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March 22, 2018

Death dodging

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You know all about shit, smoking gives you lung cancer, so there I am thinking and feeling like I have inhaled some toxic fumes at work, sore throat, tight across chest, feel crook, but 20 minutes later it ain’t going away so call the paramedics and an hour later I’m being wheeled out of the operating theater having had stents put in blocked heart arteries, WTF….

Of course afterwards you get all the questions, do you drink, do you do drugs, do you fuck midgets, until you say “yes” to something, smoking in my case, and then you’re told that’s why you have blocked coronary arteries.

Sounds very convenient, and very exclusive, as a cause that is, so I’ll do my own quiet research over the next few weeks / months.

Quitting smoking is not going to be a 100% cure for all the causal trigger factors, sure, it may well be the biggest single contributory factor, but, it might not, that might be spending all day inhaling welding / soldering fumes, or spending all day inhaling cleansing products fumes, etc etc etc.

Here is the thing, what I call first line care here in the UK, which means the paramedics that turn up when you dial emergency, and which means the surgeons and shit that actually treat you, is pretty fucking good, the problem is, what I call second line care, which is all the other nurses and doctors and so on involved with your hospital stay, are pretty fucking awful, it’s the second lot that will kill you.

When you see human shit splattered on the underside of the toilet seat that has been there for at least 8 hours, and this cubicle in general is dirty, and this is one of two cubicles used by all the patients who are not bed bound (lacking a proper sluice room empty of boxes of shit the nurses use these as sluice rooms for the bed bound patients piss and shit on occasion) and some of the staff, isn’t just a “thing” it should be flatly impossible, except in a place where staff have ample time to moan about their workload and lack of time to write reports, but seemingly unlimited time to discuss holidays and what they are doing at the weekend and office politics and so on.

At that point you can be like me and start getting paranoid scared, so fuck you fuck your “advice” and fuck everything else, I am discharging myself, yeah yeah it will probably kill me and you won’t be held responsible, yeah yeah I know it also means your bed occupancy rate drops and that makes your staffing levels different and affects your own person empire you’re trying to build here, and yeah I get the you literally washing your hands while saying fine, leave, do I look like I give a fuck if you die, medicines, no, we only had three hours since you said you were walking, haven’t had time to forwards it to the pharmacy, or take out of the cupboard what was already allocated to you, so fuck you, walk out as you are with nothing.

So I do, and sure enough the guy who was in the next bed to me, who had a less “urgent” op, who was up and walking around and healthy when I was still connected to tubes in each arm with sensor AND defib patches stuck on my skin, that guy died.

It was a fucking CARDIAC ward and I could have found visible dirt (white cloth and wipe and look test) on any surface I cared to look at…. don’t get me started on the machines being turned up to max volume at night so the staff can slink off and still hear a crash report from the staff room.

Though I say so myself I was conscious throughout the transport to hospital and operation, and the decision to call the emergency services was made when the penny dropped that this wasn’t an inhaled poison thing because it wasn’t going away, despite the apparent lack of stabbing pains, the tiny pupils, thick head, tingling, ache across chest, looking like it must be heart, so the fact is you are contemplating your own death, and I’m one of those who is more scared of the operation and recovery than I am of dying of that shit and that’s a fact….  … so bear all that in mind when I say that after all that, essentially 4 hours after you made the call and 2 hours after you had the op, you feel like you could walk out and carry on with your life as though nothing happened… but you are in ward for recovery and monitoring, the monitoring is to determine the dosage of medicines, but the devices doing the monitoring, well, when you move, their readings change, when your girlfriend leans in to give you a kiss, their readings change, and when they move you to the second ward, and you see the monitor for bed A5 is plugged into the CAT5 socket for bed A4 (you) and the monitor attached to you is plugged into the socket for bed A3 which happens to be empty at that time, because there is something up with the system, and that’s how they deal with it, and by the way does anyone know how to print anything on the new konica printer on the ward? no, oh, well, saves typing up the end of shift reports eh… (and you know IT so you can see the scenarios unfolding) so however calmly you faced death a few hours ago, just staying there in the ward and being monitored and treated and cared for is the scariest and hardest thing you have ever done… that should say something.

I basically ran away, hospitals scare the living shit out of me, if you *can* walk or crawl out of one, do it, is my policy, even though going IN to the hospital will probably save your life, STAYING there is another kettle of fish, and a *completely* different group of staff… what I call second line, not the first line that treated you.

I figure I got lucky, never knew I had a heart problem, basically less than 90 minutes from the onset of the problem to being wheeled out of the operation, which is as good as it gets for heart stuff, and as far as I can tell no lasting ill effects, and at that point I am quite happy to STOP analyzing shit, because all it does is scare and upset you, just let me live my life pretty much as I did before, ok no more smoking and ok need to check out everything else that may have contributed to the issue, but it is a bit “yesterday I did not know I had a problem, and if you wiped the last 24 hours from my memory, I still would not know any different” …..

Whatever happened on that day to cause me to make the call they “cured” with the cath surgery and stents, so…. so don’t overthink it, give a nod to whoever was watching over you that day and carry on, maybe not just as before, but the main thing is to carry on.

But be really really really careful of anything that involves you lying in a bed at someone else’s mercy in a fucking hospital, people die all the time in hospital, and for my 2 cents, by no means is all of that because they were gonna go anyway, I reckon there are plenty who die BECAUSE they were in hospital.



March 12, 2018

It’s not abuse when…….

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…. letting it continue and eradicating whistleblowers secures your ongoing salary.


Back in the late ’80’s, and that my friends is 30 years ago now I met a girl in Spain, P**** was barely 18 and had run away from the UK, specifically the city of Bradford in the midlands, if my memory serves me correctly.

Her stated reason for running away was not so much being gang raped by a group of young asian men, it was the fact that nobody wanted to know… clearly I do not know if her story was true, but I did know her for three years, and she certainly had issues, one of which was being unable to be sexually intimate with anyone, there was certainly *something* going on in her head regarding herself and sex, and the gang rape story was one I accepted.

Part of the reason I accepted it is because I’d heard about it before, “it” being asian gangs that saw all white girls as easy meat, and every few years since then there has been an expose in the media about the dreadful asian gangs grooming underage white girls for sex, gang rape and prostitution, and every few years there is the same outrage, the same claims investigations are being made and prosecutions will follow, the same (not as in the same individuals, but the same roles) handful of whistleblowers who it turned out had been sidelines by everyone who continued to have a job as long as it continued, and the same last weeks news fuggedaboudit a couple of months later.

Every time the story resurfaces, I remember and wonder what became of P**** and what she thinks (assuming she is still alive) when she reads these stories…. of course for me P**** lives on in memory as a sweet and very pretty 18 year old with some sort of millstone around her neck that she couldn’t shrug off…

I use the word stories advisedly, stories as in fiction, not the core of it, but everything around the core, how shocked people are, how nobody knew, how steps are being taken, how lessons are being learned…

I decided to post about this because another one of those “official stories” that I have never believed for one instant is resurfacing and gaining traction in the media again, the whole mankind evolved in africa and spread from there bullshit.

A genuine born and bred in africa black man is not just the same as me (or a chinese) except for the colour of his skin, OK and the frizzy hair, OK, and the thick lips, OK, and the bone structure and body density that makes him a great runner and a poor swimmer, OK, and the DNA, Ok and… you get the picture.

But if it has four legs and barks, it is OK to let the DNA lead the dialogue, if it has two legs and says “rayciss” then it ain’t.

For decades now crude oil has been called a “fossil fuel”, even though there is no correlation between fossils and the oil, but we are told all sorts of shit, I remember in the late seventies when it was “discovered” that a giant meteor killed all the dinosaurs and gave rise to the mammals 60 million years ago, that that was when all the oil was made, 60 million years ago.

Strangely enough for a carbon compound allegedly made from trees, carbon dating crude oil doesn’t work, and there is stayed until some canucks in alberta started looking at their shale sand oil, and started using trace elements like osmium and something else I forget, to try and date it, and the numbers they came up with were 110-120 million years ago… of course, this assumes their method is correct, and even if it was, it says nothing about other deposits around the globe, but, like mapping the human DNA genome, it is sufficient to debunk the “all the oil was made 60 million years ago when the dinos were wiped out” thing, but the fact is in one form or another the dinos were around for some 175 million years, so at 60 million years mammals are still wannabes.

It also tells us something else, even if the last dinosaurs were using primitive tools, no earlier ones were, because we are a scant 0.3 million years from being biped monkeys, so we have done more evolving, technology and tool use wise, in 0.3 million years than the dinos did in 175-60=115 (to level the playing field, subtract the time since the dino killer) million years, and you can say what the fuck you want about geology, there is a bunch of man made shit sitting on the rock that is 240,000 miles above our heads, and it will stay there for many millions of years… nobody found any Elon Iguanadon Space-W moon landers from 65 million years ago up there… and they would have…. they’d still be there.

