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October 6, 2013

Selling your soul

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This one comes up regularly in conversations, so time to put it here.

It doesn’t matter if it is on a fucking site, PoF, okcupid, fuckbook, a job interview, or real life.

You can give it any fucking trendy name you like, your account, your profile, your CV, your party hat on… it doesn’t make any odds, what you are doing is writing an advert…. this leads to options… Person A who is honest, and Person B who is dishonest.

  1. Advert is true
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale today
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, they are dishonest, you won’t like the price
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you are honest, they don’t like the price
  2. Advert is false
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, your deception will be revealed
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale ever
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on/over, you’ll make the sale, sure, but you’ll regret it, deeply.
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you’re a liar, so are they, no foundation of trust, no sale

So, out of 8 possible outcomes;

  1. One (1.1.1) gets you the “sale”, ching ching. Je ne regret rien.
  2. One (2.3.1) gets you the “sale”, brick in an iPad carton.
  3. One (1.2.1) doesn’t get the sale, but doesn’t alienate the other person.
  4. Five are no sale, a waste of effort.

If you aren’t getting (1.1.1) in whatever endeavour you are doing, say getting laid on a fucking site, then that is TRUE market forces at work, your honestly marketed product is not desired, even if it is free (like Linux)

If you attempt to change the advert to get a sale then you’re (2.3.1) you changed yourself from an honest vendor to a dishonest vendor, and no honest buyer will ever want to know you again, what’s perhaps more pertinent is you can never make another honest sale, honest buyers who are looking for what you really are will be put off by your advert, which saying something else entirely about you, and there is no way to say hey, wait a minute, none of this is true, I was only trying to make a sale here…

Item 4 above, the other five are no sale, a waste of effort, well, it is no effort at all to set your stall out honestly, it is just being you, take it or leave it, but it is a lot of effort, and an ongoing effort, to maintain an illusion.

Maintaining the illusion and making no sale is a monster waste of effort, but, it is better than maintaining the illusion and selling the brick in the iPad box, one is un-interested potential buyers, the other is someone you ripped off, even if they also paid you in counterfeit notes… y’all richly deserve each other.


Like I say, this doesn’t apply just to one small area of your life like getting laid.

Do *****NOT***** confuse this with those who are marketing the illusion, and who also say “fuck ya if ya don’t take me as I am, I ain’t changing for no-one” s these are just people who are more in love with their own delusions than with making an honest sale.


ALL your problems start from an initial assumption that you aren’t worth shit if you haven’t made a sale, you are a failure, a loser, a beta, a nobody, yadda yadda yadda.

As a potential employee there have been situations where potential employers could use me, but were not prepared to pay me what I thought my labour was worth, this doesn’t make me unemployable, they still have the vacancy and I still have my labour to sell.

I have some machine tools that I attempted to sell on fleabay, I put a fair minimum price on them, I didn’t make a sale, I still have them.

I *could* have made a sale, one guy came around and would have given me 50 cents on the dollar and I would have made a sale, but I chose not to, I actually ended up spending more money on the items to get them better than they were and kept them.

At 50c on the $ I would have considered myself exploited, I’d rather give them away or sell for scrap.

This, essentially, is why I am a single man.

My time and interest and effort and loyalty are indeed for sale, I just can’t get any interest in this market at the minimum prices that I am prepared to open negotiations and start haggling at.

I had one guy say to me, “there is this chick on a fucking site, I’d give it one and all that, but she is overweight and has a list of demands that the guy is at least six foot yadda yadda yadda…. how do I deal with that?”

It’s simple, you don’t. she falls into one or more of the (2.x.x) series of options above, no good can come of it, the best possible scenario is you use some forged currency to buy a brick in an iPad box, but the chances are you’ll be spending real money, so it’s even worse.

You know, this is what red pill / MGTOW is *really* all about, it is about not contaminating yourself by associating with liars, and not being a liar yourself, or to yourself, or about yourself.

And yes, this includes whatever you do for 40 hours a week to earn a crust.

You cunts need to learn the difference between COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION.

Red pill doesn’t fucking compromise, the two are mutually exclusive.

I am open to negotiation, but not compromise, and that makes me “no sale” to 99.9% of the planet, including wimminz and niggerz and employers.

Sadly, even modern dictionaries have re-defined the word, so here it is, the essential difference, because both words are broadly similar and broadly involve two parties in discussion on a given subject.

