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April 23, 2013

I always thought…

…that as you get older, young teen girls are supposed to look younger and younger to you, but that isn’t what is happening, and it kind of gelled in a Slog piece a few days back, where the author talks about wandering around Athens looking at the economic issues when a 10 year old girl walks up and says she will cost very little for his pleasure.

Hell, the Acropolis is well over 2,000 years old, it has seen all this shit before, indeed the Peloponnesian war was all about Athens becoming “too powerful and influential” in the region.

You might get individual humans who despite the kind of power discrepancy that existed between the author in the slog article and the 10 year old whore, will refrain from using that power, but corporations, states and armies will not ever refrain from using any power discrepancy they encounter.images

But Greece yet again provides an excellent lesson, there are 10 year olds whoring themselves in the streets and kids going to school with severe hunger pangs and pharmacies with empty shelves, but the State is talking about plans to jail anyone who owes the State more than 5k Euro in unpaid taxes…. good luck to those of you thinking an economic famine will cause the state to cut pointless crap like wimminz legal powers over men and fathers…. really good fucking luck… you’ll need it.

I have always heard a lot of people say “xxx are a bunch of cunts” where xxx is a country, to which I have responded “I have a lot of time for the xxx people” but of course unlike the speaker I have been there and met them

Many moons ago, due to a backstory that isn’t relevant, I found myself on the bones of my ass in the deep south peloponnese, if I could get my as to Athens, in 5 days time there would be a ticket waiting for me at the airport, but that was a 300 km walk away, and I hadn’t eaten anything for a day or two, and I literally had no money, and I had an injured leg, I could limp, and it hurt like a bitch.

I didn’t beg, I didn’t ask, I didn’t woe is me, but the fact is the simple human kindness and generosity of a couple of greeks that I barely knew from Adam go me to Athens with two days to spare and nothing to do but wander around. It gives you a different perspective from the author of the slog, the rich foreigner staying in the hotel with his credit cards and travellers cheques, and it was of course at the other end of the “euro” saga, when the coffers were opened and there was european money for everything, from owning land to popping out kids to building a vast subway system under Athens.

Athens had a good bus system, as far as I knew at the time 50% of riders (including me) never paid a fare, the only things you couldn’t really get away with not paying on were the hydrofoils, and even in those high times every family had members who had fucked off abroad for economic reasons, places like Canada and the States, but even then the Athens I saw was like the Venice I saw, like any other place really, go behind the streets of plate glass windows of the Cartier shops and keep walking and sooner or later you got to where people were poor and had fuck all.

So I’m not saying there weren’t 10 year old whores walking up to obviously (relatively) wealthy foreigners in the street and offering them sexual pleasure for very little money, but that they wouldn’t have been walking up to me, and in any event they would have had to be illegals from Romania or Abania or somewhere because if they were Greek there were other options… not that whoring or whorehouses were rare in Greece even then.

That’s the other thing about greece, it’s afghanistan or kurdistan with a few bits of stunted growth, olive trees and just big bonsai, they live a thousand years because there is only enough goodness in what passes for soil to grow a few mm a year, living off the land in Greece as a forager is HARD, will easily kill you hard, and it is a cold place in winter, and sunny enough for tourism in summer, and yes there is 2000+ years of history, but if you avoid the tourist groups and actually wander around the ancient places (Napflion for example) you don’t feel like you are treading in history, you feel like you are walking over a place that got nuked every 100 years for the last millennium, history is not a 10 year old whore, it is the same whore 80 years later.

The 10 year old whore is just the mark of the start of another cycle in history.

And that’s what gelled, there are no more young teen girls that look like young teen girls, because those times have passed, rather like when I went to school, there were no fat bastards in the annual school photo, and fat bastards were seen with scorn, because everyone else came from a common culture of hard times and austerity, and gluttony was despised.


September 8, 2012

One flew over the skank ho’s nest

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One of the interesting things about site stats is seeing what links people do NOT click, the Men’s Links get almost no action, compared to links within posts or pages themselves, which is a shame because fully half of the men’s links are to do with the world and economy… no one trick pony stuff here, but apparently it falls on stony ground.

You know that thing about your pornstar name, name of your first pet + name of the street you grew up on, hell of a think when that comes up with more genuine sounding names than people’s actual given names, which is quite often the state of affairs now for anyone under 20, because they were named by their skank ho single mommy while she was high on bukkake..

But, in an allegory to the warning that the command “Fire!” could be issued in any language, even a funny sounding one, some of these kids with the wierded out names can come out with some stone cold shit.

So there I was, the autumn chill starting to bite in the evening, talking to some of the young scum, when one of them said something stone cold to me… he tells me I am a lucky motherfucker, because I have access to submissive sluts, I countered by saying there are submissive sluts his age, I know because I fucked one a few weeks ago and she was the same age as him.

So he takes the last draw on his smoke and flicks it into the canal and says “Yeah, but the ones your age can see the buzzards circling, they meet a proper man like you and see the last chance saloon, they see us and just see young boys, and the girls our age all think they are going to get a real big break and make it big any day soon now…

I just look at him silently, waiting for him to continue… he does…

makes a difference, you know, when a bitch thinks she has options, you know, she sees the buzzards and then sees you as a ride outta town, the older bitches you get like that ***** slut, they know it is all downhill, you’re the last proper man they are going to meet…

He’s 20 and has the declining SMV thing down stone cold, and I am looking at him and left with a powerful reminder that man was always a cursorial hunter, every 4 legged critter on the planet was faster than man, but man would walk them down, for days if required, and here is a man accepting that while certain game is on the menu now, he will have to await the passage of many moons and the acquisition of much experience before he can hunt other classes of game.

Irrespective of questions about which types of game are more worthy, I am left with the lasting feeling that the hunter / survival ethos is strong in this one.

The cosmic hilarity that somewhere in the 99% of “dark DNA” that comprise us, is the wiring and solution to the quite new and apparently unique problem of feminazism fucking up the world, Atlas didn’t shrug, DNA did.

50% youth unemployment in Spain and Greece, meet “the devil finds work for idle hands”.

