Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

Internet dating – WHY you play the numbers.

It’s very simple, in a single word, the word is “attrition“.

Today I lost three skanks from the production line.

Thankfully I still have three on the go, and enough on the production line to ensure there shouldn’t be a skank drought hereabouts, but it serves as a dire fucking warning for all you daters out there who get a taste of pussy and then start getting sentimental.

Skank #1 was frankly a 2, maybe a 3 with beer goggles, a last minute flake, been on the production line for a few weeks by reason of a pre-booked holiday, professed both love and lust for me, then flakes at the last hurdle.

Skank #2 was a 4 pushing a 5, she did a fused lightbulb flake, eg suddenly went dark for no reason, hell, maybe she is having computer problems, I neither know nor care, she promised the world too.

Skank #3 was a solid 5, she did a WTF flake, starts talking all dirty then suddenly takes exception to something I say and gives out a “I’m not that sort of girl” bullshit.

Now today is a Saturday, and you get lots of flakes around the weekend, and a public holiday, and perhaps most importantly atmospheric pressure dropped (yes, you read that right) and I have noted that all these correlate to wimminz acting weird.

_I_ haven’t done or said a damn thing, I am the same person I was last week, so if they have reasons, those reasons are not based on me, wimminz are fucking stupid emotional brainless bitches, so don’t waste even 1 second of your life trying to work this shit out.

But three flaking in one day is worthy of comment, and the comment is THIS IS WHY YOU PLAY THE FUCKING NUMBERS.

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