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November 25, 2013

People fucking….

Well, as discussed previously, bout August the couple upstairs have a blazing row, about her cheating, plod get called, he is carted off in cuffs, and within a few days the guy she wasn’t cheating on the arrested guy with moves in…

with me so far?

Now, in the weeks leading up to this, I could hear them fuck, but, most of what little noise there was came from him, and they didn’t fuck very often, maybe once a week, maybe once a fortnight.

As soon as the new guy moves in, they are fucking every night, making FAR more noise, and it is all HER making the noise… not just moaning, but verbals too.

Fast forwards a whole three fucking months to today, they are fucking maybe twice a week, maybe once a week, and it is back to both of them making the same amount of noise, eg not a lot……  it’s just grunts now, all the ohmygodfuckmebaby from her has ceased totally.

Now, three months isn’t long enough for her, or his, sexual tastes to have changed, it is long enough to get to know someone and how to press their buttons, so you’d think the sex would be getting better, not worse, but the audibility tells one story, and the frequency tells another, different, but related, story….

Another story is told by the fact that about two months in, after it was clearly wearing off, he went out and bought himself a console, and I can hear him playing GTA-V more and more every day.

Another story is told by the fact that the wild monkey sex mainly used to happen after they came in late from a night out on the town, and they aren’t doing that much lately either.

What DOES happen after three months living together is this…. if you are having a fake modern relationshit where everything is a facade and an act, then three months is more than enough time to explore and plumb the depths of the shallow relationship that is on offer, and of course, the flip-side of that coin is it is then far too LATE to decide to open up and really show the other person the real you.

This is the story that is never told when the other story is told about the nice reliable beta type guy being viciously kicked to the kerb and having his life ruined for the bad boy to get his shoes under the bed, because it calls into question the whole notion of beta provider and alpha bad boy.

It calls it into question because they are more often than not THE SAME FUCKING GUY, the only difference is temporal, at one time you are the new cock she has just discovered, and some time later you are the old cock that no longer makes the juices flow… or perhaps the old cock that has seen every ohmygodfuckme trick that you know, and the novelty is wearing off, for him, or her, or both.

I have never yet in my life met anyone who was 100% alpha, or 100% beta… I have seen guys who were *incredibly* “alpha” pull some unbelievably beta shit at other times with other people, and I have seen some through and through beta wimps get all alpha and won’t back down at other times with other people, and then both go straight back to being alpha or beta or whatever the fuck the label was that was supposed to define them.

I have also seen many *alpha* males fail utterly at banging some skank, and remaining utterly oblivious of the fact that the beta wimp they just dissed without so much as a conscious thought is the guy who is secretly banging the skank in question.

No-one who has gone anywhere near the kink scene is unaware of the class of people who have day jobs that are high powered or high skilled or high profile, and the secret fetish is being as submissive as fuck… yet no-one apparently tries to fit this class of people into the whole alpha / beta / gamma schtick.

Probably because it doesn’t fit, so rather than asking why it doesn’t fit, the whole thought and concept itself is simply discarded.

Easier to write off your next loss or win as “beta bucks, alpha fucks”

Easier than using the fucking brain and eyes god gave you anyway.

Nature, (with a capital N) I have observed in over half a century on this planet, abso-fucking-lutely abhors two things, and just two things, not one thing, not three things, but the number of things it abhors is two…

  1. A Vacuum
  2. A steady state

Rather like the beautiful simplicity of e=mc², these two things can and do explain 100% of everything in Nature, from evolution on up, or down, depending on your perspective…

Nature will not permit “the archetypal alpha male” to be anything more than a transient phenomenon, being pack leader has a shorter life expectancy than being pack cripple blind in one eye, nor will nature permit said alpha male to operate in “God mode”, the more powerful they are the more pronounced the Achilles heel.

Bunga Bunga Billionaire Berlusconi, can’t conceive of going 24 hours without some young cunt within arms reach, couldn’t go 30 days ghost if his fucking life literally depended on it.

Is this Alpha?

If it is, then the definition of Alpha as punted by everyone in the manosphere and pua community is wrong.

In my previous job I encountered some *seriously* wealthy and influential people, but not a one of them in their high profile public environment, I met them all in their private selves lives, and not a one of them carried any more personal aura than the help… the alpha everyone saw in public was as no more than a suit of clothes they put on to go out.