…and some of those idle hands have been listening to older men like me, and hearing what we say…  like previous to this the conversation about asking various wimminz to define the differences between a whore and a slut, the conversation about how wimminz hate a man who makes then work for something, and then sets no further goals, but love a man who treats them like a disposable employee who only keeps the job as long as they show a profit for the company, the conversation about how every wimminz knows at least two wimminz who are in “unhaaaaaapy” marriages, but their husbands will be the last to know…

I may not be right about any of it, they will listen simply on the basis that it is an alternative TV channel to all the mainstream 57 varieties of social programming, brownshirts, blackshirts, SWAPO children’s army, Mao’s revolutionary kindergarten, and Hitler’s kinder egg, there is a vast and untapped resource here, just waiting for the right messiah, the right messenger.

Meanwhile I am living in a fucking asylum, so I need not seek it, and the feminazi inmates have long since taken over and are running the place into the ground, keep faking the meds, and fucking the skanks.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

July 4, 2012

Genetic Engineering

No, I am not so much thinking of gene splicing in a lab, or come to that the OMD track, but rather the real world experiments that is life itself.

Once notable thing that the feminazis and niggerz have inscribed into their DNA is the belief that they can, like some large corporation, externalise everything they don’t like or want.

The trouble with externalising everything is that it is only a workable policy in the short term, if you take the longer term you can see a multi-stepped chain of cause and effect in say, externalising the costs of making iCrap products in China.

Nota Bene, I am NOT talking about offshoring, which is a purely economic thing, Hung Pow will work for 5 bucks a day and no medicare or anything else, that is offshoring… externalising is when you follow Hung Pow home at night and see the migrant workers slums he lives in, then the next link in the chain to the subsistence farmers who used to work that land, then the next link in the chain to the extreme density and proximity of people and livestock, humans / pigs / chickens, and next thing you know Bird Flu jumps a species barrier again, and that gets shipped back to the USA/EMEA along with the boxes of new iCrap products.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, is the end of that particular story… instead it is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex story.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, isn’t going to propagate any further changes in the world, or to anyone else, least of all by some circuitous route back to them, now that THEY have stopped what THEY were doing, instead that too is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex set of consequences.

Just as in the crammed together humanity and livestock in China, afterwards you can’t really establish a patient zero, it is more of case of if you encourage, either by action or inaction, by direct control or by direct externalisation, such living conditions, it is more a case of when, rather than if, Bird Flu #3 jumps the species barrier, so the identity and personality and so on of patient zero is not relevant, because any one of the people forced to live like that could become patient zero.

Of course, it was a man, Newton, who coined the phrase “Every action has a reaction”, so it should not come as a huge surprise that the wimminz and niggerz do not, and will not, understand this…

But nevertheless, it is fact, and we are indulging in MASSIVE social and genetic and psychological and indeed economic experimentation, upon ourselves as a whole.

In truth, it is even worse than this, we are not making one change, then taking notes and incorporating these findings into the next phase of treatment, what we are doing is simply doubling down every time we note that the desired end result has not yet materialised.

2 pills didn’t work, lets try 4, that didn’t work, lets try 8, that didn’t work, lets try 16, patients start dying of overdoses, well there was obviously something ELSE wrong with them, for them to have had such an unusual reaction, rinse and repeat.

Sooner or later you get to the stage that we are in now.

Where nobody who is alive is old enough to remember the average “control” status of things, before this great experiment started…..

… and then you get the flipside of this, I was born in the fifties, and I can barely open a so called “news” article and not come across the phrase “… since records began in xxxx” where xxxx is something like 1985, when I was already a man with a trade ploughing my own furrow in this wacky world…

Because of course any evidence that contradicts the aims of the current experiment must simply be erroneous data, so we discard it, hell, lets just discard EVERYTHING that does not fit in with the aims of the experiment.

Idiocracy was SUPPOSED to be a fucking comedy, not a guide book…

So now we are in a place where those running the ongoing experiment are themselves products of an earlier stage of that same experiment, the nearest thing to “control factors”, people like us, have opted out and bailed out, preferring to watch the slow motion train crash from the very rear of car #99 at the back of the train, let all the asshole experimenters ride in first class up the front…

all of which brings us to the other player, the one behind the curtain, the one with the 5 MILLION year plan, nature.

Nature is like the Chinese… if YOU think those fuckers are playing the loooooong game, you should see it from THEIR side, 2,000 year old experiments with fiat currency and 200 year old experiments with leveraged western banking systems are not something that they are on the outside of looking in.

The Chinese are in Africa in a big way, and they are in Africa the way the white man was at the beginning, accepting that the black african native is both lazy and stupid, and importing their own labour.

The Chinese are building ready made cities in Angola, urbanisations that will house 75/100 thousand people, built in exchange for local mineral resources, and these places stand empty, because the locals cannot afford them, so they sit there, waiting… waiting…

Until the west starts to collapse properly and we can no longer afford to project military and economic might, and suddenly 100,000 Chinese will move into that empty urbanisation and then it is game over for the Angolans, excepting a few corrupt politicians and generals, who will be enjoying themselves in Acapulco spending Chinese money.

Meanwhile back home here in the west, Nature will continue her experiment, and when the wimminz and niggerz want to stop and wind back the clock, Nature will step in and press the pedal to the metal, and it will be a very bad time to be a wimminz or a niggerz, sat screaming in first class at the front of the train as it rushes headlong into the buffers.

June 10, 2012

If I had a rocket

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Bit of a mixture today, some anecdotal stuff.

While I am still “off” PoF as far as pump and dump is concerned, I am still watching, and seeing ever more re-written profiles, and ever more wimminz who started out looking for “long term” that graduated through” dating” to now being in the “intimate encounter” section.

I am also seeing the younger wimminz (e.g. below 30) starting to abandon PoF in droves, I know  a couple of these and discussed it with them, and the bottom line is they just ain’t feeling the love, pump and dump cum-buckets is the only thing the guys on PoF are interested in apparently… this conversation turned anecdotal when I mentioned a 27 year old wimminz on PoF, not bad looking, who basically offered me any kind of sex I wanted, but I turned her down, mainly because she was 30 minutes drive away and frankly I couldn’t be assed, what with her being a single mum and guaranteed to have a messy home (she admitted this) etc, even if she was gagging to do the lambada on my cock.

