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November 8, 2012

Female intelligence

Wimminz, in some areas, aren’t dumb.

Wimminz, in some areas, are as sharp as a fucking pin.

One of these areas is their so called inferiority complex, I say so called because the reality on the ground is 99% of wimminz know for a fact they are inferior to 99% of men, and everything else is just dancing around how you and her deal with that fact, do you let her pretend it ain’t so, do you take it for granted, do you etc etc etc

In fact, 99.9% of shit tests and wimminz advantages are based on this, the perceived relative weakness of the wimminz is why the man opens the door and carries the fucking bags, not because the bitches can’t do that stuff, but because they can’t do it as WELL, and this inferiority is somehow twisted into advantage for them.

The stereotypical joke about a man stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some duct tape and a jubilee clip to fix a punctured radiator hose, a wimminz stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some double D’s and a showing cleavage to fix same…

The “weakness” has been turned to their advantage…

Of course while Marriage 1.0 was still the main deal on the menu it didn’t cost men anything to do a John Wayne and ride in and help the little lady change her flat, after all, some other white knight would do the same for his bitch.

But to class this inferiority as a weakness was a master stroke of first wave feminazism, back in the 1800’s, all that shit about the fairer sex and all.

I’ve got a mate, or rather, I had a mate, he’s dead now, but when he was alive we will call him Eddie.

Eddie was naturally a big motherfucker, and then he started doing hard physical labour and spending leisure time in the gym… by the mid eighties Eddie is doing “reps” with the *full* Olympic set of weights on the bar, 34.5 stone, or 483 lbs, or 220 Kg, and this fucker is doing reps with it.

Eddie could pick up a 40 foot STEEL scaffold pole, hold it vertically above his head, and look up through the middle, this is one of those things that actually doesn’t *sound* that fucking impressive, until you try it, and then talk to a scaffolder, and watch their eyebrows rise in extreme scepticism…

Bruce Lee was a kick-ass mofo, but bare handed and bare footed he just didn’t have the foot/pounds available to hurt an Eddie, or a mountain bear, just enough to piss them off, and once you got inside Eddie’s reach you got broken, literally.

Shades of a previous tale about the digital age and how things aren’t the same as they used to be back in the analogue age, when none of this shit was recorded.

Physically, in every department except the cock, which basically he didn’t care about, Eddie was superior to me, and I was inferior to him.

Eddie didn’t have a problem with this, I didn’t have a problem with this.

Eddie is now dead, so I am physically superior to him in every way, I doubt Eddie would have had a problem with this, I certainly don’t.

There was a time or two when I wanted to take advantage of Eddie’s superior physical ability, those times I paid him, not necessarily cash money, but he got something for it.

There was a time or two when Eddie wanted to take advantage of my superior technical ability, those times he paid me, not necessarily cash money, but I got something out of it.

I wasn’t born with a cunt, so I wasn’t able to mask my inferiority as a weakness and get Eddie to play for free, fact is Eddie being Eddie even if I had a cunt it wouldn’t have worked.

Wimminz however KNOW they are inferior to men as a whole.

Do not EVER fucking doubt this, this is as obvious to them as it was obvious to me, standing next to man mountain Eddie, looking straight at his nipple, his arms thicker than my legs, and every ounce of that muscle able to do reps or repetitive work, that I was inferior to him.

However wimminz also know that not only are they generally inferior to men physically, they are also inferior mentally, men can work shit out and plan shit out and arrange long term goals and think 15 moves ahead, generally speaking, wimminz can’t, generally speaking.

Wimminz however are superior to men generally when it comes to emotions, a wimminz can fall deeply in love, fall completely out of love, and get over the loss of a child, all in less time than it takes a man to fall in love…. and I’m not talking that love at first sight infatuation / lust crap, I am talking BONDING, where you KNOW your girl doesn’t have great tits, but you don’t care… because they are HER tits and that makes them better than anyone else’s tits.


You need to carry these four 10 kg bags of groceries from the car to the house because I am inferior!

Make four trips bitch.


You need to carry these bags because you are a big strong man and I am just a poor widdle weak pwincess

Sure baby, stand aside


That’s the difference between marketing something as what it is, an inferiority, and what it isn’t, a weakness.

