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September 6, 2011

Hitting the targets.

I’m returning to the Internet Dating theme again, and Plenty of Fish which is my chosen hunting ground.

Today I had a couple of production line skanks flake, one kinda come through but I expect she’ll flake, and one that I only started work on yesterday come through.

The interesting thing about the one that came through and wants twice a week fuckuddies is the bottom of her profile said this, and this only…

Must not be looking for Other Relationship
Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter

Now I know a lot of guys couldn’t get their cock in a cunt even if it had a target painted on it, and I have talked before about using sales type language like “conversion rates” on the wimminz Internet Dating, but the fact is that the dating market is like any other market such as double glazing sales, it varies over time with market conditions.

If it is overcast and pissing down with rain every day you are going to sell fuck all solar photo-voltaic power installations, quite apart from seasonal trends and factors such as subsidies and costs per kWH of mains all affecting the market, and the fact is it is no different with Internet Dating.

Yes, you are selling the same product every day, but you adapt to market conditions and variations by rebranding it every single day and tailoring it subtly to every single customer, eg while the broad strokes of what works on skank ho #1 will work on skank ho #2 for the initial warm up, to make the sale you have the tailor the fine details, and this will vary from skank ho #1 to skank ho #2

What I have seen lately with the spreading economic unrest is a change in what the wimminz are seeking, and a change in what they are offering… make no mistake, this is an instictive response by the wimminz, but it is also a rapid response and very much a smart adaptation to changing conditions.

To give you one concrete example, there is one skank ho on PoF that ain’t bad looking, good body, not a bad face, aged well for mid thirties and quite well presented, way too much of a stuck up bitch for yours truly to waste time on, but physically it is all there, a definite 7+.

This bitch is a property / real estate valuer, and of course the property market is about to tank big time, so whereas a week ago her profile was all about how hip and exciting she was and showed a profile pic of her holding a bottle of champers and partying like it is 1999, she has re-written her profile, suddenly she is looking not for a hooray henry to pay her bar and coke bill, but a nice and dependable man, and oh, the cocktail dress profile pictures have gone, to be replaced with the beach top showing off some very nice natural tits to within a millimetre of the aureolae.

Incidentally if you have an interest in the decline of the UK property market, go to http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/ and have a gander… currently the front page shows properties with asking prices reduced between 50 and 58 percent, just enter your postcode to see the top droppers in your area.

She, like all wimminz, is finely tuned to changes in the market… lol

I can tell you now, and have a very large degree of accuracy, that wimminz with secure homes, eg hubby died well insured, are still looking for casual friends with benefits, but all the other wimminz in less secure accomodations previously looking for friends with benefits or fuckbuddies have all just about vanished in the past two weeks…. now they are looking for long term relationships.

I can tell you that all the ones living in the house they got the ex kicked out of and living off the child support payments, which is all the ones with big hoopy ear-rings and a fucking attitude problem, still have a fucking attitude problem and are completely delusional, but they too sense a storm on the horizon because suddenly none of them want to get into long exchanges of emails and texts, they want to meet quickly and decide…. grab a chair before the music stops.

I can tell you that all the eternally single moms who have some negative trait such as a slight facial birthmark or squinty eye or big nose, are suddenly open to any kind of kinky sex you like and will be professing love within 24 hours and asking you to move in within 72.

I can tell you that suddenly (I have been fucking for 35 years, my fucking style hasn’t changed worth a damn in the past month) all the wimminz are genuinely having a lot more orgasms, being a lot more vocal, and being a lot more complimentary, and I do not mean the tired old “you’re the best” shit but new shit like “it isn’t fair I get to cum so much and you only cum two or three times“… in the seventies you heard that shit but it was a hard recession, and in the eighties you only heard that shit from some skank if she was about to ask you to marry her, and in the nineties you never heard it, nor in the noughties, now suddenly it is back….

I can tell you that suddenly all the bitches are dieting properly and going to the gym to do a proper workout…. no more is the “does my ass look big in this” shit, where you were expected to say no anyway, now they are all “I am dieting and working out and I know I am not there yet but I will get there to please you“….. WTF….

I can tell you that the subject of you perhaps having a roving eye or a roving cock has vanished like a factory job, it just isn’t mentioned at all, even if you are only spending one night a week at her place and she can see you on PoF the other six days a week, not a fucking word is said.

I can tell you that where it used to take about three or four her / you / her responses in a chat to get from strong woman who denies and refuses any possibility of submissive kinky sex and bondage to meek bitch who agrees, it now takes one, sometimes two….

I can tell you that my rather basic and brutal attitude to dating, which on the 0 to 10 scale of hotness used to bring in a mixed bag ranging from 2 to 7, is now producing a mixed bag ranging from 4 to 7, and the average age has dropped a year or two as well.


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