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August 14, 2011

The mathematics of pussy

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Partially inspired by The Pro’s and Con’s of Hitch-hiking by Roger Waters which just came on my mp3 jukebox…

As I have stated / admitted elsewhere in this blog, where all women are on a scale of 010, and where most guys claim that they never fuck anything except a 7 or better, me, I don’t care…

Yes, I’ve fucked 10‘s, but I have also fucked 1‘s regularly and once or twice plumbed the depths to fuck a 0 on the scale.

As I sit here and type this I am fucking one 5, one 4, and one 1, these are all at the fucking stage of the internet dating production line I have discussed elsewhere on this blog in the Internet Dating section on the right.


More importantly, the worst thing that can happen when you look at the flipside and subtract is 10-5=5… whereas in reality the 1 is the one that will get supplanted as soon as something better comes to fruition on the production line, so it will be 10-1=9, plus ? the new one is, provided she is a 2 or higher I’m ahead of the game, even if she isn’t, I’m ahead of the game because it is another cunt/ass/mouth that has submitted to a status no higher than being a receptacle for my cum.

Last night I *probably* acquired another 1, sent off my usual short boilerplate “Yo!” to a new skank on Plenty of Fish, local-ish profile with no pic (remember mine has no pic either) within an hour we are SMS/texting and she sends me a face / body pic, then a tits pic, then a cunt pic… yeah, it’s a 1, but it cost me nothing, not even a coffee, and yet it reaffirms my superiority sexually and it also gives another woman direct experience of serving me sexually, let’s be honest here, I’m by far the best she is ever going to get, even without having seen my picture she knows this about me, and is quite willing to act in the role that is appropriate to that.

This is the “Great Lie” that all the wimminz tell, including all the wimminz working in the police and courts and lawyers, the wimminz who love to use words like grooming and control and abuse, the great lie is these skanks fucking EXPECT a man to treat them as being there to see to his sexual needs and desires, they fucking EXPECT a man to be in control sexually, they fucking EXPECT a man to be their master….

The man does not have to actively DO anything, words like grooming and control and abuse all indicate one person taking a PRO-ACTIVE role, DOING stuff to gain / achieve control of another, the FUCKING TRUTH could not be more different, the fucking truth is the man is entirely passive, the skanks queue up to offer themselves as submissive cum-buckets eager to please, and the man merely selects those most comely, most convenient, most accommodating.

GOD FUCKING HELP YOU if you try to say this in a police station or court (ask me how I know… lol) because the wimminz heads will assplode (sic) with outrage and indignation… and if you are fortunate and / or smart enough (see other comments on the blog about permanent electronic record keeping emails / sms / etc) to be able to prove any of your statements that “she was the one begging for it, not me” etc, then rest assured they will do what they can to screw you, in secret family court this means never seeing your kids again, ever… lol

You see, just as we in the MRM have men and manginas, or niggerz as I call them here, the wimminz also have a split, between those who deny their natural inferiority, the feminazis, and those who accept it, the ordinary skank ho wimminz.

All False Rape Accusers and False DV Accusers, while probably suffering from a Cluster B DSMV Personality Disorder, are feminazi skank ho wimminz, all the rest are just skank ho wimminz.

When calculating the mathematics of pussy this is a vital fact to consider, because while men generally will score wimminz on a 0 or 1 to 10 scale, this is in fact imbalanced and incorrect, anything in the feminazi cluster needs to have a “handicap” score added to the basic “fuckability” score.

When you have an extreme feminazi such as my psycho skank ho ex, eager and willing to make false rape accusations against all and sundry with a penis, that handicap score must be -15.

Think about that for a moment, it means the hottest, most fuckable, most goregeous wimminz on the planet, a quite rare and genuine 10, becomes a -5, that isĀ  5 whole points lower than a solid 0, which is what you would apply to the proverbial 300lb fat cunt with bad teeth and bad breath, and yes I have fucked one of them zero’s.

