Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

Skank ho + tattoo = WTF

Back in the 80’s I knew  a couple of guys, Benno & Janni, they used to travel around Europe on the skin ink circuit, and were both accomplished tattoo artists, with the emphasis on artist.

I’ve seen them do a stylised bird of prey entwined with a stylised serpent / dragon, FREEHAND, no outlines, and you could see every comb of every feather and every ridge on every scale, this was true art.

Around this time skin ink was becoming quite popular again, and contrary to the stuff they used to do, which was based on the true oriental stuff where the body was a single canvas upon which the artist created a work of art, they described the new stuff as “a load of different doodles done over time on a scrap of paper, with no overall plan, thought, grace, talent or artistic content

They were absolutely fucking spot on.

I think it must be about two years now since I last fucked a skank that had zero tats…

It’s around ten years since I fucked a skank who had a decent tat, all the others have meaningless crap that looks like it was drawn by some kid who failed their art exam aged 14… truly truly fucking awful crap…

Inks fade bitches, and different colours of ink fade at different rates, and this varies on depth of the needle and type / area of skin / body, but these new school tattoo scribblers do not appear to know that, so when some skank shows you her three year old tat, it looks like it was done on newspaper and left out in the rain… I guess this is why Celtic curves in black and shit like that are so popular…

The bitch in the picture, whoever did that can’t even draw a fucking star with equal legs or the same proportions twice… plus


I mean seriously, a heart and mum on a sailors arm I can get, a dragon wrapped around your limbs and torso I can get, the classic “fox hunt” scene tat I can get, but what the fuck is it with these stars and Celtic curves and shit?

What the fuck is some rose tattooed on one ass cheek supposed to mean, or a bunch of random flowers down one calf???

– – – – – – – – – – – – –  (cut here) around the neck is at least mildly amusing, ONCE, and can be adequately explained away as “that night I drank two bottles of Creme de Menthe

What I am most perplexed by is the way ALL the skank bitches, without fucking exception, get naked prior to a fuck and then show you the tat like it is a thing of beauty, I mean what the fuck passes for a fucking brain in your skull you stupid skank bitch?

I already know you are fucking stupid and a filthy lying whore, you are a wimminz, these things are obvious, but what the fuck do you honestly expect a guy to say???

So far this year I have said;

  • “Uuuuh, what is it (supposed to be)?”
  • “Yeah, it’s a skank ho (above the kidneys) Celtic tat.. and? Like, all the bitches have them…”
  • “I didn’t know you could get blue roses.. or is it supposed to be a hydrangea?”
  • “There are only supposed to be two ‘t’s in ‘Tweety Pie‘”

Piercings are going the same way, and no bitches, a barbell through the tongue will not improve your utterly pathetic blowjob skills one iota, and of course I am going to pull on your nipple piercing, why would I want to suck a lump of cheap metal, and as for your clit and labia piercings, well I don’t suppose they have detracted any from the attractiveness of your cunt, the last 20 years of wear and tear have already done that.

I dunno, maybe these skank wimminz are trying to redecorate, if so, I’m reminded of a line from the film Christine.

You can’t polish a turd.



  1. The tongue ring always crack me up, ridiculous pointless crap only a woman stupid enough to get one

    Comment by rmaxd — October 26, 2011 @ 12:00 am

  2. are you sure that photo is a real tattoo on the wimminz? it could be a highly contagious disease, such as the pox or some STD. Or maybe the wimminz is a war vet, and suffered a shrapnel wound.

    Comment by anonymous — December 6, 2011 @ 1:24 pm

  3. That shits funny.hell ya.I’m busting up laughing. Your a fool.keep thatshit going man.

    Comment by Alfredo — November 24, 2012 @ 6:02 am

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