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August 31, 2014

You’re all my bitchez now

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So, Facerig…. let’s say I choose not to use the default fluffo avatar, lets say I choose to use the commander avatar, here he is…Facerig-cosplay-avatar

OK, all well and good, and it confers several advantages… as discussed before about “lossy” systems being one way streets, there is no way you can analyse that face, and get back to my face.

Forget cosplay and fucking around and just doing it for the fun, I like it because it allows me to publish videos that cannot ever at any time in the future be definitively tied back to me.

It’s not like oh I uploaded all those pics to facebook years ago, and then wham, they brought out facial recognition and tagging, and now it’s too late…  because of the aforementioned “lossy” substitution process, no future algorithm is going to be able to go backwards from that face to mine, ID wise.

It’s all fun and bubbles.

Of course, you don’t have to use the supplied skins for the avatars, you can create your own.

So, what happens if I decide to use this guys videos / appearance as my new skin…

Yeah, *today* it wouldn’t pass muster as DMJ, unless maybe you degraded it and claimed it was a CCTV or old 8mm video rip from the days when DMJ was a raghead urban terrorist, going around blowing up balloons at kids parties… but like the person above who didn’t foresee facial recognition and tagging on uploaded photos, it’s only a matter or time.

What’s that? Voice, you say, well… no, see, the Facerig beta also already has basic vocal filters built in, certainly enough to mask my voice, and the killing point is that (to once again use DMJ as my sacrificial lamb) once I use DMJ’s face as my avatar, I do not actually have to substitute my voice and accent and inflection and so on, for a perfect copy of his…. oh no… all I have to do is make it sound a *bit* like him, eg, like him either deliberately trying to mask his voice, or accidentally garbling it a bit because he has some settings wrong in the encoding process.

Let the technology go a bit further, after all, it’s only limited by algorithms and processing power, and it does not *necessarily* have to done in real-time like Facerig, and I can *be* DMJ, or Paul Newman, or Sly Stallone, at least as far as any subsequent viewers are concerned.

Maybe, just maybe, at that point we will get to the mass understanding that if it is digital, it really doesn’t matter what it depicts, you can’t treat is as being more real than Tom & Jerry, CCTV and so on all becomes utterly worthless because it can all be faked so easily and trivially…. all that counts is a man’s word, given in the flesh, or maybe hand written and notarised / witnessed documents, yeah, I saw the evil bastard blowing up those balloons… poor defenceless things…

Money, of course, has already got there… >;*)

I log in to my e banking this morning to pay a bill, and it says right there on the screen, Hi AfOR, your bank account number 12345678 has an available balance of 12,345.00

That shit is indistinguishable from the folding linen and metal shit in my wallet and beside it in the saucer with the keys.

It really is a direct analogy to the slightly in the future real DMJ video and the fake DMJ video of him calling for the freedom and liberation of helium from party balloon bottles…. and the direct analogy isn’t just for the obvious reasons, they are indistinguishable, digitally speaking.

The other salient reason is that only he and I will know for sure my version is a fake, and he won’t necessarily know who I am, who fitted him up, but the point is, nobody *else* is going to give a shit, just like nobody else gives a shit if my 12,345 is electronic credits showing on the e banking page or a wad on the sideboard, either way is good enough for me to buy that 10,000 item from them.

I use these two parallel examples, because they show nicely how *they* are going to be reluctant, to say the least, to accept that anything digital can be faked, and is therefore worthless…. no, you can’t convict the guy on the CCTV showing him killing and beheading the guy, because it could be faked and look just the same.. not gonna happen.

Same with the folding paper money vs my digital e banking balance, or debit card money, e-wallets, so it will come back to the old story, DMJ’s opinion of my faked video of him, and my opinion of my faked video of him, nobody gives a shit, nor do they give a shit about the facts, all they will give a shit about is what the STATE thinks.

This is a known legal principle BTW, in courts one judge will look at things and come up with what is called “a finding of fact”… it is of course anything but, it’s just an opinion, often an incompetent / corrupt / incorrect one, but from that moment onwards , *everyone* in the system treats that opinion as fact.

You don’t have to control or understand the software suite, or the virtual printing press or anything else, all you need is the ability to be the one who decides what is real, and what is not… if you are that person, or figure, or agency, then, you can look out at the world and say, you are all my bitches, and it is true.

