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April 9, 2012

Gone to the dogs

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As Shakespeare said, or maybe it was Milton or Proust, or maybe it was all three and many others, in their own ways, time is a motherfucker.

I was reminded of this in several separate ways in the last 24 hours.

One was the iniquity of having to defend yourself against sudden allegations from your past, as the Hooker guy in the states has to now, and as all FRA men have had to.

One was being asked to scan in an old photo of a relative, who is now a granny and grey haired and saggy and fugly, yet in the photo in question she is well fuckable… and the photo ain’t THAT old.

One is several similar PoF wimminz advert themes that have come up lately.

One is a conversation I had with one of my wimminz fuckbuddies who knows my story, and who cannot believe how calm I am about the whole thing.

Put them all together and you have the passage of time changing shit, a LOT.

For those of you who are still young young, allow me to reassure you that I can remember like yesterday being in a place and time and being 14 years old and sitting down to work out when the century and millenium would end, and coming to the staggering conclusion that I would be, shock, gasp, fucking FORTY when the 20th century ended, no fucking way I could imagine living THAT long, hell, my parents had me late, and at that point even my dad wasn’t quite 40…

I can re-live that memory as easy as snapping my fingers, and it is as fresh as the memory of the coffee I drank 5 minutes ago.

For the young young, let me tell you that looking BACK in time to that place and time, from well beyond the year 2000, from well beyond 40, hell, from beyond 50… lol, well, it’s like this, the view of things in time when you are 20 is like looking through the WRONG end of a telescope, it all seems impossibly far away and remote, but the view looking BACK from that place is like looking through the RIGHT end of the telescope, it is all close enough to touch.

So when we take my used to be hot as fuck relative back then, and the crow woman granny she is now, the older you get, the more aware you get of how ravaging the simple passage of time is.

Of course it is not “Just” time, though I say so myself I am remarkably well preserved for my age, and while there is undoubtedly a genetic element, I also have to say I partied like a motherfucker, remember that “no way I will ever live to be 40” shit where we came in up there? That was how I lived… even if I had been forced at gunpoint to stop for ten seconds and consider the impossible remoteness of me in my middle 50’s, my attitude would have been who gives a fuck about grandpa… that wrong end of the telescope thing.

And yet, all my “bad living” wasn’t, as it turns out, what is hard on a body with the passage of time… no way I can claim to have treated my body like a temple, but on the other hand I didn’t treat it as someone else’s sewer either…

It is this, more than anything else, that revolts me about the wimminz more or less my age, and fuck it, let’s be honest, by their mid 20’s most of the wimminz around here have made CLEAR progress down this road, it is this systematic destruction of the female form, of everything that makes them hot and fuckable.

Shit ass meaningless graffiti tattoos, stupid fucking tribal aboriginal primitive piercings and metalwork, fucked up hacked off and gelled up hair, fucking sagging flesh and blubber everywhere, and perhaps most of all and attitude that while they have spent the last 30 years totally desecrating and destroying what was once a well fuckable body, they themselves have learned and observed abso-fucking-lutely nothing worthy of note during this 30 year period.

Time is a tough enough bastard to put your body through, it doesn’t need any help from the tattoo studio and the piercing studio and the hair studio and the comfort food aisle and the TV couch.

It especially doesn’t need any help from you, you stupid skank ho slut, trying to deny fucking reality and the evidence of the fucking photos (even after ‘shopping) that YOU fucking added to YOUR profile, and claiming not only something that you never were, but that you never could have been, because you never did have one fucking shred of virtue or honour instilled in you.

What is especially galling is the deliberate stupidity in requiring that I, who have taken that journey through time with you, am supposed to act like I never did, or never learned anything, just so I can be around your cellulite ridden ass… go fuck yourself.

You chose to go to the dogs years, decades, ago.

You do not now get the option to compel, much less invite me along for the ride.


For the young ones out there who want to live long and stay reasonably fit and healthy and attractive;

  • Eat only one meal a day, from one plate, eat anything you like off that plate.
  • Eat *nothing* between meals.
  • If you have “notions” in your diet, indulge them by all means, off your one plate a day.
  • Do not put condiments, salts or sauces on your food.
  • Try to avoid processed food at least two days a week.
  • Try to eat unprocessed versions of everything, eg pure cane demerera sugar not white sugar in coffee.
  • Fast (no food) at least one day a month.
  • Avoid doing anything regularly to excess or over regularity… e.g. never do any thing such as smoking or drinking more than 5 days a week, or to excess on those 5 days.
  • Avoid spirits and fortified wines and white bread.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Walk at least two miles per day, get a dog if you like.

Sounds like shit, too simple maybe, but the fact is the above keeps the distillery that is the human digestive system working at peak efficiency, just like it did for millions of years before supermarkets and marketing and cheerios and donuts came along, it gets fed just enough of every raw ingredient to have to work hard and efficiently to feed the rest of the system, so few excesses and poisons gets passed along.

I am 50+, NEVER go to the gym, and have a better body than many 20 year olds out there, and boy I am at the stage now where if you AIN’T taken care of yourself then only a time machine will save you from a slide into serious slob ill health fucked up cripple land.

MGTOW means moving house by yourself, because you fucking can, which is VERY fucking close to the old adage about never riding a motorcycle that you are unable to pick up if it is lying on it’s side…

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s people were all “you built / repaired that shit by yourself!”

When you get to the 50’s it is all “you moved that shit by yourself!”

Yeah, it’s a fucking sofa / fridge freezer / 50″ TV, big fuckin deal.

You wanna be like these wimminz barely able to carry their fucking SHOPPING home (esp nowadays, the fucking Tesco home delivery van is everywhere) you go right ahead, father time is waiting for your soggy ass at the other end of that telescope.



  1. most wimminz cannot afford to drink alcohol or sugary drinks. They simply cannot burn off the excess calories. Even a young 19 year old wimminz, away at university, passing her days at beer parties fattens up quite rapidly. It is amusing to see a wimminz burn so much money on cosmetics, clothing, hair styling, perfumes, and jewelry, all in vain, because they are decorating an unappealing fat body.

    Comment by anonymous — April 9, 2012 @ 4:45 pm

    • Yeah, of course they are *designed* this way to build reserves to make babies… >;*)

      Comment by Wimminz — April 9, 2012 @ 4:53 pm

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