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January 1, 2014

Paying for sex.

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I used to say, often, that I never paid for sex, and this was true, even when I was running a bar that catered to the US 6th fleet and got freebies from the girls, I was fucking whores and not paying for it…

Yet, in many ways it is also true that I never got sex for free, even the casual meaningless one off swingers site hookup involved the cost of a PC, the electric it used, the internet connection, and the extra hot water and soap shower afterwards.

Now I could talk about certain romantic days in the year, which could be any day with a “y” in it, or absence making the heart grow fonder, or whatever, but the fact is da wimminz have quiet periods too, and sometimes they will get to thinking of you, and, if you haven’t made it too unpleasant on them hamster wheel wise last time, who knows, maybe they will drop a dime on you.

And so it is, a couple of the lads are around, because frankly it is fucking pissing it down here, (this pic is my “recycling” bin, the fuckers left the lid open last collection, 19 days ago, as it was empty, nothing to recycle, so this is 19 days rain…)IMG_20140101_130504s and I have the heating on and endless supplies of good coffee and chillin’ sounds, and we are discussing shit like all the crap games on Steam, it’s like yank TV, 999 channels and nothing I want to watch, although Crysis 2 did get another outing last night, and new years resolutions.

So yes, my resolution for this year is get the bobber back together, road legal and on the road, it’s been too fuckin’ long, so that was discussed a little…

… and my phone goes, an SMS

So, there is this chick, we have been on and off, fucking wise, a couple of times already, off because she goes off on some hamster wheel insanity, on because when she isn’t on the hamster wheel insanity I connect to her quite well and the sex is fucking great, I don’t mind admitting this, I don’t see the problem, am I only supposed to fuck stuff I find revolting? How does that work?

So, the SMS pops up, and this point I’d better mention that one of these guys is a dude I have known for many years, married with kids now and freely admits his wife is nuts, but.. you know the score, at least he is getting his oats regular and there are the kids to think of, and the other guy is someone I have known 3 or 4 years, and this new years is his first anniversary of a nasty break up, he spent last new years in a police cell as a result… so…

The SMS pops up, and I get the oh noes you’re not really going to talk to the skank again are you schtick, and I am like, sure I am, the fucking was damn good, and it may be on the cards again if I play it cool…

But dude, they both chime in, look at the money you spent on the bitch….

So I had to explain the following points;

  1. Yes, I did spend considerably more money when I was in her company than I would have spent had I been sat at home alone for those same periods of time.
  2. A goodly proportion of that money was spent on me, for example if I buy her ingredients so she can cook me a meal that I like.
  3. A reasonable proportion of the money was spent on her, in such a way that at the point of spending I knew I was never going to see that money again, and that is the attitude I took while spending it, that it was being spent, never to be seen again.
  4. Despite all this “needless expenditure on a wimminz” I remain firmly in credit with the bank, all bills paid, zero debt, etc etc etc, so essentially I was spending money I could afford to spend.
  5. Even if you take the worst case scenario, paint it black as possible, include everything you possibly could and call it money spent on the skank, yes, that way it adds up to a large number, call it X bucks, but when you divide that number by the number of hours I spent in her company….. call it Y hours…
  6. I got, all together, five or six months of sexual entertainment, and some comforts and shit too, so that Y hours really is pretty significant, and as far as the X bucks, the married guy visiting spends more than that on being married in two weeks, and the first anniversary single guy spent more than that in fines in one night for punishment for decking the bitch, a straight right into the mouth, she flies back unconscious, in response to her spending 27 seconds (as recorded by CCTV) slapping him around the face for talking to “another girl” in the bar, the other girl being the chick he used to see every month when paying his rent to the flat rentals agency.

I wouldn’t like to sit here and give an actual number for the sum X bucks total / Y hours total and get an hourly rate, the margin for error is about the same magnitude as the number, so we are talking something of the order of a buck fifty / two bucks an hour, plus or minus up to 100%

So, the point of all this.

I would struggle, I really would, with the idea of handing over 50 quid or 100 bucks for an hour with a whore, or whatever the going rates are now for a HOT young 20’s all holes open for business whore.

It’s not the paying for it, it is too much money for not enough time is all.

Fifty quid / 100 bux for two hours I’d go for it, 50 for three hours I’d block book in advance.

Similarly, I struggle with the whole “girlfriend experience” thing, because it involves not just money, which I spend when I am with the skank in question, but time spent doing what SHE wants, which I do NOT do when I am with the skank in question.

Yes, I have spent significant amounts of money while being in this skanks company, over a period of 5 months or so, but as an hourly rate it prolly works out less than what I have spent on Steam, and it is money spent on MY leisure time, I wouldn’t be whining about spending money on a holiday to Acapulco, and dividing it by the number of times I got laid on that holiday, because I did other things than just getting laid, and the same holds true here.

Essentially, I didn’t do anything out of character, or that wasn’t selfish or in my own self interests, in fact the only way you can really fault it is from the “girlfriend experience” perspective, where you spent time with someone because you love them and they love you…sic..

Hell, if you want to talk about being a loser, look at this guy.


But even then you can say at least he got food in exchange for his money, even if his stated purpose was a complete failure.

