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September 7, 2014

Putin raped me

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Without conducting any kind of actual survey, merely by pulling shit out of my ass and memory, at this point in time, about the only two things Putin hasn’t been accused of in the western MSM is rape and paedophilia.

Speaking myself as a man falsely accused of rape and a whole bunch of other vile evil and outright nasty shit by my psycho skank ho ex… I have one thing to say.

Pray they are all true, pray that Putin is Hitler reincarnated, pray he is Satan, pray he is all these things and more…. pray that they are all true, with every fibre of your being.

Frankly, it’s a much better alternative, because the other option is some or all of these vile accusations are false, and trust me on this, a man falsely accused *never* forgets, *never* “forgives and gets over it” and *never* grants you back your old status of “fellow human being”…  you’re just a cancer.

From many different directions and sectors of life, I have had people say to me that increasingly they are of the opinion that Putin is the last true european, the last true white man, the last true western man, the last true civilised man, at least as far as the world of politics goes.


In other news, and when I say news I mean two thirds of the way down the front page, so not exactly important….lol


Yeah, so the skank (woolf) you appointed to replace the last skank, butler-sloss, who had to step aside because of things that might taint any claims of her *impartiality* into the inquiry into institutionalised paedophilia by VIP’s, turn out to also have many many connections to those she is supposed to investigate and call for evidence from, you know, minor shit like lived on the same exclusive street for the past decade, members of the same board, that sort of thing….

Mere colossal, monumental, stupendous incompetence and arrogance alone is insufficient to explain this, both on the part of the people in the home office appointing woolf to replace butler-sloss, but also on the part of woolf for accepting the role as replacement, while living on the same fucking street as brittan, and being on the same committees and boards as him, and being great friends with his wife…

Yes, the non capitalisation of all their given names is quite deliberate in this case, and not a typo or mere laziness.

You see these people are *all* friends with each other, at the most one step removed, and there is nothing the least unusual about them, they are utterly representative of the class of people running this country, (and probably yours too) so it really isn’t possible to appoint anyone independent for an enquiry into this, or anything else, be it middle eastern weapons of mass destruction or the downing of flight MH17, without going OUTSIDE the circle.

Let’s take my filthy lying psycho skank ho ex, there is nothing I’d like better than for her to actually be charged and prosecuted and tried for all the perjury and perverting the course of justice and using innocent children as weapons and malicious false accusations and all the rest of it, and there is nothing I’d like better that for everyone giving evidence to be strapped into a machine that basically read their minds and played it back in HD video, no possibility of lying, and of course I’d make a star witness.

But, if someone offered me the role of being CHAIRMAN of that enquiry, then, frankly, the first thing that pops into my head is the quote “it is insufficient for justice to be done, justice must be SEEN to be done” because my lack of impartiality is impossible to conceal.

Sadly, me declining said role does nothing to address the fact that the cunts who offered it to me are totally unfit for office, or anything else except a 9mm to the back of the head, and being brutally honest, my reasons for declining would have more to do with being associated with such people, than me myself being seen as corrupt and vengeful when I found the psycho skank ho ex guilty on all counts, which would be a just and correct verdict.


Tells you exactly what they do, and of course the home office is drawn for the same pool of people that work in the neighbouring foreign office, and their about us page says a lot of similar shit, and the same goes again for the crowd a bit further down the same corridors, the ones deciding how the UK acts WRT Ukraine and Putin and Syria and ISIS and so on.


Which brings us right back to where we started, and you better hope Putin is cut from EXACTLY the same cloth as these worthless cunts, because, if he is NOT, then we all just irrevocably and totally alienated a man who is innocent of all these accusations and allegations.

And Putin isn’t a CIA trained puppet like Saddam in some raghead dustbowl.

Everyone talks about Stalin and Lenin being cunts.

That isn’t a black and white grainy photo of Putin, that is a photo of Beria, he was the “Mr Fix It”, so the glorious leader doesn’t get his hands dirty be specifically ordering such and such, he just keeps a wolf on a long leash and issues general orders, “Make it so” and left the details to a man who he knew was completely ruthless and amoral, but very effective and very competent and what he did.

Putin himself is a hard man to classify, and of course I have not met the man myself in the flesh so everything is at a distance, and quite possibly not based on any actual facts at all, but actually *watching* the man, and yes, you can make all sorts of claims about scripted shit and acting and so on, but actually watching the man, I don’t see the “clique” stuff, I don’t see a man ashamed to be a man, or ashamed to be white, or hating the darkies because they ain’t white, and especially, I don’t see a fool, or a whore, or an actor…. indeed 16 minutes in to the video when the blonde skanks asks a question in an ingratiating and leading way, he doesn’t pander to her, and when she comes back at him and says what you said isn’t a direct quote of what the Iranian leader says, he comes back straight away and says direct quotes aren’t as important as not saying anything that can be taken and quoted out of context… but she doesn’t let him go, on the eve of a meeting with obama, so what does he do, he uses scarlett o’hara and gone with the wind, and segues into slavery and ethnic cleansing and nuking the japs…. and gives her a good answer, and a bloody good answer, and yet, an answer that can’t be taken and quoted out of context… you just wouldn’t want to touch *any* of it, as an opposition politician… you really should watch the whole video…. sting in the tail for commenter Bob K Mando and his response to the last post… enjoy..

This is a careful man, and experienced man, a cynic. This is not a fool.

He may not be a good man, or an honourable man, I have no idea, I have never met him, nor do I know anyone who has, but, unlike brittan and butler-sloss and woolf, I wouldn’t avoid walking into a bar just because I knew he was in there.