And sure, the ancient Sumerians had a civilisation and writing, the Persians had maths and astronomy, the Chinese had gunpowder and paper, but the uncomfortable FACT is that the european white man invented basically everything, and the fact is he had no great regional / geophysical advantages in this.

A couple of weeks ago someone made we watch some youtube vids of utterly amazing japanese carpenters, so we wasted an hour watching about 6 of them and he turns to me expecting me to be as impressed and amazed as him.. I’m not… not at all, the difference being when I grew up my dad had peers who were great woodworkers, all the way from cabinet makers to shipbuilders, like the japanese all hand tools… bit like this guy, all hand tools, even does perfect 45 degree cuts by eye, while lecturing, not really paying attention to what he is doing, it’s simple old hat to him.

YES, it is true to say that since skilled tradesmen like that have basically been eliminated here in the west, seeing someone from somewhere else with the same skills can be as impressive as fuck… if you don’t know any different…

The newly breaking asian grooming gang du jour story is the same, it’s as shocking as fuck…. if you don’t know any different.

If you do, it was more impressive back in the 80’s, when they didn’t have tools like social media and smartphones and family destruction and LGBTQWTF SJW WTF social policies in place to make it all so so so much easier.

Given what I do know, “thousands” is lowballing it by an order of magnitude at least.

Still, mow down some pregnant chick and get jailed for killing an unborn child, doesn’t matter she was on the way to the abortion clinic at the time, to legally kill that very same unborn child…. I know someone that happened to in the late 80’s too… he probably would *only* have gotten a couple of years if he had not asked for the manslaughter charge to be dismissed as the mother was on her way to kill the kid anyway… he got five and a half.

You got to know what is, and what is not, an “industry” all to itself, and not ever challenge it… just thank fuck you personally never got caught up in the cogs.

March 10, 2018

The ball of magma

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Sometimes, concepts are difficult to grasp, as a child two examples that I can give are God making the earth in seven days, and differential equations.

God making the earth in seven days soon stopped making sense when you started asking questions, like when did god make the dinosaurs then? And at that point you are introduced to “The Article of Faith” and yes it is capitalised like that, you see the stories are all simplified because back in the day peasants and so on were simple folk, and if you were given an elaborate demonstration like you might get in a chemical lab making nylon, there would be no area left unexplained, and the whole purpose of God (TM) is that you have FAITH and BELIEVE in him, without proof….

For me at least this all sounded a lot like hocus pocus and any impulse to believe anything religious of any kind was rooted out by the time I was seven, sure, I still went to church and played along, as a kid you don’t have a lot of choice, but the fact is apart from maybe a visit to the dentist there were few things less attractive to me than going to church.

For what it is worth I have also seen some incredibly good people who were deeply religious, but from what I can see even absent religion they were basically good people anyway, they disputed this with me, telling me their faith gave them strength, to me it was just a coda, the incredible technicolour spaghetti monster would have served as well.

But the point here is no matter how hard I tried, I could never grasp the idea of religion. Nailing jelly to a wall.

Later in my youth I transferred from one school to another, with a brief hiatus in between, and at the second school I found that everyone was doing differential equations in maths class, and like religion, I struggled mightily, it was explained to me time and again, but it later turned out that there were a couple of intermediary maths principles between what I already knew, and diff, and without them diff was very hard to grasp and understand… the fact is I left that school shortly thereafter and so never really grasped diff, and then outside in real life and engineering I never personally came across it.

I did come across engineering scenarios where people used diff and other stuff, but they were always the guys who would design a valve and pipe manifold on CAD that couldn’t be assembled without custom tooling because no allowance was made for spanner heads or bolt extraction, understandable given that most of these dweebs had never held a spanner in their life, so in practical terms it never intruded.

But again, the point stands, now matter how hard I tried back in school, I could never quite wrap my head around diff, as in I never actually learned it, and I define learning as internalising it, like language for example.

Of course people not being able to wrap their heads around something is common in school, it is what school and teachers are for after all, and somewhere along the way I picked up that matter falling towards itself due to gravity and coalescing into planets, or proto planets really, involves a pretty impressive amount of heat generation, and planets themselves involve pretty impressive numbers, and then you add heating from tidal effects and heating from radioactive decay and the ball spinning in near absolute zero vacuum apart from solar insolation forms a crust and maybe an atmosphere as a blanket, and maybe life pops up… and this all ties in with physical geography lessons and so on.

Like all school boys of my era I could tell you that the earth has a solid iron core and a molten iron layer above that and then various semi molten (all depends on pressure innit) rocky layers out to the crust and tectonic plates, I do not actually know if that is a fact, as in there haven’t been any empirical experiments, but it is an accepted fact, and in truth it may have been modified or refined since I was a schoolboy, or maybe we were only ever taught the basic shit.

But recently I was talking to someone who wasn’t aware of all this, where the fuck does all this hot rock come from in volcanoes, and it was like watching some kid back in school who’d just come from another school, and missed a year of lessons, they struggled, hugely, and failed utterly to grasp it, how can solid rock float on anything, how come the crust doesn’t melt if what you say is true, how how how how…

But there IS a quasi religious belief about them, the belief that the things that they have seen and experienced over their entire lives, is pretty much all there is and all there is going to be…. Tambora / Yellowstone / World War 3 / 1918 flu / South Sea Bubble / and of course nobody expects… the spanish inquisition…

None of these things exist.

They have never happened, there is no memory of them, so they can never happen.

In computer terms there was the joke about the (dumb) guy having a 1k (kilobyte) input buffer, in case you aren’t techie that means he could only accept tiny tiny tiny pieces of new information, if you overloaded him there was a system crash, he froze and started drooling. The primary purpose of education and schooling was to increase that input buffer in size, and increase the bandwidth between that and the brain / cpu, and to increase the cross reference to the database of previously learned shit.

There is an awful lot of talk about millenials and snowflakes and SJWs and all the rest of the shit, there is precisely zero talk about the thing they all have in common, a 1k input buffer, an input buffer that has never known a different life or different events.

I know people in their 30’s and 40’s and older who have lived all their lives like this, some of them, a small minority, aren’t actually stupid and can learn small lessons one at a time, in isolation, just don’t expect them to apply those lessons to the greater picture.

Most of them, forget it, to coin an engineer’s term, the die is cast, it’s too late.

I sit here now with a fucking mobile phone with 32 gigabytes of internal storage, and you can add 64 gigs of micro sd card too.

The original Encarta multimedia encyclopaedia was less than 3 gigs, back then, if you had asked me about a world nearly 30 years into the future where everyone, even children, carried around star trek mobile computing devices with 32 gigabytes of storage, I’d have bet both bollocks they would all have encarta installed, and britannica too, and oxford dictionary, and any specialist stuff that interested them, and god alone knows what they would have done with the rest of the free 20 gig still remaining…

Fast forwards to today and everyone’s device storage is chock full of instagram posts, tweets, snapchats, cat videos, angry birds, farmville, god knows what shit.

As a small boy I had one of the first electronic pocket calculators, it didn’t take long to work out that you could turn it upside down and 71077345 said shelloil, given my dad was working in that industry and visiting us at the time was the general manager for shell for south east asia, suffice it to say all were duly impressed and comments made about some day this kid will be a millionaire (that was back when a million was a lot of money..lol) so it was literally inconceivable to us that in a future where everyone had a star trek portable computing device, the primary purpose would be anything other than us all walking around with reference libraries and being instant pseudo experts on any subject we chose.

The reality of course is the exact opposite, when you give smartphones to assholes they get even dumber… that 1k input buffer shrinks to 512 bytes, and why not, my phone will tell me anything I need to know, not that they are even used for what people NEED to know, hey, josh and marie and split up again, and it’s going to rain, and the kardashians are having more implants.

It’s NOT the morlocks and the eloi, the elites are as afflicted by this as the guy in the street, perhaps more so as a 500k per annum salary insulates you from the dumber moments in your life better than a 17k per annum salary that the vast majority get.

Fuck, this is 2018 and wordpress underlines annum as a mis spelled word, click on it and all it can suggest is annul… and yes, I know my two finger poke and hope no proof reading no spellchecking typing and grammar and spelling is appalling.. but morlocks suggests oarlocks and eloi suggests eloise and I could go on and on and on, AND THAT IS WHY I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about all the red underlined shit, in 2018 the wordpress spellchequer has a smaller vocabulary than a 16 year old schoolboy in 1975.

The android mobile phone default icon library consumes more storage space than entire computers that I had back in the day, and I don’t mean home hobby shit like a 48k spectrum with cassette data storage , I mean pro shit with a fucking unbelievably huge 10 meg hard disk (later upgraded to a connor 40 meg jobbie) and an insane 512 kb of ram.

There ARE exceptions out there, there ARE people messing with tech and building 3d printers that probably aren’t as good as a priusa, but that isn’t the point, they rolled their own because they wanted to.