My stated purpose was a complete success, for the time we spent together I had unlimited kinky sex and very pleasant company and comforts.

The sour taste bit keeps coming back, as I was trying to impress upon these two guys, that I was “paying for sex”, no cash, no gash, and that is the bit that sticks in the blue pill craw.

And the pseudo red pill craw too, you should not be effectively supporting these skanks by paying them to continue to be skanks.

Which is the point at which I depart company from many self professed MGTOW types, while not claiming to be MGTOW, or indeed anything else except me, I do not see how I have betrayed myself or my principles here.

So, I paid for sex+, (because I got a lot more than just sex, so I call it sex+) informally, not formally as with a whore.

Fucking frog and scorpion guys.

Paying a scorpion to dress up as a frog so you can have freaky kinky monkey sex with it doesn’t turn that scorpion into a frog, it was dress up, pretend, make believe.

WTF is porn, or marriage, or career, but make believe?

So the SMS came in, at this stage that is all it is, your guess is as good as mine as to whether I am going to spend any time with that skank in future.

Would I, given the opportunity? Hell yes…

In preference to the “closer to free” swinging NSA hookups? Hell yes…


Well, if you have 1,000 bucks in the bank and only so many meals you can eat in a day, would you choose between the 99c BK daily or the $5 Minute steak and blow job?

Very important point here, the INSTANT you stop talking discretionary spending and start eating in to bills and hobbies and garnishing future pay-checks to buy jewellery and gifts are cars and houses, it is an utterly different ball game.

Time is something we also spend, yeah, sure, I’d like it if the skank in question gave me all that she did out of pure love and the money ended up even, like a dog would like two dicks, but that wasn’t ever on offer.

I spent the money and the time, and the combination of the two was that I can look back on the time I did spend with that skank and grin, I had a fucking good time, and a good fucking time, and it was time and money well spent.


Of course, perception is a funny thing, I could take on board and internalise the whole paying for sex is wrong thing, or I could cut my cock off, or I could throw the baby out with the bathwater.

What is the ultimate goal here?


To live by a set of rules in the hope that following these will somehow make life better.


To do things (and fuck wimminz) in such a way that you can look back on them and grin and go YUP and should you be presented with the opportunity to take that ride again you go YUP. No regrets.


It is a profound question.

Let us say, right now, just for the purposes of example and argument, that the X bucks spent was 500, and the Y hours of cool company and creature comforts and kinky monkey sex was 250.


I could be sat here now with one of two outcomes;

  1. An extra $500 in the bank, but none of those memories of that kinky sex and creature comforts and good times.
  2. My current positive bank balance, and all those memories.

It’s back to that profound question about the ultimate goals here.

What matters is that FOR ME, I took the better of the two options.

Isn’t that what this should all be about, what is GENUINELY in my own personal long term best interests, looking back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Yahbut, they say, you clearly have a soft spot for this skank.


I have a soft spot for Milan, doesn’t mean I want to fucking live there for the rest of my fucking life.

Where did this idea come from that ANY and every positive (or even non negative) opinion or feeling about a thing that is overall pretty bad and fucked up is a betrayal and dangerous etc etc.

Yeah, AWALT, AWALT means All Wimminz Are Like That, it does not mean that you are not allowed to find beauty in the curve of a tit or the folds of a cunt or a cute ass bent over in front of you.

You know there is really no purpose in your so called freedom and enlightenment if you gain the courage to declare that AWALT; but lack or lose the courage to state that some aspects of the female form are fucking beautiful, and that you do not regret one second that you spent enjoying that.

May 6, 2013

Living on a prayer

This story


It won’t be news to any father reading this story that psycho skank ho mommy got custody of her own kids back along, no matter what daddy tried to to… it probably won’t even be news to any father reading this that dad and the kids now wish psycho skank ho mommy was dead.

This piece isn’t about that, it is not even about how psycho skanko ho mommy managed to do something so evil, setting fire to another wimminz and her kids in the flat upstairs (oh, and that wimminz’ beta male) killing them all, that the cunt pass couldn’t be invoked and she had to go to jail.

If isn’t even about the fact that one skanky old welfare queen killed a younger and fatter welfare queen and her womb turds.


This piece is about all those cunts whose job basically depended on pandering to the psycho cunt’s feeeewings at every opportunity, no matter what the cost to anyone else or society, so police, secret family courts, child welfare, social services, social security, the whole fucking works.

Collectively, we all know this.

Which is why collectively, nobody actually believes in anyone or anything any more…. which is why the wheels are falling off the wagon.

I’ll be the first to admit, in many ways, since my of psycho skank ho ex threw me into the meat grinder of the secret family courts and false rape and DV allegations, I have been like Monty Python‘s norwegian blue parrot in the parrot sketch, lying on the floor of my cage, either stunned or dead, depending on your perspective.

Partially this is because of the trauma itself, it takes time for the brain and body and soul to heal, but partly because the trauma itself is like waking up on the operating table, waking up in the twilight zone, waking up in the matrix, it forces you to see a lot of the shit around you in the world.