I was physically inferior to Eddie in many ways, but I wasn’t weak, in fact the fact that I am still here and he is pushing up daisies is testament to me being stronger than him in many ways.

In fact, if we get right down to it, wimminz have two purposes;

  1. to get pregnant and give birth
  2. to raise that child to adulthood

As we can see from stories such as this that in fact a wimminz with the mental age of six can fulfil item one perfectly well… which leaves us with item two….

Well, nobody has to look very far to see that the wimminz ain’t doing so good at item two either.

It’s almost like, I dunno, some crazy way out there idea like evolution designed wimminz so that they could not do the one thing they were put on this planet to do, with any level of adequacy, without being owned and controlled by a man…..   freaky…

Of course, the wimminz are all intelligent enough to feel in their bones that this is true, a wimminz needs a man like a fish needs water… Sodium makes a crap salt without Chlorine, Chlorine makes a crap salt without Sodium.

But the sex war is the real Orwellian them vs us, divide and conquer, and like the war on terror or the war or drugs or the war on anything, you only have to convince one side that the other is out ta get ya….

The sex war trumps the race war, the poverty war, the economy war, the political war.

I warned y’all who would listen 5 years ago that Obama was nothing more than a black Tony Blair, a bought and paid for quisling with no morals of his own, and now he has been re-fucking-elected (not that the other guy was any better, all the real game changers are weeded out in the selection process) in what was, guess was, a sex war.

November 7, 2012

The planet of pork.

Muslims, as we all know, do not eat pork.

They also eat with the right hand and wipe their ass with the left hand.

For much of the 2,000 year history of Islam, this was nothing more than damn good practical advice, simple hygiene, in hot arid climates with limited water supplies and no refrigeration these rules saved millions of lives, no doubt about it.

I have a skanky friend who eats fish and white meat, but not red meat, so yesterday when I made some bacon sandwiches she passed, a Muslim would have passed too, not because my hygiene with hot and cold running water and detergent was lacking, nor because my refrigerated pork had gone off, but because APALT, All Pigs Are Like That.

Sure, some “westernised” Muslims will tuck in to a bacon sandwich, and use both hands to eat it, but even then you can’t accuse them of being NAPALT blue pillers, because their belief that my bacon sandwich is NOT a health risk is a scientific belief that is based upon laboratory verifiable fact.

Sure, in a purely religious sense they are not adherents, but then again none of us are, sex before marriage or outside of marriage anyone?

Now, unlike many readers, I have lived (as opposed to visited on a holiday) in Muslim countries, and I have some observations;

  1. In a hot climate with no refrigeration you can kill a pig and butcher it and 12 hours after the animal took it’s last breath large portions of what you butchered is a health hazard.
  2. In a hot climate where you have a gallon of water a day you can drink it and live, or wash your hands in it and die, shave your beard in it and die, etc

I will remind you that as recently as 150 years ago people were routinely dying right here in the UK because of lack of basic hygiene and cross infection between faeces and drinking water, and as recently as 165 years ago surgeons were offended at the idea that they should wash their hands between working on a cadaver and operating on a living person.

The Muslims were 1,700 years ahead of the curve here.

Even washing your hands isn’t as good as you think, if you join the St John’s ambulance on of the little things they do is give you a blindfold and some blue dye and tell you to wash your hands, then you take the blindfold off, and every bit of your hands not dyed blue wasn’t washed.

An interesting little anecdote, the lead trainer told me that the only exceptions he had ever had in thirty years who had blue from the wrist down and not one square mm of skin not dyed on either hand at the first attempt were marine engineers.. as it was a former trade of mine I laughed at him and said if you had ever been one you would know why…

But getting back to the Muslim’s and pork, it was a lot like us with our ten commandments, simple rules that any fucker could remember and obey, especially the peasant in the field.

The fact is, hot water from a tap, soap and refrigeration haven’t done a damn thing to change the nature of pork, it is still a “dirty” meat that goes off real quickly and nastily which is a health hazard long before it starts to smell or look bad.

Fish too, make no mistake, being able to salt pork and smoke fish were as big as steam power or electric power back in the day, literally civilisation changing technologies.

While there are certainly still plenty of Muslim’s living the peasant lifestyle, there are also plenty like me, living with constant access to hot water, soap and refrigeration, but the Muslim’s have not forgotten that the NATURE of pork is unchanged.

It is still and unclean meat.

