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March 23, 2013

May 6, 2012

Money makes the world go round…

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For 20+ years now I have been saying that money is not everything, but it is a damn good lubricant… if you have enough everything slips along beautifully, if you do not have enough things start to grind to a halt and break under frictional stresses.

A large part of this trick is of course to make sure that the amount of money you require to live every week is strictly controlled, and to KNOW that amount and live within it.

I am currently in a very fortunate position, I refused to buy (back when I was married) because house prices were frankly insane, little terraced houses going to significant fractions of a million pounds, e.g. one fifth, not one fiftieth, which always prompted me to ask the seller “where is the fucking island and helipad?

To be sure the EU economic crisis is all about households and individuals who have completely lost sight of the value of money, and no, I don’t blame the bankers for offering interest only self certified liar loans any more than I blame the local drug dealer for offering the first rocks of crack for the price of a beer… nobody made you greedy fuckers take it and start acting like there would be no tomorrow and the real bill would never arrive.

To be sure there is therefore a majority of the herd who will vote for anyone who claims that not only is the emperor well dressed, but next week there will be a whole new line of clothes out, come on down….

I have heard “property owners” and “buy to let landlords” say in my presence that the problem is all the people like me, who do not own property, and even suggesting that we should not get the vote, and when I ask them to show me their property deeds (they cannot, they are held by the true owner of the property, the lenders) they look at me like I am speaking to them in Greek.

Greece always was a funny place, geopolitically it sat astride both east and west and northern and southern cultures, and historically made much of its money from being on those trade routes, but apart from that it only ever had tourism, I lived in Greece for a couple of years, the land there is something and Icelander would turn his nose up at, farming wise… but when I was there every family in Greece was receiving some 3,000 Euros a month from the EU for having a patch of land with some stunted olive trees sat on it… again if you live there and see how little fucking olive oil a hectare of olive trees will produce, and this is AFTER you irrigate the shit out of them, it will come as no surprise that the only cash crop the land is capable or producing is a farming subsidy.

A bit like most of the buy to let landlords, the only cash crop their few square meters of land can produce is a state rent subsidy for their tenants… but again the housing tends to monocultures, to serve the biggest rent payer about, the state, everything is either two bedroom flats, or three bedroom houses, or multiple occupancy which means either bedsits or so called one bedroom flats with the cooking area at one side of the living area and a tiny separate bathroom and bedroom, there is no traditional spread of styles and sizes and types of property.

The place I live in now is rented, and it suits me very well indeed, but you couldn’t sell it to me for 1 red cent more than the land value, because it would be easier, cheaper and faster to pull it down and rebuild from new than it would be to fix up properly… and this is solely because the DIY landlord doesn’t know dick about property maintenance… an incredibly common scenario.

Which brings us to demographics, there are so many broken homes and separated / divorced couples, that by and large we have;

  1. Wimminz and kids in a house on a mortgage, subsidized by the state and the father of the kids who bought the house but got kicked out for alleged domestic violence and sexual abuse when she wanted to move on to cocks new.
  2. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by a private landlord but paid for by state benefits, because the man in question did not own a house when his psycho skank ho got all medieval on him.
  3. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by the state.
  4. Widows living alone in houses that may be rented, may be owned, may be council houses, been there for 20 years..
  5. Some married and co-habiting couples.
  6. Loads of single men, from 1/2/3, often living in one room bedsits, and paying monies to the skank ho ex for child support etc.
  7. The very young and students, all living in shared accommodations.

Things have actually gotten so bad with the public purse that in the UK the state simply will not pay anything towards any non shared accommodations for the single person if that person is below 35 years of age.

Nota bene, skank ho single mummy is not and can never be a “single person” so always goes to the front of the accommodations queue.

So if you are a man and under 35 not only does the state have no obligation to house you, it does not even have any legal obligation to pay any money at all towards your accommodations, should you desire anything more than a bedsit.

Bedsits have their place, to be sure, but there is a reason it has been literally impossible to get home contents insurance for any shared accommodation (e.g. bedsits and everything else where you do not have your own front door key) plus as it is essentially a financial niche, see buy to let landlords, basically all the bedsits are a fucking disgrace, if you have mice they will be wearing overalls and wiping their feet on the way out to get the cockroach crap off.

Which, all being about money, makes things interesting in a “democratic” society every time everything is subject to a popularity contest, those wholly or partly dependent on state handouts, the single skank ho mummies and the buy to let landlords, essentially control the vote.. it does not exactly technically make for a “rotten borough“, but damn close.

Which is where we come in, and skank ho single mommies on PoF.

So far in 2012 I have seen a huge swing, from zero to perhaps 25% of all profiles, the skank ho’s are filtering out all the deadbeat dads by the simple expedient of stating that any man who wants to date (fuck) them must have his own home and car.

Which is all gravy to me, but is fucking murder on most of my male friends, who fall into two broad categories;

  1. Deadbeat dads who can no longer afford a car, so they live in some dump, often a bedsit or teensy tiny “flat” that used to be one third of a family house with a cooker and sink against one wall of the “lounge”, and a tiny bedroom and even smaller bathroom.
  2. Deadbeat dads who still run a car or motorcycle, so they live in some caravan or dump a few miles outside of town.

In both cases they are deadbeat dads simply because they are still paying a large wad of cash every week to the psycho skank ho ex, who is living in what USED to be their house, but has changed from a repayment mortgage to an interest only one… lolol

As a society, this means that the only ones who have a real voting voice that can effect change, are the very ones living off the fat of the land as parasites and contributing nothing; and THIS is exactly the case in Greece (where I lived for a couple of years) Spain (where I lived for a few years) Italy (where I lived for a year) and Ireland (where I have never been) .

Which is why the EU economies are so fucked.

The skank ho’s on PoF can clearly, by their shifting attitudes, see the writing on the wall, but being wimminz all they can come up with is doubling down on the same old shit, still keeping one or more deadbeat dads as paupers, still taking the state handouts, but also wanting AS WELL some new cock to open their wallet and support them.

Locally here in the UK, we just recently got out from under New Liebor, who totally fucked everything, not just economically, but socially too, and yet after a short period or Cuntservative and Unionist party rule, who were such niggerz they never did anything different, in the next lot of local elections New Liebor have made back much of the ground they lost.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” that is acting is desperation.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” largely composed of wimminz and their niggerz.

Wimminz got the vote, many deadbeat dads like my male friends still have the vote, but sadly their vote doesn’t count for shit any more.

Follow the fucking money, while it lasts.

*THIS* is why buying gold metal and shit won’t work, you will still have to share your town with all these wimminz and niggerz when the state tit dries up, fuck affdiggastan, your local problems will be due to local wimminz and niggerz doubling down.

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