And seeing all THAT, that takes some more time to assimilate and percolate and absorb…

Got a “friend”, not a good buddy or a bro, just a guy, but he’s ok, works in a local harley dealership… now you gotta remember I have been riding HD since back along, on and off, shovels and pans, fairly factory stock FXE to fairly radical only factory thing remaining is the motor and trans hardtail chops… always coveted a WLA and never had one, came from the school of buying an old harley and taking shit off until you had the bike you wanted, but nowdays HD is like Mercedes, everyone and his dog owns one, and they come from the school of buying a new factory bike full of bling, and then ADDING shit from the CC catalogue until you have the bike you wanted, more bling than a chrome factory, and then not riding it more than 2,000 miles a year because it ain’t sunny and it don’t handle no more and you can’t fuckin’ ride anyway.

My friend is seeing it, far from shifting 2013 stock, they are sitting on 2012 stock they can’t sell, and lets not forget ALL vehicle dealerships became nothing more than the front office for finance deals where the vehicle was merely the method by which a finance contract was sold.

So there are, in real terms, some really good deals available on unsold new 2012 harleys, assuming you are faggy enough to even consider riding something with a 103 cubic inch engine and electronic fuel injection and engine management system that was made by the lowest asian bidder… I’m talking showroom fresh big twin soft tail 2012 models with single digit miles on the odo and a three year parts and labour warranty for 10 thousand pounds and some change, or if you prefer 500 quid down and 300 quid a month for 4 years…

75 quid a week, just over a tenner a fucking day…. national minimum wage for a 21 year (or older) is £6.31 an hour….

… and this is, in itself, yet another canary in the coalmine, when you can’t even sell THAT shit, well a part of me welcomes the demise of all the fucking posers trying to buy cool, but a part of me sees that when you can’t even sell on good terms one of the fundamental long standing dictionary definitions of cool and aspiration, (he rides a harley) then shit is getting serious.

500 down and 300 a month for 4 years = 500 + (300 x 48) = 14,900, on a cash ticket price of 10,900 this represents approx 36.7% interest over 4 years.

36.7% over four years = 8.12% per year compound… fuck, back when I was a lad coming out of the mid seventies recession and OPEC crisis HP was fucking hard to get on a motorcycle, and I can remember being quoted 36% PER FUCKING YEAR by a finance arm of what was then the Midland Bank.

36% per year compounded for three years (you couldn’t GET 4 year vehicle loans back then) is 251%, so your 10,400 loan becomes a 26,104 repayment, over 36 months = 725 a month

Also gotta be said, back then you could buy two of anything else in a bike showroom new, for what a new HD cost.

So in real terms with current finance it has never been easier to sell, but even so, one of the most aspirational things you can lay your greasy little hands on simply is not selling…

Maybe, HD are just making the wrong bikes, again, same as the AMF days, maybe, they should go back to an 80 cube, or better still 74 cube evo motor, ditch all the bling, ditch the 6 speed tranny, electronic ignition is acceptable, but back to a carb, ditch all the running boards and faggy panniers and wheel guards and running gear…. try to get closer to 300lbs dry weight than 300 kilos, try to get back to a bike that will pull 70 miles out of a gallon of gas (I used to fairly regularly run a 2,000 mile trip across europe on my old 74 inch shovel with a 44t rear sprocket, and I would average around 67 mpg on the journey) and try to get back to a bike that did what it said on the tin, eat miles and needed 6 AF spanners to strip and rebuild.

The Harley “prepper”, the Harley “post economic meltdown”, the Harley “mad max” would all sell, I’d smack down 300 a month on the mobility equivalent of a rucksack full of .22 long rifle on easy terms, doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, it’s win-win.



December 9, 2012

What it means to be a man and a father in 2012 AD

I’m late and it’s worrying me

So take the morning after pill bitchez, not interested, not my problem, now, are you going to bounce up and down on my cock or what…

This is one reality, once you wise up and reject the fiat currency capitalism and work ethic, you render yourself legally and financially immune to the whole child support racket… hell, I have a very good friend, a fellow FRA victim, who said fuck it and goes to the doctor once every three months to get a sick note for stress and anxiety caused by the FRA, he’s been doing it four, getting on five years now, living off the state, doesn’t work a lick, he says his is the only sane response to a state that amongst other things punishes men and fathers and rewards FRA’s and skank ho single mommies.High-Pressure-Sodium-Lamp-JY-1-

Here in Cornholeville, if you know where to look, you can tell that despite all the bluster and bullshit the ill winds of financial collapse are finally making themselves felt at the highest levels of the local state teat, the council and councillors.

Naturally with all these people the response is the same, shades of the two leased german executive saloons on the driveway being the last thing to go, while the fridge is empty, have to keep up the appearances of success at all costs.

And so it is that all the high profile very visible and very expensive stuff is all ring-fenced and untouchable, while on my regular evening drive to visit and check on an elderly relative what I first assumed was a dead street light has evolved into patches of urban darkness, the street lights near shops and junctions remain on, the other are going dark as early as 6pm

To be sure, each 400 watt sodium light turned off is a saving of say ten hours @ 400 watts = 4 kWh of electricity, which at current domestic prices = 4 x 14 = £0.56p

From the Cornholeville PR blurb about this, we have some 72,000 street lights costing some £3 million in electric every year, so perhaps a 10% reduction in this is £300k per year…. these are best case scenario numbers.

