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June 26, 2017

Sensor ship, and Captain Willy.

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I’ve mentioned previously the “suspicious” 12 year old porno that started appearing in perfectly ordinary newsgroups, well, a while ago it stopped, or so I thought, so I went back thing of just downloading the jpegs from a group as this caught all the proof.jpg screen.jpg and all the others so you could see what the obfuscated post was.

well, the 12 year old porno is back, so another disk wipe done, bastards.

What particularly annoys me is I’m noticing censorship creeping in everywhere, not just usenet, but google searches and everything else, and, it’s getting pretty heavy handed.

This isn’t abitrary censorship, eg Scunthorpe being flagged and blocked, this isn’t specific censorship, eg “how to make a neutron bomb in your garage” (or “how to murder Trump and get away with it”) but it is instead quite clearly “directed” censorship, as in, you can use the filtering process to herd people in certain directions, including the direction of entrapment.

Like I said, it’s getting so obvious that it is now pretty much impossible to ignore, a bit like misandry in media, and it’s pretty much fucking up the whole online experience for many because of that, not necessarily because we want to learn how to make a neutron bomb, but because we were accustomed to running our own meatspace filters on the net, and if we wanted this we’d have signed up for MS Nanny of some other shit and done it all ourselves, and done it better.

I suppose it is all very well if you are like my friend “willy”, that’s not his real name, but it will do, see, thing is, willy decided many moons ago that he did not like being a man, so he started the transition to being a female, then many months later he discovered that he didn’t want to be a female as such, he’d found happiness as a “chick with a dick”.

Now willy will tell you, that for nearly two years before he started the transition he hadn’t had sex, and willy will also tell you that in the fifteen or so years since then, he hasn’t had sex, he hasn’t had any kind of relationship, or lived with anyone, or anything.. he masturbates in the privacy of his own home.

In willy’s own words to me last summer, repeated a couple of weeks ago, it’s just as well he downloaded the entire internet of shemale porn to wank to years ago when it was easy to find, and archived the whole lot to a Drobo box (willy won’t say how much, but he will say we are talking terabytes, many, terabytes of this stuff) because about 5 to 10 years ago he started noticing something funny, there was no new material, it was all just old shit reposted, some times mirrored left to right or resized, but all the same old shit, and groups that used to have *literally* millions of posts, now have maybe 10 a month, and they are all either 12 year old girl links to beam to domains that are obviously honeypots, or just some ascii garbage.

Like me, willy doesn’t believe for one instant that he was the last person to “trans”, nor does he believe that he is the only person on the planet that has a phone that will happily shoot 4k video, so where the fuck is all the new content?

As willy says, sure, it may not be to your taste, but it ain’t fucking illegal, so why can’t he find any?

What is particularly amusing about this is willy, under his real given name, is mentioned in more than one RFC, he is a coder, and he has a 4 digit slashdot ID (mine was 5 digits back in the day before I walked away from it all) and some of his code is still running today in most high end router kit, so this guy could fucking find it if he wanted to, if it was easily findable, without obviously allowing yourself to be “directed” in certain directions, which instantly trips his paranoia antennae as it does mine.

My intrerest was piqued enough that I fired up my own copy of newsleecher while we were talking, which uses a paid sub to usenetserver which isn’t exactly 100% uncensored, but they never made much effort in the past, tripped the “erotica” tab and searched for “shemale”… after all, it’s not illegal (yet) and what did I find, about 10 results in total for the last 7 days across some 100,000 newsgroups on a server with 99+% retention going back 3,300 days…. fucking unreal.

bang it out to 80 days and there are hundreds and hundreds of matches, but all 11 or 12 kilobytes.

bang it out to 700 to 800 days and it exceeds the results limit easily, and there are lots of large media files there, many of which are DVD sized and a couple are blu ray sized.

Fuck it, willy’s got a point here.

Especially as on the swinging scene I am seeing ever more CD/TV/TS type profiles, not less, so…

So *something* is definitely going on, and I do not for one instant believe that the vanishing of all kinds of porn is just an accidental and unintended side effect of censoring jihadi neutron bomb makers or anything else.

I met willie years ago, I was still mainly a hardware guy then and he was working on the internet backbone routing even then, so he has *years* more routinely working at that level than I do, and yet, even to me, it stinks.

It stinks of multiple players, each messing with basic packet routing, and I can’t think of any good reasons why.

Think wikileaks CIA nasty tools / vault leaks, but not small scale shit that gets targeted against an individual computer or small subnet, this is the same sort of shit at backbone level.

I want to steer you away from potentially being miseld by some fucked boy chick with a dick and his wierdo gay / shemale porn tastes, I want to steer you towards a guy with very very very significant technical skills, telling me that all sorts of “hey, it may not be to your taste, but it ain’t illegal” content is no longer available.

And the only reason *he* can think of why is because a lot of that shit contained metadata… I asked him if that is the case can he look through his many terabytes and see, and he looked at me pityingly and explained that at that level encryption is binary, you either have the key and can see the hidden content, or you do not have the key and do not even know if there is hidden content, a bit like truecrypt, but in a world where nobody except those using even knew there was such a thing, much less that it was possible.

Willy thinks assange is a dead man walking because some cats that nobody knew were in the bag in the first place got out, and now nobody trusts anyone or anything, so everything is getting routed to fuck and back and folks like thee and me just see the heavy hand of censorship everywhere.

Willy says it’s like the plastic cladding on the london tower block that last week nobody knew existed, and this week it’s turning up on almost every building over 10 stories high anywhere in the world, and people behind the scenes are running around like headless chickens, trying to cover their own asses, and point the blame in other directions.

Willy says what’s really going down may be declassified in 30 years, maybe…

I joke that it’s just anonymous outing the alien contact story.

Willy says it’s probably going to be a lot wierder than that.

I don’t fucking know, but I do know something is wierd about how the net is working lately.

I’m thinking of all the rich fags I’ve met, because lets face it when what you are is illegal (it was and still is in many countries) only the smart ones survive, and all of the rich fags I have met have been as sharp as a dagger.

I suspect willie’s survival instincts are a lot more finely tuned than mine.

Thank fuck I already downloaded the entire internet of MP3’s to my own NAS box years ago.

I’ll trade you my Golden Earring for your Debbie Does Detroit, VPN P2P dude, catch you on the other side of the routing tables.

June 23, 2017

I want answers, and I want them now…

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Q. What do the Yellowstone caldera and my car have in common?

A. They are both going to blow up, sometime.

It’s a crucial point, we can say with the closest thing we can ever get to in real life to absolute certainly, that both will at some point blow.

Precisely when and how and how badly? That’s impossible to predict in advance.

Statistics and odds are useful to insurance actuaries and bookmakers, because both are playing the odds to make money, but notably almost all forms of insurance policy make a specific written exception for things classed as acts of god.

Getting “more data” and “better data” is useful to the bookmaker and the actuary to find tune the odds they offer you, as an aside I’ve never understood why people accept that 7 to 4 on is the odds of your pony winning at the track, and refuse to accept that an annual car insurance premium of £2,000 on a £1,000 car is also your odds of fucking up, vehicular wise.

So here in the UK it’s for example not so much about knowing when Yellowstone is going to let go, it’s about getting the news early, and going out and buying plenty of tinned food and respirators and masking tape, you can’t affect whether or not the event is going to happen, you can affect how it impacts upon you personally.

Yes, you are deliberately adopting a strategy that means that you will not suffer to the same extent as those around you, selfish is another name for survival… it’s not the same as adopting a strategy that profits from their loss, eg theft

If your conscience pains you, by all means advise your friends and neighbours to do likewise and stock up on tinned food and respirators and masking tape, after you have got your own in, and make sure you say you yourself are just about to do so in the next couple of days if things get any worse, not that you have done so… they *will* remember your comment, and assume you have enough to go around, and will give of it freely.

If it’s not a supervolcano caldera, if it’s just a car, the same thing applies, you can’t predict when it will happen, but because it is a much smaller system that you have some control over, you *can* take steps that are *likely* to delay and / or minimise the event, by taking preventative maintenance steps.

Your neighbours car that you don’t control? Fuck all you can do about that…

So if we move away from mechanical and natural disasters to financial and economic ones, again, you can’t control the outcome for everyone, but you can make life easier for yourself.

Apart from an overdraft *facility* of 1,250 quid at the bank on one current account, and one (zero balance) credit card with a limit of 500 quid at the same bank, I not only do not owe any money or have any credit, I can’t get to the point where I owe 2 grand even if I tried, so even if interest rates go back to 34% APR overnight, there is a hard limit to how much shit I can get in, and absolutely *nothing* that I own is financed or leased or rented or borrowed, so nobody can take shit on pretext of some debt or other.

It’s the financial / asset equivalent of tinned food / respirators / masking tape for a Yellowstone event.

Can I predict the financial / economic crash? Hell no, nor can anyone else, no matter how much data they have, the difference is I do accept both that it is inevitable and that I’ll have bugger all warning, the difference is I’m not trying to party hearty while the music is still playing.

Hopefully some of you will be familiar with cars like the 60’s chevy impala with the big block V8, a land yacht if ever there was one, over on some of the HD forums now they are talking about the new model range, 900+ lb land barges with 120 cubic inch engines that on a cc per lb basis are no better than a 1949 panhead.

Funny how the top of the range cruiser/baggers from Yamaha and Honda and so on all stick around the same weight and the same cc per lb numbers, so everyone is making fucking half ton 2 wheeled land yachts.

Trying to make these things as nimble as an SR500 suzi single is like trying to make an Impala as nimble as an original mini, so all the shit you add to offset the effects of the extra weight is just lipstick on a pig.

I’m still not putting my dick in that.

I feel like walking into one of these showrooms and looking at one of these 30 thousand dollar land yachts and asking where the fucking jacuzzi and slushee machine is, because I’m not buying a fucking 30 grand thousand pound motorsickle unless it has a fucking jacuzzi and a slushee… no sir..

