue earning, pretty fucking close to kiddie porn, and they throw the fucking key away for that shit… and then they brought in a new law that made a lot of previously legal porn illegal, so matey departs to foreign shores.

He ends up in Bulgaria making bestiality porn, same business methods but now there is HD and the ability to stream shit from servers as torrents as well as posting DVD’s to customers.

Being western bestiality porn pretty much = wimminz + dogs, you have to leave it to the japs and south americans for the other animals in the menagerie.

So he’s back, this is about six weeks ago, and we are talking, and of course the talk comes around to a couple of the wimminz that regularly featured in his “work”, you have to remember that while I knew him, and a couple of the wimminz, I never actually got involved beyond that, so it wasn’t like discussing Die Hard.

His main squeeze, the one he went to Bulgo with, was a pretty thang, but like all young wimminz very self centred, I fucked her once and it was purely average, he said the same thing, but the camera did love her, and vice versa, and anyway they were pretty much an item,  and turns out it was at HER behest that things moved on to bestiality, and because she wouldn’t give it up that they both moved to Bulgo and started to do just beasty stuff.

So we are there talking and I look at him, because he has just told me about noises, this bitch, without fail, made *those* noises when she was being mounted by a dog, and he goes on to tell me that in his opinion that is why their “label” was so successful, this bitch was not just happy, but delighted, for all that stuff to stay in and not get dropped on the editing room floor.

Plenty of other wimminz came along and did one shoot or two or three, enough for a DVD, and they all made those noises too, but wanted them cut in editing, but of course they got copies of all the raw unedited stuff for their own use…. and enjoyment.

You have to remember, I knew the main wimminz we are both talking about here, I have fucked her too, and I am having a hard time equating this squealing bitch he is describing with the quite pretty but very self centred wimminz I knew, and who I saw him with socially when they were together and I’d visit.

I hadn’t really made the connection that there were some men, or some mammals, that could make an individual wimminz make those noises, but the majority wouldn’t, I guess I had sort of assumed that most of the guys who had been there before me had made them make those noises too…. and then a penny dropped, every wimminz I have lost interest in, but who has been available for me to fuck in an ongoing manner if I so chose, was one who did NOT make those little noises.

Of course HIS kick was once Rin Tin Tin had made her squeal like a piggy, she was up for anything HE wanted, the rest of the time he told me the sex with her was pretty much as I remembered it with her.

I’m kind of discussing this with the guy and so I eventually sort of wave my hands at him, and the flat he has moved back into here in the UK, and ask, so what the fuck happened dude?

Well, it turns out she was not just 50% of the “business” in terms of output, but she was also the draw for the other wimminz who came along and did one off DVD’s, and it turns out the money went the same way, it was always a 40 buck (always in dollars) DVD, split 50/50 between the “actress” and the house, the house being him, so of course all the expenses came out of his cut, and then the credit card companies started to get pissy, so he had to have legit companies owning less legit companies, which made customers more wary because they were buying a DVD from “Nasty Bestiality Inc” but credit card payments were going to “ACME Software Inc” of Turkey, and next month to “Roadrunner Mousetrap Inc” of Greece, which put his expenses up, to the point where they are barely scraping a living.

So what happend next? I asked him.

Well, turns out they met this guy who was holidaying in the area, they hung out for a bit, next thing he knows she is telling him this guy has sent her a one way plane ticket to France.

The kick, the guy runs a kennels in France, boarding and breeding, oh, and he has money too.

So long and thanks for all the dog.

By then he is so deep in the shit financially he loads up the car and does a midnight flit from Bulgo, last thing he does on his last night is take all the hard disks containing the production work to date and put them in a 45 gallon drum with a gallon of gasoline and a pile of wood and watch it burn while drinking zagorka, cos that shit is a criminal conviction and prison sentence in western europe.

All I can do is look at him and grin and say “shiiiit” and raise the bottle in a toast.

“Fuck it” he says, “it was good while it lasted”

the little noises a wimminz makes when she is REALLY enjoying the sex.

Thing is, he was right, if I run the VT in my head in rewind, all the sex I ever had where wimminz did NOT make those little noises with me is sort of blurred and indistinct and vague, and where they DID make those noises it is sort of blurred and indistinct but NICE and an undercurrent of them being pretty and sexually attractive and PWHOAR and all that jazz, but for those wimminz, I can’t remember much about them the rest of the time, when we weren’t fucking and they weren’t making those little noises.

Thing is, the thing he and I both missed, those wimminz who DID make those little noises with me, they were never any of the wimminz who pledged love and allegiance and wanting a long relationshit with me.

I’m still puzzling that one out, did giving them those noises make them more honest and less likely to bullshit me into a relationshit?

I do know this, my mate says by far his most popular titles were not the ones with the 2,000 buck camera, which they all had, or when he got the 2,000 buck lenses, or when he got the 2,000 buck editing software, they were when he got the 2,000 buck mikes and pointed them at the bitch’s face and cunt to capture those little noises in high quality, and overlay them synced properly with the squelchy cunt sounds, he also says the most popular scenes were those showing nothing but her face, nothing in the least porno about that, but the look on her face as she made those sounds, captured in high quality audio.

I haven’t seen those scenes either, and chances are you haven’t either, but I know exactly what he meant.

For some reason I cut to Independence Day, where they are uploading the virus to the mothership… those little noises wimminz make, they are the virus to the red pill mothership.

Actually it’s worse than that, the red pill mothership has code spaces especially built in, ready and waiting for just such a virus, in much the same way it works in biology.

