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November 7, 2012

The planet of pork.

Muslims, as we all know, do not eat pork.

They also eat with the right hand and wipe their ass with the left hand.

For much of the 2,000 year history of Islam, this was nothing more than damn good practical advice, simple hygiene, in hot arid climates with limited water supplies and no refrigeration these rules saved millions of lives, no doubt about it.

I have a skanky friend who eats fish and white meat, but not red meat, so yesterday when I made some bacon sandwiches she passed, a Muslim would have passed too, not because my hygiene with hot and cold running water and detergent was lacking, nor because my refrigerated pork had gone off, but because APALT, All Pigs Are Like That.

Sure, some “westernised” Muslims will tuck in to a bacon sandwich, and use both hands to eat it, but even then you can’t accuse them of being NAPALT blue pillers, because their belief that my bacon sandwich is NOT a health risk is a scientific belief that is based upon laboratory verifiable fact.

Sure, in a purely religious sense they are not adherents, but then again none of us are, sex before marriage or outside of marriage anyone?

Now, unlike many readers, I have lived (as opposed to visited on a holiday) in Muslim countries, and I have some observations;

  1. In a hot climate with no refrigeration you can kill a pig and butcher it and 12 hours after the animal took it’s last breath large portions of what you butchered is a health hazard.
  2. In a hot climate where you have a gallon of water a day you can drink it and live, or wash your hands in it and die, shave your beard in it and die, etc

I will remind you that as recently as 150 years ago people were routinely dying right here in the UK because of lack of basic hygiene and cross infection between faeces and drinking water, and as recently as 165 years ago surgeons were offended at the idea that they should wash their hands between working on a cadaver and operating on a living person.

The Muslims were 1,700 years ahead of the curve here.

Even washing your hands isn’t as good as you think, if you join the St John’s ambulance on of the little things they do is give you a blindfold and some blue dye and tell you to wash your hands, then you take the blindfold off, and every bit of your hands not dyed blue wasn’t washed.

An interesting little anecdote, the lead trainer told me that the only exceptions he had ever had in thirty years who had blue from the wrist down and not one square mm of skin not dyed on either hand at the first attempt were marine engineers.. as it was a former trade of mine I laughed at him and said if you had ever been one you would know why…

But getting back to the Muslim’s and pork, it was a lot like us with our ten commandments, simple rules that any fucker could remember and obey, especially the peasant in the field.

The fact is, hot water from a tap, soap and refrigeration haven’t done a damn thing to change the nature of pork, it is still a “dirty” meat that goes off real quickly and nastily which is a health hazard long before it starts to smell or look bad.

Fish too, make no mistake, being able to salt pork and smoke fish were as big as steam power or electric power back in the day, literally civilisation changing technologies.

While there are certainly still plenty of Muslim’s living the peasant lifestyle, there are also plenty like me, living with constant access to hot water, soap and refrigeration, but the Muslim’s have not forgotten that the NATURE of pork is unchanged.

It is still and unclean meat.

Wimminz were also unclean meat, when I grew up wimminz were visited by the curse once a lunar month, God’s punishment for original sin, the bitches had to cover their hair in Church and were forbidden from going to Church if they were on the rag, because they were unclean.

Today both the Christian and Muslim faiths in the west have places of worship utterly empty of young people, and I talk to these people.

Talk you a young Christian or a young Muslim and yes, it is in a way a part of their identity, but it is always said as a 0.00001% of the whole part, and not something they were ever consulted about.

They will both be filled with ten thousand more times passion about the local football club or a Subaru Impreza.

The rest of society needs to full absorb and understand the fact that these kids KNOW all the girls have had threesomes at the very least, most have had a gangbang or two, most ride a different cock or two every weekend, without fail.

These kids are hip to the idea of marrying a good wimminz and having kids, hell they are as hip to that as they are to the idea of owning a McLaren F1, and as enthusiastic.

Trouble is, such wimminz are rarer and more out of reach than a fucking McLaren F1.

Talk to them about religion, and they are hip to the whole traditional marriage 1.0 thing, but it is a big FUCK YOU to the religious leaders who try to shame them into doing that thing, but who remain strangely quiet about the status of wimminz within church and society.

Talk to the young wimminz, as I do, and you are in for an even greater shock.

You know the old macho youth thing about if some asshole pulled a gun one me I would fuck him up, yeah, and then someone does that very thing, and you go very still and the first thing you realise is you haven’t breathed for 30 seconds, and the second thing you realise is your hands are already reaching for the sky, have been for 35 seconds, and are not fucking listening to yo, third thing you realise is your mouth is real dry, and fourth thing you realise is that you ain’t calling the shots, not any of em… you is fucking powerless.

The wimminz are starting to realise this first hand, they cried wolf so often, made so many false accusation, fucked everyone else over for short term personal gain so often, they are now living in a jungle of their own making… what’s worse, their so called wimminz friends are just as likely to be an oppressor as an evil male… in fact if it is more than one on one then it is pretty much guaranteed.

I had what was by any legal definition of the word a rape described to me last week by one of these young wimminz, one victim and three participants… nobody involved is denying anything about it, much less that in happened, and two of the three participants were wimminz, one of them a so called best friend of the victim… and the victim themselves, well, they ain’t going to the po-leece, no sir, because then the other three will open their mouths and a whole pile of true shit will come out…

In fact, instead of being a tale of one wimminz victim and the oppressors who raped her, this is actually a tale of four equally broken and fucked up people, and that particular moment in time it was this wimminz turn to be victim, everyone else has had their turn, and they will all have more turns in future.

… and we are straight back to the good Muslim girl who rides a minimum of one or two cocks every weekend, when she goes out drinking and clubbing, for this is her, and the stark reality that all the young people in this group are aware of, like a long line of dominoes, her current lifestyle is the INEVITABLE result of a series of bad choices, made because she was free and able to do anything with no apparent consequences, hear me fucking roar, and the consequences are when you act like a cum bucket you instantly lose all future respect, forever, and any hope whatsoever of anyone treating you as anything but a filthy lying whore.

I had no sympathy whatsoever for this victim, and said as much to her face, nor did she or the other three participants feel the slightest shred of shame, rather they felt anger, and the victim felt genuine fear, she felt fear because she realised for the first time just how little true strength or power she had when push came to shove, and the other three felt anger because what the fuck did she expect when she CHOSE to hang out with them and have regular group sex and get blind drunk every weekend for a year or two?

Yes, alcohol and drugs plays a big part in this lifestyle, but they are all quite self aware enough to state openly that when Friday night comes around they all press the self destruct button and go out and do shit to excess all weekend, then spend Monday to Friday hating themselves for last weekend’s antics, then rinse and repeat.

And from this our leaders expect to find the building blocks of society 2.0?

These little bastards know about me and my production line of skank ho’s, so the discussion turns to that, who’s your latest front runner AfOR?

So I tell em, 29, pretty fucking hot actually, a definite 9 on any scale, no kids and a claimed 25 cocks ridden to date.

No threesomes? I am asked.

Well, I reply, she says no, so maybe she is exceptional, or maybe she is just fucking lying.

She’s lying, say all the boys.

Bitch is DEFINITELY lying, say all the girls.

I’m going to fuck her, not marry her, so I don’t give a shit, I say.

They all laugh, amen to that.

The rape victim, she was out the next night, partying and drinking, give it a week until it happens again, what can you do when you live in a shoe?

Twenty years time when I am trying to balance in my zimmer frame, this is the people that will be middle aged and charged with running and maintaining “society”… brown-shirts just waiting for the recruitment poster… what could possibly go wrong.

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