Saw a 2017 model HD bagger pull into a nursery / garden store a few weeks ago as I was taking my mother there, it was *real* hard to not walk up to the guy and ask if he was maybe going to do a rockery in one pannier with a koi pond in the other one and some nice alpine planting in the fairing…

As I type rumours abound that the 2018 gold wing top range model will have a V12, and a dual leany front wheel arrangement and CVT, probably weigh in around 1,250 lbs dry… fuck it, Honda is big enough to make 500 bikes like that for a joke…. and offer them for sale for 40 thousand bucks a pop, you know, guys upgrading from a boss hoss.

Yeah, my 300 lb wife is really a great fuck when you get to know her.

But, I digress.

I’m getting away from the point of this post, which is that 99.9% of the people I meet want an answer, as in, a specific answer that they can take to the bank, on questions that by definition do not have answers.

For example, no seismologist should ever do anything except present the data they have, and add the comment “I do not, can not, and will not, predict the future”

Never met one that sticks to that, like forensic guys in court they can’t resist talking about odds, 1 in 75,000 chance of that happening, because they know damn well people will play those numbers.

UK National lottery, 14.5 million to one odds and £2 a pop, do it 52 weeks a year and you bet £104 on 14.5 million to one odds.

Odds of a Yellowstone eruption any one year, 750,000 to 1, so nearly 20 times as likely as a lottery win, so on the same basis worthy of £2,000 per year invested… any takers?

This isn’t even going anywhere near the issue that 2,000 quids worth of dried rice (pour it in 5 gallon jerry cans and seal) and tinned foods per year are still owned by you and still edible, but 104 quid on the lottery gets you 52 tiny pieces of paper you can’t even wipe your ass with.

WTF is wrong with people?

Yeah, that explains it.

Conversation I had with someone yesterday, I’ve been telling you for over two years now that everything you have been told is a lie, and for two years you have been telling me you get it, and yet, I show you some stuff (like the video above, very notable Australian and Canadian prime ministers making the same speech, word for word, 4 days apart) you go oh wow, so clearly you DO NOT get it.


*some* of it is coming out in small dribs and drabs, and people still refuse it, they cite Saudi’s refusing fords entry because henry ford was a jew, forgetting or deliberately ignoring the house of Saud and the Israelis have been known as the two sisters of the middle east for 70 years, now it comes out israeli jets are going to Saudi to protect the *new* Saudi succession, yeah, life long enemies huh.

The whole Israel / Saudi / quatar / iran / Syria (US/ UK / russia / china) thing is another Yellowstone or another car, nobody can say when or how, but certain bad outcomes are nonetheless inevitable.

Answers are not invalid or wrong simply because you don’t like them or can’t use them or won’t use them, nobody has any idea *when* Yellowstone will go, or when my car will blow up, or when the middle east will erupt.

And tomorrow is as likely as next year or five years time for all three.

Same as flipping a coin, the odds never change, and no amount of history or analysis or data will predict the next throw, much less the series of the next ten.


June 20, 2017

No, I’m not Fred Bloggs

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It seems nowadays barely a month goes by without some guy contacting me, it always goes like this;

“… dude I need your help, I’m currently going through a divorce / domestic violence / child custody case with my current / soon to be ex, and she and her lawyers have come up with this blog and they are saying it is me and it is proof of my misogynistic crap and unsuitability to be a father / to remain at liberty / to be left with anything at all in the divorce… please help, write these people and tell them you’re not me..”

I can, *kinda*, sympathise, I mean I have never sat down here and said this is me, this is my given name, this is my social security number, this is my photo, here is my driver’s licence, here is my address, so I suppose I could be anyone.

In my own case I’ve been blogging one way or another since around 2000, and publishing online since 1995, which was before my own toxic FRA skit by some time, and yes, several “websites / forums / internet groups/posts” allegedly made by me were quoted at the time as proof of my unsuitability to get anything except the death penalty, hilariously none of them were places I had actually done myself, or known about myself, and one of them was of great interest to myself and introduced me to the term “gaslighting” and to the whole concept of cluster B bitchez and every man who ever went near them having the exact same experience.. dude, you’ve been spying on me the last ten years, you *must* have been to have all these details so spot on.

So your cluster B psycho skank ho finds this site via google and decides it *must* be written about her, and therefore I must be you, and therefore any “little” inaccuracies be down to me H^H^ I mean *you* deliberately lying to conceal your true identity, *I* don’t actually exist, you just created a fictitious me to mask your own identity and deed and thoughts and so on.

And you fucking wonder, having gone through years of all that toxic psycho shit myself, first hand like, why I’m not eager to dive back in and play whack a mole with a bunch of shyster lawyers and courts and your psycho ex trying to prove you’re not me?? Seriously?

I’ll tell you the *best* outcome, they’ll privately decide I’m not you, ignore it, and just carry on saying it is you, the worst outcome is they will take some of the INEVITABLE parallel experiences as proof that you are me, and then they add a whole load of mental instability and dishonesty and trying to defraud the courts (or worse still breaching court confidentiality rules) and then you’re fucked, you get a choice of 90 days for contempt of court, or 14 days for contempt of court if you shut down and delete a fucking website that isn’t yours that you did not even know existed until your psycho skank ho ex found it on google and told her lawyers it was you…. … think on it…

You can’t fix crazy, or reason with it, or tell it facts, or anything else.

The hilarious thing is that despite not specifically identifying myself, there are enough factual things here that not only my psycho skank ho ex, but also my sons can read this blog in its entirety and come out with facts, not “yeah that sounds like dad” but FACTS that would allow them to nail my identity down, I live in a fairly small community and while I’m not as well known as public figures like the local mayor or the local police chief, I am nevertheless very well known, and the upshot of that is the psycho skank ho ex and the boys know who I am… hell.. we spent 10 years living together and then 3 years regularly seeing each other in court and if you put all that history as push pins in a google map a 5 minute motorcycle ride will cover the whole area… THEY ALL ****KNOW**** WHO I AM… there isn’t the slightest doubt and there never has been.

But FACTS won’t help you, FACTS were the one thing significantly absent in my own FRA and secret family court cases, the plural of allegation is not fact, and the FACTS are that in this day and age a well known man like me with local connections and history going back 500 years isn’t going to be able to conceal shit from modern investigative policing, and the FACTS are that if even 1% of what I was alleged to have done was true I’d still be behind bars and I’d remain there for a few more years yet.

Of course in my case this means that the psycho skank go ex just goes around telling everyone who will listen (which is about the same number of people who will listen if you get on a bus and say you have an atomic bomb in your pocket and the alien overlords made you do it because of all the anal probing) that it is *because* I am “connected” that I have escaped “justice”.. if I’d been just some regular guy she’d have prevailed in court and been handed all my shit and she’d be getting alimony and so on every month, where the FACTS are she gets jack shit, the FACTS are she is dead to me and out of my life and if I see her or hear her voice or come across an old picture of her 100 years from now it will be too soon.

The FACTS are that I refused to play the game as expected and stay embroiled in everything and keep everyone earning 250 bucks an hour constantly fighting for access to my sons and constantly being frustrated by courts who would do nothing when she refused to hand them over on time when it was my weekend, and then use what we allegedly did do on our weekend together for more ammunition to keep the perpetual victim ball rolling.

The FACTS are that you can cherry pick any of these facts and come up with circumstantial proof that I am in fact you, or you over there, or you over that away, because it’s all the same playbook and all the same story.

The facts are that you asking me for this kind of help, to “prove” to your ex and her lawyers and the courts, that I am not you, is not just pointless from your perspective, it also shows you don’t get it yet, you CAN’T prove shit to people whose paycheck and mental issues depend on them avoiding the truth and facts at every turn.

You are just wrestling with a pig, you get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.


In future I’m going to respond to all of these messages with a link to this blog post.

It was no accident back in the day when the psycho skank ho ex went to her lawyers with a list of websites and forums and blogs and posts all printed out showing what a nasty evil man I was that she didn’t list anything that I have actually published online since 1995 onwards, it wasn’t that she didn’t know about any of that shit, she fucking lived with me ten years, she knew ALL that shit, it wasn’t about facts, it was about coming up with any lie that to her seemed a plausible way to blacken my name.

*probably* this is what is or will happen in your case, your psycho skank ho ex will be taking time out from her full sleeve tats sessions (to prove her new found independence and liberty) to google shit that can be used to blacken your name, she will be looking for anything that can be made to fit in a mentally deranged and unstable mind like her own, while trying not to look too mentally deranged herself, and the fact is that there is so much stuff out there, and so much commonality between human beings, and the very nature of the internet means distance and location is actually not even relevant, that it doesn’t take very much effort that find some shit that will fit her purposes.

You can’t show your clean hands to someone who is only interested in making you out to have filthy black hands, you already did the worst thing by engaging in any kind of dialogue with them, you just showed them that their efforts were rewarded.

Yesterday I wrote about the Yellowstone caldera, you know, the ex is like the Yellowstone caldera, you can’t reason with it, you can’t form a relationship with it, you can’t get promises that mean anything out of it, and when you finally manage to get far enough away that you don’t give a fuck when it blows, YOU DON’T FUCKING GO BACK THERE TO VACATION OR SEE THE KIDS.

In some imaginary future 2018 court case vs my own psycho skank ho ex, the very last fucking thing she or her lawyers would want is for the courts to sit down and spend 3 days reading every single word on this blog, this is *why* they so often tell the po-po that your phones and laptops and computers are full of kiddie porn and pictures of you beating and raping her and the kids, the idea is to separate you from contemporaneous exculpatory data sources… when you are making up lies about what a bastard Fred was to you the last thing you want is Fred remembering that on that date Fred was in Seattle for the week on a training course..

