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November 21, 2012

Judge a man (and a wimminz) by his actions, not his words.

Ironically 24 hours after saying “I have nothing else to say” and thus taking any pressure to say anything off, something happened that caused me to have something to say…

That something is a sense of deja vu, but not quite.

Some 20 odd years ago three separate wimminz came up to me and said “I am pregnant, and it is yours” over a period of 48 hours, so I arranged separately for all three to meet me at a bar at 7 pm sharp, which they did, whereupon I introduced them all to each other, told them all that each said they were pregnant with my child, and that they now need to work out amongst themselves which one I was going to marry.

So here I am, 20 odd years later, and three separate wimminz have come up to me in the past week and basically pledged their love and desire to have a permanent relationshit with me.

Being 20 years older and wiser I’m not about to tell them all to meet me in a bar at 7pm and sort it out…. remember I am a guy in my early fifties, been through the wringer of FRA and kids and assets abducted by psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts, po-lice, lawyers etc all sticking their nose in the trough.

  1. Wimminz #1 is 40, not the prettiest thing on the planet, works in the health sector, kids flown the nest, been banging her on and off for a year or so, she will do anything I want, but it has to be said she don’t light my fire sexually any more, been there, done that, tick it off, but she is keen and obedient and all that. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  2. Wimminz #2 is just over 30, nothing to look at, badly overweight, works in a social services type of job, drinks too much, kids at home, and frankly doesn’t get it. Worth dumping my cum into but that’s about it. She has ridden the cock carousel of course.
  3. Wimminz #3 is just over 30, actually quite fucking hot, overweight but fairly recently and you can still see the solid 9 inside dying to get out, works in sales, no kids. Has ridden the cock carousel but not nearly as much as #1 and #2.

So, there we have it.

What is interesting is this;

  • From the perspective of my cock throbbing, #3 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of letting me get away with shit, #2 gets the vote.
  • From the perspective of actually doing shit for me, #1 gets the vote.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective for example of doing shit for me #1 has had more time to do more, but has also had more time to fuck up, and hasn’t yet.

To be strictly fair, from the perspective of me just being me, spending a life with #2 would be desperately tedious, her work is everything that is wrong with the country, spending a life with #1 would be ok-ish, her work is valid and good, but nothing I can do or relate to, spending a life with #3 would be fun, her work is neutral but her attitudes and approaches and ethics are something I can relate to.

I’ll give you another one, #1 hates the word cunt, #2 doesn’t use it but doesn’t cringe when I do, #3 loves it and uses it as much as I do.

I’ll give you another one, #1 and #2 are the product of broken homes and crap early relationships that resulted in bastard offspring, #3 has a mummy and a daddy and they are still married to each other.

I’ll give you another one, #3 has by far and away the most expressive face, every thought and emotion that crosses her brain is already written all over her face. #1 and #2 keep stuff hidden and wear masks.

I’ll give you another one, none of these things up above is unrelated.

Has AfOR fallen out of the MGTOW / AWALT tree and landed on his small head?

No, he has not, and he is well aware that the current legal landscape is such that all three can fuck him up in an instant and on a whim were he married to any of them or in a co-habiting relationshit with any of them.

But the fact is that that text in bold above is the secret to #3’s relative lack of negative traits and aspects, everything else comes from that, and so while #1 and #2 talk about long term relationshits (which in the eyes of the law are the same as a fucking marriage) leading to marriage, while #3 talks about marriage….

#3 wants what mummy and daddy have.

#1 and #2 wanting what mummy and daddy have is like a blind man wanting a red house, they don’t even know what the fuck it is.

Judging a man, or a wimminz, by their actions means also judging them by the actions of those whose company they kept, voluntarily in later life, involuntarily in earlier life.

In much the same way that as a time served engineer I have little in common with so called engineers who learned their trade in a college or university or any other way, as a time served child of a mother and father who remained married to each other I have little in common with #1 and #2, and much in common with #3

As a time served engineer I had it easy, compared to my father, back in his day the parents LITERALLY paid the employer / master to take then on for the first year, because a first year apprentice is literally less than useless and literally decreased the output and productivity of the master, but compared to the modern engineering “apprentice”…. makes me puke they dare call themselves that word, shades of “A year ago I couldn’t even spell engineer, and now I are one”

The first engineering tools I had to master were the fucking broom and the kettle, I shit you not.

