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January 1, 2014

Paying for sex.

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I used to say, often, that I never paid for sex, and this was true, even when I was running a bar that catered to the US 6th fleet and got freebies from the girls, I was fucking whores and not paying for it…

Yet, in many ways it is also true that I never got sex for free, even the casual meaningless one off swingers site hookup involved the cost of a PC, the electric it used, the internet connection, and the extra hot water and soap shower afterwards.

Now I could talk about certain romantic days in the year, which could be any day with a “y” in it, or absence making the heart grow fonder, or whatever, but the fact is da wimminz have quiet periods too, and sometimes they will get to thinking of you, and, if you haven’t made it too unpleasant on them hamster wheel wise last time, who knows, maybe they will drop a dime on you.

And so it is, a couple of the lads are around, because frankly it is fucking pissing it down here, (this pic is my “recycling” bin, the fuckers left the lid open last collection, 19 days ago, as it was empty, nothing to recycle, so this is 19 days rain…)IMG_20140101_130504s and I have the heating on and endless supplies of good coffee and chillin’ sounds, and we are discussing shit like all the crap games on Steam, it’s like yank TV, 999 channels and nothing I want to watch, although Crysis 2 did get another outing last night, and new years resolutions.

So yes, my resolution for this year is get the bobber back together, road legal and on the road, it’s been too fuckin’ long, so that was discussed a little…

… and my phone goes, an SMS

So, there is this chick, we have been on and off, fucking wise, a couple of times already, off because she goes off on some hamster wheel insanity, on because when she isn’t on the hamster wheel insanity I connect to her quite well and the sex is fucking great, I don’t mind admitting this, I don’t see the problem, am I only supposed to fuck stuff I find revolting? How does that work?

So, the SMS pops up, and this point I’d better mention that one of these guys is a dude I have known for many years, married with kids now and freely admits his wife is nuts, but.. you know the score, at least he is getting his oats regular and there are the kids to think of, and the other guy is someone I have known 3 or 4 years, and this new years is his first anniversary of a nasty break up, he spent last new years in a police cell as a result… so…

The SMS pops up, and I get the oh noes you’re not really going to talk to the skank again are you schtick, and I am like, sure I am, the fucking was damn good, and it may be on the cards again if I play it cool…

But dude, they both chime in, look at the money you spent on the bitch….

So I had to explain the following points;

  1. Yes, I did spend considerably more money when I was in her company than I would have spent had I been sat at home alone for those same periods of time.
  2. A goodly proportion of that money was spent on me, for example if I buy her ingredients so she can cook me a meal that I like.
  3. A reasonable proportion of the money was spent on her, in such a way that at the point of spending I knew I was never going to see that money again, and that is the attitude I took while spending it, that it was being spent, never to be seen again.
  4. Despite all this “needless expenditure on a wimminz” I remain firmly in credit with the bank, all bills paid, zero debt, etc etc etc, so essentially I was spending money I could afford to spend.
  5. Even if you take the worst case scenario, paint it black as possible, include everything you possibly could and call it money spent on the skank, yes, that way it adds up to a large number, call it X bucks, but when you divide that number by the number of hours I spent in her company….. call it Y hours…
  6. I got, all together, five or six months of sexual entertainment, and some comforts and shit too, so that Y hours really is pretty significant, and as far as the X bucks, the married guy visiting spends more than that on being married in two weeks, and the first anniversary single guy spent more than that in fines in one night for punishment for decking the bitch, a straight right into the mouth, she flies back unconscious, in response to her spending 27 seconds (as recorded by CCTV) slapping him around the face for talking to “another girl” in the bar, the other girl being the chick he used to see every month when paying his rent to the flat rentals agency.

I wouldn’t like to sit here and give an actual number for the sum X bucks total / Y hours total and get an hourly rate, the margin for error is about the same magnitude as the number, so we are talking something of the order of a buck fifty / two bucks an hour, plus or minus up to 100%

So, the point of all this.

I would struggle, I really would, with the idea of handing over 50 quid or 100 bucks for an hour with a whore, or whatever the going rates are now for a HOT young 20’s all holes open for business whore.

It’s not the paying for it, it is too much money for not enough time is all.

Fifty quid / 100 bux for two hours I’d go for it, 50 for three hours I’d block book in advance.

Similarly, I struggle with the whole “girlfriend experience” thing, because it involves not just money, which I spend when I am with the skank in question, but time spent doing what SHE wants, which I do NOT do when I am with the skank in question.

Yes, I have spent significant amounts of money while being in this skanks company, over a period of 5 months or so, but as an hourly rate it prolly works out less than what I have spent on Steam, and it is money spent on MY leisure time, I wouldn’t be whining about spending money on a holiday to Acapulco, and dividing it by the number of times I got laid on that holiday, because I did other things than just getting laid, and the same holds true here.

Essentially, I didn’t do anything out of character, or that wasn’t selfish or in my own self interests, in fact the only way you can really fault it is from the “girlfriend experience” perspective, where you spent time with someone because you love them and they love you…sic..

Hell, if you want to talk about being a loser, look at this guy.


But even then you can say at least he got food in exchange for his money, even if his stated purpose was a complete failure.

My stated purpose was a complete success, for the time we spent together I had unlimited kinky sex and very pleasant company and comforts.

The sour taste bit keeps coming back, as I was trying to impress upon these two guys, that I was “paying for sex”, no cash, no gash, and that is the bit that sticks in the blue pill craw.

And the pseudo red pill craw too, you should not be effectively supporting these skanks by paying them to continue to be skanks.

Which is the point at which I depart company from many self professed MGTOW types, while not claiming to be MGTOW, or indeed anything else except me, I do not see how I have betrayed myself or my principles here.

So, I paid for sex+, (because I got a lot more than just sex, so I call it sex+) informally, not formally as with a whore.

Fucking frog and scorpion guys.

Paying a scorpion to dress up as a frog so you can have freaky kinky monkey sex with it doesn’t turn that scorpion into a frog, it was dress up, pretend, make believe.

WTF is porn, or marriage, or career, but make believe?

So the SMS came in, at this stage that is all it is, your guess is as good as mine as to whether I am going to spend any time with that skank in future.

Would I, given the opportunity? Hell yes…

In preference to the “closer to free” swinging NSA hookups? Hell yes…


Well, if you have 1,000 bucks in the bank and only so many meals you can eat in a day, would you choose between the 99c BK daily or the $5 Minute steak and blow job?

Very important point here, the INSTANT you stop talking discretionary spending and start eating in to bills and hobbies and garnishing future pay-checks to buy jewellery and gifts are cars and houses, it is an utterly different ball game.

Time is something we also spend, yeah, sure, I’d like it if the skank in question gave me all that she did out of pure love and the money ended up even, like a dog would like two dicks, but that wasn’t ever on offer.