I never claimed to be a white knight, I never claimed to be a wonderful and picture perfect human being and husband to my wife and father to my kids one and all, I never claimed to be an upstanding perfect pillar of the community.

In fact the opposite was always true, I was always a bit of a likeable rogue that never did anyone any harm and that always tried to do the right thing, but I was and remain fallible and human and I do make mistakes, and I always immediately fessed up to everything I did, and got on with life.

None of that has even the remotest connection to what goes on in these secret family court cases, none of that matters, what happens there is like Trump fucks his hot daughter, Trump sucks Putin’s cock, Trump is planning on world war three, but it’s all said in a star chamber and none of the accusers can ever even be quoted, much less punished for anything they say, no matter how outlandish and obscene, meanwhile Trump will be punished for every imagined infraction… you learn, to survive, walk away, do what the fuck you want, none of you ever talk to me again, so long and thanks for all the fish smelling cunt.

Yellowstoned, and passing windows of opportunity.

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Maybe you have been following the news about the quake swarms hitting Yellowstone caldera, maybe you haven’t.

I’m sitting here, I talked a bit last week about falling libido, which means sex is a bit of an intellectual exercise and not an organic one that starts with a throbbing cock, and I’m thinking about a conversation I just had with someone I know.

Sadly for them, they are just waking up to the world and are at the early “everything you have been told is a lie” stage, but they are nowhere near any sort of prepper or bug out stage (reminds me, must dress up the kukri..) and are still hopefully fixated on an idea that it will all just pass a bit like a near miss on a road at night, something that gets your heartbeat up for a minute and then it passes.

Sadly for their kids, none of the shit the psycho skank ho ex said about me being a general rapist and sexual predator and drug and violence fiend was true, I say sadly, because for those kids, particularly the female ones, their window of opportunity with me has passed before it even came around.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I have to accept that the traditional lure of everything female of possible present or possible future sexual relations is past before it arrived for them, I have to accept that if Yellowstone kicks off we’ll have a nuclear winter or two here in europe, the US will try and collect on the billions it’s been paying the south americans and Australians to take displaced yanks, and in ten years time the former US may be a land of gold waiting to be made when rebuilding time comes along, though a Yellowstone is unlikely to give birth to vast rich deposits of new iron and magnesium etc.

The mexican’s may wish Trump had built a human impassable border wall, more significantly perhaps if Yellowstone does let go, san andreas and all the others will go like dominoes too, not that the loss of Kalifornia will be a bad thing, especially if it takes Amazon and Apple and Google with it.

What it (Yellowstone) will do, without any doubt at all, is wipe out the US electricity grid like it wasn’t there at all, and if you wipe out the power grid you wipe out the potable water grid too, and as I said here long ago about New Orleans, if my dad were alive he’d never have believed that said disaster could have gone on so long, considering the big easy was only an interstate away from everything… dad being one of those who came from a generation that if they were told the american’s were building a 6 lane highway on a bridge from New York to Portugal, he’d have said wow.. don’t know how, but if the yanks decide to do it… so what would happen to a US that couldn’t even sort out the tiny corner that was new orleans, if Yellowstone lets go?

“Game over man” is the only phrase I can come up with, whatever is left, and whatever takes its place, it won’t be the US of A, and there won’t be no post apocalyptic Kevin Costner’s reviving the USPS either.

Which kinda brings me back to this person and their kids, “safely” away from that particular threat across the pond by being here in the UK, and it kinda reminds me of every comment I personally have heard about the white welsh guy who went skittle playing outside Finsbury mosque with a bunch of muzzies and a van, I’ve only heard two variations, “good” and “don’t blame him” which is probably the real reason the story isn’t getting too much traction in the MSM, they know that playing it will give the “wrong” kind of reaction.

A bit like my reaction to the possible future plight of his and his (female) children is the “wrong” kind of reaction, the only thing you can put on the table now is (very) underage sex, so for that to work you don’t want some older guy with a failing libido, you want some led by the gonads perv who *will* find that an irresistible offer, and the problem with *that* is that such people are not going to be able to help those kids survive, they certainly won’t get into that moral duty thing that comes from bonding with a woman and having your own kids, they’ll be busy surviving themselves and possibly looting etc.

Hence my comment about these young human beings having missed a window of opportunity before that window even came around, at least as far as someone like me is concerned, and if someone like me is what they need to survive, then they’ll die, along with 50 million or more americans the first month after Yellowstone, and the grim reaper is an equal opportunities kinda guy, he don’t care about some cute smart genuinely nice kids with 70 years of life ahead of them, his scythe will mow them all down like grass.

Of course the demise of the great satan of the west (the USA) to a Yellowstone will only see the people and the lands wiped out, 99% of the Senate and Congress and DC will survive the event, so will their money, so those that don’t leave the sinking ship will be the ones left with their hands on the tiller for the rebuild.. and if that don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy..lol

But of course it would create a power vacuum, and nature abhors one of those… being brutally honest beyond a year or two of climate change wiping out the US won’t make a whole lot of difference to Europe on the face of it, we get most of our shit from china anyway, so while there may be some “unexpected” side effects such as Yellowstone killing the USA and taking MasterCard with it which means I can’t buy my new Korean phone on credit, most of the wriggle room is going to centre on how the global players that remain react to the absence of the leading actor from the stage when the curtain goes up every day.

I’d expect the mexicans to push north and take over texas, and I’d expect the Canadians (who’d be facing even harsher winters and poorer summers and crop failures for a year or two) to push south down the east coast, after all it’s all just overland for these two.

I’d expect Israel and the middle east to disappear into a war zone, probably littered with mushroom clouds, and for there to be nothing but a new Persia left afterwards, with chinese partners building everything.

I’d expect the EU politicians to form a disorderly queue in their eagerness to suck Putin’s cock and sell their assholes to Beijing for a spit roasting, only to find that both think of them much as I think of the previously mentioned guy’s kids, a window of opportunity that passed before it ever arrived.

In matter of fact I’d expect both the Russians and the Chinese to make entirely genuine offers of assistance (grain and rice etc) to a soon to be starving US population, without any real conditions and a “pay us back someday when you can” attitude, offers that never get very far off the ground, because of the DC swamp.

For most I’m guessing it will be like the guy’s little kids, they’re too young to have any sexual thoughts or feeling of their own, so they have zero hope of ever understanding how the allure of something they may one day have is like the seed that fell on stony ground and never germinated, much less made it into a loaf as flour, everything is a great mystery, drowned out by the immediate concerns that there is nothing to eat, and no power, and no water in the taps, and it’s cold and dark.

Two weeks later the Icelandics will turn up like mad max with the last of the american V8’s and sink geothermal power stations into the still glowing caldera and run grids north to Canada to sell the power.


June 19, 2017

The Greek Example

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Admittedly this is anecdotal, and admittedly I’m talking about 25 years ago, but I spent “longer than the summer” in Greece, and went everywhere from Patras in the east to Klimaki in the west and tossed around the southern half of the Peloponnese, along with periodic visits to the toilet that is / was Athens, also did the island chain down to Milos / Antimilos, Kapsali and all the Saronics in Athens bay area.

I wasn’t a “tourist” I was there mainly working and drinking and partying, I wasn’t there on holiday, though I did do a brief stint of work for a company that was in the tourism business.

Getting around Athens was mainly done on the buses and urban trains (they were busy digging up everything for the new metro extensions) and to and from the islands on the russian made hydrofoils.

Here’s the thing.. nobody (local) paid, only the tourists paid, if a conductor / ticket sales driod approached you, the standard response was “gamisou” (sod off) and turn away and ignore them.

Same with the toll roads, only an idiot or a tourist paid, if you could go around the barrier or force it up or anything else, you did.

Nobody paid any kind of taxes either, nor did they pay any heed to things like planning permission and so on, and of course if you were Greek and had kids, you were untouchable unless you did something seriously wrong like kill someone.

If you had a boat why pay harbour dues, when all you had to do was have the odd drink at the harbour bar where the fishermen and harbour master drank, and make a point of buying the odd round and smiling and being friendly.

The point I’m trying to get across here is there was an entire culture of “free shit” and the only saving grace as a people was you could eat and drink and then pretend you did not understand what they said when you asked how much, and hold your hands out with surplus money in them, so they have to steal from you to overcharge you tourist rates, and back then at least, they never would… show your appreciation by staying for another beer.

I drank Amstel beer and smoked Sante Skiato fags like the old boys did, none of your trendy modern imported shit, I pretty much didn’t drink any liquid but beer the whole time I was there.

It came as no surprise to me at all that 2 decades later the free shit train came off the tracks and the people got up in arms, it was a bit like my years in Spain which were not long after the fall of Franco, the Greek military coup ended around the same time, and in Spain I got in at the height of the post dictatorship laissez faire, and in Greece a bit past that, still laissez faire, but the lite calmed down version.

Don’t assume from this that I am saying that the Spanish peoples and the Greek peoples are pretty much the same, all northern Med types, because they aren’t, they have more to set them apart than they have in common.

Read about ancient history and you’ll think these places are amazing and magical, fucking GO there, preferably on your own 2 wheeled transport, and you’ll find ancient capital cities of world spanning empires that would fit in a Wal-mart car park, I’m pretty much speaking literally here.

I’m going to digress for a moment and go further back in time to my own younger years as a pubescent school boy in a catholic school system, one of the things that used to delight me was the fact that the bible mentioned so very many different things and events in all its various sections and stories, but nobody could ever explain to me how there was no mention at all of the pyramids, which Herodotus knew about and wrote about 400 years BC, so we know the Greeks and Romans knew all about them, but the bible which was (largely) set twice as near to the pyramids and 400 years later… crickets.

I went off piste there because it makes a lovely example, we don’t know *why* the bible doesn’t mention the pyramids, we just know it doesn’t.

