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November 26, 2011

Skankin’ dreadstop

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Well tonight was an interesting night.

It was interesting because it proves that anyone can fuck up, even me… lol

The signs were all there early on, and I broke my own rule about limiting my expenditure to one cup of coffee and splashed for the motel room, basically on the promise of total sexual obedience.

What I got was (apart from dumping two loads into her) was total disobedience, didn’t matter what I said, she had to resist just doing it, and then denied utterly that she was being anything other than totally obedient.

So for me instead of an all-nighter it was a “fuck it, I’m outta here” and since I had not been hitting the vodka bottle I could do just that, get in my car and drive…. there was nothing else to do because false advertising, a wimminz claiming she is something she is not, eg 100% obedient in bed, is a total turn off, and fuck it, I ain’t there for the company or conversation or to keep my feet warm…. the skank ho also did not read my profile and complained about my cigars… told her straight, my profile says “smoker”, your profile says fuck all about stretch marks and a sagging belly, and also says “occasional” drinker… gesturing at the half empty bottle of vodka that was nearly full two hours before.

I have no clue if she is still there, or DUI on the way home, not my problem (again, archived SMS / IM / etc so my ass is well and truly covered) when what should happen on my drive home but the fugly skank with the great bod mentioned previously rings me to tell me her teenage daughter is having a stayover at her dads, do I want to come over and use and abuse her for an hour or two.. lol

BTW, you gotta check out the Red Riding Whore link at the bottom.

So anyway, back to the plot.

The plot is you gotta learn to listen to your instincts, no matter how quietly they whisper in your ear, in this case when I spoke to this skank on the phone prior to meeting her she sounded as thick as shit, not so much a conversation peppered with “yeah”, “hmm”, “You know”, but a conversation consisting mainly of such inanities, and a little voice asking me what the fuck am I doing talking to this dumb bitch…

I could have saved the 40 spondulicks I blew on the motel room, on the other hand, it was a timely lesson well worth 40 spons, and fugly with the hot bod came through to save the day anyway.

Then I come home to find a message from a 29 year old chick on PoF, we’re off for coffee the coming weekend, she is buying, so the skank above and the red riding whore slut below both have that “surplus to requirements, sold as seen” status firmly embedded in their psyche, and I have had a top up of the attitude required to exist on the same planet as wimminz, you really do get desensitized to what useless lying fucks they are, and getting desensitized is incredibly fucking dangerous…

If you are lucky, and have made your own luck, you will find yourself in a motel room, sober, with a car outside and SMS / IM etc archived in the cloud, and some fugly skank ho slut lying on the bed available to fuck, but zero further interest.
Shrug, walk away, get in car, drive away, get on with YOUR life.

If you are unlucky, and have not made your own luck, you will find yourself trapped with the bitch, whether just for the night, or for far longer, or the light at the end of the tunnel is the FRA train coming to smash you.

Thank God I am a Man.


  1. I have learned much about protecting myself through online archiving of my whereabouts and sms conversations from you, my brother, for which I am grateful. You have truly done a good service by teaching us how to protect ourselves from the lies of the wimminz and their white knighting mangina faggots.

    Comment by 8oxer — November 27, 2011 @ 3:35 am

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