Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

Internet dating – watchwords

In this article I am going to discuss what wimminz write on their adverts, what they really mean, and what this means for you as the man. This is important because while all these wimminz are skank ho’s, a significant proportion of them are fucking dangerous to men.

I was sorely tempted to use actual profile data, but that would make the skanks in question individually identifiable, which would be a questionable act on my part.

These are all based on Plenty of Fish profiles.

I am going to do this by using the Meet Me feature, and instead of cherry picking, I will run through every single one, that way you will soon see the pattern.

First will be the wimminz tag, then the translation.


Good fun – right up her own ass, looking for someone else to fund her partying.

Good sense of humour – you’ll need one to date her, especially when you realise the vast gulf between her profile and reality.

Looking for young at heart funny man – I sucked the live out of all my former boyfriends, now I need new blood.

Looking to meet interesting people – I am a fucking princess.

Seeking something real – unlike me, I am completely fake

Looking for a truthful man – I am a lying cunt

Laugh – you won’t, not with me

Looking for genuine kind man – I need a carer

Looking for my soulmate – I am an emotional vampire, this is a variant on the young at heart funny man above

Good fun honest man – I am boring and dishonest

Feeling adventurous – Looking for a shag, to be fair, all women are looking for a shag, but these types will actually put out on the first date.

Looking for good hearted man – are you seeing a trend here yet?

Life’s one big adventure – I am a fucking princess, again

Looking for someone honest and caring – see the trends?

Looking for a guy who is honest – sigh…

Looking for a genuine bloke – sigh…

Looking for genuine, honest, sexy man – sigh…

Looking for genuine, intelligent bloke – sigh, but the inclusion of the “intelligent” keyword means you must not be interested in her looks.. lol

Looking for kind goodhearted man – sigh

Looking for funloving gentleman – the inclusion of the “gentleman” keyword is the clue that this skank is anything but a lady


BY now, I am sure, you have gotten the idea…

Hopefully you will have read my dummies guide to internet dating, so you will have learned to ignore everything that is written by the wimminz in their actual profiles, while on your search phase, but when it comes to the meet and fuck / don’t fuck phase, it doesn’t do any harm to revisit the profile and check out the taglines on their adverts, because these can be revealing.

You should also especially target any wimminz who are looking for “friends” or “fun” because this is code for friends with benefits.

Above all you must remember that this is a numbers game, one possible flaked last night, so she gets bitchslapped and put into reserve, and BECAUSE I play the numbers, one I last fucked around a month ago came out of the woodwork and asked for a re-run (not directly of course, wimminz lie, did I leave my disposable cigarette lighter there… I shit you not)

I mean, seriously, what are the chances that NONE OF THESE FUCKING SKANKS have ever men a genuine man, a decent man, a nice man? GET FUCKING REAL.

They’ve all met them, plenty of them, so how come they could not or did not hold on to them? THAT is the secret to know about wimminz.

Never ever ever let yourself believe anything these skanks say, either about themselves or about what they are seeking, even the ones who will fuck and come back for more are also haunted by their own demons, and concerned about their own face with other wimminz, and in any event the facts are that the worse your opinion of these skanks, the greater your success rate will be.

If you are even moderately close to acting like the generous, decent and nice man they say they want, you will never get any pussy, never, ever, ever….

However, just as the fat upper arms in a “head and torso only” picture are a guaranteed indicator of a huge ass and elephant thighs, some of these keywords that these skanks use are also a guaranteed indicator of mental issues.

For example if they mention in any way, and if my list had gone on just a little longer the first one would have cropped up, the word “crazy“, then they are NOT KIDDING, even if they themselves think they are…

You NEED to fucking absorb this, because some of these keywords like “crazy” “bad luck with men” and “broken heart” are warning signs of extreme danger.

Some 10% of all females are afflicted with a Cluster B Personality Disorder, and THESE are the skank cunts who go around making false accusations to the Police that you have beaten them, abused them, raped them, etc etc etc.

It is absolutely crucial that you avoid these… sure, your extended (talked about elsewhere) documentary evidence of all your conversations and interactions will work wonders, but simply avoiding this subset entirely will reduce your exposure to Personality Disordered wimminz, which IMHO represent 100% of false accuser wimminz, to zero.

While the previous articles detailed how to play the system and get the wimminz queuing up, and then how to shift from PoF messaging through to IM through to SMS, this article is about the final filter before you actually get in physical proximity.

This is the filter that excludes the Personality Disordered types who like to make false accusations.

I have left this filter until last because being a man I know men, and a throbbing cock has no discretion, if I had introduced this filter earlier, by now it would be long forgotten, and you would fuck , or not fuck, or simply be in proximity to, a Personality Disordered wimminz, and that is a ticking time bomb.

You/he raped me” will cure your erection quicker than you can fall off a log, and so focusing on each and every single candidate at this stage as a potential rape accuser will cool your loins, that is the point, it is supposed to….

You need to be making the fuckable / unfuckable decision with the big head, not the little one.

This is russian roulette guys, the odds don’t matter when the downside is a bullet in the head, or a False Rape Accusation.

MY system is all about carrying on playing the game, after the guy down there ate the bullet… this is not the time for men to STOP playing the game, this is the time to START playing the game, and as long as you keep the gun in play, the wimminz don’t get a chance to reload it and reset the game back to zero.

If they do, pick up your chips and move to a new table, where the smoke is just clearing, this is a numbers game, remember.


  1. A common “need” in profiles I see is the phrase “I am looking for someone who knows what he wants in life” Do you think this is code for something else, like the phrases above?

    Comment by Allan — June 28, 2012 @ 4:15 am

    • code for I am lost and confused and don’t know what the fuck I want.

      Comment by Wimminz — June 28, 2012 @ 8:58 am

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