I spent the money and the time, and the combination of the two was that I can look back on the time I did spend with that skank and grin, I had a fucking good time, and a good fucking time, and it was time and money well spent.


Of course, perception is a funny thing, I could take on board and internalise the whole paying for sex is wrong thing, or I could cut my cock off, or I could throw the baby out with the bathwater.

What is the ultimate goal here?


To live by a set of rules in the hope that following these will somehow make life better.


To do things (and fuck wimminz) in such a way that you can look back on them and grin and go YUP and should you be presented with the opportunity to take that ride again you go YUP. No regrets.


It is a profound question.

Let us say, right now, just for the purposes of example and argument, that the X bucks spent was 500, and the Y hours of cool company and creature comforts and kinky monkey sex was 250.


I could be sat here now with one of two outcomes;

  1. An extra $500 in the bank, but none of those memories of that kinky sex and creature comforts and good times.
  2. My current positive bank balance, and all those memories.

It’s back to that profound question about the ultimate goals here.

What matters is that FOR ME, I took the better of the two options.

Isn’t that what this should all be about, what is GENUINELY in my own personal long term best interests, looking back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Yahbut, they say, you clearly have a soft spot for this skank.


I have a soft spot for Milan, doesn’t mean I want to fucking live there for the rest of my fucking life.

Where did this idea come from that ANY and every positive (or even non negative) opinion or feeling about a thing that is overall pretty bad and fucked up is a betrayal and dangerous etc etc.

Yeah, AWALT, AWALT means All Wimminz Are Like That, it does not mean that you are not allowed to find beauty in the curve of a tit or the folds of a cunt or a cute ass bent over in front of you.

You know there is really no purpose in your so called freedom and enlightenment if you gain the courage to declare that AWALT; but lack or lose the courage to state that some aspects of the female form are fucking beautiful, and that you do not regret one second that you spent enjoying that.

November 25, 2013

People fucking….

Well, as discussed previously, bout August the couple upstairs have a blazing row, about her cheating, plod get called, he is carted off in cuffs, and within a few days the guy she wasn’t cheating on the arrested guy with moves in…

with me so far?

Now, in the weeks leading up to this, I could hear them fuck, but, most of what little noise there was came from him, and they didn’t fuck very often, maybe once a week, maybe once a fortnight.

As soon as the new guy moves in, they are fucking every night, making FAR more noise, and it is all HER making the noise… not just moaning, but verbals too.

Fast forwards a whole three fucking months to today, they are fucking maybe twice a week, maybe once a week, and it is back to both of them making the same amount of noise, eg not a lot……  it’s just grunts now, all the ohmygodfuckmebaby from her has ceased totally.

Now, three months isn’t long enough for her, or his, sexual tastes to have changed, it is long enough to get to know someone and how to press their buttons, so you’d think the sex would be getting better, not worse, but the audibility tells one story, and the frequency tells another, different, but related, story….

Another story is told by the fact that about two months in, after it was clearly wearing off, he went out and bought himself a console, and I can hear him playing GTA-V more and more every day.

Another story is told by the fact that the wild monkey sex mainly used to happen after they came in late from a night out on the town, and they aren’t doing that much lately either.

What DOES happen after three months living together is this…. if you are having a fake modern relationshit where everything is a facade and an act, then three months is more than enough time to explore and plumb the depths of the shallow relationship that is on offer, and of course, the flip-side of that coin is it is then far too LATE to decide to open up and really show the other person the real you.

This is the story that is never told when the other story is told about the nice reliable beta type guy being viciously kicked to the kerb and having his life ruined for the bad boy to get his shoes under the bed, because it calls into question the whole notion of beta provider and alpha bad boy.

It calls it into question because they are more often than not THE SAME FUCKING GUY, the only difference is temporal, at one time you are the new cock she has just discovered, and some time later you are the old cock that no longer makes the juices flow… or perhaps the old cock that has seen every ohmygodfuckme trick that you know, and the novelty is wearing off, for him, or her, or both.

I have never yet in my life met anyone who was 100% alpha, or 100% beta… I have seen guys who were *incredibly* “alpha” pull some unbelievably beta shit at other times with other people, and I have seen some through and through beta wimps get all alpha and won’t back down at other times with other people, and then both go straight back to being alpha or beta or whatever the fuck the label was that was supposed to define them.

I have also seen many *alpha* males fail utterly at banging some skank, and remaining utterly oblivious of the fact that the beta wimp they just dissed without so much as a conscious thought is the guy who is secretly banging the skank in question.

No-one who has gone anywhere near the kink scene is unaware of the class of people who have day jobs that are high powered or high skilled or high profile, and the secret fetish is being as submissive as fuck… yet no-one apparently tries to fit this class of people into the whole alpha / beta / gamma schtick.

Probably because it doesn’t fit, so rather than asking why it doesn’t fit, the whole thought and concept itself is simply discarded.

Easier to write off your next loss or win as “beta bucks, alpha fucks”

Easier than using the fucking brain and eyes god gave you anyway.

Nature, (with a capital N) I have observed in over half a century on this planet, abso-fucking-lutely abhors two things, and just two things, not one thing, not three things, but the number of things it abhors is two…

  1. A Vacuum
  2. A steady state

Rather like the beautiful simplicity of e=mc², these two things can and do explain 100% of everything in Nature, from evolution on up, or down, depending on your perspective…

Nature will not permit “the archetypal alpha male” to be anything more than a transient phenomenon, being pack leader has a shorter life expectancy than being pack cripple blind in one eye, nor will nature permit said alpha male to operate in “God mode”, the more powerful they are the more pronounced the Achilles heel.

Bunga Bunga Billionaire Berlusconi, can’t conceive of going 24 hours without some young cunt within arms reach, couldn’t go 30 days ghost if his fucking life literally depended on it.

Is this Alpha?

If it is, then the definition of Alpha as punted by everyone in the manosphere and pua community is wrong.

In my previous job I encountered some *seriously* wealthy and influential people, but not a one of them in their high profile public environment, I met them all in their private selves lives, and not a one of them carried any more personal aura than the help… the alpha everyone saw in public was as no more than a suit of clothes they put on to go out.

It’s wasn’t them, it was image…. to give one example, in private there was nothing more “beta” than their attitudes towards their child, who was blind, and they would have willingly handed me 200 billion US$ (and this was back in the day when that was a lot of money…lol) if I could have done a Jesus and given that child the gift of sight… the handicapped child was their Achilles heel.

So was this person alpha, because they could have bought bill gates out of petty cash, or beta, because of the Achilles heel for which they not only had no defences, but they literally exhibited a completely different personality and mind set.

The Krays loved their mum…

If the definition does not fit 100% accurately, then the definition is useless.

Less than useless, because the definition will prevent you from seeing and understanding what is actually going on.