Wimminz were also unclean meat, when I grew up wimminz were visited by the curse once a lunar month, God’s punishment for original sin, the bitches had to cover their hair in Church and were forbidden from going to Church if they were on the rag, because they were unclean.

Today both the Christian and Muslim faiths in the west have places of worship utterly empty of young people, and I talk to these people.

Talk you a young Christian or a young Muslim and yes, it is in a way a part of their identity, but it is always said as a 0.00001% of the whole part, and not something they were ever consulted about.

They will both be filled with ten thousand more times passion about the local football club or a Subaru Impreza.

The rest of society needs to full absorb and understand the fact that these kids KNOW all the girls have had threesomes at the very least, most have had a gangbang or two, most ride a different cock or two every weekend, without fail.

These kids are hip to the idea of marrying a good wimminz and having kids, hell they are as hip to that as they are to the idea of owning a McLaren F1, and as enthusiastic.

Trouble is, such wimminz are rarer and more out of reach than a fucking McLaren F1.

Talk to them about religion, and they are hip to the whole traditional marriage 1.0 thing, but it is a big FUCK YOU to the religious leaders who try to shame them into doing that thing, but who remain strangely quiet about the status of wimminz within church and society.

Talk to the young wimminz, as I do, and you are in for an even greater shock.

You know the old macho youth thing about if some asshole pulled a gun one me I would fuck him up, yeah, and then someone does that very thing, and you go very still and the first thing you realise is you haven’t breathed for 30 seconds, and the second thing you realise is your hands are already reaching for the sky, have been for 35 seconds, and are not fucking listening to yo, third thing you realise is your mouth is real dry, and fourth thing you realise is that you ain’t calling the shots, not any of em… you is fucking powerless.

The wimminz are starting to realise this first hand, they cried wolf so often, made so many false accusation, fucked everyone else over for short term personal gain so often, they are now living in a jungle of their own making… what’s worse, their so called wimminz friends are just as likely to be an oppressor as an evil male… in fact if it is more than one on one then it is pretty much guaranteed.

I had what was by any legal definition of the word a rape described to me last week by one of these young wimminz, one victim and three participants… nobody involved is denying anything about it, much less that in happened, and two of the three participants were wimminz, one of them a so called best friend of the victim… and the victim themselves, well, they ain’t going to the po-leece, no sir, because then the other three will open their mouths and a whole pile of true shit will come out…

In fact, instead of being a tale of one wimminz victim and the oppressors who raped her, this is actually a tale of four equally broken and fucked up people, and that particular moment in time it was this wimminz turn to be victim, everyone else has had their turn, and they will all have more turns in future.

… and we are straight back to the good Muslim girl who rides a minimum of one or two cocks every weekend, when she goes out drinking and clubbing, for this is her, and the stark reality that all the young people in this group are aware of, like a long line of dominoes, her current lifestyle is the INEVITABLE result of a series of bad choices, made because she was free and able to do anything with no apparent consequences, hear me fucking roar, and the consequences are when you act like a cum bucket you instantly lose all future respect, forever, and any hope whatsoever of anyone treating you as anything but a filthy lying whore.

I had no sympathy whatsoever for this victim, and said as much to her face, nor did she or the other three participants feel the slightest shred of shame, rather they felt anger, and the victim felt genuine fear, she felt fear because she realised for the first time just how little true strength or power she had when push came to shove, and the other three felt anger because what the fuck did she expect when she CHOSE to hang out with them and have regular group sex and get blind drunk every weekend for a year or two?

Yes, alcohol and drugs plays a big part in this lifestyle, but they are all quite self aware enough to state openly that when Friday night comes around they all press the self destruct button and go out and do shit to excess all weekend, then spend Monday to Friday hating themselves for last weekend’s antics, then rinse and repeat.

And from this our leaders expect to find the building blocks of society 2.0?

These little bastards know about me and my production line of skank ho’s, so the discussion turns to that, who’s your latest front runner AfOR?

So I tell em, 29, pretty fucking hot actually, a definite 9 on any scale, no kids and a claimed 25 cocks ridden to date.

No threesomes? I am asked.

Well, I reply, she says no, so maybe she is exceptional, or maybe she is just fucking lying.

She’s lying, say all the boys.

Bitch is DEFINITELY lying, say all the girls.