December 12, 2013

A Matter of Principle – for Jim

See, I have this policy, you can more or less sum it up thus;

  1. I meet you, and you’re a blank slate, what gets written there depends upon you.
  2. I will learn what you teach me by your actions.
  3. If there is a difference between your words and your actions, your actions carry the weight, and your words become worthless.

I have had some chats with a few people about a couple of recent posts, the dichotomy between what wimminz do this week, and what they said last week.

To be fair, in my experience, in a lot of cases this isn’t actual malice per se, what happens is this;

  1. The wimminz says something to you
  2. The wimminz does something different
  3. The wimminz realises / remembers you go by the first set of numbers above in blue
  4. The wimminz feels awkward, and so, like a small child, rather than face up to it they turn away and pretend to ignore the source of the shame, you, for having standards.
  5. Eventually, possibly, after enough time has passed she will talk to you again.

If you are thinking spoiled 4 year old child, you pretty much have it nailed.

The “problem” here is that when you have someone like most men, who work according to the blue text, and you mix it with wimminz, who work according to the pink text, it is pretty much only a matter of time until the two crash into each other and she invokes option 4.

What you guys have to realise is you can’t make this work, I *used* to express my policy as “I don’t give a fuck how you treat other people, only how you treat me” but the problem with that policy is the assumption that this wimminz is going to treat you differently than she has treated everyone else…. leopards and spots spring to mind.

If you are either unlucky, or stupid, you find yourself in the place I was what is several years ago now, in a relationshit with a wimminz, where there were enough ties that she couldn’t really do #4, or she instead chose secret item 4a, which isn’t written anywhere, which is to hurt you for making her feel shame.

That’s when you start down the road to false accusations of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

Nota Bene, it can be a third party that prevents her taking option 4, doesn’t matter, you are still the source of her angst.

So at this point you either wise up, or you don’t.

If you wise up then you realise that there is absolutely nothing you can do, or not do, to remedy or change the situation one iota, nor was there anything you could have done to prevent it, except perhaps having no standards whatsoever and accepting anything and everything she did unquestioningly.

Never ever ever call pwincess out on her bullshit…

Of course this goes 100% against a man’s nature, which is to alter the environment to suit, he can’t resist meddling, but at some point in your life you just have to learn the lesson that there are some things that not only can NEVER be improved by meddling, but which are also ALWAYS made worse by meddling.

Wimminz be such a thing.

If she has always treated everyone like shit, she is gonna treat you like shit sherlock, and this is one of the reasons I always bail the instant I hear a wimminz say anything negative about any of her ex’s….

Fact is in some cases for whatever reasons I was able to know more than merely what she told me about the hated ex, eg I remember the newspaper mentioning the guy’s name and reporting on the fact he got thrown into prison for 3 years for beating the living shit out of her.

I got news for you, she fucking deserved it, no exceptions, and the only thing standing between you accepting that as fact, and you thinking she is gonna treat you different / better because, after all, you aren’t some low life thug scum, is time spent in her company.

Now I am not actually advocating or excusing violence against da wimminz, or anyone else, but the fact is when a person indulges in a persistent pattern of behaviour, in close proximity to and affecting another person, then the other person is affected by the first person’s behaviour… and depending on the behaviour of the first person that can indeed elicit a violent response from the second person.

I can make *anyone* completely fucking lose it and go postal on me, it’s easy, this is all you have to do

  1. flick their ear hard
  2. act contrite and promise never to do it again
  3. wait 8 to 24 hours
  4. go to #1

At that point it is just a question of iteration, sooner or later *everyone* will fucking lose it.

Here is something else I have observed.

These nasty ex’s who have lost it come in two categories.

The ones who now have criminal and prison records for violence against her, these always seem to be softer types that worked at keyboards or clerky sort of stuff…. generally they had a long relationship with the bitch before losing it one day and beating the crap out of them.

The ones who had a record before they met the bitch, these are the ones that slapped her upside the head the first time she stepped out of line.

If she has kids, and he never sees them, it tends to be by the first sort.

Now, I am not saying it is better to be the sort of guy who slaps the bitch upside the head at the first sign of disobedience, they are after all both losing strategies, but the guy who takes a lot of shit in silence before eventually breaking is the bigger loser of the two.

So it is worse to be the guy who suffers in silence, hoping one day she will change.

But, at least both of these guys got laid at some point, if you want to be a REAL fucking loser, all you have to do is be one of the niggerz who came running around to pwotect da pwintheth when she dropped a dime on these guys.

Why do you think they hate the other two classes of loser so much…. at least they got to dip their wicks in da pwincess…

Which all brings me to what this post is really about.

Do you do what I do, mainly avoid but select they prey and then pump and dump, or do you do what others do and go ghost and celibate?

Well, #1 you gotta be true to you, that is the biggie.

Frankly speaking, neither path offers significant advantages over the other when it comes to protecting yourself from future malicious false allegations…. the prosecution can make a case either way, and the bit you need to get is that the real damage starts at the point of allegation / accusation, when da police niggerz swing into action against your ass.

This is the point where things go hard or easy depending on whether or not you have been true to yourself. Principles, it’s a lot harder to railroad a guy who has been demonstrably living according to his own unique set.

Just like the skank who has always said one thing and done another, living by your principles, whether that be pump and dump or abstinence, does something very very important.

It builds a pattern of behaviour.

The best guide to both someone’s future actions and possible / probable past actions is to look at their pattern of behaviour, does whatever this thing is fit in with it, or not?

If it does, then it is probably true, if it doesn’t, then it probably isn’t.

