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November 8, 2012

Female intelligence

Wimminz, in some areas, aren’t dumb.

Wimminz, in some areas, are as sharp as a fucking pin.

One of these areas is their so called inferiority complex, I say so called because the reality on the ground is 99% of wimminz know for a fact they are inferior to 99% of men, and everything else is just dancing around how you and her deal with that fact, do you let her pretend it ain’t so, do you take it for granted, do you etc etc etc

In fact, 99.9% of shit tests and wimminz advantages are based on this, the perceived relative weakness of the wimminz is why the man opens the door and carries the fucking bags, not because the bitches can’t do that stuff, but because they can’t do it as WELL, and this inferiority is somehow twisted into advantage for them.

The stereotypical joke about a man stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some duct tape and a jubilee clip to fix a punctured radiator hose, a wimminz stood by the open bonnet of a car needs some double D’s and a showing cleavage to fix same…

The “weakness” has been turned to their advantage…

Of course while Marriage 1.0 was still the main deal on the menu it didn’t cost men anything to do a John Wayne and ride in and help the little lady change her flat, after all, some other white knight would do the same for his bitch.

But to class this inferiority as a weakness was a master stroke of first wave feminazism, back in the 1800’s, all that shit about the fairer sex and all.

I’ve got a mate, or rather, I had a mate, he’s dead now, but when he was alive we will call him Eddie.

Eddie was naturally a big motherfucker, and then he started doing hard physical labour and spending leisure time in the gym… by the mid eighties Eddie is doing “reps” with the *full* Olympic set of weights on the bar, 34.5 stone, or 483 lbs, or 220 Kg, and this fucker is doing reps with it.

Eddie could pick up a 40 foot STEEL scaffold pole, hold it vertically above his head, and look up through the middle, this is one of those things that actually doesn’t *sound* that fucking impressive, until you try it, and then talk to a scaffolder, and watch their eyebrows rise in extreme scepticism…

Bruce Lee was a kick-ass mofo, but bare handed and bare footed he just didn’t have the foot/pounds available to hurt an Eddie, or a mountain bear, just enough to piss them off, and once you got inside Eddie’s reach you got broken, literally.

Shades of a previous tale about the digital age and how things aren’t the same as they used to be back in the analogue age, when none of this shit was recorded.

Physically, in every department except the cock, which basically he didn’t care about, Eddie was superior to me, and I was inferior to him.

Eddie didn’t have a problem with this, I didn’t have a problem with this.

Eddie is now dead, so I am physically superior to him in every way, I doubt Eddie would have had a problem with this, I certainly don’t.

There was a time or two when I wanted to take advantage of Eddie’s superior physical ability, those times I paid him, not necessarily cash money, but he got something for it.

There was a time or two when Eddie wanted to take advantage of my superior technical ability, those times he paid me, not necessarily cash money, but I got something out of it.

I wasn’t born with a cunt, so I wasn’t able to mask my inferiority as a weakness and get Eddie to play for free, fact is Eddie being Eddie even if I had a cunt it wouldn’t have worked.

Wimminz however KNOW they are inferior to men as a whole.

Do not EVER fucking doubt this, this is as obvious to them as it was obvious to me, standing next to man mountain Eddie, looking straight at his nipple, his arms thicker than my legs, and every ounce of that muscle able to do reps or repetitive work, that I was inferior to him.

However wimminz also know that not only are they generally inferior to men physically, they are also inferior mentally, men can work shit out and plan shit out and arrange long term goals and think 15 moves ahead, generally speaking, wimminz can’t, generally speaking.

Wimminz however are superior to men generally when it comes to emotions, a wimminz can fall deeply in love, fall completely out of love, and get over the loss of a child, all in less time than it takes a man to fall in love…. and I’m not talking that love at first sight infatuation / lust crap, I am talking BONDING, where you KNOW your girl doesn’t have great tits, but you don’t care… because they are HER tits and that makes them better than anyone else’s tits.


You need to carry these four 10 kg bags of groceries from the car to the house because I am inferior!

Make four trips bitch.


You need to carry these bags because you are a big strong man and I am just a poor widdle weak pwincess

Sure baby, stand aside


That’s the difference between marketing something as what it is, an inferiority, and what it isn’t, a weakness.

I was physically inferior to Eddie in many ways, but I wasn’t weak, in fact the fact that I am still here and he is pushing up daisies is testament to me being stronger than him in many ways.

In fact, if we get right down to it, wimminz have two purposes;

  1. to get pregnant and give birth
  2. to raise that child to adulthood

As we can see from stories such as this that in fact a wimminz with the mental age of six can fulfil item one perfectly well… which leaves us with item two….

Well, nobody has to look very far to see that the wimminz ain’t doing so good at item two either.

It’s almost like, I dunno, some crazy way out there idea like evolution designed wimminz so that they could not do the one thing they were put on this planet to do, with any level of adequacy, without being owned and controlled by a man…..   freaky…

Of course, the wimminz are all intelligent enough to feel in their bones that this is true, a wimminz needs a man like a fish needs water… Sodium makes a crap salt without Chlorine, Chlorine makes a crap salt without Sodium.