What was actually going on with the neighbours and the old boyfriend and the new one isn’t anything to do with alpha or beta or anything else… it is all to do with people living their little lives in little walled gardens in their own castles in the sky, and the grass is always greener in the next chapter, even when it isn’t, because I know each one of these blades of grass individually, and, what is worse, they know me.

Hypergamy is something else you can throw in the bin with alpha and beta, if it isn’t a universal explanation then like alpha/beta it isn’t an explanation of any kind, just a label used by the lazy in preference to thinking.

When simple and humorous observational sayings like “If all brides are beautiful, where the fuck do ugly wives come from?” cannot be explained adequately and in every single instance without exception by your model, then your model is wrong, and just failed empirical analysis, so the simple observational saying has more worth.

July 21, 2013


There are many, many, many things in life that you get a default answer to.

Paedophilia, yes, it is just wrong, end of discussion.

God help you if you want to discuss it intellectually,to wonder aloud why the label is applied, completely incorrectly, to 21 year olds having mutually consensual and loving sexual relationships with 15 years and 11 months olds.rideolsen

God help you if you wonder aloud that for much of English history the age of consent was 12 and there was no paedophilia to speak of, now it is 16/18 there is apparently loads of it…. just as there was no illegal homosexual sex before homosexual sex was made illegal.

God help you if you wonder aloud at the imposition of a law making something quite common suddenly arbitrarily illegal, if she is 5,843 days old I am a rapist and paedo, if she is 5,844 days old we can nip up to Gretna Green and get married.

Where does the State get off in passing laws that suddenly render apparently common enough behaviours illegal, surely this is against everything the state itself was founded to preserve.

What comes next, laws banning the wearing of primary colours?

The real point of this post, and, now that the stage is set, another default answer that must not be questioned or discussed, is Men and their abducted by the state / skank ho ex kids, specifically the boy children, because the girl children and just sluts in training… oh noes… we’re back to the paedo thing again..

But here we are, ask any deadbeat dad who does not have contact with his sons, and you’ll get the stock answer, I should be there for them, teaching them, guiding them, doing manly things with them.

But is it the fucking truth?

About now I am as popular with deadbeat dads as a “paedo” admiring the tits on a 14 year old chick in a topless beach…

Oh I know, there are all sorts of things I *could* be doing with and for my absent sons, all sorts of things I feel I *should* be doing with and for my absent sons, yadda yadda yadda

But the unspeakable question.

What’s in it for me?

Did you cringe reading that? Did it make you feel guilt, the same way looking at the pic above and thinking she is pretty…

Is me explaining how my life is easier, more money and free time and all that jazz, somehow reminiscent of “if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed”, you cannot counter it directly, but it is just WROOOONNNG… MMKAYY.. so DROP IT…

However, no pubescent teen virgins were harmed by this discussion, just as no absent sons were harmed by this discussion, so the only thing this discussion is a threat to is the whole concept of the unspeakable.

Paedophilia is a good place to start, in your creation of an unspeakable, cannibalism is a better taboo, but, you cannot potentially link 75% of day to day activity for 99.999% of the population with potential cannibalism, it just doesn’t fly.

Of course you then have to set the boundaries in such a way that 99.9% of people are tempted, because you need that fucking guilt to get them to shut the fuck up when someone else is accused, so there is no good to be had from making the minimum age at which you can have sex 7, like cannibalism, 99.999% of the population wouldn’t be tempted anyway, so you have to set it at a ludicrously high level, biologically and historically speaking, see homosexuality, a young boy of 16/7 could join the army and get his ass blown off by flying lead and HE, but he couldn’t consent to a loving sexual encounter with another man unless he was 21.

Ok, now you have a universally reviled act, that you have simultaneously engineered to be something that, within the broadest terms of the definition, 99.999% of the population are biologically hard-wired to find “interesting” at the very least, so you have your guilt, which gives you your control… Neimoller anyone?

Next step?

Well, you mission creep that fucker.


Now I have been online since fidonet and the BBS days, long before there was an internet, last time I accidentally came across some paedo porn? Must have been about 1996… so this isn’t exactly a pandemic of filth that needs urgent attention, it’s just mission creep, making ever more people feel guilty.

Let’s be honest, who is going to stand up and say “Hang on a minute, do we actually need any more fucking useless laws on this subject?” nobody, you filthy paedolover and apologist you…

Want to marginalise some fucker, no worries, just label them a paedo, or a deadbeat dad. Job done.

Actual paedophilia is of course still going on, and it is a great tool for blackmail and political control, so it is not actual paedophilia, or active drug use, or active anything that is ever targeted, it is all about guilt, which is all about control.

So, you have systems in place that arguably both;

  1. do nothing whatsoever to combat the alleged problem
  2. just happen to be a very effective means of coercion and control for the 99.999% of the population who were never tempted by the alleged problem in the first place.

Pure coinckydink, of course, only a paedo or terr’rist would suggest that in fact the REAL goals and the actual outcomes were the only game in town, and the stated goals were just a methodology, social engineering.

Now tell me again, what is in it for me to become actively involved in raising my abducted by the skank ho ex and State sons…. they already have my fucking DNA

Being brutally honest with you, if they read and memorise this blog, that’s about all else I can give them.

My skills, well, bit like grandad teaching me how to make buggy whips, not relevant to life in 2013 innit.

If the remaining 99.99999% of me feeling bad about somehow letting my son’s down is just social engineering, then by definition it is alien to me, and I am better off rejecting it, and so are my sons, so if I have contact with them it will be BECAUSE of the social engineering, and as such I would be infected by it, and my proximity to them would infect them.

Hilariously. This is the exact argument the state uses WRT sexual abuse, that the abused go on to create more abusers.


Because it is a bell that cannot be un-rung in your mind.


June 20, 2013


When I was growing up there was a certain mentality, it was not pervasive by any means, but it was all around.

This mentality held that there was a connection and commonality between sex and a relationship, they sort of went hand in hand, and if you wanted one you had to have the other as a sort of package deal.

So you had stuff like going steady with a single girlfriend, it wasn’t the marriage the older generation wanted, and if you lived together it was living in sin, but it was still a commitment thing.

If pump and dump one night stands existed, they were very rare one off things, not a lifestyle choice or indeed option. Sure, there was prostitution, but there were only so many whores, and it was a thing men only did when they were away from their home turf.

Sex, you see, was pretty much not available on it’s own, to use the box of chocolates analogy, you had to buy the whole fucking box, including the crap you didn’t like like almond whirls, praline crunch, nougat truffle, to get the mint, strawberry and orange ones you did like.

To use another, perhaps better, analogy, it was like a personal vehicle, that thing that all youth aspired to, their own car or motorsickle.

You could get one, but only if you took lessons, passed the tests, paid the insurance, kept it roadworthy, and obeyed all the laws of the road.

