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August 22, 2011

Google+ and outing myself

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Scott McNealy, then CEO of Sun, the people who put the dot in dot com, famously said 12 years ago on 1999, “You have no privacy, get over it.

Currently, at the time of writing, I am using the handle “Wimminz” to write this blog, anonymity of a sort, but not of the sort that can withstand any determined effort, or scrutiny from the State.

For various reasons, such as waiting for certain legal processes to run their course, I am not yet ready to come out of the closet, but that time is approaching.

When that time comes, you, dear reader, will notice two things;

  1. OMG, that’s who it is, after Googling my name, and putting many pieces together, stretching back to Scott McNealy’s pronouncement in 1999, someone who more than once has had his 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, in the small and iniquitous world of the online community.
  2. Now I get why this guy said fuck it, amd embraced all these tracking and tracing technologies, such as using an Android phone to sync location, SMS, call records, emails, etc etc to his Google account.

You will see that I am no stranger to online controvery, and having my real name published, you will understand that many times over the years friends have said to me “Dude, how about putting all that shit behind you and changing your name by deed poll?“, you will see that each time someone says something bad about you, and it gets published online and indexed for future retrieval by Google, it makes you that much more vulnerable to the next malicious person.

You will see that it simply is not possible to defend against such attacks, although it is indeed possible to keep your head below the parapet, and avoid arguably making matters worse by challenging each and every iniquity lodged against you, and refusing to back down.

You will see that since there is no defence to the “You have no privacy, get over it” world in which we live, once people throw stones at you, one possible reaction is to invite those people to share the spotlight with you. There is an element of Mutually Assured Destruction about this, but once the first stones have been thrown, your only real alternative is to take it up the ass, and keep taking it up the ass every time someone googles your name.

I wrote many months ago on this blog about a woman who met a man on an internet dating site, had two dates with him, had sex with him, THEN googles his name, find something bad written about him, THEN decides to claim that he raped her, then decides to sue the internet dating site for not screening its members and exluding guys who have been accused of shit in the past.

Since writing that two skanks that I have picked up and fucked googled me, and then messaged me saying they found what was written worrying.

I messaged them back to say “Read it ALL you stupid bitch, not just the first stone thrown” and both of them had to apologise, and I could take this attitude because as I caution all you men out there in the internet dating articles, I keep electronic records of EVERYTHING regarding my sexual liasons, allinstant messages, SMS, phone calls, GPS tracked locations, and it is all stored in many places, and backed up and indexed in Google’s cloud.

Yes, that is right, every single electronic conversation you had with me, where you are begging me to tie you up and fuck all your holes and use you like the dirty slut you are, archived and indexed by Google.

Sure, I DELIBERATELY set out to have all this data archived and accessible to me or my lawyers anywhere on the planet 24/7, but that deliberate effort is the only difference between me and everyone else on the planet, this shit is all archived and stored anyway, whether it is you telco or the state, it is all already being archived and stored in perpetuity, all I am doing is making sure I have access to it as well as the state, should I ever need to.

Simply because never again am I going to get into a situation where some psycho skank ho like my ex can make all kinds of ridiculous allegations, up to an including false rape allegations and allegations that I want to fuck my own kids up the ass, and all the state and secret family courts do is wring their hands and mutter “no smoke without fire” (when there is no smoke, no fire, all the physical evidence present goes against the allegations, there is nothing but the allegations, and those making the allegations make mutually exclusive and impossible allegations on oath, in fact there is nothing but the psycho skank ho ex screaming “FIRE!” and of course profiting from doing so) and submit £200 per hour bills to Legal Aid.

Where I “fucked up” previously is in just letting certain things stand as proof on their own, whereas what I should have done was put up a few static pages under a domain name, telling the story, naming all the names, and sit back and let Google continue to index that page, year after year.

The trouble is, you can’t do that shit once a process starts, you can only do it once a process has finished, (unless you want to court prison time for contempt of court from breaching rules on sub judice) and frankly when such a process is finished most people’s natural reaction is “Fuck it”, life’s too short, and get on with life and put it behind you.