Being brutally honest, it doesn’t matter a damn what you or I or DMJ or anyone else thinks about the authenticity or otherwise of his video, or mine, or the ISIS ones, or MH17 black box data, or NATO satellite pictures, or the USS Liberty, or anything else.

All that actually matters is what the agency that can look at us and declare us all their bitches says happened.

I can create and issue my own https credentials for a secure site, and then visit it in firefox, or share it with you, and firefox will tell me that because Verisign don’t “trust” that domain, which they will suddenly do by the simple expedient of me paying them fucking money, the site can’t be trusted.

And you and I are still looking at a blank fucking page, not the page we REQUESTED, but some other blank intrusive page, and we have to click an ominous ARE YOU FUCKING SURE, RETARD, box before we can proceed.

I guess the point I am trying to make here, is now and again something comes along, and as a consequence of that, lots of people start asking all sorts of question, of the sort that you can imagine would arise if I chose a Facerig avatar that closely resembled DMJ, and then even more people start discussing the questions, trying to arrive at sensible and workable answers.

And none of it matters, because the agencies that see us all as their bitches already have the answers, and their answers are the only answers that count, their answers are the reality.

And increasingly, their answers are unrelated to the questions being asked, rather the answers are suited to the desired outcome.

(and I must interject a sincere and heartfelt apology for invoking Davis all the time as my corpus delicti in all these scenarios, it just so happens that being a real person with real facts such as a youtube channel etc he just does make an ideal actor in this little play)

So imagine this scenario, not a big step from the Facerig one.

A guy who has access to the *actual* unedited unexpurgated full bitwise perfect *real* copy of the MH17 cockpit voice recorder data, he isn’t sure what to do with it, and one day he says I know, I’ll send a copy anonymously to DMJ

Meanwhile, another guy who is a whizz at these things, irritated at the *crickets* from everyone on the subject, decides to create a digital *fake* copy that might explain certain things, scenarios and suppositions, having made it, he isn’t sure what to do with it, so he says I know, I’ll send a copy anonymously to AfOR

As we can see from the above discussion, it doesn’t matter a damn which copy is in fact real and fake, all that matters is what the agency who sees us all as their bitches tells everyone is the real one, and the fake one, hell, unless they were both, purely by coincidence, a perfect bitwise duplicate, they could say BOTH were fake, and that would become the facts.

No? You dispute this?

Look at Snowden’s “revelations” and I put that in quote marks because frankly speaking NONE of them were either unknown or unexpected or not speculated upon prior to his disclosures.

What’s changed? Whose head was separated from their body? Who stood public trial? Who lost their job?

Cos the agency that sees us all as their bitches had already decided the answers.

Not all these agencies are the same.

Shit gets real and serious when two powerful agencies release two mutually exclusive answers…. one looks at one group of people, and says all you bitches need to know putin done this, and the other looks at the same group of people, and says all you bitches need to know obama done this.

And then one day the two agencies don’t just set on mutually exclusive answers, they set on mutually exclusive answers that specifically blame the other agency, either way you are all our bitches, and y’all are fucked…

So the technology that permits and allows such questions to be raised by the proles in the first place becomes the target, again, not because of what it actually is or does or enables, but because at some point in the future some agency can see that thing challenging the status quo, where you are all unthinking obedient bitches.

What if, instead of my example of just me imitating DMJ, everyone started to imitate him, and he became the modern equivalent of the V/ Anonymous mask… shades of the dead kennedy’s, and I don’t mean the band, so much as the armed robbers who liked to wear party masks of dead kennedy’s and other presidents.


You gotta wear your moto sickle crash helmet at all times, except when you’re paying for fuel, gotta see your face on the cameras in case you is a robber, but you can wear a burka and pay for fuel, I guess not enough people have worn burkas to do robberies.. yet


Yet another case where you know the answers are already written, us bitches just haven’t been given the fucking memo yet.


December 9, 2013

20% of Broken Roads

I’m currently about 20% through Broken Roads (hat tip to DMJ) and I’m minded to write something.

Let me say this first of all.

Any ass-hole can find fault, being a critic is easy, lot easier than being a writer, and writers often of necessity have to employ things like artistic licence as a vehicle, if they strive for pin point accuracy it can kill the story stone dead before they start.

Star wars and just about everything else fucking piss me off because you have spacecraft performing AERODYNAMIC maneouvers in a vacuum, that shit is unforgivable, the writers need to be taken out back and fucked and dried.

