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November 20, 2011

Malice in Wonderland…. the 1%’er club for Men.

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Going to do some random musings today.

As is my nature, I’m going to do this out-of-order too, on my way back from banging the skank ho all night, I stopped at a Shell garage for a morning cup of coffee and a smoke.

Like most filling stations nowadays, the coffee machine is a franchise, in this case Coffee Republic, a franchise which in this case only started August 2010, and which has just gone into liquidation, so half the machine is empty, only brown sugar (which I like) latte (which I like) and no stirring sticks and only large cups, so I paid a quid for a two quid coffee…. yummy.

But it got me to thinking about the developing economic crash, and let’s face it, for a franchise coffee outlet in a major chain of filling stations to go bust selling a product with as much mark up as coffee, you just know it is down to finance and not per unit sold profit that killed it.

Which brings us back to last night’s skank, and previous stories about the crashing economy changing the skanks attitudes…

This skank is a true single mum skank, first fucked at the age of 13 she says, and lost count of the amount of cock she had had by the age of 16, and now 20 years later it is “pick a number” and make sure it has three digits.

In many ways it is the same old story, she had the education and the opportunities, and she had a 15 year marriage to one guy who she claims she was faithful to (could be true) and who she says is a lovely guy, but just wasn’t interested in sex, so she dumped him, and yes, kept the kids…

So now with 40 knocking on the door her body and looks are falling off a cliff, having reached that stage that women seem to get to where everything physical goes downhill real fast, and her cunt looks like the one above, but about 10 minutes later, hammered to fuck and back, but hey, a cunt is a cunt.

Anyway, the point being that she woke up this morning with bruises on her inner thighs, having herself paid for the motel room (she didn’t feel comfortable asking me back to “her kids home” she said, who knows, I could have been an axe murderer… lmfao) gives me my morning blow job and fuck, and I ask her if she has any regrets, while sipping on a manky motel coffee and smoking my first of the day, and she gives me “that” look and says “No, no regrets…

That” look being that calculating look that the wimminz have, have they done enough to impress me and maybe come to rely on me economically in the impending hard times ahead, or are they just another notch on the bedpost for a player. And at this point I make small and pointless bets with myself about whether or not, and if so how long, before the skank ho texts me at some point in the future.

Meanwhile the young chick mentioned previously in another post, the one who “got it” is in touch, I asked her if she wanted me again that night (not that I was available or within 20 miles of her, being busy as I was with last nights skank) and she said yeah but she has her best friend (female) visiting, so I send a message back “threesome then…. rofl” to which she responds no, because her girlfriend is better looking than she is, so vanity either way, either fishing for a compliment from me about her attractiveness or fishing for some shit about looks don’t matter baby you is de beautiful person yadda yadda, so of course I sent the only reply possible, “is she as dirty and obedient a slut as you? cos that interests me more than looks“… haven’t had a reply yet…lol… that hamster wheel is doing 5,000 rpm

Meanwhile this morning the fugly skank I also mentioned previously with the 8 body but the 1 face, actually I was being generous, 0.1 face, is messaging me asking me if I had a good time last night, she hopes so, and how she woke up with her cunt wet and throbbing for me and yadda yadda yadda.

All three are single mum’s, all three facing the reality that is the impending economic crash, and all three find a guy who no real ties incredibly sexually attractive, because he has no real ties or commitments and therefore could in theory take them on board.

Yeah, I could wax lyrical about how I am incredibly good-looking, which isn’t true, how I am hung like a donkey, which isn’t true, how I have this amazing personality, which isn’t true, and puff my chest up and offer to let you all smell my fingers, but the truth is much, much, much harsher… the truth often is.

