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June 21, 2011

How do you fight?

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Recently not in the news is the story of the suicide of a chap called Tom, who burned himself alive as a protest about the family courts, and who advocated burning the family courts.

Regularly not in the news are discussions by MRM types about how to fight back…

Doing a Rambo might be tempting, but the fact is whatever you do, you will be portrayed in exactly the same way as Raul Moat.

The fact is the only way you can take on a machine like the state / family court system / police is with a bigger, tougher, meaner, stronger machine, so basically unless you have the US Army or an alien invasion mother-ship in your back pocket, you are going to lose, badly….

Similarly non-violent protesting isn’t going to get you anywhere, putting on a batman costume is going to get you ignored, until you clamber up a bridge and stop traffic, at which point you get arrested, and your story is the only one not told by the media when they report on the nutter in the batman costume who stopped traffic for 4 hours and cost business x million in lost productivity.

You can set up a blog like this one and whine to the world, or, more accurately, preach to the converted***

***Technically this is not quite accurate, the use of profanity means that many people searching for porn such as “horse sex” end up here from google…

All either pointless or self defeating and rather pathetic…  well, no, actually, there is something you can do.

There is in effect the Ghandi option, in actuality it is the intellectual and intelligent option.

This option is simply to study thine enemy, and see what their life-blood is, and then avoid doing anything and everything that feeds their life blood.

Their life blood is if course MONEY, so the most effective warrior is one who spends the next 40 years doing or not doing (as the case may be) any / all of the following.

  1. Do not give one penny to the state in the form of taxes, and be as large a financial burden on the state as possible, I suggest a sudden onset of ME, then go out and systematically milk every single benefit going to the maximum extent possible.
  2. Do not do any work that in any way supports the state or the status quo, I’m not just talking about stopping working and stopping paying taxes, do not do anything in your free time either, eg do not volunteer to help your local school or anything else where you are providing free labour…. not even community work such as clearing pathways or helping the elderly… FUCK… EVERYONE… geddit?
  3. Do not break any laws, not even teensy tiny unimportant ones that everyone else who works and contributes to the state break routinely and daily, drive 28 in a 30, no exceptions.
  4. Do not pay for or consume ANY mainstream media, not even if it is free, your eyeballs are worth money and it is all social programming anyway.
  5. Do not discuss or fret about anything in mainstream media or anything feminazis have to say, you already got off the boat, you do not care about anything on the boat or anything they might say or think or do. No television, no newspapers, no magazines, no news websites, no nothing.
  6. Do not spend any money in corporate coffers, it all ends up as taxes fuel for the state, plus the corporates are all quite happy to paint men as scum anyway, so fuck em, this means no pre-packaged meals, back to basics, hey, you have all day and all night to do with as you wish anyway… it’s no big deal to prepare some fresh vegetables etc.
  7. Do do any black economy cash in hand work you can get, but be bloody careful nobody can lay it at your feet for tax avoidance / evasion etc.
  8. Do survive on second hand cars, second hand furniture, charity shop clothing, and in effect bartering services with other independent men.
  9. Do fuck as many wimminz as possible, do not pay anything more than perhaps one cup of coffee, do not get into a relationship, find, fuck, forget (while keeping copious records SMS / IM / email etc to future proof yourself against any allegations) and thus debase the value of both wimminz and family as much as possible… fuck it, this is the world the wimminz wanted, give it to them, with fucking bells on.
  10. Apart from fucking wimminz, and the pickup process itself, ignore them, do not work for them, do not do any work that may benefit them, do not help them, do not offer to help them, do not talk to them, do not have any sympathy for them, do not have any dealings with them.
  11. DILLIGAF and LAGNAF – they were good enough for the eighties, but we forgot them, time to revive them, learn them, make them your creed, your BIOS, your primary filter on the world and on women…
  12. Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
  13. Lets All Get Naked And Fuck.
  14. These two acronyms sum up 100% of all possible interaction with wimminz, and with the world of wimminz…
  15. Global warming, fuckushima, 9-11, collapse of the euro, you name it… DILLIGAF
  16. Mouth / Ass / Cunt / Tits …. LAGNAF, because you have NOTHING else to offer a man, skank…..
  17. Kids, fuck em, they were never yours anyway, I have kept all my court papers and my boy kids can, if they choose, walk up to me as men when they are sixteen and read em all for the straight shit, and call upon and get the aid of an older man…. my girl kids, fuckem, really, you are welcome to the little sluts, pump and dump em all you like.
  18. Family court system, fuck it, refuse to deal with them unless they accept you on your own terms as a man, which they won’t.
  19. USE the system, do not refuse to pay child support, explain quite clearly how and why you are unable to, and in fact need more help from the state and less burdens from your ex… “contract” ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), turn up in a wheelchair, or be bedridden, make it as difficult and expensive for everyone as possible, require assistance for everything possible, claim as much as possible, you are no longer a man, you are a fucked up cripple keeping the medical and cripple industry in work, and let the medical and cripple industry fight with the family and police industry over who gets your state funding allocation, win-win for you….. waaaaaaa my ex wants my medication and my wheelchair waaaaaaa…

One man who plays the system right can cost the state more in any given ten year period than any skank ho, because we are men and we are better and smarter than the wimminz, anything they can do, we can do better… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

In an enlightened world where my skills and work were used productively, lets say I could generate 100 bucks of wealth a week for the state (a vast underestimate) but in this world playing the professional parasite I can consume 500 bucks of state resources a week, and give nothing back.

The state has made it ABUNDANTLY clear to me that it does not want the benefit of my significant technical and engineering skills, or my significant contribution to society and community as a moderating influence.

Fine…  I have listened, I have heard, and I will embrace the kool-aid.

I am a better parasite than 75% of the wimminz, and I am only just getting started, and I have at a reasonable estimate around another 30 to 40 years in which to improve my parasite game.

The other 35 hours of the working week when I am not perfecting my parasite game?

I’ll be studying, self-improving, mastering skills and hobbies, and when the wheels fall of the state financial wagon and it all collapses, I will still be placed to survive better than the wimminz.

“collateral damage”? fuck yeah, 99% of what I was and wanted to be and could be, and my kids and family, all collateral damage, but the fact is anyone with a brain can see that fighting the system is an unwinnable fight…. just ask Tom or Raul or batman.

We are at war, these are the trenches and frontlines, only those smart enough the play the system and surf the wave of sewerage will survive.

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