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June 12, 2011

Internet dating masterclass…

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Further to the Internet Dating group of pages in the nav area on the right.

Since we are talking advanced, we can leave out the “internet” and just call this a dating masterclass.

Now there are some essential principles you need to grep.

  1. While your dating skills may increase over time, the pool of wimminz and skank ho’s out there remains, overall, the same sort of animal. Think of it as being a miner, no amount of mining skills that you acquire will increase the quality of the (wh)ore in question.
  2. Wimminz are like moths, as soon as the light that has captures their fascination is turned off, they start migrating away to the next brightest light.
  3. Exposure is the enemy of fascination, the more time a wimminz spends with you, the more her fascination with you wanes, get used to this, it is a fact of life and hard wired into them at genetic level “Find em, fuck em, forget em.” was NOT invented by men, but by wimminz, male culture was invented by men to control this herd instinct of the wimminz.
  4. If something is counter-intuitive, then the reality is you have been looking at it the wrong way, or fail to grasp some basic principle regarding it…

Last night I pounded this skank ho repeatedly in all her holes, made her squirt repeatedly (squirt is wimminz code for pissing themselves in pleasure) and repeated the process this morning before dumping her ass back at her vehicle.

Last night she proclaimed all sorts of love and devotion and the fact is she wasn’t just saying it, it was written all over her face and body too.

So far, so good, all par for the course. All fitting with my policy of do everything the first night, because there probably won’t be a second night so you may as well just be a complete pervert and indulge yourself utterly.

Where you will most likely go wrong as a man is in assuming that you were such a good fuck and she was so blown away with you that naturally the next day she is going to text you, all lovey-dovey, and ask to meet again.

Butterflies and bees and hummingbirds and wimminz do not return to the same flower once they have sampled the nectar.

There is no RATIONAL reason for them to move on, it is more energy efficient to stick to the one flower, or failing that the one plant, nectar is nectar is nectar and while there are differences, any one plant provides all the nutrients needed for life.

So why do butterflies and wimminz flit from flower to flower?

Because it is hard-wired into them, DNA in the butterflies and wimminz conspires with DNA in the flowers and men to ensure that the maximum possible DNA mixing goes on at all times, even if it is not energy efficient, this is where the counter-intuitive bit comes in, if you think it is about butterflies and flowers, or men and wimminz, and not about DNA, then you get all the wrong answers, and this makes you confused and upset.

Last night’s skank had the best fuck of her entire life, is she going to text me asking for a re-run, possibly, but not for a few weeks at least… she is NOT thinking, with her hard-wired little hamster wheel computer, “That was the best eva, I need to stick with this guy and have sex like that every day!”

She is thinking “That was the best eva, but now I know what I can get, I need to try some more guys and compare them with my new #1 fuck.”

Which is were the “possibly” comes in about her contacting you in a few weeks, if everyone she tries in the interim fails to make her tingle, she will give you a call and ask for a re-run…. if she find someone who comes close, she will keep looking.

Even if she contacts you again for seconds, she will just rinse and repeat, same as the first night… this is hard-wired into butterflies and wimminz, and the only time they will NOT indulge in this behaviour is when they are prevented from doing so, or the personal cost for doing so is too high, and when I say too high I mean too high for DNA, not too high for a rational thinking creature.

Most men will be hurt and upset by this, because our DNA tells us that retaining this particular womb for ourselves prevents other guys from dumping a load of their DNA in it… you cunts REALLY NEED TO GET A FUCKING CLUE ABOUT BIOCHEMISTRY, there is a parasite that lives in cats and mice, and cats and humans (cat people) that lives in the brains of the host mice and the host human, this parasite makes cats smell nice and interesting.

For a mouse, this means it becomes lunch.

For a human, this means it provides lunch, a tin of whiskers.

For the parasite, this is good news, the cat population spirals up.

Cat people are not cat people, they are human beings whose core beliefs and likes and dislikes and urges and behaviour are modified at a fundamental level by a parasite living in their brains. It is a parasitic protozoa known as Toxoplasmosis gondii

There is a simple test to determine whether you are infected with this parasite, go look at http://www.ding.net/bonsaikitten/ and if you laugh your balls off, it is a safe bet you are not infected with this parasite.