Then you get given an old “whistler” kettle and the gas axe (oxy acetylene cutting torch) to boil the water for the tea, there is a stock of these for sale to you for exactly one day’s wages each, for when you blow through the bottom of the kettle and all the water leaks out… or… you can grab to scrap from the gash bin and try to “fix” the kettle you just blew a hole through so it will hold water and bring it to the boil with a gas axe.

Then you get given some lumps of soft gash metal, cheap shit like zinc anode material or babbit metal than can be re-melted and re-used, and a metal file and a hacksaw, with ONE fucking blade, and a brass brush to clean the file and saw blade, and a metal vice and a place at a bench.

First make a perfect one inch cube, accurate to ten thou…. that takes you about four fucking days, you learn hands on about materials science, differences in hardness and friction between differing metals such as files, saw blades and the gash, you learn that every time you put the gash in the vice and tightened the vice you deformed it, you learned to file flat and saw straight and square.

Pleased with yourself that the task given to you on a Monday morning has been completed by Friday lunchtime, you are given some more gash metal, this time you must make TWO pieces, one is a U shape and one is a T shape, so that the T shape fits in the U shape perfectly to form a much bigger piece, oh, and you have to be able to rotate the T and U shape with 180 degree symmetry so they fit together perfectly BOTH ways…. no gaps anywhere you can get a ten thou feeler gauge into….. that takes two or three weeks

Failing in these tasks is the end of your apprenticeship, you can fuck off and be a fitter or a grease monkey or a car mechanic…. meanwhile you still have to practice with the broom and the kettle.

Got any lip? I dunno how often I have seen strong tough full of piss and vinegar good in a fight 13 and 14 stone all muscle apprentices punched in the mouth by a 10 stone skinny fucker in their forties or fifties for giving some lip, and they learned they may have double the muscle mass of the old fart, but the old fart was all HARD muscles that basically spent 8/10 hours a day in the “gym” of the shops, that and sinew and bone… apprentices all had broken teeth, me included. On the other hand I still have all my limbs and fingers and toes, which was the result of those lessons not to lip your elders and betters and FUCKING LISTEN.

So I tell some young cunt today who thinks they are time served that it took me 4 weeks to learn how to use a fucking file and a hacksaw, and it is like the blind man wanting a red house or the modern #1 or #2 wimminz wanting a relationshit.

The young shits not only do not know how to use a file or hacksaw, they cannot even begin to judge or guess how much they do not know, or how greatly that lack impacts EVERY SINGLE OTHER ASPECT of their so called professional skill.

#3 may be just over half my age, but she was time served, old school, growing up in a house with a mummy and daddy who were married to each other and stayed together.

Sure, #3 is AWALT, same as #1 and #2, which I can’t respect, but #3 is old school time served, which I can.

Out of respect for #3’s time served status ALONE, I would not put her in a bar with #1 and #2 and tell all three to work it out between themselves.

On a related note, I know it doesn’t seem that way at first blush, I hear from emails that YET AGAIN Bill over at the Spearhead is holding the fucking begging bowl out.

Judge a man (or a wimminz) by their actions, not what they say.

August 13, 2012

Paedo love

Following on from yesterday’s True love post.

NOTA BENE – I have deliberately chosen a tough and emotive subject. Not for any reason other than it is a tough and emotive subject, which makes it a very strong test of the logic of anything I say now.

When I say “paedo” above I do not mean the accusation leveled at men in family court in order to gain a non-molestation order and sole custody of the kids, nor do I mean older people having sex with younger people who are above the age of consent, neither do I mean those who find those who are sexually mature but below the age of consent attractive.

Specifically, I am talking about a subset of those who find pre-pubescent kids sexually attractive, and the subset I am talking about is the one that actually fucks those kids.

(Nota bene, I did not say “men”, because just as many are wimminz)

I make this clarification not so much to make a point of using the correct definition for a word, but to make sure we all know exactly what we are talking about, adults who fuck small children, for values of small children meaning under 10 years old.

Got that?

Do you think that said paedo can look at themselves in the mirror and feel either;

  1. the same thing YOU feel when you look in the mirror
  2. fear loathing disgust hate etc

Now this is a critical thinking test, are you able to separate your feelings for paedos from the quite separate question being asked here, the question of self perception.

