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06 – You can lead a horse to water

But, you cannot make it drink.

That’s the thing with these old sayings, the older and more experienced and wiser you yourself get, the more profound and sensible they seem.tumblr_mx3qbv9roC1qhxazgo1_500

I guess the flip-side is this, if a saying that has been around for hundreds of years does not make loads of sense and resonate deeply within you, well, you’re missing the joke, stick around another 20 or 30 years kid…

Here is a little known one, “Chasing after everything you want is the mark of the fool, wanting everything you have is the mark of the wise man.

Shades of the wisdom of St Francis, AfORisms may not repeat, but they sure do rhyme, props to Mark Twain..lol

The horse to water one really struck home today, there are a bunch of domestic chores I should be doing, and a bunch of other jobs I should really be getting on with, but, I woke up today with a very calm and serene feeling, partly the sunlight and warmth flowing through the kitchen window as I wander around, not yet dressed, chilling and making a coffee, I’m pretty much at peace with my life.

Because I have also spent the last 48 hours thinking about one particular horse than can be lead to water as often as you like, but it won’t drink, and you know what, fuck it, it’s really not my problem, and while I might like the personal advantages and pleasures that might come from getting that particular horse to drink, so what…65126_306871806090526_1804170053_n

Last week I / we had a meeting with “da boss”, one of those periodic review shits things, we ended up mainly just talking shop, very informal, then at one point he says it is time for him to boogie, but you guys are still on the clock, but stay and chill and take the rest of the day off.

So I forgot to say Oi, it’s been a year since my last pay rise, gimme moah munnay…

Fuck it, I can bang him off an email this week saying the same thing, no big deal, fact is, I’m surviving quite OK on my present salary, not saying I am loaded, but *all* the bills are paid and I could, if I so chose, go on to Amazon right now and buy a 65″ 4k LCD TV…. just…lol

See, I am also a horse that won’t necessarily drink, just because I was led to some water… doesn’t just apply to the person I have been thinking of the past day or two.

If they want to fuck their life up by my lights, well, it’s their life, their right, no matter how senseless it seems to me.

The bit in red above, of those times I have had a wimminz who was willing to let me fuck her whenever I wanted, I just didn’t want to any more, and those times I have not had a wimminz who was willing to let me fuck her, and I wanted to… how I lol’ed at myself..lol

oh, if only Julie would change just this one thing about herself, she would be perfect, and she could make the change, and I have led her to that water, but she just won’t drink it….  wanders off and spends the next seven years of his life wondering why…..

Like understanding is necessary, or will change anything, or is even possible, having a hot, sexy, obsessive stalker sounds like fun when you’ve got nothing but a sock to wank in to, when you have a stalker, pray she is ugly, smelly and revolting, it might make your plight all of 5% easier for others to understand.. maybe.. on a good day.. and you’ll yearn for the simple days you and the sock spent together…lol

You did your bit, you lead the horse to water, it didn’t want to drink… fine.

Never lead that horse anywhere ever again, no matter what happens to it.

If *it* wants something, it will be sure and let you know, then you can see what it has to offer you, to make you want to drink from its stream… probably not a lot…

Is it a senseless waste of human life? Yes, it is, and the only way you can make that waste any worse is to start adding your life to the pile, as though it ain’t big enough already.

It’s a phase change, before, you’ll love that horse and admire its fine lines and stately demeanour, if only I could spend a lifetime in the saddle….  after, meh, fucking leg at each corner, glue factory reject, what the fuck did I ever see in that, sure as hell wouldn’t want to be shackled to it.

Not because it refused to drink, per se.

In polite society you take a polite sip, even if you are not thirsty, even if you do not like the beverage on offer, and then you say thank you for the drink.

It’s the refusal to do that, the failing to do that, the not knowing to do that, that’s what fucks it up.

You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

It’s not a warning about being stubborn or being independent or being unable to trust, after enough years and experience, you learn it is a warning about a lack of manners…. a warning about a lack of respect… a warning about you, not learning your lesson, the, very, first, time, the, horse, does, this, to, you…..

Trying, and failing, to get a horse to drink, is itself a lesson for you, if you refuse to drink of that lesson, then it will be repeated, ad infinitum.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Nothing in that actually states that you, the human, are leading a dumb animal, nothing in that states that the speaker is not talking about you being the horse, and not the other horse that is stood in front of you, which is the only horse YOU can see, unless you look in the fucking mirror….lol

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