The two young wimminz I related this anecdote to (remember I am in my 50’s) were, to put it bluntly, fucking aghast, especially as I have done one of them in the past so they know it ain’t a case of me not knowing how to fuck or being able to.

So if she was in town, 5 minutes away by car, you’d have gone over and fucked?


But because she was outta town, 30 minutes drive away, you didn’t!!??


So what would it have taken to make you drive that extra 25 minutes?

Well if she was a solid 9, no kids, 20, I guess I would have had to go over and corrupt her.” said with shit eating grin.

Remember both these chicks are mid to late twenties, and both have kids at home being babysat by their mums…  and I just reduced THEIR Sexual Market Value to about 10 minutes driving.

Let me tell you all something, if you REALLY watch these wimminz and pay attention and SEE, you will notice something.

Asking / expecting these wimminz to come to terms with the decimation of their SMV is really, really, really close to watching a gambling addict realising they are broke and have no credit at the bookies.

So some time later I am sat with a different crowd of people I know, and this crowd is different because it is mainly male, and most of the guys are one form of engineer or another, and for some reason fukushima comes up, and the subject of fallout.

So, I throw in one of my little true questions.

“How many atom bomb explosions have there been?”

This is an interesting question, because everyone says two (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) then pauses and adds a third, Los Alamos, a very very few will then add “a few more, Bikini Atoll tests etc”

All will also say that the USA and USSR have enough nukes to wipe out all life on earth many times over, and by now the wimminz in the group are getting very animated and anti nuke.

So I say, “Between 1945 and 1998, the tests and other bomb detonations THAT WE KNOW ABOUT total just under two thousand one hundred atomic explosions, this being a mixture of atomic fission bombs and thermonuclear fusion bombs”

Without exception, I am met with a few moments of stunned silence, and then total and utter disbelief.

I can always settle this, just bet me everything you own, literally, and I will point you to several indisputable official sources where you can document that I am correct.

At which point the horror really sets in, and the mother earth anti nuke wimminz and their niggers start planning to join the green party etc.

So I drop this little thought.

Since we have detonated 2000+ nuclear WEAPONS on the surface of our planet in LESS THAN FIFTY YEARS, and we are all still here, maybe you better get it through your heads that we cannot nuke ourselves into extinction… sure, we can kill millions and utterly destroy economies, societies and nations, but we did that in the last war with nothing much more than small arms and incendiary bombs.

Without exception, at this point the group splits into two, one is all male, and all engineers of some sort, the other group is everyone else, all the wimminz, and all the wimminz engineers.

I then point THIS fact out, and say that THIS is the most interesting and influential and important factor, because only the purely practical engineering male mind can build, or rebuild, yes, the purely practical male engineering mind can also destroy, but everyone else are just cyphers, they don’t really change the outcomes, except they make the practical male engineering types less incentivised to do any of the building or maintenance or rebuilding.

Usually at this point these groups break up, and I get accused of being a downer… lol

This time, because the European economy was on the agenda too, it didn’t, and tellingly it was one of the mother earth wimminz who asked the next poignant question….

My answer as near as I can recall was this;

Say the shit starts to hit the fan right now, someone gets a newsflash on their smartphone, and say we are now sat in Greece or Spain, with me so far?

everyone nods

What I can do is get up, announce that I am going for a piss, go outside, get in my car, fill the tank with diesel, drive straight to a ferry, hit France, and 24 hours later I am in Greece or Spain or wherever it is I have bugged out to….

They struggle for a while with the concept of literally just walking away from my scented candles, barry manilow records, rabbit vibes and louboutins, while it dawns that none of those things mean shit when the SHTF anyway.

What will you take with you, I am asked… I raise my eyebrows and point at myself.

What about gold and stuff, how are you gonna carry your wealth, how will you live, I am asked.

I point out that you cannot eat gold, only get killed for it, and my most valuable assets BY A FUCKING MILLION MILES are my own skills, my minimal needs, and my extreme flexibility.

So the earth mother wimminz speaks up again, you’d go in your car I assume, I say yeah, given a choice it offers more options than my bikes, given an hour I can throw all my digital assets in it, and a reasonable selection of tools, and it provides shelter from the elements as well as transport.

So, she says, if you are going in a car, you could take someone else with you.

Yeah, but it wouldn’t be a wimminz, doesn’t matter where I am going, there will be plenty of cunt there, and they will have seen the writing on the wall because of whatever is going down where I just left, so IF I fucking took someone it would be someone I could rely on, someone who would watch my back.

and again I witnessed a wimminz who was confronted with her SMV being zero.


Remember this is a group of people sat around in a social situation, many simultaneous conversations are going on about the subject in question.

So someone raised the subject of Gold again, and earth momma says “Yeah” because remember seeing her SMV as being zero is like the gambler looking for a line of credit, they will get on board ANY deal going.

What you fuckers do not realise, if your asset is Gold or cunt, it can be TAKEN from you, easily, but if you are trying to TRADE it with me in exchange for something YOU want, eg a fucking ride out of here to Greece or Spain RIGHT FUCKING NOW, or food and potable water along the way, or whatever, you have no way of FORCING that deal on me, on YOUR terms.

Your gold, or your cunt, is only worth what value ___I___ place on it, this is known as being “Marked to Market” I tell them.

Not willing to swallow this red pill, both earth momma and the niggerz start in on the shaming, “But what about your kids??? You just going to abandon them!

Well, there are two answers to that, one is that the very reason for me bugging out means that if I stay I get rendered powerless and UNABLE to help them in any way, the other is an answer you are probably more likely to accept… that answer is “fuck em” as in “look after number one” as in “I’m alright Jack”

Earth momma is shaking her head in disbelief, and says she can’t believe my attitude, how can any man get so callous.

I smile sweetly, gesture with the nearly empty glass at the second group, e.g. all the non practical, non engineering, non males in the group, and say “Remember what I said a few minutes ago about being de-incentivised???

Earth momma looks me straight in the eyes and say “What have I done for you lately

I look straight back at her and say “Bingo!

Earth momma nods, of course she gets it, this is EXACTLY how wimminz operate, who cares what you have done for them in the past, what have you done LATELY?

