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September 15, 2013

I’ll buy that for a dollar….

Of course it’s the line from Robocop, I fucking dread to think what the reboot will be like, the old movies were very tongue in cheek and slightly anarchic, having seen the trailer for the new one, it seems to be little more than an cgi explosion orgasm, with no doubt a few strong leading wimminz thrown in.

The point is though, the bald guy with glasses with a skank ho on each arm uttering that line in the film, yup, at 50c each they were “worth it”.

Winter is coming and I just bought another quartz electric fire for the kitchen in the mornings, I put in on for 30/45 minutes when I get up and before I go to work,  I buy one every year because without fail at least one of the bars dies every year, and at around 20 bucks a pop they are essentially a disposable item, not something you would ever trust to leave on and walk away.

At 20 bucks a pop, they are “worth it”, same as the two skanks above, not because it is great value for money, but because it is cheap enough there is no hesitation or pain involved when it comes time to throw it in the trash.

Basically, there are three ways to meet wimminz;

  1. Directly in real life
  2. Virtually on-line
  3. Via the agency or actions of others

and each of those can be subdivided;

  1. Directly in real life
    1. Socially at a pub
    2. At work
    3. Randomly when shopping etc
  2. Virtually on-line
    1. pay per sites
    2. free sites
  3. Via the agency or actions of others
    1. set up dates by matchmaking friends
    2. invitations to events such as weddings

I have colour coded these, red text is never ever fucking do it, it always has the potential to cost you a LOT of money, purple is danger will robinson, your judgement is affected and you are spending money, green is I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Which brings us to several important points.

  • If you are looking for something, you may as well set your stall out and state exactly what you are looking for, and exactly what you offer in exchange.
  • If you treat making a sale, any sale, as a greater priority than making the exact sale you want, then, by definition, you are not going to be happy with the sale, so, by definition, you are deliberately setting yourself up for disappointment and dissatisfaction.
  • If you allow others to “haggle” you to a difference price, then you are in the same boat as above.
  • If you are quite content to sit there every day reading a book, and not making any sales or getting any kind of interest, you are golden.

Which brings us back to the various methods by which you can meet wimminz, the red text methods are all ways in which you are guaranteed to NOT be able to just set out your stall and sit back and chill.

The red text methods are all market trader methods, doing whatever it takes to make a sale.

Red Pill is a LIFESTYLE choice mother-fucker, if you are allowing mates to set you up on blind dates, if you are allowing wimminz at work to flirt with you, if you are paying agencies such as websites to get you in contact with wimminz, then you are not red pill, you are a blue pill niggerz.

Time to fucking man up bitch.

Stop investing ANYTHING of yourself or your time or your emotions or your money, over a dollar, on wimminz.

The purple text, well, it depends where you go, the pub I go to, when I go to a pub which isn’t that often any more (I used to practically live in the bastards, there at opening time and still there at chucking out, 7 days a week) is a red pill pub, chances are there will be not much more than a dozen guys there, all mature, all doing their own thing, no fucking wimminz, not even behind the bar. Red Pill.

If I went across the road to the student pub, which is heaving, it would be Blue Pill. Because I am making a conscious choice to occupy the same room as a bunch of skank ho entitlement pwincesses.


Sure, lots of the “buy that for a dollar” wimminz I talk to flake and fade away, and what have I lost? So I don’t get a fuck I was never going to get, or I do get a fuck with crazy, there is no mileage whatsoever in thinking maybe if I message her, if the bitch was into you she will message you, if she does not message you she is not into you, and you messaging her ain’t gonna change that.

What it WILL fucking change is you, it makes you a market trader, desperate for a sale, a pussy begging mangina niggerz mother-fucker…. because you just invested more than that thing was ever worth, and not a guaranteed buy and get, but to con yourself you are still in the game.

Back in the 70’s I knew a couple of guys who used to travel around all the pubs and hotels doing auctions, they would promo it for 24 hours prior, do the auction, and literally skit to the next town and start the 24 hour promo.

They sold pens, they used to buy them for 50 pence and sell then for 4 pounds and 50 pence, a 900% markup making 4 quid profit.

If you went to their auctions, you would never ever know or realise they were selling pens, because they had a bunch of quite good stuff, surplus stock, all going cheap, cheap because it was surplus and not much markup, and it consisted of anything they could get. So you get ghetto blasters and stuff brand new for 49 quid instead of 110 and shit like that…

You get 100 people at a pub auction, and maybe 20 high value items going cheap, you’ll sell maybe 10 or 12 of them.

The stick was, the auction starter, he would go into the sales spiel, describe some of the high value items coming up, all genuinely quite tempting stuff, and then he would hit them with it, so I know you are all genuine buyer I am offering these fine quality metal cartridge ball point pens each one worth 9.99 at just 4.50 a pop, and only those who can bid by waving  one of these pens at me can bid on these other luxury items and fantastic prices.