As recently as 1975 they would have been a very very significant minority, bordering on 40/45% of the whole, back in 1975 if you’d showed me an arduino and all the shield and shit I’d have gone apeshit and absolutely bet my life that by 2018 every child over 7 would have at least 6 of them controlling toys and stuff in their bedroom.

The innate genetic heritage of human beings has not altered, what has altered is the top layer on the cake, the thermosphere and exosphere on that ball of magma rolling through space, (thermosphere is where the doomed chinese object is now) we have basically dumbed everyone down to the level of native indians who fight each other for the chance to sell their lands and heritage in exchange for a bunch of shiny glass beads.

You either know you are standing on a ball of magma flying through the void on various cyclical perturbed variables, or you do not.

If you do not you’ll care about the environment or global warming or social justice or the new iOS or the russians hacking toys r us.

If you do not you are a waste of protoplasm and to the rest of us, subhuman.

You could change, but you will not, you like it that way.

No sympathy, none, not one iota, and you can deny this by calling me a psychopath all you want, it does not change the facts, change will kill you, it will not kill us.

March 8, 2018

Nigger / Jews / Muslims part deux

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Part one says you can’t blame everything on entire groups of humanity, like I said, I got fucked over by a more rayciss than me anglo saxon psycho skank ho…

So within every group of humanity, there is a sufficient proportion of those who will fuck over their own kind for fun and profit, perhaps a good question is whether that proportion is equal across groups of humanity, my money says no, but, I can’t prove that, so it is just an anecdotal opinion.

Then you have this…


This is another “group of humanity”, and it is interesting that this proposed LAW enshrines the principle that no trial or conviction is required, the mere accusation will be sufficient to curtail your liberty, and should you breach any of those terms, you will go to prison.

I have said before that there is no upper limit to doubling down, nothing is too insane, irrespective of whether it (Theresa May) is male or female or fairly elected to office or anything else, the political leader of the nation of Great Britain is all in on this, that should tell you something, and it should tell you something profound.

No, it is not that she is just another man hating skank eager to jump on any bandwagon in the name of personal advancement.

It is that the people at the very top of the nation have about as much idea of that which they wield as a 6 year old who has just read some wizard / magic book being let loose in an industrial chemistry laboratory to play.

I suppose in theory it is technically possible that the very first thing they create will be a weak detergent or an edible jelly, but anyone with even a passing familiarity with chemistry will know that the chances are the kid will get injured or disfigured for life, possibly killed, and possibly burn the entire place to the ground.

Fiction is full of ideas that basically state that what you do doesn’t matter so much as who you are and how you do things, so witch A could never make spells work properly, while witch B could start with the same potions and follow the same spell book and end up with something incredibly amazing and potent.

Fact is a bit different, fact says you cam make commercial quantities and qualities of acrylic from raw petrochem and a bunch of other shit (like energy) but, and it is a big but, you spend most of your time preventing other shit, because you are in effect trying to sweep water uphill… there is no naturally occurring 10 mm cast clear acrylic sheet on the planet…

Laws and society are based on precepts, same as chemistry is based on elements and compounds, and that is where the disconnect sets in and it all goes back to buffy the wizard dragon fucker crap, because nobody accepts that nothing short of 95% of everything being an industrial process to prevent everything unwanted will ever result in the desired outcome.

You simply cannot get a desired social or legal outcome unless 95% of the effort you put into something is to control it, because you accept that there is NO NATURAL PATH from your raw ingredients to your desired outcome, you will forever be sweeping water uphill.

What we do is expend 95% of the effort to implement, enforce and “market” it.

For example Trump and his trade tariffs, all you have to do is say if any part of this thing came from anywhere except the USA at *any* stage in it’s manufacture, for example steel comes from ore mined from the ground, or recycled metals) then you’re not allowed to put a “Made in USA” sticker on it.

That’s it, now all you need are some clerks to follow the paper trail of purchase orders and slap billion dollar fines and 5 year in jail for the ENTIRE board of anyone who abuses it.

I own and ride an ’02 Harley, it’s about as pure american as an apple pie, made in holland, and packaged in washington…. I knew a guy 20 / 30 years ago that claimed that the knuck was the last 100% american harley, and that was only so long as you took out the spark plugs (so not much vroom vroom…) because the porcelain on the insulators on the factory plugs came from south america… I have no idea if he was right or not, but the point he was making is valid.

It would be easier and cheaper for harley to build it’s own mines and foundries than it would be to comply with a 2018 “Made in USA” rule as described above, there would be 5 clerks chasing purchase orders for every worker, so you’d have nothing with a “Made in USA” sticker.

Crafting laws and social policies is similarly fraught with “unintended consequences” the instant you abandon a policy that 95% of your effort is going to go on control and containment.

I *deeply* distrust statements that China is the #2 economy in the world after the USA, I think such claims are complete and utter bullshit.

I live in the south west of the UK, and I work on an industrial estate that is arguably the automobile mecca for the entire region, every single make and marque you can think of, about the only thing you can’t see anywhere is american cars, basically nobody is selling them, if you exclude the local Ford dealer with the lone ’17 mustang outside…

Fact is, here in the UK, the USA product that by far the most people will have contact with is Microsoft windows and office, and that is arguably largely coded in India and other places too, a very distant #2 on the list of USA products is the iPhone, something that is made entirely in china, #3 is more of a struggle, dunno where you could pick up a Harman kardon amp nowadays outside a second hand store…. so for my money the reality is China is #1, and I actually doubt the USA is even #2, for most of the EU in dollar terms imports = exports, but anyway, my point stands.

The fact is the USA could disappear tomorrow and as far as products on shelves go, it really would not make a significant difference anywhere in europe… Amazon for example could carry on quite happily based in Luxembourg without the USA, if it lost China however, game over.

The single greatest difference between the west and China is that the vast majority of our politicians are lawyers, the vast majority of their politicians are engineers, nuff said.

The FACT is that a technologically advanced society *does* have the surplus to carry a significant proportion of people who are, quite brutally, a complete and utter waste of protoplasm.

As I alluded to above, my 2 cents says that in such a situation of bountiful surplus and easy living, the anglo saxons will produce a lower proportion of parasites and wasters than other races, but maybe not by much, our *real* problem is we have been “enjoying” the fruits of bountiful surplus for longer than anyone else…

IF there was an intelligent watcher out there, they would be watching us very very closely, because we are the canary in the coalmine.

Men “accused” of staring at people funny in the USA have their right to bear arms summarily removed without trial or recourse.

It’s getting crazier, faster…

More than anything else, this should tell you we are approaching the cusp.

The jews and niggers and ragheads living here in the UK are not the problem any more than the white people are or the men are.

The problem is the subset of parasites, and sure, the jews and niggers and ragheads may well be more *prone* to that problem than the whites, but there are still a lot more of us, and we have been *exposed* for far longer, so the problem is a lot closer to home.

Obummer wasn’t a crap POTUS because he was a nigger or a kenyan or a cocksucker, he was a crap POTUS because he was a fucking lawyer… sure, being a nigger and a kenyan and a cocksucker made that WORSE, but it wasn’t the real problem.


March 6, 2018

It’s all the fault of the niggers / jews / muslims / martians

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While (the subject) is an opinion that can be expressed and argued and certain supporting evidence found, central to the argument is the supposition that if say the UK went back to being 100% white anglo saxon, everything would be OK.

I have some issues with this, for example my (more “racist” than me) psycho skank ho ex was white anglo saxon, probably 50% of the CAFCASS / social services / po-po / courts / lawyers were also pretty pure white anglo saxon heritage, didn’t stop the cunts queuing up to fuck me over while maintaining their place as the public trough.

While it may be true to claim that a greater *proportion* of sunni jihadis would fuck me over than could be said of white anglo saxons, you’re now in the realm of arguing statistics, and this is the same cess pit that “most sex offenders are male” and “most dangerous dogs are pit bulls” and “only criminal uses can be found for a firearm” and so on…. you pretty much already lost the main argument you were trying to make when you start invoking imagined proportions… who knows, maybe there is a reason the raghead jihadis aren’t apparently having any issues with the Chinese.

You’re down the road of claiming that no labrador type dog will ever harm any human because dey is all cute and cuddly and soft, but, they are all still carnivores… when the pedigree chum runs out they will still want to eat, if you beat them with sticks they will still want to bite back.

“There are no bad dogs, only bad owners / keepers” is a much more complex argument, not all men are rapists, not all niggers are thieves and drug dealers, not all jews are loan sharks, not all muslims are jihadis.

You can probably pick some inner city region and some ethnic minority that lives there, and slander them all off as being complete trash, and depending on where you pick and what you say, you could be being both truthful and accurate… for the sake of argument, we will pick Detroit… I’ve never been there and don’t really know shit about it, but it does have a reputation, so for the sake of argument I’ll use it.