But, she is still the broke gambling addict looking for a line of credit, she isn’t prepared to work on the problem, she didn’t offer to refill my glass, do the lambada on my cock, or put diesel in my tank, she is still in denial, still playing “Can’t happen here”.

I spent the rest of the evening with the practical, male, engineering types, who did refill my glass, and made comments like “You know, now I am starting to see why you never buy any cars or bikes with electronics or computers under the hood, why you won’t have anything but pushrod engines or camchain (not cambelt) engines, why you won’t have anything highly tuned or fussy, why you like buck knives, zippos, quality old tools.

Because I can DEPEND on the bastards.

To me, this is a thing of pleasure during fat times, but necessity when TSHTF.

If you can only ever carry one general purpose knife, make it a Buck.

If you can only ever carry one fire maker, make it a Zippo.

If you can only ever carry one bug out partner, make it a practical engineering type with a cock.

May 31, 2012

You picked the wrong man to ask the right question.

It is a popular myth, and indeed a created and crafted myth, that while we today are smart, we are smarter than those in the past, and while we today are smart, we aren’t smart enough because the problems are just too big and complex you see…

The subject / title of this post is by the way a direct quote from a Greek, in 1971, 5 years into the military coup after their last economic collapse.

I was fortunate enough to tour Cyprus, the entire island, that year, the last year you could do so, because Turkey invaded…

… fast forwards to 2012, and Greece is on the ropes again, the puppet government just had secret talks with the generals, and the Turks just changed the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus… interesting times.

For those of you who do not know Europe… Greece is “odd”, it is not a western country, but neither is it a middle eastern country, rather it is like a mix that did not work, think milk and alcohol, whereas Turkey and the Ottomans is clearly middle eastern in flavour, with western influences like veins running through marble.

Further north we have the soviets, further south we have the Med separating off Africa, but the Greek / Turkish border has always been a locus.

The best way to protect such a border is to turn it in to a minefield, and the purpose of a minefield is to be inhospitable, and the territory inside a minefield does not matter to those who live outside it.

Better for the rest of Europe to fight a land war in the Balkans and Crimea than on their own soil, and all that good stuff.

Which brings me right back to the title of this piece, and the hidden facts behind it.

There have always been no shortage of men on the street who knew EXACTLY what the fuck was going on, who knew how to express it eloquently and simply, in phrases such as those above, while themselves living under the hammer of state oppression.

Twain said history does not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme, and the fact is that the cattle are a lot easier to manage if they never learn the lyrics of the song.

The map above tells you everything you need to know about a great method for resetting the world’s economic / monetary / social / cultural policies, and doing so in a way that is “outside” the home soil of all of those with a problem… the only problem is wildfires tend to spread.

Interesting motherfucking times indeed.

May 23, 2012

No “players” please, just clueless newbs.

It’s been a funny old week, for one I am seeing more and more wimminz who have been on PoF for a year or so just say fuck it and re-write their profile from “dating” or “long term” etc. to “intimate encounter“…. I did mention it before, but her mentality and all that, I am seeing it more and more lately.

Let’s face it, fuck-buddy / FWB is the lowest opening bid in the relationship stakes a wimminz can place on the table, you either have to be very confident, not give a fuck about chump change, or desperate to play at those stakes, I will leave it to the reader to guess which applies to the wimminz.

I also just had an interesting conversation with an FWB that I blew out, she was shocked by it, assuming she was “doing enough” to keep it going, whereas I said your attitude just didn’t make me feel like my cock was that special to you…. lolol…  so I mentioned something about pastures green, if you could get to them past all the wimminz on PoF who specifically stated that they did not want players / had kissed a lot of frogs etc… and she laughed, and said something interesting.

She said “yeah, that’s because you lot (players) don’t buy our bullshit.

So in effect “no players” is not saying “I do not want a man who sees me as a fuck-buddy“, but rather it is saying “I want a man who still buys MY version of reality and doesn’t question it“, where her version of reality is that she is a cuddly sexy nice and trustworthy and reliable person, whereas the real version of reality is she has already fucked some guy over in a divorce, leopards never change their spots, and the only possible reason to spend any time in her company is to be dumping some cum in her holes.

Being pre-selected as “unsuitable to fuck” by these wimminz is not actually any kind of insult or reflection upon me, it means that I am projecting EXACTLY the right image of myself along the wimminz grapevine in PoF, where the wimminz themselves are self selecting themselves and elimination us as possible fuck-buddies, while doing so in such a way that it is DEMONSTRABLY their choice… no possible future hassles for me.

But, the title of this piece could equally be applied to many other things, such as financial markets, or say the political system in Greece, and while I cannot prove it or demonstrate it, it is quite clear to me that to the wimminz on PoF the “man market” is about the same as the “buyers market” for someone trying to sell a house in Spain, there are a LOT of fuckers out there peering at the cards in the agents’ windows, but no fucker is actually buying, and those on BOTH sides of the glass know exactly what is going on, even if neither of them admit it openly.

Just as there are people who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” for a property, and then state a totally ludicrous asking price, there are wimminz on PoF who claim all sorts of supposed “attractive features” (hang on, isn’t it supposed to me MY fucking decision if you are sexy or not… etc) and then state a totally ludicrous “asking price”, eg specification for the man who will be “lucky enough” to be “rewarded” with her becoming your parasite…  but just as in the real estate agent markets, everyone knows that THAT house is never going to sell for a fraction of that fucking money, and that anyone stupid enough to pay even a quarter of the asking price will lose his fucking shirt even if he flips it in a week.

Especially when it isn’t a “one owner from new” house, but a flop-house / motel, which is what “kissed too many frogs” is an explicit admission of, they may as well say “Village Bike” on the first line of their adverts, doesn’t matter how well it is preserved or how hot it may once have been, everyone knows everyone else has ridden it, so like the flop-house / motel, the only possible reason for buying it is if you can buy it cheap enough to turn a profit… no way you would want to move in YOURSELF….

Expect big daddy State to get just as freaky and insane in the defence of the wimminz as it is in the housing ponzi scheme, according to the slit Lagarde at the IMF the Bank of England base rate of 0.5% is way too high, and the reason that the UK housing market has stagnated, so the BoE is supposed to lower interest rates for home loans, to maybe 0.0%… I shit you not… I have no idea how this is supposed to work, when even interest only repayment liar loans stopped working, but it should GIVE YOU A FUCKING CLUE WHAT IS TO COME.

