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October 1, 2011

I got a girl she lives on a hill…

…she won’t do it but her sister will… (ZZ Top)

I have had to delay writing about this, because if I did it too quick the skank in question might have found this article and put two and two together and made twenty-two.

Basically there was this skank ho on the production line that moved up to meet in the flesh and pound that pussy status.

She only just made it on to the production line because I discovered in early discussions that her career was basically wimminz support, but she had had a career change and gone into real estate (lol) and the fact is she was unusually horny and dirty.

However, having been once bitten I made sure that my usual IM / SMS / MMS / email archives were particularly detailed and explicit, and left her on the production line and as said above moved her to actual cum bucket status.

Now, as my regular readers will know, when it comes to the wimminz I market my self as a dominant man, particularly sexually, so what I am looking for is basically a subservient and obedient slut.

No shortage of them, but as a solid rule of thumb, when exploring this with the wimminz and asking them what their “limits” are sexually, 99% of the time you get a stock answer, and that stock answer is “won’t do shit or animals or kids” and then you flesh out the details of what they will do or have done, but as I say, you get the stock answer 99+% of the time.

Except for this chick, who made a career out of working for wimminz causes, and has done the fucking lot, battered wives, abandoned mums, oppressed wimminz in the workplace, you name it.

Her response was “I have no limits

Which was interesting, not because I have always wanted a skank ho who will do 2 girls 1 cup (google it) with a child and a donkey, but because the lack of the stock answer was in conjunction with the fact that for a wimminz she was actually quite intelligent and intellectual, so I am left wondering if it is the case that she felt no need to roll out the stock answer because it should not need saying as a self-evident truth, or because she genuinely had no limits.

I will confess, at this point had she not had her history of working in wimminz causes, I would have simply blocked her as being potentially too fucking dangerous to have any contact with, but she did have this history of working in wimminz causes, and so I was fascinated.

So we met, and became regular fuckbuddies for nearly two weeks.  Yes, she was damn good, a definite 9.9 when it came to sex and a reasonable 6.5 in the looks department, considering her age (mid 30’s)

Basically I never felt any need to discover if she would fuck children and animals or wallow in shit, because her “thing”, her kink, her desires all were centred very strongly indeed on all the things that anyone working in wimminz causes should abhor…. to make her cum multiple orgasms and piss herself, all I had to do was grab her hair or throat, hard, and fist her, hard and fast, and I mean basically punching my fist in and out of her cunt like a piston… do that once and the gratitude she showed, and the willingness she showed on the promise of doing it again, meant that she was not merely willing, but eager to get as down and dirty as you like, the bitch would get on her knees and beg for permission to lick my asshole inside and out, as preparation for some hard, balls deep, throat fucking, while ignoring her need to gag or breathe.

Show the slightest amount of consideration or care or gentle caress and she got seriously upset, never put your hand on her head or caress her head when she was trying to get my cock down to her stomach, always always grab a fistful of hair, and make sure the hair was in tension, and using that grip ram her head up and down on my cock.

Without turning this into a blow by blow graphic sex story, you get the idea, the exact opposite of what you might assume a skank ho working in wimminz causes would be doing.

By the end of week two I had pretty much worked out what her gig was, and ended it by telling her that her that the fact she had two kids in school crimped my style and fucking hours / days too much, and quit quickly before she had an opportunity to consider dumping her rugrats for this bad boy…

Her gig was, she spent her career working in wimminz causes because listening to lying psycho skank ho’s tell her stories about being beaten and abused and raped by the tooth fairy made this chick’s cunt wet, it was erotic live pornography to her.

I have long suspected, particularly so after my own up close and personal introduction to these people following my psycho skank ho ex’s FRA as integral part of a separation and child custody battle, that this is what makes a lot of the cunts tick.

However, this chick was the first one that was even remotely fuckable herself, and also the first one I met in any circumstances that could have the “dating” label applied, so you see, while going large on covering my ass, I had to know.

Surmising something, and feeling its cunt muscles clench around your fist as actual indubitable physical proof of the subconscious processes at large, are two very very different things.

Before this skank I was most definitely in the AWALT and all wimminz are filthy lying ho’s, no exceptions, camp, but afterwards it was much more visceral.

Before I had first hand knowledge of living with a fucking a skank ho who later made an FRA against me, but that was only one part of the equation… the part of the equation that really had the potential to destroy my life was the part populated by all the rape squad wimminz police, the wimminz child welfare workers, the wimminz court workers, the wimminz court shrink, the mangina niggerz judge, and so on, and that part I had no experience of, outside of those “professional” encounters.