I don’t want to say that is how I “beat” my FRA, because above all else it was a FALSE rape accusation, FALSE DV accusation, etc, but, these false allegations and accusations did not fit with the observable pattern of behaviour of my life.

This is a million miles away from saying that the observable pattern of behaviour of my life painted a picture of an exceptional and wonderful human being, on the contrary it painted a picture of someone pretty fucking ordinary when it came right down to it, full of the usual complement of flaws and weaknesses and frailties.

And there is the rub, if you take someone who has an observable pattern of being a gambling fool, but no history of violence, you have a hard job painting them as a violent thug.

People start to ask, if this guy has these tendencies that are so close to the surface, how come everything we can observe highlights all this other shit?

Why is there none of THIS shit? Did he just suffer a blow to the head, or some other explanation, for what is in effect an alleged change of personality?

If you are like me, and you like cunt, then trying to emulate someone who can just go ghost and celibate ain’t gonna sit right, look right, or feel right.

If you can do those things naturally, then more power to you.

If you can’t, then you need to do what I do, which is *attempt* to indulge them, while remaining true to your principles.

That doesn’t mean dating skank ho single mommies and ignoring all that bad shit because what you are really after is getting laid, that there, see, that is when you start doing shit that doesn’t fit.

If you end up on swinging / fucking sites where people are openly offering NSA sex, fairy nuff.

If you still can’t get that shit together, put away 25 a week and once a month drop a dime on a whore.

And here we come to the really important part.

Starting to fuck whores isn’t a change in WHO YOU ARE, it is a change in WHAT YOU DO, the two are not necessarily the same thing.

You’re still fucking, you are paying cash directly now instead of indirectly, but you are still fucking, which is closer to what you used to do with the skanky ex than getting your fucking by hanging with a skank ho single mommy and her womb turds and playing beta step daddy. (assuming there were no step kids with the skanky ex)

What matters is you are still fucking, not that you are now paying cash for it.

What matters is you are still not hanging with other men’s kids, not that you’re only doing it because you are banging their mummy.

Yes, it’s subtle, but all the important aspects of human nature are, and subtle or not this is just the sort of shit we have evolved to notice and judge.

Take my mate Jim, now Jim has always been an Elvis asshole, and a mad on Elvis and insists on singing Elvis songs even though he can’t sing a fucking note to save his life asshole who insists on saying thangyaverymuch and uhhuh.

Jim went through a similar experience to me.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, buy’s her version of events, not even da po-lice who arrested him etc etc.

She took all his shit, all his LP’s posters rhinestone and you fucking name it, even cost him his job house and kids.

Jim still listens to Elvis, when da po-lice said we ain’t gonna charge you 15 months after arresting him he says thangyaverymuch and walks out the station, singing Men With Broken Hearts (an Elvis song) and so in many ways his life has changed utterly.

Jim now bangs whores once every six weeks, like clockwork, he tell’s em thangyaverymuch and sings She’s Not You as he walks away (another Elvis song)

Jim stuck to his principles, I wasn’t there, but apparently when the po-lice interrogated him as to the alleged rapes and domestic violence his answer was he didn’t do that, and when they pushed him he said he didn’t do that, because the King wouldn’t have done it.

I know maybe one person who actually gets where Jim is coming from, and he thinks Bob Marley was God, but *everyone* buys his story and n0t hers, because what he does is changed, but he is still who he always was, and that’s what counts with people.

Jim didn’t get shit on from a great height because he was an Elvis loving asshole, he got shit on because she was a worthless skank ho and the world is full of niggerz, so stopping being an Elvis loving asshole isn’t going to change anything…. except it will break that pattern of who Jim is, and at THAT point you might start to question what else about him you don’t know, or has changed.

I just got word, Jim died in hospital yesterday morning, heart attack, funeral is Saturday, asked if I can make it, said yeah, it’s only 200 miles, I was told 2 things.

1/ Don’t worry about dress, they’ve grabbed an Elvis costume in my size…

2/ Don’t tell his skank ho ex, this is a service for Jim’s mates only.

It would appear that those intangible and ever so subtle things, Jim’s principles, lasted longer than his heart.

April 30, 2012

The snail and the tortoise.

First, in answer to a question for a reader, No, I never eat cunt, never never never, fact is I won’t even kiss a skank ho so why would I get down and lick some hole that has has more cock and cum deposited in it than……….  you get the picture.

Second, in answer to a question from a wimminz reader…

Wimminz fall into three main categories, the fuck once and leave, the fuck up to three times and leave, and the fuck more than three times.

In the more than three times / friends with benefits stage, which you can ONLY get to by fucking me well, there is an opening for what you ask for / about, there is an opening to turn that into something longer term / more solid.

Sadly for you wimminz this won’t work on those of us who have been falsely accused etc, that bit of us that you rely on winning over has been surgically removed, but it is the way to a man’s heart, and the fact is it always has been.

You do not have to be pretty, or slim, or great in bed, provided you are not ugly, or fat, or smell, or crap in bed etc.

What you have to do is sneak under the radar and defences by just being easy to be around, make sure I am fed and watered, make sure your place is CLEAN and comfortable and welcoming, make sure you don’t make any demands of me, or ask any prying questions of any kind about if I am seeing anyone else when I am not with you… don’t be loud, be quiet, but smile often and never take offence, life is too short for me to be having a go at you.

You will be surprised at how often such a wimminz can keep sneaking under the radar and you have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, and a week later she has sneaked under them again, just by employing that seriously out of fashion female tactic…

… she is easy and pleasant to be around.

Simple as that jack, really nothing worthy of note in any of the single columns such as looks / legs / ass / etc, but an across the board lack of NEGATIVE marks is how this kind of woman keeps sneaking past your perimeter defences.