In a NEGOTIATION there is no expectation of any kind that an agreement between the two parties will be found. Rather, the discussions centre around exploring the possibility that such an agreement can be made.

In a COMPROMISE either such an agreement has already been made, or both parties are working under the assumption that such an agreement is the end goal.

You can say “You have compromised yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

You cannot say “You have negotiated yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

I just spent 15 minutes on-line trying to find a link to a site that did not confabulate the two UTTERLY disparate and separate things into one, and failed… My print edition 1950’s Oxford dictionary had no problems whatsoever differentiating the two, though to be fair http://oxforddictionaries.com/ makes a fair attempt at it, and neither definition mentions the other one, which is as it should be.


The only form of compromise that is acceptable to a red pill man is the sort I made recently with the Noo Pee Cee build, I had to compromise between the spec I would like to build and the money I wanted to spend…. eg one I make with myself, because I can usually trust myself to play both sides of the argument fairly.

Any outside (of me) agency that has as its starting point that I must make some compromise, is kept outside the perimeter of my life, and that is NOT negotiable mother-fucker.

February 10, 2013

You don’t know jack shit

You don’t have to know Jack Shit, or any other MSM journo, you only have to trawl some of the *very* popular websites, to know that the MSM journo’s also read those sites, and it is with heartbeat regularity that you find stories that ran on one of these websites running three days later on a MSM channel / newspaper / broadcast.

These websites in question are not visited by mere thousands or mere tens of thousands of people, nor are the people who visit them basement dwelling lusers with small penises, nor do they all deal with world or warcraft shit.normal_ATT148

What I am seeing more and more of, is serious speciality websites with millions of educated adult users, increasing going off the main topic which they were created for, and talking about something else, and the thing is, they are all talking about the same thing.

Look at this and this for two examples…. both from Zerohedge

There are waaay too many people talking about this stuff on a daily basis, and yet these are the very stories that the MSM does not copy and paste from these sites of website… coinkydink? I think not.

I participate in a swingers website, it is a useful tool to get free cunt, but even there shit like this is getting discussed…

One of the other topics getting discussed is the recent UK horse meat as beef scandal.

When I pointed out that Findus advertising 100% horse as 100% beef was no more dishonest that some skanky wimminz on the swinging site advertising 100% land whale as 100% BBW you can imagine the uproar, much of it from wimminz, but most of it from niggerz eager to white knight the wimminz.

Which brings me to a point that I have raised many times on swingers and dating sites, truth in advertising.

Much like using the word “cunt” at every opportunity is a great litmus test for wimminz and niggerz, using the word “advert” at every opportunity instead of “profile” seems to have the same effect on dating and swingers sites.

By any rational empirical test you can care to name, my PoF profile and swingers profile are adverts, nothing more and nothing less.

There is *some* validity to an argument that on Fuckbook and Linkedluser et al these things can equally be described as profiles, but on the other hand even there you can’t actually exclude advertising generally and self promotion specifically from them.

Is an iPhone a “high PROFILE brand” or a highly promoted brand or a highly advertised brand, or are all three just different ways of saying the same thing?

Certainly, it is easier to argue the point that the land whale entitlement pwincess persona projected on a PROFILE is more acceptable than if you called that self same page an ADVERT.

And this touches nicely on the answer that ALWAYS comes up whenever you try to discuss things like “What is a BBW?” on these sites, because you don’t have to wait long for some bitch to come along and provide the definition that “If she says she feels like a BBW then she is one

That’s great, I feel like Ravishing Rick Rude therefore I are one… form an orderly queue bitchez.

Personally I always thought ricky rood looked like an even more faggy cross between Tom Sellick and Burt Reynolds, were such a thing possible, but if I decide that I feel like RR, then I am one, according to the wimminz fruity logic.

(naturally such fruity logic is a one way street, only applies to wimminz when dealing with niggerz)

So, why is there this huge unspoken desire to call an swingers / dating advert a “profile”?

Well, it’s self delusion really, and given such levels of self delusion on an individual level it really is no wonder that the powers that be, as featured in stories such as those two from ZH linked above take the attitude that since we as individuals love bullshit so much, we should be force fed bullshit at every opportunity.

