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March 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor

One of my regular readers and commenters is Hans, and he recently had this to say;

God-damn this fucking “pony herd” instinct. It´s supremely annoying and one of the many reasons I´ve stopped explaining anything to a female.

He is of course spot on, if you use PoF you may now and again use the “who viewed me” button, if you have ever been around a skank ho while she is using PoF, she hits that viewed me like one of pavlov’s dogs.

But the wimminz herd thing goes deeper, I have a photo (all my profile photos are set to private), this is a particular profile photo that I use whenever I want to drive off a wimminz who is stalking me on PoF, it is me in a shirt and tie in an office full of computers, Mr Establishment, Mr Steady Job, Mr Regular Income, Mr Average, it works better than garlic on a vampire.

The kind of photo that you would think would put wimminz off, me with a 2 day stubble in a wife beater / muscle vest working on my motorcycle (which only has one seat BTW) Mr Rebel Without A Pay-check, draws them around like flies on shit… go figure.

But the herd goes even deeper…. my own mother, who is getting on in years considering I’m in my fifties and she had me late, who has seen her own son falsely accused of rape, who is one of the least feminist wimminz you could ask to meet, plays for team vagina when it comes to a great niece who is basically fucking nuts and should be either institutionalised or better still put over someone’s knee and have her ass slapped until she grew up, does she heap the blame for this girls awful behaviour on her mother, who spends all day pandering to her, or her grandmother, who does nothing but pour sympathy on the flames, does she fuck, she blames the kids father, the guy who refuses to even drive the entitled little bitch to the doctor for counselling, for not being a man and putting his foot down and “letting” his wife and grandmother in law shoulder all the burden of this entitled little princess she raised.

My mum is a wimminz, she lacks the intellectual capacity to join the dots between what was done to her son by a female false accuser and misandrist system, and this psycho little bitch who you guessed it got total custody because the father of her children is a dangerous and violent man who is now banned from all contact with his own kids.

Even when she tells me that this psycho skank’s oldest, at 6 years old, is now claiming to need to see the doctor because of some imaginary stressful illness, and I quote “because I have the same thing mummy has” she cannot intellectually join the dots between this bitch and my ex bitch.

If you ever wondered why wimminz utter inane phrases, like looking at an animal and claiming that they seem so intelligent, it is almost like they are looking right back at you, and why wimminz fall prey so things like farmville, and why wimminz conversations always sound like you are talking to some turing test bot, well here is your answer.

Wimminz are human, so one cannot claim that they have subhuman intelligence, but if the average male intellect is taken as the average human intellect, them wimminz are subnormal in intellect.

I can go to deepest darkest Africa and find some bush nigger who has never seen a motor car or television or computer, sit him down next to a western wimminz who is a “manager” of something, and he will still outshine the bitch in intellect, even without being able to speak a fucking word of English, he will be smart enough not to repeat a behaviour that has a negative outcome, e.g. he will be smarter than a rat or a budgie in a Skinner box…. unlike the fucking wimminz “manager” he is sat next to, who will repeat behaviours with negative outcomes.

Just tonight I had to kick one of my bitches to the kerb, told her, you quit X or you and me are history, so she does what all wimminz do, calls my bluff, and that is why you have that archived shit…


The wimminz in question had all the information and clues and data anyone could possibly ask for, to know that those kinds of shit tests do not fly or float with me, but that old herd instinct cannot be overcome, there quite simply IS NO INTELLECTUAL COMPONENT IN 99.99% OF A WIMMINZ BEHAVIOUR, so like the dumb animal in a Skinner box the wimminz will repetitively act out non-rewarding behaviour because, you know, it might work this time…..

Fucking wimminz is, as far as I can see, no different to fucking any other dumb animal, it’s all bestiality bro… lol


  1. its a sad day when a man realizes his own mother has been fully assimilation by the borg. The best way to discover this is to ask what she thinks about father custody in the event of a divorce. If she thinks mother should always get custody, because well, she is mother, then she is borg. If she thinks father should get custody, or that it should at least be 50/50 chance of custody given the western culture of “equality”, then you have a thinking wimminz. The latter is rare as pink unicorns, so don’t put too much effort into finding these.

    The cult of wimminz is worldwide. This is evidenced by the fact that it is impossible to contract with a wimminz and own the offspring, in normal fashion, anywhere. Some places offer “surrogacy”, but its a high tech surgical operation, with third party donor eggs and a petri dish of jizz. This is lunacy.

    Comment by john — March 10, 2012 @ 8:08 am

    • Sad day? TO THE CONTRARY!
      It´s a day of joy and jubilation, of course after you´re done dealing with the shock. As is the hallmark of all good epiphanies.

      One more alarm-bell chime waking you up out of our modern society (& it´s handler´s) induced stupor and brainwashing. The only thing modern about our societies is infact the WAY how “they” have perverted ancient wisdom and truths into the opposite.

      Comment by hans — March 10, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

      • My “day of revelation” with my wimminz / mother was when I found a tape of her shagging a family friend…… THAT opens your fucking eyes….

        Comment by wimminz — March 10, 2012 @ 6:35 pm

        • When I was a young tot, I remember a conversation between two of my mother’s friends. Skank hoes think that kids don’t understand such stuff. In any event, it concerned the guy she was banging on the side, while my little pal’s dad was off on a business trip. All the skank hoes laughed and sipped their ice teas, and we splashed in the swimming pool, and I was embarrassed for myself, my mother (who smiled at the confession) and the pal whose mom was cuckolding his father. All wimminz are whores, especially mom. lol

          Comment by 8oxer — March 11, 2012 @ 10:50 pm

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