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May 1, 2012

By the river’s dark

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It’s a Cohen song


But the point, the point isn’t even the song, the lyrics, the fact that it is one of some 40,000 on the mp3 jukebox… don’t get me started on quality or audiophiles, nothing in less than 192kbit/sec, and my home is not an anechoic chamber, it sits on a main road opposite a major railway line and river all within 100 metres.

The fact is that I sit directly in front of my Giant flat screen TV / Media centre PC monitor, at just the right height.

To either side, again at just the right height, and just the right position left and right for the ideal stereo image. and on solid granite bespoke stands sit my old but trusty 1981 Technics speakers, fed by the trusty old 1980 Sony tuner, playing sounds that could date anywhere from the fifties through classical to current shit.

On the coffee table are two laptops (actually one, one is on my lap as I type this) and over to the side is my Android smart-phone on charge and running AirDroid so I can access it and control it through a web browser interface on my wifi LAN.

Sat next to me is a proper coffee made in my proper coffee machine, which sits in pride of place in my kitchen, which is incidentally clean as usual, all work surfaces wiped down and clear and clean, my coffee machine is sat where it is easiest and nicest to work with, not just shoved in a corner.

Next to my bed, on the side I generally prefer to sleep, is my lamp, and opposite is my clock, the kind I like e.g. a station clock with a large analogue face and a mechanism that makes a nice loud TICK sound.

Last night at one am I started to watch Robocop, just because I felt like it, and needed no by your leave from anyone else…. today I went to my barber as it has been a couple of weeks and had my usual #1 cut all over and the edges trimmed, while I am there my phone beeps and a skank ho is asking if she can see me and suck my cock before the weekend, I put her off because I have a prior with my fave.

Tomorrow I’m back in court, my psycho skank ho ex, the never ending issue of my boys getting unrestricted access to and contact with their family, and eventually their daddy, in which my psycho skank ho ex thinks she is punishing me, by keeping herself out of my fucking life.

The other job I did today was stop by my mum’s place and see she was ok, this is one thing she (my psycho skank ho ex) is guaranteeing she will not have in old age, boys who give a fuck about her.

The EU/economic/politicial/social situation is still sinking into the mire and getting worse, so I shall also be smiling at all the worthless cunts in the court from the judge on down, your days on the gravy train are numbered, assholes.

Times have to get bad indeed, before a smart and resourceful MGTOW feels even the slightest effects of the storm that is shaking everyone else’s trees.

Nero fiddling while Rome burned, it wasn’t the way the recent history books like to present it, just a man roasting his marshmallows over the flames of the burning society that richly deserved to fall from its own hubris.

My biggest problem in court is to not laugh, no bitches please stop, I can’t take any more of your “punishment”, please let me get back on my knees and earn my way back into your good books, so you can fuck me over again……

… and we are being played out with Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms…  lol

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