If you’re only experience of niggers is the niggers of detroit, then you can be forgiven for thinking all niggers must be dindu motherfuckers, because that’s all you know.

Given the populations involved there are in all probability individual niggers within that population who would make much better neighbours / coworkers / friends than some of the white trash about, but again, you will probably never know.

So chants of “black lives matter” or “kill all niggers” depend largely on treating people as masses of identical units.

To my mind this was deliberately socially engineered over the past 30 or 40 years, as it became politically incorrect and rayciss to suggest that bloodhounds made good trackers, retrievers made good gun dogs, and german shepherds made good guard dogs, no one was saying one breed was inferior to another, just that they had different talents (like blacks make good runners and bad swimmers, whites vice versa) and so if you were looking for a guard dog, you’d probably go for a german shepherd.

but down at the individual level, you could easy end up with a german shepherd that greeted intruders with a wagging tail and licked faces, before he went off to happily chew the shit out of the gucci shoes that the nice intruders had exposed in the wardrobe while they were looking for the watches and jewellery.

You would not write the whole breed off just because one asshole dog did that, you would instead blame the owner / keeper for the way it was raised.

When you come across one useless german shepherd guard dog you do not write the whole breed off, when you come across thousands who have the same hip problems then you are a fucking asshole if you do not accept that it was bred into the bloodline over generations.

It DOES NOT MATTER that no german shepherd breeder ever positively selected for dogs with hip problems, it is a by product of the breeding / bloodline program, so it comes on the same plate.

In the same vein IT DOES NOT MATTER whether or not those who have influenced and shaped society over the past 30-40 years DELIBERATELY went out to lay the foundations for racial aggravation, get drunk and get behind the wheel and mow someone down accidentally and nobody ever said aww, not to worry, you didn’t do it DELIBERATELY so it’s all good.

The fact is that in life you have two ways to gain an advantage, you can do it via genuine advantage, the time served engineer is always going to be a better bet to fix your plumbing than the nail technician, because the time served engineer spent all those years learning the hard way about broadly similar overlapping technologies, or you can do it via enforced advantage, a disabled black lesbian woman has more change of being hired as a google coder than a white or asian geek.

The problem with the enforced advantage is that it is like living on credit, there is a hidden debt that keeps accumulating, and at some point it will get so big that everything else surrounding it collapses.

It is wrong to pay a guy 3 bucks an hour less to do a given job just because he has black skin, everything else skills wise etc being equal, but it is not wrong to hire a local white guy in preference to the black immigrant, everything else skills wise etc being equal.

The broad brush of societal engineering and legislation however sees none of this, it sees a perceived problem (that may not actually be real) and proposes a blanket solution, based entirely on sex or race or religion or something else, and it becomes a box ticking exercise.

IT DOESN’T MATTER if the people responsible are *deliberately* trying to foment a race war, world war 3, total economic collapse, or anything else, all that matters is the effects.

The effects are that it is now effectively impossible to treat individuals as individuals, they are either female or cis gendered or black or disabled or muslim or whatever, and now you must pick a side, but picking the side you see when you look into the mirror is wrong, if you are white male anglo saxon, for everyone else, it is OK.

Update to yesterday’s story about the couple who disappeared, turns out they were both found, and put in the back of a police van, remember, this was all allegedly about concerns for the safety of the 17 year old ADULT female “victim” of the 45 year old guy she thought of as her soulmate… anyway, while they are both in the back of the police van safely in police custody, someone produces a knife, and now they are both in hospital with life threatening injuries.

The fact that the story so far is a stark as that leads me to believe that;

  1. it is improbably unlikely that the nasty evil sick paedo born with a penis guy wasn’t frisked and searched and cuffed.
  2. the chick was probably treated as a victim and not touched.
  3. the chick pulls a knife from a boot and tries to kill herself and him in some pre agreed (they both had to know everyone was against them) suicide pact.

The lack of detail and reporting suggests an attempt to come up with a credible scenario as to how a cuffed / searched / in custody guy with a penis managed to pull a knife and slash himself and his girlfriend, and no po-po are killed.

I’m sure they will manage it, after all, he won’t be the first guy in the frame to shoot himself in the back of the head with a rifle, twice…

March 5, 2018

In a remarkable demonstration of fuckery.

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Fuckbook has asked it’s users what they think of MEN asking “underage” girls for nudie pics on their network… well, cunts could start by not letting anyone below 18 sign up for a fuckbook account…. apart from that, naturally it is only ever MEN who ask underage girls for nudie selfies.

World would be a better place without MEN, especially fucking white men… yadda yadda.

I was going to take a break from reality and hide away and play with my Arduino, then I discovered it had a secret penis and had been cruising the primary school playgrounds looking for chickens / twinks / mini sluts while I was out at work, I’m feeling distinctly left out, because it seems like the western world in 2018 is a free for all paedo party, find some very young fresh meat and fuck it rotten, and I’m feeling left out, not so much because I didn’t get an invite (because I’m just a regular citizen), but in much the same way as hearing there was a Justin Bieber fan club party down the road, I don’t actually want an invitation and wouldn’t attend even if invited, but it would be nice to know they at least thought of me and took the time to send an invite…. given all the fucking taxes I’ve paid over my lifetime…. I should at least get an invite, it’s only polite after all… right?

After all as a man I stand accused simply by right of being born with a penis, in previous existences as the Cisco Kid and other hats I had access to some of the most secure and exclusive military and political and social establishments in the country, as in turn up at the military base and they already have all my details and a mugshot on their own database, a database they are reluctant to add new people to on a whim, on the one hand this increased my employability, on the other hand and one fule once said, maybe they don’t care if you’re a kiddie fiddler as long as you are not a security threat, yeah right, so being susceptible to grade A blackmail material like being a kiddie fiddler wouldn’t put a red flag next to my name on such a database, oh no…. asshole

nevertheless rumour innuendo and false accusations years or decades ago by psycho ex’s *is* sufficient for po-po, social services and everyone else to treat you like the next Fritzl, in much the same way as CNN damaged infowars by ringing up advertisers and asking them if they supported all the vile evil false things infowars claims, they cunts can interfere with your private social and work like, with the old well, we can’t say what your new boyfriend did or why or anything else, or even if he actually did anything, but we’d like to interview your 6 year old daughter, alone, without you there… just to make sure…

Which brings us all to THIS story, (here in the UK you have to be 16 to fuck (technically 18 if you want to fuck your teacher or driving instructor or anyone else (MALE) “in a position of power”) 17 to get a car driving license and 18 to drink) where the bimbo in question clearly CHOOSES to be with the guy, even the “story” itself makes this abundantly clear, who it has to be said looks just as weird as the bimbo, BUT, everyone is all “concerned”, “on account of her age” an age at which legally she can just walk out the door and marry some guy or enlist in the army and never look back or contact anyone in her old life again or anything else, because you know, HE has a PENIS.

Hell, for all I know the two of them really do worship the ground the other one walks on, and barring death they may have stayed together all their lives and be blissfully happy, you know, shit happens, except when it is not allowed to, as is the case here.

Not that there is any legal basis for this state intervention and MSM slander of the guy in question, but, who gives a fuck about trivial shit like the LAW, when you are the law, you do as you please and make it up as you go along, and god go with you if you get caught up in that meat grinder, because YOUR life will never be the same again.

It bears thinking about, before my own psycho skank ho ex episode a decade ago I was aware of the whole anti male media thing, but it’s a bit like watching Mutti Merkel get elected for the FOURTH TIME IN A FUCKING ROW …. as in it’s happening in a place that is foreign to me, so how badly can it affect me?

It was only after my own up close and personal introduction that it dawned on me that whole sections of society, the VERY LAST sections you would want to be influenced by ANYTHING, if you prized civilization and culture, didn’t just drink that kool aid, they got fucking addicted / co-dependent on it, so stories like this just show that in the decade since my own introduction to the worthless parasitic bastards things have gotten steadily worse, as hard to image how that would even be possible a decade ago, nevertheless, it has come to pass.

There is no upper limit to doubling down.

Nothing short of the wheels falling off the wagon will stop it.

I for one am grateful I am not this poor bastard, because his life is effectively over, and his continued liberty is seriously at risk, hey Jessica, shame if you’re never allowed to see your siblings / cousins / etc again, because you insisted on protecting this evil kidnapper and rapist….

… it’s like that bimbo “model” who claims she was kidnapped and abducted to Italy, can’t even remember her name, don’t care, body was worth a 5 dollar fuck but the psyche was clearly out to lunch, the whole story screamed fake put up job / publicity stunt from start to finish, with some poor gullible cunt-struck bloke in the starring role as the evil kidnapper / rapist (he was probably told his role was boyfriend / fiance / whatever) but the fact remains it went to trail and the poor bastard was so accused, and I’d lay money this guy will be too.