But the fact is you can’t put shit behind you when you share a planet with a bunch of useless cunts who do not have the brains they were born with, and who have no interest in doing anything beyond googling “Fred Smith” and looking at the first page of results and putting 2 and 2 together to make 22.

You can’t put that shit behind you when everyone from a possible future employer, a possible future date, a possible future encounter with the police, a judge in secret family court, or a possible future encounter with a Cluster B BPD psycho skank ho false rape accuser, only has to type “Fred Smith” into google to instantly gain what they see as instant power and advantage over you.

Due to the distributed and interlinked nature of the internet, you can’t sue everyone and get the record straightened up either, not even if you are a rich, powerful and connected man like Dominique Strauss Kahn, and if he can’t get the record expunged, what chance does Fred Smith of Swindon, self employed electrician, have?

So what options are open?

You can put your head down and hide, or run, you can change your name by deed poll, which will be used against you as proof you were trying to conceal your past, or you can say “Fuck It” and invite everyone who was so quick to play games with your life for their own ends to join you in the spotlight.

But if you are going to do that, do it properly, make sure the content once published is distributed across national and legal and technical borders and boundaries, and via cut out methods so that even if you wanted to, you could not remove it. For example posting it (your story) as many separate chapters / text files across Usenet… and reposting it automatically every week until served with an injunction to cease and desist… it then cannot be unpublished, deleted or removed from the various indexes.

Because you are going to piss people off, and if you do the job properly some of them will have the power to curtail your freedom and liberty…. but that will be temporary, and that will pass.

So instead of googling “Fred Smith” and reading all about what a cunt he is for beating up his girlfriend and raping her (shades of the Hosfra boys, etc etc etc) you google Fred Smith and start reading about Jane Jones, who made all sorts of allegations against Fred, none of which stood up to scrutiny, many of which were mutually exclusive or simply so improbable as to be complete lunatic ravings, and as part and parcel of an otherwise unwinnable child custody case, and start reading about Detective Frank Drebben of the rape squad, who ignored all reason and justice, like the prison guards at Auchwitz, in his zeal to pin the alleged crime on you, but that did not stop him spending £75,000 of taxpayer money trying, and hell, the overtime paid the deposit on the new Merc anyway, and Bleedem & Leech, the family law solictors who basically walked into secret family court with an innocent man as a client, precisely zero evidence against him, what evidence there was supported him, and managed to lose the case spectacularly, but still managed to pad the legal aid bill out to £25,000, and Fishona Byke, court appointed psychologist, who knew which side or her bread was buttered and sucked up to the paymaster, up to and including making up shit out of whole cloth, seeing as there was no actual basis in fact for any kind of negative report on dad, and reams of stuff including self harming and suicide bids etc etc to scare the crap out of you about mum, and not forgetting Judge Dredd, referred to by many secret family court barristers as being a law unto themselves, as opposed to being an upholder of the Law and Justice, you know, their fucking JOB.

And google sits and indexes and indexes, and after a few years links have grown between that original story and many, many, many similar stories, many of which feature the same players, Judge Dredd, Fishona Byke, Bleedem & Leech and of course Detective Drebben.

If the psycho skank ho is prolific enough, there may even be links to other guys she has fucked over.


This sort of “you can spin, but you can’t hide” exposure is already being given to CEO’s like Bob Diamond, “Fred the Shred”, politicians like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, the “Bullingdon Club” H^H^H^ “The Cabinet” (sic) and all the links in between and betwixt.

It is about time it filtered down the the modern day equivalents of the guards at Auchwitz, and the Quislings, and the people who “Just sold butane” to run the ovens, and these are the tools to to that with.

We are all monkeys in a cage, being peered at by google and the state, it is about time more of us starting flinging our shit around to ensure that everyone has a nice even, fair and equitable coating.

In the meantime, embrace and extend all that data collection and archival, and like me ensure that you, or anyone you nominate, can access it from the cloud at a moment’s notice, anywhere on the planet.


Just for shits and giggles, I just typed “fred smith rape” into google, and on the very first page of returned links found a “hit”…be afraid, be very afraid…


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