Broken Roads you can tell, even 20% in, that the writer has fired a weapon, and been around what the yanks call a wrench / mechanic.

So I’m wondering, is it mere artistic licence and a vehicle for the story, or is it exactly what Rexx is talking about, that gives rise to the things I think when I read it, please bear in mind the following….

My father before me was an Engineer, like me, but a hundred times better than me, his era, he had a steam and electric ticket, otto diesel was still around, but dad’s first truck was a steam truck, made by Dennis.

95% of what I learned, I learned from my dad, so I learned how things were when HE was a boy apprentice, and later how the did things during the war, and in the jungles of the far east shortly thereafter….

Now, you can make acetylene easy enough, that’s just chemistry, but compressing and getting it into a bottle (not an empty one, but a bottle filled with a porous solid like a sponge) at high pressure is a completely new ball game, y’all try feeding a three stage diving compressor with acetylene and not air sometime, I’ll be the guy watching from 2,000 yards away through the fucking telescope…. but post apocalyptic Rexx grabbing a gas axe? (oxy acetylene torch) 40+ years after the breakdown…

The protagonist riding around on a motorcycle? Grease in a sealed tub might last 40 years, lube oil won’t, and that shit is harder to make than gasoline, many a time my old man told me the two great advances since he was a boy were pneumatic tyre technology and lube technology, the metals and engineering they had, but those two, no way.

Something no fucker talks about now, Brake Mean Effective Pressure, back in dad’s day they’d run a tuned side-valve engine at maybe 6:1 compression ratio, often 2/3rd of that, they had 100 octane gas and sub thou engineering and great steels, but no lube good enough.. if they had lube good enough, no way to get that power down as the tyres weren’t good enough.. this shit is hard limit stuff.

Gasifiers and steam power and sidevalve shit, the main protagonist might have been able to get a Model J Harley running, it was appropriate tech, the US Army used them to try and chase down Pancho Villa in real life, but what sounds like a 4 cyl jap bike with 12mm spark plugs?

Like I said, any asshole can be a critic, maybe DMJ knew all this but needed to write it his way to make the story work, and tell the story he wanted to tell, and not the story of the incredible technical challenges the real protagonists would face 40 years after the apocalypse.

So, this isn’t an appraisal of DMJ as an author, or Broken Roads as a book, rather it is about something that reading the book made me think, something that is in-line with what I have read so far.

That is that if you found yourself in that world, in reality, you would find that the reality as described in the book is a fucking fairy tale land of plenty and abundance and ease, from a purely engineering / technical POV.

I have seen with my own eyes a hand made arc welder, made in the 1990’s in africa, I have a picture somewhere, you can smelt copper and hammer it flat, but insulating it…. if you have high quality industrial weaving kit and cotton you can weave an insulator, I can remember this as a child, if you don’t, as these african’s didn’t, you hammered thin wall copper pipe flat, used hammered iron bed frame and leaf spring for the cores, and wrapped the hammered copper around the cores, using fucking paper from magazines for an insulator, an old set of jump leads worked both as the high current side and as the torch, and THEY STILL NEEDED INDUSTRIAL MADE AND COATED WELDING RODS.

This shit is orders of magnitude harder to do than anyone realises, this sounds easy, but it depends on that, and that depends on the other, and the other depends on something else, and you need all that shit in an unbroken line before you can do this

I used to run a single cylinder static lister diesel generator, it would run on diesel, or lube oil, or ATF, and this 1.4 litre displacement single cylinder engine would produce a whopping 6 bhp @ 650 rpm, each of the twin external flywheels weighed around 300 lbs….. I personally wouldn’t even consider anything more technologically advanced or high tech or with a greater power to weight ratio for a Broken Roads scenario, we are literally talking steam power.

Similarly, 40 years after the apocalypse, my money is on the only kind of rifle the main protagonist would be able to run would be a muzzle loading flintlock, flint, black powder and lead you can do, and again, with low barrel pressures you can cast or wrap a barrel, there is a huge correlation between being able to make an engine barrel that will handle 200 psi peak pressures and a gun barrel that will do the same, to scale…. hell, the logo of BSA motorcycles until they folded was crossed rifles, Birmingham Small Arms

But making brass, smokeless powder, and especially percussion caps… fucking hard stuff to do… so is making a rifled barrel

First you need a lathe….

