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July 3, 2011

Wimminz are from Uranus, or Wimminz run Windoze, men run Unix

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I *thought* about directing this at young men, as a clue-bat, but, on reflection, it applies to all men, irrespective of age.

Wimminz “brains” or what passes for them, are flaky and constantly variable things.

Wimminz can be gazing at you with love and lust and adoration and worshipping your cock and pissing themselves with orgasms and telling you, quite truthfully, that you are the best fuck they ever had.

The next day, they can blank you, not return your texts, not answer your emails, and basically ignore your entire existence.

It is not the odd wimminz who can do this, it is ALL wimminz who can do this… wimminz “brains” are constantly “crashing” and CTRL-ALT-DEL doing a hard reset on themselves, this happens many times a day, it happens between one sentence and the next in a conversation, it happens while the cunt is still trembling from the best fuck it ever had.

This is a problem, not just because the vast majority of men ain’t like that, wimminz brains run windoze and are constantly crashing, not because there is anything inherently wrong with windoze, it is just that when you click on everything possible and indulge in OMG I am SOOO worth that gimme gimme gimme sorts of behaviour you end up with one windoze operating system supporting 25,000 various viruses and trojans and rootkits and redirects and exploits, all competing with one another.

SOME men’s brains are like that, but most men’s brains are far more stable and logical, men run Unix, and can routinely go for years without a reboot or major system crash, some can go a lifetime…

The trouble is when you have men’s brains running the same OS they were born with, never patched, never updated, with a why would you, it just works, attitude… yeah, well it worked until you tried to connect it to a wimminz brain running windoze, and 25,000 bits of malware, and resetting randomly and constantly…

Now it needs a severe security upgrade and some emergency patching…

Of course it is immensely frustrating for the men’s *nix brain, being inherently logical it keeps trying to establish meaningful communication with the malware ridden script kiddies playground that is the wimminz brain, and to do so in a meaningful historical manner, because all that crashing and rebooting fucks up the system clock in wimminz, so there is no timeline, everything has weird and wacky time stamps, but only NOW counts, and now is so fleeting….

Meanwhile the male *nix brain still tries to communicate, while feeling pain, and confusion, and rejection, and … you get the picture.

Instead of “Hey I’m Sue and I’m running wimminz brain 3.5 and wimminz browser 4.5 and wimminz mail client 6.3 and I’d really like to exchange these files with you as soon as we have established some common protocols, for our mutual benefit”


What we get is “Hey I’m a princesssss look at meeeeeee oooh shiny gimme gimme gimme yeah but no but yeah but maybe but hey what’s that over there grody cool what does this do bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt shutdown -r this system is rebooting, please wait……….

And if you are laughing, you are a fucking idiot.

Because the Law and “consent” is written in TCP/IP like language… penny dropping yet?

The red text above, “but only NOW counts, and now is so fleeting..” think about that in terms of consent, and the wimminz windoze virus farm vs the man running some flavour of *nix with a consistent system clock so every file is recorded in sequence.

It presents something of a problem, doesn’t it…

The whole language of law and consent and rights and responsibilities is written in a language that can only be expressed meaningfully on a stable system that adheres to rules and protocols and norms.

Yet the wimminz running widowz virus farm precious princess edition with 25,000 free competing bits of malware and a system uptime that can be as much as a day, or as little as a few minutes, is *supposed* to be the only one that can consent…

which reboot/crash cycle are we talking about here?

From the wimminz windoze point of view, even that statement is meaningless, there are all these junked up files and shit with stupid dates, and none of them are pink and fluffy, so probably some stupid man put them there, because there is NO WAY this girl did, and THIS system uptime is all there is, or has been, or will be, now where the fuck is my diet latte?

You see where this is going….

If you are going to be intellectually honest, you are going to have to admit that such a system cannot give meaningful consent, not using the lexicon that the unix/linux systems uses to define such things, the lexicon these laws are written and interpreted in, such that once a file is written it may not be subsequently denied as ever having existed….

So, such systems are labelled as inferior, or chattels, or animals, they are not given equal anything, and certainly not allowed to connect to the internet, not even through the proxy of the husband… any such requests are store and forward, if appropriate, no real time proxy access. No Sir.

Consent, therefore, is a meaningless concept, like file integrity in a windoze system that has been pwned by 25,000 different pieces of malware, it cannot be obtained, you can get a pattern / hash match, but it is so easily revoked and denied by the pwned windoze system that it is less than worthless, it is actually a severe security risk to the accepting *nix system.

All there is left is maintaining meticulous unix like records of MMS / SMS / IM / email / audio / video records, backed up to various places including the cloud for posterity and immediate access in disaster situations.

Until there is a worldwide system reset, and the world wakes up and realises that the economic crash means that these wimminz windoze systems need to be relegated to their true role as chattels… without any individual rights or authority or integrity, save that which they may accrue while being in the shadow of a good man.

Those wimminz windoze systems that wish to survive will need to elect to submit to a system purge by the *nix system that controls them, and boys, it is going to be BRUTAL.

Low level fdisk and format, windows install with full patch and a whole pile of shit ripped out as being surplus (think back to 98lite and embedded windows code) and the only application software installed is going to be Blowjob 3.0, TIUTA 2.9, Cook and clean 1.1, and Scratch my balls 4.0.

If you are foolish enough to install Talk 0.1 or any other such shit, expect the other *nix men around you to look you in the eye and tell you, “Boy, you install that crap on your bitch, and both her and you are getting blackholed, dig?

In the meantime, remember, every wimminz windoze system you meet is fucked up beyond all possibility of rational dialogue, probe those ports to your heart’s content, but establish an ironclad set of documentary evidence for each one.


  1. Wimminz at da club is running CPU 100%, memory full, thrashing. Windoze best run in a VM on Unix

    Comment by anonymous — July 3, 2011 @ 11:10 pm

    • lol, just don’t run TOP

      running wimminz in a VM on a trs80, it is enough.

      Comment by wimminz — July 3, 2011 @ 11:16 pm

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