I hope so, because if the claims about the prevalence of paedos and rapists are true then every single day paedos and rapists are making major life changing decisions on your behalf, the air traffic controller, the hospital blood lab tech, the 911 dispatcher, the insulin vendor, the insurance adjuster, the tax collector…

If you are capable of this piece of critical thinking, you’ll see that the answer to the question above is #1

The question of whether the person looking in the mirror sees someone who does wrong / bad things and hurts others is quite the separate question.

Human nature is to deny this, methinks the lady doth protest too much, as the victim of a malicious FRA I might want to think that my mental processes have nothing whatsoever in common with those of my psycho skank ho ex who made the FRA against me, I might want to think that, but it isn’t true.

I have far more in common with her, on the level of mental processes, that I have to differentiate between us… to be sure, those small differences are very important, but they don’t change the fact that most of my mental processes and hers are alike.

Critical thinking, it has to be so, or all these deviants like paedos and my psycho skank ho ex would self terminate, the fact that they don’t is proof that when they look in the mirror, what they feel isn’t that far from what you or I feel.

The stuff they don’t like, well, that is easy explained away by externalizing everything, in my psycho skank ho ex’s case everything will be my fault, and the fault of every other man she has ever known… in the case of the paedo it will also be externalized in exactly the same way.

And this, my friends, is the point of this little piece of critical thinking, the OUTCOMES may be different in the case of a paedo fucking a ten year old, my psycho skank ho ex making an FRA against me, and me deciding not to pay out on a bet I lost that my car was faster than yours down the strip, but the MENTAL PROCESSES are the same.

Here is another piece of critical thinking, does it matter to you if you get back to your car and the stereo is still in it, because;

  1. I did not steal it because it is morally wrong and do unto others etc
  2. I did not steal it because I don’t want to get caught and convicted and pay the consequences

It *might* matter if you know me personally, #1 makes me more suitable as a friend, but other wise?

Let’s go back to the paedo, but this time we are talking about the paedo that has the urges, but refuses to act on them, does it matter to you if;

  1. your kid is safe because the paedo knows that to act on those urges would be wrong and would injure an innocent child
  2. your kid is safe because the paedo doesn’t want to do 20 to life

Sure, tough question, because to answer it you have to question a whole load of basic stuff about YOUR life, because what you really want is a third option, where the paedo is segregated from society at birth, because that option means you do not have to analyse your own mental processes… you just want to look in the mirror like me and be OK with what you see.

So now we have two examples, (three if you include the FRA) the car stereo thief and the paedo, and while we WANT to separate these two as widely as possible, as we can see, the same mental processes and choices are present in both…. do I refrain because it is just plain wrong, or do I refrain because it will cost me personally?

Clearly, as I have discussed previously in standards, we all got em, re the porn sluts, relying on people refraining from doing bad stuff because it is just wrong doesn’t get us very far, because there are enough out there with enough different standards that sooner or later your path is going to cross someone who has wildly different standards to you.

They will do stuff that will hurt you, but to them, genuinely, they have done nothing wrong.

Enter codified and standard penalties and punishments.

Are you now driving 20 in a 20 limit because it is safer for the pedestrian if you should have an accident, or because you don’t want the fine and ticket and insurance increase?

Probably, like most humans, a bit of both, and the amount of each varies from day to day, but overall you always stay on this side of the line.

Go back to the car stereo thief and paedo, probably, in most cases, a bit of both, a varying amount each day, but overall they stay this side of the line.

Once you indulge in this bit of critical thinking, and grep that it is the MENTAL PROCESSES that we all share in common that are at work here, you are ready for the next step.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, it is much worse for society and the individuals concerned, if one paedo is pushed over the line from restraint to action, than if a car stereo thief is pushed over the line from restrain to action…. but at the MENTAL PROCESS level, it is the same thing, just a push from this state to this state, from the range 0.0 to 0.49, into the range from 0.5 to 1.0, the binary 0 to 1, from inaction to action, from did not to did.

You will probably object, how dare I compare jacking a stereo to raping a kid, which is a straw man argument, because the whole point is that I am not doing this… jacking the stereo and raping the kid are actions that take place after the binary shift from 0 to 1, I’m talking about what makes the binary shift in MENTAL PROCESSES from 0 to 1

200 years ago you would have been asking what the fuck I was on about, if I was discussing rape in the same breath as an adult being in a sexual relationship with a 12 year old, because the latter was quite legal..

The proof of what I am saying lies in the simple fact that making an FRA is now so routine that police do not even prosecute, except in the most egregious cases, eg where they themselves have been made to look like complete assholes by the FRA claimant.