Actually it’s worse than that too, because the wimminz was just as much a carrier as us, she had no control over what would make her squeal like a piggy, so the first time it happens she can either run from it, or towards it.

All I know is I am grateful for small mercies, I haven’t had to go down the dog pound to find a wimminz that could make those noises for me… I had enough fucking problems with just wimminz and me and a bed…. lol

That, and me never white knighting and defending the bitches from the consequences of the drives given to them by their cunt…. no responsibility without authority is my motto.


December 27, 2012

Perceptions, illusions and reality.

It is tempting, and quite common in sci-fi, and indeed religion, to talk about humans as being flawed or without hope or destined to fuck up with annoying regularity.

This portrayal does not however withstand any kind of scientific scrutiny whatsoever.

When you look at humanity as a whole scientifically, all the things that I whine about on this blog are just a part of the whole, we are not a perfect system, what we are is an EVOLVING system, and part and parcel of evolving systems is they need to fuck up with regularity in order to weed out the crap, and retain the good.

The technology of modern western culture is good, the stuff absorbed into the body humanity, the sociology of modern western culture is crap, the steaming turd extruded from the anus.

Thankfully the days when the wimminz compare me to 50 shades of grey are passing, but again there is a lesson there, in the constantly changing values of sexual sluttishness that they will exchange for my company, or your company, or the ex’s company… and of course the one constant that the wimminz all pull out from 50 shades, that Ana is in love with Christian, but Christian is unable to love Ana, or anyone else…

All these things above are DYNAMIC structures in a state of evolution and change.

It may suck in the worst way possible to be a particular INDIVIDUAL in such a scenario, but for the species as a WHOLE things are going great thanks.

10 million deaths in a global war or pandemic is an awful thing for those involved, as awful as it gets, but for the species as a whole, it’s a good thing.

Losing a child with a congenital defect is an awful thing for the parents, but a good thing for the species, and so we get into the quicksands of eugenics vs evolution, I want to fuck Fred’s daughter and make her pregnant, not Sambo’s daughter, how much of that is me practising eugenics and how much is hard wired evolutionary imperatives forced upon me?

We are due a war or a global pandemic or maybe both, does it really matter to those who will die, or those who will live, if this is caused by some banker, or some politician, or some corporate type, when all of these and more are just the tail wagging the dog of evolutionary pressures?

It’s all rather chicken and egg, and all rather academic, it is like discussing if it was a red on blue bullet or a blue on blue bullet that just went through your buddy’s head and sprayed you with his brains, the effects are identical.

Surviving it is going to be rather academic too, your survival will either depend on something directly associated with the selection, such as a genetic trigger if it is a pandemic, or indirectly associated, such as a state of health if it is a pandemic, or vaguely associated, such as not being in a climate where the outbreak can thrive.

I cannot, Gattaca style, doing anything about my DNA, but I can do something about not being around in close proximity when the red and blue bullets start to fly.

Yugoslavia was a great place to be, until it fell apart, then it was a crap place to be. Being born there isn’t something you can change, STAYING there when TSHTF is something you probably can change, at a great cost for sure, but probably less cost than staying put.

A fat ugly skank who you can only bear to fuck doggy style and who you have no use for apart from the fucking is a lot less, sexually, than a harem of hot kinky sluts begging to do your bidding.

On the other hand, a fat ugly skank who you can only bear to fuck doggy style is a great way to empty your balls while remaining immune to confirmation bias and post coital “well, she ain’t that bad actually” slippery slopes…

Ultimately, on the macro scale, evolution and change will always win, ultimately, on the individual scale, vast swathes will be fed, alive and feet first, into the meat grinder of evolution and change.

Ultimately, on the individual scale, we are all dead anyway, it is just better to die of old age waiting your turn at the grinder than being fed into it.

Ultimately, on the individual scale, if you know for a fucking fact you’re headed for the meat grinder in the very near and not merely foreseeable but pretty much inevitable future, you may as well take some of the assholes who fucked you over with you.

In between these two lies the entirety of human society and history.

Knowing where you are in the space between these two, or even being able to influence your relative position between these two, that, my friends, is the secret, either be the stainless steel rat hiding in the walls, or Pol Pot… it’s living in the vast middle ground that will get you unawares.


November 28, 2012

“lessons will be learned” – err, no they fucking won’t


The guy was a fucking MP for christ’s sake, even I can remember the rumours about him and I lived hundreds of miles away, and yet, purely by coinkydink you understand, enough “blunders” are made in several investigations to ensure that basically it all gets hushed up until long after he is dead and buried.

This is just one of numerous “scandals” that just sort of run out of steam before anyone gets thrown in jail in Rule 43 (segregated for their own protection) so all there are are rumours and allegations about north Wales kids homes, channel islands kids homes, Plymouth (Devon, UK) social services and judges and abused kids, and on, and on, and on.

Now finally the UK is in line with the rest of the western world, the head of the national bank is an ex (ho ho) Goldman Sachs employee.

It’s all just coincidence y’understand, and it is, in fact, once you factor in the real salient factors.

The real factors are that once you are in the club, you associate with people from the club, and you appoint and employ and promote other people from the club, after all, that is what they did for you.

Sure, people in the club may have moral issues of one kind of another, but they are in the club… and those they fuck over aren’t in the club.

If this sounds reminiscent of some inbred Texas chainsaw massacreee, well you wouldn’t be far wrong, cousin Delbert may well like choking chickens, but he is a cousin, family, after all, so fuck all them darned outsiders.

