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July 7, 2011

It’s time to discuss Niggerz

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To be clear, Niggerz are men who are subservient to feminazism and wimminz, this label of mine has nothing whatsoever to do with racial origins or skin tone or social class or genetics or anything else.

Just as many/most wimminz deny being feminazis, many / most niggerz deny being manginas and misandrists.

There is a thread going on over at the Spearhead, The Better Davis Society, in which the niggerz are out in force supporting the wimminz agenda and trying to shame the men.

Basically at some point someone raised the issue of infidelity, I made the point..

Let’s say you are married or cohabiting or going steady with some skank.

Let’s say I fuck her up the ass when she begs me to.

*I* never made *you* any fucking promises buddy, *she* did

penny dropping yet?

… and suddenly the niggerz are coming out of the woodwork with statements like “well if the husband grabs his shotgun and shoots the pair of you in the face I don’t blame him” and other such crap, and oh yeah, all these niggerz expressing these opinions are new names to the Spearhead, who have been reading and lurking all this time, and who just happened to speak up when this particular button was pressed.

Why? Because they are the beta males who marry these skanks and provide for them.

Now instead of blaming the skank wimminz who made these beta males promises of fealty and fidelity and sole access to the cunt etc, they are blaming the men who are smart enough to know those promises are all bullshit, the men who are quite happy to fuck your wife up the ass (something YOU aren’t allowed to do Mr Beta provider) when she begs us to, and then dump the skank ho back in your lap as soon as she wants anything else.

It’s MY fault YOUR girlfriend is a filthy lying whore, and YOU reward her for this behaviour by defending her and protecting her and feeding and housing her???

Clearly, logically, it ain’t my fault, yet these niggerz are clearly unable to think logically….

…wait a minute, what class of human beings does that remind me of… no, no, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue, I’ll get it in a minute… hmmm, I know…


That’s right, wimminz and niggerz are both either unable to, or refuse to (same end result) use their brain to think logically.

Let’s face it, to put up with a wimminz bullshit and to be her “feeder”, her “enabler”, her vanity mirror mirror on the wall, her protector, you basically have to shut down all the logical circuits in your male brain, there is simply no alternative… this is like mice infected with the brain parasite that makes cat piss smell interesting claiming that finding cat piss interesting is their choice, their right, their free will, and they will grab a shot gun and shoot any mouse who says different and fucks minnie while they are out sipping tom’s piss.

And here’s another thing, you niggerz with all your talk about shotguns and stomping ass and shit.

You really seriously believe in my career I have never come across your type when the realisation hit you that I was fucking your wife up the ass and she worshipped me for it?

If you niggerz cunts were CAPABLE of kicking my ass you’d be able to fuck your own wife up the ass and she wouldn’t need me to treat her like a whore and pound all her holes like the animal she is… penny dropping yet?

If you weren’t such a mangina beta niggerz you might be able to pose a serious or credible threat to me, you wouldn’t be such a fucking pathetic beta “feeder”, and your wife/girlfriend/whatever might respect you a bit more and get some more of what she craves from you, instead of from men.

Fact is, you find me fucking your wife, you should offer to thank me somehow, because I am doing you a fucking great favour you mangina beta niggerz.

I am doing you the favour of not taking your bitch away from you, because she will drop your mangina beta niggerz ass in a heartbeat to follow me around begging to make her mine, and because if I didn’t purge those desires periodically, desires you are unable to acknowledge much less satisfy, the bitch would dump your ass in search of another man to scratch her itch. Maybe a whole series of them.

I am PRESERVING your marriage / relationship you stupid beta niggerz, the only problem here is your stupid fucking delusion that your swinging cock is the only one going near her holes, like that is some right you earn in exchange for being her feeder.

Oh, and your stupid fucking delusion that when push comes to shove you will actually stop being a niggerz and start being a man and actually be able to face me and your skank down, when the reality is you will scream and stamp your feet, which will make me laugh and which will make your girlfriend/wifes cunt gush with desire for me, as you further establish my credibility and manhood with every breath / gesture / word / thought that you do, underlining your feeder status, confirming that you actually care about the long term tending of that cunt, while underlining my status as a man who has no interest in that cunt beyond periodically pounding the fuck out of it and dumping my cum in there, if I feel like it, if the bitch is obedient and subservient enough.

Where do you think these guys come from who like to watch their wife / girlfriend being fucked by other men, and then be “rewarded” themselves by going down on that used cunt?

Are you really so stupid you think they are made that way?
At 14 all their erotic dreams revolved around bringing their wife to orgasm by licking another man’s semen out of her cunt?
And then maybe once a week being allowed to deposit some of his own in that cunt?

You think even one single one of those guys did not get there except by one day actually trying to enforce control of his wife/girlfriends cunt with the man who was cuckolding him, only to find that that man did not see his as a credible threat, and the so called loyal wife/girlfriend joins in the humiliation, and now your cuckolded ass is out in the open in front of all three of you, and now you get to go down on that used cunt, or go find another one that will let you become its feeder.

You stupid married / cohabiting beta mangina niggerz who think cunts naturally smell of fish and naturally taste of chicken… I have seen and heard you stupid cunts even tell me shit (and this is real world examples) that your wife’s cunt smells all sort of musty and earthy and doggy, meanwhile the family labrador is fucking the two year olds thomas the tank engine, I have had you tell me that after a night out with the girls, one of those back at 6 am or later nights out with the girls, you wife is tired and sweaty and just wants to shower and sleep all day, or your wife is tired out after doing all the housework and school runs and laundry all day (yeah, better change the sheets after my cum leaks out onto them), or you are like only the third guy every to be with her, and those guys on facebook etc are old classmates and husbands of their girlfriends and shit.

NOBODY could be that dumb and delusional unless they work at it 24/7, the definition of wimminz and their niggerz.


  1. I seem to have started it, and oh, as you say, they came out to attack like a bunch of white knights. Of course I could have defended myself and explained the whole thing in detail, which might have put a different complexion on it, but why do so?, they had me as guilty, even though SHE forced herself on me. They don’t know to what extent I restrained myself, caught between 1. I don’t fancy you, and 2. I am a hetero male being offered pussy.

    All I would say here, is, that in life I always regret what I did not do and never regret what I did.

    Comment by Opus — July 7, 2011 @ 11:12 am

    • You didn’t start it, these betas have been looking to pick this particular fight for quite some time now.

      Frankly speaking, “yeah, I fucked her” comes across as an honest guy, shrugs.. not delusional, not up his own ass, not in denial about his nature…

      Comment by wimminz — July 7, 2011 @ 11:18 am

  2. Quite right, after all, it is only sex – and no big deal. Pussy should not be pedestalised so much!

    Comment by Opus — July 7, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

  3. Curious that on that thread my critics (as you rightly noticed) are new contributors at the Spearhead. Curious. Trolls?

    Comment by Opus — July 7, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

    • no, I think just lurking betas whose buttons you inadvertently pushed.

      Comment by wimminz — July 7, 2011 @ 12:24 pm

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  5. I certainly did that AFoR. Well said!

    Comment by Opus — July 7, 2011 @ 4:00 pm

  6. Yeah, I got me some new shitheads to neg all the time. Once they write like wimminz. I skip their comments and neg them like the other wimminz. I don’t want to get dumber reading them.

    (Christ and Oden! I like what you call them, but it’s killing me trying to remember it. It’s tough to get old.)

    Comment by Legion — July 8, 2011 @ 2:59 am

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