Once this (bearing false witness) was considered a terrible crime, there is no commandment that thou shalt not have sex with 15 year olds, or 17 year olds if you are their teacher…

How to you create a set of circumstances that will promote the binary shift from 0 to 1 in MENTAL PROCESSES with regards to ;

  1. jacking stereos
  2. raping children
  3. making FRAs

The answers are of course quite simple, because we human being aren’t really that complex, and we don’t really think a lot about stuff before choosing an action

  1. make the penalties for jacking a stereo lower than the benefits to the potential thief, so create an environment where a stereo = a couple of small rocks of crack.
  2. make the definition of children ambiguous, by sexualising children as young as possible, kiddies beauty pageants, whores outfits for 6 year olds, padded brassieres for 8 year olds, and sidelining and ignoring all the quiet kids, while removing the traditional protections, the father of the household
  3. reward those who make them while emasculating those who they are made against
  4. In all of the above, the more you can make it happen, the more common you can make it, the easier it is to get the next person to flip that switch from 0 to 1, after all, everyone else is doing it…

So, here I sit….

False accused of rape, domestic violence, of wanting to fuck my own flesh and blood kids up the ass.

see above, two forces, 1 it’s morally wrong, 2 I get punished

If ever anything was going to push a man to cross a line it is the above, and yet I did nothing, not even enough for her to go to the police and claim fear… but, if you think that because the above accusations and the consequences of them were not enough to push me from 0 to 1 in the MENTAL PROCESSES that turn inaction from action in this case, then no changes were made in my mental processes, you would be totally wrong.

Not merely totally wrong, but FATALLY wrong, should your continued existence or welfare depend upon me making the “right” decision or doing the “right” thing.

If you think the changes made in other areas of my mental processes were to push thresholds closer to the boundary between action and inaction, you would also be totally wrong… it has pushed me the other way… MGTOW’s do not “see” wimminz and kids being mugged and raped and abused.

Now, if you have been able to control your revulsion at the subject matter, and follow the critical thinking, we are finally at the meat and potatoes of this post.

Asking me to go back to being a citizen, because it was all a big misunderstanding, a temporary blip of feminazi insanity, and frankly the world desperately needs engineers like yourself right now, write your own cheque… is gonna fall on stony fucking ground.

I cannot CTRL-Z undo the changes in my mental processes any more than a car stereo jacker can walk past a car with a top of the range Blaupunkt fitted and not see it, or a paedo can walk past a tots beauty pageant and not see the posters outside advertising it.

I must stress this analogy, all three examples above are examples of INACTION, things were seen, “opportunities” (whether right or wrong) were noted, and inaction was selected over action, the inaction potentials exceeded and overwhelmed the action potentials.

In a world that focuses on ACTION potentials, inaction potentials are the ash that chokes the fire.

I am no more likely than I was 5 years ago to rape my girlfriend, to beat her, to fuck my own kids up the ass, not just a case of binary 0 still being binary 0, but to three significant places 0.002 is now 0.001 and so far away from the 0.4999 tipping / rounding point as to be meaningless, approaching zero so closely as to be zero.

However, I am now binary 0 (inaction) where I abso-fucking-lutely would have been and indeed was binary 1 (action) where it comes to protecting my psycho skank ho ex from harm, and that has been extended to the secret family courts, police, and indeed wimminz and niggerz and the state in general.

And that should fucking terrify you, because though I say so myself, my personality and experiences and abilities made me one of those men who could get shit done, whatever the odds.

Shades of this ongoing story


All I see when I read the series of articles about this developing story is that I have yet to see a single mention of the dead girl’s biological father, or his thoughts and feelings… but I can guess the backstory.. and at the end of the day it was a girl killed, not a boy, so no big deal in the great scheme of things.

Just as the right thinking tend to reject everything about paedos, including denial of the 99% of mental processes that we share with all human beings, paedos included, the wimminz and niggerz will reject with horror everything I say here, and everything I am and everything I stand for, but I share 99% of mental processes with them.

That 1%, that wasn’t where I accepted responsibility for my own actions and deeds, I always did that, the really significant portion of that 1% is the bit where I “manned up” and accepted responsibility for the false and malicious allegations of my psycho skank ho ex, and the actions of the secret family courts, police, state, all of whom were following their own personal advancement agendas.