I have a mate who emails me about the dire state of things at his place of work, where he is tasked with doing various things and implementing various things in the IT department, of course he is given a budget of four bucks and some change to do this, and the next thing that happens is the board members just over-rule everything he does and appoints a nephew to run the corporate website and a friend to run the GPS/3G mobile station network and in clear violation of the IT policy they themselves told my friend to create and implement they authorise the purchase of some high end macbooks and ipads for current favourite managers and department heads.

I ask him what the fuck he expects, and if he thinks any other company in the country, or indeed the country itself, is run any different.

Last week I got a call, rescue me, from someone in his situation, nobody else in the company knew that the head of IT and I were old friends, so I turned up on a daily consultancy and made sure I stayed long enough for all the presentation bullshit and especially the free lunch, so immediately after lunch (3pm) it was my turn to speak.

So they are all sat there nursing black coffees after the cognac and cigars at lunch, and fiddling with their ipads slicing vegetables, and I am asked to stand up and speak about the corporate website and change driven technology buzzword buzzword leveraging the marketing paradigm etc.

So I stand up, “good afternoon gentlemen, thank you all for an excellent repast, now if you will all please pick up your ipads and enter this URL“, me holding up a piece of A4 with black marker saying http://www.competitor.com where “competitor” is one of the main competitors of this lot, and whose inroads into their sales figures are what prompted the whole “innovation driven change” policy and even more “friends and relatives” being brought on-board in senior positions.

So they all do this and the website in question pops up.

As you can see….” I say “….a traditional website design, navigation area on the left, search box top right, footer containing the usual links, but in its favour it loads quickly and works well

Heads are nodding but I can see I have already tried their patience, after all I was brought in to talk about THEIR new website, not their competitors….

So I hold up a new piece of A4 with http://www.yourcompany.com written on it, and ask them to enter the URL.

It takes about 60 seconds for all of them to do this, frown, poke their ipads some more, before someone else pipes up “It doesn’t seem to be working

Quite so,” I state, “….and that is because your new website is a steaming pile of crap that uses flash for EVERYTHING, and so to all your potential customers they are presented with a choice between competitor.com which won’t win any awards but just works, and yourcompany.com website which doesn’t work on any executive devices because it is 100% flash, and which is still a slow and steaming pile of shit on PC’s because apart from all the other design failures, the page turning animation sound for the catalogue section is a file that is big enough to contain all the text on competitor.com’s entire website.

Smiles around room

Thank you once again for the excellent lunch gentlemen, that concludes my presentation, for which there will be no charge.” Walks out of room studiously ignoring my mate who looks like a man surrounded by greedy relatives who has just realised he has a winning lottery jackpot ticket in his pocket.

I’m outside corporate hq trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day when my smartphone chirps, I have an SMS from my mate, “Man, that was fuckin awesome

He rings me later that night, still enthused, and tells me he wishes he has the balls to do what I did.

I tell him, it’s not a question of balls old son, it’s a question of no longer giving a fuck, and I no longer give a fuck because I have no overdraft, no credit card balance, no mortgage, no hire purchase, no car finance, no store cards, and of course no fucking wife.

In short, I am exactly the sort of person LEAST wanted by the boardroom, or indeed the club as mentioned above, because let’s face it, I make have fuck all, but I have fuck all to hide, so I can’t be presured or manipulated etc.

So here you go Jimmy, this one’s for you…

November 26, 2012

NOW I get it, errrr, no I don’t, oh… wait…

Interesting story in the daily fail


Thing is, she is right in everything she says.

Thing is, she is too stupid to realise that the same things apply to everything else she has said in the past, that is all wrong and complete bollocks, about wimminz coming off second best at the hands of evil violent rapist misogynist patriarchy men.

I guess you could say I am a people watcher, always have been, so while I might say AWALT, that doesn’t mean I dismiss the phenomenon, rather, I watch it with the same avid curiosity that a naturalist will watch a family of otters.

Absolutely without exception, AWALT wimminz feature the exact same sort of blinkered disconnect and failure to apply logic and extend that the writer of the above article does.

Yes, what the social services did in this case is wrong on every level imaginable, but taken against the larger picture of the role social services play in family breakup and the criminalisation of innocent fathers, it is rather like criticising Hitler for outfitting the SS in leather and not ecologically sustainable and renewable wool… and ignoring shit like annexing the sudetenland and the night of the long knives… it’s all related.

You’ll also note that she isn’t calling for summary sackings and terminations of all benefits and pensions accrued etc.

And so we move to another story in the daily fail, by another wimminz


and a choice quote from the first link, not the one just above;

“In the early Nineties, I unearthed what, it is no exaggeration to say, was a climate of totalitarianism in social-work training.

Anti-racist zealots had captured the social workers’ training body, and built into the social-work diploma the explicit assumption that society was fundamentally racist and oppressive.”

Yeah, so you have spent the last twenty years since the early nineties campaigning against this haven’t you bitch…. oh… wait….

These zealots were just anti racist of course, weren’t they, bitch, they weren’t anti male and anti heterosexual either were they… oh…. wait….


  • Studiously sees a problem and correctly identifies it, then deliberately fails to apply it to other similar and related things.
  • Studiously fails to see a problem that brings personal benefits which would be at risk should said problem ever be acknowledged.

That is both at the core of, and endemic to, all wimminz and niggerz.


They ALL work this way, even the ones you are busy trying to label as NAWALT so you can fuck them and declare your love for them.

Men see consequences, even a long way down the line… sure, we may discount them, especially if they are far enough away and sufficiently nebulous, I’ll worry about lung cancer when I get it, says the smoker, adding that he may get run over by a bus next week.