Meanwhile in Italy skanky sluts go topless in front of Berlusconi to protest about him or his policies or something, now, I do not know old Silvio personally, but young sluts waving their tits in his face isn’t something that is likely to upset him, if you know what I mean.

The levels of insanity are getting out of control fast, for the first time I am prepared to go on record, not as I have in the past and say things like “I do not see how this can continue for more than another year or so”… this time I’m calling it, 2020 will be a very different world to 2018 so far and history to date.

It ain’t gonna be more of the same, doubled down.


February 27, 2018

It seems…..

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…. that that evil bastard Putin and his cronies have hacked the weather, it is unseasonably cold here, with hovering around zero daytime and minus 4 to 5 (Celsius) nights for a few days, so around 10 degrees colder than it should be, perhaps Al Gore should contact Putin because these evil russki hackers have managed to undo 200 years of so called man made global warming overnight…. and then some…

Wassat, it’s not “climate”, it’s “weather”, that’s the same logic as saying it’s not rape, it’s masturbation, and we all know how far that one would fly.

Unlike 99% of the other crap alleged to have come from Russia, this weather has, which is probably why Putin is not getting the blame.

I was reminded last week of a small factoid, from a thulean vidjeo, that the largest mosque in greater europe is in Russia, and Russia, even the “homeland” areas like Moscow, have more than just a tiny minority population of muslims, just to give a little balance and to explain why I myself have not gone full Putin and emigrated to Russia, that and the fucking weather of course… actually it’s probably 99% the weather, like canada, there may be 99 other reasons I could come up with for not emigrating there, but once the weather / climate itself becomes the showstopper, there seems little point digging deeper, so the weather gets 100% of the blame.

It’s an interesting point, it is human nature to ascribe 100% of the reason to a single thing, yeah I bought the new Kawasaki because it is the fastest production bike, and to simply ignore the other 999 reasons that would have been applied otherwise (don’t like cruisers or harleys, had a honda once, didn’t like it, like the kwack green, and so on) had not the first reason been the make or break.

One of my greatest problems lies in the fact that I live debt free, which means my ongoing bank balance is the sum of income minus expenditure, which means expenditure gets closely monitored and curtailed, in and of itself, this isn’t a huge problem, the huge part of the problem comes in when you are one of the vanishingly small minority in a society that lives that way, I was today told that I should quit renting, and I should buy, the thing that I was supposed to buy was allegedly 4 bedrooms, I say allegedly because you’d have to buy 2/4 size furniture and shuffle sideways past the bed, or bend double to dodge the eaves in the attic room, and the entire outside “garden” area is big enough to keep hamsters, or one rabbit, or maybe park two euro size cars, if you could get them in, which you can’t, because the fucking place is mid terrace, but, it’s “cheap”, mainly because it is several miles away in a satellite town, not here in the “big” (pop 110,000) shitty, and the asking price for this marvel?

£280,000, which to me is “OVER A QUARTER OF A FUCKING MILLION QUID!!!!” and for what?

According to Halifax, with a 5% deposit I’d be borrowing £266,000.00 Your monthly payments would be: From: £1,351.00 per month  To: £1,521.00 per month With a loan to value of: 95.00% and this is at historically low low low interest rates, add a few percent and still be below what was literally quote financial suicide unquote 9% 20 years ago and you add nearly 900 quid a month to that bringing your monthly repayments to 2,300-2,500 or so.

Just to put this in perspective, this is a new build piece of shit just waiting to fall apart, cheapest possible materials and construction throughout, and just to put that in perspective, I rent both my home and an industrial unit for less than the lowest of those numbers every month.

The “garden area” out back of my industrial unit is as big as the “garden” in this dump, and out front there is room to turn an arctic, and 6 parking spaces of my own, I can think of few things less attractive to saddle myself with apart from going back to the psycho skank ho ex and marrying the crazy bitch, but, apparently this property is in great demand, and sure to be sold within a couple of weeks.

I dunno, at the old 4.5x annual salary calculation a £280,000 home is 62,222, and in the local man bites dog rage there is an advert that you can get a highly paid job as a social worker and earn up to 35,000 (gross, before tax etc) and the local bus company has adverts on the buses telling me I can be a driver and earn up to 18,000 with overtime… so who the fuck is going to buy this shit apart from a delusional pair of millenials with a liar loan eludes me more than somewhat… and this is supposed to be an affordable bargain.

Meanwhile my email inbox is full of offers of cars on business or private leases, I can have a new mercedes from 299 a month, great, 2 months lease and that is the same money I paid cash for the current volvo diesel shed 2 years ago…. believe it or not is does the exact same job as a brand new leased merc.. it gets me from A to B, with the additional bonus that no newer car wants to play bumper cars with me…

The important thing in all this is the way individuals percieve things, which brings us back to the Florida school shooting, the Vegas shooting, etc etc etc.

Where the fuck is all the CCTV?

It’s trivially easy to doctor it so that someone being shot is blurred out to protect the feelings of the family concerned, or to blur out the faces of bystanders, I can do that shit at home trivially with a copy of corel video studio, 50 buck software, so it isn’t challenging in the least as in you do not have to do it frame by frame, and it doesn’t even take long, my own main PC on a now outdated socket 2011 platform can do it faster than realtime on 1080p video, so “the next morning” it could all be released.

The other thing that troubles me with CCTV is all we ever see is footage shot on ultra cheap crap bought it at wal mart as a kit on offer stuff, friend of mine does alarm systems and cctv and installed my alarm system down at the unit and he is showing me stills taken that have impressively good contrast and range and detail, zoom in on the image and read the slightly blurred branding on the sneakers, faces and hands and stuff are actually very good, certainly as good as anything you see on facetime or whatsapp.

Which sort of brings me back to the comments I used to make all the time about dating / fucking / swinging sites, what the fuck are these wimminz using to take such lousy pictures of themselves, given than even a low end smartphone can take remarkably good photos with even just a little bit of care.

If it is some celebutards cleavage as they get out of a flash car the media can’t resist high def images of them, but when it comes to CCTV, suddenly everything is low res and blurry, and here is the other thing I have noticed, the same thing is true for the stills of the perp.

“From his fuckbook page” we will be told, well, yes, if his fuckbook photos were all shot with a 3 dollar 640 x 480 sensor that used a drop of piss as a lens, and as time goes by and the story becomes accepted, the fidelity of the images of the perp rises.

It all seems remarkably “convenient” shall we say, and absolutely nobody comments on it….. po-po can use speed cameras that can reliably read a licence plate from 1000 metres away on a car doing 80, and in the process get a recognizable shot of the driver behind glass, I have a canon bridge camera with 50x zoom that can perform even more remarkable feats, and to an image specialist or photographer this is all total shit cheap ass crap, certainly not big bucks.

For my sins I have a couple of foscam brand pan and tilt IP cameras, this is serious bargain basement shit and for digital cameras the image quality is piss poor, because the lenses are awful and the sensors are worse, but it still blows away most of the “CCTV” we get treated to in the media.

Until that is they want to run a story as they did last week about insecure school CCTV in the UK being watched by “perverts” anywhere on the globe, suddenly the images shown are far better quality, suddenly we are a million miles away from 1998 Stanford coffee pot cam.

I suspect that 99% of the reason is two fold;

  1. you can trim at the beginning and end of a clip, to exclude stuff, to try to frame the dialogue or simply to remove extraneous bits.
  2. you can blur selected areas in a capped stream, to frame the dialogue.

But apart from a few filters such as exposure or white balance etc you cannot meaningfully edit the action depicted on the camera, I see this a lot where the events leading up to the clip of B beating the shit out of A are removed, and for my money it looks like what was probably removed was A baiting B for 5 minutes and provoking the beating they got, but whatever clip you eventually decide to show, there isn’t a LOT you can do to edit the action you see on screen.

Now, to be fair, I *have* seen one or two clips, where the clip was an area of the capture field that was zoomed out and expanded, and in both they showed the original and the zoomed area, and that adequately explained the piss poor quality of the zoomed and enhanced bit (CSI zoom and enhance technology aside) but these were both instructional videos of industrial accidents.

But, if you are installing CCTV in a shop or a school or a hotel, YOU DO IT PROPERLY, you’re a fucking CCTV installer for god’s sakes, so like the linked daily fail article above, the CCTV images will capture pretty much everything of interest, and the images will be pretty damn good, sure, not good enough to capture individual cartridges ejecting from that reciever and flying through the air in hi def 3d super slo mo, but more than good enough to see *everything* that anyone would need to see in order to make a determination as to what actually went down.

Nowhere, in any of these “stories” is there anything even approaching the subject of CCTV, where it is, what happened to it, what is shows, what coverage areas there are, what it in theory could catch from those viewpoints and what it could not catch.

The whole subject is simply ignored.


