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January 30, 2012

Home truths

Here are some home truths, you may not like all of them, you may not have heard of them, you may not be old enough to have come across them, but the chances are that it is just a question of enough time having to pass before you find out for yourself.

  1. Your sense of smell, it is an amazing thing, you may not be a dog but it is far more sensitive than most humans give credit for, unfortunately if you are a smoker (I should know, I used to smoke) you are killing this sense, so there will be a whole raft of smells that you will be unaware of, here are some of them;
    1. Old cunt, by old cunt I mean no longer fertile, it has a definitive smell, like all smells, very hard to describe, but you non smoking guys that have fucked old cunt will know what I mean, it is a faintly unpleasant smell, and if you ignore this signal and fuck it the unpleasant “musk” smell gets far stronger, and in me at least is raises and instinctive need to vacate the premises, pronto, cue the Android app Fake Call Me…. it is nature’s way of telling you to stop wasting that sperm.
    2. Fertile cunt, at certain times of the month, there is some chemical trigger that smells identical to one of the chemicals given off by curing / drying silicone caulk as used by builders and glaziers, I don’t know what it is chemical wise, but if you have sniffed silicone and done it from behind you will have noted the same smell.
    3. Fecal fat slut breath, all obese bitches, their breath smells faintly, or not so faintly, of fecal matter, and the fatter they are the stronger the smell of shit from their breath.
  2. Reasons why she could only send you a tit or whatever pic, whatever reasons you are given, there is only ever one true reason, and that is that (in her opinion) the pics she has sent you show her off in a good light, and the pics she has not sent you will show her in a bad light, so you will get a pic of a very nice looking tit, and no pictures of the gut or ass or bladdered cunt below it.
  3. Wimminz are all delusional, both about their own attractiveness and their abilities, eg blowjob skills. I mean really, totally, utterly delusional, on the same scale as me claiming I had elite jet fighter pilot skills, and this is paired with #4 below, is no guy ever bothered to tell the skank ho the fucking truth, there is NO upside to telling a wimminz the truth about her skills or abilities or attractiveness, not unless you really desperately desire to experience being the target of a false accusation of rape first hand, so in a wimminz mind the lack of people calling on her constant claims of being an elite jet fighter pilot and blow-jobber equates to these things being true.
  4. Wimminz and their lies, it is complex, but sooner or later it will come to you, you are just the latest in a long series of guys who turned up, discovered that the reality did not match the advert, decided to pump and dump real fast, not even overnight, just pump and dump and GTFO, just like all the other guys she complained about who said all sorts and then pumped and dumped her, so I will be yet another of those guys that “lied to her about not wanting a pump and dump” while a total disconnect exists between this and the truth, which is that it was the vast chasm between the advertised goods and the actual goods that caused me to pump and dump and GTFO with Fake Call Me 15 minutes later, instead of staying the night.
  5. There are no sexually attractive 50+ year old wimminz, not when you actually get them naked and into bed, there is nothing there for your COCK, which is interested in REPRODUCTION, to get hard for, and so the only game in town is kinky sex, and even that is a limited game that only a few 50+ year olds can play, very very limited, one trick pony shit… but until you bang your first 50 year old, and it really doesn’t make any difference if she is smoking for FOR a 50 year old who looks after herself and on the street looks and acts and could pass for 38 and all the rest of it, actually fucking the wimminz is teh (sic) beauty equivalent of tipping a bucket of water over their heads, if you want to know how beautiful a wimminz really is, tip a bucket of water over her head, if you want to know how sexually attractive a wimminz really is, look at her 3 minutes after you just dumped a load into her cunt. No 50+ year old will make your cock throb all by itself…. this whole subject about the rapid collapse of female sexual attractiveness as soon as nature is through with their womb is something you just do not grasp until you see and start fucking the older wimminz….
  6. Cunt“, never fail to use this word when talking about cunt with wimminz, it is acceptable for wimminz to be shy when first conversing, and using words like pussy to talk about cunt, you should immediately show the wimminz your class by using the word cunt, thus allowing the wimminz to relax and call a cunt a cunt, or to demonstrate real early that as far as you are concerned she is psycho and totally unfuckable, ever, under any circumstances, because she objects to calling a cunt a cunt and objects to the word cunt…. this is the easiest, cheapest and fastest shit test you can give a wimminz, so give it to every wimminz you meet, real early on…. REAL early on…
  7. PoF and shit, “there are no decent / sexy / nice wimminz on PoF“, yeah, this is true, because there are no nice / sexy / decent wimminz any fucking where, AWALT, fucking penny dropping yet? …..what there is, is young firm flesh, and it comes with an attitude of its own, and problems, and all the usual crap….. now and again you will find a wimminz who has used up the young firm flesh, ain’t good looking at all, but knows it, and makes a realistic decision that any guy who doesn’t drink / gamble / whore / beat her to excess is as good as it is ever going to get, and if she can find one who is half decent then do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to hang on to him, because the alternative is a succession of pump and dump cock every weekend until she hits 50 and then it is cats and the true romance channel until she croaks.
  8. Lose your pride, that fugly slut skank you pumped and dumped and GTFO yesterday, don’t get upset when she texts you saying she don’t think you’re the right man for her, so so long and thanks for all the semen… don’t get that SHE dumped ME!!!! shit in your head, that is all so much bullshit….. the home truth you will learn is YOU JUST GOT THE PERFECT RESULT, an out, and a written proof against future allegations, and you never had to even lift a single finger to text.


  1. fecal breath? WTF? fat folks can put off the sour fumes of toe jam, but fecal is a bit over the top. Then again, I don’t have the experience of the author. A fat wimminz can be fine as long as they are still relatively young and properly washed. Every young man under 25 who is fussy about women should fuck a fat wimminz to help reset his standards down. And before we get too smug about the plight of the 50 year old cat ladies, just remember that women tend to live significantly longer than men. This usually means that while an older man may look better than a similar aged woman, his health will start failing first.

    Comment by anonymous — January 31, 2012 @ 9:59 am

  2. Men´s health is failing sooner because men “use it up” through working(slaving) much harder than the average chick and partaking much more of the various legal (& less legal) drugs. Alcohol for example actively depletes the body while poisoning it too.
    Though the young slags are quickly catching up here, and paying the price.

    In the case of married niggerz, suffering though the constant domestic drama from wimminz and their bastards causes stresses that actually outright age the body.
    Wimminz are basically energy vampires. Not only in the metaphorical but literal sense.
    Talk to whores and some will tell you that they actually feel “energetic” after a “hard workday”, so much so that they can´t fall asleep.

    Comment by hans — January 31, 2012 @ 5:43 pm

    • Amen, I have soooooo much more energy since my psycho skank ho ex decided to punish me by excluding herself from my life…………. and more time, and more cash…….

      Comment by wimminz — January 31, 2012 @ 5:46 pm

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