It’s wasn’t them, it was image…. to give one example, in private there was nothing more “beta” than their attitudes towards their child, who was blind, and they would have willingly handed me 200 billion US$ (and this was back in the day when that was a lot of money…lol) if I could have done a Jesus and given that child the gift of sight… the handicapped child was their Achilles heel.

So was this person alpha, because they could have bought bill gates out of petty cash, or beta, because of the Achilles heel for which they not only had no defences, but they literally exhibited a completely different personality and mind set.

The Krays loved their mum…

If the definition does not fit 100% accurately, then the definition is useless.

Less than useless, because the definition will prevent you from seeing and understanding what is actually going on.

What was actually going on with the neighbours and the old boyfriend and the new one isn’t anything to do with alpha or beta or anything else… it is all to do with people living their little lives in little walled gardens in their own castles in the sky, and the grass is always greener in the next chapter, even when it isn’t, because I know each one of these blades of grass individually, and, what is worse, they know me.

Hypergamy is something else you can throw in the bin with alpha and beta, if it isn’t a universal explanation then like alpha/beta it isn’t an explanation of any kind, just a label used by the lazy in preference to thinking.

When simple and humorous observational sayings like “If all brides are beautiful, where the fuck do ugly wives come from?” cannot be explained adequately and in every single instance without exception by your model, then your model is wrong, and just failed empirical analysis, so the simple observational saying has more worth.

July 21, 2013


There are many, many, many things in life that you get a default answer to.

Paedophilia, yes, it is just wrong, end of discussion.

God help you if you want to discuss it intellectually,to wonder aloud why the label is applied, completely incorrectly, to 21 year olds having mutually consensual and loving sexual relationships with 15 years and 11 months olds.rideolsen

God help you if you wonder aloud that for much of English history the age of consent was 12 and there was no paedophilia to speak of, now it is 16/18 there is apparently loads of it…. just as there was no illegal homosexual sex before homosexual sex was made illegal.

God help you if you wonder aloud at the imposition of a law making something quite common suddenly arbitrarily illegal, if she is 5,843 days old I am a rapist and paedo, if she is 5,844 days old we can nip up to Gretna Green and get married.

Where does the State get off in passing laws that suddenly render apparently common enough behaviours illegal, surely this is against everything the state itself was founded to preserve.

What comes next, laws banning the wearing of primary colours?

The real point of this post, and, now that the stage is set, another default answer that must not be questioned or discussed, is Men and their abducted by the state / skank ho ex kids, specifically the boy children, because the girl children and just sluts in training… oh noes… we’re back to the paedo thing again..

But here we are, ask any deadbeat dad who does not have contact with his sons, and you’ll get the stock answer, I should be there for them, teaching them, guiding them, doing manly things with them.

But is it the fucking truth?

About now I am as popular with deadbeat dads as a “paedo” admiring the tits on a 14 year old chick in a topless beach…

Oh I know, there are all sorts of things I *could* be doing with and for my absent sons, all sorts of things I feel I *should* be doing with and for my absent sons, yadda yadda yadda

But the unspeakable question.

What’s in it for me?

Did you cringe reading that? Did it make you feel guilt, the same way looking at the pic above and thinking she is pretty…

Is me explaining how my life is easier, more money and free time and all that jazz, somehow reminiscent of “if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed”, you cannot counter it directly, but it is just WROOOONNNG… MMKAYY.. so DROP IT…

However, no pubescent teen virgins were harmed by this discussion, just as no absent sons were harmed by this discussion, so the only thing this discussion is a threat to is the whole concept of the unspeakable.

Paedophilia is a good place to start, in your creation of an unspeakable, cannibalism is a better taboo, but, you cannot potentially link 75% of day to day activity for 99.999% of the population with potential cannibalism, it just doesn’t fly.

Of course you then have to set the boundaries in such a way that 99.9% of people are tempted, because you need that fucking guilt to get them to shut the fuck up when someone else is accused, so there is no good to be had from making the minimum age at which you can have sex 7, like cannibalism, 99.999% of the population wouldn’t be tempted anyway, so you have to set it at a ludicrously high level, biologically and historically speaking, see homosexuality, a young boy of 16/7 could join the army and get his ass blown off by flying lead and HE, but he couldn’t consent to a loving sexual encounter with another man unless he was 21.