I, for one, do not need to know anything else, if the stories as presented re Florida and Vegas and many others were even *remotely* factually correct, 300 seconds of CCTV from various cameras as the perp moved through the building and did his thing would back it up 1001%

The CCTV systems exist, and since we are talking schools and hotels and malls and suchlike we know they are all going to be state of the art when it comes to quality at the time they were fitted, yes, the contractor may well have padded a very fat budget, but the actual systems as delivered and installed will blow away anything any private individual or small business could hope to afford.

Since they are commercial systems for evidentiary purposes we also know that each stream will be accurately identified (camera 17) and time stamped sync with net time accurate to tenths of a second, we also know the way the images are recorded to hard disk will be an evidentiary tamper proof system of data writing.

We know all this for a fact.

So where is the fucking CCTV?

I first thought of this when Jean Charles deMenezes was shot in the head 13 times (by mistake) by po-po in a tube carriage in London, because the previous week I had seen CCTV from the london underground used to convict someone of smoking, and the same systems that one week could catch a guy having a swift puff and clearly show the fag in his hand and the glowing end when he had a draw and the smoke, saw absolutely fuck all when 4 guys pile on some innocent brazilian and fill his head full of lead.

Amazing that.

You just wait until computer generated imagery (see the film Simone) get good enough to be indistinguishable from the real thing, the moment that happens we will suddenly start to see CCTV of all these trigger actions.


February 23, 2018

Move bitch, get out the way…

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I’ve always tried to leave personal stuff out, I’ve alluded to it now and again, for example by mentioning that I am a small business owner, who rents an industrial unit, etc, but I’m always far lighter on details than I often want to be, and that isn’t because I want to retain some anonymity, but it is because it always worries me that such details will be found by others to be deeply boring and depressing, hey dude, every day life for me sucks too, now you want me to watch a soap? Pass the suicide gun.

But the fact does remain that for a species at large as individuals we have far more common with each other than we do to set us apart, but, swapping the sugar and salt around in a kitchen on the basis that they are small white crystals that look the same, will devastate everything you make to eat or drink.

So the “relatively minute” differences are often hugely important.

As an observer / storyteller, sometimes it is very hard to identify what is what, and not throw the baby out with the bath water, or vice versa.

Which all makes it very interesting when someone you know, who knows you, lets slip that they have an enormous amount of respect for you, due to the way you handle the challenges in your life… say what? I can and do bitch and moan with the best of them, but I am also acutely aware of how lucky and blessed I am, sure, there are things that are not absolute perfection in the garden, but by and large everything is good, soooo…. WTF are they on about?

In a sense I can see what they are on about, but far from being symbols of my greatness, I see these things as things that define what makes me, me….

So when you run and small business and rent an industrial unit, you’re making a binary selection on the population, there is everyone else who owns/runs a small business and rents an industrial unit, and there is everyone else who does not, and the experiences and knowledge gap between the two is in many ways huge.

In my particular region rents tend to run around 8 quid per square foot per year for a bog standard 1000-3000 square foot small industrial unit, so on the one hand you can do some simple math and tailor your budget, if your budget is 10k per annum then 10,000/8 = 1,250 square feet, so so go for slightly more square feet at that budget and get lower quality older units, or less square feet for a new build.

Typically to “everyone else” those are the only numbers they will ever see, yeah yeah, fred rents a unit for 10k p.a. and that’s it, to insiders, you know that the 10k rent is the least of your worries, and probably not even half your annual expenditure even if you are a one man band with zero employees.

A standard 800 mm wide steel fire / exit / personnel door runs between 1,700 and 3,000 quid, this is just one fucking door, but if you do not have the right sort of certified door, your proposed insurer will fuck you up the ass on your annual premium, it’s often cheaper to spend a wad of extra cash on a fancy alarm system and upgraded physical security, because you can actually make it back in a year or two on the insurance premiums alone.

Then of course there is all the regulatory shit, and even if you aren’t processing used plutonium, the rules pertaining to it still apply, they may not be RELEVANT, but they still exist, so the electrical conductors may be perfectly good, but the insulation uses the old white outer and red for live and black for neutral system, and the new regulations the cable is grey outer, brown for live and blue for neutral, electrically the two systems may be identical, one piece of 2.5mm copper is much like another, but, when it comes to getting a CERTIFICATE, such things matter… we have in the Uk recently changed, again, the approved way in which the earth system is supposed to be implemented, if you want to be compliant and get a certificate, open your wallet.

I mention all this because of the recent terrible news about KFC franchise shops running out of chicken, because the upstream supplier changed from one company to DHL, and the software systems didn’t talk to each other well over the change, and of course back in the local franchise stores (all of which have to obey all the regulations, not just the food hygiene ones) the workers themselves are on zero hours contracts, so nobody is getting their KFC chicken, and nobody is getting paid wages, and the management ineptitude / drive to cut margins and make profits that sits behind all this stuff makes perfectly understandable and expected fuck ups to the ex Cisco kid who amongst other high street things used to go and do all the local KFC joints (the one place where you had to scrape your shoes for 10 minutes on the tarmac to get the grease off before you could get back in your car and drive safely, there was ONE store that was an exception, the manager pressure washed the floor every week…) and who knows that the humble potato was the most expensive cost item on the menu, the KFC bucket contained 12p worth of chicken, and 50p worth of potato, at cost.

To everyone else, it is utter insanity, Kentucky Fried CHIKIN, how the fuck can KFC run out of chikin???? When there isn’t actually a shortage of chikin anywhere, it’s all a supply / logistics / software screw up….

This you are on the inside and can see / you are on the outside and cannot see split in society is one of the huge problems we face.

I myself freely admit I had zero idea how fucked up the entire police / secret family court system was prior to my own little run in with the worthless bastards, then I became an insider and my eyes were opened.

various charities and sex parties in areas where they are “working”, yeah. I’d heard that one years ago, so much so that the only “charity” I would ever give 1 penny to was the lifeboats, because back then it was run as you’d expect a charity to be run, no more, so they do not get my money either…. quite why Exmouth inshore lifeboat (a rib on a trailer that used to live on a shed on the beach) needed to move to a new build glass and chrome thing further up the beach that would be worth millions in property values alone if it was a house, and then has (yeah, the Cisco Kid used to do the lifeboats too) 100/100 mbit dedicated fibre connection which was hooked up to a couple of dell desktop office PC’s and a poxy webcam, for what purpose I do not know, there is nothing there that a 64kbit ISDN connection and a phone line could not handle with ease, because it did down at the old station for 30+ years.

“Curiosity killed the cat, and information brought it back”.

I was flicking through the daily fail website today, and I saw an article about Assad using Napalm on his poor benighted citizens, and possible subconscious perception aside, I’d only actually consciously seen the headline about “observers” “reporting” Assad’s use of napalm and I was thinking to myself “white hats” so I glace at the article and sure enough, it’s a report from the white hats.

As someone who was using “the internet” from long before there was an internet or a WWW or http or anything else, I have heard, for as long as it is physically possible, about the growth in rumour and bad data, hell I myself talk about assholes on line (TM) and how the “free” internet killed it for us early adopters, but, the fact is the digital realm is just a medium, sure, it increased individual bandwidth immeasurably and made it possible for fuckbook and twatter and instagram and cat videos, and sure it made it possible for planet x and flat earth and everyone else to have a voice, and sure it turned the dripping tap into a firehose at your face, but you know what, proportionally speaking, the crap content is not much higher.

Fake news and the russians controlling elections and all the rest of the bullshit, to those of us on the inside of the data revolution, it was always nothing less than total bullshit of such a magnitude that nobody with even clue #1 would be seen dead uttering it.

What has changed, and it’s that inside / outside perspective thing, is that even in Vonnegut’s new world where every man woman and child can find some website or blog or twitter feed to support their own personal delusional religious view f the world, OVERALL, the credibility of EVERYTHING is falling, and fast approaching zero.

In their efforts to manage the media and imagery and presentations and portrayals, TPTB are all making everything even worse, and creating the feeding grounds for memes and disenfranchisement.

It is entirely true and factual to say that President Donald Trump has a greater challenge from “media” and “data” as a whole than any president who went before him, and whoever follows him will have it worse, save a yellowstone or carrington event that takes it all down.

And as the KFC debacle shows, again it is an inside / outside view, nobody outside the experience set of the Cisco Kid can get it, everyone with similar experience sets to the Cisco Kid gets it, “data comms” has become an essential part of everything, and by essential I mean keystone in an arch essential, not MBA speak essential.

The REAL fear, badly expressed by the MSM, is the fact that nobody known how to separate the crap online from the fact that digital comms are an essential fundamental foundation of modern society and civilization.

In my industrial unit I pay 20 quid a month for 350/10 mbit broadband AND a phone line, and I pay 13.5p per kWh of electric, flat rate, the fact is I cannot get anywhere near those prices 5 miles away at my home residence from the same fucking suppliers.

