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June 18, 2011

Integrity – it is not a tool

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It is not a knife that you can wield to your will, to cut carrots or to cut your enemies.

Nor is it a widespread physical phenomenon like the gravity well of the Earth that affects us all equally.

In a display of integrity I have to tell you that yesterday was one of my most pathetic sexual encounters ever… physically she was a 2, but add in the personality by-pass and obvious mental issues the bitch was sub zero, I walk in her door, drink a coffee, take her upstairs to her bed, and there is not a lot going on, Mr Winky is only half rising to the occasion, nevertheless, slide in and start pumping, and literally around 60 seconds later I dump my cum in the skank.

She of course was basically and literally unmoved by the whole thing.

As fucks go, it was one of my worst ever, but hey, it was still a fuck, and free.

Then we sat around and had another coffee and she told me about her ex’s, and how she had an affair because her ex yadda yadda, and how the affair destroyed his trust in her which wrecked her marriage etc etc… and this is where the sex really went wrong and I blew the opportunity to get her back into bed for more fucking (hey, it was raining out, even a 2 in a warm bed is better than raining out… lol)

I said “Wait up. He may have done things that hurt you, but you have to take responsibility here, YOU chose to have an affair, your ex didn’t, so you have to accept responsibility for your own actions and the consequences

That killed it boys, no more sex, however crap, and I was out that door and out that house 10 minutes later, but, it brings me on to the subject of today.


Now, wimminz and niggerz will tell you that the green text paragraph above shows a complete lack of integrity on my part, fucking some skank I just wasn’t into, and she clearly wasn’t into me either, but the fact is the skank and I both chose to fuck in her bed on that day at that time, and I have extensive (as always) SMS / IM logs to prove it, in very great detail… all that happened was that in real life there was absolutely no spark, but we still agreed to suck it and see if we could light one, and failed.

This is not a lack of integrity, and only someone totally lacking in integrity would attempt to label it so.

The fact is that what I said to the skank is what I also apply to myself, you MUST accept the consequences of your own actions, you MUST NOT attempt to shift blame and responsibility on to others, because of what they did or did not do, transforming ACTION into REACTION.

Wimminz and niggerz, lacking any concept of integrity, attempt to conflate action and reaction, when the reality is that they are mutually exclusive opposites… cheating on someone because they first did X to you is action, not reaction… shouting “We’re finished!” the instant when you discover cheating is reaction, not action.

Just because you can later regret both does not make them the same thing.

Me giving my worst ever sexual performance yesterday was an action, not a reaction to my psycho skank ho FRA ex, she has absolutely fuck all to do with my actions yesterday.

Yesterdays’ skank suddenly deciding to NOT go back to bed with me was a reaction, not an action, a reaction to me calling her on her bullshit about her marriage ending affair being an action, and therefore down to her, and not a reaction, and therefore down to her ex husband.

My mum “So why did you steal those apples from the orchard?

Me (aged 7) “Johnnie Smith (my bestest ever friend at the time) did too!

My mum “If Johnnie Smith jumped off a cliff, would you jump off too?

Thus demonstrating that at the tender age of seven a sixties housewife was quite capable of instilling in her children the notion of personal responsibility and the differences between action and reaction.

So contrast yesterdays skank with one a few days before, she made it quite clear from the outset, she wanted 24 hours of fantasy, and we had 24 hours of very excellent and very kinky sex, hell, if she had been able to be like that every day she would have been a keeper, but for her it was a time out and she went back to her daily life as a single mum etc etc lying and cheating and generally acting like a skank.

The 24 hour fantasy skank vs the 60 second fuck skank.

Perversely, the total and utter lack of even the slightest shred of integrity is what rendered the 60 second fuck skank sexually unattractive, while the modicum of integrity displayed by the 24 hour fantasy skank in declaring that she wanted a 24 hour fantasy in which she would do anything / everything and love me in every way rendered her sexually very attractive, for the duration of the fantasy period…. when that time was up and the had used up that dose on integrity to return to being a run of the mill single wimminz with kidz with no integrity, she returns to being sexually unattractive.

To be clear, I’d fuck her again in a heartbeat, on condition it was a return to the way she was during the 24 hour fantasy, not during her so called “real life” day to day. Hell, integrity compels me to admit that I hope / look forwards to her getting that itch again and asking for a re-run… for my part I have made it clear to her that a re-run would be welcome.

What is interesting here is that Mr Winky clearly finds even temporary integrity in a wimminz to be a real turn on, while I doubt even viagra overdoses would have done anything for the 60 second skank.

Sexuality and sexual response for wimminz is at heart all about integrity, if there is integrity in your sexuality and sexual response you are all hot and passionate and the sex is great, if there is no integrity in your sexuality and sexual response then you are a cold fish and the sex lasts 60 seconds…. nothing turns a man on more than a woman being wet and wanting him… badly… achingly…desperately…

Nothing turns a man on less than a woman being a cold fish with a dry cunt.

There is, in my experience at least, a direct link between the integrity that the wimminz is showing the man AT THAT MOMENT and her cunt moisture and throbbing level.

The problem is that transient, temporary integrity, such as that showed to me by the 24 hour fantasy skank, is the enemy of lifestyle integrity, such as that which I aspire to as a man.

Again, there is no contradiction here, lifestyle integrity can also make a cunt went and wanting, but only for one man, and all that comes with being in a relationship with him.

Temporary integrity cannot co-exist with lifestyle integrity, in the same way that being honest with some people for short periods of time cannot co-exist with being honest with all people all of the time.

As an interesting aside, the 60 second fuck kept a lovely spotlessly clean and tidy house with kids who attended school, the 24 hour fantasy fuck kept a chaotic shambles with kids who goofed off school… there is a correlation here between the 60 second fuck who was in a stable and steady state of a total lack of integrity, and the 24 hour fantasy fuck who flipped between different states of mind…

The ability to keep a clean house and keep the kids in school every day etc etc merely requires a steady mental state, not a healthy one.

The inability to keep a clean house and keep the kids in school every day etc etc merely requires the lack of a mental steady state, not necessarily an unhealthy one.

The ability to be a good fuck merely requires a state of integrity for the duration of the sexual encounter.

The inability to be a good fuck and inability to be anything except a cold fish in bed merely requires a lack of integrity for the duration of the sexual encounter.

Nota bene, the 24 hour fantasy fuck was also extremely open and accepting of all responsibility for her life choices and consequences of same, during the 24 hour fantasy fuck, and equally clearly living in denial for the remainder of her life…. while the 60 second fuck was in denial 24/7.



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