But you couldn’t make that shit unless you have access to a fucking good blacksmith, and a metalsmith, and a gear cutter, all separate trades and skills, and they in turn depend on miners and smelters, brickies to make the kiln, it goes on and on, maybe when your community gets to 50,000 inhabitants you’ll have enough supporting trades and such to start making crude rifle barrels and steam engines and early internal combustion engines, Harley J stuff, assuming you have the fucking plans, and the measuring tools, and so on.

In a sense, though I am only 20% of the way into Broken Roads, I sense that this is at least one thread of the narrative that DMJ is telling a story about, our ignorance of our dependence on technology.

If he is, I find myself wondering, in 1978 the BBC did an excellent 10 part documentary series, narrated by James Burke, it was called Connections, and delved into this very subject, back in the days before TV was dumbed down into x-fuckedher I’m a celebutard.

Maybe you should all watch it.

Maybe you should download it, while you still can, in a post apocalyptic world a hand cranked charger would power a laptop and allow you to view it, and marvel at the moving pictures.

Here is episode 1

December 7, 2013

The Necromoronicon

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As Peter Cook said, jokingly, wtf made anyone think whales were intelligent, when was the last time a whale produced a top 10 song.

It got me thinking, or what passes for thinking, about that which must never be mentioned by name… *s*n*t… and in particular alt.binaries.e-books

So, just for shits and giggles, I set newsleecher to download everything from the “dailies” for the last few days, which queued up a total of just over 2,000 e-books.

Once downloaded and imported into Calibre, it was time to clean up the dupes, a few of these were mirror dupes, mainly they were the same book in different formats, anyway, when done, 1,331 unique titles left.

Now go through and select every title with a wimminz author, calibre pops up the book cover so even if the title doesn’t give the content away the cover does, click remove from library.

Down to 358 books

Go through them and see from the cover which ones are clearly written by wimminz using androgynous nom’s de plume, or men’s names, delete

161 books left

delete all the warhammer and star trek crap

122 books left

Nota Bene, these are just BROAD filters, exclusion filters, excluding only wimminz authors, and 100% of their output in fantasy sex shit, utterly opposite from an inclusion filter, such as sci-fi only, ignore everything else.

In this 122 books there is a fairly broad range, tom clancy, feynmann, a little sci fi, a couple of westerns, a couple of crime/detective ones.

But the point is from my random sample of some 2,200+ titles, we are down to 122, which represents about one half of one per cent.

eg 99.5% is chick lit crap.

Now, I’m a reader, not a writer, but let’s take DMJ’s book.

I have not read his book. No particular reason, it falls into the cluster of things I do read, so why haven’t, why, so far, has Broken Roads been that one thing NO retailer can track, the sale that was not made, the lost sale? At least as far as me as a unique potential customer goes.

Number one is I dislike the price disparity, 11 bucks for a hardcopy paperback that is printed and bound and packed and shipped and lands at my door, but 7 bucks for an electronic version that DMJ could have produced himself with Calibre, and yes I understand the vast marketing reach of amazon and resellers margins, but really? 7 fucking bucks for something that has a unit cost of maybe 0.5 cents to process and deliver electronically?

Is DMJ getting the lion’s share of this 7 bucks? I doubt it.

Is the 7/11 bucks ebook/hardcopy price break indicative, eg it costs 0.5 cents to produce and distribute an ebook, and 4 bucks to produce and distribute a paperback? I doubt it.

Number two, again, speaking personally, I got no use for poxy proprietary file formats, nowt wrong with epub, Amazon can kiss my ass with their kindle lock-in, I will either read a ebook with Calibre on my main PC or Moon reader on my Samsung Note 10.1.

Number three, I have nothing against paying for shit that I consume, you can tell from the above that I know how to get pirate copies of anything I want, and yet my PC and Android devices are littered with software and apps and data that I have paid for.

The stuff I have NOT paid for is simply because either;

  1. the pirated shit simply worked better than the paid for shit
  2. the shit itself is worth max maybe 1% of what the seller is demanding
  3. I already paid for that shit five times over (eg music) and to this day you don’t offer that shit to me in a format I want to use
  4. I just wanted to look and play, not keep and use, but you don’t offer a working demo
  5. while I am happy to pay for the shit itself, your insistence that you will bundle it with a bunch of shit I do not want and not give me any option about installing it without that other shit made it a no sale
  6. I’m not prepared to buy your other proprietary device or service (kindle / xbox / ps4) just so I can use this shit.