I have been to prison, basically an almost exclusively male institution since the victorian era, even though the wimminz commit plenty of crime, for the past 250 years it has been men that get locked up.

If you want a REALLY hard fucking time in prison, start bleating about how you didn’t realise you might end up in prison for committing whatever crime you were found guilty of, and about how unfair it all is.

You’ll get the same sort of treatment in a foxhole with enemy ordinance spanging around you, whining to your squad mates that you didn’t realise you might actually get shot and killed for signing up, it’s so unfair the enemy is shooting at me, what did I do to them, all I did was sign up, or mebbe get drafted.

It is not the kneeling in former squad mates intestines and fecal matter (how the fuck did Freddie get carrot lumps in his guts from MRE‘s?) and then pissing in them, cos you gotta go, and survivor bonding that men long for in the military mystique.

It’s the no bullshit your shit stinks fuck up you die fuck up badly you kill me so I will fucking kill you myself first unless you get your shit together “valour” thing that men long for in the military mystique.

A world where seeing a problem and failing to apply it to other areas is fatal, a world where ignoring a problem that benefits you short term at the cost of your squad mates lives is fatal, a world where consequences always follow choices.

Even though many of those consequences suck donkey balls, and very very few of those choices were actually made by you at squad level, you at the FEBA just get the consequences of the choices the REMF‘s made, even that is attractive to men.

Wimminz and Niggerz? No, whole ‘nother kettle of fish theah boy…

We live in a fabled land where we buy a house built on a flood plain, and as is happening here now, the rains fall and the flood plain starts being used by the catchment area that feeds the river that runs through it, and suddenly it is everyone else’s fault, and the astonishing thing is that shit actually flies more often than not.

Vanishingly few people who get flooded out lose everything and walk away with nothing but their lives… the insurance buys new carpets and tellies and white goods, the council fixes the roads and drains, the electric co runs in new cabling and transformers, the water company flushes the pipes and the sewers, and three months later you’re actually BETTER off because all your old shit got replaced with new shit, even your car is new.

Run THAT shit past the more extreme yanks who hate everything “socialist” but utterly fail to see that motor and house insurance is in fact nothing more than socialism in a capitalist hat, and see where it gets you.

Cunts living on the slopes of Vesuvius are assholes, me living on a flood plain or under sea level in the big easy, ah, that’s DIFFERENT, and this is EXACTLY the same disconnect the skanky ho’s in the above two articles are guilty of.

So we have “skank ho” wimminz and niggerz mentality, and “foxhole” or cell block C mentality, I’ll call them skank ho mentality and foxhole mentality.

Here’s the rub.

It takes, historically speaking, in the sense where historically refers to all of human history, an INORDINATELY wealthy society to support any form on large scale and long term skank ho mentality, most of human history was foxhole mentality.

Now, being a man, being aware of consequences, sat here just typing this in the warm and dry with a full belly and a half empty coffee beside me, on the most technologically advanced thing this human society has ever seen, a modern high end thinkpad, I gotta tell you something.

I don’t wanna go back to no foxholes, I KNOW what the consequences are, and if I have to go BACK (yes, I have done it before) to living without ANY mains services of any kind, no electric, no telephone, no running mains potable water, frankly I don’t wanna do it here, I wanna do it back in 1960 in the tropics, where being a white man with technical skills made you king of the fucking heap… if wishes were horses.

Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” is alive and well, and kicking the shit out of modern western society, and Hardin wasn’t the first, William Forster Lloyd said it before him about the stunted cattle on common land, as Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it surely does rhyme.

My strategy, and frankly the unconscious strategy of all AWALT / MGTOW men, is to build of comfy foxhole in the middle of skank ho ville, and while that foxhole is comfy for the owner, it is minimalist and far far far more sustainable than everything out there in skank ho land.

I have a friend, not a NAWALT, but so so so many men think she is NAWALT, she is pursuing a career, and doing so quite well, with single minded determination and vigour.

She spends an awful lot of time looking for “unexpected” events and consequences that will impact her career path, and so as a result manges to head many of them off at the pass, and progresses herself yet again… fair enough, this is all good hard work.


Like the wimminz above who wrote that article, I am met with complete blank incomprehension when I ask what she will do when the unexpected happens.

To her, the unexpected is a customer going to a competitor or a sales droid fucking up.

To me, the not so unexpected is war in the middle east and all the Chinese products that your company sells and which constitute 90% of its product catalogue goes up the swannee or trebles in price due to exchange rate / fiscal policy changes, or when the parent company is wiped out when one of the European banks crashes for a week… what the fuck is your planned and chosen career path going to give you then?

What is your plan B?

What will you do when, for example, HP buys your parent company and sacks y’all, because they already have a sales channel.

November 21, 2012

Judge a man (and a wimminz) by his actions, not his words.

Ironically 24 hours after saying “I have nothing else to say” and thus taking any pressure to say anything off, something happened that caused me to have something to say…

That something is a sense of deja vu, but not quite.

Some 20 odd years ago three separate wimminz came up to me and said “I am pregnant, and it is yours” over a period of 48 hours, so I arranged separately for all three to meet me at a bar at 7 pm sharp, which they did, whereupon I introduced them all to each other, told them all that each said they were pregnant with my child, and that they now need to work out amongst themselves which one I was going to marry.

So here I am, 20 odd years later, and three separate wimminz have come up to me in the past week and basically pledged their love and desire to have a permanent relationshit with me.