Ok, now you have a universally reviled act, that you have simultaneously engineered to be something that, within the broadest terms of the definition, 99.999% of the population are biologically hard-wired to find “interesting” at the very least, so you have your guilt, which gives you your control… Neimoller anyone?

Next step?

Well, you mission creep that fucker.


Now I have been online since fidonet and the BBS days, long before there was an internet, last time I accidentally came across some paedo porn? Must have been about 1996… so this isn’t exactly a pandemic of filth that needs urgent attention, it’s just mission creep, making ever more people feel guilty.

Let’s be honest, who is going to stand up and say “Hang on a minute, do we actually need any more fucking useless laws on this subject?” nobody, you filthy paedolover and apologist you…

Want to marginalise some fucker, no worries, just label them a paedo, or a deadbeat dad. Job done.

Actual paedophilia is of course still going on, and it is a great tool for blackmail and political control, so it is not actual paedophilia, or active drug use, or active anything that is ever targeted, it is all about guilt, which is all about control.

So, you have systems in place that arguably both;

  1. do nothing whatsoever to combat the alleged problem
  2. just happen to be a very effective means of coercion and control for the 99.999% of the population who were never tempted by the alleged problem in the first place.

Pure coinckydink, of course, only a paedo or terr’rist would suggest that in fact the REAL goals and the actual outcomes were the only game in town, and the stated goals were just a methodology, social engineering.

Now tell me again, what is in it for me to become actively involved in raising my abducted by the skank ho ex and State sons…. they already have my fucking DNA

Being brutally honest with you, if they read and memorise this blog, that’s about all else I can give them.

My skills, well, bit like grandad teaching me how to make buggy whips, not relevant to life in 2013 innit.

If the remaining 99.99999% of me feeling bad about somehow letting my son’s down is just social engineering, then by definition it is alien to me, and I am better off rejecting it, and so are my sons, so if I have contact with them it will be BECAUSE of the social engineering, and as such I would be infected by it, and my proximity to them would infect them.

Hilariously. This is the exact argument the state uses WRT sexual abuse, that the abused go on to create more abusers.


Because it is a bell that cannot be un-rung in your mind.


September 20, 2011

A brief hiatus for the Player.

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While I have been away, travelling, fucking, and working, here and there.

And now I am back..lol

Some times I must admit that I feel like the guys in the pic on the right, I know it is wrong, but with the tools at hand it is the only way to get the job done NOW, and some jobs just need doing now, not later.

Draining my balls into some skank ho can be like that, you have your skank ho production line and the fruit becomes ripe and if you don’t pick it it rots on the vine.

And so it was that last week I found myself waking up and fucking skank ho A at her place in the morning, then got in my car and drove down the road to skank ho B where I fucked her and stayed the night.

Now, this is NOT about my ability to do this, this is about skank ho B, who made ALL the right noises, had ALL the right reactions, said ALL the right things, in fact, who played her part absolutely perfectly, the whole I love you I want you I need you I will obey you sketch.

Then six hours after I have left skank ho B she texts me to say the sex was wonderful and my company was great, BUT, she found me cold and clinical and heartless and unloving and she didn’t want to see me again.

The truth of the matter is skank ho B was a submissive bitch who believed that she was good enough at sex to enslave any man, and when our 18 or so hours together had passed and the score was 100-0 to me, she didn’t like it, and proceeded to do that thing that almost no man I have ever met can do, but which almost all women I have ever met can do.

That thing is to deny/ignore the fact that they just had the best sex, the best intimacy, the best communication, and the best real deal sexual experience of their lives, BUT, despite all this it was missing the one ingredient THEY were looking for (in her case this was her imagined ability to enslave me with her sexual skills) and so because of lacking this one ingredient, they simply deny the entire thing was what it was, and paint it as being something else. BTW, this one ingredient is a secret quest, they NEVER tell you up front this is what they are looking for…

If you are thinking this is, in principle and in mechanism, a cunt hair away from what happens when a skank ho wimminz makes a false rape accusation, then award yourself full marks.

Thankfully, as you will have read here time and time again, several days of archived SMS / MMS / IM / Email and calls means she can’t take that extra step, AND SHE KNOWS IT.