Some tearaway yoofs like me, full of piss and vinegar, immortal and thinking we knew better than anyone else, well, fuck it, build or buy the vehicle, buy the gasoline, as for the rest, that’s for straights… if you are gonna ignore all the speed limits and shit what’s the point wasting time and money on crap like driving lessons and tests and licences and insurance.. right…

Back in those days, the computer was a rare object, everything was done on paper, so there was a lot of slack in the system for people like me/us, we “got away” with shit for years that nowadays would be flagged up in 3 seconds flat by a numberplate recognition system tied into a central database of insured and roadworthy vehicles… even so, some of that shit made it in to the modern records and is still following me around to this day.

The thing was, once you had decoupled personal vehicle ownership from the responsibility to the rest of society that went with it, there was no way back for the individuals concerned… once you have been nailed for no licence / insurance / road-worthiness cert etc, it became so expensive and time consuming to try to go legal, that you simply could not afford it.

Nor would you be able to for many years, at least five.

So a 17 year old asswipe has the option of holding a bus ticket in his hand, (or walking, or using a push-bike for shorter journeys) for five years, or continuing to break the law, and in some areas of the country, such as where I was with literally two buses per week, that also meant no work, which meant no money.

Y’all also have to remember that at these times (and they are a’comin’ back real soon now) if you wanted to buy a bike on HP (hire purchase), the APR was running around 32%.

Even so, once you had fucked up once, you could buy a brand new MHR Ducati 900 desmo for the same money it would cost to insure that old AJS 350 you’d been blatting around on.

So we get into the scene where “capable of evading high speed pursuit” was a pre-requisite, and you routinely had motorcycle cops making comments to you like, “typical biker, the brakes, tyres, and steering are all excellent, but there ain’t another legal thing about you or the bike“…

And so, once fully decoupled from the system, there was no way back in to it, and escalation was the only game in town, and the next thing you know, guys who were, and I shit you not, kicked out of a certain very well known patch motorcycle club for being too wild and out of control, and who then fuck off to start their own truly outlaw club (truly outlaw = nothing was legal, no title, no licence, no roadworthiness certs, no ID, no obeying traffic laws, no nothing) start nodding to you and inviting you to hang out.

Then one day you wake up in the slammer, and the screws remember you from the last visit, and your life stretches out before you, and in my case I was literally out of the country 3 hours after I was released, and did not come back until I had managed to re-invent myself, starting with a clean slate in another country.

I was able to return several years later, not with a clean slate, but with a clean slate for the past several years, and that counted for something…

It was telling that everyone I know who has been banned from driving for being over the limit says the same damn thing, not the fines, not the ban, not the stigma, no the hassle, which is what the campaigns always talked about, but it was the £10k it cost them in lost earnings that struck home, which none of the campaigns talked about.

Sure, *I* was responsible for decoupling myself from the system, but once I had taken that one step, there was no realistic way back… once you make an omelette you can’t get back to a raw egg.Chewable_Smurf_Vitamins_Ad

And so it is with the decoupling of sex and relationshit / commitment.

Unlike the motoring stuff, I did not grow up to breed more motorsickle outlaws on some motorsickle outlaw reservation outside of society and law, yet somehow also within it.

If I had, I dread to think what the little fuckers would be like…

And yet, that is exactly where we are in society with sex.

Sex has been decoupled from relationshit / commitment, as I type this I am getting messages on a fucking site from a 38 year old skank ho single mommy of 3 who wants to be my bitch, for a little while at least, on a purely sexual basis, after 9pm when the eldest is in bed…

Ordinary table salt is NaCl, Sodium and Chlorine, a benign and necessary to support life substance that once split apart becomes two toxic substances, and just mixing them doesn’t make salt again.

Skank ho single mom can’t be mixed with some guy to make the magical nuclear family that is the cornerstone of society… any more than outlaw biker me could be mixed with some uniform Babylon** (**cops) to form a responsible citizen who has seen the light.

If you actually want to address the problem, you have to do two things;

  1. provide a way back once decoupled, and then do whatever it takes to make that happen.
  2. provide a purgatory or cooling off period between being coupled and decoupled, where all parties can really thing about where they actually wanna take that one way leap into the dark.

It’s the old adage, it is easier to break something that repair it, less time effort energy everything.

If nobody works on repairing and maintenance, soon there is nothing left to break.

A quote in the MSM recently said “But we didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us all to suddenly become firemen…”

Well, I certainly played with matches, but I did not pour gasoline on the flames and then try to bill me for the gas and the cleanup.

In fact in the world of sex as opposed to the world of vehicles, the “legal motorist” is the one being punished, while the outlaws are getting the free ride.

But again, nobody is providing a way back, and nobody is providing a purgatory.

Cupcake calls 999/911 and makes accusations, the blue touchpaper has been lit, no way back, no cooling off period.

Buying a fucking 4.99 phone charger from Amazon comes with more legal protection and cooling off time than making a false allegation of rape against a man.

Sex *can* be re coupled with commitment and relationshits, but it’s a LOT harder and a LOT more expensive than breaking it was, plus, providing a way back for those already decoupled, such as me, is even harder still.

But these are “can”‘s of the sort that an engineer can deal with, we *can* fix the problem, but you have to be prepared to pay the FULL cost.

As a society, we can not financially pay the full cost, the cost would already *far* exceed all the debt we already have, and we cannot pay that, so it is a bit like a plane that almost flies or a boat that almost floats, all we can do is re-arrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Trying to “fix” the problem at this stage is rather like trying to impose 1970’s personal vehicle ownership standard and rules in Mogadishu today, you have to fix a million and one other things before you can even begin to start…

IN another forum a poster who goes by the handle of TFH has long said that feminazism is not going to hit the end of the road until 2020 AD, at least, so let’s call it 2030 to be safe.

Once that happens, we can get back to re-coupling, at whatever cost to what passes for society and state then, give it another 20 years for the first children born into that to grow into adults who have known nothing else, so we are looking at 2050 AD as the earliest possible date where things will get back to where they should be, we are talking about MY FUCKING GRAND-CHILDREN, even though my abducted and absent boys are still in short trousers, THEY will never see it until they are older than me, and it will be too late for them, but their kids may see it.

So, EVERY SINGLE CUNT READING THIS, you are in the place I was when I woke up in the slammer one day and had a reality check, you have two options.

  1. stay where you are, stay who you are, and get doubled down on from uniform Babylon on down.
  2. go far enough away so you can get some breathing space and re-invent yourself.

It is adapt, or die.

Fucking off to Bangkok and trying to preserve any part of who you are now is a waste of time and effort, you may as well stay exactly where you are, you have to metamorphose into something completely different.

You have to go as a blue pill motherfucker Smurf.smurf-control

You have to kill that fucker stone dead and emerge from the chrysalis as a red pill lone wolf tin man motherfucker with a hole where his heart used to be.

It’s not romantic, it’s not laudable, it’s not manly, it’s not heroic, it’s not worthy, it is not anything more or less than survival.