It is impossible to overstate this, “how to get a man” isn’t a list of things the modern wimminz has to do, but a list of things she has to STOP FUCKING DOING, such as STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH 24/7….  it didn’t impress us when JC did it in Dynasty in the 80’s and sweet fuck all has changed, except the marketability of JC’s cunt.

I have a regular who is overweight but dealing with it and quietly dieting, fuck all to look at, not one single part of her body you can point at and go “phwoar” and overall she is not a sex kitten, but she smells clean and fresh (not NOT of pine scented crap, just soap and water clean and fresh) all the time, her house is clean all the time, she will make me food or drink on request 24/7, nothing is too much trouble, if I mention something in passing on a Monday about a fucking parking ticket on the Thursday she will ask how I got on with the parking ticket.

We had one “shit test” moment when we first met, and she instantly learned that one.

I end up spending a lot of time in her company.

Will I ever give in and marry the bitch and live happily every after, go fuck yourself, what I am trying to explain here is that by being a “traditional woman”, this particular wimminz has made more progress with me than any other 50 wimminz put together, and she did not need to be 25, or 125 lbs, or great in bed, or drop dead pretty to do it.

She did it by simply being easy/nice to be around, by being pleasant company.

Shock horror, she is almost at the place where I could call her a friend, and yet the irony is that she is nothing like the “little wife” the feminazis hate, and has many of the empowered independent characteristics that they adore, so it isn’t even a fucking lifestyle thing, there is no connection whatsoever between being an arrogant ball busting bitch and a successful career woman

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the too ugly and nasty to fuck feminazis decided to brainwash all the other wimminz so that they could have company, and wannabe lezbeens wimminz to fuck, by telling them a load of bollocks about men, and what men wanted, and how to get ahead in the world.

I know a company secretary / PA who is basically unsackable and basically runs the company as though it were her own, for a very good wage with none of the liabilities.

She does it by letting the boss’s pronouncements  and antics wash over her, and sitting there and quietly doing what needs to be done, often ignoring him, rarely consulting him before the fact, but she gets the job done, while allowing him to blow off steam.

It WORKS, it is a feminazi‘s nightmare, but they ignore that fact that it is HIS capital and HIS 50 years worth of connections in the industry that make the business viable.

AS a TEAM they work, and she is well compensated financially, and she is quietly building her own capital and 50 years worth of connections in the industry.

And so it is with my “fav #1” as it were, with whom I have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, she acts as though her only aim in life is not to prove her superiority to me, but to work as a team with me, doing those things that she happens to be good at.

So the answer to the wimminz reader is this;

“Be a 1950’s housewife” with the proviso that you are no longer allowed to be, either by your fellow wimminz or the state itself, so all you can ever hope to do is approach that ideal.

Similarly you will no longer find a 1950’s husband, none of us are allowed to be that any more, either by the wimminz and their niggerz or the state, and we have been burned so often that most of us are mere cripples, so all you can ever do is approach that ideal.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

In the land of the feminazi wimminz and their niggerz, the clean, fresh, quiet and zero hassle wimminz is the queen, or the closest thing to it, in that we constantly have to keep resetting our perimeter defences.

It is in her nature, and the society we live in, to fuck me over, but provided you maintain the attitudes you went in with, and keep resetting those perimeter defences (and do it in front of her) she will keep herself in line.

if you don’t, she will revert to type and fuck you over, and you will have no-one but yourself to blame.

  • Never eat cunt
  • Never say those three little words
  • Never kiss em full on the mouth, suck a nipple if you must.

a wimminz will say “love you” at you 100 times a day if you let them, and you should let them, but treat it like a dog barking affectionately at you, it abso-fucking-lutely does NOT require a response from you…

… if you are asshole enough to respond in kind, go and kill yourself now, it is quicker and less painful than the future the wimminz and their niggerz have in store for you.

April 21, 2012

The “John Lewis” FRA skank

It’s one of the peculiarities, YOU know it, so YOU don’t see it, so YOU don’t point it out to someone else, so THEY don’t see it either, and an opportunity is missed, until / unless a chance remark is made and you go “hang on….”

In the John Lewis FRA story, yeah, go and read it, only takes a few seconds.

Now here is the clue to the bit you didn’t see… “wasted 376 hours of police time”

That is ten officers doing a 37.5 hour week, and this is a SIMPLE and OBVIOUS FRA that is dead easy to disprove, as simple and quick as it gets, and still TEN MAN WEEKS of police time were DEDICATED TO FINDING EVIDENCE TO CONVICT THE FALSELY ACCUSED MAN.

I talk about this in my own FRA, whatever else, I just can’t see any way an actual rapist can commit a rape and get away with it in the UK, just cannot see it, because the pigs spend so much time and effort leaving no stone unturned, and they have an essentially unlimited budget…

Just fucking think about that, ten man weeks, ten man weeks of people who are expert at finding dirt and evidence, and NO FUCKER is clean, everyone has dirt….

That “joke” you wrote on your phone 2 years ago in response to a joke someone else said to you, the joke bout the bitch just needs a good man… ten fucking man weeks to find that buddy, and next thing you know you are charged and convicted for something you didn’t do.

SO that is the thing no one sees, the rape industry has been so effective that every single rape accusation made to the police get a minimum of ten man weeks of work done on it, looking for evidence to support a prosecution, exculpatory evidence is ignored, it is only if blatant and totally impossible to ignore evidence of perjury is present that they will prosecute the bitch, as in this case, when she continued to claim rape right until the end.

