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April 30, 2012

The snail and the tortoise.

First, in answer to a question for a reader, No, I never eat cunt, never never never, fact is I won’t even kiss a skank ho so why would I get down and lick some hole that has has more cock and cum deposited in it than……….  you get the picture.

Second, in answer to a question from a wimminz reader…

Wimminz fall into three main categories, the fuck once and leave, the fuck up to three times and leave, and the fuck more than three times.

In the more than three times / friends with benefits stage, which you can ONLY get to by fucking me well, there is an opening for what you ask for / about, there is an opening to turn that into something longer term / more solid.

Sadly for you wimminz this won’t work on those of us who have been falsely accused etc, that bit of us that you rely on winning over has been surgically removed, but it is the way to a man’s heart, and the fact is it always has been.

You do not have to be pretty, or slim, or great in bed, provided you are not ugly, or fat, or smell, or crap in bed etc.

What you have to do is sneak under the radar and defences by just being easy to be around, make sure I am fed and watered, make sure your place is CLEAN and comfortable and welcoming, make sure you don’t make any demands of me, or ask any prying questions of any kind about if I am seeing anyone else when I am not with you… don’t be loud, be quiet, but smile often and never take offence, life is too short for me to be having a go at you.

You will be surprised at how often such a wimminz can keep sneaking under the radar and you have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, and a week later she has sneaked under them again, just by employing that seriously out of fashion female tactic…

… she is easy and pleasant to be around.

Simple as that jack, really nothing worthy of note in any of the single columns such as looks / legs / ass / etc, but an across the board lack of NEGATIVE marks is how this kind of woman keeps sneaking past your perimeter defences.

It is impossible to overstate this, “how to get a man” isn’t a list of things the modern wimminz has to do, but a list of things she has to STOP FUCKING DOING, such as STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH 24/7….  it didn’t impress us when JC did it in Dynasty in the 80’s and sweet fuck all has changed, except the marketability of JC’s cunt.

I have a regular who is overweight but dealing with it and quietly dieting, fuck all to look at, not one single part of her body you can point at and go “phwoar” and overall she is not a sex kitten, but she smells clean and fresh (not NOT of pine scented crap, just soap and water clean and fresh) all the time, her house is clean all the time, she will make me food or drink on request 24/7, nothing is too much trouble, if I mention something in passing on a Monday about a fucking parking ticket on the Thursday she will ask how I got on with the parking ticket.

We had one “shit test” moment when we first met, and she instantly learned that one.

I end up spending a lot of time in her company.

Will I ever give in and marry the bitch and live happily every after, go fuck yourself, what I am trying to explain here is that by being a “traditional woman”, this particular wimminz has made more progress with me than any other 50 wimminz put together, and she did not need to be 25, or 125 lbs, or great in bed, or drop dead pretty to do it.

She did it by simply being easy/nice to be around, by being pleasant company.

Shock horror, she is almost at the place where I could call her a friend, and yet the irony is that she is nothing like the “little wife” the feminazis hate, and has many of the empowered independent characteristics that they adore, so it isn’t even a fucking lifestyle thing, there is no connection whatsoever between being an arrogant ball busting bitch and a successful career woman

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the too ugly and nasty to fuck feminazis decided to brainwash all the other wimminz so that they could have company, and wannabe lezbeens wimminz to fuck, by telling them a load of bollocks about men, and what men wanted, and how to get ahead in the world.

I know a company secretary / PA who is basically unsackable and basically runs the company as though it were her own, for a very good wage with none of the liabilities.

She does it by letting the boss’s pronouncements  and antics wash over her, and sitting there and quietly doing what needs to be done, often ignoring him, rarely consulting him before the fact, but she gets the job done, while allowing him to blow off steam.

It WORKS, it is a feminazi‘s nightmare, but they ignore that fact that it is HIS capital and HIS 50 years worth of connections in the industry that make the business viable.

AS a TEAM they work, and she is well compensated financially, and she is quietly building her own capital and 50 years worth of connections in the industry.

And so it is with my “fav #1” as it were, with whom I have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, she acts as though her only aim in life is not to prove her superiority to me, but to work as a team with me, doing those things that she happens to be good at.

So the answer to the wimminz reader is this;

“Be a 1950’s housewife” with the proviso that you are no longer allowed to be, either by your fellow wimminz or the state itself, so all you can ever hope to do is approach that ideal.

Similarly you will no longer find a 1950’s husband, none of us are allowed to be that any more, either by the wimminz and their niggerz or the state, and we have been burned so often that most of us are mere cripples, so all you can ever do is approach that ideal.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

In the land of the feminazi wimminz and their niggerz, the clean, fresh, quiet and zero hassle wimminz is the queen, or the closest thing to it, in that we constantly have to keep resetting our perimeter defences.

It is in her nature, and the society we live in, to fuck me over, but provided you maintain the attitudes you went in with, and keep resetting those perimeter defences (and do it in front of her) she will keep herself in line.

if you don’t, she will revert to type and fuck you over, and you will have no-one but yourself to blame.

  • Never eat cunt
  • Never say those three little words
  • Never kiss em full on the mouth, suck a nipple if you must.

a wimminz will say “love you” at you 100 times a day if you let them, and you should let them, but treat it like a dog barking affectionately at you, it abso-fucking-lutely does NOT require a response from you…

… if you are asshole enough to respond in kind, go and kill yourself now, it is quicker and less painful than the future the wimminz and their niggerz have in store for you.


  1. How do you avoid kissing a wimminz on the mouth ?

    Comment by anonymous — May 1, 2012 @ 8:10 am

    • You just don’t… same way you avoid lighting a cigarette or cracking open a new bottle of JD, you just don’t do that thing.

      Comment by wimminz — May 1, 2012 @ 12:19 pm

  2. Another gold article that mirrors my experience.

    I have two of these right now. Both are slim, but plain. One lives in a trailer and the other is approaching 40 years old. I’ve seen both off and on for several months (the younger one is over the year mark). I assume (don’t care) that they’ve got a stable of one or two other dudes too, but doubt that any have lasted as long as I have.

    You, as a man, are allowed very few “I love you” statements over the course of any such friend-lover relationships. Forget about Roissy’s 3/2 rule and consider such statements non-negotiable gifts that lower your value every single time that you bestow them. Better to follow your rule and not give them away at all, even if you start to feel like you could.

    Comment by 8oxer — May 1, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

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