If you have ideas of Beau Geste, or how other’s will look up to you or respect you, or any other bullshit, fuhgeddabahtit

This isn’t about going off on some initiation ceremony / rite of passage where you come back new and improved and a MAN, who gets the girl etc.

This is about moving to the jungle and undergoing genetic manipulation until you become a flesh eating reptile like a salt water croc.

The new croc you ain’t gonna want ANYTHING you had in your old life, it is no use to him.

He’s just waiting for the corpses to float downstream from the cities.


June 13, 2013

Dirty Love

Well, I was reminded again today of one of the truisms of wimminz.

You can sell anything you want to a wimminz, just promise instant gratification in return for the money.

When it comes to something valuable, eg me, it is a different story, because a wimminz has to work for that by suppressing all her psycho skank ho hamster wheel hysteria, and as well all know, that’s about as likely as her getting fried snow.

So, a specific wimminz in question, who could have had me as a good buddy, but who couldn’t resist being a cunt, no longer has me in her life, and her solution, more beta cock of course.

The bit MOST guys don’t get is this, if she HAD me in her life, then she already HAS that, right, so no need to put any effort in to THAT SHIT, keep your eye on the shit you ain’t got and go chasing after that.

The MRM tends to call this “hypergamy”, it ain’t, sure you have all seen two small kids on the ground playing, one wants whatever toy the other has, and grabs it, other kids picks up another toy, first kid instantly loses all interest in the toy they just grabbed, and now want the next one.

It is, in short, fucking infantile.

But anyway, was chatting about this particular skank today to an old sometime acquaintance who was all sex and drugs and rock and roll back in the day, usually off his face on stage and off, and he was saying that of course back then he KNEW he was a fucking sex god, and one day years later he met one of the regular groupies, who informed him quite gently that he wasn’t all that in bed, and it dawned on him she was telling the truth, he thought he was, but that was the drugs, fucking on acid is quite the experience for the one tripping.. as I know well enough.

Which brought us to wimminz and their reality distortion field, where facts are ignore and feeewings become the truth, morning after regrets even though you were gagging for it the night before, that’s rape then innit.

Which troubles him somewhat, because of the current fad of historical sex crime allegations against faded celebs, if it’s the 70’s and you’re whacked on acid in bed, and some young chick walks in naked apart from the joint she is holding, you don’t ask yourself what’s next to the moon, or even if she is underage, and you certainly don’t want to be thinking about her, or any of the others, 40 fucking years later, shades of Mandy Smith and a certain rocker.

See, back then we had to DELIBERATELY imbibe mind altering chemicals in order to fuck up our perception of reality, and when the drugs wore off, reality kicked back in… whereas wimminz, it’s like they have a permanent IV drip of acid and ludes, and when you start to look at things in that light, much if not all female behaviour starts to make sense.

This morning my job took me to a supermarket, so there I am at the customer service desk with a trolley full of high tech kit, paging the site/store manager, and this old cunt who was before me getting a refund on a half empty 1 litre bottle of milk that had gone off…. I shit you not… just stands there looking at my trolley, which I have my hand on, as it contains about 25k worth of kit, and says “excuse me” in a tone of voice and with a look on her face that made what could have been a polite and civil request anything but polite or civil.

See, her problem was, my trolley was on her chosen direct line out of the store, of course she COULD have simply walked around the single palette of “on offer” shit, but no, that ain’t good enough for the crusty cunt, she wanted me to move the trolley so she could walk in a direct line, so I answered her, “yeah?” and she says “I want to get past“, to which I replied (and I am concious I am at work… albeit not in a uniform, just a shirt and tie) “I’m not stopping you” to which she says “I want to go THAT way“, to which I replied, point at the palette of crap “and you can’t walk around that?” to which she says “no

So I smiled at the crusty old cunt and said “That’s too bad, I guess you’ll have to stand there till I’m done then.” but I looked at her with that mugger’s whatyagotinyapursegranny look.

And teh two wimminz, both in their sixties, behind the customer service counter both smiled at me, not because I didn’t back down to the old cunt, but because they were in uniform and had to eat her shit and refund the price of a full litre of milk for a half empty bottle that prolly hadn’t been refrigerated but had nowt else wrong with it, but an entitled old cunt like that is gonna be trouble if she ain’t made haaaaapy, an impossible task anyway.

She wasn’t on drugs or anything, just an old cunt that thought she was entitled to special treatment anywhere she went, in exchange for merely existing.

The thing I fucked and dumped because of her attitude (e.g. a lack of respect for me) that has moved back on to the beta cock carousel, that was just a younger version of the old cunt in the supermarket, and frankly even with the literally anything I want sexually attitude, and daily gym visits to keep the body toned, it was getting past it’s sell by date.

This is I think why old wimminz like cats, no dog, except a rat lapdog, would put up with an owner with a shit attitude like that, not in silence anyway..lol


listen to the lyrics, always was a fave song..


June 9, 2013

“my son’s cock” & sperm brothers

as subject, it’s not a conversation I can *ever* recall a man starting with me, ever, not even in passing reference, wimminz on the other hand, they all have some variation / combination of summer shorts / sitting down / towel slipping / whatever, to explain why they ended up looking at their teenage son’s cock… and it is a subject that most if not all wimminz with teenage sons have managed to inject into a conversation with me at some point.

wimminz will also of course have loud noisy kinky sex with you so their kids and neighbours can hear it, or rather, can not possibly not hear it.

quite why wimminz apparently feel no boundaries on their sexuality between themselves and their kids is something beyond the scope of my intellect, certainly beyond rocket science, or else, it is really very simple, wimminz will fuck anything if they can tell a convincing lie and deny it and get away with it.

So Layla who is 51 becomes Linda who is 41 on the dating/swinging site, and dude if she told you she would do “anything” in bed, you can bet your ass she said that to the absolute minimum 100+ guys before you, and you can bet your ass enough of those guys said “anything huh… okaaay” that anything becomes everything, she has done everything, including a lot of shit that probably would not occur to you or appeal to you, but, she has done it.

And Layla ain’t that fucking dumb either, she knows that skank ho Susie, who has finally realised all she can offer you is booty call, so offers it, is a real fucking dampener on Layla’s plans, and how much she can inflate the value of access to her cunt, and the pleasure of her com-pan-eee… so convincing you to cut yourself off from Susie becomes a real priority for Layla, and she’ll buy you your favourite beer, and say fuck all about habits of yours that boil her piss, because she is on the hunt… and you are on the menu.

Layla has the same opinion of me as many wimminz, I am too fucking “aggressive” and by aggressive what she actually means is Code Rainbow, this rude boy ain’t buying ANY of my bullshit, nor is he backing down at my usual tactics.

The only play she has left is to take her ball and exclude me from the game.