I manned up and smelled the fucking coffee and decided, inaction potential win the day;




Hope ya’ll like the bed you’ve made for yourselves, because you’ve utterly alienated those who could pull your balls out of the fire, and when I say “alienated” I mean I will listen to your pleas and entreaties after the last paedo has their wishes granted.

May 16, 2012

Don’t come back

I am trending towards using “currently playing” as post titles..>;*)


I am seeing more and more skanks on PoF not merely coming back with new adverts, but coming back and placing themselves in the “intimate encounter” section rather than the “dating” or “relationship” etc sections.


Ageing, the process of living and gaining experience and being changed by your experiences.

Sure, we have all seen and heard about older men in their sixties and seventies being with, being able to fuck and even being able to impregnate wimminz who are 20/30/40 years younger than themselves, and therefore reasonably hot by dint of being fertile, but I am scratching my head trying to think of older men who are actively fucking older wimminz…

There is a reason for this, let me explain;

My own story is I spent my forties basically being sexually faithful to two wimminz, one of em mainly, with a couple of one night stands thrown in for good luck, then I got the whole FRA as opening salvo in a separation and child custody battle that went nuclear on day one.

That put a real crimp in my libido, and basically I didn’t fuck for 15 months, then I picked up again and then I discovered PoF, and basically I have spent the past three years fucking almost anything that moved, getting through approximately one new wimminz every two weeks, while keeping others on the back burner etc.

Prior to my forties I really did fuck everything that moved, don’t even ask for numbers because I have no fucking clue, couldn’t even guess to the nearest 50 if my life depended on it.

Now, the purpose of this post.

I cannot ask my father or grandfather because they are dead, but I suspect, genetics being what it is, that since we have so much else in common we will also share a common sex drive.

And I mention THIS because I have found that for the past six months my own sex drive has been, well, “changing” is a good word.

I’m using the word changing, because it has changed in the past, see above for two example, coming out of a fairly steady LTR into a FRA, and the rebound from that.

The “change” I am noticing is that I am seeing less and less wimminz that I want to fuck, dramatically so when we start talking about wimminz past their thirties.

I have one long term FWB who is past thirties but not a lot, and fact is she is very very easy to be with, all that traditional wimminz shit, takes great pleasure in feeding me, picking up after me, hanging out with me, but my urge to fuck her is low… once a week or even once a fortnight would do me.

Meanwhile the slutty skanks in their twenties I could bang all day and night, but lacking a yacht in Monte Carlo I have to be realistic and accept that for many of them I am OLDER than their father and so insufficiently rich to fuck, so most of my wimminz be thirties or early forties, and even then I am noticing that a big part of the find em / fuck em / forget em that is PoF dating is because in the chase stage where they send me pictures of their cunts on my smartphone it is like porn, all good stuff, but having fucked them despite the firmer and fertile flesh the whole porn thing is fucked up by my actual personal knowledge of them… e.g. that one talks about her kid, like I give a fuck, this one thinks that now we are fucking she is entitled to something or me picking up a tab, the other one is fucking untidy and messy…

So it is not that my sex drive has gone down, it is that having purged myself of whatever pent up fucking I had accumulated, and also having learned ever more about the TRUE nature of wimminz, I find it harder and harder to maintain the “porn” mentality that is essential to fuck.

I could show you nekkid pictures of one wimminz that I have been fucking, mid 30’s and never had kids and always looked after herself very carefully, face ain’t bad and the body it has to be said looks every bit as good as any teenagers, albeit up close if you poke and prod not QUITE the same as teen flesh, not quite the same tone or suppleness, but damn close… looks better than many wimmiz who are in porn.

And there I was last week doggy style with my cock in her cunt and her moaning and grabbing the sheets, and I feel myself getting not exactly less hard, but drifting away from that hill you have to get over to come.. you know what I mean there guys… because I am looking down at her very cute ass, and unfortunately I see HER, and start thinking about the things that I now know about HER, as an individual, so I do THAT thing, THAT pose we all know so well.

Lean back, look away from her, look up at the ceiling, pretend she is some other slut that I have not had yet, one of the ones in the production line, and hey presto, we start climbing that hill to orgasm, or rather I do, she sounds like she is having plenty of fun… lol… and so I shoot a load into her cunt… Mission Accomplished.