Riding around what used to be ancient Greece and visiting these sites (it’s probably a lot like yanks coming to England and visiting Stonehenge… is that fucking it??) gives you a visceral understanding that world populations were unimaginably lower back then, and so by modern standards an incredibly modest and small structure would assume world fame status, and back in those days the Centurion in charge of 100 men at arms was pretty fucking awesome indeed, probably the nuclear bomber of the day, even though today it’s just a small Company with a Craptain in charge, anyone capable of fielding a regiment or a brigade, well, pretty much science fiction or a hollywood rewriting of history, true legendary stuff like Thermopylae pitted 7,000 Greeks holding a narrow path against maybe as many as 100,000 Persians, 14 to 1 odds, but doable given the tactical advantage of the region until Ephialtes sold out his countrymen and showed the Persians a way around, and then 1,500 greeks (including the 300 spartans of hollywood fame) went on a suicide mission to delay them while the rest of the Greek army pulled back and regrouped.

Little is made nowadays of the forces of population pressure, the Persians had to either go on a conquering war or Xerxes of Persia faced internal revolt and the end of his own power trip.

Napflion back in the day probably had a population of 1000 or so, estimates reckon Athens had a TOTAL population of around 125,000 (of whom only 35,000 would be local adult male citizens) back in 400 BC, so it blew away London 1,500 years later in 1066 AD with only 10,000 people, so it’s important the realise that for the times, these places (Rome, Athens, etc) were insanely big, and I do not mean like today where the residents of London or DC act like they are the whole country, back in those days these places pretty much were the whole country, which is why historically people talked about Rome and Athens, not about the country they sat in and controlled.

And the historical record shows us that that shit worked, when a million people was an entire massive nation, particularly so when 3 out of every 4 people in a city were either slaves or wimminz and not citizens, Athens could pick 1 in 250 of its population and have an army of 500 men at arms, and that’s basically big enough to just steamroller over everything in its path, short of another nation / city / capital, or a foreign nation as an invasion force.

Athens in 1995 with a population of around 3 million was basically ungovernable, because they were all citizens and none of them were slaves or property, you can’t touch any of them without pissing them all off, so in 8 months of riding trains and buses and hydrofoils for free, never paying a toll, never paying a tax, I never saw or heard of anyone who got into any shit for it… and I was a fucking foreigner, if anyone would have been nabbed it would have been me.

Effectively the only thing you have left is a very few rules that get enacted against a very few people who kill or murder, because the rest of the population goes along with that, and that is pretty much your entire toolkit.

Effectively the individual has to self select themselves to stand apart from society and kill some sucker to even appear on the radar, until that point, there is nothing in the toolkit that can be brought to bear on them.

So now Athens has an estimated population of around 4 million, and as opposed to back in 400 BC when 1 in 4 was a “citizen” and the rest were property, now 1 in 4 is basically a foreigner, with all the rights of a citizen, and suddenly that toolkit just got a lot weaker, because 1 in 4 of the population are going to start screaming about auslander-o-phobia or some such shit, and it is even more ungovernable than it was back in the mid nineties when you had fuck all chance of making anyone pay their share of anything, but everyone still has their hands out for their share of the free shit.

You basically *cannot* even address, much less solve, *any* of these issues, until you make additions to your toolkit, and you can’t make *any* additions to your toolkit until and unless you start separating the population into different groups or classes of people.

So the mayor of Albstadt in southern Germany says yes, we have a population of 45,000 and a budget that allows us to have 5,000 school places, so they first go to people whose parents and grandparents were born here and paid taxes here, then if there are any left to those whose parents were born here, then if there are any left to those who were born here, then if there are any left to those whose parents and grandparents were born in Germany, then if there are any left to those whose parents were born in Germany, then if there are any left to those who were born in Germany, then if there are any left to those who are white European christians, then if there are any left to white European pagan and atheists, then if there are any left to Australians and so on…..

… and also we have a law, if your children are not attending school, both you and they are deported to any country of their choice, or imprisoned, Spiekroog will make a nice internment camp, and we won’t be shipping any supplies or shelter or anything else, you’ll have to live off the land, such as it is…

Or, we can not do these things, and stoke the fires up.

When the freeloaders and invaders have destroyed the rest of the infrastructure so that for example fires once set in Athens will just burn out of control until there is nothing left, then maybe again Athens will support a population of as many as 125,000 people, 1 in 4 of whom will be citizens, 3 in 4 of whom will be property.

Of urban areas, there will be nothing, because all urban areas are all basically parasitic “cities lite” or rural, and the only way you’ll find niggers and ragheads working the fields is if they have chains on their ankles.

The population pressures that drove Xerxes of Persia to invade Greece are still here today, but the invaders are not people who will fight to have some farm land of their own to till, or seas of their own to fish, or forests to husband and harvest.

And just like 480 BC, it’s fucking cunts on our own side doing the same as Ephialtes selling us out, so it isn’t going to be a war fought at the borders, it’s going to be fought on every street.

ISIS *wants* shit like yesterdays news that a white guy took a leaf out of their book and ram raided some muzzies outside Finsbury mosque, they think it will provoke more radical ragheads… beware the fucking white man when he is riled up good and proper, he’ll show you true barbarism and atrocity.


June 13, 2017


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Obviously I’m just “one guy” so it’s all pretty much anecdotal, and the usual “your mileage may vary” disclaimers should apply, but….

Let’s talk about sex.

As a young teenager I’d get hard ons for no reason at all, let’s face it there is nothing the least bit erotic about being sat in history class or waiting for a bus or buying some fish and chips, nevertheless I’d suddenly become aware that my cock was rising and throbbing.

Contrast that with much later in life, eg now, where it doesn’t do anything at all unless I have a good mental erotic thing going on.

And while I discuss this subject, please bear in mind that I am not in any way dismissing the influence of factors such as lizard brain urges to reproduce and chemicals in the environment or diet as contributing or detracting factors.

When I was 14 a photo of a naked woman would (it seems in hindsight) get me hard, and the only way to deal with that was to rub one out, so it’s hard to say exactly what has changed in the intervening years, now I’ll find faults with the women in the picture, and imagine the real flesh fucked up skanky bitch she in all probability is, and there is no urge, and no twitch from down below.

I don’t know how much of an issue desensitization is either, I could be bored with shit because I’ve seen to much of it, or I could be bored with shit because it doesn’t trigger the same receptors in my brain, one way or another I have consumed too much porn, and too many skanks in real life, and whatever the root cause, the next one in the series holds about as much interest to me as hearing there is another episode of the walking dead out… I lost interest by series one episode three because it was all just more of the same.

I do think that a side effect of this is people will desire stronger / different porn to get the same kicks, and I do think that 99.999% of everyone consuming and convicted of consuming extreme porn is only doing so because they worked their way through nudes / close up nudes / having sex nudes / threesome sex nudes / gang bang sex nudes / kinky sex nudes and so on, and I think the likelihood of them going out and re-enacting any of that anywhere on that spectrum is on a par with video game players going out and killing people.

But the point of the piece so far is that everything I know and have experienced personally and seen in others tells me that “sex drive” is something that gets triggered by the body itself, and then the brain adapts to it and takes over, same as all the other bodily functions, until you get to my age and if the brain isn’t playing, nor is the body.

I don’t *know* that this is all that is going on, maybe there are other things I should be looking at, coffee consumption, tobacco, gases and things inhaled at work, etc etc, but the issue there is that only applies if I’m all me so horny and dying to fuck, and can’t get a hard on… this is the only case I can think of for viagra etc.. the mind is already there but the flesh is weak and limp.

But what if you simply do not have the raging horn and burning desire for a fuck? In that case there is nothing wrong with your cock lying there like sleeping beauty, ignoring everything in the world.

I spent a *lot* of years dying for physical companionship and “love” and stuff, it had nothing to do with my sex drive, but at the time I didn’t know that, and that caused me no end of problems, and of course when you are young the urge to mate and have offspring is “strong”.

I also discovered along the way that an active mind with projects and plans on the go could relegate sex to a mere bodily function like taking a shit, just rub one out solo now and again and get on with whatever you were doing, again, I suspect, this is what is happening with a lot of these guys who have little interest in wimminz and spend all their time doing their favourite things, they are no less manly or masculine or sexual, they just have a fairly fully occupied mind.

Again this will tie in with old jokes about power cuts and a spike in the birth rate 9 months later.

Back when I was 12 and 13 everyone lied about sex, I don’t think that changes, reading the forums on swinger sites I still see everyone lying about sex, yeah man, I’m 61 and I can go all night and cum 4 times in an hour, and just like being 12 and 13, everyone else partially believes everyone else’s lies, and feels they have to match up to that.

Sure, reproduction is essentially finished with women by the time they are 40, but hey, I reckon reproduction has essentially finished with men by the time they are 50 too, to the best of my knowledge I had had no kids by the time I was 35, and apart from the odd moment of sadness, I was pretty much oblivious to it 99.99% of the time, I certainly was not wandering around looking for women to impregnate, but again, maybe I was always a little too cerebral for that… cue the Idiocracy intro.

I’m not sure exactly how to quantify my sex drive now in my late fifties, I’m *having* sex less but I’m not *missing* it by any metric I can throw at it, eg number of different women fucked last year vs the year before etc etc etc, “changes” yes, I will accept they have happened over time, do I regret that or wish to change it, no, not really.

It’s sunny outside and three young girls around 18 dressed like sluts walked by, yeah I reckon I’d have no trouble getting a hard on in a foursome with them and dumping a load into each one of them, but, the brain kicks in, yeah, they’d start talking and ruin it all, and the brain kicks in again and I remember all those empty my balls and literally be out the door three minutes later episodes, I didn’t feel dirty, but it wasn’t a conquest, that fades fast after the first dozen or so.