Incidentally I should also point out that if you gave the skank ho B above her magic missing ingredient she has then “won” and has no further use for you, except to allow you to grovel and beg for some more sex.

Now I could sit here and give you all sorts of “tells” that should warn you about such wimminz, chatting her up during a full moon, her job (social services related, actual social services types are to be avoided like the plague, as are wimminz pigs and wimminz lawyers and wimminz teachers) but the absolute fucking guaranteed…

…alert is when a skank ho tells you that she has only been with twelve guys before you, oh, and three women.

Maybe, just maybe, if she is 16 or 17 she may only have been with a dozen guys, when she is late forties and it is any time past July then she has had at least a dozen guys this fucking year.

Frankly if she hasn’t then there is something wrong with her to make her un-fuckable, so avoid.

Now this sort of “missing secret ingredient” shit from wimminz is fairly standard stuff, any young guy suffering from a case of WTF? heartache will know exactly what I am talking about, the thing is, if you feel the heartache then YOU failed the awareness test and you should run awy as fast as your little legs can carry you to the influence of an older and wiser man to clue you in.

If as in my case the wimminz got that feeling then you won, but you should still run the fuck away.

You should run the fuck away because, while all wimminz are intellectually and emotionally spoiled children, wimminz like these are very nasty spoiled children, and in the above scenario with all the electronic records and the actual physical relationship I came across as an adult that she does not want to play her childish games with, so she wants to take her ball, or in this case being a wimminz her cunt, and go find someone else to play with.

If she has decided that I was worth playing with, e.g. someone she could manipulate and fuck with and throw tantrums with and shit test and all the other stuff, then I WOULD BE IN SEVERE DANGER.

Ask me how I know.

I know because I lived with one of these psycho skank ho cunts in my life for ten fucking years, and put up with that shit “for the kids”, which was just another ball in play for her, and which kids would not even have been born had I been smart enough to run away at the first signs, WHICH WERE THERE, mark my words.

Hell, I didn’t even run away at the second signs, or the third, or the fourth, and then one kid comes along and you put up with it for the kid, and when it starts to wear thin magically the skank ho cunt pops out another kid… planned? You bet your ass and freedom and liberty and sanity.

And when she finally decides you aren’t worth having around any more INCOMING! false accusations of rape and DV, cos she is through with you so why not trash what is left of your life? This is how wimminz think and work.

Wimminz know men like me, on PoF (Plenty of Fish) they have a word for men like me.

The word is Player

Player doesn’t mean someone who plays games to get wimminz in bed and fuck them, all the wimminz play games all the time, Player does mean a professional player with skills and experience, not a fucking bumbling amateur with no skills and no experience, at the games all the wimminz play all of the time.

Rule #1 of being a player is never ever ever ever let the enemy even suspect you are a professional Player who knows all the rules of the games and all the tricks and motivations your enemy employs.

Wimminz hate players because they are only interested in playing their games with men who they think they have at a disadvantage…. winning these head games is not merely everything for the wimminz, it is the only thing for the wimminz.

Rule #1 of being a wimminz is never ever ever ever play against anyone who will not play by the ever changing rules as stated moment by moment by the wimminz, never ever ever ever play against anyone who does not in effect concede the game the instant they decide to play, by agreeing up front that the wimminz is both referee and judge and rulemaker as well as player.
I have had a lot of cunt / conquests in my time, and if there are two things I have learned it is these;

  1. No cunt you haven’t had yet is worth the chase if it involves playing by wimminz rules.
  2. No cunt you are getting is worth another fuck if it involves playing by wimminz rules.

While there is more range of variety between wimminz cunts than there is between wimminz assholes, the difference between a cunt and an asshole is greater than the range of either, put simply that means there is no new and exciting and completely different cunts out there to be found… you may not have been to the USA before, but 300 million got there first, so if you go there it ain’t virgin territory, it’s a lot like the place you just left.

Put it that way and ask yourself if it is really worth playing in some psycho game show whose sole purpose is to exploit you, where you are supposed to obey the ever changing rules, where the prize is literally worthless and the same as the shit you threw out last week, where all the boody prizes are loss of liberty, loss of property, loss of children, loss of good name and even loss of life.

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