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Family Court

First, I want you to read this link about a couple who had their newborn twins seized by the state.


Now I want to quote a response by Spearhead reader Carnivore

We read here a clear example of the male vs. female perspective. The male perspective says it’s better to let many a “Baby P” fall through the cracks than to injure a single innocent child or family via government rule of force. The female perspective says it’s better to injure many innocent children and families by government rule of force than to let a single “Baby P” be hurt.

Carnivore, like so many Men, “gets it“, and by that I mean he understands that it is simply impossible to protect everyone all of the time.

It cannot be done, ever.

But what you can do is commit incalculable and irreversible abuse and harm to tens of thousands of innocent children every single fucking year in your pursuit of unattainable goals such as “NO child will suffer harm” and “ALL women are to be believed”

What you will also do is delude yourself, of necessity, into studiously avoiding all this “collateral damage” and start claiming it is “in the child’s interests” and “just to be safe”, while studiously ignoring the fact that you yourselves have become the child abusers.

The odd lone sick fuck will always abuse the odd lone child, it is absolutely tragic but cannot be prevented.

All we can do when we detect and convict them after a fair trial is throw away the fucking key.

Contrast with the literally industrialised ritual child abuse in return for money that adequately and accurately describes Family Court Judges, Lawyers, “child welfare” agencies such as the UK’s CAFCASS, and frankly they make the lone sick fuck like Vanessa George or Rose West or Myra Hindley look like fucking saints.

In every factual applicable definition of the word, the Family Courts, Lawyers and child welfare services, all largely populated by militant feminists, and the Police sexual offences squads, all also largely populated by militant feminists, all drawing exceeding good wages and priviledges from the public purse, are Terrorists.

But a special breed of Terrorists.

Terrorists who exclusively target babies and children.

Locking up is too good for the filthy, lying, child abusing cunts.

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  1. Get involved ! Join divorce corp or whatever activist group – but do domething about it ! I am !

    Comment by Chris — April 12, 2015 @ 3:25 pm

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