But I cannot enter into any form of negotiations with you that I could if I was dealing with you face to face over a shop counter, not because electronic trading forbids such things, but because you simply are not interested in selling anything to anyone who does not want it your way, up the ass.

Number four, market dilution, see the above where >99.5% of literary output is wimminz writing shit that frankly, if I tore the pages out and wiped my ass with them, I’d have more shit on my ass than when I started… the ONLY way I know of DMJ’s book is because *******I******* fucking found him and it in my browsing and clicking, so tell me, why should I give one red fucking cent to your marketing machine Amazon? Why should DMJ, for such a putative sale?

In fact, it is the likes of Amazon and the other publishers who diluted the fucking market in the first fucking place…. I should be able to walk into a high street bookshop and ask where the science fiction section is, and when I get there I should be able to find the hard science fiction section…. good luck with that.

If I have to trip over piles of 50 shades on the way in the shop I am not fucking going in.

I don’t mind paying DMJ to read his shit, to me it is the same as buying some beers for the guy jamming down the pub or telling a story over a fire.

I don’t see why I should have to pay Amazon for something they have not done, marketing, as far as my individual potential purchase is concerned.

That is like being in the pub anyway because you were wandering down the street and fancied a pint and spotted a likely looking watering hole, so you walk in and there is this guy jamming with a guitar, and you go up to the barman to get a drink and maybe listen to the guitar guy to see if he is any good, and some cunt in a bow tie walks up and gets in your face and demands a 5 buck entry fee before I can hear any notes guitar guy plays, hey, bow tie cunt says, I’m his fucking agent, I promote his act, fucking pay me.

end of numbers

This ain’t about DMJ or his book, this is about media, distribution, business models, etc etc etc.

When the unit cost of publishing a single book from a single author is measured in cents, or fractions of a cent, and you seek to make money by making trillions of such micro transactions, that what fucks shit up.

It was EXACTLY the same in the early days of the internet, it used to take money and effort to get online, and sure you didn’t like everything you found, but you didn’t find crap because nobody had the resources to upload crap… even when it started to take off as enough of a mainstream thing that there was now a world wide web and a web browser, and therefore potential viewers, you spent a ***LOT*** of fucking time ensuring that NO page on the website was over 50 kilobytes, and the front page better be less than 25 kilobytes, and this was for EVERYTHING, including graphics, check everything for load times over a 9.6 or 11k modem connection, and load processes, ALL the text better load first, while the gfx downloaded line by line as the images appeared like a slowly lowered blind.

The came Assholes On Line and (in the UK) Freeserve, no more cost per minute for the modem connection, and just like the chick lit, it turned to crap, world + dog had websites, contents of my desk drawer in puke technicolor and BLINK and all 230 web safe colours.

It just devalued and buried everything else.


we live in a world where you decide to buy a coffee, si you go to starbucks / costa / wtf and who cares it all tastes like shit and the fucking cardboard cup is literally a greater cost to the shop than the coffee / milk / electric to make it.

you know how much the cost is of the chicken in a mcfuckits? 6p per portion, that’s about 10c american, eg it is the cheapest ingredient

you know what the so-called managers in high street retail food chain shops (I mean restaurants here, not walmart) spend most of their time doing? juggling staff and rotas to achieve the industry target of making wages never exceed 40% of the TOTAL costs of that particular outlet.

all of the above are factual by the way, so, back to tracking the sale that was not made for DMJ’s book, in my particular individual case, I’ll buy that fucker when TRUE values are represented, eg Amazon treats it like a loss leader, and go “Hey DMJ, we just sold another copy of your book to some guy called AfOR, here is the 5 bucks he gave us, and here is 6 bucks from us, making a total of 11 bucks for you.

Maybe then I won’t have to download 1,000 books to find 50 that I might possibly read, it’ll be like publishing used to be, you know, in the bad old days when you walked into a bookshop and found it full of Petersen how to books and the latest Larry Niven and Clarke and Dictionaries and Thesaurus and maybe even a Gazetteer or two.

Music is already there, so is video, only video I watch now is fly on the wall shit.

Turn your speakers up. And the sub-bass… To 11

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