At £2 million a year each, the police helicopter would make a far greater saving, you just don’t need a fucking helicopter to catch burglars and twocers, it is a fucking scandalously profligate waste of resources.

You can ALWAYS do this, create a list of the shit that REALLY matters, road surfaces, signs, and furniture in good order, regular rubbish collection, maintenance of public lands and pathways, enforcement of local civil and planning regulations, some basic public services such as a library and you’re good to go, not much else that is important to the community, and lo and behold you just accounted for a 5% slice of the pie chart of local government expenditure, assuming you are allowed to see the actual figures that is….

The other 95%, that’s all shit, ring-fenced shit.

Wimminz be like this, tell em something has to give and they always start looking at the 5% of basic essential stuff, while the 95% of non-essential bullshit is ringfenced and simply not up for negotiation.

For X amount of money I can either go out and buy an iPhone5, or a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, hell, I can walk into my local bike shop and buy a brand new 2013 Triumph Bonneville (assuming I was daft enough to want one) for £99 a month, I know one wimminz paying that for a fucking Sky subscription, and another wimminz paying that for an iPhone5 + iPad on network subscription….

My washing machine and tumble dryer means all my clothes and bedding and towels and everything are always clean and fresh and dry, it has UTILITY.

For all its faults, a new bonnie would make me mobile and give me transport and allow me to commute Auf Viedersehn Pet style from the UK to Germany Monday to Friday to work, it has UTILITY.

To be fair, these are tough choices in some ways, I can sit at home with clean and dry clothes and a bonnie to get me to work, and no toys to entertain me or distract me or pass the time, but nevertheless this is life, you have to make choices, and the choices are not always as easy as these, and the future consequences not as easy to predict.

I faced such a choice when my own psycho skank ho he went nuclear and dropped an FRA on me to steal my kids away, suddenly all the “right” and “best” options were taken off the table, the only choices left sucked donkey balls and had impossible to predict future consequences.

God, Allah and Fate willing, my sons will reach the age of 16 and no longer be subject to the whims of the secret family courts, that is one of the more concrete future milestones in my life, between here and there everything is hazy and obscured and unknown, so making choices is tough.

Of course WHEN they reach 16 they will have their own agenda’s, and it is quite possible that psycho skank ho mummy has managed to instil a belief in a dead beat abusive dad who never gave a fuck about them and who they are better off without. Nothing I can do about that.

On the other hand, it is also possible they will decide to find this “daddy” and see for themselves what the fuck it is all about.

In THAT scenario it doesn’t take much brains to work out that there is a world of difference between them finding some broken down loser who has taken it up the ass from the skank ho and the state and cried in his beer, and them finding a man who when faced with a harsh choice decided that his sons would find a MAN, a man who could still be some use to them, teach them shit, hopefully help them catch up a little on the essential knowledge and skills they have missed out on.


I WILL NOT EVER LIE TO MY SONS, neither will I ever say anything other than this, no matter what the incentive, to anyone.

The above paragraph alone means that I will never seen my sons before the age of 16 (or maybe ever) because until that age those in control of their lives, psycho skank ho mummy and the secret family courts etc, will ensure that I do not…

Mummy says you hurt her and you don’t love us and you left us all alone

Should I be given or offered any hope whatsoever of seeing my sons, it will be on condition that I do not do anything but meekly accept such statements as fact, which means if I went along with the bullshit and effectively condoned the actions of psycho skank ho and the secret family courts et al, the person the boys might eventually be allowed to meet might well be their biological father, but he would not be a man, or anyone they could respect, or anyone ever able to help them… nor would his word be worth a damn when he did say “I love you Son”

Tough fucking choices for a man and a father in 2012 AD, and I am only one of hundreds of new men each fucking day drawn into the machine and faced with these choices.

While I am not incarcerated, my doors have locks but I hold they keys, my rooms have light switches on the inside, and I can come and go as I please, I have much in common with the wrongly convicted prisoner serving a very long sentence for a crime he did not commit.

I can continue to refuse to accept my guilt, and do the whole 16 years of hard time, or I can go along with what the machine wants, accept my guilt and get out on parole in three years with good behaviour.

In the latter case a man went into prison, and died there, and what came out was not a man.

I said above, I will not lie to my sons.

That means that when they are 16 they may walk up to me and say the following;

So dad, what you are saying to me is that in order to preserve yourself, you basically abandoned me and my brother to mum and the courts.

and I will have to say “Yes Son, because it is not a battle I could have won, I would have lost and gone to prison and made every lie they told about me true, and you and your brother would STILL be a ward of the courts and property of your mother.

Do I feel good about that? Do I feel proud of it? Do I feel I have done my duty as a father? Do I feel that I have shown my love for my sons? etc etc… fuck no.

It’s a gamble, your mother and the state pointed a loaded gun at my head, so I had to make a tough choice, and the tough choice is to give up all hope of being a father to you, ever, in the hope that in doing so I could at least teach you something worthwhile, how to be a man.

I don’t hope that you boys will ever love me, or ever like me, or ever want to spend time in my company, I haven’t earned any of that, and I am not going to give you any whiny shit about I wasn’t allowed to by your psycho skank ho mummy or the state.