I just been banned for life from yet another forum on yet another sex site, the initial charge was that I breached the T&C, I challenged this, stating that I had not, in any way, broken the T&C, and if they could show that I had I would not only back down and apologise, I would send then a cheque for 100 notes to be given to the charity of their choice.

I got an answer, that I was way too aggressive for the forums, meaning I don’t back down when faced with wimminz bullshit, fair enough, their site, their rules, but even then they cannot be honest about this, “attitude” isn’t covered in the T&C, so the initial reason given was bullshit, no worries, I will keep my 100 notes.

You could sit there and say Layla was a dumb fuck, all that do anything in the bedroom was 60% of the trick, buying me my favourite beer and shit was another 30% of the trick, the remaining 10% was to not try to fucking manipulate me.

But the fact is Layla, and wimminz, don’t work like that, kinky sex isn’t something they do because they enjoy it, which is why I, as a man, do it.

Kinky sex is something they do because it is a way, usually, of achieving control and power and influence over a man, and that is what they enjoy.

Take away the idea that they can ever actually attain that power, or worse still, actually grant that power, and the kinky sex is removed, after all, it was never done for its own sake.

Take away the idea, as I did to Layla, and I am a nasty manipulative and aggressive man, and she is damn grateful she sussed me out before I sucker her in too deep, and she is as pissed as fuck that she wasted 3 months of her life on me, and that’s the 51 year old life, not the 41 year old profile life that is still ten years away from the menopause… lol

Grant that power and you are a pathetic loser of a man.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything gets treated like a nail and pounded flat.

When the only tool you have is a cunt…..

It’s a uniquely male trait to look at Layla and think “what a waste“, just as it is a uniquely male trait to look at an old but once great vehicle or piece of machinery and think “what a waste

But, unlike an old vehicle that has seen better days, Layla is the architect of her own fall, and if you were foolish enough to tamper, she would resist and fight you all the way.

This is why all other late forties onwards feminazi wimminz are so fucking bitter and man hating, they know two things for a fact;

  1. They themselves are 100% responsible for the situation they find themselves in.
  2. They have hit the wall and can no longer delude themselves that their own personal history is a story of steady decline and fall, under their own captaincy.

If you think under 40’s wimminz can be batshit crazy, you ain’t seen nothing, wait until they can see that wall coming in their nightmares, or worse still, after they have hit it… they are as good a definition of insanity as you are likely to find.

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same actions over and over, hoping for a different outcome.

Older wimminz like Layla, they don’t just repeat the same actions, they fucking double down on the bet every time.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me ain’t more than a chunk of change out of a 41 year H^H^H^ 51 year life, subtract 14 for 37 sexually active years.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me is however a fucking huge bite out of any imagined sexually active years remaining, and Layla is one of these progressive/desperate bitches that goes to the fucking gym every day to try to keep in shape, and has potions and lotions to try to make her skin feel and smell like it did 30 years ago, and all the rest of the finery and drapery and shit.

There was a (white) south african thing about “sperm brothers”, two guys who had fucked the same skank, and only realised it later, over a beer.

Thanks to the internet and technology and sex sites, after a period of time you start to see something, something entirely expected, but nevertheless something deeply warming and pleasant to see.

You start to see that the sperm brothers come in groups, and generally speaking so do the skanks / cum buckets, and individuals tend not to stray out of these groups.

The feral feminazi skank ho’s are one group of cum buckets, and there is an associated group of sperm brothers, but the chances that any of these guys have been anywhere near Layla is slim indeed, for she is in the group of feral the-wall-is-approaching-but-I-only-have-an-accelerator-pedal group of cum buckets, and that has a separate but associated group of sperm brothers.

And then there is the roving “band of raiders” sperm brothers, of which I am one, and we look like a group to those outside, but we only come across one another when some wimminz gets a case of mistaken identity, or assumes we are a crew and drops one name to another, we nomads dip into the various groups of skank ho cumbuckets, like ghosts in the machine.

turn your speakers up and go fullscreen

Bitch it’s me

February 10, 2013

You don’t know jack shit

You don’t have to know Jack Shit, or any other MSM journo, you only have to trawl some of the *very* popular websites, to know that the MSM journo’s also read those sites, and it is with heartbeat regularity that you find stories that ran on one of these websites running three days later on a MSM channel / newspaper / broadcast.

These websites in question are not visited by mere thousands or mere tens of thousands of people, nor are the people who visit them basement dwelling lusers with small penises, nor do they all deal with world or warcraft shit.normal_ATT148

What I am seeing more and more of, is serious speciality websites with millions of educated adult users, increasing going off the main topic which they were created for, and talking about something else, and the thing is, they are all talking about the same thing.

Look at this and this for two examples…. both from Zerohedge

There are waaay too many people talking about this stuff on a daily basis, and yet these are the very stories that the MSM does not copy and paste from these sites of website… coinkydink? I think not.

I participate in a swingers website, it is a useful tool to get free cunt, but even there shit like this is getting discussed…

One of the other topics getting discussed is the recent UK horse meat as beef scandal.

When I pointed out that Findus advertising 100% horse as 100% beef was no more dishonest that some skanky wimminz on the swinging site advertising 100% land whale as 100% BBW you can imagine the uproar, much of it from wimminz, but most of it from niggerz eager to white knight the wimminz.

Which brings me to a point that I have raised many times on swingers and dating sites, truth in advertising.

Much like using the word “cunt” at every opportunity is a great litmus test for wimminz and niggerz, using the word “advert” at every opportunity instead of “profile” seems to have the same effect on dating and swingers sites.

By any rational empirical test you can care to name, my PoF profile and swingers profile are adverts, nothing more and nothing less.

There is *some* validity to an argument that on Fuckbook and Linkedluser et al these things can equally be described as profiles, but on the other hand even there you can’t actually exclude advertising generally and self promotion specifically from them.

Is an iPhone a “high PROFILE brand” or a highly promoted brand or a highly advertised brand, or are all three just different ways of saying the same thing?

Certainly, it is easier to argue the point that the land whale entitlement pwincess persona projected on a PROFILE is more acceptable than if you called that self same page an ADVERT.

And this touches nicely on the answer that ALWAYS comes up whenever you try to discuss things like “What is a BBW?” on these sites, because you don’t have to wait long for some bitch to come along and provide the definition that “If she says she feels like a BBW then she is one

That’s great, I feel like Ravishing Rick Rude therefore I are one… form an orderly queue bitchez.

Personally I always thought ricky rood looked like an even more faggy cross between Tom Sellick and Burt Reynolds, were such a thing possible, but if I decide that I feel like RR, then I am one, according to the wimminz fruity logic.

(naturally such fruity logic is a one way street, only applies to wimminz when dealing with niggerz)

So, why is there this huge unspoken desire to call an swingers / dating advert a “profile”?