Now having biblical knowledge of at least one of the other side of that equation, suddenly an awful lot of what was going on made an awful lot of sense…. it isn’t just the case that these cunts get very well paid for fucking up men’s and children’s lives, and it turns out that for at least some of them, sticking the knife into men was not another one of their motivations, for at least some of them, their motivations are being very well paid, while getting their cunts dripping wet listening to what to them is pornography.

Should this be the case for more than this one wimminz who worked in the wimminz causes industry, then 100% of everything said in the manosphere about these cunts is not just wrong, not just dangerously wrong, but actually counter-productive.

If even 5% of these cunts work in these industries for their own personal sexual titillation, then we need a totally different approach.

Perhaps a leaf taken out of the book dealing with the stereotypical predatory paedophile in a position of authority who grooms and manipulates and controls the situation, exploiting others, for their own sexual gratification.

Perhaps, these cunts working in these industries are, according to the new expanded wimminz definition of the word, rapists, as an intrinsic part of their job, simply by being rape squad officers, child welfare workers, secret family court workers, lawyers and judges.


  1. Well, your use of niggerz is a bit jarring but I think you are correct about this.

    The two feminists, not feminist sector job holders or majors although one now wants to open a womens shelter that I dated years ago and found out about from seeing her profile on facebook, I have fucked definately liked it rough and hard and had rape fantasies….one of those bitches fucked a friend of mine and told me he raped her, then she tried to do it again 7 months later and I caught on that she was a cheatin whore.

    I will point you to feministe and all their blog posts by clarrisse who talks a lot about BDSM. A LOT of feminists are into BDSM, which seems to lend some credence to your observations.

    Hmmmm…I might have to do my own research on this. Maybe find a few feminist majors or grad students and seduce them and see how kinky they are.

    Oh, and that feminist who is trying to appropriate and colonize the MRM named Ozymandias at the blog No Seriously What About Teh Menz is into BDSM and pain during sex.

    Comment by Troll King — October 1, 2011 @ 8:17 pm

    • thanks for the comment, more grist to the mill.

      Comment by wimminz — October 1, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

  2. Interesting post. It does ring true for me. Feminism itself is largely a narrative about victimhood and I’ve long suspected that many women have a fascination with victimhood and objectification which is partly sexual. Think of the popularity of crime fiction with women, the constant parade of female victims on CSI and Law & Order, vampire novels etc. Women love the idea of men as the beast, the aggressor etc. Partly that is because it resolves them from all responsibility in life and puts the blame on men. And the other part is that to some women victimhood is hot. Their sexuality is tied up in the idea of a vulnerable women being taken advantage of by a violent beast of a man. It’s an extreme version of the masculine/feminine contrast, with the violent aggressor being hypermasculine and the innocent, vulnerable victim being hyperfeminine. So the constant talk of women being objectified, used, taken advantage of, victimised etc may contain an element of wishful thinking. Why are they choosing to constantly dwell on this? Because the idea fascinates them?

    Obviously there is going to be a continuum here. The average woman will find the contrast between a masculine man and a feminine woman hot, but they won’t need a bunch of choking and gagging and hair-pulling to make it sexy. Then you are going to have those at one end who prefer waif-like pretty boys who would never dream of being the slightest bit aggressive, and at the other end women who like men who are actively cruel and inflict pain and humuliation during sex. There’s all kinds of crazy I guess.

    What’s relevant to feminism is the likehood that around 25% of the female population, while not necessarily being into violent men themselves, have a fascination with male violence that leads them to constantly dwell on a narrative of victimhood because they find abusiveness hot (at least from a safe distance).

    These women aren’t going to be interested in the facts. They love the narrative and their ears are going to prick up whenever they hear some story about men treating women badly. And they’ll dwell on the constant retelling of it like a kid with a story book. Until they get bored and start hunting for a new favorite story of male infamy.

    So we’re dealing with fandom here. People who get meaning in their lives by participating in a shared fiction. Who will be very unwilling to give up this source of meaning unless they already have an alternative. In the past the alternative might have been religion. Which makes me think that you can’t fight this using logic. You must have a more powerful alternative narrative that appeals to women. And appeals specificly to THESE women.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — October 2, 2011 @ 3:41 am

    • A more powerful narrative…. such as economic meltdown…. lol

      Comment by wimminz — October 2, 2011 @ 10:24 am

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