I’m going to fuck her, not marry her, so I don’t give a shit, I say.

They all laugh, amen to that.

The rape victim, she was out the next night, partying and drinking, give it a week until it happens again, what can you do when you live in a shoe?

Twenty years time when I am trying to balance in my zimmer frame, this is the people that will be middle aged and charged with running and maintaining “society”… brown-shirts just waiting for the recruitment poster… what could possibly go wrong.

May 6, 2012

Money makes the world go round…

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For 20+ years now I have been saying that money is not everything, but it is a damn good lubricant… if you have enough everything slips along beautifully, if you do not have enough things start to grind to a halt and break under frictional stresses.

A large part of this trick is of course to make sure that the amount of money you require to live every week is strictly controlled, and to KNOW that amount and live within it.

I am currently in a very fortunate position, I refused to buy (back when I was married) because house prices were frankly insane, little terraced houses going to significant fractions of a million pounds, e.g. one fifth, not one fiftieth, which always prompted me to ask the seller “where is the fucking island and helipad?

To be sure the EU economic crisis is all about households and individuals who have completely lost sight of the value of money, and no, I don’t blame the bankers for offering interest only self certified liar loans any more than I blame the local drug dealer for offering the first rocks of crack for the price of a beer… nobody made you greedy fuckers take it and start acting like there would be no tomorrow and the real bill would never arrive.

To be sure there is therefore a majority of the herd who will vote for anyone who claims that not only is the emperor well dressed, but next week there will be a whole new line of clothes out, come on down….

I have heard “property owners” and “buy to let landlords” say in my presence that the problem is all the people like me, who do not own property, and even suggesting that we should not get the vote, and when I ask them to show me their property deeds (they cannot, they are held by the true owner of the property, the lenders) they look at me like I am speaking to them in Greek.

Greece always was a funny place, geopolitically it sat astride both east and west and northern and southern cultures, and historically made much of its money from being on those trade routes, but apart from that it only ever had tourism, I lived in Greece for a couple of years, the land there is something and Icelander would turn his nose up at, farming wise… but when I was there every family in Greece was receiving some 3,000 Euros a month from the EU for having a patch of land with some stunted olive trees sat on it… again if you live there and see how little fucking olive oil a hectare of olive trees will produce, and this is AFTER you irrigate the shit out of them, it will come as no surprise that the only cash crop the land is capable or producing is a farming subsidy.

A bit like most of the buy to let landlords, the only cash crop their few square meters of land can produce is a state rent subsidy for their tenants… but again the housing tends to monocultures, to serve the biggest rent payer about, the state, everything is either two bedroom flats, or three bedroom houses, or multiple occupancy which means either bedsits or so called one bedroom flats with the cooking area at one side of the living area and a tiny separate bathroom and bedroom, there is no traditional spread of styles and sizes and types of property.

The place I live in now is rented, and it suits me very well indeed, but you couldn’t sell it to me for 1 red cent more than the land value, because it would be easier, cheaper and faster to pull it down and rebuild from new than it would be to fix up properly… and this is solely because the DIY landlord doesn’t know dick about property maintenance… an incredibly common scenario.

Which brings us to demographics, there are so many broken homes and separated / divorced couples, that by and large we have;

  1. Wimminz and kids in a house on a mortgage, subsidized by the state and the father of the kids who bought the house but got kicked out for alleged domestic violence and sexual abuse when she wanted to move on to cocks new.
  2. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by a private landlord but paid for by state benefits, because the man in question did not own a house when his psycho skank ho got all medieval on him.
  3. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by the state.
  4. Widows living alone in houses that may be rented, may be owned, may be council houses, been there for 20 years..
  5. Some married and co-habiting couples.
  6. Loads of single men, from 1/2/3, often living in one room bedsits, and paying monies to the skank ho ex for child support etc.
  7. The very young and students, all living in shared accommodations.

Things have actually gotten so bad with the public purse that in the UK the state simply will not pay anything towards any non shared accommodations for the single person if that person is below 35 years of age.

Nota bene, skank ho single mummy is not and can never be a “single person” so always goes to the front of the accommodations queue.

So if you are a man and under 35 not only does the state have no obligation to house you, it does not even have any legal obligation to pay any money at all towards your accommodations, should you desire anything more than a bedsit.