This is what even the most innocent man is up against when the FRA card is played, ten experienced at digging dirt and backed by warrants and search and seizure and forensic labs cops spending an entire fucking week looking for dirt enough to file a prosecution…

60k rape claims made in the UK per year = 600,000 man weeks, or 12,000 man years, or 12,000 cops doing nothing but digging dirt on FRA’s, and kids, let me tell you…. as a minimum 94% of them are false…

12k employees in the sex crimes squads nationwide sounds about right.

and at 37 quid an hour that gives you 37 x 12,000 x 52 x 37.5 = 865,800,000 or 0.86 BILLION pounds sterling every year, which again sounds about right for a staff of 12,000 on the public purse, it actually sounds light, no provision for pensions or transport of forensics or IT.

Think about it





PS hope the spearhead is back up soon, story to tell there I suspect… bill become a target.

April 10, 2012

Bitches do NOT want equality.

In a classic and totally expected piece of feminazism, getting nasty creepy paedophile men out of teaching was win win for the wimminz, and their union, NASUWT, the union for WIMMINZ teachers.

And as sure as tick follows tock, the loss of all authority figures in schools, and their replacements with wimminz who routinely lie about everything in the workplace, and who are so arrogant that they will lie in front of the kids e.g. “couldn’t make it because 4b were being a nightmare” said in front of 4b, who were of course there at the time, and not being a nightmare…

So we now have a situation where most of the teachers are wimminz, and where they have taught the kids to make false accusations…. so now it affects a mainly wimminz profession, it becomes a problem, oh yeah.

From the article

You will see that since just 3% of allegations against teachers resulted in a criminal caution or conviction, which is half the rate for rape by the way, and most of these allegations against teachers will be sexual and / or violent in nature, they draw the conclusion that at least half of the allegations are malicious and nasty and want those who make such allegations punished severely under the law.

Sound familiar?

It won’t if you are a man falsely accused of rape.

So, while I might on another planet, having been the victim of a FRA myself, have some time for the point of view of TEACHERS in all this, since we are in reality talking about the experiences of WIMMINZ in all this, I am overcome with admiration for the kids, and I feel that a 3% conviction rate for these very very serious allegations, which are after all brought about by CHILDREN, who are after all, (raised in single mommy households) all sweet and innocence and light, is a fucking SCANDAL.

I think we should be naming these predatory paedophile teachers as soon as they are accused by little Johnny, 9, of inappropriately touching his shoulder or whatever, shaming them, and sending them to prison for a very long time… after all I will exactly echo the rhetoric used by the wimminz with regard to men who are falsely accused… tough shit, it is worth destroying your individual lives to keep these kids safe from harm

Fuck You All

It is time we protected these children.

You filthy predatory female teachers should all have your cunts cut out.

March 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor

One of my regular readers and commenters is Hans, and he recently had this to say;

God-damn this fucking “pony herd” instinct. It´s supremely annoying and one of the many reasons I´ve stopped explaining anything to a female.

He is of course spot on, if you use PoF you may now and again use the “who viewed me” button, if you have ever been around a skank ho while she is using PoF, she hits that viewed me like one of pavlov’s dogs.

But the wimminz herd thing goes deeper, I have a photo (all my profile photos are set to private), this is a particular profile photo that I use whenever I want to drive off a wimminz who is stalking me on PoF, it is me in a shirt and tie in an office full of computers, Mr Establishment, Mr Steady Job, Mr Regular Income, Mr Average, it works better than garlic on a vampire.

The kind of photo that you would think would put wimminz off, me with a 2 day stubble in a wife beater / muscle vest working on my motorcycle (which only has one seat BTW) Mr Rebel Without A Pay-check, draws them around like flies on shit… go figure.

But the herd goes even deeper…. my own mother, who is getting on in years considering I’m in my fifties and she had me late, who has seen her own son falsely accused of rape, who is one of the least feminist wimminz you could ask to meet, plays for team vagina when it comes to a great niece who is basically fucking nuts and should be either institutionalised or better still put over someone’s knee and have her ass slapped until she grew up, does she heap the blame for this girls awful behaviour on her mother, who spends all day pandering to her, or her grandmother, who does nothing but pour sympathy on the flames, does she fuck, she blames the kids father, the guy who refuses to even drive the entitled little bitch to the doctor for counselling, for not being a man and putting his foot down and “letting” his wife and grandmother in law shoulder all the burden of this entitled little princess she raised.

My mum is a wimminz, she lacks the intellectual capacity to join the dots between what was done to her son by a female false accuser and misandrist system, and this psycho little bitch who you guessed it got total custody because the father of her children is a dangerous and violent man who is now banned from all contact with his own kids.

Even when she tells me that this psycho skank’s oldest, at 6 years old, is now claiming to need to see the doctor because of some imaginary stressful illness, and I quote “because I have the same thing mummy has” she cannot intellectually join the dots between this bitch and my ex bitch.

If you ever wondered why wimminz utter inane phrases, like looking at an animal and claiming that they seem so intelligent, it is almost like they are looking right back at you, and why wimminz fall prey so things like farmville, and why wimminz conversations always sound like you are talking to some turing test bot, well here is your answer.

Wimminz are human, so one cannot claim that they have subhuman intelligence, but if the average male intellect is taken as the average human intellect, them wimminz are subnormal in intellect.

I can go to deepest darkest Africa and find some bush nigger who has never seen a motor car or television or computer, sit him down next to a western wimminz who is a “manager” of something, and he will still outshine the bitch in intellect, even without being able to speak a fucking word of English, he will be smart enough not to repeat a behaviour that has a negative outcome, e.g. he will be smarter than a rat or a budgie in a Skinner box…. unlike the fucking wimminz “manager” he is sat next to, who will repeat behaviours with negative outcomes.