I can check my google contacts which only lists skanks who had a phone number that I knew, and only goes from when I got my first SGS1 phone which was back in 2010, and there are 206 wimminz names in there, 162 of them I fucked at least once, 48 of them I fucked regularly for a while (yeah, sad cerebral old perv who had separate contact groups for each..lol) so in six whole years 162/6 = 27 per year on average, 48 / 6 = 8 “regulars” per year, so in hindsight I can’t even make the claim that I wasn’t getting any.

Ok there is a regular squeeze now who has been around for quite some remarkable amount of time, and she still hasn’t put a single foot wrong, and once or twice a week, or even less, hell, it’s enough, meantime the old cerebral stuff is still chugging along.

Hell, who knows, maybe there is an inverse relationship to how horny and throbbing you remember yourself being during any given period of your life, and how much sex you were actually getting during that period.

Certainly I have had *enough* hookups in my life to know that one universal truth is that if it becomes a regular, it tails off real quick into a completely different and less regular kind of sex.

Assuming there was some magic pill that I could take that is sat right beside me now, that had zero side effects and all it did was take me back to the biochemical state that I was in at 14, we then face two questions.

1/ would it work? because my mind and experience isn’t the same.

2/ would I take it? because my mind and experience isn’t the same.

I have never taken viagra or anything else, but the supposition seems to be that anything that can give you a raging hard on will make you feel sexy and erotic and horny, and given everything that I have written here, that seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse.

I suspect what will happen is you’ll get a raging hard on and then spend the next three hours banging away at some old skank desperately trying to get over the crest to have an orgasm, meanwhile the brain and experience and evidence of your eyes is all pulling you back.

You shoulda used that viagra fucking some hot young 20 year old, and if you were presented with a hot young 20 year old, would you need viagra?

Certainly I have fucked enough wimminz who have been fucked by enough men sporting 3 hour viagra hard ons, and they all said the same thing, the first time it was a great and fun experience, but it soon got real old real fast having some guy pounding away at you all night trying to cum…

So, to sum up.

No, I don’t know what sex drive really is, it is clearly a mixture of a lot of different things, and my own opinion is the role of the conscious mind is vastly under estimated.

My own opinion is also that everything gets old, fuck it man, it’s a sunny day in june and I am indoors chilling and typing when I have cash in my wallet and a harley outside the door and fuck all to do all day, you know what I mean, that only happens when you have already ridden hundreds of thousands of miles, sure, I’ll go for a ride later, maybe… not fussed either way… been there, done that, tick it off, and laugh at the younger you who said hey it’s a lifestyle man… so basically the more sex you have the less exotic and interesting it gets…

Suddenly we are only a cunt hair away from all the advice we’d give da wimminz, that a life time cock count of three means you can no longer bond properly…

I don’t think it’s any different for guys.

Seeing a new woman is like seeing the new 2017 model Ford, if you’re 17 and don’t know shit or have much experience of either, it will rock your world.

If you’ve driven and broken and fixed and bought and sold everything the company ever did apart from the new models, well, you might be interested if the company remanufactured the 1939 E04A, I don’t need to drive the new 2017 shit to know the interest will die within 100 miles, at which point all the value has been decimated.

It that something to mourn? or something that is broken? or something that needs fixing?

I don’t think so.

I think I prefer it to being like lots of the guys on the swingers forums who apparently never got any of that shit out of their systems, time is the one precious thing and well all get only so much and there is only so much you can fit into one day, so there are always going to be a whole load of things you missed the boat on, feeling that I don’t regret any of the boats I did catch is to me more important than worrying about a fading libido or a receding hairline or an inability to party 24/7.

I think in some ways if I am transitioning into a creature that has zero interest in sex, that might in and of itself be interesting, because already I can tell you that a fading libido means I see things differently, more clearly (Larry Niven’s Pak).

Certainly ten or fifteen years ago I would never have said that the problem is not that I do not or should not want to fuck some pubescent 12 year old girl, the problem for the pubescent 12 year old girl is that I have moved beyond the point where her incipient sexuality can be used by her to get anything out of me.

The problem is not that I do not or should not want to buy a new Ford, the problem for Ford is I have moved beyond the point where they are capable of making anything that interests me in the least.

The problem then becomes not that I want or might want to use and abuse young girls, that was never the case, I’ve fucked 162 wimminz in the last 7 years and every single one of them has known about my psycho skanky FRA ex ho and what she accused me of, and not one single one of them has bought it that I might be capable of such a thing.

The problem is that I no longer have the slightest interest in the welfare of young girls, or young boys, or anyone else, so you got mugged and gang raped by a bunch of rapefugees, not my problem.

I’m no longer interested in the thing that you claim was defiled and destroyed, not that you would have offered it to me in exchange for my protection and guidance, which would have been the only smart thing you could have done.

Here is perhaps the best explanation / example I can give.

I used to own and run an independent PC/IT business, I was very very good at it, I never lost a single file of any customers data (even when they came to be with trashed systems) never built a commercial website that failed to show a profit within 12 months, never fucked up, never bricked anything.. made a good living at it for a long time, had a website and limited company and everything, kinda walked away from it when I became the Cisco Kid, but today the whole company and website and everything else is long gone.

I still get one or two phone calls per month from people who had my number or got it passed on from someone who did, can I help them with their IT problem please?

This is a potential customer ringing me up to give me work and money.

I say sorry, no, I stopped doing that some years ago.

Some will stay on the line and talk, no, I didn’t go bust or have bad customers or anything else, I just got bored of it, because with the benefit of 20 20 hindsight, I never wanted to fix people’s IT problems, I wanted to teach them and help them at the same time, share the knowledge and experience, feel good at the end of every day, make friends… there was some of that, but too much of the day to day work was for people who just wanted shit fixed quick and right, and sure they were happy and grateful and paid, but it got old.

Now, now I don’t care, I don’t care if you have problems, I don’t care what your problems are, I don’t care how much you need me, I don’t care how eager you are to pay me hard cash to solve your problems, you basically can’t interest me.

*that* should scare the crap out of you, not all the stuff you do worry about like will I wank over your porn collection or tell the po-po about it.

It doesn’t even matter if we are talking about a pre pubescent 8 year old girl, it’s not about me fucking her now (good enough for the prophet…) or how wrong it is to see an 8 year old as a sexual creature or anything else, barring accidents she will eventually become 9, then 10, and so on, then 16, then 20, then 30, if she is 8 today I’ll probably live to see her get to 30, and 95% of the financial world is all about future returns so it’s not any kind of stretch so say OK look after this 8 year old girl for the next 12 years until she is 20, and then if she wants to you can marry her and for the first time have carnal thoughts and knowledge of her, and maybe make babies with her… so even at 8 she has this “future” thing going on… hell, before my sons were legally abducted by the courts and the psycho skank ex I thought my sons had a “future” that I personally was invested in.

That doesn’t mean (despite what the psycho skanky ex and the courts choose to think) that I want to fuck them either now or in the future, it just means I feel that I have a stake in that future, so I’ll make some efforts towards it.

The point I’m trying to get across as fucking clearly as possible is that sex and babies and everything else is just a fucking smokescreen designed to confuse you, when we look at youth we look at the future, when youth looks at us they see something that can help them with their future, obviously there is always some sort of quid pro quo, and that may in some circumstances include the premise or promise of sex at some future point, but the guts of it all is having a stake in that individual’s future.

I now actually truly UNDERSTAND a conversation that I was present for as a young man, that fucking horrified me then, a girl (in her twenties) was telling her mother (in her forties) and her step-father (late fifties) about how it all came about that the year before she had spent a week having sex with her biological father (in his forties) who had walked out on her mum when she was nine months old.

Step dad was pissed as fuck at being dragged along and into all this, I will never forget what he said “So you’ve been rutting with your old man, why should I give a shit!

Now I get it, he didn’t have a stake in her future.

he just walked out and went back to his life and left his slut wife and her slut daughter and her dad to sort it all out amongst themselves, not his problem.

With the benefit of 20 20 hindsight (it’s hard to be rational when you are in the middle of it) I think that’s why the seekrit family courts had such a hard on for me, I made no bones about the fact that I was fucking mommy and (adult) daughter at the same time, and mommy and adult daughters testimony both stated that they both knew I was fucking both of them, and they were outraged because that all made it real hard to pin the tail on the donkey, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the patriarchal male responsible for everything, and the sweet and innocent wimminz who are entirely dependent on the male and who are therefore personally responsible for sweet fuck all.

My gonads got me into that shit damn near 20 years ago now, you really want me to mourn the fact that something be it a combination of gonads and experience or environmental stuff or whatever, means that today I’d do a Vic and ask why I should give a shit and walk away.

Because that *is* how I got into that shit, gonads and craptain save a ho…

Libido, a  complex and often malicious subroutine hard wired into our cerebral processors, that thankfully with time gets overwhelmed with all the other cruft that builds up in our storage spaces.

June 12, 2017

Short changed.

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One of the things I always say, if you go into a shop every day for a year, and the change is always wrong, and it’s always an error in favour of the shop, then it’s not a fucking mistake, it’s policy.

I have talked here a *lot* about *both* the sexualisation and the intellectual retardation of children, I believe in many states in the US the age of consent is 18, here in the UK it is 16, somewhere between the two will cover much of the world.

It’s notable that *both* have been going on for decades now, young intelligent sluts not wanted, young dumb sluts, double plus good.

So there is this story in the daily fail about some girl who dies in a flat in Glasgow after taking drugs, and two others who get taken to hospital.

Here is the dead chick

“I’d hit that” I hear you all say.

Congratulations paedo scum, because the dead chick, one Zoe Bremner, will now never see her 15th birthday, but there was was barely 14 all glammed up and sitting in a club, and you can clearly see the neon “JAILBAIT – ONLY 14 Y.O.!” signs that she wore all over herself to ensure that she didn’t get any attention from anyone.