He’d sell 50 pens in the next 5 minutes…

He’d sell more pens in a day than a large stationers would sell in a week.

Bait and switch.

He’d never say he sold pens, or a bait and switch low ball cognitive dissonance merchant, he’d say he was an entrepreneur pulling in over a grand a week.

Same way blue bill mangina niggerz will never admit to being such a thing, they will tell you how many bitches they have on the go, and bear in mind, the pen guy was one of the few smart enough and hard working enough to actually pull it off.

Sure, he made a lot more than a dollar, but he invested a lot more than a dollar, way too much to walk away from with the casual disregard you will walk away from a half full dollar cup of coffee, and not give a second thought ever again to the half a cup of coffee left, or the 50c it cost you.

So the thing to do is avoid, completely, like the plague, all those things in red text, just don’t turn up for it, enforce it with your total absence from the game.

And the green text stuff, if it involves anything of any value from you, don’t do it.

How the fuck can you sit home alone in your man cave you fucking techno hermit, is the response, because the blue pill says alone = lonely and saddo, and the blue pill says you have to go out and meet wimminz to get any cunt, and the blue pill says a lot of other shit.

And it is like the punters at the pen sellers auction, they all think they are being smart and clever and are watching out for all the expected tricks on the high value items coming up, and none of them notices that every single one of them just got taken.

Shop like a man, whether it is groceries or cunt, go in with a list stating exactly what you want, look at and for nothing else, put that and nothing else in the trolley, and accept no substitutions or BOGOF deals of any kind, pay up, GTFO.

I go to one wal mart sized outlet near me, I buy the packs of 24 bog rolls if the price is right, and I buy the 1 Kg instant coffee tubs if the price is right, and I buy the proper coffee packets if the price is right, so sometimes I’ll buy one of those things, or two, or all three… sometimes I’ll walk out empty, and I never buy anything else…. I don’t go there very often, I don’t have to, I am a single man and I have 2 x 24 sealed packs of bog rolls stashed in the bathroom… cos they were a deal at 50c a roll.

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

May 1, 2012

By the river’s dark

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It’s a Cohen song


But the point, the point isn’t even the song, the lyrics, the fact that it is one of some 40,000 on the mp3 jukebox… don’t get me started on quality or audiophiles, nothing in less than 192kbit/sec, and my home is not an anechoic chamber, it sits on a main road opposite a major railway line and river all within 100 metres.

The fact is that I sit directly in front of my Giant flat screen TV / Media centre PC monitor, at just the right height.

To either side, again at just the right height, and just the right position left and right for the ideal stereo image. and on solid granite bespoke stands sit my old but trusty 1981 Technics speakers, fed by the trusty old 1980 Sony tuner, playing sounds that could date anywhere from the fifties through classical to current shit.

On the coffee table are two laptops (actually one, one is on my lap as I type this) and over to the side is my Android smart-phone on charge and running AirDroid so I can access it and control it through a web browser interface on my wifi LAN.

Sat next to me is a proper coffee made in my proper coffee machine, which sits in pride of place in my kitchen, which is incidentally clean as usual, all work surfaces wiped down and clear and clean, my coffee machine is sat where it is easiest and nicest to work with, not just shoved in a corner.

Next to my bed, on the side I generally prefer to sleep, is my lamp, and opposite is my clock, the kind I like e.g. a station clock with a large analogue face and a mechanism that makes a nice loud TICK sound.

Last night at one am I started to watch Robocop, just because I felt like it, and needed no by your leave from anyone else…. today I went to my barber as it has been a couple of weeks and had my usual #1 cut all over and the edges trimmed, while I am there my phone beeps and a skank ho is asking if she can see me and suck my cock before the weekend, I put her off because I have a prior with my fave.

Tomorrow I’m back in court, my psycho skank ho ex, the never ending issue of my boys getting unrestricted access to and contact with their family, and eventually their daddy, in which my psycho skank ho ex thinks she is punishing me, by keeping herself out of my fucking life.

The other job I did today was stop by my mum’s place and see she was ok, this is one thing she (my psycho skank ho ex) is guaranteeing she will not have in old age, boys who give a fuck about her.

The EU/economic/politicial/social situation is still sinking into the mire and getting worse, so I shall also be smiling at all the worthless cunts in the court from the judge on down, your days on the gravy train are numbered, assholes.

Times have to get bad indeed, before a smart and resourceful MGTOW feels even the slightest effects of the storm that is shaking everyone else’s trees.

Nero fiddling while Rome burned, it wasn’t the way the recent history books like to present it, just a man roasting his marshmallows over the flames of the burning society that richly deserved to fall from its own hubris.

My biggest problem in court is to not laugh, no bitches please stop, I can’t take any more of your “punishment”, please let me get back on my knees and earn my way back into your good books, so you can fuck me over again……

… and we are being played out with Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms…  lol

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