Just tonight I had to kick one of my bitches to the kerb, told her, you quit X or you and me are history, so she does what all wimminz do, calls my bluff, and that is why you have that archived shit…


The wimminz in question had all the information and clues and data anyone could possibly ask for, to know that those kinds of shit tests do not fly or float with me, but that old herd instinct cannot be overcome, there quite simply IS NO INTELLECTUAL COMPONENT IN 99.99% OF A WIMMINZ BEHAVIOUR, so like the dumb animal in a Skinner box the wimminz will repetitively act out non-rewarding behaviour because, you know, it might work this time…..

Fucking wimminz is, as far as I can see, no different to fucking any other dumb animal, it’s all bestiality bro… lol

February 23, 2012

Statistically speaking…

“Risk”, it is an interesting thing, I was talking to someone recently about the risks of contacting a “killer” STD such as HIV, as it was something that worried them… I asked them a few questions;

  • Do you personally know anyone who has contracted or died from HIV?
  • Do you personally know anyone who has contracted or died from cancer?
  • Do you personally know anyone who was involved or killed in an auto accident?

You see where this is going, this person knew no-one who had AIDS/HIV, knew plenty involved in car crashes and cancer diagnoses, and a few that had died of each, so why no “ooooh scary” about them? Why so freaky about HIV, which statistically speaking isn’t likely to be the thing that fucks them up…. that person had one view of the risk they faced.

You know, I have had guys admit to my face that their attitude to me is that while I may not actually deserve my False Rape Accusation, if you do what I did and fuck and mother and daughter regularly for many years then you have to sort of expect it… these guys have one view of the risk I faced.

The fact is, as the above two examples prove, we are very very very bad at calculating risk and coming to factual and correct answers.

If you live in the western world, answer me these questions;

  1. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of rape can be laid against you, and you can lose your life or liberty as a result?
  2. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of domestic violence and abuse can be laid against you, and you can lose your home, job and all your possessions as a result?
  3. What is the possibility that you are in an environment where utterly false allegations of violence, abuse or neglect can be laid against you, and you can lose your children forever as a result?

If you live in the western world, and your answer to any of these questions was anything other than “100% total absolute utter guaranteed certainty” then you are a textbook example of someone who doesn’t have a clue about the actual day to day risks involved in living in the world they are living in.

Because if you live in the western world, the possibility that you live in those three environments, which is the question actually asked, is 100%

The possibility / probability that scenario’s 1, 2 or 3 will actually happen to you is of course much lower, but the possibility that you live in a place where they can happen is 100%

The possibility of being in the dining area or a shark is 100% if you swim in the sea off certain coasts, let’s say the  Mexican coast, the probability of actually being lunch is lower, but the possibility applied equally to all who swim off that coast.

For the average human being, being lunch for a shark or a croc is, from the perspective of statistics, an incredibly incredibly rare thing, it is probably out there with being struck by lightning or being run over by your own car….. we are talking lottery number odds.

As I sit here are type this in the southern UK, a few miles from the coast, my chances of being lunch of a shark or croc are so low as to approach zero. After all, I am not in there environment where such things are possible.

And yet, you take an average person like me, and transport them to the environment where such things are possible, even despite the still vanishingly small odds, world + dog starts crapping themselves about being shark bait or croc bait, not because it WILL happen, not because it is LIKELY to happen, because it isn’t, but because all of a sudden it COULD happen.

I go from 0.0% risk of actually being eaten by a shark this year to 0.000001% risk of actually being eaten by a shark this year, the difference is minuscule, but I go from a 0.0% possibility of being in an environment where being eaten by a shark is possible, to a 100% possibility of being in an environment where being eaten by a shark is possible.

Suddenly it CAN happen, so I get scared.

I don’t do anything even remotely accurate at gauging how likely it is, like the person above who was scared of dying of HIV, in an environment where they are far more likely to die in a car crash, of cancer or with their particular family history a heart attack.

So we can see that what we as human being are sensitive to is a BINARY CHANGE in the environment of risk, switching between being in an environment where the possibility of being eaten by a shark is zero, and an environment in which it is so close to zero it is a one in a million chance.

What we are really crap at, is being sensitive to the actual risk, in this tropical environment, am I more at risk of dying from a shark / croc attack, or a mugger’s knife?

And all this means that those changes that we are sensitive to, are the ones that affect our behaviour… go to the tropics, start worrying about sharks and crocodiles, start staying out of rivers and seas…. go to the tropics, stop worrying about muggers because you are on holiday, walk though what constitutes down-town after dark, start doing it with a new Nikon around your neck….

In both cases you were sensitive to the wrong changes in environment and made a bad judgement call.

People from those places coming here just substitute shark for SUV and crocodile for mugger.

If we were GOOD at calculating risk, we would treat being in the western world as the equivalent of being in Stalinist Russia or North Korea, or Afghanistan, places where, like our three questions, there is a 100% possibility of finding yourself in an environment where you yourself can lose your life, liberty, family, possessions, at the whim of another human being, who decides to tell one single lie about you… with no recourse or punishment, but usually reward, for the putative liar in question.

Contrast and compare a 100% possibility of living in an environment where those three things can happen, and then ramping up the probability that one of them will happen, by getting married, by having kids, or by fucking a mother and daughter at the same time, and the 100% possibility of living in an environment where getting eaten by a shark or croc can happen, and then ramping up the probability that one of them will, by going swimming with bleeding wounds, by going swimming with bits of raw meat attached to you, by going swimming where you can actually see sharks or crocs hanging around, shooting the shit, waiting for lunch to drop in.