Being 20 years older and wiser I’m not about to tell them all to meet me in a bar at 7pm and sort it out…. remember I am a guy in my early fifties, been through the wringer of FRA and kids and assets abducted by psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts, po-lice, lawyers etc all sticking their nose in the trough.

  1. Wimminz #1 is 40, not the prettiest thing on the planet, works in the health sector, kids flown the nest, been banging her on and off for a year or so, she will do anything I want, but it has to be said she don’t light my fire sexually any more, been there, done that, tick it off, but she is keen and obedient and all that. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  2. Wimminz #2 is just over 30, nothing to look at, badly overweight, works in a social services type of job, drinks too much, kids at home, and frankly doesn’t get it. Worth dumping my cum into but that’s about it. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  3. Wimminz #3 is just over 30, actually quite fucking hot, overweight but fairly recently and you can still see the solid 9 inside dying to get out, works in sales, no kids. Has ridden the cock carousel but not nearly as much as #1 and #2.

So, there we have it.

What is interesting is this;

  • From the perspective of my cock throbbing, #3 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of letting me get away with shit, #2 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of actually doing shit for me, #1 gets the vote.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective for example of doing shit for me #1 has had more time to do more, but has also had more time to fuck up, and hasn’t yet.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective of me just being me, spending a life with #2 would be desperately tedious, her work is everything that is wrong with the country, spending a life with #1 would be ok-ish, her work is valid and good, but nothing I can do or relate to, spending a life with #3 would be fun, her work is neutral but her attitudes and approaches and ethics are something I can relate to.

I’ll give you another one, #1 hates the word cunt, #2 doesn’t use it but doesn’t cringe when I do, #3 loves it and uses it as much as I do.

I’ll give you another one, #1 and #2 are the product of broken homes and crap early relationships that resulted in bastard offspring, #3 has a mummy and a daddy and they are still married to each other.

I’ll give you another one, #3 has by far and away the most expressive face, every thought and emotion that crosses her brain is already written all over her face. #1 and #2 keep stuff hidden and wear masks.

I’ll give you another one, none of these things up above is unrelated.

Has AfOR fallen out of the MGTOW / AWALT tree and landed on his small head?

No, he has not, and he is well aware that the current legal landscape is such that all three can fuck him up in an instant and on a whim were he married to any of them or in a co-habiting relationshit with any of them.

But the fact is that that text in bold above is the secret to #3’s relative lack of negative traits and aspects, everything else comes from that, and so while #1 and #2 talk about long term relationshits (which in the eyes of the law are the same as a fucking marriage) leading to marriage, while #3 talks about marriage….

#3 wants what mummy and daddy have.

#1 and #2 wanting what mummy and daddy have is like a blind man wanting a red house, they don’t even know what the fuck it is.

Judging a man, or a wimminz, by their actions means also judging them by the actions of those whose company they kept, voluntarily in later life, involuntarily in earlier life.

In much the same way that as a time served engineer I have little in common with so called engineers who learned their trade in a college or university or any other way, as a time served child of a mother and father who remained married to each other I have little in common with #1 and #2, and much in common with #3

As a time served engineer I had it easy, compared to my father, back in his day the parents LITERALLY paid the employer / master to take then on for the first year, because a first year apprentice is literally less than useless and literally decreased the output and productivity of the master, but compared to the modern engineering “apprentice”…. makes me puke they dare call themselves that word, shades of “A year ago I couldn’t even spell engineer, and now I are one”

The first engineering tools I had to master were the fucking broom and the kettle, I shit you not.

Then you get given an old “whistler” kettle and the gas axe (oxy acetylene cutting torch) to boil the water for the tea, there is a stock of these for sale to you for exactly one day’s wages each, for when you blow through the bottom of the kettle and all the water leaks out… or… you can grab to scrap from the gash bin and try to “fix” the kettle you just blew a hole through so it will hold water and bring it to the boil with a gas axe.

Then you get given some lumps of soft gash metal, cheap shit like zinc anode material or babbit metal than can be re-melted and re-used, and a metal file and a hacksaw, with ONE fucking blade, and a brass brush to clean the file and saw blade, and a metal vice and a place at a bench.

First make a perfect one inch cube, accurate to ten thou…. that takes you about four fucking days, you learn hands on about materials science, differences in hardness and friction between differing metals such as files, saw blades and the gash, you learn that every time you put the gash in the vice and tightened the vice you deformed it, you learned to file flat and saw straight and square.

Pleased with yourself that the task given to you on a Monday morning has been completed by Friday lunchtime, you are given some more gash metal, this time you must make TWO pieces, one is a U shape and one is a T shape, so that the T shape fits in the U shape perfectly to form a much bigger piece, oh, and you have to be able to rotate the T and U shape with 180 degree symmetry so they fit together perfectly BOTH ways…. no gaps anywhere you can get a ten thou feeler gauge into….. that takes two or three weeks

Failing in these tasks is the end of your apprenticeship, you can fuck off and be a fitter or a grease monkey or a car mechanic…. meanwhile you still have to practice with the broom and the kettle.

Got any lip? I dunno how often I have seen strong tough full of piss and vinegar good in a fight 13 and 14 stone all muscle apprentices punched in the mouth by a 10 stone skinny fucker in their forties or fifties for giving some lip, and they learned they may have double the muscle mass of the old fart, but the old fart was all HARD muscles that basically spent 8/10 hours a day in the “gym” of the shops, that and sinew and bone… apprentices all had broken teeth, me included. On the other hand I still have all my limbs and fingers and toes, which was the result of those lessons not to lip your elders and betters and FUCKING LISTEN.