Who needs an actual SMV (sexual market value) when you can haz a “seasonally adjusted” SMV…

If you called the profile an advert, people would find it a LOT harder and more uncomfortable to write their own… for the wimminz the first adverse reaction is in 99% of the cases the same, “I don’t like it because it feels like I am selling myself” is what they say.

They usually stop talking to me altogether when I point out “baby, nobody is charging on PoF, so you’re not selling yourself, you are GIVING it away

Contrary to popular belief, wimminz don’t have a problem selling access to their cunt, what they have a problem with is being faced with the reality that they will be advertising access to their cunt, with a big “FREE!” sign over it, and STILL not get trampled to death by swinging dick.

Nothing worse than advertising a product you can’t even fucking give away for free.

Which is contrarily why a lot of wimminz also do the whole escorting whoring thing, alongside the swinging site advert and the PoF advert, this gives extra avenues of self denial and bullshit;

Slice a cat’s throat and put a $10 sign on it and when no man can be found to fuck it all you have to do is say “They couldn’t afford my pussy”

I’m with Wilde on the whole whoring thing BTW, he asks a woman at a party if she will sleep with him for 1,000 Guineas, she says why of course Mr Wilde, he walks away and comes back to her an hour later and asks her if she will sleep with him for 1 Guinea, she says why Mr Wilde, what do you take me for, a whore? He says madam, we have already settled that, now we are just arguing about the price.

So I’m banging my young cum bucket slut earlier this weekend and her phone goes, her slutty mate, she has been offered £750 quid to fuck this fat old fuck all next weekend in her own home, of course she is going to do it, so I tell my slut to tell her I will fuck her for a pound, it doesn’t go down well, but after all we are just arguing about the price.

Come next year this story will have transformed until she was earning £1,000 a pop as an escort, and that’s just for one night, and the client was ricky rude, and they stayed in the Savoy and drank champagne and ate truffles.

May 30, 2012

pssst, wanna buy a used condom?

As alluded to in this Spearhead comment (3rd comment) I had a very interesting chat yesterday.

The person I had the chat with is a friend of the family, and very high up in the world of advertising.

When I say very high up I mean very high up, for a brand name that I absolutely guarantee you know.

As I said the in the spearhead comment, I happened to mention to this wimminz that I had noticed that on any given day you would suddenly see a rash of new or re-written profiles, all featuring the EXACT SAME PHRASE, amongst wimminz who could not possibly know each other, like some hive mind at work.

She laughed her ass off at me, asking exactly what it was I thought she did for a living…

Point made.

What I did not say on the Spearhead comment, is that the conversation continued, and the rabbit hole went a lot deeper than I had suspected.

It transpired that a few of the recent top 10 pop acts had songs especially written by marketing types, and there was me thinking the song came first, and THEN someone grabbed it for an advert…

Product placement in films and media of all sorts was also far larger than I had expected, as she said to me, “WTF do you think the Kardashians and all other celebutard crap is except walking billboards”

At that point a memory came back to me, the producer of the very first series of Big Brother, being interviewed and admitting that the SOLE purpose of the programme was to make you watch the adverts in between.

She went on to name a list of “reality” programmes of the sort where every week they build a customised dildo, complete with temper tantrums and suchlike, the sort of thing I hate, and related to me that they were all, 100%, totally, completely and utterly fake, everyone involved was an actor, none of them actually did any of the custom work, what you saw was always faked, with the real work being done in the background, and of course the weekly celebutard “customers” were in on the game getting some more cross pollinating free publicity for themselves too.

Yeah, now you mention it I have no problem at all believing you 100%, it fits with everything I have seen.

So she goes on, and starts talking about product placement in the news and media, which I was hip to anyway, stories of military actions in Mogadishu being timed to coincide with prime time viewing slot many time zones away back in the good ole USA.. started earlier than that she said, the man who taught her and took her under his wing was responsible for a lot of the Falklands / Malvinas War shit going down at GMT in time for the main evening news, contrary to military planning ideals.

Thatcher didn’t blink without consulting her advertising gurus, she said, hence the STILL persisting idea that Thatcher came from a small corner shop, little woman made good by her own talent and efforts.

And this was when the conversation went down the rabbit hole proper.

“So what shit that I have seen have YOU personally been responsible for marketing?” I asked.

She looked at me once again like I was 5 years old…

“You really don’t get it do you.” she said.