If we were good at judging risk, we’d see getting married as being equivalent to emigrating to Stalinist Russia, having children as being equivalent to emigrating to North Korea, and fucking a mother and daughter as equivalent to emigrating to Afghanistan.



Thought for the day…

It’s like those PoF wimminz who type that they are looking for “nice genuine men” instead of “nice genuine man“.. it isn’t what they MEANT to type, but that does note mean it is not the TRUTH.

February 2, 2012

The old vs the new.

I will give you a very good example, in my case it happens to be literally true, but it is so easily transferable to all of you out there experience and empathy wise that it makes for a great example.

I have two laptops sat in front of me, one is a “desktop replacement” big heavy and powerful that is about 2/3 years old spec wise, but still a capable beast, 1920 x 1200 19 inch screen driven by a gig of Ati, 4 gigs or ram, terabyte of hard disk etc.

The other one is much smaller, and it has to be said, quite powerful, high end “business” class, 14″ screen, but this baby runs off a Solid State Disk or SSD and not a spinning platter Hard Disk.

It doesn’t matter what I do on the new one, even the most trivial task on the old one now seems painfully slow and cranky and awkward and embarrassing and painful and ah fuck it… so much so that even something trivial in computation terms as typing this text is being done on the machine with the smaller screen and the not as nice keyboard but also with the SSD.

I give this example because SSD is the “red pill” computing analogy to having been fucked over with the police / courts / state by an ex and her psycho skank ho false accusations…. no matter how high end, luxurious, super specced, delicious, young, new, fresh every other thing about the package is, in your mind sitting on top of it all like the lord of creation is that sluggishly slow spinning platter mechanical hard disk… you simply will not be able to ignore it.

So as we all know, by far the most sexually attractive wimminz is the one you created in your head, where all was perfection and nothing was flawed,  and the best antidote to that rampant sexual desire and fantasy is to inject a note of real world fact, the true nature of wimminz (see last post about home truths) or a home truth fact red pill, just as the computer porn is ruined by the thought of a spinning mechanical hard disk inside that powerhouse computer.

Tomorrow night I am going to go to a hotel, the room has been booked and paid for by a skank ho that I have fucked before, so she has been trained well, her orgasms of sexual pleasure are not a factor, mine is, she will do anything I require, without limit, including spending an hour licking my asshole clean if I so desire, and she will not speak unless spoken to, or express any desires or wishes of her own for the 15/18 hours we shall be together.

Like the red pill and SSD, once you have had a skank ho wimminz demonstrate to you just who does actually hold all the cards in the legal system today, the only sort of wimminz that you can tolerate fucking are the SSD wimminz, who pay the expenses, who do not talk, who seek to please and serve, and most importantly like the SSD are invisible for all those majority of times you have no use for them, and minimally intrusive into your porno fantasies for those times when you do have a use.

Tomorrow night’s skank ho has about 1,000 times the IOPS (lmfao) of a steady girlfriend.


January 28, 2012

Archiving your alibi

I have spoken at some length in the Internet Dating series of articles, and in other posts, about the importance in this society of creating your own alibi in advance by archiving your every interaction with the wimminz.

This is like wearing a parachute when flying, you may look like an asshole 99.99% of the time, but that remaining 0.01% of the time you are not going to give a flying fuck how you look, suddenly wearing a parachute will give you other options than putting your head between your legs and kissing your ass goodbye.

What you probably will not be aware of is the sheer volume of potentially life saving exculpatory evidence you can build up in one year with nothing more than an Android smartphone and Google services.

How does 32,475 SMS messages, 307 separate people you have spoken to on the phone, and couple of thousand emails grab you? Plus all the goodness of Latitude tracking you via the GPS in your phone…

I’m 50+ years old, and that is the sort of volumes of data that I am generating every single year, I imagine a texting mad teen could quadruple that without even breaking a sweat.

Frankly it is a *fascinating* exercise to go through the last year’s data come January, and shortly I will get to discussing some numbers, but first I want to make the point that even with my new life without wimminz in my home life to distract me, even though it is only one year ago and not the many years mentioned in false accusations by skank ho ex’s, this archive is chock full of things that I had simply forgotten.

The following is unedited from an SMS sent to me by some skank ho a year ago;

“In love you and I want to fuck outside somewhere. I do need you to fuck me and good and hard and sort me out. Need a real man to get me used to having big cock on regular base.”

What is interesting is not that it was a year ago, nor the fact that I did not in the end fuck her, which as you know is no defence, what is interesting is that SMS was around 24 hours before I discovered that the chick in question is a part time cop, and full time fucking liar and fruitcake…. in short she is in a perfect position to fuck some man over totally, even months or years after the alleged event, and the man she works over could be so totally innocent that even one year after the alleged event he has forgotten all about her… lets face it, the reason I forgot about this skank ho is BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED memorable or otherwise, and that is while relaxed and sat at home.

Traumatise me by arresting me and telling me I am an evil rapist to who going to prison for a very long time, and my chances of remembering what happened last fucking week are almost zero, and I say that from actual experience, and it takes MONTHS for your full faculties to come back and you can trust me on that too.

However I am now in the situation where I only have to remember one thing.


That’s it, that will pop into my head soon enough, no matter how messed up and upset I am, that will pop into my head, probably even before “I want a lawyer

So, back to the archive, like I said, I don’t try real hard, just make sure that all my transactions with wimminz are recorded to the cloud thanks to my Android smartphone and google services, and yet I build up 30,000+ SMS messages, talk to 300 people / wimminz on the phone and have a couple thousand emails, don’t forget, that 30,000 SMS messages in one year is what I have sent the wimminz, and what the wimminz have sent me, complete with any cunt shot pictures etc.