So, here is the interesting question;

  • How much of this is due to my ageing process physically?
  • How much of this is due to my learning more about the nature of wimminz every day?
  • How much of this is due to my body reacting to less fuckable, less fertile, e.g. older wimminz?
  • How much of this is due to me frankly having fucked so many bitches that all the novelty has worn off?
  • How much of this is due to wimminz themselves constantly evolving attitudes, e.g. the wimminz of 2012 being a lot less fuckable than the wimminz of 2002?

As I said up there, my own father and grandfather are dead, so I cannot compare notes, except what I already know, so I can’t ask direct questions, but I can perhaps take another look at family history, and perhaps now find that certain events have a different meaning for me as I see them from a different perspective.

Now there is one thing missing from the above list of questions.

Between my younger fuck anything days and now, I have discharged by DNA impulse to breed, and thanks to my psycho skank ho ex and the state, been discharged from any responsibility or involvement in the raising of said fruit of my loins.

I think, instinctively, this is the make equivalent to the female ticking womb, and I think in all discussions on mens sites it is overlooked, shit that applies to men that have not yet bred simply does not apply to me, and once that DNA subroutine has been run, what is left is an appreciably DIFFERENT man.

I think, instinctively, I have no actual urge to impregnate any more wombs, not even those inhabiting the most incredibly hot bisexual teen twins, so while there is a holdover from those days that allows me to get a raging hard-on and spend all day and night banging such a pair of twins, the procreation component is entirely missing, ONLY the “porn” element is left.

Which is a death sentence for the wimminz, suddenly whole swathes of what WAS fucking is no longer fuckable, and my standards of how low I will go on that scale (“10”) are rising dramatically.

Case in point, now playing, Suzi Quattro, can the can.

I had this poster

Gotta admit it, I have no idea how often I wanked over that back in the day.

Now, that SAME PIC, not her today, but the same pic, yeah, I’d hit it, but frankly I am not quite sure how I managed to spurt so often and so easily over it, she just ain’t that fucking hot.

What’s changed? Apart from my DNA hard-wiring to procreate?

This is the question I would like to be able to ask my dad and gramps, point to certain events in family history, and ask, do you think maybe you did this, and not that, because you had already fathered my dad / me?

Because I suspect the answer is yes, and I suspect that NONE of this is news to any wimminz, not even the pregnant at 13 ones, there are some things that the wimminz have always been way ahead of the men on.

I think perhaps ALL men vastly under-estimate the biological ability, and therefore URGE, to impregnate many wimminz simultaneously, as a factor in what makes any INDIVIDUAL wimminz sexually attractive to us at any given time.

I know that in my case, in which there was a polyamorous triangle, when one of them got pregnant and then gave birth I lost all interest in fucking her, but took a greater interest in fucking the other one, definitely some BIOS level DNA programming at work there.

I have observed in other where a couple have had three (or more) kids, and where there was clearly no cuckolding, it ALWAYS went one of two ways, either the kids got successively better looking, or successively uglier, like the two sets of DNA were fine tuning the mix, or were going more out of sync, with each subsequent effort.

_IF_ there is a shred of truth in these speculations and observations, then the outlook for society as we know it and nations and economies as we know it is dire indeed, because the current state of family courts means that we are fucking with one side of a BIOS level piece of DNA programming.

We are utterly breaking the system that is designed to keep me around the womb(s) that bear the fruit of my loins, a place where the sexual attractiveness of the wimminz in question is moot, because as the mother(s) of my children I will only see and care about a whole host of other things, all related to child rearing.

Break that “covenant” and not only do I start to question the sexual attractiveness of the mothers of my children, but I start to look at ALL wimminz with a more experienced and jaundiced eye… after all, I HAVE THE FUCKING TIME FOR SUCH THINKING NOW…

I do know that when I look at the mother(s) of my children now, I do not see creatures that are in any way sexual, even though they are still just about fertile, I don’t even see them as “female” except in the pure biological dictionary definition sense.

When you add in the fact that my skank ho ex is a PSYCHO skank ho ex, it is actually a bit of a struggle to see it as a human being, and in truth it is an “it” to me, not a “she”.

While there are many things that the wimminz “get” a zillion times better than men, this, this “decoupling” that I, and presumably many modern men fucked over by the courts and the state, is something that the wimminz are simply hard-wired to never even be able to accept, much less understand.

It is this decoupling, which just happens to have one side effect of whether a particular wimminz is sexually attractive, and if so how much, and in what way, that is going to have such dire consequences for the society and culture and economy and nations as we have known them.