She went on to tell me that product placement and sales was what the juniors and department heads did, so the London office might take on the Conservative party election campaign, but up at HER level it was not at all about product placement and branding, but it was all about product DISplacement and concealment.

HER clients hired her to keep aspects of their lives, or certain associations, completely OFF the fucking radar…

From the very simple stuff, like keeping all Coca Cola product a million miles away from anything to do with drugs for example, to the more complex stuff like keeping certain conglomerates with a fluffy image a million miles away from any subsidiaries whose subsidiaries owned subsidiaries that made a nice little penny in land mine manufacture, for example.

THIS was what she meant about Thatcher and other politicians not blinking without first consulting her ilk.

For example no politician or party is going to be seen anywhere near anything that could even remotely be seen in a negative light with respect to single mums, or rape, or domestic violence, negative product placement, the thing you NEVER see associated with X.

To use a current topical subject, why is no ISP willing to go anywhere near porn filtering, but all ISP’s are quite willing to quietly open the back doors to state monitoring?

Can you imagine the furore if at some point in the future MegaNetISP was linked to the abduction and rape of a small child, because they put in net filters that were not 100% effective (which they cannot be) or MegaNetISP being linked to a terrorist explosion in a school killing hundreds and maiming more, because they stood in the way of the security services monitoring traffic?

So many of these clients and campaigns, whether they are for a product, or for obscurity, are long term things? I asked her.

Yes, she said, in some cases for decades… at which I raised my eyebrows.

OK, there is an 88% chance that you as an adult single male in the western world have shaved pubes, she said… OK got me there.

When you were a young man in the 70’s, did you shave your pubes? she asked… fuck no.

So you starting to shave your pubes coincided with the advent of the VHS cassette and easy access to porn, and pornstars with shaved pubes… umm, I guess, yeah….

Well guess who started that campaign by getting to the porn companies and financially supporting them if their models were hairless, minimal pubes, ideally all over…

A campaign that has now been running for 30 years.

Generations are growing up now who start depilating their pubes as soon as the first hair growth starts, all so a few companies can sell razors and creams and shit at a rate 100x higher than back in the day when men shaved their faces and that was it.

Fuck, she said, you KNOW all this shit, you KNOW all about Freud and Bernays and manufacturing consent, this shit was new in 1921, we have had nearly 100 years to perfect in, and ever more and more immediate and influential channels to pump it out.

Even the shit you are immune to because you are not the target market, and I’m not talking shaving your pubes here, but the shit you are IMMUNE to, because you can never get breast cancer, you are not immune to, because you share a society with people who are not immune, and whose choices can be influenced, and by so doing change your rights and freedoms.

“so” I said, “this is why men are marketed as the nasty scary rapists and paedophiles huh”

Yes, she said, because lets face it, in the western world we have slain all the other dragons, nobody is actually scared of dragons or witches or some guy in another country who they can actually friend on facebook, so we have to “give” people something immediate and close up and personal that they *can* be scared of, the environment, automobiles, NOT being important, and indeed men.

Statistics do not matter, she said, very earnestly, nobody is scared of pthalates or smoking or high fructose syrup or sedentary lifestyles, even though all those things individually are profoundly more likely to fuck you up than an environmental disaster, a defective car, being joe average, or being attacked by a man.

What matters is what you can ASSOCIATE with each of these, and what product you can then sell, or make invisible, as a result of that.

At that point we were interrupted by others at the gathering.

Some time later she left, and her parting shot was this.

“You know what SHOULD frighten you? Not that we have had a hundred years of practice at manipulating consent, but the fact that the manipulators themselves are at least as susceptible to their own products as joe public, there is a 92% chance that I as an adult single female in the western world have shaved pubes…..”

“Nobody is in control any more” I said

“Oh no, there are shifts of people taking turns at the wheel, the problem is we are driving in the dark in unknown territory with the lights out and tinted windows, we only care about what is going on inside the bus.”

April 23, 2012

Notches on the bedpost

A mixed bag this week, one skank ho who openly admits that she cheated on her husband throughout her marriage wonders why I treat EVERYTHING she says, as though it is possibly / probably false… duh

And another for whom the bell finally tolls and the penny finally drops, you’re not just notches on a bedpost, it is that after three fucks most wimminz are unfuckable, my cock will not co-operate any further, so I must of necessity move on to the next skank ho.

Think about it bitches, all I am interested in is dumping my cum into your holes, for free, and even so THE BEST OF YOU  still can’t hold my attention or interest past three fucks.