I’ve mentioned before somewhere (I’m sure) the story about the girls who were 14 drinking rum and coke in the bar and the guy saying to me he’d fuck them, and I warned him off saying they were in the same school class as my stepson, he had trouble believing it and it’s a story that never translates well in cold text, but dead Zoe here looked at *lot* like one of those girls, both in looks and in dress, except for the eyes, she had blue eyes.

And BTW, girls don’t sit like that in posed photos in clubs by accident, her right hand is clearly covering up the immodesty of the “dress” there may or may not be a pair of teensy tiny sheer slut panties under there.

Of course by the time it all ends up with your paedo ass in court young Zoe is going to be dressed head to toe in frumpy woolen school uniform shit and she’ll be acting all wide eyed and scared and victim-y… you dare say anything about it and you’ll just double your sentence… about the time you get to the cells she’ll be taking it up the ass from the nice judge who sentenced you.

Dead Zoe basically looks and acts like a girl in her twenties, well up for a good fucking.

This is something I have come to realise.

just as the raghead terr’rists have their burkha babes and all that shit, basically “uniform”, most of the cues that we have as human at estimating the age and maturity of strangers comes down to dress.

There was a whole fucking dress code of “teen girls” back in the day, and from it you knew they were teen girls, and not sluts ready willing and eager for the fucking… and if you were a teen boy at the time, maybe you’d try your hand at making one of the teen girls a girlfriend.

Sluts dressed like sluts, and never the twain shall meet and all that jazz.

There are 14 and 15 year old girls that walk past my door every day, I *know* they are 14 and 15 simply because they are wearing a “school uniform” but I gotta be honest, it’s a “school uniform” that is a lot closer to what dead Zoe is wearing in the left hand pic than the “school uniform” you think of when I say those words, which is why when they get home and take the “school uniform” off, their “casual” clothes no longer look like teen girl clothes, they look like sluts, and the girls of course act like sluts too.

“teens” have been abolished, girls (and boys) basically go from pre-pubescent directly to sluts at 11 or 12, and brainless stupid uneducated sluts at that.

Now it’s been longer than I care to think about (it fucking *can’t* be nigh on 30 years, it seems like yesterday) since I used to feel teen female bodies intimately so to speak, but I do remember the smooth and firm young flesh well, like it was yesterday in fact, but these modern sluts…

… beyond the fact that the flesh itself is young, I’m struggling to find the allure, because a lot of the allure was the (real or imagined) purity and freshness, that “new car” thing if you like.

So now if you crave purity and freshness you’re pretty much confined to the pre-teen pre-pubescent ones, and and that’s a bit like fucking some real hot chick with a killer body with downs syndrome, I’m sure there are those out there that would, but they are a minority, for most of us it kills the attraction.

For the rest of us it leaves us very confused mixed message fucked up, whereas you might have said “Hi Susie” and given your 12 year old niece a hug back in the day when they came over to visit, nowadays Susie is a mini slut, and you say Hi and wave and don’t go any nearer, and little Susie grins the slut grin, because she knows damn well that she is dressed like a slut, and she is in her mind at least a sexual creature with sexual desires and fantasies.

Desires and fantasies that they no longer have a few years of safety in which they can come to terms with everything before putting any of it into practice, because they no longer dress and act as teen girls (or boys) used to, they no longer inhabit that “neither fish nor fowl” safe zone that used to be the teen years, because that safe zone has been eradicated.

A mate’s primary school daughter, so 9 or 10 years old, who they have related to me on many occasions the traumatising (for the parent) revelations about this kid’s sexuality, and this is a kid that has already seen everything on the internet, came home a while ago with a note from school advising the parental unit that the kid had a “sex education” class, the parent turns to me and says she doesn’t get it, the kid already has seen and knows more than she did at 18.

So last Thursday was the sex ed class, the kids head has not been filled with birds and bees, nor even cringingly awkward stuff about inserting tampax or rolling condoms on to bananas, oh no, this class was all about consent and empowerment and boys are all rapists and basically the kid has come home with the idea, because she said it out loud to her brother, that if a boy she likes kisses her and she then falls out with him the next day and no longer likes him, well he raped her.

Mommy is fucking horrified, I say to mommy “Now you understand why when I have come to visit I have refused to ever be left alone with that child even for one moment…”

Pennies drop.

The age of consent laws don’t apply to the non whites in english society, they are literally marrying kids off at 12 years old here in england today, of course it’s not *blatantly* advertised in your face, but it goes on and everyone knows it.

The older kids who are still in their teens will fuck anything, “paedo” is a funny insult because it freaks the oldies out, if it means anything it means an oldie fucking a young kid, everyone else fucks young kids, even the late teens, that ain’t paedo cos everyone is doing it cos everyone is a skanky slut from 12 onwards.

Meanwhile everyone is told to watch out for *us*, my generations, apart from the odd unfortunate old fuck dragged into court for some sex crime he allegedly committed against a 5 year old back in 1975 (I shit you not, this stuff is still going on in the courts) EVEN WERE WE TEMPTED OR INCLINED, the idea of fucking with one of these kids is about as attractive an idea as making 1,000 litres of nitroglycerine in your kitchen, it’s easier to just slice your wrists.

So this young slut, dead Zoe, 14 will-never-see-15, dies of a drug overdose, and all we are treated to is eulogies about what an amazing and lovely little girl she was and what a tragic waste it is.

Sorry, can’t see it, some worthless teen skank is dead before she can pump out womb turds and live off the state and then 20 years later accuse anyone at random of raping her back in 1647 AD, I’m not seeing a down side to this.

Teen skanks are by definition the camouflaged bomb designed to entrap and kill the unwary, they are the fucking enemy of any kind of society that I want, and they don’t even have the saving grace of being a good fuck because they are fucking uneducated airheads and losers.

And when I walk out the door into said society and I see *nothing but* pre-pubescent spoiled shits that instantly turn into airhead teen skank sluts at 12, it’s a bit like that supermarket that always gets the change wrong and always in favour of the shop, it’s not accidental, it’s deliberate policy. Fuck You.


I write a lot of stuff that talks about girls because I’m a heterosexual male, and the only progeny of mine that I am aware of are all boys, but I do know some older fags, and they tell me the same thing, there is a positive explosion of “twinks” which is apparently the homosexual male equivalent of the teen skank slut, slim / skinny young boys borderline age of consent temporally that don’t have huge throbbing penises and dangly bull’s balls like wot us men have… fnaar fnaar, but basically they same the exact same thing, boys are going from pre-pubescent assholes to young sluts at 12…

Partial collapse

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In any sensible engineering design, you have the *deliberate* inclusion of the fusible / weak link in the chain, in any complex engineering design, you have a cascade of them.

One of the peculiarities of english domestic electric wiring came about after the last war, and it was the ring main, as opposed to the spur main you get most places in the world.

One of the misconceptions going around nowadays is that this came about because it was just after the war, and copper was in short supply, the theory being that you *can* use thinner conductors in a ring main than a spur main for the same current carrying capacity.

The truth is that yes, there were post war shortages of all kinds of things, but the ring main was chosen because it was more robust, remember, we’d just come out of a war where everything had been bombed to shit…

So each floor had a ring main to the power sockets, and a separate ring main to the lighting circuit, typically the power ring mains came with 32 ampere breakers on the consumer unit, and the lighting circuit with 8 ampere breakers (which is why you could back in the day plug your new electric clothes iron into the lighting circuit) plus any additional heavy 40 amp duty spurs/rings to things like electric cookers or electric immersion water heaters or night storage heaters, eg shit that was permanently wired in, the ring mains per se were for stuff with plugs that could be plugged in or unplugged at will.

Voltage was always somewhere in the region of 220-250 volts AC, and frequency was always 50 hertz because you run a 4 pole genny at 1,500 rpm to get that as opposed to the US 60 Hz which required 1,600 rpm.

Again you’ll be told a lot of shit today about 50 Hz being chosen because it was “metric” but that is total bollocks, transformers and stuff tend to be bulkier to handle a given load at 50 Hz vs 60 Hz, but the real reason was at 50 Hz capacitance and inductance in the conductor make it a better frequency for power transmission over distance than 60 Hz… but Edison liked Tesla’s 60 Hz because it gave a more solid light with an arc lamp than 50 Hz, but Tesla favoured 240 volt three phase, and Edison already having put out 110 volt DC Tesla / Westinghouse / Edison went with 110 volt AC @ 60 Hz.

There were *lots* of others, any closed off system such as a city tram or a mine could have some completely proprietary system, because it fitted better that specific use.

Today if you want to make something really cheap and nasty and light you’ll spin a 2 pole gen head at 3,000 RPM to get 50 Hz and 3,200 to get 60 Hz, a direct couple it to some piece of shit engine screaming it’s tits off at the same RPM.

If you want your grandkids to still be using it you’d go 8 pole and 750 RPM for 50 Hz or 800 RPM for 60 Hz, voltage is of course controlled by the field current intensity.

Of course with AC and a properly designed transformer each side of the transformer is isolated from the other, so you can trade current and voltage across the transformer, but of course you can never trade frequency.

Of course, if you measure ACTUAL mains with an oscilloscope, you do not get a perfect sine wave, same as when you measure DC in your car or PC, it’s anything but a perfect flat line…

However, one of the peculiarities of a ring main with a 32 ampere breaker is that potentially every socket can deliver 32 amperes, and 32 x 230 = 7,360 VA/W, so we get the other peculiarity, which is the fused plug, and the fuse is there *only* to protect the plug and wire, not the device at the end of the wire or the person using it.

(As an aside I grew up seeing two sizes of round pin 3 pin plugs and sockets, smaller 5 amp ones and full size 13 amp ones, both in use at the same time, in the same houses..)