Where this gets really interesting is the “everyone is 6 steps removed from everyone else” scenario, in 2011 past year I have SMSed maybe 1,000 wimminz, spoken on the phone to 200 ( I could give you EXACT numbers thanks to my archives, but you get the idea) and fucked 37.

If we assume that these wimminz  are the same as me in numbers terms, which is reasonable and rational, that means each of these wimminz has SMSed 1,000 men, spoken on the phone to 200, and fucked 40, in 2011.

Already we are up to 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 individuals in the SMS network, 40,000 in the phone network, and 1,600 in the swapped bodily fluids network.

If each one of those has done the same we are up t0 64,000 actual sex partners only two steps away from me, 16 million phone partners and a billion SMS partners, so clearly there is a lot of non unique individuals here, and a lot more “cross pollination” than the pure math would imply.

In short, everyone is indeed fucking everyone else, and a LOT more than they will admit.

However, we are already at a place where these actual electronic records, and buddy, they exist, whether you decide to sign up and embrace it like I did, or whether you reject it, they exist, but we are already at a place where these actual electronic records are cross reference-able, it is just a computational problem to plot the connections between people, for example any SMS between two people of a sexual nature, or with a picture attachment, and the plot the connections between any two people via these intermediary relationships.

We are already at the point where it is computationally trivial for any single personal computer to go through a years worth of records for one individual, my laptop can do this as quick as I can type a search query, so searching for correlations between the records of two people, or incompatibilities, is trivial.

An Intel Core i5 can analyse and correlate and index that volume of data well enough to permit full text keyword searching in under 5 minutes.

What this means, is that there is already enough data out there, not just to determine who is talking to who, who is fucking who, but also who is lying about who fucked them, who beat them, who raped them…. the data already exists, the data has already been indexed, but just not with that purpose in mind.

What it does mean is that there is opportunity to crowd source or open source this, if you look at the numbers above, you come to a very interesting conclusion.

The population of my region of the country is around 5 million.

Say 2.5 million females, exclude the under 20 and over 50 and we have around a million plus wimminz, and trust me, they are all fucking and available to fuck.

Fact is they will all be within 6 fucks of me, and the more local they are the more likely it will be five or four or even three or just two fucks away.

So statistically speaking, each extra step is an extra order of magnitude of probability, the root of a million is a thousand, the root of a thousand is 31, and 31 different sexual partners in one year is not unusual in this internet generation. To be specific, the 31 would be wimminz, the thousand males, the million wimminz.

So I am two fucks away from a million women, let’s look at the numbers.

Lets say there are 10 guys like me in this region who archive everything as I do… there is a 10 in 1,000, which equals 1 in 100, which equals a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year, is within two fucks of one these ten guys in the last year.

Stop and think about that, it only takes ten other guys to be doing my shit with archiving everything, before there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year also fucked one of them, or there is a 1% chance one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked some guy who fucked some other wimminz who fucked them…..

Flip that on it’s head by the way when it comes to wimminz with a Cluster B personality disorder, which by may reckonings is 10% of all wimminz, what are the chances you are one step removed AT MOST from one of these psycho skank ho’s?

But, back to my side of it, there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year also fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me, and a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked a guy, who fucked a wimminz, who fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me.

SO already there is a 0.01% chance that MY OWN PERSONAL ARCHIVE ALONE has a bearing on what any one of those wimminz was actually doing in the last year when she accused MrX of beating / raping her, and a 1% chance that my own personal archive has some data on one of the one further step removed wimminz and men she is associated with.

The flip side is, if I could get 32,000 men to archive and track everything to the extent that I do, then every wimminz in the region, all one million plus of them, would feature somewhere in the records of one of those men…. 32,000 men out of a similarly aged sexually active population of a million plus men in the region is chicken feed.

Fuck, we aren’t even talking a google level of market penetration, or a VISA level, or a Coke level, we are talking small regional on-line newspaper, or small regional on-line dating agency, or small regional employment agency.

The technology is here, we just need to be aware of it, and start embracing it.

Yes, there is a 100% chance that the megacorporations and the state will use the technology to track you for THEIR ends, but dudes, they are doing that ANYWAY, what we are talking about here is a chance to turn the tables, as it stands there is a 100% chance that you have fucked an undiagnosed Cluster B psycho skank ho, or that you know a guy who has / is, and as it is there is a 100% chance that between google and Vodaphone etc the evidence to PROVE that those false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse are total made up bullshit, and a 0.01% chance the psycho skank ho in question is one step removed from my own archive, and a 0% chance you will either be aware of that or have access to it.

So, back to the archive, and as promised keywords, where “fisting” is different from “fisted” and fisting shows up one skank ho that I did fuck, who sent me an SMS saying

You could force me to take a whole wine bottle up my cunt. Then followed by you fisting me!

Which as we all know, is a billion miles from how she will, and did, portray herself when she screwed her ex over in family court, and what she told police when she got him arrested, and how she will behave in future with some other unfortunate.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be able to take advantage of MY data on that skank, I am sure her ex would, whoever he is, wherever he is….. he’d have loved to have been able to produce that SMS, indeed that series of messages etc, in his family court case where he got nailed as a sexual predator and a violent man with vile and disgusting sexual tastes.


by way of an edit, some of the math…

Assuming 40 sexual partners each, 1,000,000 / 40 = 25,000, so 25,000 men could fuck a million wimminz in a year, and vice versa.

25,000 / 40 = 625

625 / 40 = 15 and a bit

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