Bitches have been drinking their own kool aid for so long and lying to themselves about what they really are for so long that there is no longer any signal left when talking with wimminz, it is all noise, and incidentally proof that 12 million monkeys will never type so much as one sonnet, much less the complete works of Shakespeare.

Whether it is secret family courts or wimminz rights or evil male sexual predators, bitches cannot and will not see that it is NEVER coincidental that those towns that are known for the worst excesses of secret family courts, social services and child welfare types are also the towns where the worst child abuse goes on and the highest profile paedophile cases come from, they just routinely put the cart before the horse and point at the excesses of the headline paedophile case as reason for their own existence, when in fact it has been the past decade plus of their own existence of complete power on the local scale that has bred the ideal hunting grounds for these evil predatory paedophiles, and has also bred the next generation of them.

Just as in the Vanessa George case, the skank ho who actually did all the physical sexual abuse, George herself, was given second billing to the guy who lives 200+ miles away who never touched a single child in the flesh, but who George was in electronic communication with.

Back in the day it was Fred and Rose West, again Fred got all the bad publicity, but they lived in Cromwell St, well known locally as the place to find whores and drugs, and less well known as the place where the local council routinely housed all their kids that had been seized from families and taken into care, when those kids reach 16 and ceased to be a source of revenue for said children’s services departments.

What could possibly go wrong?

What (address) could possibly express more cynicism and disdain for the now 16 year old kids?

What y’all have to watch out for is the only trick left in the bag is doubling down, and as times get harder they will keep doubling down.

You think you have your ass covered by signing up to Fetlife and finding that 22 year old submissive, you know, FROM HER FUCKING ADVERT FOR AN OLDER MAN, and hooking up with her?

When they double down and broaden consent to something that can be RETROACTIVELY RETRACTED BY A PANEL OF WIMMINZ AND NIGGERZ, you are as fucked as fucked can be, and jumping up and down in the dock trying to get her Fetlife advert admitted as evidence of your innocence, as opposed to being evidence of her vulnerability and proof of your evil predatory nature will only get your sentences increased for contempt of court.

No, far better that you talk to a local, and go down to the areas of town where the local social services dump all the kids as soon as they become 16 and cease being a source of revenue, with the whores and the dealers, and cruise for some young flesh… the young flesh in question has no illusions whatsoever about their status… your only problem is in fucking hand me downs from the same social services / child care services / family courts, because NONE of these 16 year olds are virgins, not even close, haven’t been for years, many years in some cases… just needs a fall guy, like you maybe, to take the rap and thus close the book on previous indiscretions… knowworrimean..

Seems you aren’t the only one who was out to carve a few notches on your bedpost… but you just sleepwalked into playing the game with the genuine feral article, and the real predators.

Doubling down, doubling down.

Vanessa George, Rose West, “Baby P“, they all represent mission and budget creep for the symbiont’s, and expansion of the incestuous and iniquitous pools of slime and corruption, far from being human tragedies, they are brand leading success stories.

The most chilling tales of all come from the mouths of hollow young people, the young girl who despite being 16 and a bit and fully physically a woman and with many of the tick boxes for attractiveness, a wagon load of viagra and a gallon on liquid nitrogen could not have gotten me hard for, not once they have uttered “You know that film Aliens, you know the bit about in space nobody can hear you scream, and the bit about they come at night, mostly, and the bit about game over man, yeah well that is what growing up in “care” is all about….

There are monsters, and they are human, and they are the ones who have been given and taken total power and control over our children and families.

Edit – and the fact that most of those involved in this system as a career are wimminz, and yet wimminz are supposed to be the protectors of youth / children / innocence… it is THIS role that the wimminz abandoned most eagerly, and NONE of them speak up to denounce their sisters, the total renunciation of all maternal and nurturing capacity, it is for this reason, more than any other, that I am done with treating wimminz as civilised and moral creatures… I am as slow and as dense as fuck, but even I can eventually learn a lesson if it is rammed into my head daily for decades.

March 12, 2012

Don’t judge a book..

..by its cover..

At least, that is what the wimminz keep demanding in their dating adverts.