Then there are fuses etc within devices themselves, current and earth leak breakers for each circuit in the consumer unit, another bigger breaker between the consumer unit and the mains supply, and then more “weak links” back up the mains supply.

So, right up until you get to the actual national grid itself, you’re basically tripping over a whole series of weak links that both isolate things and limit propagation outside the thing with the issue.

*Your* house can burn to the ground, your neighbours can run an extension lead out to power the water pump to draw from the pool to try and put the fire out.

It was the same with your car and the brakes, two separate circuits, doing wheels at opposite corners, lifts had to have cables that would carry 8x the max load you could put in the lift, but they also had speed actuated brakes so even if you cut the cables…. trucks took air pressure to keep the brakes off, so any leak and on they come…. boilers and plane wings had holes where cracks might develop, to arrest their growth, the first pipes that came out of a boiler had a bursting pressure somewhere in between the pressure at which the relief valve blew off and the bursting pressure of the boiler itself, it went on and on and on and on.

Everywhere you looked, there were deliberate weak links, you could not get a Ford dealership from the factory unless you also carried 80% of the drivetrain parts catalogue in stores in actual stock, and if the required part was in the 20% you didn’t have you’d be as likely to check the nearest two Ford dealers as the factory for the item… thus eliminating the weak link that the factory had to carry all the stock for everything all the time… and the weak link of the delivery of that item to the dealer.

Preppers are big on canned and dried foodstuffs, because the weak link in frozen is the power to run the freezer.

We *used* to have a fridge that would run on kerosene *or* electricity, it worked a damn sight better on electric, but it did work on kerosene, two separate circuits of course, I believe it was ammonia in the kerosene side.

In the kitchen now I have an “instant” gas powered water heater that does hot water and central heating water, these are two separate water circuits, and they have two separate heating circuits, in summer you turn on a “hot” tap and the central heating water isn’t touched… so yeah, the central heating circuit needs a mains powered circulating pump, but the hot tap water works on mains pressure, so why the fuck does the whole thing stop working when the mains goes off?   There is FUCKING NOTHING in that circuit that *requires* any kind of electricity, so even if you use electronic controls all you need is a backup DC battery for when the power is off, even if all it is is 4 x D cells to get 6 VDC….

So now when the power goes off, so does the gas water heating, and the gas cooker (in this house I can just feed it inverted 230 VAC from a 12 VDC battery) I mean what the fucking fuck is that all about…

This isn’t a “weak link” from a safety perspective like a fuse, that isolates the bad system, this is a fucking weak design, so whether it be a safety fuse blowing or a power cut, we now get a cascade failure to a *totally* separate system.

IT / Computers and interconnected databases are a prime example of this.

Here in the UK, if you are unemployed, you can claim unemployment benefit (I think the latest rebranding is calling it job seekers allowance or some shit), and if you are unemployed, or UNDER employed (part time or low wage) you can claim housing benefit assistance, and if you claim housing benefit assistance, you can claim council tax reduction.

I knew someone a few years ago, the DSS sent him a letter (they claim) saying come in, we want to talk to you, he did not get it so he went in as usual to sign on on his usual day.

To be told his unemployment claim had been cancelled… he spent the rest of that day and much of the next getting it re-instated.

Little did he know, that 94 microseconds after he missed his appointment and his unemployment claim was shut down, the unemployment computer told the housing benefit computer that he was no longer unemployed, so his housing benefit stopped, so he did not know it yet, but he would not be able to pay his rent that month… and a few milliseconds later the housing benefit computer told the council tax computer that he as no longer getting housing benefit, so the council tax computer cancelled his council tax discount, and sent him a bill for 700 quid for council tax…

In actual fact there were a few more automated things involved, a complete cascade failure, as it happened he was able to borrow 500 from me and 500 from another guy and 250 from his mum and a few weeks later it was all sorted out… he was lucky… he could have been on the streets, and started an entirely new set of cascade failures, because no address is “No Fixed Address” and that triggers a whole new bunch of shit, and trying to claw your way outta that is hard.

The recent BA debacle was a classic cascade failure, the head of BA IT says it has fuck all to do with cost cutting, in principle it doesn’t, until cost cutting throws out the rule books and starts cutting no matter what/// which *is* what happened.

Here is a small pop quiz.

1/ How do you start a manual gearbox car with a dead starter?

jack up one rear wheel, put it in top gear, turn ignition on, grab rear wheel and turn smartly, the diff will do the rest… if the battery is flat but starter is good two 6 volt lantern batteries in series will energise the coil enough to get her going, mechanical diesel even better.

2/ How do you move a car with a dead engine / no fuel off the carriageway?

Put in first gear, release all brakes, crank starter and steer

3/ How do you get a car that has lost traction on snow / mud / sand etc moving?

Deflate all tyres to 5 psi and move off slowly with minimum engine rpm

OK, a lot of this shit is defeated in a modern electronic computery whizzbang car, but it’s symptomatic of a society where nowadays basically nobody knows what used to be basic shit that everyone knew, my dad used to say when I was a boy that the definition of a good car battery was it would crank the vehicle 400 yards on the starter alone.

If nobody knows it, nobody can build in weak links to prevent cascade failures, fucking keyless entry and keyless ignition is a case in point, ain’t fuck all it does that a key cannot do better.

Can’t blame key technology for people like Ford making keys and locks so weak any escort key fitted any escort.. lost track of how many cars I head where the ignition switches went south so I just broke off the steering lock and added an ignition and a starter switch to the centre console somewhere.

The current HD is an ’02 model so it has one of the older systems with a button / proximity fob with a CR2032 battery for the alarm, and a non retained key for the ignition, so I have to replace the fucking 2032 in each fob every two years, (and a spare fob hidden in my jacket lining) otherwise it will die and I’ll be fucked because no cunt can remember the sequence of indicators and so on to get to the point where you can manually type in the fucking security code to be able to ride away.

The new ones are ten times worse, but thankfully the 883’s are blowing cranks so early you won’t want to ride anyway.

I actually know one cunt with a ’14 HD who got on his bike, which started because the fob was only 3 feet away on the shelf in his garage, so he rides off and stops for gas 50 miles away, and it won’t start and the alarm goes off every time he goes near it, because the fob is still 50 miles away in his garage….

I took huge pleasure. while he was getting stick from some lads, in walking up and telling him the old joke, “90% of all harleys ever made are still on the road…..  2% of them made it home….”  LMFAO

It did *not* go down well.

The *first* thing I did was put my spare fob in the secret pocket in the lining of my jacket, which I *never* ride without (along with a £20 note) because *some* cunts don’t need to actually make a cunt of themselves to see an obvious failure mode and take steps to prevent it.

I still think it’s a fucking asshole system, and maybe one day I’ll rip into the wiring loom and make it old school, fuck it I’m back to carb and everything else on it.

Bottom line is it is still basically a pre-unit motor with OHV and pushrods and so on, so there is a lot worse shit to have to rebuild (like the new HD M8 motor)

Oh fuck, my left indicator bulb just blew so now the ECU has cut the power to the ignition circuit, I’m only *slightly* taking the piss here.

I’m waiting for the stories about the guy who decided to play some kraftwerk / electro-pop and acoustic tone coupled to his amazon echo in binary and managed to order a giant horse dildo…

June 9, 2017

My eyes are bleeding

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There is this girl on a swinger’s site, she has a sort of cute but sort of not quite right either pixie face, and she has a genuinely big pair of tits, and a text description of the rest of her that says she is sort of big and full of curvy wobbly bits.

Speaking as someone who used to date / fuck a girl whose tits were genuinely larger than her head, and similarly round and full, not sagging bags, I can appreciate as much as any man both how much a good tit shot can influence a guy, and how much da wimminz both lie about tit size and “firmness”, and do their best to mis-represent it in every way possible when photographing it.

The girl with the big tits never even showed her cleavage, and always wore big scarves and other things to conceal them.

So this girl decides to be honest, and (as part of her battling demons and weight issues etc) post a naked full-length-selfie-in-the-long-bedroom-mirror thing.

Perhaps “medication and treatment for depression or other mental illness” is the only thing that is ever going to come second in volume and back slapping you go sistah, you is bwave and bootiful, body size threads on such site forums, either way the body not shaming stuff always takes the fore.

I will *not* share the actual image, suffice it to say it looks like a fat pig model made in wax and left in the sun, you can discern two legs and the feet at the end of them, but the seam between the legs is all mis shapen and random and twisted with knots and creases, not at all the up and down line you’d expect, there isn’t any pelvic / hip area, there is just another hanging mass of distended and distorted flesh, again it is neither symmetric or “human” in appearance, above that are large and saggy tits supported by ballooned arms, it’s clearly anatomically impossible for this person to wipe their own ass, much less see their feet…. or the “F..U..C..K..!” on the display of the weight scales, or the scales themselves.

I just don’t know where to begin on the “support” she is getting, basically messages of common delusion, I do know that there are enough of her ilk behind the site itself that if I say what I want to, I’ll get instantly banned for life, and no point preaching to the non convertible anyway.

But they do range from the “you are so brave and beautiful“… why?… she just admitted she’s been lying in her profile since she got here, and the photo is of some fucking hideous bloated melting thing that isn’t even fucking human… and “everyone presents themselves in the best light“… WTF, it’s one thing to take a close up of a pretty flower, it’s quite another thing to use that flower photo taken in the car park a Fukushima 10 minutes before the evacuation to represent fukushima district as a whole.

The girls herself claims it’s was a medical condition that “wasn’t helped by bad dietary choices” but now the medical condition is properly diagnosed the pounds are simply falling off I tell you… well I never heard of any medical condition that could build fat out of thin air, it certainly (as my late dad used to say) never existed at Belsen, so my take is sans “medical condition” bitch your BMI would only be 300 and not 305, the bulk of it is down to eating more than you can consume as fuel.

