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August 20, 2011

Internet dating update

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The wheels on the bus go round and round… till they fall off.

You can tell that we really are heading into tough times economically when the profiles of wimminz on internet dating sites like PoF (Plenty of Fish) start changing.

Whereas a few months ago all the wimminz were looking for a “sole mate(sic) or a man with a “sence of humour(sic) to complement their jobs as “secritary(sic) etc etc, nowadays an increasing proportion of profiles are looking for a “solvent” or “generous” man, and there are quite a few profiles from 20 year old students looking for older, generous, men.

Basically, these wimminz have seen which way the wind is blowing economically, and their inner whore has popped to the surface, up front and centre, main billing, in the spotlight.

The rest of the wimminz are also much more open about their skank nature, whereas a few months ago they would have been quite upset at me playing the field, nowadays conversations go like this;

Skank ho “So I suppose you were fucking someone else when you were too busy to come over here on Monday?

Me “Why do you ask the question when you think you know the answer and you are all right with it anyway, or you would not be sat there now with a wet cunt?

Skank ho “You’re such a bastard.

Me “That would be ‘You are such a bastard Sir!

Skank ho “mumumumumum” as she gobbles my cock.

If you think the above conversation is fictitious, think again… these wimminz, like the “must be solvent” skanks, realise that the name of the game is out competing and out-fucking the other wimminz I am, or may be, fucking, and as long as I neither confirm nor deny their fears, but play on them, they have no information to judge how far they have to double down on being a filthy obedient slut in order to win the prize and keep me.

This second group of skanks are smarter and more in tune with their animal natures than the ones in the first group suddenly seeking men with money / jobs / spare income to pad their own financial demise… the second group of skanks are channeling the cave-skank culture, ug, need man to own and protect me, ug.

They are right.

Own and protect does not mean looking for some guy who is a cross between the Incredible Hulk and Bruce Lee, able to take on all comers and kick ass, own and protect just means some guy who is smarter than them, and able to make daily decisions on the spot that are better than the ones they would have made, eg anyone but a wimminz or a niggerz, eg an old fashioned unreconstructed Man.

I have been watching this emerging trend for a few months now, and have been taking extreme care to make sure it is not just a seasonal variation, or my improving skillz, or any other variable, but that it is instead a real and genuine trend, and I have refrained from saying anything about it until I was sure one way or another, but the fact is I can no longer deny it.

It has been at least four weeks since the last PoF skank blanked me for refusing to confirm or deny that I was and would continue to fuck other wimminz while fucking her. Prior to that the proportion who did was trailing off.

I have also noticed something else subtly changing, the number of women willing to entertain, or even opening the subject, of threesomes, and not the traditional man + skank ho slut + skank ho slut, or MMF threesome, but the triangle, me, skank ho slut ideal for taking to swinging parties, and skank who probably had 5 men or less in her life, probably with 1 kid, reasonably nice and respectable, no tattoos or piercings, as in both these different types of wimminz appreciate that neither of them alone has enough to offer a man, but between them they do, and perhaps they both win by making that accommodation to their previous wish list…

When you compare wimminz and men, you can make an analogy to an instrument that measures wind direction and speed… the male version is damped and adjusted, and always shows the average over the past minute or so, and is relatively immune to transient gusts and eddies from different directions, whereas the wimminz version measures instantaneous gusts and eddies only, so the readings are accurate and all over the place, and instantly out of date…. you’re better off watching the smoke rise from a fire.

This is the true nature of wimminz much vaunted “sensitivity“, it can be useful as an early warning or early detection system, provided a man interprets the data, wimminz sensitivity can be useful in times where the food or drinking water is no longer as good, for example, and they do this very much like a herd of antelope sensing approaching danger, and I believe that what I am observing here, the wimminz herd mentality at work, and some of the outliers at the periphery of the herd, in the more vulnerable positions, in the Internet Dating game, are smelling some smoke on the wind, and starting to adjust their priorities.

I think some of these wimminz are indeed sensing the changing economic and indeed technological, social and cultural times ahead, and adjusting their attitudes to ensure best chance of survival in the new emerging conditions, and the result of that is as described above.

I myself as an ex-FRA (False Rape Accused) am a poster boy for the MRA Red Pill dude, so like these skank ho wimminz that I am hooking up with on PoF, I am also an outlier at the edge of the male herd.

When sailing the ocean it is traditional to have a proper (male) wind speed and direction instrument, dampened and moderated, but it is also traditional to fly a (wimminz) long thin streamer from the masthead that shows every eddy and gust in the wind. Between the two you get a good picture of the weather around you…. not just if a storm is coming, but how it will arrive and how rough it is likely to be.

I’m kind of reminded of the smarter, older men around here, who ignore all long range weather forecasting, and who instead pay attention to things like fruiting berries in spring to predict the subsequent three seasons.

I believe that watching what the outliers wimminz are doing at any given time is as important as watching bank Libor rates and spot gold and Brent crude prices and so on and so forth, as many separate but connected and related indicators of the developing socio-economic climate that we find ourselves in.

It’s starting to be a good time to be a Man on the outliers of male society again, better than being in the safety and conformity of the male herd, who are going to become someone’s lunch.


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