Which reminds me, I had a really interesting conversation with the skank ho I picked up yesterday on PoF, in between fucks, she laughed when I talked about wimminz adverts on PoF, to wimminz it is a “profile“, I just shrugged and said “Read a dictionary, not everything with a profile is available, if everything is available then it is an advert, not a profile…

But the point is these wimminz who state on their advert that we (men) “should not judge a book by it’s cover“, OK, dead give-away, this is going to be a fat and ugly, or fugly wimminz.

But like the advert/profile attempt, this is just yet another attempt by the wimminz to redefine the definition of whatever it is that is upsetting them, and trying to force everyone else to go along with it.

When I look at some fucking fugly bitch on PoF and instantly reject the skank ho as being totally unfuckable (and it must be said, being considered unfuckable by me is tough..) it is not because I am judging the book by the cover, it is because I am judging the book by the CONDITION of the cover, and the book in general.

While I cannot claim to treat my body as a temple, neither do I treat it as a vomitorium and open sewer, but these bitches want to do just exactly that, and not be called on it.

Tough shit.

This basically sums up 99.999999% of all wimminz behaviour, they want to act as they please without ever, ever, ever having to face the consequences or pay the piper.

A day or two a wimminz said to me I was an angry man, again she is in denial and trying to re-write reality to suit her own twisted ponies and unicorns and princesses and Mr Darcy fantasy world, I was in fact smiling and happy, while I was, with some relish, relating to her exactly how cold, soul-less, deep and unending was my emnity for all things wimminz.

I explained to her, quite calmly and quite clearly, that I pitied my psycho skank ho ex, because she is so fucked up in the head and wedded to her precious victim status that she has in effect totally emasculated (I chose that word deliberately) herself and rendered herself that very thing that she whined about, a creature at the total mercy of its environment, and not a creature able to control / influence / affect / mould its environment.

I then went on to explain, quite calmly and quite clearly, that while my ex was an object of pity and scorn for the self inflicted nature of her state, those who “feed” off her, the secret family court lawyers, child psychologists, counsellors, child services, secret family court clerks and judges, they are the true scum of the earth, quite literally in my book lower than a paedophile (who after all, cannot help themselves) because their sole motivation in money and starring in their own little operas as people of significance.

In my case alone, what should have been a simple separation (we were not even married) and default joint custody, which should have been a “rubber stamp” operation as complex and costly and registering a vehicle in a new name, it instead turned into a trough that cost the State in excess of £168,000 in Legal Aid bills ALONE to the above “professionals” ALONE, and the beat is ongoing and will remain so, as long as my psycho skank ho ex can be persuaded to carry on signing bits of paper to re-affirm her victim status and get her own Pavlovian / Skinner box all too transient “rewards“…

The day a group of paedophiles get paid to make a paedo porn film for money in exactly the same way that professional actors/actresses, camera guys, key grips, best boys etc are to make commercial pornography, and by that I mean quite brazenly and openly and in your face, then, and only then, will said paedophiles be as low, in my opinion, as secret family court judges and lawyers and child services etc etc.

An opinion that I expressed openly to all concerned in my own secret family court case BTW, I guess it is easy to see why all concerned hate me so much… lol

However, all of the above was said quite calmly and rationally and coldly, there was no anger there, I literally would not piss on any of these kinds of people if they were on fire, but that doesn’t mean I am to set them alight.

And this is where the wimminz and secret family court judges and lawyers everyone else falls down, and assume malice on my part, because they HAVE TO, because they CANNOT ALLOW themselves to see it from my perspective, without undoing what they themselves are and how they live.

My policy is a mixture of every dog has his day and let god sort em out.

I do not have to do ANYTHING to see all these people get their comeuppance and the temple burned down, on the contrary, I must do precisely NOTHING to ensure that all these people get their just desserts.

My policy is all your pigeons are going to come home to roost, and they will be plague ridden and hungry for the flesh of their creators when that time comes.

My policy is to be as socially and economically inactive as possible, while enjoying my own life and having a damn good time, and bring on the economic collapse, and when all the filthy parasites and wimminz are literally dying in the streets and begging for succour and prepared to offer me anything I want in exchange for something to eat and some shelter and indeed some protection from the hordes they themselves have created, far from being an angry man, as the wimminz insist on calling me, I will be as I am….

…a totally, utterly, implacably, indifferent man.

Indifferent to your suffering, indifferent to your plight, indifferent to your pleas, indifferent to your pain…. in this way, I repay you in exactly the same coin that you used on me, and on my boy children, whom I could have raised to be productive pillars of society.

