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June 15, 2011

A clue-bat for wimminz

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I might be off the mainstream in my actions with wimminz, but I am fairly representative when it comes to the descriptive and programming language which I use to model and interact with the world.

When I become aware of a wimminz popping up on the radar from whatever direction, while my actions and motivations may differ from most men, the mechanisms which I use are identical.

I assign each woman a default starting value, call it “X”, and as I learn more about her, and experience how she reacts to and treats me, additions or subtractions are made to X

Telling me a lie, any lie, is a significant subtraction from X, anything that demonstrates a lack of faith in herself and her own judgement (let’s meet once more first) is a subtraction from X, expressing hatred for guys with baggage while staggering under her own invisible burden is a subtraction from X. Being overweight is a subtraction from X.

Being straight and up front is an addition to X, being pleasant is an addition, lacking skank ho tattoos is an addition, lacking multiple fathers for the kids is an addition, lacking kids is an addition, having a brain and using it is an addition.

The value of X is not a number, it is a feeling, and from man to man the various added and subtracted increments will vary slightly is size and amount, so two individual guys will come up with two different values for X for the same wimminz, but the process is the same.

If your final value of X is high, I’ll have an ongoing relationship with you.

If your final value of X is moderate I will fuck you occasionally.

If your value of X is low I will pump and dump you if there are no better offers on the table.

If your value of X is very low I won’t even fuck you with his dick. You could not pay me to fuck you.

IN many ways, you can equate all this to a business transaction in a market or bazaar, where X is the perceived value of the object from my perspective vs the objects’ own perception of it’s worth.

It takes two to tango and if we both agree that you are pump and dump material at best then we can do a deal.

If I think you are pump and dump and you think you are a gawjus sexy princess your X value is negative, no deal.

I hate the word “game” but the essential difference between me and the other guys walking around the market / bazaar is in fact quite simple.

They allow the wimminz to strongly influence the value of X.

I do not.

It really is as simple as that.

If you have ever seen a young man, walking around a used car lot, desperate to buy a flash car, completely blind to the rust, deformed shut-lines, obvious neglect and abuse, then you have seen exactly what I mean.

Instead of walking into the car lot with eyes wide open and making a realistic appraisal of the value of the car, which can easily be negative depending on how much work it needs and how close it is to the scrapyard, they walk in with stars in their eyes and start negotiating over a car that in reality bears almost no resemblance to the clunker parked in the lot with “two careful owners” stuck to the screen.

Wimminz, there are plenty of guys out there who are QUITE PREPARED to walk off the lot with a well used old car, provided it has been maintained, is reliable, cheap to run, is a pleasant drive and is priced accordingly.

Same goes for you, there are plenty of guys out there prepared to walk you home, even though your cunt has been well used, provided you looked after yourself, you are reliable, you are cheap to run, you are pleasant to be around and your are in effect priced accordingly with respect to X


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