It’s not AI that worries everyone, despite the claims, it is he million monkeys with typewriters, eventually by random chance one of them will write Henry V, or the truth about JFK, or something else, and there is no way of predicting whether or not that particular monkey story will take off.

Why did KFC fuck up, why do suppliers sell me services at my industrial unit at a significant discount to anything I can get from the same people domestically 5 miles away, why is security and insurance and complying with regulations likely to cost as much as ground rent per sq foot per annum, these are the INTERESTING questions, and they are interesting because the answers do directly affect your life as an individual, no matter what type of individual or personality you are.

This is the other danger with talking about me personally in detail, you’re likely to discount it, not just because who gives a shit what I ate for tea last night, but because the very fact that it is personal detail means you are likely to discount it, because you are not me….

…no, you’re not, but we are bother governed by the rules for handling radioactive waste, whether we actually handle any or not.

My friend has just been allowed back in his house, after 36 hours…. he hasn’t done anything wrong, and there is nothing wrong with his house, the guy three doors up who allegedly had a knife / gun / bomb / WMD and who did not want to come to the door and talk to the po-po about allegations made by his ex, not so much.

February 16, 2018

Love Missile #9

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As many of you know my own personal psycho skank ho episode was many many years ago now, and it was for me a very personal, rude and abrupt introduction to the world of character assassination by psycho lies, no internal logic or facts required, no link however tenuous back to real world events or reality required, allegations alone are sufficient, that and a ready and willing cadre of parasites all to eager to get on board the gravy train of billable hours.

It’s very easy to forget, as an individual, that that lesson, learned the hard way, was very much a personal lesson, and that it was entirely possible for another human being entirely untouched by it to be not only blissfully unaware of it, but to find the whole idea preposterous, Narnia and the wardrobe is at best a fairy story for easily deluded children indulging in some harmless escapist fantasy.

In the years since then I have seen it everywhere, be it brexit or russiagate or mee too hollywierd sex abuse of oxfam sex parties or the norks have nukes, none of it requires any sanity, any logic, any proof, the allegations are sufficient unto themselves.

I was reminded again of this this week, someone close to me had a close encounter with these purveyors of lies and fantasies, to be sure not that close and not that serious, but close enough to be in contact with them, and to have to speak to them, and to have to deal with them, and it was for that person a very disturbing experience, just as it was for me back in the day, and to be sure the degree may be different, but the feeling, the flavour, the taste of corruption, they are all the same.

In much the same way that we are treated to news of yet another US school killing, quelle surprise that after the event it turns out everyone knew all about the shooter and they would all have voted the shooter as the person most likely to be involved in a mass murder, but nothing is ever done before the event, and after the event, well, the only thing we can really find to blame is the ability of the shooter to just go out and buy military assault rifles (thank fuck tactical nukes are not protected free speech eh) with which to commit the atrocity in question.

Who the shooter really is, or really was, none of these things can be known now, it’s like some kid voted ugliest most worthless bitch at school, with a stinky minge, it doesn’t matter who they are, what they have or have not done, whether they like strawberries and hate rap music and love the smell of new mown grass, the only things that count are the things everyone ELSE writes on THEIR fuckbook pages about miss stinky minge, what miss stinky minge writes on her own, nobody cares…

When I was a lad, you were judged on who you were, what you did, your own actual physical actions or lack thereof, even if you did not know about the father of forensic science, you’d know that if little johnny was wont to go around with his catapult breaking windows at night, he would be leaving a trail of evidence behind him.

You’d also know that the chances that breaking windows with his catapult being the solitary thing little johnny did wrong his entire life was also so unlikely as to be beyond belief, johnny would also catapult cats and dogs, and he’s probably steal apples, and he’d probably slash bike tyres, because that is the nature of both forensics and human psychology, things are a part of a pattern of behavior, and as such everyone leaves forensic breadcrumbs as to their nature.

I’m in my late fifties and it comes as no surprise to anyone with a functioning brain that if you go around town and ask “if the guy says he will give you ten bucks tomorrow for that item, is he good for it?” you are pretty much either going to get all yes or all no answers from those who know me well enough to venture an opinion… I didn’t steal from a shop today, I didn’t steal from a shop yesterday, I didn’t steal from a shop the day before, and as such we build up patterns of behaviour.

If you try to hide or reinvent yourself you will find these patterns go so deep it is literally almost humanly impossible to deliberately alter them, it’s like the stoner pretending to be straight so he can get the job in the warehouse and delivery, getting through the fucking interview without looking like a stoner is an epic challenge, holding the job down for years and nobody every suspects… it just doesn’t happen outside of TV fantasy land where meek mild peter parker by day becomes spiderman by night, and nobody suspects, no breadcrumbs, no forensic trail.

Yes back in the real world we are expected to buy this shit every day of the week, johnny got a catapult and a box of matches, that makes him a terrorist and a paedophile don’t you know, and you know it is true because in the panopticon electronic database where nothing is every deleted, and where everything is recorded forever, all it takes is jimmy to drop a dime on johnny and accuse him of being a drug dealer, and that accusation is on johnnys record for the rest of his fucking life.

We have laws now that state that mum’s and wimminz have the legal right to be told if the guy they are dating / fucking / seeing / living near / working for / riding the bus with ever had a complaint made to the po-po about them, and almost nobody left who ain’t had some sort of complaint made about them, so, how does it help?

Nikolas Cruz, it turns out after the event, had a database history full of warning markers, and, so fucking what, in a school of 3,000 kids in the year 2018 there were probably 300 other kids with just as many database entries in the po-po computers… and 299 of them didn’t go postal this week.

By definition now in the UK in 2018 it is basically logically, physically, technically impossible to be a terrorist or a paedophile or a killer and NOT be on dozens of different databases…. as someone said to me a while ago there was a 100% correlation over the last 5 years, eg every single convicted child molester, and every single convicted terrorist, had a current driving licence… the point was a good one that goes back to the earlier comment about johnny and his catapult and forensics, you’re better off looking at other common criminal behaviors and traits, what do the rotherham sex gangs and terrorists have in common?

Not just beards and islam and shit, like johnny at his catapult, he won’t just break windows, he will do other shit too, and so do these people, but these “lesser” crimes are never reported, and everyone else is too busy riding the gravy train of po-po and social services and all of the rest of the shit, because basically 99% of the population has some sort of black mark recorded against them, because someone reported them for something, whether it was true or not….

I’ve been quite interested to see all the articles in the daily fail latterly complaining about all the rape and sexual assault cases that are collapsing, basically because po-po and CPS are failing to adequately suppress exculpatory evidence and it gets out (because you know, the poor falsely accused bastard had do idea such exculpatory evidence existed, he was guilty, so it stood to reason there was a ton of evidence to convict him and none to exonerate him…..) yes it is such a tragedy, because it is besmirching the good name of “genuine” rape victims and po-po rape squads and the cps and everyone else.

Excuse me?

The only fucking crime here was a malicious false accusation by an individual, which turned into a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice the moment po-po and CPS start tripping over exculpatory evidence and do anything but lay charges against all involved.

At this point the system is so rife with it that it cannot be fixed, the corruption is too deep.

Which brings us back to where we started this piece, there heretofore blissfully ignorant, that sick dirty disgusted feeling in your guts, yeah, I know it is *them* trying to tell you that it is your trust that has been shit on by some evil sneaky child molester in your midst, disguised as street lamp or parked car, look around everywhere in fear… but they kinda have to tell you that, because otherwise you’ll start asking how come you’ve never seen little johnny with a catapult, never seen dogs and cats run away from him, never seen him near a sweet shop that had stuff stolen, so the sick feeling is really what should be reserved for those “warning” us, those “protecting” us, those “safeguarding” us….

The Cruz kid did not shoot and kill 17 and injure over 20 po-po, or social services, or politicians, or pro gun nuts, or anti gun nuts, or anyone else.

Like the Vegas shooter and all the rest of these things, the ones who are warning us and protecting us and safeguarding us are never on the fucking target list, after the event there are always a million signs that everyone can point at, and these are used as an excuse for the slander and innuendo and social control exerted on everyone all the time, but never to explain how the shooter did what he did, or how nobody else will ever lose their job or pension, or anything else.

I’m not saying the Cruz kid did not do it, what I am saying is TAKE A LOOK AT THE PUNK, he is a manufactured criminal / victim just as much as the 17 dead and 20+ wounded, and these cunts with their panopticon databases and whispering campaigns and secret justice and everything is fair in the war against drugs / paedos / terrrists are behind it as sure as if they pulled the trigger, and THEY are never in the firing line, either of the flying lead or of the fucking termination and kiss your pension goodbye slips.

In a sick fucked up broken on both sides keynesian window fantasy land that we live in now, the Cruz kid just generated somewhere north of 500 million bucks of ongoing revenue and employment for a whole slew of worthless parasitic assholes, all of whom will be warning us as safeguarding us and protecting us….

