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A Budget for men?

I am of course referring to today’s UK Government budget, is it a budget for men, or a budget for wimmins?

Well, the tax on fuel has been reduced by 1p per litre, which is great, until you consider that the cheapest diesel locally is £1.35 a litre, and when you consider that over the past year fuel has gone up 1p a litre per three weeks…

For the USAians reading this, at the time of writing £1.35 a litre = US$2.19 a litre, and with 3.785 litres to the US Gallon that is US$8.29 a gallon…

Personal taxation has been cut, by £1 a day, whoop de doo.

In fact the most significant Budget announcement by far is the plan to offer first time buyers of new homes a 20% loan from the government, with deferred repayments, and “low” interest rates.

The idea is that first time buyers can then use this 20% of purchase price as a deposit, and borrow the other 80% from a Bank as a mortgage.

Calling this insanity doesn’t even begin to address the issues here.

The sole purpose of this is to avert a house price crash, which would leave around 50% of UK home “owners” in massive negative equity, and as Zsa Zsa Gabor used to say, women are great home-makers, every time they get divorced they get the home, and the ex-husband gets the repayments and debt.

A fifth of a million (200,000) pounds sterling won’t buy shit, except an ex council house on a council estate with all the attendant lack of mystique.

Rather than accepting that 200k is fucking insane for an ex council house, and accepting that everyone who had their nose in the trough must now pay the price for their participation in the housing ponzi scheme… we have apparently decided to prop it up still further and increase people’s ability to get into debt that they will never be able to clear.

Just last night I was porking this skank, and she told me that ten years ago she only owed £5,000 mortgage on her house, today she owes £75,000 ON THE SAME MOTHER-FUCKING HOUSE and can’t afford the fucking internet, only in her case she got divorced and her “loser” ex-husband got 30% of the house value as settlement… yaaay, but the fact is it is usually the other way around, it is usually the “loser” ex-husband who gets none of the asset value and still gets loaded with the debt.

If you exclude the fact that this skank got skinned by her ex, her story is quite normal, this City is full of skanks who divorced men having paid off half the mortgage, stiff the ex-husband with the repayments by way of alimony and child support, and then go out and get second and third mortgages up to 110% of the “value” of the place at the peak of the housing bubble.

Yes folks, this is the unspoken truth about the UK housing bubble, most of this soon to be negative equity property is occupied by women, who have been busy re-mortgaging to use the place as an ATM, and so a house price crash will disproportionately affect the wimminz… let’s face it, a single guy can be as happy as anything in a 1 bedroom place, but UK housing stock contains almost no 1 bedroom places, the vast majority is 2 or 3 bedroom, largely occupied by wimminz and the ex-children of men, and sometimes their new live in lover.

So, what’s the catch / point?

While negative equity can be an enormous problem for a man, he is after all working and can come to some sort of financial arrangement with the bank, even it it means selling the new car and buying a clunker and cutting his expenses for a few years.

Put a wimminz in negative equity and it isn’t an enormous problem, it is game over, the bitch can’t earn any money except by divorcing a man and ransoming his kids, so there is no further economies to be made and no future income to be used to pay down the burden, besides which the wimmins are only interested in more free house-as-an-ATM money for more ponies.

So a housing price crash represents not just the financial pigeons coming home to roost, but doing so to two different classes of society, the wimmins, who have most of the houses, and are absolutely not prepared to downgrade or downsize or make any economies of any kind whatsoever, and the men, who are just as likely to say fuck it, quit work, declare themselves bankrupt, and sign on the dole.

If that happens then the State collapses financially, and ALL the wimminz entitlement programs come crashing down, and nobody in government today or recently will get re-elected, either by the wimminz or the men.

The fact is that the financial situation that the UK is in is so serious that there is no way of avoiding the pain, and every attempt to delay addressing the issue and facing the pain, and most importantly making those who were most irresponsible suffer the greatest losses, is simply going to make the final reckoning even more painful.

And of course, any rebuilding of society and reduction of debt can only be achieved via men and their production of work and value, so these delays not only unfairly distribute most of the pain to those who were not irresponsible in the first place, the men (who did not want a new fucking kitchen every three fucking years, not as though the bitch could boil an egg anyway) but also delaying and therefore maximising that pain for the not irresponsible men, while yet again protecting the fucking wimminz, who will be whining that it ain’t for them, it is for their childruuuun…

Interesting times ahead for sure, and painful, but not as painful for me as the wimminz, no sireee…  bring it on.

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  1. you may be under-estimating the wimminz. Wimminz do a majority of the voting, so they can vote themselves a debt jubilee. Furthermore, government and office jobs are brimming with the wimminz, so they have more money than you might expect to do things like rebuild the kitchen every three years, even if they don’t cook.

    Comment by anonymous — December 6, 2011 @ 1:16 pm

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