The girl herself claims that her recent “cure” is all down to one wonderful helpful man, well, sorry bitch, but I’m going to seriously question the mental health of a man who sees a girl who BY HER OWN NEW HONEST DEFINITIONS is 5 foot 1 and still has 14 stone TO LOSE, (that’s 196 lbs or 89 kg)  before she gets back to merely being fat, with enough sagging excess flesh to re-skin the goodyear blimp.

Put this in perspective, at 5 eight I’m 7 inches or just under 18 cm taller, and I’m a stone (1 stone = 14 lbs = 6.36 Kg) overweight at 11 stone 8, so she is 7 inches shorter and has my entire body weight to lose, **plus** 32 pounds / 14.5 kilos…

You know what I’m saying bruv, whoever this guy is, he ain’t fuckin right in the head, and yet he is both her saviour and plan A, B, C and D in her weight loss / new life regime…. this shit ain’t gonna work out.

As stated above regarding the allure of the carefully posed tit shot, the girl herself admits that the multiple daily “fancy a fuck” messages have dried up, not a single one since she posted the full length naked selfie, however in a gesture of solidarity from all the other overweight bitches and beta males desperate for any kind of female approval, said full length naked selfie has had over 800 likes in 24 hours, what the fucking fuck???

Now I *always* made my own position clear, yes the camera always lies and nobody ever looks the same in real life as they do in a picture, we’ll call this “processing”, so you never expect anyone to look *exactly* like they do in their photos, or descriptions of themselves, but you *DO* expect them to look like you can reasonable expect to take a picture of them yourselves and get something out after “processing” that closely resembles the original picture… this is after all the very basis of photo ID, nobody looks like their passport or driving licence photo, nevertheless anyone can tell if it is a photo of you, or not, and can then make a joke about photo booth cameras.

Yes part of the issue is we only see ourselves reflected in a mirror, and the photo is not a reflection, so (because we are not perfectly symmetrical) they always look slightly “wrong”… try it some time, take an “facial ID” type head and shoulders shot, it won’t look right somehow, mirror / flip it vertically, suddenly it will look a lot “better”…

Yes part of the issue is actual lens curvature in smartphone cameras, and software that further distorts things, so it’s simply a matter of having your tits closer to the camera than you waist and voila your tits appear bigger and your waist appears smaller.

Technically you’re still not lying, that only starts when those are the *only* kinds of photos of yourself that you post, and 99.9% of those who liked the melting blob of wax’s full length naked selfie will have some or many photos on their profile, but they will all basically be the same one or two composed shots taken from the same one or two positions with the same camera / lens.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to do some aryan master race perfect BMI perfect looks perfect fitness thing here, I really don’t care, per se, I myself am overweight and underfit for my age, so I’m not trying to preach or sell you any of my wonder secret dietary pills.

What I am is a human being who like all human beings can’t get away from or erase my early programming and experiences, go on to google image search and search for “1960’s school photos” and take a good long look, and yes we had “fat bastards” in school then, because you probably weren’t from that era I have been helpful by downloading at random one of those google search images and highlighting in red who the fat bastard was in that class.

I know this blog is full of irreverent and alternative humour, but I’m not joking, not even a tiny bit, I’m being utterly deadly serious as cancer of your own asshole serious.

Anyone *else* from that class, or any other, could be taken and put on a catwalk today and we’d be lectured as some length about how un naturally and un healthily and un acceptably skinny and underweight they are.

Somewhere I have a photo of my late dad, in his early 20’s when he was stationed in Singapore with REME (I’d link to the website but the header graphic, quelle surprise, has a picture of a bitch in it, and a couple of guys in the background pissing on a mobile arty) in the Army, all 5 foot six and 9 stone (57 Kg) of him, casually doing squats with a hundred and forty pounds on a bar, it wasn’t a posed weightlifter photo or anything else, just in a box with all the REME era pics, and it wasn’t anything special.

Take away the weight bar and colour in the photo so it looks like it was taken last week and show it to anyone today and they are so well programmed they will use words like “emaciated” and “skin and bone” and of course “weak and unhealthy”

Add a stone of so of weight to it and you have me, from 16 until 50 something I was 5 eight and 10 stone, at 17 I was picking 50 kilo sacks of flour off the floor, putting them on my shoulder, and walking a hundred yards with them to the sifting machine, and I did that for a 12 hour shift, and yet most of my adult life the brutal 100% unedited and honest reality of dating for me was most wimminz thought I was too skinny, the 14 stone “rugby player” type (who I could have picked up and carried and stacked like wood all day) was *far* more attractive, because even then the push had started in earnest, and the traditional “working man’s” body had gone out of style.

BTW I’ve known a few proper blacksmiths in my time, and steel foundry workers, and glass kiln workers, and so on, not a one of them was a huge burly man mountain, every single one was dried leather, and every single one could literally rip your flesh from your bones with their bare hands.

I’m not saying that when I was a kid there was literally nobody like the chick that started all this off, there may have been somewhere in a freakshow in a circus somewhere, but I never saw of one or knew of one.

Back then Hattie Jacques was a well known example of a hugely fat and “matronly” built woman, after all apart from her general size as you can see from this photo she had legs that were so fat she basically didn’t have any ankles.

The current bitch is 5 one, and well overweight, but hey, not my problem, however she’s been doing a man’s job (the only woman for 9 years, everyone else is ex army male) carrying “heavy stuff” around, individual weights from 20 kilos to 40 or so kilos, compounded by her own excess weight, say another 15/20 kilos, so she is way and beyond what 99% of todays wimminz can do, and probably beyond what 50% of today’s males can do, but, there is a problem.

She’s showing the physical signs of what basically amounts to wear and tear, if she was 15/20 kilos lighter and “emaciated” in today’s lexicon she’d be carrying it better, but the end result would still be the same and sooner rather than later.

I already have worked harder moving more weight than her for more years than her (I’m quite a bit older) and despite the past few to ten sedentary years I’m still in much better physical shape than her, and I’m still a lot stronger than her, you know, it’s fucking basic biology at work.

The differences between me and say my grandfathers is they never stopped working *hard*, and they started at 14, so by the time they were my age they were indeed all “wore out” whereas I’m not, so there is an ideal balance that could be achieved, I’m *not* saying going down the mines at 14 and being physically worn out by 50 is a good thing, but from one extreme to another?

The fat chick that started this off is 29 years old, it basically doesn’t matter what she does now, the damage has been done, two strikes, she wasn’t as fit as we were by 14 when she started in on this adult life, and she has a woman’s body and not a man’s so it gets damaged by abuse faster, game over man, whatever the rest of her life holds, she’ll never know the (relative) levels of health and fitness that I enjoy now in my late fifties.

Yes, I can thank my lucky stars there weren’t too many bad genes in there, yes I can thank my lucky stars that I grew up eating real food and not processed crap and sweets, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I lived in healthy environments with clean air and open skies for the most part, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I started out fit and worked hard for many years, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I never over did it too much or injured myself too badly, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I was born a man and not a girl, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that basically I’ve never given a fuck about my health and have indulged in far too many very unhealthy things (I still smoke, must give up again) so it all sort of came easy, compared to someone who did not have as many lucky stars to thank….

So all in all (check your privilege white boi…) my perspective is indeed probably skewed more than somewhat… but…

That a creature like that can create itself, and then, when it finally decides to be “honest” and out the current physical form naked in a full length mirror, there are over 800 likes and pages and pages of messages of support… and one lone male voice (not me) asking what the fuck, so ou admit your whole profile has been deceptive, deliberately so, and nobody is calling you on this?

That a creature like this can create itself, and not kill itself with fire in entirely justified self loathing and disgust.

That a creature like this can create itself, and still be accepted, especially by team vagina, as being “beautiful” and “strong” and everything else it is clearly the fucking antithesis of…

Yes, make me god for 72 hours and I would indeed round up all the muzzies and drop them on antarctica from 10,000 feet with no parachutes… yes I fucking would.

But, it would *not* be my first order on day one hour one minute one of my temporary godhood, hambeasts like this and everyone who liked her pic or thinks she is beautiful or strong would be so much further up the list, very very very close indeed to the top of the list.

Top of the list would be single mums who got sole custody, only cos I hate the idea of all that pristine snow and ice being disfigured by every lawyer on the planet, cos they’d be second, and they’d get to each have a politician as a parachute.

then the feminists

then it would be these hambeasts and their apologists, then we can see about muzzies and religious fundies in general and anyone else who goes to a country and tries to change it to be more like the place they say they wanted to leave.

day two maybe we can look at all the teachers and university staff, managers everywhere, and so on.

Elekshun fever

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In a development surprising precisely nobody with a brain (it’s 23:50 hrs as I type) the Tory landslide against the despicable terrorist loving Diane Abbott fucking Labour beardy twat looks like it is evaporating before it even hit the ground.

ISIS have done that to May’s chances of winning, maybe nobody like the beardy twat, but the wrinkly bitch was on duty as PM when this shit went down, so there will be a big no confidence vote because of that.

There won’t *be* a landslide because nobody openly campaigned on a ticket of rounding up 5,000 muslims and dumping them in the sea, and that’s the only thing that would have gotten a landslide, even if it was as empty a promise and the Donald and jail the witch.

“What does this mean for the future of the UK?” is a question we can both ask and answer before even knowing the election results, it doesn’t matter what they are, even a hung parliament, the outlook for the future of the UK is grim, fucking grim, because none of the above have either the brains or the balls to fix shit, they can only preside over its decay.

What the entire UK media and political establishment *HAS* managed to do however is to show the world, and ISIS, that a few crazed muslim terrorists really can exert a noticeable influence over an entire nation’s politics, which makes it an incredibly cheap and effective tactic, which means we can expect a lot more of it.

that is really all I have to say on the subject of the 2017 general election, because that is really the only significant thing about it, ISIS won, hands down, for zero effort and expenditure.

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