So I tell some young cunt today who thinks they are time served that it took me 4 weeks to learn how to use a fucking file and a hacksaw, and it is like the blind man wanting a red house or the modern #1 or #2 wimminz wanting a relationshit.

The young shits not only do not know how to use a file or hacksaw, they cannot even begin to judge or guess how much they do not know, or how greatly that lack impacts EVERY SINGLE OTHER ASPECT of their so called professional skill.

#3 may be just over half my age, but she was time served, old school, growing up in a house with a mummy and daddy who were married to each other and stayed together.

Sure, #3 is AWALT, same as #1 and #2, which I can’t respect, but #3 is old school time served, which I can.

Out of respect for #3’s time served status ALONE, I would not put her in a bar with #1 and #2 and tell all three to work it out between themselves.

On a related note, I know it doesn’t seem that way at first blush, I hear from emails that YET AGAIN Bill over at the Spearhead is holding the fucking begging bowl out.

Judge a man (or a wimminz) by their actions, not what they say.

November 14, 2012

Little Bo Bernanke

The riddle / rhyme about Bo Peep works for the wimminz, leave them alone, and they’ll come home, wagging their tails behind them.

It’s not the first time I have seen parallels between wimminz and sheep, both run away if you chase them, both bleat a lot, both are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Which brings me to a recent story kinda doing the rounds, which suggests that humans aren’t as intelligent now as they were a couple of thousand years ago.

The author is correct, and also deeply mistaken.

The brain is a muscle in exactly the same way that my biceps are, the more they are worked the more powerful they become, (within limits, severe overwork will damage them) and the less they are worked the more atrophied they become.

In this example we would equate the power of the muscle with the intellect in the brain.

The more you use your brain, the more intelligent you become.

At this point, please do NOT confuse intelligence and that thing known as an IQ test, which is in reality no more than a reading language and comprehension test… “Roofs are to houses as xxx are to options 1, 2 and 3

Means sweet fuck all if you can’t speak English, or can’t read because you were never taught, or any number of another things

I could print that test question in Chinese ideograms and 99.99% of my readers wouldn’t know it from a menu item and a takeaway, so they would get an IQ score of zero for that one…  clearly, any test of INTELLIGENCE would not depend upon language.

use as many or as few of these items as you choose, and get yourself from this side of the river to that side of the river over there, without getting your feet wet.. the person who does it in the minimum time is the winner” is much more of an intelligence test.

I know someone who did this and won, after much argument with the judges, by wrapping his feet in two refuse sacks and taping them up with duct tape and swimming across… HE got fucking soaked… his feet however were indeed dry.

So let us look at a list of the skills one needs to master, and exercise the brain in doing so, in modern western society…

  • Nobody builds their own house, so construction skills are not required, nor are skills such as cutting down trees to get wood or smelting iron ore to make nails etc
  • Nobody catches or prepares their own food, it is all pre processed and much of it is partially or wholly pre-cooked.
  • Nobody makes fire, click, oven turned on.
  • Nobody makes tallow candles, click.
  • Nobody makes clothes, or repairs them, no one can sew or darn, a skill ALL men had 50 years ago.
  • No job needed, guvvmint will give you a cheque, especially if you are a wimminz with womb turds
  • No entertainment needed, turn on the idiots lantern
  • No sanity needed, always doctors on call
  • You get the idea

It is quite possible to get to say 30 years of age and never to have once had to puzzle a single thing out in order to stay alive, in fact it is not merely possible, but it is extremely likely to be so.

In fact, it takes extraordinary dedication and talent to die young in western society… I’ve lived over half a century and I do not know ANYONE in western society who;

  1. starved to death
  2. failed to obtain both clothing and footwear
  3. got eaten by a predator
  4. died of dehydration
  5. failed to get any access to medical treatment ever
  6. failed to get access to dietary necessities (no more rickets etc)
  7. died of dysentry or cholera or dihorrea or malnutrition
  8. etc etc

Hell, I have known people so abjectly stupid they got shit-faced on psychotropic drugs and ended up unconscious, smashed up and bleeding somewhere, minutes or hours away from certain death BEFORE they would ever regain conciousness or do anything about it, and STILL someone came along and called someone else who involved some other and saved their worthless fucking lives.

Contrast this to some places on the planet where pre-teen orphan kids think themselves lucky, literally, if they can find some rotting fish heads to eat.

I walk up and down the aisles in my local supermarket and I feel like that 2,000 year old man, aisles and aisles of stuff made to be eaten, but no actual fucking FOOD….

Take away the biscuits and crisps and pastries and cakes and sweets and instant meals and pot noodles and nappies and 4,096 varieties of shampoo and you have maybe 10% of the supermarket left, take away the booze and you’re down to 5%, take away the tobacco and you’re down to 3% left which is actual fucking food.

Three time so far in my life I have seen supermarket shelves emptied of bread, and shelves full of plain flour, emptied of milk, but tins of condensed milk and cans of powdered milk and the odd carton of UHT long life milk left, cleared of instant meals, but 2 Kg bags of rice and tins of curry and chile left.

I have visitors to my crib laugh, because I buy bog rolls in packs of 24 and never have less than 6 on hand, I never have less than 5 kilos of sugar on hand or a kilo of coffee, never have less than a dozen tins of some sort of meat and a kilo or rice.

What they don’t realise is that a case of 8 (400g)tins of beef curry, 8 tins of chile, 8 tins of minced beef and onions all at 90p a tin, plus a 2 kg bag of rice, and the odd things like a fresh onion or three and some herbs and spices will keep you not merely alive but well fed on one good meal a day for almost a month, and none of that shit goes off in 24 hours without refrigeration etc, and push comes to shove you can do it all in one pan cooking style off any heat source good enough to simmer a couple of pints of water.