Like the housing ponzi scheme the wimminz ponzi scheme has not yet collapsed, because nobody dare mention zat ze emperor, he has no clothes, because the whole things got so fucking crazily out of control, that there is no fucking way to get a soft readjustment, the only way forwards is a hard crash, and the more it is postponed the wore it will be, but kick the can down the road they do.

But the fact is that the wimminz ponzi scheme is getting ever more fragile, and it is getting ever more difficult to maintain the illusion, and it is going to be a stone cold bitch when it resets, because in effect the wimminz ponzi scheme IS the fucking State apparatus, the wimminz ARE the apparatchicks (sic)

So the house that has been “For Sale” for three years for £195,950 is still for sale, but now the sign says “No offer refused”, or “Auction” but a no reserve one where it gets market to market, because EVEN IF IT IS WORTH NOTHING, THE CURRENT OWNERS WITH TO DIVEST THEMSELVES OF THE ONGOING MAINTENANCE AND EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES.

And so it will be with the wimminz, and we may see this first in Greece or Spain if the State collapses in those places…  the wimminz who are nurses or secretaries may find themselves employable, but they will be marked to market and the rest of the wimminz on the State tit will be simply discarded.

At that point far from the “not a bad pair of tits” on a 40 year old body coming with a ludicrous “asking price”, even getting into the table to place the “intimate encounter” / will fuck for free no strings lowest opening bid is going to be one over subscribed motherfucker.

Which brings me to the OTHER thing I am seeing on PoF, while many of the wimminz who failed to sell their properties on the dating and long term relationship markets are sliding over to the intimate encounter / lowest opening bid sector, the ones already there are doubling down.

What can you do to beat a “will fuck for free” lowest opening bid?

“Will fuck / threesome for free” of course, and I am seeing it.

Got a fucking roof with running water and electricity and heating and the ability to feed an extra two mouths?

Sooner than you may think, that may be enough to be an alpha dog with the wimminz competing to be one of the two you offer shelter to.

May 12, 2012

You can always hear the king call

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One of the rules of spammers was that they always defined spam as “that which they themselves did not do…”

This is actually an excellent metric / definition for many other things, totalitarian regime, marxist / leninist / anarcho syndicalist commune, police state.

In every one of these places they will define that appropriate label and “that which we ourselves do not do.”

I have lived and travelled in many places on this planet, many of them were trouble-spots, even if they were not defined as active war zones, either with neighbours or civil, or as being under martial law.

Frankly this is where the money is, but whether by luck or judgement I always managed to not be there when the shit hit the fan, for example I missed Rwanda by less than seven days.

None of them ever, ever, ever defined themselves as what they were, and by and large the majority of the population agreed, when the population doesn’t agree you get revolution and civil war as happened recently in Yugoslavia.

I have seen (foreign white men there only for the work quite often) thrown in “jails” that were little more than cess pits, because a local who never even owned a bike accused the guy in question of stealing his bike, I have seen a man who was sent around the bend by the treatment he had and ended up saluting petrol pumps, I have seen an otherwise normal man who would always pick up ants and put them in his beer, and there were the lucky ones that got out alive and in one piece physically, largely because they were white and their family or company could afford to come up with some payola.

These are the “funny” stories that I can tell over a beer, I could tell other far more grisly stories, I won’t, not here.

Currently I find myself living and working in Runway 51, the country formerly known as the United Kingdom, and speaking as a relative outsider who has travelled and worked in many of the world’s “hotspots” I feel that I am well qualified to look around me and spot when I am living in what is in effect a police state, where I have zero rights and the only way to survive is to fly lower than anyone else.

Jean Charles De Menezes is a nice little example, a man minding his own business, obeying every law in the land, who becomes the subject of mistaken identity, and hour later he has seven bullets in his head (and others elsewhere) because as you know, one 9mm round at point blank range in the brain just ain’t enough, the double tap is the only way to be sure, and in the case of enemies of the state and zombies seven rounds is ideal.

I didn’t see Menezes corpse, but I have seen others that have taken a similar number of handgun rounds to the head from 38 S&W or 9mm Hipower, not because the first didn’t kill them, but because when you hate some fucker and they die on you and you still have some live shells left what the fuck are you supposed to do to burn that adrenaline rush off, and not once did any of them have what could be described as a head left after the fifth round, after that it was just shooting into a pile of gristle on top of the neck.

Typically there are some 3 million children in this country who have been taken away from their father by the state, and this has been “legitimised” by creating the paperwork to do this in the secret family courts, where none of the criminal legal standards of evidence and preponderance of doubt apply, all it takes, all it ever takes, is hearsay, as though the plural of accusation is evidence.

Typically these systems reserve a special hate for those who, when thusly fucked up the ass, refuse to bow down and accept that they did indeed commit some awful crime, and so as a result only those who, against all the odds, continue to protest their innocence are denied all possibility of parole or early release, no matter how much of a model prisoner they actually are.

That which we do not do includes imprisoning innocent men for decades, like South Africa did to Mandela, except we do, the papers are full of people who did 20 years behind bars for always maintaining their innocence, and were ultimately exonerated by DNA evidence.

Evil countries like Russia did this with the gulags, evil countries like North Korea do this, good countries like Israel, the UK, the USA , France, they do not do this, by dint of claiming that such abuses are “that which we do not do”

I could tell you a story about an ex WW2 E boat that used to be moored in a harbour in an island on the western side of Greece, and the guns, which included FN assault rifles and Browning Hipowers, were stored in the local police station when the boat and crew were in port.. when the boat left the crew went to the police station and collected the guns, then hammered up the coast to buy “stuff” in Albania and drop it off in Italy… often chased by the relevant customs boats, exchanging small arms fire and automatic assault rifle fire, when the boat got back to Greece the weapons were handed back and the bullet holes fixed, stuff was often Marboros in cartons of 5,000, but then greed set in and “stuff” started to become the odd bale of grass, and everyone else got greedy to.. I bailed, two weeks later the entire crew were taken and got 25 years in an Albanian jail.

By any metric that I know, I am living in a Police State.