If you or the skank like to refer to the cunt as a pussy, you may well be host to a mind and personality altering brain parasite.

If one single parasite can affect your entire personality, make you “love” things that are otherwise quite ordinary, then you have to accept that non-parasitic, non-alien to your own body, biochemistry is equally adept at making you “love” and “feel” and “know” things that you would otherwise find quite ordinary.

DNA making you want to keep a woman you had mind blowing sex with is in fact EXACTLY the same mind and personality altering parlour trick that T gondii performs on “cat people”

DNA making the skank wanting to constantly flit to new flowers as long as she is able, is of course exactly the same parlour trick being performed.

The difference between a dating masterclass like this one and regular internet dating is this.

The regular internet dating, as described on the right, is like an experiment, if you follow the rules dictated PRECISELY, as though a loaded gun was pointed at your head, and do not in any way interpret or improvise, you will get no strings sex.

It may not be great, they may be fuglies, yadda yadda yadda, but you WILL get to dump your cum in a series of skanks.

ONCE you have done that and have first hand proof and knowledge and experience, or if you have these things anyway when you wandered in here, you will know that you simply cannot point at someone and say “they will never get laid” and every time you try and quantify it, and find that that particular person gets a damn sight more offers than you would credit, as a RATIONAL thinking being, then you are ready for this masterclass.

Because what I have been explaining here is that RATIONALITY and LOGIC and INTELLECT play precisely zero part in sex and sexual relations and relations between the sexes.

DNA doesn’t need, or require, or have space for, any of that shit..

In effect, this masterclass tell you one thing, and that thing is that you need two “states” of being, the completely animal being who will fuck a skank like an animal in all her holes all night and make her literally piss herself copiously when she orgasms in submission and surrender to your sexuality, and the completely intellectual being who walks away from it the next day and has no qualms when the bitch does not text you professing undying love and passion.

All wimminz and skanks know this, subconsciously at the very least, this is how they are.

As a man you CAN overcome these personality modifying biochemical triggers, just as you CAN give up smoking or drinking or anything else.

Sure, it takes discipline, make a point of kicking cats, you may still have the brain parasite T gondii but if you make a point of kicking every cat you see and only ever feeding them poison then YOU win and the parasite loses… it ain’t dead, it is still living in your brain, but at least it is not directly controlling you, because you overcome it by a force of will.

Treating all wimminz as skanks and herd creatures and AWALT and MGTOW and all the rest of that good stuff is also an act of will.

Fucking wimminz is like taking a particularly satisfying shit, it is a regular required bodily function, but it should be sandboxed away and separate from your intellectual life as a man.

Taking a shit in the reading room of a gentleman’s club was no different to taking a fucking wimminz into the reading room of a gentleman’s club.

Socialising with a wimminz is like socialising with a piece of fucking bathroom porcelain hanging off your arm, buying harvey wallbangers to pour down it, and fending off guys looking to take a dump, if she is a virgin then a new unused crapper can have a certain aesthetic appeal, but most of you fuckers are socialising with the community public toilet on your arm, well used and well stained, and your wear it like a fucking badge of honour, and it clings there, sapping your work, your wealth, your life… but after all, that is what parasites do, and do so well.

A satisfying shit and a satisfying fuck are things that all men need to do on a daily basis.

Then you close the door on the convenience, leaving it behind until the next time, and resume your intellectual and logical persona, and go out into the world for the day…. and kick cats

I don’t care if the toilet is gold plated, I have no interest in it except to fuck, and skanks my only interest is in fucking them, so I also have no interest in those who claim NOT ALL CRAPPERS ARE LIKE THAT, or NOT ALL BRAIN PARASITES ARE LIKE THAT, and who then, like P Elam on AVfM, starts dissing men and defending his own personal pet crapper or brain parasite, or enreating us to listen to some skank ho “because she is working for our movement”

The day I need a fucking skank ho to speak for me is the day I need a fucking brain parasite to make a fucking cat look cute and cuddly.

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  1. Did you really need that picture of the wood killer?

    I still can’t be bothered with women, especially helping them with anything. When i get back into the mood to be with them, at least I will have the standard of behavior ingrained into me.

    And yeah, P Elam can go fuck himself.

    Comment by Legion — June 13, 2011 @ 5:59 am

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