Well, it’s self delusion really, and given such levels of self delusion on an individual level it really is no wonder that the powers that be, as featured in stories such as those two from ZH linked above take the attitude that since we as individuals love bullshit so much, we should be force fed bullshit at every opportunity.

Who needs an actual SMV (sexual market value) when you can haz a “seasonally adjusted” SMV…

If you called the profile an advert, people would find it a LOT harder and more uncomfortable to write their own… for the wimminz the first adverse reaction is in 99% of the cases the same, “I don’t like it because it feels like I am selling myself” is what they say.

They usually stop talking to me altogether when I point out “baby, nobody is charging on PoF, so you’re not selling yourself, you are GIVING it away

Contrary to popular belief, wimminz don’t have a problem selling access to their cunt, what they have a problem with is being faced with the reality that they will be advertising access to their cunt, with a big “FREE!” sign over it, and STILL not get trampled to death by swinging dick.

Nothing worse than advertising a product you can’t even fucking give away for free.

Which is contrarily why a lot of wimminz also do the whole escorting whoring thing, alongside the swinging site advert and the PoF advert, this gives extra avenues of self denial and bullshit;

Slice a cat’s throat and put a $10 sign on it and when no man can be found to fuck it all you have to do is say “They couldn’t afford my pussy”

I’m with Wilde on the whole whoring thing BTW, he asks a woman at a party if she will sleep with him for 1,000 Guineas, she says why of course Mr Wilde, he walks away and comes back to her an hour later and asks her if she will sleep with him for 1 Guinea, she says why Mr Wilde, what do you take me for, a whore? He says madam, we have already settled that, now we are just arguing about the price.

So I’m banging my young cum bucket slut earlier this weekend and her phone goes, her slutty mate, she has been offered £750 quid to fuck this fat old fuck all next weekend in her own home, of course she is going to do it, so I tell my slut to tell her I will fuck her for a pound, it doesn’t go down well, but after all we are just arguing about the price.

Come next year this story will have transformed until she was earning £1,000 a pop as an escort, and that’s just for one night, and the client was ricky rude, and they stayed in the Savoy and drank champagne and ate truffles.

October 25, 2012

Whores charge, sluts fuck for free, and barn find cunt

The title is something I always repeat to myself like a mantra after pumping and dumping a slut, it is important because you need to reaffirm, not so much what wimminz are, but the categories into which they can be put, at every opportunity.

Someone asked me a while ago, “what’s the best way to ensure a wimminz goes away after you pump her?” and I sort of dismissed the question by saying that that was indeed the 64 thousand dollar question.

But the answer to that question is often very simple indeed;

  1. demonstrate that you can read her like a book
  2. prove this by giving her the best night’s sex she has ever had

Now to a guy you’d think giving a wimminz the best sex she ever had is a pretty much guaranteed to bring her back for more, the next night, and the next night, etc etc

To the wimminz, however, what you have done is the equivalent of visiting the hick in the country and finding the priceless 1922 Bugatti in the barn, wow, suddenly it is a treasure trove.

However, even the most inbred banjo playing red necked motherfucker of a hick, having sold the barn find 1922 Bugatti, does not look at the wreck of the ’47 John Deere model A sitting next to where the Bugatti was, and think that is also worth a million dollars….

To the wimminz however, the old tractor is worth just as much as the old Italian car, after all, both were sitting in her barn, therefore it is her barn that is bestowing the value on these things, not that any of these things might have their own individual and unique value of their own.

So to the wimminz when you gave her the night of best sex she ever had, you showed her the Bugatti in the barn, the barn being her cunt, so now she figures that there is no way you can ever top that, you already showed her the Bugatti, so if there are any more Bugatti’s in that barn, then you are the least likely person on the planet to find them, you peaked.

Instead she will embark on a desperate and frenzied search for lots of other guys, hoping they will also be able to find priceless Bugatti’s in her cunt.

They won’t, of course, they won’t be proving that they can read her like a book by giving her the best night’s sex she ever had, they will be what she had as her staple sexual fare before you found that priceless Bugatti in her cunt.

By then of course, she has lied to you, she told you she was visiting granny’s grave when she was desperately fucking anything that moved, hoping to find another Bugatti, and some part of the bird brain registers the connection between you being able to read her like a cheap trashy book, and your ability to find that Bugatti in her cunt, and the fact that she basically lied to you, thinking she was being sneaky and would be able to find a string of other guys, all of whom could find priceless gems in her cunt, but hell, that didn’t work out so good.

Admit she fucked up and come crawling back to you for more? Get fucking real.

You can read her like a book, remember.

Plus, there is always the problem that you already found the Bugatti in her cunt, and nobody else found anything except some old cum, so maybe there is nothing of value left in her cunt to find, even for someone who can read her like a book like you can, and THAT would be a real downer for her.

Guy’s, being practical creatures, may get item 1 above, read her like a book, easy enough, OK, AWALT, she is a filthy lying skank ho slut, gottit… but item 2, how am I supposed to be the best she ever had?

That’s actually dead easy, and goes hand in hand with her knowing you know item 1 well enough to read her like a book, she only has to believe that she is in for a sexual treat par excellence for it to come true.

This follows on from cock pics, sure there are ways to frame the pic so the same cock looks bigger or smaller, but ideally from cock height, e.g. the height of a wimminz on her knees about to blow you, and from that position, and just off hard enough that it hangs down under gravity, but not cold shower shrunk and limp.

Such a pic is what it is what it is, but enough wimminz will see that pic and decide, irrespective of reality, that you have a big cock, and want to ride it, where size doesn’t necessarily mean physical size, it means desirable size.

So the more she wants your cock the bigger its desirable (as opposed to physical) size, and the bigger its desirable size the more she wants your cock, and the above method of taking a cock pic maximises the cues and triggers for desirable size in what passes for a wimminz brain.

And the more she believes you can read her like a book and will be a sex god, the more she feels like she is being fucked by a sex god, and lo and behold here is a 1922 Bugatti in your cunt, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

She will fulfil her part of the bargain by being your obedient no holes barred I will do anything you want you are the best ever I love you I love you I love you master fuck-slut you could wish for.

Of course, 10 seconds after you part company that is all history, all irrelevant, all the last chapter in her life, all the found but now sold Bugatti, so she needs to find a new one, and a new finder, and absolutely nothing that she said last night is worth a damn thing this morning or ever again.

Learn these things my son, and cunt/cum dumpster diving will never trouble you again…

You KNOW FOR A FACT that the days when that barn / cunt contained ANYTHING of ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER are loooong gone, if indeed they ever existed, and so it stands to reason that if the barn / cunt contains nothing of value, that value judgement must of necessity also be applied to ALL words and ALL actions made by the owner and proprietor of that barn / cunt.