Sugar and coffee and bog roll and a few bars of soap and whatnot and you’re good to go.

A 15 Kg bottle of butane or two, regulator and gas ring and you’re really good to go.

That lot and four 5 gallon plastic jerry cans full of potable water will all go in the boot of a car, which is itself shelter from the direct elements of wind and rain, and you really really are good to go.

I’m not even “prepping” and I have nearly a month’s food and shit to hand, and I can move it all to a car in maybe 5 minutes.

I mean really, what the fuck were these people in NY thinking of???

I just got my quarterly bills for the crib… crib includes a workshop out the back, and in the crib it is a technology wet dream, approx £90 each for gas, water and electric, this is £3 a day for gas water and electric, £4 a day if you include teh intertubez cable sub

This all means I can live COMFORTABLY and run a fucking car on £100 a week.

In reality I live better than kings did as recently as 100 years ago.

But then, I don’t live with a fucking wimminz… when I did the bills were £300 a week and MY fucking lifestyle was no different.

However, on the other side of Europe the Greeks have refused to put Athens metro fares up from 1.4 euros to 1.75 euros (both figures are heavily subsidised) because to them this is an “austerity measure” too far…


Because the fucking wimminz will be up in arms.

They are in for a rude fucking awakening, but thank fuck I am too old and ornery to be drafted for WW3…

November 12, 2012

Being 3L337

In shades of surreality where Jesusifying Obama’s speeches renders them more sensible than the original, well, it would if you could jesusify anything any more…

And so it is In The Red Pill World With The Wimminz Of PoF (and dang if that don’t make a good porn film title) that bizarrely the more you overdose on red pills, the more the kind of wimminz you want to be avoiding avoid you, and the more the other kind of wimminz be dropping all the pretence and bullshit and saying “Fuck me Master! Please…

Yes, I am the first to admit that it is all fucked up, but then again everything is all fucked up.

So in the daily fail today is a story about a “high flyer” wimminz who is divorcing her husband because he WON’T do the shit in 50 shades with her… red pill heaven right there…

And so it is with the wimminz in the rotating PoF “harem”, they don’t have a problem being number 7 of 14 in the harem, and they don’t have a problem with being the only wimminz in my life, what they have a problem with is being told one while the other is happening, and of course if they were the only wimminz in my life they would have a problem with that too.

Biggest mistake you can make is not giving wimminz what they want, what they say they want, refusing to give them what they want, what they say they want, it is treating them as rational thinking human beings.

Frankly speaking a lot of the so-called abusive, manipulating and distant behaviour as described in divorce proceedings and laid at men’s door is the only way to treat wimminz without being fucked over at the first hurdle.

Fact is one of the most effective tactics I have discovered is grab your everything archived to the cloud android smartphone, pull up a few pictures of #4 because she is a lot hotter than #7, who is giving you the shit test / whining thing, and show these pictures to #7 and tell her you were with #4 an hour ago.

Within 24 hours #7 is pledging lust and love and calling you sir and offering booty call any time you like any way you like.

Course, the INITIAL reaction is different, if you can have her why do you want or need me, hope you’re both happy together… the correct response is “You work it out girl” and close the subject and kick her out.

Like I say, within 24 hours you get the all you can eat free poon buffet.

24 hours after that you’ll get the “do you wanna meet my kids?” thing, which you ALWAYS dodge, no babe, I ain’t rushing into anything, slow ahead both, steady as she goes.

Now she is almost begging you to take up the offers of free poon.

Which brings me to a reader question from a wimminz…

“Why are so many men preferring doggy style?”

The answer comes in two parts;

  1. Most of you wimminz no longer have hard flat bellies, so it’s more comfortable and you get better penetration that way
  2. So we don’t have to look at your fucking face or gut

If I was your average MRA type I’d leave it there, but this blog is meant for men, not wimminz, so you get the rest of the answer too.

  • Because it stops you looking at our faces and being able to read us.
  • Because it is a submissive position for you.
  • Because it makes your asshole handily available too.
  • Because doggy style is singularly appropriate for a bitch
  • Because frankly speaking your cunt and ass is your best feature
  • etc

Plus of course do it right doggy style and she will be begging for doggy style forever-more, it is the natural mammalian way to mate, and orients the cock and cunt the right way around.

Which brings me to another email, this time from a bloke, who says “I can’t get over this feeling that there is something wrong with me if I don’t have a girlfriend, and that I have failed if a girl dumps me or refused my advances

Well, your problem lies in two parts, both of them are you taking blue pills.

  1. This idea that your own personal worth is somehow sweet fuck all unless a wimminz endorses you by hanging off your arm.
  2. This idea that a wimminz not wanting to be with you reflects negatively on you.

Fact is, wimminz are parasites, so if they want you for anything more than being your cum bucket, eg being seen out with you, then it is a parasite and host thing, and being a host to a parasite may well keep you in company, but it is nothing to bray about… it is just advertising your beta status.

Your problem then is not so much who you are or what you are, but how you treat wimminz, you are treating them way wimminz SAY they want to be treated, and lo and behold it is getting you nowhere.

Getting negged and put down by a wimminz is like getting negged and put down by a 5 year old, if the little shits had any class or brains at all they would be hanging on to your every word, no son, all that shit about what is better, the Mustang or the Charger (or indeed the Caprice shooting brake for shopping…lol) is a crock, this is better.