I DO hope that you boys will see how a man acts when presented with truly horrible choices, and learn from that, and perhaps in time respect me a little for it.

I DO hope that you boys will grow up to say their dad was a cunt, but at least he was a man… and maybe feel a little pride that that same strength rests within you boys too.

November 7, 2012

The planet of pork.

Muslims, as we all know, do not eat pork.

They also eat with the right hand and wipe their ass with the left hand.

For much of the 2,000 year history of Islam, this was nothing more than damn good practical advice, simple hygiene, in hot arid climates with limited water supplies and no refrigeration these rules saved millions of lives, no doubt about it.

I have a skanky friend who eats fish and white meat, but not red meat, so yesterday when I made some bacon sandwiches she passed, a Muslim would have passed too, not because my hygiene with hot and cold running water and detergent was lacking, nor because my refrigerated pork had gone off, but because APALT, All Pigs Are Like That.

Sure, some “westernised” Muslims will tuck in to a bacon sandwich, and use both hands to eat it, but even then you can’t accuse them of being NAPALT blue pillers, because their belief that my bacon sandwich is NOT a health risk is a scientific belief that is based upon laboratory verifiable fact.

Sure, in a purely religious sense they are not adherents, but then again none of us are, sex before marriage or outside of marriage anyone?

Now, unlike many readers, I have lived (as opposed to visited on a holiday) in Muslim countries, and I have some observations;

  1. In a hot climate with no refrigeration you can kill a pig and butcher it and 12 hours after the animal took it’s last breath large portions of what you butchered is a health hazard.
  2. In a hot climate where you have a gallon of water a day you can drink it and live, or wash your hands in it and die, shave your beard in it and die, etc

I will remind you that as recently as 150 years ago people were routinely dying right here in the UK because of lack of basic hygiene and cross infection between faeces and drinking water, and as recently as 165 years ago surgeons were offended at the idea that they should wash their hands between working on a cadaver and operating on a living person.

The Muslims were 1,700 years ahead of the curve here.

Even washing your hands isn’t as good as you think, if you join the St John’s ambulance on of the little things they do is give you a blindfold and some blue dye and tell you to wash your hands, then you take the blindfold off, and every bit of your hands not dyed blue wasn’t washed.

An interesting little anecdote, the lead trainer told me that the only exceptions he had ever had in thirty years who had blue from the wrist down and not one square mm of skin not dyed on either hand at the first attempt were marine engineers.. as it was a former trade of mine I laughed at him and said if you had ever been one you would know why…

But getting back to the Muslim’s and pork, it was a lot like us with our ten commandments, simple rules that any fucker could remember and obey, especially the peasant in the field.

The fact is, hot water from a tap, soap and refrigeration haven’t done a damn thing to change the nature of pork, it is still a “dirty” meat that goes off real quickly and nastily which is a health hazard long before it starts to smell or look bad.

Fish too, make no mistake, being able to salt pork and smoke fish were as big as steam power or electric power back in the day, literally civilisation changing technologies.

While there are certainly still plenty of Muslim’s living the peasant lifestyle, there are also plenty like me, living with constant access to hot water, soap and refrigeration, but the Muslim’s have not forgotten that the NATURE of pork is unchanged.

It is still and unclean meat.

Wimminz were also unclean meat, when I grew up wimminz were visited by the curse once a lunar month, God’s punishment for original sin, the bitches had to cover their hair in Church and were forbidden from going to Church if they were on the rag, because they were unclean.

Today both the Christian and Muslim faiths in the west have places of worship utterly empty of young people, and I talk to these people.

Talk you a young Christian or a young Muslim and yes, it is in a way a part of their identity, but it is always said as a 0.00001% of the whole part, and not something they were ever consulted about.

They will both be filled with ten thousand more times passion about the local football club or a Subaru Impreza.

The rest of society needs to full absorb and understand the fact that these kids KNOW all the girls have had threesomes at the very least, most have had a gangbang or two, most ride a different cock or two every weekend, without fail.

These kids are hip to the idea of marrying a good wimminz and having kids, hell they are as hip to that as they are to the idea of owning a McLaren F1, and as enthusiastic.

Trouble is, such wimminz are rarer and more out of reach than a fucking McLaren F1.

Talk to them about religion, and they are hip to the whole traditional marriage 1.0 thing, but it is a big FUCK YOU to the religious leaders who try to shame them into doing that thing, but who remain strangely quiet about the status of wimminz within church and society.

Talk to the young wimminz, as I do, and you are in for an even greater shock.

You know the old macho youth thing about if some asshole pulled a gun one me I would fuck him up, yeah, and then someone does that very thing, and you go very still and the first thing you realise is you haven’t breathed for 30 seconds, and the second thing you realise is your hands are already reaching for the sky, have been for 35 seconds, and are not fucking listening to yo, third thing you realise is your mouth is real dry, and fourth thing you realise is that you ain’t calling the shots, not any of em… you is fucking powerless.

The wimminz are starting to realise this first hand, they cried wolf so often, made so many false accusation, fucked everyone else over for short term personal gain so often, they are now living in a jungle of their own making… what’s worse, their so called wimminz friends are just as likely to be an oppressor as an evil male… in fact if it is more than one on one then it is pretty much guaranteed.