If you think with the big head and not the little head for a moment, this is actually quite logical and simple, fucking some stinky beached whale is much better for you than being the victim of a False Rape Accusation, and once you are the victim of the FRA it doesn’t matter how hot she was, and let me tell you fellas, FRA making skanks aren’t the hottest wimminz on the planet, again, ask me how I know…

So, with our new and improved scoring method which includes the feminazi handicap, all scores are shifted lower, and what I describe as a 1 may well be a 1, paper bag over the head job, yeah, it’s a fugly, but it is an honest fugly with no notable handicap score… now we are looking at the 1985 Mercedes in the small ad’s, sure it is looking tired, but the service records are all there and the mileage is honest and it is pretty much “as advertised”….. if you want a car analogy.

With our new and improved scoring method we can also look at a different wimminz, a 6, on the face of it far more fuckable than the miserable and fugly 1, but unlike the fugly who has a handicap of 0, this one has a handicap of –5, which put’s her exactly on a par with the fugly, who ten minutes ago you were telling me I was brave for fucking, and you wouldn’t fuck her with my dick etc, but, crucially, the non fugly has the handicap of -5 so she is not the equal of the fugly, she is far more dangerous than the fugly to be around.

I suppose in theory a +ve feminazi skank handicap is possible, but it would be a science fiction made to order sex clone, blade runner style, and even then there would be problems.

Which brings us back to the image at the top of this article, in which the infamous beer goggles turn a 0 into a solid 5.

Beer goggles, and an erect penis, and not having been laid for a while, and other personal preferences such as blonde or big tits/ass, can introduce a +ve bias, we will lump all these factors in together and call this the beer goggle handicap.

So the 0 in the image at the top can be a 5 with beer goggles, but can easily also have a -5 handicap, so depending on which man you talk to, and how he is feeling, the same skank can score -5, 0, or 5

You see where the danger lies here, in my own mathematics of pussy I ALWAYS include the handicap score, and try wherever possible to exclude the beer goggles bonus points score, erring on the side of caution, after all, this is my liberty and happiness at stake here, not to mention my ability to bang as much skank pussy as possible and reaffirm my own natural male superiority and their own natural female inferiority as much as possible…

So do not be too quick to judge, or too harsh, or too dismissive, when I say that this week I am banging a 5 + 4 + 1 =10, because these are all scores as you know them on the 0 or 1 to 10 scale, with the up to -15 feminazi skank handicap thrown in, with the up to +5 beer goggles bonus score excluded.

Note well also, this mathematics of pussy score means that the hottest possible skank, with the maximum feminazi handicap, plus the maximum beer goggles bonus, scores a solid 0.

Note well also that while you will almost never see a solid 10 on the traditional score in the flesh (as opposed to airbrished on screen) you will almost never see a solid 0 on the feminazi handicap, and maybe as many as 10% of wimminz who suffer from a Cluster B disorder (diagnosed or not) must score AT least -10 on the feminazi handicap, and psycho skank ho’s like my ex with a history of false accusations, who aren’t that fucking rare either, score a solid -15.

Note well also that beer goggles is often a transient score… 8 hours later when you wake up next to the bitch sober it will be back to 0.

This means that while the MEAN / AVERAGE wimminz score on the traditional scale may be around the 4.5 to 5 mark, the mean / average feminazi skank ho handicap is also going to be floating around the 5 to 7 mark, and the average beer goggles score, when suitably lubricated and horny, runs around the 3.

This gives a range of

4.5 – 5 = -0.5 plus beer goggles 3 = 2.5,


5 – 7 = -2, plus beer goggles 3 = 1

With score ranges from 1 to 2, but in reality once beer goggles have worn off -0.5 to -2, neatly explains 99% of male female interaction, excluding the extreme cases where false accusations are thrown around like confetti.

Maybe you want to reconsider my fucking the 1, fugly, no money or time or effort extended, no feminazi skank handicap, no beer googles bonus, again, and consider attitudes such as “you’re brave” and “I would not fuck that with your dick dude” again.

At least I am smart enough to avoid fucking anything with a negative score, once beer goggles bonus has been excluded, thanks to the mathematics of pussy.

Spare a thought for the poor niggerz, they only have the 1 to 10 range, with the 0 to 5 beer goggles bonus.

The 0 to -15 feminazi skank ho handicap is the vital ingredient of the mathematics of pussy, fact is, you can get by without the usual 0 to 10 hotness scale, AND the 0 to 5 beer goggles scale.

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