November 8, 2012

Female intelligence

Wimminz, in some areas, aren’t dumb.

Wimminz, in some areas, are as sharp as a fucking pin.

One of these areas is their so called inferiority complex, I say so called because the reality on the ground is 99% of wimminz know for a fact they are inferior to 99% of men, and everything else is just dancing around how you and her deal with that fact, do you let her pretend it ain’t so, do you take it for granted, do you etc etc etc

In fact, 99.9% of shit tests and wimminz advantages are based on this, the perceived relative weakness of the wimminz is why the man opens the door and carries the fucking bags, not because the bitches can’t do that stuff, but because they can’t do it as WELL, and this inferiority is somehow twisted into advantage for them.

The stereotypical joke about a man stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some duct tape and a jubilee clip to fix a punctured radiator hose, a wimminz stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some double D’s and a showing cleavage to fix same…

The “weakness” has been turned to their advantage…

Of course while Marriage 1.0 was still the main deal on the menu it didn’t cost men anything to do a John Wayne and ride in and help the little lady change her flat, after all, some other white knight would do the same for his bitch.

But to class this inferiority as a weakness was a master stroke of first wave feminazism, back in the 1800’s, all that shit about the fairer sex and all.

I’ve got a mate, or rather, I had a mate, he’s dead now, but when he was alive we will call him Eddie.

Eddie was naturally a big motherfucker, and then he started doing hard physical labour and spending leisure time in the gym… by the mid eighties Eddie is doing “reps” with the *full* Olympic set of weights on the bar, 34.5 stone, or 483 lbs, or 220 Kg, and this fucker is doing reps with it.

Eddie could pick up a 40 foot STEEL scaffold pole, hold it vertically above his head, and look up through the middle, this is one of those things that actually doesn’t *sound* that fucking impressive, until you try it, and then talk to a scaffolder, and watch their eyebrows rise in extreme scepticism…

Bruce Lee was a kick-ass mofo, but bare handed and bare footed he just didn’t have the foot/pounds available to hurt an Eddie, or a mountain bear, just enough to piss them off, and once you got inside Eddie’s reach you got broken, literally.

Shades of a previous tale about the digital age and how things aren’t the same as they used to be back in the analogue age, when none of this shit was recorded.

Physically, in every department except the cock, which basically he didn’t care about, Eddie was superior to me, and I was inferior to him.

Eddie didn’t have a problem with this, I didn’t have a problem with this.

Eddie is now dead, so I am physically superior to him in every way, I doubt Eddie would have had a problem with this, I certainly don’t.

There was a time or two when I wanted to take advantage of Eddie’s superior physical ability, those times I paid him, not necessarily cash money, but he got something for it.

There was a time or two when Eddie wanted to take advantage of my superior technical ability, those times he paid me, not necessarily cash money, but I got something out of it.

I wasn’t born with a cunt, so I wasn’t able to mask my inferiority as a weakness and get Eddie to play for free, fact is Eddie being Eddie even if I had a cunt it wouldn’t have worked.

Wimminz however KNOW they are inferior to men as a whole.

Do not EVER fucking doubt this, this is as obvious to them as it was obvious to me, standing next to man mountain Eddie, looking straight at his nipple, his arms thicker than my legs, and every ounce of that muscle able to do reps or repetitive work, that I was inferior to him.

However wimminz also know that not only are they generally inferior to men physically, they are also inferior mentally, men can work shit out and plan shit out and arrange long term goals and think 15 moves ahead, generally speaking, wimminz can’t, generally speaking.

Wimminz however are superior to men generally when it comes to emotions, a wimminz can fall deeply in love, fall completely out of love, and get over the loss of a child, all in less time than it takes a man to fall in love…. and I’m not talking that love at first sight infatuation / lust crap, I am talking BONDING, where you KNOW your girl doesn’t have great tits, but you don’t care… because they are HER tits and that makes them better than anyone else’s tits.


You need to carry these four 10 kg bags of groceries from the car to the house because I am inferior!

Make four trips bitch.


You need to carry these bags because you are a big strong man and I am just a poor widdle weak pwincess

Sure baby, stand aside


That’s the difference between marketing something as what it is, an inferiority, and what it isn’t, a weakness.

I was physically inferior to Eddie in many ways, but I wasn’t weak, in fact the fact that I am still here and he is pushing up daisies is testament to me being stronger than him in many ways.

In fact, if we get right down to it, wimminz have two purposes;

  1. to get pregnant and give birth
  2. to raise that child to adulthood

As we can see from stories such as this that in fact a wimminz with the mental age of six can fulfil item one perfectly well… which leaves us with item two….

Well, nobody has to look very far to see that the wimminz ain’t doing so good at item two either.

It’s almost like, I dunno, some crazy way out there idea like evolution designed wimminz so that they could not do the one thing they were put on this planet to do, with any level of adequacy, without being owned and controlled by a man…..   freaky…

Of course, the wimminz are all intelligent enough to feel in their bones that this is true, a wimminz needs a man like a fish needs water… Sodium makes a crap salt without Chlorine, Chlorine makes a crap salt without Sodium.

But the sex war is the real Orwellian them vs us, divide and conquer, and like the war on terror or the war or drugs or the war on anything, you only have to convince one side that the other is out ta get ya….

The sex war trumps the race war, the poverty war, the economy war, the political war.

I warned y’all who would listen 5 years ago that Obama was nothing more than a black Tony Blair, a bought and paid for quisling with no morals of his own, and now he has been re-fucking-elected (not that the other guy was any better, all the real game changers are weeded out in the selection process) in what was, guess was, a sex war.

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