I had what was by any legal definition of the word a rape described to me last week by one of these young wimminz, one victim and three participants… nobody involved is denying anything about it, much less that in happened, and two of the three participants were wimminz, one of them a so called best friend of the victim… and the victim themselves, well, they ain’t going to the po-leece, no sir, because then the other three will open their mouths and a whole pile of true shit will come out…

In fact, instead of being a tale of one wimminz victim and the oppressors who raped her, this is actually a tale of four equally broken and fucked up people, and that particular moment in time it was this wimminz turn to be victim, everyone else has had their turn, and they will all have more turns in future.

… and we are straight back to the good Muslim girl who rides a minimum of one or two cocks every weekend, when she goes out drinking and clubbing, for this is her, and the stark reality that all the young people in this group are aware of, like a long line of dominoes, her current lifestyle is the INEVITABLE result of a series of bad choices, made because she was free and able to do anything with no apparent consequences, hear me fucking roar, and the consequences are when you act like a cum bucket you instantly lose all future respect, forever, and any hope whatsoever of anyone treating you as anything but a filthy lying whore.

I had no sympathy whatsoever for this victim, and said as much to her face, nor did she or the other three participants feel the slightest shred of shame, rather they felt anger, and the victim felt genuine fear, she felt fear because she realised for the first time just how little true strength or power she had when push came to shove, and the other three felt anger because what the fuck did she expect when she CHOSE to hang out with them and have regular group sex and get blind drunk every weekend for a year or two?

Yes, alcohol and drugs plays a big part in this lifestyle, but they are all quite self aware enough to state openly that when Friday night comes around they all press the self destruct button and go out and do shit to excess all weekend, then spend Monday to Friday hating themselves for last weekend’s antics, then rinse and repeat.

And from this our leaders expect to find the building blocks of society 2.0?

These little bastards know about me and my production line of skank ho’s, so the discussion turns to that, who’s your latest front runner AfOR?

So I tell em, 29, pretty fucking hot actually, a definite 9 on any scale, no kids and a claimed 25 cocks ridden to date.

No threesomes? I am asked.

Well, I reply, she says no, so maybe she is exceptional, or maybe she is just fucking lying.

She’s lying, say all the boys.

Bitch is DEFINITELY lying, say all the girls.

I’m going to fuck her, not marry her, so I don’t give a shit, I say.

They all laugh, amen to that.

The rape victim, she was out the next night, partying and drinking, give it a week until it happens again, what can you do when you live in a shoe?

Twenty years time when I am trying to balance in my zimmer frame, this is the people that will be middle aged and charged with running and maintaining “society”… brown-shirts just waiting for the recruitment poster… what could possibly go wrong.

October 26, 2012

You go to the zoo to see an african lion, and the White House to see a lyin’ african

When a wimminz (or indeed anyone) asks you, “So, do you have any kids?” What do you say?

More to the point, why is the question “do you have any kids?” and not “are you a mum/dad?

These are not two ways of asking the same question, they are two very different questions, yes I have kids, no I’m not a dad, not my choice, but, shrugs…

You can sit in someone’s home, even if they aren’t there, and just tell if they are a dad, but you can’t tell if they have kids, and the whole question is really a bit of deliberate mutual self deception.

Question such as these, that say one thing but ask another, and which normally expect an equally false and deceptive answer that says one thing but not another, are in many ways a dance, where the wimminz are concerned.

The dance is as deceptive as the questions, because the dance is all about the biggest unasked question of all…

Look, we both know I am a lying slut, I’m just trying to work out what lies I can tell that you will know are lies, but which you won’t call me on, so we can pretend they are true for a little bit, and fuck, which is what I’m here for.

So, the correct answers… F=female M=male

FGot any kids?

Mmmmmm yeah baby

FHow many?

Mdo you really care baby?get on up, I’m a sex machine, get on up.. etc

and the in-correct answers

FGot any kids?

MYeah, you?


MSo who’s looking after them now?”   screeech..

Again, you see, the subtext or alternate text is the one that counts, and the uttered words are pretty much just dust in the wind.

So now I want to move on to something completely different, but in some ways with many similarities.

The manosphere is replete with example of wimminz saying one thing and doing another, hamster wheel rationalisations, and guys shaking their heads and saying…..

WHY WHY WHY, if only the wimminz did THIS instead of THAT, not only would they win, but we would too, and we would love them, and …..

Well, that’s not what Nature likes.

Nature likes dynamic and opposing forces and inherent instability, just like a high performance fighter jet, the high performance comes from the fact it is closer to instability than stability.

Ying and Yang baby, there is nothing wrong with making wimminz one way, and making men a different way, and having a recipe for sparks to fly.

The problem starts when you make the wimminz way legal, and the man way illegal, which is what we have today.

So the problem is not that wimminz do THIS instead of THAT, the problem is now we have laws that say wimminz can do THIS or THAT or any fucking thing they please, and they never get to suffer the consequences.

However, this isn’t a problem that can be fixed by whining about it, nor is it a problem that can be fixed by rolling back a bunch of laws…. you need a time machine too to roll back all the shit they pulled.