The truth is if you google my name, and I always use my real name in PoF etc, I sound like Charles Manson on a bad day, it isn’t true, but that is what you will see and read, the truth is I may be in good shape for a 50+ year old guy, but I am still a 50+ year old guy, the truth is I may not be saddled with any huge debts, but basically I don’t have a pot to piss in, the truth is I may have a pretty good and rounded personality, but wimminz don’t get a look in, the truth is despite all my own failings and shortcomings (not that I feel like a failure or short of anything, just saying, if you were to make a list of my attributes….) I am still by far the best that these three wimminz in question can hope to get, and on some level at least they are aware of this, and they are also aware that the only way to get past the initial screening process is to offer me no holds barred kinky perverted sex, and so they do.

Yet I am again struck by the fact that these skank ho single mums are more in tune with the survival game than most of the general public, and more in tune with survival that the now bust Coffee Republic, with the analogy that the coffee franchise was the female surviving off the environment and micro-ecosystem created by the host male, the filling station itself…. but bear in mind that these skank ho single mums that I fuck are not representative of wimminz as a whole or skank ho single mums as a whole, they are the sub-set that pass through my PoF filters and meet me and fuck, these are the “enlightened” 1%, the canaries in the coalmine.

Back in my biker days, there was the whole “1%’er” thing, which came from a biker party that got out of hand in the states many many years ago, and some self-appointed biker talking head denounces those who fought and fucked up the town as the minority 1% of all bikers, NABALT, not all bikers are like that, and so many bikers who liked to party and had a FTW attitude adopted the 1% label as their own.

I think perhaps the post thermonuclear DV/rape/whatever lost his house / kids / job Man is also in his own way a 1%’er, he is in effect an outlaw, having found himself placed outside the protection of the Law and being used as the victim by the Law, and that is why there is a certain gravitational attraction between a 1% Man like me and the 1% of skank ho wimminz who really can see which way the wind is blowing long-term economically, and how bleak the future could be for them, and how dependent they could be for their very survival upon a suitable host male to parasite off of.

Maybe, like Coffee Republic, even when you find a superb male to associate with, and grab yourself a prime piece of franchise real estate like Shell filling stations, your backroom attitudes and lifestyles and financial situation is so dire that even when presented with a goldmine, you go fuckedcompany.com.

PS.. the skank just texted me…. lmfao….


  1. what is going on in that photo? Or maybe its better I don’t know. Here in the States, wimminz get generous affirmative action for office jobs, no fault divorce, child support and government welfare. Child support is backed by wage garnishments , digital biometrics, and police. So its very difficult to skate. All of this means wimminz control the majority of financial assets. When they say they don’t need a man, that really is true.

    As for 1% of skank ho wimminz who really can see which way the wind is blowing long-term economically, yeah. Wimminz watch TV. They don’t read The Economist.

    Comment by anonymous — November 20, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

    • Breech birth dude…..

      Comment by wimminz — November 20, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

      • Firefox+AdBlock Plus 4tw!

        And yeah, the vast majority of wimminz will feel like they´re hit by a bus when “the time” comes.

        Especially in the US I predict BBC gangbang rapes will soon become the norm.
        As the whites know shitall how to band together and will be busy enough protecting their own asses, let alone some former bad boy addicted single mom´s used up hole.

        Comment by hans — November 21, 2011 @ 12:48 am

  2. Funny all the gloom and doom predictions, every recession the same old song. Men will keep on flocking to pussy no matter what, do you see many casinos going bankrupt ?
    You walk in there, you change your money into chips, you place your bets, you lose your money and you go home. Nobody forces anyone to do anything, yet this happens everyday. And since the cavement took their 1st bet on what side the bone was gonna fall in, it’s been going on and it will go on. Bad day ? False rape accusation for you ! Good day ? Cool, you creampied for free another vagina. We keep on betting against them, and they rake the profits with their pussies, they can never lose because cumshots wash out and there is no economy or war or pandemy that is going to change the fact that they’re the casino and men are the dupes, and the joke’s always gonna be on us. So gentlemen, place your bets.

    Comment by MrLahey — November 25, 2011 @ 10:33 am

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