This barn USED to contain a 1922 Bugatti, of course, there ain’t much here now but rat droppings and dead pigeons.” and that is the exceptionally rare and unique ones… most never contained anything of value, and the only intrinsic value they had was way back when they were new and fresh….
…and let’s be honest, that’s pretty much novelty value, because the nature of the beast is that the instant it starts to get used, it becomes used cunt, and then it is just a question of when, not if, it becomes like all the other multi-cock used cunt out there.

Some stupid cunt in Japan paying three quarters of a million to fuck a virgin, I had that for free buddy (and yes, genuine tear the intact hymen teen virgins) and that’s all it’s worth.

Paying three quarters of a million for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to virgin cunt, that is a different proposition entirely, we used to call that “marriage”, but nowadays it is a contract that cannot be enforced by the buyer.

Demonstrating you can read a skank ho slut like a book, and giving her the best night’s sex she ever had, all for free, and then having her of her own volition bail and dump you the next morning in search of new Bugatti’s, that my friends is fucking priceless.


September 30, 2012



I’m not talking oil wells here.

I’m talking sex, female sex.

Thing is, I actually went to fucking school bitch, wimminz cunts don’t have any organs that can gush “cum” during orgasm.

Wimminz have cunt lining that can secrete juices.

Wimminz have a urethra connected to the bladder that can produce piss.

That’s it… there are no other organs analogous to the male testicles that can produce a sperm analogy that spurts on orgasm.

Gushing” is in fact “watersports” or “golden showerfor those too timid and full of shit to say “I like to play with (my) piss when I fuck… because that would be like, icky and sick and pervy.

So, you can imagine how well MY attitude goes down with these wimminz, lead fucking balloon, but hey, same shit goes for your attitude about gushing.

If we are at your place, piss on your mattress all you want bitch, if you are at my place and more than a drop of piss hits my mattress / sheets / floor you are scrubbing that shit clean to my satisfaction or buying new, and if you can’t control your bladder GTFO now.

But this post isn’t really about piss play, it’s more about psycho skank ho redefinition of everything that sucks, spammer like, as “that which we/I ourselves do not do”

I do not do piss play or watersports or golden showers, I “gush

yeah, right…

If you think PoF dating is soul destroying, or an eye opener, or a red pill experience, then you simply are not prepared for the swinging scene… I shit you not.

The differences are quite simple, many of the wimminz on the swinging scene have a pet niggerz beta houseboy, god fucking help you if you say something less than “gushing” (sic) praise for the wimminz, as she will set her pet houseboy niggerz on you, and all the beta niggerz who have worshipped at her cunt, and there could be anything up to 150 or more of these a year…

But even here, as I have noted elsewhere re PoF and the dating scene in general, much of the magic of the vagina is wearing off, and increasingly it is the fugly fat psycho bunny boilers and their coterie of niggerz that are left exposed as the tide goes out, shrieking in outrage and horror.

A rising tide may well lift all boats equally, but a falling tide is a motherfucker that strands everything that is not both seaworthy, but competently crewed….



September 28, 2012

Greedy girls, gangbang sluts and betas..

… it’s one of those seedy areas of everyday urban life that chances are you have never been exposed to and so do not know exists…. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that it is incredibly rare, or anything else…

…but like many other things, the advent of the internet doesn’t make them more prevalent, it just makes them dead easy to find… the Phil Lynott fan club is just a couple of clicks away, so is the Middle Wallop Swingers club.

One of the things the swingers clubs websites do is a thing called validation, where member 1423 says that member 1764 is a real person, that is a current photo of them, and the things we got up to when we met… 1764 then does the same for 1423, 1922 comes along and at least knows that 1764 and 1423 are real people and not wannabes etc.

Which is great, until you stumble across the phenomenon of the greedy girl, gangbang bitch, or old skool skanky slut, because the last 20 “validation” entries (all those that show) for their profiles and whiny “ooh this lady was so great to meet and so wonderful and genuine to fuck“, and these 20 entries start yesterday and go back maybe 30 days, maybe a month or two… and get this, these are the ones that the subject in question did not delete from their profile.

While in many ways the jury is still out on what the definitions of alpha and beta men are, the guys who queue up to fuck these skanks and then post praises about them, are nothing if not beta…. may I be one of many to supplicate myself at your skank cunt mistress…

On a personal anecdote basis, I have fucked teen porn sluts who would take 25 guys on in a gangbang, but I have done them one on one, and according to everything they said (yeah I know) and any other observable metric I fucked them better than all 25 guys put together… nor has this been a one off… I mention this because there appears to be some female hard wired sexual responses at work, rather than any individual female responses, quantity vs quality.

The greedy / gangbang sluts themselves are of course, it has to be said, deeply beta, because in real life you just have to see the sorts of guys they take on, out of the 25 for example to pick a random number, you can sorta see the attraction in three of em…

The reason I mention all this is the “alpha fucks, beta pays” mentality and meme that seems to be everywhere in the manosphere.. if you can get your cock wet you are an alpha, if you are always paying for supper for two and going home alone you are a beta… by definition, if you open your fucking eyes and look at the people involved, they may be fucking but none of those concerned is anything other than basement beta, nor were any of them ever alphas that fell off the perch at some time in the past and are now slumming it.

Now, you tell me the fucking difference between a skank ho slut who takes 25 different men in one go, and a skank ho slut who takes those men one at a time over the next three to four weeks?

You can see a difference? Because I can’t, except for very small and unimportant values of kink.

So, if these are all betas, then you are left with a quandary, because the single major identifying trait of an alpha, that they fuck a lot, has been show to be also heavily present in the beta end of the spectrum, and so the mere fact that that person fucks a lot can’t tell you a damn thing about whether they are alpha or beta.

Certainly, sex sells, always has done, so removing the sex sells element from “how to be an alpha” certainly wipes the board clean of the vast majority of those trying to tell us, because mainly they are trying to sell (to) us…

Maybe its a whole lot simpler, maybe alpha vs beta is nothing more complex than a long list of conditioned responses to certain scenarios, I don’t pretend to know, I do not even pretend to know if there even is such a thing as alphas and betas… sure I talk about the wimminz and niggerz being herd animals and the men being pack animals, but when those animals all live in a zoo, as we do in modern society…. all bets are off.

Is George Clooney alpha?  How about the recently deceased Neil Armstrong? He lived an utterly different on every level lifestyle to Clooney?  So any label that is applied to them both becomes by definition a broad and rather meaningless brush of low definition, “white yank guy”… that fits both of them too.

But I came into this with the statement that there is one hell of a lot more kinky sex going on in your local area than you know about, unless you are already one of the kinksters and swingers involved in the scene…

So, the woman working the checkout, the electrician, his wife, the newsagent, the woman serving coffee at the cafe, are they loser betas, or do they also partake in the swinging lifestyle and fuck like rabbits and become alphas, like superman changing his cape in a phone-box after work…

And how can THEIR status be dependent upon YOUR knowledge, or lack of knowledge, of them?



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