The fix is more like a blues song, we put it in, and it gots to come out, let that boy on his own….


Fuck it, listen to the two track above again, they make more sense between them than I ever will, and if you think they were born out of anything but strife, you need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee.


September 13, 2012

A lucky bastard, how to be one…

One of your aims in life should be to create situations where the wimminz expose their own inability to tell the truth, while simultaneously creating a situation where the wimminz realise you are not for them.Lose weight FAST with Dr Mengele's slimming pills

When I say “realise you are not for them” I mean that in EXACTLY the same fucking was as walking down a city street late and night and seeing and making eye contact with the potential mugger BEFORE they see you, so the mugger decides you aren’t easy meat just waiting to be separated from your wallet.

If you think the wimminz you encounter have any more altruistic and pure motives than the mugger down the dark city street at 3 am, then you just need to travel some more…..

I have found that the following four simple personal attributes, when laid out in front of a wimminz, have the same effect as holy water on a vampire, so if you are just out for a fuck, don’t deploy them BEFORE you get your dick wet;

  1. Have a clean and ordered kitchen and be able to demonstrate an ability to do laundry and keep things clean, a pile of clean fluffy towels could after all have come from the laundromat / linen service.
  2. Demonstrate an equal affinity for the expensive things (giant TV if a viewable thing, horsehair mattress if not a viewable thing) you purchased for cash, simply because they are self evidently pure quality (not crapple products here, I mean genuine quality) and you wanted them so you bought them for cash, and the second hand and cheap but serviceable things in your home, such as the perfectly comfy sofa and perfectly serviceable dining / kitchen table.
  3. State that you have no credit of any kind whatsoever, you have a credit card that you use for some purchases for the additional security, but you clear the balance immediately, no car finance, no mortgage, no bank loan, no overdraft, no store credit cards.
  4. State that you work only as many hours as you have to to maintain all of the above, by choice, and that you refuse to work any harder, by choice….

These simple 4 steps, and like the potential city mugger, the wimminz in question will walk out of your life, never to return, never to call you again, never to text you again, and never to contact you again (or respond to your attempts to contact her, were you so stupid as to try)

Again, the reasons are FUCKING IDENTICAL to the city mugger, you are clearly anything but easy prey, fuck it, another loser will be along in a minute.

There are no wimminz who are immune to this.

Now, while you could use this shit as part of your getting free cunt game plan, in fact you SHOULD use it as part of any plan you have that involves fucking, that isn’t the real point for mentioning it.

The real point is the wider picture.

To any man, the 4 steps above make a good start for the ideal partner, to every wimminz out there, they forever cross you off the list, so far off the list you literally drop off their radar and become invisible…. why?

Well, what are the chances of convincing a man like me that we really need the 4 piece black leather sofa on £0 down, 0% finance and just 60 low low easy monthly payments?

Or the new dining table and 6 chairs, the new wallpaper and sconce lamps, the new shag pile carpets, the new rustic oak kitchen, the 2013 model convertible.

It doesn’t matter to these bitches that everything I have from car on up is ALREADY better than what they have now, so would be a trade UP…  this is where the mantra about wimminz being “hypergamous” falls flat on its face.

All that matters to these bitches is that they know they are 100% unable to hitch me to a live now pay later (and she gets to choose what “we” buy), wagon.




That is not, by any definition of the term, hypergamy, this is the predatory mugger preying on the weak, stupid and docile, maximum compensation for minimum effort and risk, bottom feeding.

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “I could fix that” and you are fucking history….. so you better already have had your cock sucked dry

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “You know you’d look good in a Audi A5 convertible, what’s your favourite colour?” and when she objects about the price say “Baby, they are only £500 down, and 0% finance, I could get one this afternoon!” and she will be chomping on your cock before you can finish speaking…

This is NOT hypergamy, it doesn’t exist.

This is making your own luck by avoiding courses of action that may make you look like easy prey that will co-operate with the mugger’s demands and won’t fight back.

April 19, 2012

The man with a plan.

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A commenter recently asked me what was my plan, for when the economy hit the buffers “real soon now”™

I have a confession to make.

I never had a long range plan for life, I was always too busy having fun, but I guess I can distil it down to this;

  1. Don’t make choices you will regret later.
  2. made a lot easier by Don’t make choices in a rush.
  3. made a lot easier by Don’t let other people make your choices for you.
  4. all of which is meaningless unless you adopt the following policies…
  5. Always have a “Plan Z the option to simply walk away in the clothes you are wearing and what you can grab in 15 seconds and nothing more, and never look back.
  6. Always look ahead and try to steer yourself towards paths that give you more options as opposed to those that give you less, this included personal development, skills and abilities, levels of fitness, zero debt.
  7. People who like you will lend you 50 bucks once, people who respect you will lend you 5 bucks a week for 10 weeks. The money is just used as an example.
  8. Always pay your debts, not talking about money only here.
  9. Do not tell lies, be as good as your word, you may want to cash in on that reputation in 20 years time at 15 seconds notice.
  10. 15 seconds ahead is all you can predict with any reliability at all.
  11. Educate yourself and inform yourself, do not just consume, but digest and consider data before accepting it as fact.
  12. Enjoy what you do today, you may not be able to do it tomorrow, or ever again.
  13. Doing what you enjoy does not mean you MUST do things that have a cost to others.
  14. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness or welfare or liberty.
  15. Life is too fucking short and precious to pass up opportunities to make good memories or give even one second to listen to an asshole.
  16. There is no justice, just us.
  17. Never be greedy.
  18. Every day, do at least one thing slowly and with care.