I have not ever been to the mainland USA, and so while on the one hand I cannot speak with authority because of that, the border controls that make me choose to stay out are the border controls of a Police State.

The USA Department for homeland security, which is in country with a population of some 310 million, has ordered 450 million round of hollow point handgun ammo. Clearly there are other supplies / stocks / orders for 5.56, 50 cal etc

5 rounds of 38 S&W or 9mm parabellum reduced human skulls to a mass of minced meat and gristle and bone,  have no direct experience but I suspect 2 rounds of hollow point will do the same job.

I have seen hollow points used on human limbs, I am not a medical doctor, but I do not believe the long term prognosis would have been anything but amputation or death.

Last week I accompanied a good friend of mine to the secret family courts as a McKenzie Friend, I have no legal knowledge to speak of, and I was not there to advise him legally, but a McKenzie is the only way for an outsider to be admitted to secret family court.

My job was to sit next to him for a day and a half with my arm across his shoulders, and every time he twitched too much or drew a breath to speak, I shifted my hand and drove my thumb into his neck, HARD. He still has the bruises.

I took the job because after an earlier hearing he said he felt like he was “..living in a fucking police state”  I leaned forwards, grabbed his jaw, looked him right in the eye and said “You are.

and continued “And unless you learn to act appropriately, you are going to lose what fucking freedoms and abilities you have left.

I’m just waiting for us to progress to the point where we start recruiting for the Waffen SS, when that time comes I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to the role of Haupt, none of that fucking feldwebel stuff for me, I have a Google email alert for the local jobs section…

May 7, 2012

Where have all the flowers / good men / leaders gone?

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Shades of a song from around about the late sixties / early seventies.

It is also a common refrain on PoF, “where are all the good men?

and in shades of mystery theater I of course respond out loud to these insane, narcissistic and delusional wimminz profiles, What the fuck do you have to attract a good man? you’ve had more cock than a hungry fox, you are waaaay past fertile age, because you are waaaay past fertile age nature has discarded whatever looks you once had, what the fuck else is there? Your wondrous personality? The pleasure of your fucking company?!

Fuck you cards.

and in other news the French and the Greeks are laying places at the table for the arrival of the Archduke Ferdinand, and the main course is the Euro, as toast.

“Balkanisation” is a word that has entered our lexicons (or those of us old enough to go to school back when schools actually provided an education, as opposed to turning out mindless sheeple) and yet it is also a historical word that came from fragmentation leading to war, and yet we are seeing the balkanisation of various regions, including, err, the balkans, and Turkey (the Evil Penis should comment on this) is feeling its oats.

It is no coincidence that our political leaders have rendered themselves unelectable, in parallel with our wimminz rendering themselves unfuckable, both, lest we miss the point, are STAGGERINGLY difficult to achieve, human nature being what it is.

In more local cyber news I’m am getting scads of hits from Black Girls On Line, at first I though this was due to my liberal use of the word niggerz (as opposed to niggers) but quite by chance a black girl I know uses that site and commented to me that in actual fact it was more to do with what others have written, that the great social experiment that has been performed on white family and social life was of course first performed on black family and social life, so in some ways the black chicks are the canary in the coal mine… they have gotten to the end of doubling down and are at the jumping out of 6th floor windows stage, which is what a wimminz in Greece has just done as her state mcjob just dried up.

Which brings us back to the PoF wimminz and unfuckability.

One of the reasons I like this particular black chick is she never bullshitted me, I knew right off that she was nothing but a hypergamy / gold digger / user in female form, and she knew right off that I knew, and I knew she knew etc.

There has never been the slightest hint of sexual anything between us, rather it is like being able to IM Goebbels, or Breivik, through a secret tor proxy that nobody can trace, sometimes you can have interesting conversations with a mongoose, just because they are a mongoose and you and not, and so you have a different take on the world.

She admitted that for wimminz EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY FUCK, it is a fantasy in their head, and the reality is therefore always different.. they know it is a fantasy, and the way to get laid is to not do anything to force the wimminz in question to confront that fantasy… after wards of course she will come off the dopamine high and brand you another player and shift all the blame on to you, the next stage in her fantasy life, like all the PoF wimminz, the see their lives as fantasy books, who knows what exciting shit will happen over the page or in the next chapter.

Which brings is to GAME.

You see I have known this black chick for some 17 years now, long before I met the psycho skank ho ex, and she said something very interesting in last night’s conversation, which went on until the week hours of this morning.

As I have said before, I don’t consider myself to have game or be an alpha or anything else, I am just me, and I know how wimminz work, even if I can get blindsided by wimminz that are too close to me… but last night we were discussing addiction, because she smokes cheroots, and I used to, so I smoked about 10 of hers, and I am an ex smoker.

Which of course caused her to comment.

I replied that in my experience;

  1. when you spark up, you get a steep rise in whatever, and then it tails off slowly.
  2. it is the steep rise, eg change, that you crave, so the second one is craved long before the first has tailed off to baseline
  3. so each subsequent hit is less satisfying, but more important to keep those levels topped up and not be tailing off
  4. this, I say to her, is addiction
  5. my secret is I know that even after not smoking for six months, I want that next smoke just as much as I want one right now, so beating an addiction is just a series of denial strategies, in my case NEVER BUY YOUR OWN, shades of the ants post a day or so ago.
  6. so in fact, me having the odd smoke, a form of self torture, is my way of testing myself and reminding myself, I am picking at a scab.
  7. the analogy I gave her is the alcoholic going into a pub and drinking an orange juice and then walking out, if you can do that then you are in control of the addiction, if you are afraid to go in the pub in case you weaken then it controls you, and you know it.

So she just looks at me for 15 seconds or so, and says “See, that the thing, you always did have this game thing, because you always did know who and what you were, and that is the game thing that makes the wimminz want to fuck you, they want some of that to rub off, and they know you are strong enough to not mess with their fantasy while they are fucking you.

I had to raise my eyebrows, but I could not find fault with her argument, and then we got one of those moments where I justify spending time with the odd mongoose and shooting the shit.

This is a Ghana chick who has sucked and fucked her way through white men to make a crust, so she is like all mongooses smart and streetwise.

This the problem with the politicians and the economy” she says

Now I am intrigued and perk up, I can tell this is going to be one of those valuable mongoose insights.