Paybacks are a bitch, especially when they are self inflicted.

January 27, 2012

An invitation to treat.

IN legal terms an “invitation to treat” is what a shopkeeper does when he puts an object in his shop window for sale, it is not an “offer” in law, it is an “invitation to treat“.

You, when you go into the shop, make the “offer“, the shopkeeper accepts (or not, as the case may be), and you exchange the offered and agreed amount of money in exchange for the item on sale, and a “contract” is made.

Wimminz advertising themselves on PoF should therefore be thought of as an “invitation to treat“.

This is an important point that not only all men who have been falsely accused of rape will understand, but in fact all men who have been stood in Family Court will understand.

You know the score, when times were better, you and her indulged in all sorts of things, and it never occurred to you that months or years or even decades later those same things would be dragged out, re-written to make her sound like the innocent non consenting virgin, and you like the filthy disgusting violent and dangerous sexual predator and pervert, and there is sweet fuck all you can do to prove things were different to people who have a financial interest in treating all men thus

If only I had been able to say that my FRA psycho skank ho ex got together because I responded to an advert she placed for herself on the internet… being able to demonstrate that from the first second we met, ours was not a relationship in which she was weak and vulnerable and I was the evil predator, but a relationship in which she was very pro-actively marketing her wares on the open market, and in which she CHOSE to accept the offer that I made in response to her invitation to treat in the form of her advert on PoF or wherever….

It would have been even better than that, because just like the shop transaction that forms a contract and starts a chain of records / evidence, any relationship that starts on a dating site over the internet is going to also leave a chain of records / evidence that support the true nature of the invitation to treat / offer / acceptance / exchange that forms the contract. (esp true if you follow all my advice on here)

It’s a tough call to accuse a guy of burgling your shop and stealing all your stuff and taking a crap in the till when VISA has a record of the transaction, the guy’s bank has a record, his GPS shows him at the vicinity of the shop at the time of this transaction, and the subsequent evidence trail shows you acting like a shopkeeper happy with the transaction, not someone being violently raped and abused every day for ten years, which you never thought to report until you decided it was a great way to win in Family Court.

Of course this is instinctively why all the wimminz and mangina niggerz know that internet dating is sad and for losers and people who are so ugly they can’t get anyone any other way….

Of course the wimminz and niggerz also instinctively know that once you are in a relationship, continuing to use technology to communicate is sad and for losers and people who are so ugly etc…

This is the point you need to get, to these fuckers this is like garlic to a vampire, it doesn’t matter how low the IQ of the vampire is, this reaction is instinctual, and so it is with the wimminz and niggerz, it doesn’t matter how low their IQ, they have an instinctive aversion to anything that threatens, challenges or questions their existence and actions.

They can be as dumb as a sackful of chickens, and still instinctively be aware that anything that creates any kind of record at all is their enemy, just as the dumbest burglar of the planet is smart enough to avoid and hate the house bathed in lights from PIR detectors and with approaches covered by CCTV cameras.

The trouble is, many years down the line, these sackfuls of chickens get access to an essentially unlimited supply of state sponsored and paid for lawyers, shrinks, court workers, social workers and of course police and judges, all ready to tell those poor little dumb chickens that they have the right to be treated like soaring eagles, and everyone who ever eat one of those eggs so willingly laid and given away, is gonna fucking pay, certainly with their souls, equally certainly with some extent of money and earning power, and perhaps even with liberty and life.

And these lawyers and chickens get the police to abuse you and drag you into Court, because they are INSTINCTIVELY secure in the knowledge (because they would fucking remember it) that nowhere in the past with you were there any invitation to treat, nor PIR floodlights, nor CCTV cameras, there is just your word and theirs, and lots of people have entire careers that are based exclusively on their wimminz word being law.

And so, ten years after that first meeting, that invitation to treat, you’ll be in a much stronger position if there is some sort of independent record, such as you will get with online dating, than if you met the skank ho in a pub somewhere, or through work, or through friends, or at the bus stop.

You’ll be in a much better position, because even ten years later, burglars can remember which object in their house they bought legitimately in a shop with a credit card, and which object they stole from some house long forgotten many years ago, and rest assured the skank ho wimminz can all recall with stunning clarity which interactions with men were covered by contract law and records and history, and which ones are open to he said / she said historical revision to her advantage.

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