But the sex war is the real Orwellian them vs us, divide and conquer, and like the war on terror or the war or drugs or the war on anything, you only have to convince one side that the other is out ta get ya….

The sex war trumps the race war, the poverty war, the economy war, the political war.

I warned y’all who would listen 5 years ago that Obama was nothing more than a black Tony Blair, a bought and paid for quisling with no morals of his own, and now he has been re-fucking-elected (not that the other guy was any better, all the real game changers are weeded out in the selection process) in what was, guess was, a sex war.


  1. I remember my dad showed me how to change a flat tire when I was a kid. He showed me once and it stuck with me forever, it’s not rocket surgery.

    Fast forward years later as a married man. Tire goes flat and I ask my wife if she knew how to change a tire. Of course she didn’t, so I tell her to get out with me and I’d show her how it’s done – figured it was good for her to know in case I wasn’t around. I show her step my step..easy.

    About two months later another tire goes and she’s in the car. I tell her “alright, your turn.” But of course, she claims that she doesn’t know how. This from a bitch who was always going on about what a badass empowered grrrl she was.

    To this day I’m still trying to decide whether she was just stupid or lazy and manipulative. I’m leaning towards a bit of both.

    Comment by McGinnis — November 8, 2012 @ 11:57 pm

    • That reminds me of a college roommate who always managed to forget how to iron in the presence of a co-ed.

      Comment by I Art Laughing — November 9, 2012 @ 4:58 am

  2. wimminz is no ordinary being who can be compared to man. wimminz not only make babies but they also serve as a deity, giving man a raison d’être.

    Comment by Bob — November 9, 2012 @ 12:00 am

    • Comment by hans — November 9, 2012 @ 5:20 am

  3. See what happens to an Emperor Penguin egg when one parent flakes or screws up.

    Comment by I Art Laughing — November 9, 2012 @ 4:57 am

  4. “What if there is a war and the other side doesn´t show up?”, kinda what we´ve seen all these years.

    The wimminz are definitely wining this one, thanks to their niggerz and the elites kicking the whole thing off in the first place.

    But what happens when the HAVE won?
    Couple of options.
    – the weaker tribe gets taken over by the stronger(patriarchal) one
    – the (token)matriarchy takes everything over, see Hunger Games for the result
    – “Afghanistanisation”, lots of niggerz&elites croak, wimminz start pissing themselves and start shopping for bedspreads to wear

    Let the good times roll.

    Comment by hans — November 9, 2012 @ 5:31 am

  5. Well, the hippies do have all the weapons.
    After all, all their automobiles are bombs.
    That’s just a couple of those cells venting. Those cars have around 7k of those.

    Comment by Digger Nick — November 9, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

  6. I’ll go ahead and tell you a few ways in which wimminz can be superior to men just so the younger more oblivious crowd can pick up on this and take their power back and/or become immune to these “mysterious” feminine wiles.

    – They have ZERO curiosity whatsoever in matters that don’t pose direct practical value to them.. Men have the ability to love and be curious about something for the sake of the rationale and to take hobbies and whatnot. Everything a woman does is to benefit herself financially, emotionally, or sexually. They are nto concerned with the hows and with that limited brain skip over all the processes necessary to comprehending the world.

    – Literally every f*cking word coming out of their mouth is a manipulated piece of speech calculated for effect. A f*cking lie. . They can not be straightforward or speak from the heart. That puts them at an advantage as well.

    – They try to WIN OVER THE CROWD instead of win the argument every time they argue.

    – They don’t allow criticism against their kind or else you suffer social ostracization, and they champion their virtues in such a dogmatic fashion. A false dogmatic fashion.

    – They use their tolerance for drama to try and emotionally shake a man and make him go insane. If you’re able to withstand psycho or rough terrain.. wouldn’t it be wise to bring your enemies to that level? Hmmm.

    – They do not care too much about the future or the past and are creatures of the now. Eckhart Tolle discussed th is present mentality. Wouldn’t it be ncie to be a dog and forget all you know about logic and reason and history and planning for the future and just live like a kid with your senses activating.

    – The capacity to self-delude and convince themselves of their own bullshit. This is the mark of a sociopath and a liar without any regard for reality. And it’s also a great tool for “empowering beilefs.”

    – Their link with children and animals allows them a happier, “more in tune”, lifestyle where dancing, singing fukking playing with hildren and doing easily available low efffort things can bring real happiness.

    – They are content chasing things and lose it. The ultimate example of journey > destination.

    – They are called mirrors of the soul because they don’t have souls of themselves and they don’t have staunch egos to hold on to. When someone attacks your pride/honor, men are visibly hurt because they’ve EARNED the right to become something and that has eternally fixed itself into the ego. Women just cry and rup it off because they have a formless, unconscious, childish, immature, dark mentality and bounce back easily like a damn psychopath without a rigid ego. Men fought and defended the world against invaders.. and women when their men were conquered.. simply spread their legs open and cherished the only thing they ever will.. survival.

    – They seem to have an uncanny ability to do repetitive dull work, multitask, and concentrate on the most mundane simple ass academics and are consequentially outearning their male counterparts in basic ass degrees (though STEM is still a male domain)

    Comment by David Alexander — November 23, 2012 @ 3:20 am

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