If this had happened in the UK my own estranged sons could in theory have attended the school in question, they could be amongst the 20+ injured or 17 dead, and in the interests of safeguarding THEM against the psycho skank ho’s malicious and false allegations all those years ago I’d probably be the last to find out about it, I’d probably hear about it after the funeral, where no doubt I’d be banned from the graveyard, in case I decided to dig up my dead kids and fuck them up the ass… because after all, there is an entry on this here po-po computer that says that is exactly what he will do, given half a chance.

In a school with 3000 pupils which this one in the Cruz shooting had, how many of those kids had deadbeat dads that weren’t allowed anywhere near their kids lives? How many even knew their kids were at that school?

There could easily be 500 guys out there who genuinely still have no idea if their estranged kids attend that school, (lets not forget mums changing kids surnames too..) or if they are in the same class, or if they are injured or even dead… the only thing they will know for sure is if the shooter is their own kid, but think on that.

It is in all probability a true fact and statistic, there could be 500 guys our there who DO NOT KNOW about the welfare of a child of their who could or does attend that school, a story that gets no traction, and yet, like johnny and the catapult and forensics, a story that cannot be completely unrelated to the backstory of the shooter himself and his life to date.

Still, 17 dead and 20+ injured and all 3000 pupils knowing it happened at THEIR school, and they are all still being warned and safeguarded and protected by the usual suspects, so it’s all good.

February 2, 2018

Nacho Vidal – two

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Copied an pasted in entirety in blue text, my responses in black text, and yeah, i will leave comments open for this one.


Wimminz – celebrating skank ho’s everywhere

I will be honest, I’ve never forgot about this paedophile.

That there Nacho is what is known as defamation / libel, I’m preserving it here for evidential purposes… keep digging pal.

This piece of shit appeared on MGTOW Forums during 2011 and scared away a lot of decent members with his paedo psycho talk. Basically, his missus met someone else because he became a fat cunt, a loser and she caught him wanking over questionable shit on the Internet.

Never needed more than a 32 inch waist on my jeans my entire fucking life, so clearly you’re talking about someone, unless you just made it up, but you ain’t talking about me.

Unfortunately for us, MrLahey posted up 2 posts (back 2011) which linked back to this sick cunt’s blog…which is nowt but utter shit. This “Wimminz” cunt, then took that as this forum’s endorsement his sick shit and so he appeared here and signed up.

In your own deranged mind maybe.

This “Wimminz” cunt, then started posting here with an avatar which looked like an image of a pre-pubescent child’s vagina. I asked the sick cunt to change it PDQ. He then got offended with that.

I do not remember that, or using any avatar that resembled a pre-pubescent vagina, though quite how you’d know the difference between a shaved teen twat and pre pubescent one.. I dunno.

Months later, and after many complaints about his obvious mental illness, I banned the sick fuck from this forum. Judging by the following post on his shit free blog, he kept tabs on this forum up until the day it closed…you see folks, this is the usual shit from psycho paedos who hated me, hated the forum BUT still visited?? You work that one out:

Nacho, your forum, your rules, ban or invite anyone at your plesure and whim, I never had the slightest issue with that, I just had an issue with the constant stream of double standards, revisionist lies and justifications, and your clear wish to monetise something while claiming it was all coming out of the good of your bleeding heart.

Seems you ain’t changed a bit.


The piece of shit claimed to be a “businessman” who:

1) rented and still rents his house (twat)
2) rented and still rents his business premises (twat),
3) takes the piss out of me for making money out of my forum??? and
4) drives a shit Merc

points 1 2 and 4 tar about 90% of the businesses in the country, you appear to be sadly lacking in anything even remotely concerned with good business practice and finances, nobody but the clueless has anything in their own given name when ltd companies offer all sorts of protections and advantages.

but, it’s not about that is is nacho, it’s attempting to paint me as someone who couldn’t afford a pint at the local, because you do not have an actual argument, all you have is character assasination.

Yet, there he is, still on a freebie WordPress blog and and who makes money for WordPress? You work that one out?

Why do you care?

what difference does it make to anyone?

Back in the day, he waltzed about the place like some sort of hard cunt. I’ve since found out that he’s a 60+ fat cunt with a bad breath problem. And so, I’ve decided to hunt him down because I know he’s rather close to where I USED to run this forum from.

Well, you hope so, because in your dreams you’d hate to go up against some wimpy little bastard, only to find out the person you thought you were fucking with, and the people you are fucking with, are not one and the same.

I’ve been a gentleman and offered him out for a meet up over the following:


You don’t get it, those were your words, if you regret them, write to me and explain why… as for taking time out of my life to meet you in the flesh, there are possibly somewhere someone lower in importance to me that I’d take the time to meet and shoot the shit with, you ain’t one of them.

And I told the sick motherfucker (just read the shit on his blog) that I would have GoPros in tow and it would be on this forum’s You Tube channel. Like a tough guy, he declined and you can read his pussy comments here on yet another shit blog post from him:

Nacho, I’d have posted this reply exactly like this on your forum, except your forum is not a level playing field, and you are a bit too loosely wrapped for it ever to be so… you appear to do your level best to come across at every opportunity as some butthurt teen bitch who is a total hypocrite.

if the hats fits, wear it, I’m just calling it as I see it… but feel free to pay up all that bitcoin for my real true genuine details dude…


To say that I hate this cunt is an understatement and I will dox myself when I find out who he is.

Please bitch, people have been doxing me since 1999 at the very least, guess what, I’m still around…. anonymity is convenient for me, not essential, you know, DVLA / HMRC / po-po you name it already know all my details, factual ones, not the ones you’ll be buying for 0.95 dorkcoin.

Today, the faggot posted up the following on his shitty blog…with comments closed:


Comments are closed? What a fucking poofter! No doubt, many are going to wonder why this fat and balding paedo is having a go at a porn star who lives no where near Lewisham? I live in Eltham, you fucking twat.

Comments were closed because I had to wish to contribute to it escalating like this, you appear to have found a very new bestest friend and validation for your life and apparently can’t wait to be my bitch, BTW, third mention of the defamatory / libellous paedo quip, and an inability to read, again, never said where YOU were, said where your local exchange was.

Today, I’ve had three people email me to offer me his details: address, name, phone and, apparently, the details of another blog he operates? For example:

Only one other blog, but, but, but, there are several, and several domain names (this is all quite true and factual by the way) so maybe your imaginary skript kiddie doige coiun hackers aren’t as leet as they think they are.


maybe our email stuck in your spam box lol
Nacho if you want all who / what / where details for this guy
he talk too much so anon fail and we have all he name / address / company
we sell info to you
show you all he other website / blog so you know is same guy
you make offer in US$ or GBP or Euro price you choice
we make deal
you pay by Bitcoin (BTC), or BitcoinCash (BCH), or LiteCoin (LTC), or DogeCoin(DOGE) you choice then we send all info
(BTC slow high fees at moment others faster)
email back say if you want yes / no? and how much you want pay and what coin you want use

Hey, be sure to let me know how much they are going to out me for, if the price is high enough, I’ll undercut them and sell you the data direct, deal?

Just a shout out to cunts who think I’m the “Nacho 2011 to 2014” cunt who was scared of my identity being revealed, well I am not. I’m just waiting for the right cunt to allow me to “dox” myself whilst I dox that cunt at the same time.

Nobody GIVES a fuck nacho, outside your own twisted mind.

So far, it looks like this “Wimminz” paedo is that cunt.

Aaaaand another defamatory / libellous paedo accusation, you *really* should consult a lawyer on that one, here is the UK it’s not as pretty or as trivial as you seem to think.

Here is the problem with “Wimminz”, he spews “freedom of speech” yet he shouts his shit from someone else’s platform.

Who else’s platform? You mean wordpress? Yeah, me and 29% of the entire internet douchebag.

I believe in “freedom of speech” but I also believe in “freedom to reply”, “freedom to act” and “freedom to do something about lying jealous cunts”.

And freedom to sue people who commit perjury / slander in the courts I trust.

Get this through your thick skull, I’m not jealous of you, I could hardly give less of a fuck about you, but remember, you are trying to paint ME as being the nasty little bastard here, but it is YOU who are making all the accusations about being a paedo and a useless fat bastard and everything else, and it is ME who is responding with logical discussion… that post that possied you off is FOUR FUCKING YEARS OLD, it was open to comments, so is this, the only post that wasn’t was the post about you, because unlike you I’m not trying to incite a flame war.

At the end of the day, you are yet one of the many sad pussy “men” who were pissed that I made money out of my forum, yet you said FUCK ALL about the likes of Elam making a shit ton of cash out of his shit blog.

You appear to have confused me with someone who gives a fuck, about you, your forums, your finances or anything else.

As you closed replies to your post, you have no right of reply to this post.

I will find you.

I’d start looking for your own brain first, you obviously lost it some years ago.

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