These politicians” she says “they don’t have that game, these economists, business leaders, they don’t have game, and the people, the people they know this, so they people fuck with them, the people have no respect, the people lie and cheat the state

Like you” I say.

Yes” she says “I lie and cheat the state, and the economy, and my employer, and my white boyfriend, I do this because I know I can

and then we got the pure mongoose gold

I don’t know I can because you know what I am doing and do not care because you are strong enough to protect yourself, I know I can because you do not want to deal with what I am, because you cannot protect yourself without changing yourself.”

My white boyfriend, he wants this body, if he fix himself and get strong he will not want this body, and he think he will be alone, so he don’t fix himself and he fuck this body twice a week and I call him massa and he give me money and place to live, and state give me money, and work give me money, and when this body get worn out and white men not want to fuck it any more I go back to Shama and live like old queen, never work again, never go hungry again.

This what wrong with europe,” she says, “nobody got this game, so peoples and wimminz and everybody only interested in themselves, nobody to respect, nobody to punish them when they do wrong, everyone be lying and stealing and cheating.

No way to fix this” she said.

I stole another one of her cheroots and smoked it, and asked the mongoose a question.

Why are you here kuku? I mean why are you here in this house with me, why do you come and visit me? We don’t fuck, I don’t give you money, here I am stealing your cheroots… lol

She said “Because here with you I do not have to pretend, do not have to keep the face on in case my boyfriend walk in the door, in case my boss walk in the room, here I am me.

By then it was 3 am and she left, leaving me one cheroot as a going away present, which I shall smoke shortly… as she walked out the door she said something that resonated within me, even though I have known her for the best part of 20 years.

She said she always says good bye to me, because she never knew if we would meet again, and that did not matter, but it did matter that our last words to each other were always… and she said something african that equates to fare thee well or vaya con dios etc.

Pure mongoose gold.

Because it struck me between they eyes, I do not say “Hello, how are you” to any of my skank ho PoF sluts, nor do I say “Take care, be good” when we part, it’s more like the “greeting” you give when you sit down next to a stranger on the bus or train, and again when you get up to leave at your stop.

Our bosses and politicians and leaders are much the same, ships that pass in the night and nobody gives a fuck…. just like my PoF bitches.

There is no investment, no weight, no importance given to parting, or to meeting again, and if we never see or hear from that person again, shrugs, so what, maybe in 2020 we can sit down and idly wonder, whatever happened to Steve Smith?

If there is no weight given to wanting to part on good terms, and hoping that if we meet again it will be on good terms, and you will have been well while you were away, then why bother with any of the artifice of civilisation?  Why not just be a mongoose, or a Goebbels, or a Brevik.

and actually that is it, it is only the civilising influence of parting on good terms and hoping when we meet again all has been well with you that ever stopped us all from becoming mongooses or Goebbels or Breviks.

Where have all the good men / leaders / politicians / flowers gone?

They all died of apathy and neglect.

It is now a little late to be mourning their passing.




May 6, 2012

Money makes the world go round…

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For 20+ years now I have been saying that money is not everything, but it is a damn good lubricant… if you have enough everything slips along beautifully, if you do not have enough things start to grind to a halt and break under frictional stresses.

A large part of this trick is of course to make sure that the amount of money you require to live every week is strictly controlled, and to KNOW that amount and live within it.

I am currently in a very fortunate position, I refused to buy (back when I was married) because house prices were frankly insane, little terraced houses going to significant fractions of a million pounds, e.g. one fifth, not one fiftieth, which always prompted me to ask the seller “where is the fucking island and helipad?

To be sure the EU economic crisis is all about households and individuals who have completely lost sight of the value of money, and no, I don’t blame the bankers for offering interest only self certified liar loans any more than I blame the local drug dealer for offering the first rocks of crack for the price of a beer… nobody made you greedy fuckers take it and start acting like there would be no tomorrow and the real bill would never arrive.

To be sure there is therefore a majority of the herd who will vote for anyone who claims that not only is the emperor well dressed, but next week there will be a whole new line of clothes out, come on down….

I have heard “property owners” and “buy to let landlords” say in my presence that the problem is all the people like me, who do not own property, and even suggesting that we should not get the vote, and when I ask them to show me their property deeds (they cannot, they are held by the true owner of the property, the lenders) they look at me like I am speaking to them in Greek.

Greece always was a funny place, geopolitically it sat astride both east and west and northern and southern cultures, and historically made much of its money from being on those trade routes, but apart from that it only ever had tourism, I lived in Greece for a couple of years, the land there is something and Icelander would turn his nose up at, farming wise… but when I was there every family in Greece was receiving some 3,000 Euros a month from the EU for having a patch of land with some stunted olive trees sat on it… again if you live there and see how little fucking olive oil a hectare of olive trees will produce, and this is AFTER you irrigate the shit out of them, it will come as no surprise that the only cash crop the land is capable or producing is a farming subsidy.

A bit like most of the buy to let landlords, the only cash crop their few square meters of land can produce is a state rent subsidy for their tenants… but again the housing tends to monocultures, to serve the biggest rent payer about, the state, everything is either two bedroom flats, or three bedroom houses, or multiple occupancy which means either bedsits or so called one bedroom flats with the cooking area at one side of the living area and a tiny separate bathroom and bedroom, there is no traditional spread of styles and sizes and types of property.

The place I live in now is rented, and it suits me very well indeed, but you couldn’t sell it to me for 1 red cent more than the land value, because it would be easier, cheaper and faster to pull it down and rebuild from new than it would be to fix up properly… and this is solely because the DIY landlord doesn’t know dick about property maintenance… an incredibly common scenario.

Which brings us to demographics, there are so many broken homes and separated / divorced couples, that by and large we have;

  1. Wimminz and kids in a house on a mortgage, subsidized by the state and the father of the kids who bought the house but got kicked out for alleged domestic violence and sexual abuse when she wanted to move on to cocks new.
  2. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by a private landlord but paid for by state benefits, because the man in question did not own a house when his psycho skank ho got all medieval on him.
  3. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by the state.
  4. Widows living alone in houses that may be rented, may be owned, may be council houses, been there for 20 years..
  5. Some married and co-habiting couples.
  6. Loads of single men, from 1/2/3, often living in one room bedsits, and paying monies to the skank ho ex for child support etc.
  7. The very young and students, all living in shared accommodations.