Bedsits have their place, to be sure, but there is a reason it has been literally impossible to get home contents insurance for any shared accommodation (e.g. bedsits and everything else where you do not have your own front door key) plus as it is essentially a financial niche, see buy to let landlords, basically all the bedsits are a fucking disgrace, if you have mice they will be wearing overalls and wiping their feet on the way out to get the cockroach crap off.

Which, all being about money, makes things interesting in a “democratic” society every time everything is subject to a popularity contest, those wholly or partly dependent on state handouts, the single skank ho mummies and the buy to let landlords, essentially control the vote.. it does not exactly technically make for a “rotten borough“, but damn close.

Which is where we come in, and skank ho single mommies on PoF.

So far in 2012 I have seen a huge swing, from zero to perhaps 25% of all profiles, the skank ho’s are filtering out all the deadbeat dads by the simple expedient of stating that any man who wants to date (fuck) them must have his own home and car.

Which is all gravy to me, but is fucking murder on most of my male friends, who fall into two broad categories;

  1. Deadbeat dads who can no longer afford a car, so they live in some dump, often a bedsit or teensy tiny “flat” that used to be one third of a family house with a cooker and sink against one wall of the “lounge”, and a tiny bedroom and even smaller bathroom.
  2. Deadbeat dads who still run a car or motorcycle, so they live in some caravan or dump a few miles outside of town.

In both cases they are deadbeat dads simply because they are still paying a large wad of cash every week to the psycho skank ho ex, who is living in what USED to be their house, but has changed from a repayment mortgage to an interest only one… lolol

As a society, this means that the only ones who have a real voting voice that can effect change, are the very ones living off the fat of the land as parasites and contributing nothing; and THIS is exactly the case in Greece (where I lived for a couple of years) Spain (where I lived for a few years) Italy (where I lived for a year) and Ireland (where I have never been) .

Which is why the EU economies are so fucked.

The skank ho’s on PoF can clearly, by their shifting attitudes, see the writing on the wall, but being wimminz all they can come up with is doubling down on the same old shit, still keeping one or more deadbeat dads as paupers, still taking the state handouts, but also wanting AS WELL some new cock to open their wallet and support them.

Locally here in the UK, we just recently got out from under New Liebor, who totally fucked everything, not just economically, but socially too, and yet after a short period or Cuntservative and Unionist party rule, who were such niggerz they never did anything different, in the next lot of local elections New Liebor have made back much of the ground they lost.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” that is acting is desperation.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” largely composed of wimminz and their niggerz.

Wimminz got the vote, many deadbeat dads like my male friends still have the vote, but sadly their vote doesn’t count for shit any more.

Follow the fucking money, while it lasts.

*THIS* is why buying gold metal and shit won’t work, you will still have to share your town with all these wimminz and niggerz when the state tit dries up, fuck affdiggastan, your local problems will be due to local wimminz and niggerz doubling down.

August 14, 2011

The mathematics of pussy

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Partially inspired by The Pro’s and Con’s of Hitch-hiking by Roger Waters which just came on my mp3 jukebox…

As I have stated / admitted elsewhere in this blog, where all women are on a scale of 010, and where most guys claim that they never fuck anything except a 7 or better, me, I don’t care…

Yes, I’ve fucked 10‘s, but I have also fucked 1‘s regularly and once or twice plumbed the depths to fuck a 0 on the scale.

As I sit here and type this I am fucking one 5, one 4, and one 1, these are all at the fucking stage of the internet dating production line I have discussed elsewhere on this blog in the Internet Dating section on the right.


More importantly, the worst thing that can happen when you look at the flipside and subtract is 10-5=5… whereas in reality the 1 is the one that will get supplanted as soon as something better comes to fruition on the production line, so it will be 10-1=9, plus ? the new one is, provided she is a 2 or higher I’m ahead of the game, even if she isn’t, I’m ahead of the game because it is another cunt/ass/mouth that has submitted to a status no higher than being a receptacle for my cum.

Last night I *probably* acquired another 1, sent off my usual short boilerplate “Yo!” to a new skank on Plenty of Fish, local-ish profile with no pic (remember mine has no pic either) within an hour we are SMS/texting and she sends me a face / body pic, then a tits pic, then a cunt pic… yeah, it’s a 1, but it cost me nothing, not even a coffee, and yet it reaffirms my superiority sexually and it also gives another woman direct experience of serving me sexually, let’s be honest here, I’m by far the best she is ever going to get, even without having seen my picture she knows this about me, and is quite willing to act in the role that is appropriate to that.