That encapsulates 95% of it, and anything that encapsulates 95% of the broad detail of anything is pretty damn impressive.

I have been self employed much of my life, and worked part time / black economy / temporary jobs the rest of the time, I have been by any standards wealthy, and as I am now financially broke but not in debt one red cent to anyone.

If you ask me where the money is coming from to feed me next month, or put diesel in my car, or to pay for the electricity I consume, I honestly have no fucking idea… and the funny thing is you could have asked me that same question any time in the last 30 years and got the same answer, and here I am.

I am a LUCKY bastard, but by and large I always have made my own luck, and those 18 ABSOFUCKING-LUTELY inviolable 18 rules above are the way I have always made my own luck.

I have not lived in dullsville all my life, far fucking from it, I grew up in what was euphemistically called the “Communist Emergency” is south east asia, grew up means from a mewling and puking baby, and 8 years later the green machine sent adult males to the same region and they all got fucked up, because the culture shock was immense.

Saw the same shit in africa, saw the same shit in the middle east, all before I was legally old enough to vote in the west, so my working life tended to follow the same sort of life, I did not work 20 years as a librarian in dullsville and 15 as a bank clerk.

(Don’t let me give the impression for one second I grew up to be an asskicking merc contractor or any such shit, see rules 3 and 6 above)

So I did grow up in environments where there was no “safety net” and little to none of what we refer to today as “civilisation”, if you fucked up the effects and consequences were visited upon you in short order… there was none of the comfort or security of living on base or in a green zone, back in those days there was no such thing.

When the nearest shop of any kind is 70 miles away and the nearest supermarket is 350 miles away you don’t just grow up knowing not to forget the milk (Nestle, powdered) but also knowing not to forget the toolkit, jack, spares, jerries etc for the vehicle.

The culture shock that the young yanks got when the green machine sent them to asia was actually a pretty good analogy to the culture shock I got when I came back to the west as an adult, and get every time I walk out my fucking front door.

99% of what I see, human behaviour wise, these “rules” that make up “civilised society”, will get you anything from fucked up to dead where I grew up.

Which, as it happens, is a damn good primer for western societies when the money runs out.

That “asshole” neighbour you have been putting up with for the past 7 years, it takes on a whole new perspective when the money runs out and times get hard and one of the things cut back is law enforcement.

The REALLY important history is the social history of our civilised modern western countries, ooh, just a generation ago if you are Bosnian / Serbian, and just three generations ago, but still living memory, if you are wider European.

It’s hidden and not discussed, or when it is discussed it is glossed over and treated with euphemisms, but actually dig and the detail is still there to be found in contemporaneous records such as first hand recollection from those old enough not to give a fuck what anyone thinks any more, parish records, local news paper records.

There was a fucking ORGY of what can only be described as “score settling”, all the way down from the gutter all the way up to done in daylight now a card carrying member of the jackboot club.

If you think it is too late to do something, prepare, change your history and attitudes, you are partially right, in that it is FUCKING late in the day to get the message, but like the cameraman and the soundman in the jungle filming the lions, when it becomes clear that suddenly THEY are on the menu, and the soundman grabs his running shoes from the bag and puts them on, the cameraman laughs… and says “you think you are going to outrun a hungry lion in them?”

the soundman answers, “I don’t have to, I only have to outrun YOU”

So yes, it is late in the day, but survival is about surviving when other around you don’t, and even the smallest advantage can make a living human being out of what would have been a corpse, or a healthy one out of a cripple, or a free one out of what would have been an indentured slave…

HERE is an interesting thought…

WHAT IF, the much reviled germanic “troika” hell bent on nailing greek finances to the wall and throwing babies and single mums out with the bathwater, are actually RIGHT and the saviours and averters or armageddon.

WHAT IF, Morgan Stanley is no more than a shell for CIA ops

WHAT IF, India’s now proven ballistic nuclear missile capability, which means they could nuke israel, or the saudi oilfield, or russia, or china, or singapore, was treated in the same way as Korea (the evil twin, not the good one.. lol) and their nuclear ambitions, or Iran, and their ambitions.

I do not posit that any of these are so, but the true meaning of out of the box thinking is to make some substitutions and changes to a situation, and then play it out logically what would happen next…. what changes… what is different

As I have said here previously, and as many other have said, when you consider that if there HAD been a conspiracy to bring about the current western financial collapse, the results would be indistinguishable from today, what does it matter if there was one or not?

Either way it should be taken, by any sane creature, as a dire warning of imminent changes to life, and therefore a survival threat and opportunity.

January 7, 2012

New category

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Called Android, which will allow me to post nuggets as and when they occur, as opposed to forgetting them.

Mmm.. ice cream sandwich

make me a sammich, bitch… lol

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