Things have actually gotten so bad with the public purse that in the UK the state simply will not pay anything towards any non shared accommodations for the single person if that person is below 35 years of age.

Nota bene, skank ho single mummy is not and can never be a “single person” so always goes to the front of the accommodations queue.

So if you are a man and under 35 not only does the state have no obligation to house you, it does not even have any legal obligation to pay any money at all towards your accommodations, should you desire anything more than a bedsit.

Bedsits have their place, to be sure, but there is a reason it has been literally impossible to get home contents insurance for any shared accommodation (e.g. bedsits and everything else where you do not have your own front door key) plus as it is essentially a financial niche, see buy to let landlords, basically all the bedsits are a fucking disgrace, if you have mice they will be wearing overalls and wiping their feet on the way out to get the cockroach crap off.

Which, all being about money, makes things interesting in a “democratic” society every time everything is subject to a popularity contest, those wholly or partly dependent on state handouts, the single skank ho mummies and the buy to let landlords, essentially control the vote.. it does not exactly technically make for a “rotten borough“, but damn close.

Which is where we come in, and skank ho single mommies on PoF.

So far in 2012 I have seen a huge swing, from zero to perhaps 25% of all profiles, the skank ho’s are filtering out all the deadbeat dads by the simple expedient of stating that any man who wants to date (fuck) them must have his own home and car.

Which is all gravy to me, but is fucking murder on most of my male friends, who fall into two broad categories;

  1. Deadbeat dads who can no longer afford a car, so they live in some dump, often a bedsit or teensy tiny “flat” that used to be one third of a family house with a cooker and sink against one wall of the “lounge”, and a tiny bedroom and even smaller bathroom.
  2. Deadbeat dads who still run a car or motorcycle, so they live in some caravan or dump a few miles outside of town.

In both cases they are deadbeat dads simply because they are still paying a large wad of cash every week to the psycho skank ho ex, who is living in what USED to be their house, but has changed from a repayment mortgage to an interest only one… lolol

As a society, this means that the only ones who have a real voting voice that can effect change, are the very ones living off the fat of the land as parasites and contributing nothing; and THIS is exactly the case in Greece (where I lived for a couple of years) Spain (where I lived for a few years) Italy (where I lived for a year) and Ireland (where I have never been) .

Which is why the EU economies are so fucked.

The skank ho’s on PoF can clearly, by their shifting attitudes, see the writing on the wall, but being wimminz all they can come up with is doubling down on the same old shit, still keeping one or more deadbeat dads as paupers, still taking the state handouts, but also wanting AS WELL some new cock to open their wallet and support them.

Locally here in the UK, we just recently got out from under New Liebor, who totally fucked everything, not just economically, but socially too, and yet after a short period or Cuntservative and Unionist party rule, who were such niggerz they never did anything different, in the next lot of local elections New Liebor have made back much of the ground they lost.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” that is acting is desperation.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” largely composed of wimminz and their niggerz.

Wimminz got the vote, many deadbeat dads like my male friends still have the vote, but sadly their vote doesn’t count for shit any more.

Follow the fucking money, while it lasts.

*THIS* is why buying gold metal and shit won’t work, you will still have to share your town with all these wimminz and niggerz when the state tit dries up, fuck affdiggastan, your local problems will be due to local wimminz and niggerz doubling down.

April 19, 2012

A generation of young sluts..

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from the daily fail article

Actually, it is well worth a read… some selected red pill quotes

It’s like being in a virtual nightclub. Even though you don’t fancy some of the guys, you still like the attention.

sending revealing pictures to potential suitors these days is simply an expected part of flirting — ‘just part of the tease’

Researchers at the university found that one in ten 16 to 24-year-olds have used the internet to set up one-night stands with strangers.

As usual the article is all evil predatory male paedophiles and rapists using the interwebs to take advantage of these poor innocent victims, while trying to paper over the very obvious facts that these wimminz are deliberately going online and seeking out men to fuck…

and even so, the odd nugget of gold slips through the feminazi dialogue…

The University of Plymouth study was published just days after an inquest earlier this year heard that bullied teenager Simone Grice, 15, of Illogan, Cornwall, killed herself by leaping off a motorway viaduct after trying to bolster her self-esteem by meeting older men online. She is believed to have jumped after one person tried to sever contact with her, because she was under-age.

What’s that!!! The evil predatory rapist paedophile male SEVERS contact with the girl when he finds out that she is UNDERAGE,


Sounds like pretty decent, responsible, law abiding above board and self liberty preserving behaviour to me, odd how you can find that in this place which, as the whole basis of the article and the feminazi message it is trying to promote, is in fact a place infested with evil predatory rapist paedophile MEN…. very odd indeed…

And the “victim” in that case was so upset when a man acted decently, responsibly, law abidingly and openly with her when he caught her out in her lies about her age, that she went and KILLED HERSELF… this same man who would have been up on statutory rape charges if maybe he was not quite so decent, responsible, law abiding, open, and of course CAUTIOUS and SUSPICIOUS…

I particularly like the third quote from the top, because we all know positive responders to these sorts of things are low-ball, if you are in your twenties, it means there is a LOWBALL 10% chance your girlfriend has met random guys off the internet for sex… what chance relationship there?

None, as we again see in a little nugget of gold, the 40 random guys over the net…

(yeah, the true number is going to be FAR higher, trust me I know, the average is 25 different partners / hookups per year, she was doing this 5 years, so 125 guys, roughly in line with what we would expect, that the little slut, even when “being honest” is low-balling the numbers to a third of what they really are, and again experience will tell you a third is a fairly common amount for wimminz to low-ball such number by….)

… in that after her 5 years of trawling the internet for random cock, she tries twice for a “normal” steady relationship, and fails twice. who could possibly have predicted that.

You can’t go from scrambled eggs back to an egg in its shell and some milk in an udder.

In closing, times are getting tough in Greece, as I predicted for the west, already on the table in Greece is a total wipe out of all State benefits for single mothers and large families… as well as further decimation of the State itself, which is as always a mainly wimminz employer.

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