This is the “Great Lie” that all the wimminz tell, including all the wimminz working in the police and courts and lawyers, the wimminz who love to use words like grooming and control and abuse, the great lie is these skanks fucking EXPECT a man to treat them as being there to see to his sexual needs and desires, they fucking EXPECT a man to be in control sexually, they fucking EXPECT a man to be their master….

The man does not have to actively DO anything, words like grooming and control and abuse all indicate one person taking a PRO-ACTIVE role, DOING stuff to gain / achieve control of another, the FUCKING TRUTH could not be more different, the fucking truth is the man is entirely passive, the skanks queue up to offer themselves as submissive cum-buckets eager to please, and the man merely selects those most comely, most convenient, most accommodating.

GOD FUCKING HELP YOU if you try to say this in a police station or court (ask me how I know… lol) because the wimminz heads will assplode (sic) with outrage and indignation… and if you are fortunate and / or smart enough (see other comments on the blog about permanent electronic record keeping emails / sms / etc) to be able to prove any of your statements that “she was the one begging for it, not me” etc, then rest assured they will do what they can to screw you, in secret family court this means never seeing your kids again, ever… lol

You see, just as we in the MRM have men and manginas, or niggerz as I call them here, the wimminz also have a split, between those who deny their natural inferiority, the feminazis, and those who accept it, the ordinary skank ho wimminz.

All False Rape Accusers and False DV Accusers, while probably suffering from a Cluster B DSMV Personality Disorder, are feminazi skank ho wimminz, all the rest are just skank ho wimminz.

When calculating the mathematics of pussy this is a vital fact to consider, because while men generally will score wimminz on a 0 or 1 to 10 scale, this is in fact imbalanced and incorrect, anything in the feminazi cluster needs to have a “handicap” score added to the basic “fuckability” score.

When you have an extreme feminazi such as my psycho skank ho ex, eager and willing to make false rape accusations against all and sundry with a penis, that handicap score must be -15.

Think about that for a moment, it means the hottest, most fuckable, most goregeous wimminz on the planet, a quite rare and genuine 10, becomes a -5, that is  5 whole points lower than a solid 0, which is what you would apply to the proverbial 300lb fat cunt with bad teeth and bad breath, and yes I have fucked one of them zero’s.

If you think with the big head and not the little head for a moment, this is actually quite logical and simple, fucking some stinky beached whale is much better for you than being the victim of a False Rape Accusation, and once you are the victim of the FRA it doesn’t matter how hot she was, and let me tell you fellas, FRA making skanks aren’t the hottest wimminz on the planet, again, ask me how I know…

So, with our new and improved scoring method which includes the feminazi handicap, all scores are shifted lower, and what I describe as a 1 may well be a 1, paper bag over the head job, yeah, it’s a fugly, but it is an honest fugly with no notable handicap score… now we are looking at the 1985 Mercedes in the small ad’s, sure it is looking tired, but the service records are all there and the mileage is honest and it is pretty much “as advertised”….. if you want a car analogy.

With our new and improved scoring method we can also look at a different wimminz, a 6, on the face of it far more fuckable than the miserable and fugly 1, but unlike the fugly who has a handicap of 0, this one has a handicap of –5, which put’s her exactly on a par with the fugly, who ten minutes ago you were telling me I was brave for fucking, and you wouldn’t fuck her with my dick etc, but, crucially, the non fugly has the handicap of -5 so she is not the equal of the fugly, she is far more dangerous than the fugly to be around.

I suppose in theory a +ve feminazi skank handicap is possible, but it would be a science fiction made to order sex clone, blade runner style, and even then there would be problems.

Which brings us back to the image at the top of this article, in which the infamous beer goggles turn a 0 into a solid 5.

Beer goggles, and an erect penis, and not having been laid for a while, and other personal preferences such as blonde or big tits/ass, can introduce a +ve bias, we will lump all these factors in together and call this the beer goggle handicap.