I am not going to even lift a finger to tap a key on a keyboard to benefit, aid, succour, help, support or defend an “it”, nor indeed any niggerz who does.

I do not hate my psycho skank ho ex, I do not even see it as sub-human, I don’t even see it as non-human, after all dogs and other mammals etc. are non human, rather I see it as a tumour, a pestilence, an infection, a biological agent with negative traits.

A “thing” to which I am immune (so I have no urge to cure or cleanse or destroy either) and as such a thing which effectively ceases to exist in my universe.

Now THAT is when your habitat gets trashed by the Cat D9 to make way for a motorway, when you cease to exist in the universe of the workman and engineer who builds and maintains the very structure of society.

We can all simply ignore megadeaths that happen “somewhere else” and the fact is that there is nowhere on the face of the planet more remote than “I don’t give a fuck about you one way or another.”

The stories about Dachau and Auschwitz etc are woefully incomplete, unless you include the stories of the people and society and towns and villages and communities in which they were built, and in which if they were noted at all, it was as a local employer.


March 25, 2012

Sometimes, wimminz can be so sweet…

…and I mean that in the way that when you hear wimminz at the school gate talking about their little tearaways affectionately… eg not that fucking much… lol

…so anyways, one of my skanks calls me last night, basically she has been on PoF and found a guy and met him (and wimminz are sooooooooo different from men huh… lol) and rocks up back to his pad and blows him but doesn’t feel like fucking him, so she thinks “Hey, I am in the same town/city as AfOR, I’ll just give him a bell and see if he is in and feels like fucking me!

So that is what she does, and as I have been playing Mass Effect 3 (talk about a mangina niggerz game) and am just about ready for bed, but frankly a quick fuck would not go amiss, I accept her offer… she knocks on the door, walks in, I bend her over the sofa and raise her dress and fuck her doggy style… within 5 minutes she has gone, she got what she wanted, I got what I wanted, and brother, there is nooooo illusions here about the nature of wimminz, or what wimminz want, or indeed any pretence from these wimminz who make the grade with me and get past the first fuck.

And so sometimes we “see” each other on-line, or we text, and there is no bullshit, no snide “are you busy” crap, any more than meeting someone else in aisle 8 at the local supermarket, you are both out there shopping, browsing, looking for something to tempt you… big deal.

And this really is the thing, like the mums at the school gates with their shared bullshit “aww he is so cute” attitude to little Terence calling Miss Moorcroft the head teacher a skank ho, once the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back.

Once you get THAT level of honesty with a few wimminz, there is no putting it back, it is not just that you know you could never go back to being “in a relationshit” with these wimminz, the point is THEY know it, so there are whole encyclopaedias of shit tests they will not even bother pulling on you.

They may however call you from time to time and offer you a quick fuck.

Of course, this is 100% opposite of everything you have ever been told about the wimminz, and what they really want from men, and how to get a wimminz, and how to keep one and make on happy etc etc etc.

Thing is, there are a quite a few wimminz on PoF that I meet that I quite like to talk to, and even quite like, one is a whore, OK she isn’t plying that trade right now, but she did for many years and would do again if there was a way to prevent her kids finding out about it… it’s all image you see, not what you actually do, but what other people think you do…

So anyway, this whore, she says to me one day “I love you AfOR and love to hang out with you, but we can never ever fuck, because you know what women are really like, and I know what men are really like

And we grin at each other and I say “Yeah, but if we did the sex would be really good” and we both laugh, because it would be, or it would be really awful.

But we have that thing that I have heard tell many couples get AFTER the divorce is settled, when they are finally at least partially honest with each other for the first time in years, and both admit fucking someone else.

That “thing” is that you don’t actually like that person as a person, the illusions and rose tinted glasses and romantic bullshit are all stripped away from your eyes, sure they may be great to hang out with, but to live with as a couple, ugh….

… and that is what my whore friend was referring to, because she spent years fucking men for money, she figured she already had the best of them, and didn’t want the rest, and as for me, she knew that I knew all wimminz were exactly like her.

We had our first “shit test” when I said she was a whore, present tense, and she said used to be a whore, my attitude prevailed, and I said “baby, you will know better than me, ALL wimminz are whores” and she said “yeah, but at least I am honest about it“, and I said “yeah, and you probably gave good value for money too.” and that is where we became mates…. not good mates, but like my skank ho’s, no bullshit mates.

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