So the 0 in the image at the top can be a 5 with beer goggles, but can easily also have a -5 handicap, so depending on which man you talk to, and how he is feeling, the same skank can score -5, 0, or 5

You see where the danger lies here, in my own mathematics of pussy I ALWAYS include the handicap score, and try wherever possible to exclude the beer goggles bonus points score, erring on the side of caution, after all, this is my liberty and happiness at stake here, not to mention my ability to bang as much skank pussy as possible and reaffirm my own natural male superiority and their own natural female inferiority as much as possible…

So do not be too quick to judge, or too harsh, or too dismissive, when I say that this week I am banging a 5 + 4 + 1 =10, because these are all scores as you know them on the 0 or 1 to 10 scale, with the up to -15 feminazi skank handicap thrown in, with the up to +5 beer goggles bonus score excluded.

Note well also, this mathematics of pussy score means that the hottest possible skank, with the maximum feminazi handicap, plus the maximum beer goggles bonus, scores a solid 0.

Note well also that while you will almost never see a solid 10 on the traditional score in the flesh (as opposed to airbrished on screen) you will almost never see a solid 0 on the feminazi handicap, and maybe as many as 10% of wimminz who suffer from a Cluster B disorder (diagnosed or not) must score AT least -10 on the feminazi handicap, and psycho skank ho’s like my ex with a history of false accusations, who aren’t that fucking rare either, score a solid -15.

Note well also that beer goggles is often a transient score… 8 hours later when you wake up next to the bitch sober it will be back to 0.

This means that while the MEAN / AVERAGE wimminz score on the traditional scale may be around the 4.5 to 5 mark, the mean / average feminazi skank ho handicap is also going to be floating around the 5 to 7 mark, and the average beer goggles score, when suitably lubricated and horny, runs around the 3.

This gives a range of

4.5 – 5 = -0.5 plus beer goggles 3 = 2.5,


5 – 7 = -2, plus beer goggles 3 = 1

With score ranges from 1 to 2, but in reality once beer goggles have worn off -0.5 to -2, neatly explains 99% of male female interaction, excluding the extreme cases where false accusations are thrown around like confetti.

Maybe you want to reconsider my fucking the 1, fugly, no money or time or effort extended, no feminazi skank handicap, no beer googles bonus, again, and consider attitudes such as “you’re brave” and “I would not fuck that with your dick dude” again.

At least I am smart enough to avoid fucking anything with a negative score, once beer goggles bonus has been excluded, thanks to the mathematics of pussy.

Spare a thought for the poor niggerz, they only have the 1 to 10 range, with the 0 to 5 beer goggles bonus.

The 0 to -15 feminazi skank ho handicap is the vital ingredient of the mathematics of pussy, fact is, you can get by without the usual 0 to 10 hotness scale, AND the 0 to 5 beer goggles scale.

June 9, 2011

What wimminz want

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I have alluded to this before, notably in the Internet Dating series of articles on the right nav area.

But the fact is that this is a subject that bears repeating.

I don’t know how many times, because it is basically the normal scheme of things in my internet dating skanks, that some skank says to me “Oh, the reason I have fucked 50 men and never stuck with any one of them is because none of them wanted me to be a complete and utter slut whore fuckpig like you do!” they may actually be telling the absolute and complete truth about themselves for the very first time in their lives.

I just tell them, Hell, I only want you to be what you are naturally, but I want you to be GOOD at it in order to be worthy of my cock.

They tell me their cunt is leaking and there we go.

Make no mistake, they will ALL still try it on, start listing things they won’t do, or will do when they want, just shrug and tell them that in that case they are no fucking use to you at all.

You have no use for any skank who sets limits of any kind on her obedience and service sexually.

By reply they will tell you that they have always wanted a truly dominant man.

This goes DIRECTLY against EVERYTHING you have been told about wimminz and what makes them tick etc etc etc

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the proof of the pussy is when it has YOUR cum running out of it, and when you stack that against what wimminz are SUPPOSED to be like you are, quite frankly, faced with a stark choice, accept reality or accept the fantasy, there is no middle option, any more than you can be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead.

I think in actuality the reason most men do not put these ideas about wimminz “to the proof” is because subconsciously they already know the answers, and will do anything to avoid having those answers confirmed.

“yahbut, you mean my MUM has almost certainly has a threesome, maybe even around the time I was conceived???”

yup… what? did you think you were fucking special sunshine?

different from the rest of us?

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